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Publicity (feature film)

Daughter From Danang (2002) as Publicity ("American Experience")
Born to a Vietnamese mother and an anonymous American serviceman, seven-year-old Hiep was part of Operation Babylift, a military operation to relocate Vietnamese children to the United States for adoption. Her mother feared for Hiep's safety if she were to remain in Vietnam and agreed to send her to
Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary film on the life of Marcus Garvey, the controversial leader of the largest mass movement of African-Americans (Universal Negro Improvement Association) in the 20th century, progenitor of the modern "black is beautiful" ideal, and a champion of the back-to-Africa movement. Uses archival f

Special Thanks (feature film)

And the Band Played On (1993)
Based on the best seller by Randy Shilts about the history of the AIDS epidemic in America and how the medical, political and social establishments have dealt with the crisis.

Publicity (special)

Seabiscuit (2003) as Publicity ("American Experience")
The extraordinary story of the thoroughbred racehorse Seabiscuit - from his humble beginnings as an underfed, over-worked three-year old to his unlikely rise and triumphant match-race victory over the triple-crown winner, War Admiral.
Miss America (2002) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Documentary that tracks America's oldest beauty pageant -- the Miss America pageant -- from its inception in 1921 as an event to lure tourists to the seaside resort of Atlantic City. The program includes interviews with former contestants, social commentary and pageant footage and photographs.
Bertie and Elizabeth (2002) as Publicist ("Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre")
The story of George VI and Queen Elizabeth, parents of the current Queen Elizabeth, from their first meeting in 1920 to the king's death in 1952. Their married life is set against the backdrop of major national and world events, including the abdication of George's elder brother and World War II.
Centennial Toast to Symphony Hall, A (2002) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Boston's Symphony Hall celebrates its 100th anniversary with highlights of some of the composers and musicians whose works have been performed there throughout the last century. Music director Seiji Ozawa and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, laureate conductor John Williams and conductor Keith Lockhar
Public Enemy No. 1 (2002) as Publicist ("American Experience")
Documentary that follows the exploits of John Dillinger, a desperado and bank robber no jail could hold. The program explores how J. Edgar Hoover used the outlaw's celebrity to burnish the reputation of his national law enforcement agency.
Lucky Jim (2002) as Publicist ("Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre")
An adaptation of Kingsley Amis's satire about university life in the early 1950s. The story follows the misfortunes of Jim Dixon, a newly-appointed instructor at an English university, who, despite his charm and enthusiasm, is at odds with the madcap departmental head Professor Neddy Welch. Jim also
Monkey Trial (2002) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
In 1925, John Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching evolution in defiance of state law. His trial became an all-out duel between science and religion, and one of the epic legal battles of the 20th century.
Woodrow Wilson (2002) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Biographical documentary of President Woodrow Wilson. In Part 1, Wilson rises from a Civil boyhood in Georgia to become president of Princeton University and an outspoken champion of progressive reform. He is elected governor of New Jersey, then narrowly wins the presidency, accomplishing a remarkab
Mount Rushmore (2002) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
An artist's determination propelled the largest sculptural project in history. Gutzon Borglum directed dozens of ordinary Americans in the creation of what some call a monstrosity and others a masterpiece -- Mount Rushmore.
Touching Evil III (2001) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Dave Creegan, partner Susan Taylor and D.C. Mark Rivers of the Organized and Serial Crime Unit track a murderer whose intended victims are not the women found murdered, but the men they leave behind, and a terminally ill serial arsonist determined to settle old scores. In episode 1, Creegan returns
American, The (2001) as Publicist ("Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre")
Drama based on the novel by Henry James, "The American," about a self-made Midwesterner who discovers the sinister secret of an aristocratic French family when he falls in love with a daughter of the family. Christopher Newman, a 19th century "new man" who has amassed a fortune in California, heads
Second Sight II (2001) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Detective Chief Inspector Ross Tanner heads an elite London police squad called the Special Murder Unit, charged with conducting high-profile, press-sensitive murder investigations, a high-stress job made worse by the fact that he is going blind from a rare eye disease and trying to keep it secret.
Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln: A House Divided (2001) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Dual biography of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln, focusing on their marriage. The program follows the couple from their strikingly different childhoods to their years in the White House; uncovers their ambitions and fears; and paints a picture of a couple who loved each other, quarreled inten
Remorseful Day, The (2001) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Inspector Morse has a mysterious connection to murder victim Yvonne Harrison, who is found battered to death and handcuffed naked to her bed. Chief Superintendent Strange puts Sergeant Lewis in charge of the investigation, but Morse anticipates his colleague's every move. It becomes clear that Yvonn
Streamliners: America's Lost Trains (2001) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary follows the rise and fall of the American railroad system and the genesis of a desing movement on the rails and in popular culture. On the morning of May 26, 1934, a shimmering silver locomotive pulled out of Denver's Union Station bound for Chicago. The "Zephyr" was unlike any train se
Bramwell VI (2001) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
The career and love life of Dr. Eleanor Bramwell reach a climax. Her father's gloomy cousin, Mrs. Bruce, has taken over Eleanor's clinic in the East End. Her father, Dr. Robert Bramwell, has run off with a brewery heiress. Her former fiance, Dr. Finn O'Neill, appears to be plotting to kill his new w
My Uncle Silas (2001) as Publicist ("Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre")
Set in the idyllic England of the early 1900s and based on the short stories of H.E. Bates, the program follows the adventures of 10-year-old Edward, sent to the country to spend the summer with his rascally Uncle Silas.
