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Mischa Auer

Mischa Auer



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Also Known As: Died: March 5, 1967
Born: November 17, 1905 Cause of Death: heart attack
Birth Place: Russia Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Arrivederci, Baby! (1966) as Romeo
Nick has married several times, but all his rich wives were "accidently" killed after some time. Now he's married a young Italian widow, but it is not so easy to get rid of her, especially when she learns of his plans and tries to turn the tables.
The Christmas That Almost Wasn't (1966) as Johnathan, the bookkeeper
Sam Whipple, an attorney in once-upon-a-time-land, is startled to receive a visit from Santa Claus shortly before Christmas. It seems that when he was a child, Sam wrote a letter thanking Santa for the presents he'd received, and offering to return the favor someday. That day is now - a mean old soul named Phineas Prune, who holds the deed to the North Pole, is demanding back rent. Otherwise, he's going to evict Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves and take all the Christmas toys. It's up to Sam and Santa to find a way to pay off Prune and prevent Christmas from being canceled.
We Joined the Navy (1962) as Colonel; President
Nathalie Agent Secret (1960) as Cyril Boran
The Monte Carlo Story (1957) as Hector
Two compulsive gamblers fall in love on the French Riviera.
Frou-Frou (1955) as Archduke
In Pre-World War I France a young cigarette girl enchants four wealthy middle-aged men and they decide to become her benefactors in turning her into a lady. Eventually, she becomes a singer.
Futures Vedettes (1955)
Two young female music students vie for the affections of their teacher.
Mr. Arkadin (1955) as The professor
A private eye investigates a millionaire's mysterious past before a murderer can get to the witnesses.
Sofia (1948) as Ali Imagu
For You I Die (1948) as Alec Shaw
A prison inmate trying to go straight is forced into participating in a prison break by another convict. After the two men escape, they separate. The reluctant inmate hides out in a cafe, where he falls in love with a waitress who works there - who he doesn't know is the girlfriend of the convict who forced him to escape.
Sentimental Journey (1946) as Gregory Petrovich Rogozhin
An actress becomes fatally ill and adopts an orphan so that her husband will not be alone once she has died.
She Wrote the Book (1946) as Joe, also known as Count Boris
A plain-Jane math professor (Joan Davis) at a small midwestern college is talked into journeying to New York on behalf of a colleague who has written a steamy bestseller under an assumed name. While in the big city, the math prof receives a bump on the head which brings on a form of amnesia. She begins to believe she is the author of the sultry book, and has actually lived its story. Now freed from her inhibitions, the lady professor sashays about with abandon. With a PR man (Jack Oakie) in tow, she crashes a party of swells at the home of a wealthy industrialist (Thurston Hall) and pressures him into making a large contribution to her tiny college back home.
Brewster's Millions (1945) as Michael Michaelovich
A veteran has to spend $1 million in two months to inherit a fortune.
A Royal Scandal (1945) as Capt. Sukov
Catherine the Great falls in love with an army officer who is plotting against her.
And Then There Were None (1945) as Prince Nikita Starloff
Guests at a remote island mansion realize a crazed killer is stalking them.
Around the World (1944) as Mischa Auer
Kay Kyser and his Kollege of Musical Knowledge entertain the troops overseas.
Lady in the Dark (1944) as Russell Paxton
Up in Mabel's Room (1944) as Boris
Twin Beds (1942) as Nicolai Cherupin
Don't Get Personal (1942) as [Stanislaus Noodnick, also known as] Charlie
Cracked Nuts (1941) as [Boris] Kabikoff
A young man in a small town wins $5000 in a radio contest. He goes to New York City to propose to his girlfriend, but gets mixed up with a crooked attorney and two con men who are trying to sell a fake "robot."
Sing Another Chorus (1941) as Stanislaus [Gregorovich Danniliewski]
Hellzapoppin' (1941) as Pepi
