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Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo



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    • Marlene Rantz
    • 2013-07-31

    Greta Garbo was a beautiful woman, and that alone might have brought her stardom, but she was also a great actress, and that definitely brought her stardom! She was fascinating, and always gave a very good performance!

  • Magnificent Mystique

    • Mark
    • 2011-12-28

    There are no innocents or false hopes of earning the love of this mysterious lady. There is only glimmer of her greatness because of her insistence to be isolated and her all too few movie appearances. I do not think her sex appeal can be matched by any of today's actresses and her acting is very dominant by any day's standards. This magnificent beauty also has something others can't master and that is what I refer to as ''the look''. It is something that only very few people possess and can not be duplicated by acting or imitation. There will never be another like her. To be a male and try to seduce a creature like this is where the mystery lies, for one never really knows the reaction from such a mystical goddess. God bless this most alluring of all beauty queens.

  • Radiant. Simply Radiant.

    • Renee CK
    • 2011-02-07

    My guilty pleasure is watching vintage movies in bed on Sunday morning. I had not seen Garbo's work, only photos that did not stick with me. Because of my new hobby, I have seen a few of Garbo's films. I am quickly able to recognize her more so for her radiance, elegance, and sophisticated air than her look. (It seems that there were several studio actresses in that day who had similar features.) I am always pleased to watch her and will find ways to see more of her.

  • Garbo is Timeless

    • Grace Todd
    • 2009-11-11

    I saw Queen Christina and that is what sold me and I have since acquired all of her films on VHS and those on DVD...her acting is totally her own, and her beauty is one of a kind, I hope TCM would at least show one of her films each month, once people see her, they are sold on her exceptional talent and exquisite one will ever be Garbo!

  • The Consummate Talent

    • SadieR
    • 2009-07-10

    Whenever I think of Greta Garbo, her image as "Queen Christina," the Swedish queen who was raised as a boy by her father the king, is the one that comes to mind. That's my very favorite film of Garbo's. She insisted that her long time lover, John Gilbert, be her lover in this film. Their relationship is the very centerpiece of the film. This is undoubtedly a major Garbo classic with scenes that are magnificent from beginning to end. Her talent is mind-blowing as an actor. In this role, she has to perform many moods and even be androgynous. She's amusing, sharp-tongued, a romantic lover, a commanding queen with a huge sense of duty to her people, smart, laughs heartily, is in drag as a man without really trying, and leaves me in a pool of tears at the dramatic conclusion of the film. I can't forget how she appears in the final moments of the film. I'll likely watch it another 20+ times it's so engaging and Garbo's performance is beyond all words. That's what makes Greta Garbo the consummate actor: she could go so deep into each character that she takes us right along with her to actually feel with the character. She'll have us on a roller coaster of emotions before each of her films are over.

  • More than a Pretty Face

    • Prof_Alice
    • 2009-05-17

    Convinced that no one could have performed a dead pan comedy as Garbo did, in "Ninotchka," the legendary mystery woman proved she could play the commanding lead in a hilarious political satire. Why critics treated Garbo's comedic talent as "new" after "Ninotchka" is a puzzlement. Maybe critics of yesteryears weren't the brightest bulbs on the tree! It's very obvious how amusing Garbo could be whenever a script called for it. Garbo's charismatic appeal wasn't simply as a great lover, a lovely face or slender figure, or even as an exotic Swede. Garbo still makes us feel a wealth of various emotions.

  • Response to John

    • MaryMaxey
    • 2009-05-15

    John, Reading your reacting to viewing Greta Garbo's films is inspiring. There are few actors who've ever reached the acting ability combined with charisma of Greta Garbo. To think that she left us with only 36 feature films. With images of her remaining t-totally gorgeous. Seems nearly like a brilliant career move so that we'd always feel quivers whenever she appears. (But that's not why she left acting).

  • Forever Young

    • Marjorie.Campbell
    • 2009-05-15

    When Greta Garbo quit acting fans were surprised. Over 50 years later, her career move seems right. In our eyes, she will remember young forever. Greta Garbo had years away from a camera or set to live a private life. Isn't it amazing now that so few films left an indelible imprint on the history of film? Greta Garbo's silent films are as moving as her talkies. Of her era, Miss Garbo will remain as much a mystery as a legendary lady.

  • TCM: Requesting More Garbo Films Be Shown

    • Melissa_Aaron
    • 2009-05-15

    Admittedly, Greta Garbo's films are limited to less that 40. However, most of them are spellbinding due to her acting ability and charisma. My favorite is "Queen Christina," with "Ninotchka" being a close runner up. It would also be terrific to see Lauren Bacall's biographical film about Greta Garbo. (Please spare us the substandard one narrated by Joan Crawford).

  • Garbo's Sensual Androgyny

    • Prof_Alice
    • 2009-04-20

    Mesmerizing whether silent or talking, Garbo has a charismatic magnetism that won't quit. The trick of prolonging desire & sensuality is to leave them wanting more. That's precisely what Garbo did. We'll be left in this state of wanting forever. What draws me to her is how Garbo rides the fence between genders: androgyny. Her appeal's evoked by playing with gender: traditionally & nontraditionally. No one's ever been so sexy as Garbo while acting butch!