Fatal Flood (2001) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
In the spring of 1927, after weeks of incessant rains, the Mississippi River went on a rampage from Cairo, Illinois, to New Orleans, Louisiana, inundating hundreds of towns, killing as many as a thousand people and leaving a million homeless. In Greenville, Mississippi, efforts to contain the river
Last Morse, The (2001) as Publicist ("Mystery!")
A tribute to Oxford's favorite fictional son, Inspector Morse, as he takes on his final assignment in "Inspector Morse: The Remorseful Day." Capping the long running detective series, telecast in the United States as a presentation of the PBS series "Mystery!," John Thaw faces his last case as the c
Song of the Lark, The (2001) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
An adaptation of Willa Cather's novel about a young woman's struggle to achieve her destiny -- a struggle that takes her from a small Colorado town to the opera stages of the world. Thea Kronborg, a talented and beautiful young woman growing up in 1890s Colorado, travels to Chicago to make or break
Stephen Foster (2001) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864) was the first great American songwriter. His melodies are so much a part of American history and culture that people think they're folk tunes. All in all, he composed some 200 songs, including "Oh! Susanna," "Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair" and "Camptown Races."
War Letters (2001) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
A collection of personal correspondence that brings to life the human side of war, from the American Revolution to the Gulf War.
Ponder Heart, The (2001) as Publicist ("Exxonmobil Masterpice Theatre")
An adaptation of the 1954 novel by Eudora Welty about Uncle Daniel Ponder, a wealthy man in Clay, Mississippi, in 1939, whose generosity upsets his niece, Edna Earle. Uncle Daniel marries Bonnie Dee Peacock, a young girl from the country who becomes the object of his gift giving, but soon, she disap
John Brown's Holy War (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary about John Brown, a man who, in the 1850s, embarked on a religious crusade against slavery that was based on religious faith -- yet carried out with shocking violence. His execution at Harpers Ferry, Virginia sparked a chain of events that led to the Civil War.
Eleanor Roosevelt (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary about Eleanor Roosevelt -- the most powerful woman in the United States for over 30 years. The niece of one president and wife of another, she was a tireless advocate for the disadvantaged, a woman who influenced American social policies for decades and pushed through the first internati
Wizard of Photography, The (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary about George Eastman, the innovator and entrepreneur who revolutionized the photographic industry, transforming a complex, expensive technology used by a small professional elite into one that anyone could use. Includes dramatic re-enactments.
Madame Bovary (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
The story of a 19th century farmer's daughter, Emma, who is bored with her marriage to a provincial doctor, Charles Bovary, whom she does not love. She finds passion with Rodolphe, a philandering aristocrat who abandons her, and with Leon, a romantic young clerk. Meanwhile, Emma has been spending th
Nixon's China Game (2000) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Documentary about President Richard Nixon's visit to Beijing for an encounter with Chairman Mao Tse-tung in 1972, after a quarter-century of mutual antagonism between the United States and China. The climax of a secret White House initiative headed by Henry Kissinger, the diplomatic breakthrough sho
Alison Krauss and Union Station (2000) as Publicist
Bluegrass vocalist Alison Krauss performs with Union Station and the Boston Pops Orchestra, conducted by Keith Lockhart.
Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary about sports hero Joe DiMaggio. Raised in a poor Italian fishing community in San Francisco, Joe DiMaggio joined the New York Yankees in 1936 and quickly rose to become the star of baseball's golden age.
Diana Krall and Michael Feinstein (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/Boston)
Two singer/pianists -- Diana Krall and Michael Feinstein -- perform jazz and standards.
Rockefellers, The (2000) as Publicity ("The American Experience"); Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Few families in America have been as powerful, as admired or as hated as the Rockefellers -- and no family has been as rich. Over the course of more than a century, they exerted an unparalleled influence over nearly every aspect of American life, from business and government to art and education.