Ole and Chick are making a movie, but th edirector is not satisfied. So he brings them to a young writer, who outlines them a absurd story They have to support Jeff and Kitty in setting up an musical revue in their garden and want to bring it up on Broadway. If Jeff is sucessful he can marry Kitty. But there is his rich friend Woody, who also loves Kitty, Chick's sister Betty, who's in love with a false Russian count, and Detective Quimby. They all make the thing very complicated for Ole and Chick. After some mistakes they think, that Kitty isn't the right girl for Jeff they start sabotating the show, but the Broadway producer is impressed and signs the contract. That's the story the writer tells them. For this he's soot by the director.
The Flame of New Orleans (1941) as Zolotov
A notorious Frenchwoman pretends to be a society lady to nab a rich husband.
Hold That Ghost (1941) as Gregory
Two bumbling gas station attendants find themselves stranded in a haunted house.
Moonlight in Hawaii (1941) as Clipper [Conovan]
Trail of the Vigilantes (1940) as Bolo
Alias the Deacon (1940) as Andre
Elsa Maxwell's Public Deb No. 1 (1940) as Grisha
When a waiter (Murphy) gives a society girl (Joyce) a public spanking for attending a Communist rally, her soup-tycoon uncle (Ruggles) makes the waiter a vice-president of his company.
Seven Sinners (1940) as Sasha
A South Seas temptress sets her sights on a U.S. Navy officer.
Margie (1940) as [Rafael] Gomez
Sandy Is a Lady (1940) as Felix Lobo Smith
Spring Parade (1940) as The Peasant [Gustav]
East Side of Heaven (1939) as Nicky
Unexpected Father (1939) as Boris Bebenko
Jimmy Hanley (Dennis O'Keefe) learns that his former dancing partner has been killed, leaving a baby boy Sandy (Sandra Lee Henville as Baby Sandy), so he takes the baby to live with him and his roommate Boris Bebenko (Mischa Auer). Theatre manager Allen Rand (Donald Briggs) threatens to fire Jimmy for neglecting his work, but Jimmy's girlfriend Diana (Shirley Ross) squares things by going to dinner with Rand over Jimmy's objections. Sandy catches measles and the quarantine causes Jimmy and Boris to miss a big audition.
Destry Rides Again (1939) as Boris Callahan
A deputy who''s sworn not to shoot again takes on a corrupt town boss and a sultry saloon singer.
Service De Luxe (1938) as Babenko
Glamorous and efficient Helen Murphy runs a service that will provide any type of assistance to wealthy customers, but what she's really looking for is a man who can take care of himself. Rugged Robert Wade, an inventor in town to secure funding for his new model tractor, wants to meet a woman who won't try to run his life. Despite being made for each other, Helen and Bob go through the usual complications of a film like this before ending up together in the final reel.
You Can't Take It with You (1938) as [Boris] Kolenkhov
A girl from a family of freethinkers falls for the son of a conservative banker.
Sweethearts (1938) as Leo Kronk
Bickering husband-and-wife stage stars are manipulated into a break-up for publicity purposes.
The Rage of Paris (1938) as Mike
A penniless woman sets out to snare a rich husband.
Little Tough Guys in Society (1938) as Dr. Trenkle
Marry the Girl (1937) as Dimitri [Kyeff]
Brother-and-sister news tycoons try to save their niece from marrying the wrong man.
One Hundred Men and a Girl (1937) as Michael
An unemployed musician's daughter fights to find him a new job.
Merry-Go-Round of 1938 (1937) as Mischa
That Girl from Paris (1937) as Butch
A French opera star in hiding hooks up with a swing band.
Top of the Town (1937) as Hamlet
Prescription for Romance (1937) as Sandor
We Have Our Moments (1937) as Captain Enrico Mussetti
Walter Wanger's Vogues of 1938 (1937) as Prince Muratov
A penniless heiress takes a modeling job to get her family back on its feet.
Pick a Star (1937) as Rinaldo Lopez
A young innocent in Hollywood enlists a publicist''s help in her search for stardom.
It's All Yours (1937) as The Baron [René de Montigny]
Sons O' Guns (1936) as German spy
A song-and-dance man gets caught up in war and espionage.
Three Smart Girls (1936) as Count Arisztid
The daughters of a divorced couple try to keep their father from remarrying.
One Rainy Afternoon (1936) as Leading man
