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Overview for Clarence Geldert
Clarence Geldert

Clarence Geldert



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Director (feature film)

My Neighbor's Wife (1925) as Director
Wasted Lives (1923) as Director

Cast (feature film)

Go-Get-'Em-Haines (1936) as Booth
Mississippi (1935) as Hotel proprietor
A young pacifist after refusing on principle to defend her sweetheart's honor and being banished in disgrace, joins a riverboat troupe as a singer, acquires a reputation as a crackshot after a saloon brawl in which the villain of the piece accidentally kills himself with his own gun, falls in love with his former fianceé's sister and finally bullies an apprehensive family into accepting him.
College Scandal (1935) as Jury foreman
Unknown Woman (1935) as Judge
A female undercover agent tracks down bond thieves.
Border Vengeance (1935) as Sam Griswold
Diamond Jim (1935) as Stockbroker
The Westerner (1934) as Doctor
Tim Addison buys a ranch which is having cattle rustled. Tim suspects Wallace is the culprit, so Wallace frames Tim and has his stooge Sheriff arrest him. Escaping jail, Tim needs proof against Wallace and he and Joe Allen find the answer.
In Love with Life (1934) as Barlow
Whom the Gods Destroy (1934) as Newfoundlander
Broadway's most successful producer, John Forrester (Walter Connolly, character actor who was first-billed in six films in the mid-1930s), is deeply in love with his wife Margaret (Doris Kenyon)and dreams of the future when his son Jack (played in age order by Scotty Beckett, Macon Jones and Robert Young) will step into his shoes. He sails to England to produce a show but the ship strikes a derelict wreckage and is sinking rapidly. In the ensuing wild panic, Forrester saves many lives, until finally, panic stricken by sudden fear, he dons a woman's clothes and is among the rescued. On the coast of Newfouldland, the villagers, not aware of his true identity, curse him but he is befriended by Alec (Hobart Bosworth)who helps him conceal his identity. With a planned story of his survival, he returns to New York but cannot face his family or friends after he sees the plaque to his heroism on his New York theatre. Deciding to remain thought of as dead, he becomes a derelict himself, surviving on odd jobs as he watches from afar his now-grown son (Robert Young)begin his career as a producer. The son meets with failure and Forrester, claiming to be an old friend of his father, goes to him and renders assistance as Jack works on a new play. It is a success and Jack brings his mother to meet his mentor. She recognizes him as her husband and, after Jack has left the room, the two of them decide they still have happiness ahead of them, without Jack having to know the truth.
Man Trailer (1934) as John Ryan
Buck Jones, Cecilia Parker, Arthur Vinton, Clarence Geldert, Steve Clark, & Silver the horse. After foiling a stagecoach robbery, Buck Jones is appointed sheriff of the local town where an adversary launches a smear campaign against him. THE MAN TRAILER is a remake of Buck Jones'' first film for Columbia, THE LONE RIDER (1930), as well as a remake of the silent W.S. Hart film, THE RETURN OF DRAW EGAN (1916).
Twentieth Century (1934) as Southern colonel
A tempestuous theatrical director tries to win back the star he created and then drove away.
George White's Scandals (1934) as Landlord
Opening with a credit line that reads "Entire production conceived, created and directed by George White," a film evolves where the only plot line is a thin backstage romance between Jimmy Martin (Rudy Vallee) and Kitty Donnelly (Alice Faye)in and around a dozen or more sketches, revues, black-outs and singing and dancing turns. Made before the birth of the production code, reviewers of the day found much to object about in the implications of Alice Faye's "Nasty Man" song with the Meglin Kiddies, and the dog action in the "Your Dog Loves My Dog" number by Vallee, Faye, Jimmy Durante and Dixie Dunbar. The geometric dance arrangements used in the Vallee, Durante and Cliff Edwards "Every Day Is Father's Day" was not cause for Busby Berkeley to lose any sleep.
Blind Date (1934) as Doctor
A young woman is torn between a wealthy suitor who wants her body and the honest young man who wants what's best for her.
Our Daily Bread (1934) as
When he inherits a small farm, a Depression-weary man turns it into a collective operation.
Among the Missing (1934) as Assistant district attorney