Secrets of a Master Builder (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Profile of James Buchanan Eads, a self-made man and one of America's greatest engineers, who led a life inextricably intertwined with the nation's most important waterway, the Mississippi River. He explored the river bottom in a diving bell of his own design; made a fortune salvaging wrecks; built t
Jubilee Singers: Sacrifice and Glory (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary about the Jubilee Singers. In the chaotic decade following the Civil War, a group of young ex-slaves in Nashville, Tennessee, set out to save their bankrupt school by giving concerts. Traveling first through cities in the North, then on to venues across Europe, the Jubilee Singers introd
Lady Audley's Secret (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Lucy Graham is a seductive governess who marries her ward's doddering father, Sir Michael Audley. Sir Michael's dashing nephew Robert is powerfully tempted by Lucy's allures -- though convinced she hides a dark secret concerning the disappearance of his good friend George Talboys. In the midst of th
Sesame Street (2000) as Publicist
In 1971, the cast of "Sesame Street" appeared with the Boston Pops and the late Arthur Fiedler on a special episode of "Evening at Pops." Almost 30 years later, the musical Muppets help Keith Lockhart and the Pops play a selection of tunes from the "Sesame Street" book of favorites. Also on the bill
Building Big (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/Boston)
Documentary that features some of the planet's most spectacular structures, highlighting the engineering principles and human stories behind these achievements. Part 1 focuses on bridges, from the stone arch bridges of the Roman Empire, to Japan's giant all-steel Akashi-Kaikyo suspension bridge, th
Monsignor Renard (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
World War II drama about Monsignor Renard, a Nazi-defying French priest. In 1940, the monsignor is newly arrived in his home town of Saint-Josse des Bois, which he left 20 years earlier to join the Catholic church. The village is filled with reminders of his former life -- including Madeleine, his o
Bramwell V (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
The fifth series featuring Victorian physician Eleanor Bramwell, the hero of London's downtrodden. As the country enjoys the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Victoria's reign in 1897, Finn O'Neil shatters Eleanor by announcing that he has married an American. At Jubilee party at the Thrift is br
Touching Evil II (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
The second special featuring Detective Inspector Dave Creegan and his partner Detective Inspector Susan Taylor. Joining them at London's Organized and Serial Crime Unit (OSC) is Detective Constable Mark Rivers -- less experienced but eager to prove himself. In Part 1, before slaying and scalping his
Aaron Copland Tribute With Dawn Upshaw, Jubilant Sykes (2000) as Publicist
A tribute to Aaron Copland, featuring soprano Dawn Upshaw and baritone Jubilant Sykes. Concert opens the 31st season of Evening at Pops.
Turn of the Screw, The (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Adaptation of Henry James' gothic tale about a governess hired by a charming bachelor to look after his young niece and nephew. The story unfolds in Victorian England, in a grand mansion in the rural countryside. The naive young governess is charmed by her employer and is determined to make a succes
George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary about George Wallace, the governor of Alabama for 20 years and four-time presidential candidate. The program examines the life of the man who divided a nation and launched a conservative movement that transformed the country. Born in 1919 in rural south Alabama, George Wallace was raise
Murder Rooms: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Arthur Conan Doyle's immortal Sherlock Holmes was inspired by the genius of his professor and mentor at the University of Edinburgh Medical School, Dr. Joseph Bell. In this drama, based on Dr. Bell's previously unknown undercover work, the young Doyle joins Bell in his adventures. The mystery unfold
David Copperfield (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Movie based on Charles Dickens' classic novel, "David Copperfield." Traces David Copperfield's life from his unhappy boyhood in the Salem House Academy to his triumph in life and love. David Copperfield is born shortly after the death of his father. Young David has a happy childhood, with a memorab
Hetty Wainthropp Investigates III (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Sixty-something detective Hetty Wainthropp and company -- her dutiful husband, Robert, and her scrappy teenaged sidekick, Geoffrey Shawcross, now promoted to full partner in the Wainthropp Detective Agency -- have their hands full in cases ranging from pyromania to stalking, hit-and-run, restaurant
Houdini (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary about magician Harry Houdini. In 1912, Houdini was lowered into the East River in a chain-wrapped crate. The crowd of spectators gasped and reporters pulled out their stopwatches. Houdini was out in less than a minute. The resulting media blitz established him forever as the world's grea
John Williams, Yo-Yo Ma, Frank McCourt and Patti LuPone (2000) as Publicist
Laureate Conductor John Williams performs music from his score for the film "Angela's Ashes." Author Frank McCourt joins the orchestra to read from his memoir. Patti LuPone performs selections from her CD, "Matters of the Heart," and cellist Yo-Yo Ma accompanies LuPone and performs music from "Angel
All the King's Men (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
The true story of the mysterious fate of the Norfolk Regiment, lost at Gallipoli, Turkey, in 1915 during World War I. The volunteer regiment was made up of the men who worked on the royal family's Sandringham Estate.
Cora Unashamed (2000) as Publicist
An adaptation of a story by Langston Hughes that focuses on the stories of black and white families in 1916-31 Iowa. Cora, an African-American woman living in an all-white Iowa town in the 1930s, gives up her livelihood and security in order to speak the truth about the tragic deaths of two children
Trial By Fire (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Prosecutor Helen West and her live-in lover, Geoffrey Bailey, have recently moved to a sedate London suburb where he is chief superintendent. When the badly decomposed corpse of a woman turns up in a shallow grave, the victim's husband, smooth real-estate developer John Blundell, is an obvious suspe
Duel, The (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary about the 1804 duel between Alexander Hamilton, an impoverished immigrant from the West Indies who rose to become a framer of the U.S. Constitution and the architect of America's political economy, and Aaron Burr, a man born to wealth and privilege who served with distinction in the Revo
Seeing Red (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Coral Atkins, a British soap star of the 1970s, becomes deeply affected by the plight of children from troubled homes. Against considerable odds, Coral harnesses her celebrity to launch a crusade to establish her own home to care for the children. Based on the memoirs of Coral Atkins.
Inspector Morse: The Wench Is Dead (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Inspector Morse investigates the nearly 150-year-old murder of a young woman whose body was found in the mid-1800s alongside the Oxford Canal. After Morse comes across an account of the original investigation and the trial that followed, he's soon convinced that the three men hanged for her murder w
50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs, The (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Examination of one of history's most enduring struggles between Arabs and Israelis recounted by leading statesmen, generals, terrorists and others who made the headlines in the 50 years war.