Actor Philippe Martin and his married date Yvonne plan to neck in a darkened cinema, but he gets the wrong seat and mistakenly kisses lovely Monique, a publisher's daughter. An absurd scandal results; to protect Yvonne, Philippe insists that he was simply overcome by Monique's beauty. This naturally intrigues Monique...but her nominal fiancée feels differently. French bureaucracy is broadly satirized.
The Gay Desperado (1936) as Diego
A Mexican bandit kidnaps a singing cowboy star to learn American ways.
Princess Comes Across (1936) as Morevitch
A Brooklyn girl masquerades as a princess to land a Hollywood contract.
Winterset (1936) as Radical
Immigrant radical Bartolomeo Romagna is falsely condemned and executed for a payroll robbery. Years later, his son Mio sets out to find the truth of the crime and to bring to account the gangster Trock Estrella.
My Man Godfrey (1936) as Carlo
A zany heiress tries to help a tramp by making him the family butler.
Tough Guy (1936) as Chi
To save his beloved dog, a boy runs away from home, only to get mixed up with gangsters.
The House of a Thousand Candles (1936) as Victor Demetrius
Adventures of Rex and Rinty (1935)
A 12 episode serial starring Rex, the King of the Wild Horses and Rin-Tin-Tin, Jr. Rex is brought from the island of Sujan, where he is worshiped as a God-Horse, to the U.S. to be trained as a polo pony. He escapes, meets Rinty and with the help of Frank Bradley is returned to Sujan. The natives have been persuaded to turn against their God-Horse, however he is rescued just in time before he is burned as a sacrifice.
Mystery Woman (1935) as Dmitri
Condemned to Live (1935) as Zan
After a series of murders, a man finds out that his mother was bitten by a vampire bat during her pregnancy, and he believes that he may be the vampire committing the murders.
Clive of India (1935) as Suraj Ud Dowlah
An enterprising clerk leads the British colonial campaign in India.
I Dream Too Much (1935) as Pianist
A composer sets the stage for discord when he pushes his wife into a singing career.
The Crusades (1935) as Monk
King Richard the Lionhearted launches a crusade to preserve Christianity in Jerusalem.
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935) as Afridi
Three British soldiers in India fight invaders when not fighting each other.
Anna Karénina (1935) as Mahotin
Adaptation of Tolstoy's classic tale of a woman who deserts her family for an illicit love.
We're Only Human (1935) as William "Lefty" Berger
A cop, who plays by his own rules, brings down a notorious gangster.
Murder in the Fleet (1935) as Oriental consul
Seamen hunt down a deadly saboteur.
The Crosby Case (1934) as DeCobra
Stamboul Quest (1934) as Ameel
A notorious enemy spy falls for an American medical student during World War I.
Student Tour (1934) as Sikhi cop
A philosophy professor gets stuck chaperoning a student tour of the world.
Wharf Angel (1934) as Sadik
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1934) as Hassan
Algy, Bulldog Drummond's right-hand-man, is getting married. Bulldog attends; on the way home, in the fog, he enters the (apparently deserted) mansion of Prince Achmed in search of a phone. He finds none, but he does find a body - which disappears when he summons a bobby. Bodies keep disappearing as Drummond keeps summoning the authorities, particularly his long-suffering upstairs neighbor, Captain Nielsen; the ever faithful Algy also finds his wedding night disrupted by, among other things, some emergency code-breaking. And of course, there's a beautiful woman there's always a beautiful woman in this case, Gwen, who turns out to be the daughter of the dead man who started all this.
Beyond the Law (1934) as Tully
The Woman Condemned (1934) as Dr. Wagner
Viva Villa (1934) as Military attache
Rousing biography of the bandit chief who led the battle for Mexican independence.
Cradle Song (1933) as Village priest
Clear All Wires (1933) as Arab leader
Foreign correspondents clash over working methods and love.
Infernal Machine (1933) as Klein
Gabriel over the White House (1933) as Thieson
A crooked president reforms mysteriously.
Girl Without a Room (1933) as Walksky
Storm at Daybreak (1933) as Assassin