Feeling unloved, a dowager runs away and gets mixed up with jewel thieves.
Marie Galante (1934) as Port doctor
Marie is kidnapped and taken aboard ship, then thrown off at Yucatan. She winds up singing in a cafe in the Panama Canal zone. There she gets involved in a plot to destroy the canal and runs into American intelligence officer Crawbett.
Beyond the Law (1934) as Defense attorney
Ann Vickers (1933) as Judge
A social worker's fight for reform is compromised by her love for a corrupt judge.
Broken Dreams (1933) as Dr. Fleming
Medical intern Robert Morley is distraught after his wife dies in childbirth. He's resentful of his new son and wants nothing to do with him. He leaves the child with his aunt and uncle and heads off to Europe to pursue his medical studies. Morley returns to his hometown six years later, now a successful doctor and engaged to be married to a beautiful socialite. He also feels differently about the boy and attempts to gain custody from his aunt and uncle.
The Lone Avenger (1933) as Doctor
Cal Weston (Ken Maynard), after an absence of many years (in a remake of his 1930 Universal film "The Fighting Legion"), rides into Mesa to visit his father, co-partner of the town bank with Jud Winters (James Marcus.) Cal discovers the sheriff (Jack Rockwell) and the coroner, Doctor Crandall (Clarence Geldert)in his father's office examining his body with Crandall rendering a verdict of suicide. Cal knows it wasn't suicide as the gun is in his right hand and John Weston was left handed, and he cautions Winters, the only person in town who knows his true identity, not to reveal it. Cal then begins his quest to find the killer and the motive, a quest hampered when the bank's crooked bookkeeper Martin Carter (Niles Welch)has his henchman Burl Adams (Al Bridge)and two accomplices (Merrill McCormick and Lew Meehan)ambush and shoot the examiner (Robert Walker) from the country seat, and then has a fake examiner declare that the bank has been looted by John Weston, and Carter declares that Cal, whose true identity has been learned, knows where the money is. Maynard, as usual, gets tied up in order his give his horse "Tarzan" a chance at untying the sugar-coated, loosely tied rope.
Marriage on Approval (1933) as [Deacon] Duncan Kilhail
The Telegraph Trail (1933) as
An Army scout volunteers to string telegraph wires through Indian territory.
Dance Hall Hostess (1933) as Sheriff
Rusty Rides Alone (1933) as Tom Martin [Sr.]
Revenge at Monte Carlo (1933) as Mendez
Jungle Bride (1933) as Captain Andersen
Lucky Dog (1933) as The doctor
The Stoker (1932) as Señor Valdez
Thirteen Women (1932) as
A mysterious Eurasian tries to murder the 12 boarding school roommates who treated her like an outsider.
White Eagle (1932) as Doctor
Gregory is a phony government agent issuing worthless checks. To keep from being exposed he has his men dress as Indians and attack anything bringing mail. This leads to an Indian war. White Eagle, a pony express rider, exchanges his buckskins for his native Indian garb, and sets out to end the war.
The Bishop Murder Case (1930) as John F.-X. Markham
Society sleuth Philo Vance investigates a series of murders inspired by Mother Goose rhymes.
The Overland Telegraph (1929) as Major Hammond
Square Shoulders (1929) as Commandant
The Thirteenth Chair (1929) as Commissioner Grimshaw
A phony medium tries to prove her protege innocent of murder.
Sioux Blood (1929) as Miles Ingram
Two young brothers are separated during an Indian raid and the one raised by whites becomes an Indian scout, while the other becomes a courageous Brave. The two meet when one sets out with his girl to save her father imprisoned by the Indians.
The Unholy Night (1929) as Inspector Lewis
A mad strangler haunts the London fog.
A One Man Game (1927) as Jake Robbins
Dress Parade (1927) as Commandant
The Flaming Forest (1926) as Maj. Charles McVane
Racing Blood (1926) as Harris Fleming
Young April (1926) as Krutchki
Hands Across the Border (1926) as Don Castro
The Boy Friend (1926) as
A woman who dreams of moving to New York City ditches her boy friend, who soon tries to win her back.
Oh, Doctor (1925) as Doctor Seaver
The Bandit's Baby (1925) as Sheriff
North of 36 (1924) as Colonel Griswold
Love's Whirlpool (1924) as A lawyer
The Fighting American (1924) as William A. Pendleton
The Whipping Boss (1924) as Jackknife Woodward
Behind the Curtain (1924) as District Attorney
Richard, the Lion-Hearted (1923) as Sir Conrade de Montserrat
Adam's Rib (1923) as James Kilkenna