MacArthur (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Profile of American general Douglas MacArthur -- liberator of the Philippines; shogun of occupied Japan; and victor of the Battle of Inchon.
Swingin' at the Pops (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops Orchestra swing with guest artist Ann Hampton Callaway and swing dance group, The Lindy Hoppers.
Heat of the Sun (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Lost For Words (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
A true story based on events in Deric Longden's autobiography. Annie Longden is an eccentric old woman who starts out in perfect control of her life. Then she suffers her first stroke -- a mild one from which she quickly recovers, but it leaves her strangely obsessed with gremlins. When she begins t
Alone on the Ice (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary relating the exploration of Richard E. Byrd in the polar regions of the Earth. He was an aviation pioneer, the first credited to fly an airplane over the North Pole in 1926, then first over the South Pole in the following year. In 1934 he became the first to experience winter in the inte
Bramwell IV (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Follows Victorian physician Eleanor Bramwell as she continues to shake up the British medical establishment. In the first episode, Eleanor and Marsham try to help Rose, a young girl with an extraordinarily large head, who works as a "living curiosity" at a local street fair.In the second episode, E
Fly Girls (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
During World War II, more than a thousand women signed up to fly with the United States military. Wives, mothers, actresses and debutantes who joined the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) test-piloted aircraft, ferried planes and logged 60 million miles in the air. Thiry-eight women died in serv
Race for the Superbomb (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
At the dawn of the Cold War, the United States initiated a top-secret program in New Mexico to build a weapon even more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. A world away, the Soviet Union began a similar effort. A web of spies and scientists, intrigue and deception marked the race to dev
Cadfael 4 (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Adaptation of Ellis Peters' novels about the 12th century crime-solving Welsh monk, Brother Cadfael. In "The Holy Thief," Cadfael faces a controversial case of roving relics and star-crossed lovers; in "The Pilgrim of Hate," a killer hides among the traveling faithful; and "The Potter's Field" yield
Audra McDonald (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Broadway star Audra McDonald performs selections from her CD, "Way Back to Paradise," with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops Orchestra.
Second Sight (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Detective Chief Inspector Ross Tanner is an ambitious maverick who gets results by always going the extra mile. But Tanner is a man with a secret -- he's going blind. Detective Catherine Tully is a competitive graduate officer who is drafted into Tanner's serious crime unit to help investigate the b
Shooting the Past (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
A London mansion housing a huge library of old photos gets a new owner -- Christopher Anderson, an American millionaire bent on chucking the pictures and remaking the house as a business college. Marilyn Truman, the library's manager is determined to save the collection with the help of Oswald Bates
Reckless -- the Sequel (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Sequel to the three-part comedy/drama in which Dr. Owen Springer falls in love with Anna Fairley, the wife of his boss, Dr. Richard Crane. A year has passed and Owen and Anna are living together after Anna's divorce from Richard. They make a decision to marry at the end of the week. Richard, who has
Oliver Twist (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
An adaptation of Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist," about a young orphan who escapes from the workhouse and falls in with a gang of thieves.
Our Mutual Friend -- By Charles Dickens (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
In Episode 2, Lizzie Hexam, daughter of the corpse robber who found young Harmon's alleged body, is being courted by two desperate characters: Eugene Wrayburn, a dissolute barrister, and Bradley Headstone, a mentally-deranged schoolmaster. As their rivalry gets out of hand, Lizzie flees. Meanwhile,
Frenchman's Creek (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
An adaptation of the novel by Daphne du Maurier about wealthy Lady Dona St. Columb who leaves the corrupt royal society in London to seek peace and solitude in her family home in Cornwall. On her arrival, she discovers that French pirates are raiding the local community and one particular pirate, Je
Goodnight Mister Tom (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Tom Oakley, a cantankerous old man, is exiled from the life of his village and weighed down with memories. As Britain stands on the brink of World War II, William, an 11-year-old evacuee from London, begins to flourish under Tom's care. The two develop a bond so strong that when William's mother sum
Hetty Wainthropp Investigates II (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Sixty-something sleuth Hetty Wainthrop solves mysteries with the help of her husband Robert and her teenage sidekick Geoffrey. In "Poison Pen," Helga Allowby, a self-described spinster, has been accused of sending noxious poison pen letters to the residents of her village -- and she wants Hetty to p
Aristocrats (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
An adaptation of Stella Tillyard's historical novel about the lives and loves of four British sisters -- Caroline, Emily, Louisa and Sarah Lennox. The sisters' lives take place against the backdrop of the French Revolution, the industrial revolution, the American war of independence and the Irish re
Making of Zoom, The (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
A behind-the-scenes look at the PBS kids' series "Zoom." The program features audition and rehearsal footage of the Zoomers -- Zoe, Jared, Keiko, Pablo, Lynese, David and Alisa.
Cider With Rosie (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
A story about the awakening of manhood, set in 1918 in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside. From poet Laurie Lee's memoirs in which as a teenager he recalls the efforts of his mother, after his father deserted her, to support nine children.