Fictionalized account of the events leading up to Archduke Ferdinand's assassination and the start of World War I.
Sucker Money (1933) as Swami Yomurda
Dangerously Yours (1933) as Kassim
The Flaming Signal (1933) as Manu
Tarzan the Fearless (1933) as High Priest
The jungle king helps a young woman rescue her father from the high priest of a lost city.
After Tonight (1933) as Adjutant Lehar
A female Russian spy falls for the enemy during WWI.
Rasputin and the Empress (1933) as Man pouring drinks at party
True story of the mad monk who plotted to rule Russia.
Corruption (1933) as Voikov
The Western Code (1932) as Chapman
The Intruder (1932) as Wild man
A murder is committed aboard a cruise ship just before it sinks in a storm. The survivors, including the killer, land on a mysterious jungle island.
The Monster Walks (1932) as Hanns Krug
Murder at Dawn (1932) as Henry, caretaker
Sinister Hands (1932) as
Call Her Savage (1932) as Man in restaurant
A Texas gal storms her way through life, brawling and boozing until her luck runs out, forcing her to learn the errors of her ways.
Scarlet Dawn (1932) as Serge
A Russian nobleman and his fiancee elope to live as peasants in Turkey.
Arséne Lupin (1932) as Lourve tour guide
A gentleman thief risks his life in an attempt to steal the Mona Lisa.
The Unwritten Law (1932) as Abu Zeyd
No Greater Love (1932) as Rabbi
Beauty Parlor (1932) as Herman Bauer
Drifting Souls (1932) as
Last of the Mohicans, The (1932)
Natty Bumppo, known as Hawk-Eye, is a frontiersman in the American wilderness. Together with his Indian friends Chingachgook and Uncas, he fights battles against nefarious white soldiers as well as the vicious Indian Magua and his cohorts.
The Spy (1931) as Man in cafe
The Yellow Ticket (1931) as Melchoir
A young Russian girl is forced into a life of prostitution in Czarist Russia, and she and a British journalist find their lives endangered when she reveals to him information regarding the social crimes rampant in her country.
Women Love Once (1931) as Oscar
Command Performance (1931) as Duke Charles of Votrav
No Limit (1931) as Romeo
Drums of Jeopardy (1931) as Peter
Delicious (1931) as Mischa
A Scottish immigrant falls for a dashing playboy engaged to another woman.
The Lady from Nowhere (1931) as Rigo
The Unholy Garden (1931) as Prince Nicolai Poliakoff
A gentleman thief falls for the daughter of the man he's trying to rob.
Mata Hari (1931) as Man executed
Romantic biography of World War I''s notorious lady spy.
Working Girls (1931) as
Just Imagine (1930) as B--36
New York, 1980: airplanes have replaced cars, numbers have replaced names, pills have replaced food, government-arranged marriages have replaced love, and test tube babies have replaced ... well, you get the idea. Scientists revive a man struck by lightning in 1930; he is rechristened "Single O". He is befriended by J-21, who can't marry the girl of his dreams because he isn't "distinguished" enough -- until he is chosen for a 4-month expedition to Mars by a renegade scientist. The Mars J-21, his friend, and stowaway Single O visit is full of scantily clad women doing Busby Berkeley-style dance numbers and worshiping a fat middle-aged man.
Inside the Lines (1930) as Amahdi
During World War I, German spies stop at nothing to spy on the allied war plans stored at Gibraltar.
The Benson Murder Case (1930) as Albert
Marquis Preferred (1929) as Albert
Something Always Happens (1928) as Clark

Film Production - Main (feature film)

For You I Die (1948) as Asst to the producers
A prison inmate trying to go straight is forced into participating in a prison break by another convict. After the two men escape, they separate. The reluctant inmate hides out in a cafe, where he falls in love with a waitress who works there - who he doesn't know is the girlfriend of the convict who forced him to escape.

Cast (special)

Ninotchka (1960) as Buljanoff
The story of a Soviet government official who finds love and romance while in Paris on an assignment to barter jewels for farm machinery.

Cast (short)

My Grandfather's Clock (1934)
In this musical short, a murder has been committed and two detectives are on the case!

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