  • Wanting More

    • ASingerSings
    • 2009-04-14

    Can't get enough of Greta Garbo's films. Please broad cast them as much as possible. Especially "Queen Christina."

  • The Definition of Charisma

    • Jill Clements
    • 2009-04-01

    What was it? Some 36 films ever done by Greta Garbo? From silent to talkies, there's a single word that every one of her performances exude: charisma. Certianly Greta Garbo had acting talent beyond measure. Add to it, a statuesque beauty and romantic accent. Still, those qualities weren't enough to leave her with the status of a legendary great actress. Something nearly magically occurs whenever Greta Garbo's on screen. It's a chemistry with other actors, a grace, wit, dignity, sophistication and near perfection at her craft. That magic is her charisma being projected from film footage into viewers like me who are mesmermized by her performances... Jill

  • Absolutely amazing

    • Sam
    • 2008-11-01

    Your not the only one to feel that way John. I have never been a fan of actors, but Im just drawn to Garbo. Ive seen Camille too many times to count, and find new things to laugh about in Ninotchka every time I see it. Garbo is basically the greatest actress that ever lived!

  • Haunting

    • john
    • 2008-08-11

    Viewing all the TCM Garbo films left me shaky. The depth exceeded the best of Davis,Stanwyck, Joan C,Pickford, Dunne, Garson, Wong,both in silent and voice. My oh my. I have never reacted to films as to these. I must ask---please tell me my emotional jolting has been felt by others.

  • The Divine Garbo

    • Natalia
    • 2008-08-10

    The greatest and the most beautiful actress ever!!!


    • ERIC
    • 2008-05-30


  • Garbo The Great

    • Chris K.
    • 2008-01-26

    Greta Garbo was the greatest movie Star! I just adore, her perfect face and her amazing acting!! I wish to release on DVD Susan Lenox,The painted veil, As you desire me and her silent movies!!!!

  • Complete enjoyment

    • Jenna
    • 2007-10-07

    What can I say about Greta Garbo but "Extrodinary." I am 21 and I love movie classics. Greta Garbo is my favorite actress and always a joy to watch. Every movie is just as thrilling as the last. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. My only regret... I wasn't her at her prime, I would sure to be her #1 fan.

  • Brilliant

    • Joanna
    • 2007-06-16

    The first film I watched with Greta Garbo was Ninotchka and it was an amazing performance. She just really new how to capture the audiences imagination, how can you not love her.

  • Haunting

    • Leah
    • 2007-05-30

    I still remember flipping through the channels well after midnight and coming upon Turner Classic Movies and what seemed to be a silent movie. I stopped for a second and in that moment Garbo filled the screen and I was mesmerized. The film was "The Temptress" and I was hooked from that moment on. I had never seen anyone like her on screen before and will never after. She has an unbelievable beauty and haunting aura around her that no other screen beauty can come close to. She transcends the silver screen and enters the viewers' hearts and souls and leaves an impression that is impossible to shake. There is only one Garbo.

  • Garbo the Indefinable

    • grace
    • 2007-05-15

    Queen Christina a masterpiece and work of art, every seen is beautiful to see, the scene in the inn when Garbo touches all the objects in the room is one of the most magnificent things in my view, done on screen, how original and breathtaking.

  • Greta Garbo

    • Holly
    • 2006-09-25

    Completely captivating.

  • Queen Christina

    • scottlord
    • 2006-09-21

    In the post above I was reminded of the scene in Queen Christina where Garbo silently looks through the objects in the bedroom, trying to memorize the objects after making love.


    • Clare
    • 2006-09-13

    Just watch her. There is no need to comment her.

  • Greta Garbo

    • scottlord
    • 2006-08-06

    Please add Fritiof Billquist and Norman Zierold to your list of Greta Garbo biographers. Mark A Viera took the took the time to write to me and send photos and if you have not by now looked at Greta Garbo, A Cinematic Legacy, it is sumptuous. A thankyou to TCM and hello to Robert Osborne as an open invitation to screen the films Greta Garbo.

  • The Greatest ever.

    • Gene
    • 2006-03-23

    Greta captured my heart at first site. A great actress back then and coould surpass any in todays acting ability. She gave her all and knew when to quit the sharades. In the end her decision to quit her career meant to me that she was lost amd stuck in time. She really wanted her heritage back and needed to be back in Sweden, her homeland. Maybe in her next incarnation she will be home and happy and just maybe John Gilbert will be with her.

  • The Brightest Star Of Them All.

    • Anna
    • 2006-03-03

    I can't do justice to this marvelous lady in simple words. She transcends description. She is divine,able to mesmerize you with a glance, to melt your heart with that tinkling laugh of hers. You could see her soul through her acting, and a more powerful impact on cinema has yet to be left by any other silver screen darling. Garbo is perfect.

  • No Words Necessary

    • SwingDancingRed
    • 2006-02-14

    Amazing what she could say with only her eyes.

  • garbo is a fantastick actress

    • Anthony
    • 2006-01-31

    she was one of the most beautiful women who ever lived.

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