Meltdown at Three Mile Island (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
On March 28, 1979, a reactor at Three Mile Island nuclear power facility near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, overheated, releasing radioactive gas and water. During the next week, scientists scrambled to prevent a meltdown, officials rushed in to calm public fears and more than 100,000 residents fled to
Playing God (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Noticeably pregnant and facing an uncertain future, Cordelia Gray reluctantly accepts a job from her old adversary, Chief Superintendent Fergusson, who hires her to spy on his daughter Laura's boyfriend, Tim Bolton. All too quickly, Cordelia realizes that Fergusson's suspicions about the man -- an a
Great Expectations (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Adaptation of Charles Dickens' Victorian novel about an orphan boy who inherits a mysterious fortune. Pip lives in Kent with his irritable sister and her good-natured husband Joe Gargery, a blacksmith. One day, Pip is summoned to Satis House, the residence of Miss Havisham, a woman driven half-mad y
Living on Risk (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
With her detective agency struggling financially and a baby on the way, Cordelia Gray welcomes a deceptively simple surveillance job, despite the misgivings of Edith Sparshott. A lapse of concentration proves costly when Cordelia realizes that she has led a killer to his target. Warned against pursu
Strangers in Paradise (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Laureate conductor John Williams, Itzhak Perlman, Dawn Upshaw and Vic Damone perform pieces produced and influenced by the Russian and German emigres who streamed into Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s.
Lost in the Grand Canyon (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
In the summer of 1869, a one-armed Civil War veteran, John Wesley Powell, led an epic journey down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It was the last important exploration within the continental United States. Powell went on to write a literary classic about his trip; explore the region fo
Hoover Dam (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
The Hoover Dam, rising more than 700 feet above the waters of the Colorado River, was called one of the greatest engineering works in history. Built during the Depression, men desperate for work struggled against the heat, dust and heights to build a colossus of concrete that brought electricity and
Rescue at Sea (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
On January 14, 1909, two ships -- one carrying Italian immigrants to New York, the other American tourists to Europe -- collided in a dense fog off Nantucket Island. In a moment, more than 1500 lives became dependent on a new technology, wireless telegraph, and a 26-year-old wireless operator who se
Certain Justice, A (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Commander Adam Dalgliesh investigates the murder of Venetia Aldridge, a criminal lawyer who had many enemies. As the list of suspects grows to include several members of Aldridge's firm, suspicion also falls on Gary Ashe, a murder suspect whom Aldridge successfully defended and with whom her daughte
Brush Up Your Shakespeare (1999) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Tina Packer, artistic director of Shakespeare & Company, joins forces with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops Orchestra to explore music inspired by the Bard. Audiences see performances of scenes from Shakespeare's plays followed by the music they inspired.
Mr. Miami Beach (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York) ("The American Experience")
A master promoter who produced elaborate spectacles to sell bicycles and cars, Carl Fisher had already made a fortune and built a motor speedway in his native Indianapolis when he was seized by a vision. On a narrow strip of swampland near Miami, Fisher created a tropical paradise of sand and palm t
King Lear (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Television adaptation of Richard Eyre's Royal National Theatre production of William Shakespeare's "King Lear." The aging monarch King Lear divides his kingdom between two ruthless daughters while banishing his youngest and most loving child.
Prince of Hearts, The (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Daughters of Cain, The (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Two-part episode in the dramatizations of Inspector Morse mysteries by Colin Dexter, featuring the cranky, beer-tippling Inspector Morse and the ever-loyal Detective Sergeant Lewis. The investigation into the murder of Oxford University Professor Dr. Felix McClure, turns out to be far more complicat
Wingless Bird, The (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Drama based on the novel by Catherine Cookson which follows the fortunes of three different families, linked by the strong-minded Agnes Conway. An encounter with a glamorous young couple one Christmas Eve launches Agnes' involvement with the wealthy Farrier family. Meanwhile, she becomes entangled w
Respectable Trade, A (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Josiah Cole, an 18th century Bristol dockside businessman, gambles everything to join the big traders of the city. A marriage to well-connected Frances Scott provides Josiah with an entree to a higher class. Trading her social contacts for Josiah's protection, Frances finds her life and fortune depe
Africans in America -- America's Journey Through Slavery (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary examining the historical roots of today's social problems by exploring the history of slavery in America. From the nation's early days as an English settlement to the start of the Civil War, each part focuses on a different chapter in the struggle to define freedom. Combines first-person
Science Odyssey, A (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Five-part, ten-hour special hosted by journalist Charles Osgood chronicling 20th century science, technology, experimentation and discovery.
Surviving the Dust Bowl (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York) ("The American Experience")
For 10 years, beginning in 1930, dust storms ravaged the parched and overplowed southern plains, turning bountiful wheat fields into desert. They were called "Black Blizzards," dark clouds reaching miles into the sky, churning millions of tons of dirt into torrents of destruction. Disease, hardship
Reckless (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Three-part comedy/drama in which Owen, a young doctor, falls head over heels in love with a glamorous older woman named Anna. Unfortunately, she's married to his boss, the ruthless Dr. Crane. When Owen finally wins Anna over, it's not just his happiness that's on the line, but his whole career.