Michael Ramsay only has time for gathering his fortune in wheat. His wife seeks comfort elsewhere and, to avoid a scandal, her daughter Matilda assumes her mother's guilt. Ramsay nearly goes broke but gets rich again; his wife returns.
A Woman of Paris (1923) as Marie's father
In this silent film, when a young woman thinks her fiance has jilted her, she runs off to Paris and a life of sin.
Rent Free (1922) as Count de Mourney
The Great Moment (1921) as Bronson
The Lost Romance (1921) as Police lieutenant
Dr. Allen Erskine's maiden aunt Elizabeth attempts to save her nephew's floundering marriage by staging the kidnaping of her nephew's son, in the hope that the married couple will be drawn closer together by the experience.
The Witching Hour (1921) as Colonel Bailey
All Souls' Eve (1921) as Dr. Sandy McAllister
The House That Jazz Built (1921) as Mr. Estabrook
The Hell Diggers (1921) as Silverby Rennie
Why Change Your Wife? (1920) as The doctor
Robert and Beth Bordon are married but share little. He runs into Sally at a cabaret and the Gordons are soon divorced. Just as he gets bored with Sally's superficiality, Beth strives to improve her looks. The original couple falls in love again at a summer resort.
Thou Art the Man (1920) as George Brummage
The Prince Chap (1920) as Helmer
Sick Abed (1920) as Dr. Macklyn
Too Much Johnson (1920) as Joseph Johnson
The Tree of Knowledge (1920) as The Baron
Always Audacious (1920) as Theron Ammidown
The Fourteenth Man (1920) as Major MacDonald
The Six Best Cellars (1920) as Dr. Devine
The Sins of Rosanne (1920) as Leonard Drummond
A Lady in Love (1920) as George Sedgewick
The Lottery Man (1919) as Business manager
Young Jack Wright offers his hand in marriage to the winner of a lottery, but after committing to the winner falls in love with another woman.
Maggie Pepper (1919) as Detective
The Woman Next Door (1919) as Detective Fleming Stone
Love Insurance (1919) as George Harrowby
A Daughter of the Wolf (1919) as "Wolf" Ainsworth
Captain Kidd, Jr. (1919) as David Grayson, a canner
Everywoman (1919) as Auctioneer
The Roaring Road (1919) as Fred Wheeler
Johnny Get Your Gun (1919) as Director
Fires of Faith (1919) as Railton
The Poor Boob (1919) as Mr. Swanson
It Pays to Advertise (1919) as House manager
The Highest Trump (1919) as Von Klem
Venus in the East (1919) as Jass
Putting It over (1919) as Mr. Hard
The Squaw Man (1918) as Solicitor
Captain Wynnegate leaves England, accepting the blame for embezzling charity funds though knowing that his cousin Sir Henry is guilty. Out West he and the Indian girl Nat-U-Rich save each other from the evil cattle rustler Cash Hawkins and marry. Lady Diana shows up to announce Sir Henry's death. After Nat-U-Rich's suicide Wynnegate takes his half-breed son and Lady Diana back to England as the new Earl of Kerhill.
Sandy (1918) as Dr. Fenton
A Scots-Irish lad comes to America in hopes of finding his fortune. On the sea voyage, he meets and falls for a lovely young girl, but they are parted on arrival. Years later, in the Kentucky town where he has settled and prospered, he meets the girl again, and both complications and sparks arise.
Hidden Pearls (1918) as Capt. A. Todd
The Goat (1918) as Casting director
A stunt double does not receive the credit for his stunts.
Till I Come Back to You (1918) as U.S. Colonel
Belgian girl Yvonne is married to Karl Von Krutz who admits being a spy after war breaks out. US Captain Strong assumes his identity and aborts a mission he is on to save the life of Yvonne and the orphans she cares for. For this he must face court-martial
The Bravest Way (1918) as The minister
The Gypsy Trail (1918) as Frank Raymond
Believe Me Xantippe (1918) as Williams
The Yellow Pawn (1916) as Mr. Turner
The Fall of a Nation (1916) as General Arnold
When pacifists allow the U.S. to sink into unpreparedness, an invading European force lands and conquers the country, installing an emperor. The nation's only hope lies in an underground partisan army of women, The Loyal Legion of American Women.
Joan the Woman (1916) as Colonel, in prologue; Count Dunois, in story
In World War I an English officer is inspired to fulfill his mission when he finds the decayed sword of Joan of Arc who appears to him in a vision. The story goes back through her leadership of the French Army and her burning at the stake.
Jordan Is a Hard Road (1915) as
A bandit reforms himself and gives up his baby into better hands. Years later, he attempts to reunite with his daughter without revealing who he is.

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