Woman in White, The (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Two sisters, Marian and Laura Fairlie, are virtually imprisoned on Sir Percival Glyde's estate after his marriage to Laura. He wants all her wealth, but for some reason he also wants to detain and silence the strange, elusive woman in white who haunts the area and holds the key to a dark and siniste
Death Is Now My Neighbor (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Two-part episode in the dramatizations of Inspector Morse mysteries by Colin Dexter, featuring the cranky, beer-tippling Inspector Morse and the ever-loyal Detective Sergeant Lewis. Morse and Lewis are called in to investigate the mysterious deaths of two Oxfordshire neighbors murdered only 24 hours
Last Embrace, A (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Two-part special about private detective Cordelia Gray. Cordelia accepts a job from Julia Hampson, one of the owners of a husband-and-wife-owned exclusive country house hotel, unaware that the seemingly straightforward case will spiral into a web of deceit, adultry and murder. Going undercover, Cord
Dynasty: The Nehru-Gandhi Story, The (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary on the four generations of the Nehru family involved in the emergence of independent India. On August 14, 1947, India won independence after 200 years of British rule, largely due to the efforts of three Hindu nationalists. Mahatma Gandhi was the spiritual leader and Jawaharlal Nehru, so
Reagan (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Two-part documentary special on Ronald Reagan, who in 1989, after two terms in office, left the White House as one of the most popular presidents of the 20th century and one of the most controversial. When his Hollywood career began to wane, Reagan turned to politics. His opponents underestimated hi
Wuthering Heights (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Adaptation of Emily Bronte's novel "Wuthering Heights." Two generations of the Earnshaw and Linton clans fall under the domination of the mysterious Heathcliff.
Cadfael 3 (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Adaptation of the novels of Ellis Peters about a 12th century, crime-solving Welsh monk, Brother Cadfael. In "The Raven in the Foregate," a new parish priest incites the ill-will of his parishioners when he refuses to grant a young woman absolution because she is pregnant out of wedlock. When the wo
America 1900 (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary examines the emerging forces of America in 1900 that would come to shape the 20th century.
Unknown Soldier, The (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Drama special set during the waning days of World War I. A shell-shocked soldier suffering from amnesia is found wandering on a battlefield. In the hospital, his relationship with nurse Sophia Carey turns into something deeper.
Life and Crimes of William Palmer, The (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Dramatization of the true story of William Palmer, one of the most depraved criminals in British history. A young Victorian physician, Palmer had a penchant for horse racing and poison. He practiced medicine in the 1840s and '50s in Rugeley, a quiet English village where he murdered his wife, mother
Rhodes (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Dramatization of the life of legendary diamond king and arch imperialist Cecil Rhodes and the "Wild West" era in southern Africa at the turn of the century.
Influenza 1918 (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York) ("The American Experience")
Documentary on the flu epidemic which ravaged America starting in Spring 1918. In less than a year, the epidemic killed 675,000 people, more than died in all the wars of the 20th century combined, before disappearing as mysteriously as it began.
Touching Evil (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Detective Inspector Dave Creegan is the newest member of London's Organized and Serial Crime Unit (OSC), a fictional rapid-response, elite crime squad modeled on the FBI. Creegan and his partner Detective Inspector Susan Taylor square off against England's most dangerous criminals, including a seria
Painted Lady (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Maggie Sheridan, a hard-living, self-destructive wild child of the sixties and once one of the most famous blues voices of her generation, is taken in by Sir Charles Stafford and his son Sebastian after a failed suicide attempt. When Sir Charles is brutally murdered and a valuable 16th century paint
Ice House, The (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Murder mystery about Phoebe Maybury, whose husband disappeared 10 years earlier. Phoebe was suspected of murder, but nobody was found and the police had to abandon their inquiry. In the intervening years, she built a new life with her friends, Anne Cattrell and Diane Goode. A mutilated corpse is fou
Antiques Roadshow Jr. (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Special devoted to youthful appraisal-seekers. Hosted by "Antiques Roadshow" host Chris Jussel with co-host Joanna Mason, the 13-year-old daughter of Asian art specialist and "Antiques Roadshow" appraiser Lark Mason.
Midwife's Tale, A (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Dramatization of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book about Martha Ballard, a midwife and mother in the wilds of Maine during the decades following the American Revolution. Ballard, kept a 27-year diary, from which Laurel Thatcher Ulrich wrote her book. An extraordinary woman, Ballard struggled against p
Far From the Madding Crowd (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Two-part drama based on Thomas Hardy's tale of passion and betrayal set in the 19th century. Bathsheba Everdene is a beautiful and capricious young woman with a fiercely independent spirit who is much admired by the men in her village. Battling for her love are the loyal and independent Gabriel Oak,
Sacrifice (1998) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Private detective Cordelia Gray unexpectedly inherits the private detective agency she works for when her boss commits suicide. Her first solo case, a college student's suicide, seems uncomplicated, but when Gray investigates the deceased's friends, scientist-father and his father's lab assistant, i
New York Underground (1997) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Documentary charting the development of the New York City subway system at the turn of the 20th century.
Sister Wendy's Story of Painting (1997) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Sister Wendy Beckett, British nun and TV art critic, guides viewers through the history of Western painting. Highlights include the cave paintings of Lascaux, the Italy of Leonardo and the Renaissance, Goya's revolutionary Spain, Monet's Giverny, Picasso's Paris, Andy Warhol's New York and Lucien Fr
Big Dream, Small Screen (1997) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Documentary charting the genesis of Philo T. Farnsworth's development of the first working electronic television.
Gold Fever (1997) as Publicist (Wgbh) ("The American Experience")
Documentary examining the hardships faced by gold prospectors in the Yukon rush of the the 1890s. Features photographs, personal correspondance, interviews, and expert reports.
Telephone, The (1997) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Documentary about the invention of the telephone and how it quickly was transformed from novelty into necessity at the turn of the 20th century.
Around the World in 72 Days (1997) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Documentary about Nellie Bly, one of the first female newspaper reporters, who worked for the "New York World" at the end of the 19th century and was a practitioner of "stunt journalism." Focuses on two of her exploits: her inmate's-eye view of an asylum in New York City and her journey around the w
Bramwell III (1997) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Four-part special follows young doctor Eleanor Bramwell as she shakes up the staid British medical establishment in London, 1896.
Hawaii's Last Queen (1997) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Documentary on the reign of Liliu'okalani, who ruled Hawaii in the late 1800s. As the powerful American business community in Hawaii moved to gain control of the island nation, Liliu'okalani was caught in the middle.
Truman (1997) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Two-part documentary on the life of Harry S. Truman, President of the United States from 1945-1953.
Richest Man in the World: Andrew Carnegie, The (1997) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Documentary following the life of Andrew Carnegie from his impoverished origins in Dunfermline, Scotland, through his business career. Also traces the roots of Carnegie's philanthropy, eventually giving away $350 million.
Mill on the Floss, The (1997) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Adaptation of George Eliot's novel, published in 1860, portraying the efforts of Maggie Tulliver to adapt to her provincial world. Her brother Tom, who forbids her to associate with the one person who appreciates her intelligence and imagination, renounces her when she's caught in a compromising pos
Rebecca (1997) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's classic love story. A young woman meets and falls in love with Maxim de Winter, the rich and handsome owner of one of Cornwall's most famous estates--Manderley. After a whirlwind courtship in the south of France and a honeymoon in Venice, de Winter takes her home to
Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The (1997) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Adaptation of Anne Bronte's novel, which shocked the Victorian establishment when it was published in 1848. Helen Graham is a young woman who takes up residence at isolated Wildfell Hall. Arthur Huntingdon is her charming but wayward husband and Gilbert Markham is a young Yorkshire farmer who falls
Dumb Witness (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Detective Hercule Poirot alights at Lake Windemere, a placid resort town, for a weekend of relaxation with friend Charles Arundel and his extended family. When Arundel's beloved aunt Emily is found murdered, Poirot looks to her canine companion for help, convinced that the dog is the only one who kn
Spy in the Sky (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York) ("The American Experience")
Documentary recounting the story of the U-2, the CIA's top-secret project whereby especially recruited pilots flew spy planes over the USSR deployed to uncover information about the Soviets' military capabilities during the 1950s.
Daley, The Last Boss (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Portrait of Richard Daley, Chicago's mayor from 1955 until his death in 1976, who rose through the ranks to become the leader of arguably the mightiest political machine in the country.
Battle Over Citizen Kane, The (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York) ("The American Experience")
Documentary recounting the clash between Orson Welles and William Randolph Hearst over the production and release of Welles' 1941 film, "Citizen Kane," which was a brutal portrait of the newspaper magnate.
Nixon (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Documentary on the life and career of President Richard Nixon. Part 1 profiles his childhood, his 1946 election to Congress, his service as vice president for two terms with President Eisenhower from 1952 to 1960, and his unsuccessful bids for the Presidency in 1960 and the California governorship i
TR, The Story of Theodore Roosevelt (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Biographical documentary examining the life of Theodore Roosevelt.
Wright Stuff, The (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York) ("The American Experience")
Documentary recounting how Wilbur and Orville Wright became world celebrities when, after producing the first plane to really fly in 1903, they had to prove to the public that they had actually mastered manned flight.
Odyssey of Life: A Nova Special (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
The three-part series covers the enormous diversity of life on earth from prehistory to the present, including close-ups of the tiny invaders that reside in, on and around humans. The series also reveals how Swedish microphotographer Lennart Nilsson achieved some of his breathtaking footage for this
Hercule Poirot's Christmas (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Five days before Christmas, Simeon Lee, an imperious patriarch, summons Detective Hercule Poirot to monitor a seasonal family reunion. Three alienated sons, two enigmatic daughters-in-law and an exotic niece are all present and accounted for when Simeon announces a cut in spending allowances. But Si
Moll Flanders (1996) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Adaptation of Daniel Defoe's classic novel of the same title. In 17th-century England a young woman seeking wealth and status becomes a prostitute, a thief and marries five times.
America's War on Poverty (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
An examination of the U.S. poverty programs created during the 1960s.
Chicago 1968 (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Examination of the 1968 Democratic Convention, held in Chicago, and the disorder that ensued as the convention degenerated into chaos over protests against the Democratic Party's position on the Vietnam War.
Dog's Best Friend (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary exploring the passion, respect and incredible need people often have for their dogs.
One Woman, One Vote (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary examining the infighting, fledgling alliances, betrayals, defeats and victories on the way to women's voting rights in the United States.
Woof! A Guide to Dog Training (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Matthew Margolis, founder of the National Institute of Dog Training, provides a behavior modification program to train pups and solve the worst and most common problems. Offers step-by-step instructions to learning the basic training commands.
EVENING OF CHAMPIONSHIP SKATING, AN (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Champion figure skaters present an exhibition of athleticism and dance.
Orphan Trains, The (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York) ("The American Experience")
Examination of the successes and failures of the organized effort between 1854 to 1929 to send homeless city children to Midwest farming communities to begin new lives with foster families.
Our Man in Cairo (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary following ABC News correspondent Charles Glass on assignment in Egypt. Explores how he specifically compiles a story as well as how television generally covers the news of the world.
Murder of the Century (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary examining the opulent world of New York society in the early 20th century, against the backdrop of the sensational trial of Harry Thaw, an eccentric heir to a Pittsburgh fortune, for the murder of the renowned architect Sanford White.
Edison's Miracle of Light (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary examining Thomas Alva Edison's development, design and production of electric light and the personal, patent and corporate battles following the success of his invention.
America's Cup: War in the Wind (1995) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Documentary profiling the U.S. sailing teams vying for the chance to defend the America's Cup.
America and the Holocaust -- Deceit and Indifference (1994) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
A documentary examining America's response to the Holocaust and the social and political factors that affected government policy toward Jewish immigration. Focuses on the story of Kurt Klein who struggled against the bureaucracy at the State Department in an attempt to free his parents.
Windsors: A Royal Family, The (1994) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Four-part documentary tracing the British royal family through four generations -- from 1917 to 1992. Includes interviews with Royal family insiders, historians, and biographers.
Battle of the Bulge, The (1994) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Documentary about World War II's Battle of the Bulge (December 16, 1944), the biggest and bloodiest battle American soldiers have ever fought, as seen through the eyes of the soldiers and officers involved.
Telegrams From the Dead (1994) as Publicist (Wgbh)
Documentary exploring the phenomenon of spiritualism in 19th-century America, a movement which inspired such social reforms as divorce, vegetarianism, women's suffrage, anarchism, universal government, and the eight-hour work day.
Ike (1993) as Publicist ("American Experience")
Documentary biography of the life and career of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Million Dollar Bond Mystery, The (1992) as Publicist
The third television series for PBS about Agatha Christie's fictional detective, Hercule Poirot. In this episode, Poirot accompanies a shipment of Liberty Bonds to New York on the "Queen Mary."
Songs of Freedom (1992) as Publicist (Wgbh)
A special with John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra featuring African-American spirituals, music of the Civil War and of the civil rights movement.
Columbus' Magnificent Voyage (1992) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
A special examining the epic adventure of Christopher Columbus' first Atlantic crossing, as well as the mixed fortunes of his later voyages and the legacy of the encounter he initiated between the peoples of the Old and New Worlds.
Machine That Changed the World, The (1992) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
A five-part special chronicling the advances in computer technology.
Can You Believe TV Ratings? (1992) as Publicity ("Nova")
A documentary examining the complexity of rating audiences of television shows.
Sins of the Fathers, The (1992) as Publicist ("Mystery!")
Continues the adventures of Inspector Morse of the Oxford, England, police. Morse must solve the murder of the director of a family-owned brewery.
Wasps' Nest (1992) as Publicist
The third television series for PBS about Agatha Christie's fictional detective, Hercule Poirot. In this episode, Poirot finds himself in a situation where he must investigate a crime before it has happened. A dying man attempts to get revenge on his fiance and her former boyfriend when he suspects
Making a Dishonest Buck (1992) as Publicity
A documentary examining counterfeiting and why United States currency is so easy to fake.
Quiz Show Scandal, The (1991) as Publicist ("The American Experience")
Documentary about the corruption of the quiz-show industry in the 1950s, which was revealed after Charles Van Doren, an attractive, self-effacing teacher, was discovered to have participated in a rigged quiz on "Twenty-One." Congressional investigations of rigged quiz shows led to the blacklisting o
Frederick Law Olmsted and the Public Park in America (1990) as Publicist (Wgbh)
A special examining the life and work of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, the creator of New York's Central Park, and his revolutionary approach to designing public spaces. Combines documentary elements of Olmstead's life and work with location photography and dramatization.
Skyscraper (1990) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
A five-part series that examines the worlds of architecture, construction and high finance involved in the planning and building of skyscrapers. The documentary series focuses on the development and construction of Worldwide Plaza, a 49-story tower built on the former site of Madison Square Garden i
Thomas Hart Benton (1989) as Publicist (Wgbh)
A documentary tracing the life and career of American artist Thomas Hart Benton. The film uses archival material, interviews with the artist and those who knew him, as well as his paintings and murals.

Publicity (TV Mini-Series)

Goodbye Mr. Chips (2003) as Publicity ("Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre")
Coyote Waits (2003) as Publicity (Mystery!)
A pair of Native American/Navajo tribal police try to draw a connection between a vandal painting odd symbols on a nearby mountainside, a professor's obsession with the final days of Butch Cassidy and a series of murders, including one of a local cop.
Skinwalkers (2002) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)
Railway Children, The (2000) as Publicist ("Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre")

Publicity (TV Mini-Series)

Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness (2003) as Publicity ("Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre")
Forsyte Saga, The (2002) as Publicity ("Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre")
Love in a Cold Climate (2001) as Publicist ("Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre")
Anna Karenina (2000) as Publicist (Wgbh/New York)

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