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Sound (feature film)

Hitler (1962) as Sound
Impotence and an Oedipus complex haunt the dictator as he sets out to conquer the world.
Operation Eichmann (1961) as Sound Mixer
After the war, the Nazi who exterminated six million Jews escapes from Europe but is eventually recaptured.
Go, Johnny, Go! (1959) as Sound
Rock-n-roll promoter Alan Freed searches for a talent contest''''s mysterious winner.
Terror in a Texas Town (1958) as Sound
A whaler inherits his father's farm but has to fight off a corrupt town boss.
The Vampire (1957) as Sound Recording
An experimental treatment turns a small-town doctor into a vampire.
The Monster that Challenged the World (1957) as Sound Recording
An earthquake unleashes a horde of giant prehistoric monsters.
Screaming Eagles (1956) as Sound
A group of young soldiers parachute into France in preparation for D-Day.
The Basketball Fix (1951) as Sound
Beware of Blondie (1950) as Sound
Mr. Dithers has gone on vacation and left Dagwood to look after the company. Toby tries to take advantage of Dagwood's naivete, but Blondie saves the day.
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947) as Mus mixer
In the late 1800s, Miss Pilgrim, a young stenographer, or typewriter, becomes the first female employee at a Boston shipping office. Although the men object to her at first, she soon charms them all, especially the handsome young head of the company. Their romance gets sidetracked when she becomes involved in the Women's Suffrage movement.
Dragonwyck (1946) as Mus mixer
A farm girl signs on as governess in a gloomy mansion.
Colonel Effingham's Raid (1946) as Mus mixer
A retired Army officer fights to save his hometown''''s Confederate monument.
Cluny Brown (1946) as Mus mixer
A servant girl's passion for plumbing shocks London society.
Centennial Summer (1946) as Mus mixer
In 1876 Philadelphia, two sisters (Jeanne Crain and Linda Darnell) vie for the affections of a Frenchman (Cornel Wilde) who's come to town to prepare the French pavilion for the Centennial exposition.
Margie (1946) as Mus mixer
A brainy school girl falls apart over a new, handsome teacher.
Sentimental Journey (1946) as Mus mixer
An actress becomes fatally ill and adopts an orphan so that her husband will not be alone once she has died.
The Dark Corner (1946) as Mus mixer
A secretary helps her private eye boss when he''''s framed for murder.
Three Little Girls in Blue (1946) as Mus mixer
A reworking of "Moon Over Miami" set at the turn of the century. Three sisters set out for Atlantic City disguised as an heiress, her secretary, and a maid, in the hope that one of them will land a rich husband.
Strange Triangle (1946) as Mus mixer
Viperish Francine Huber seduces visiting salesman Sam Crane. Sam later finds out that Francine is married to a business associate of his and decides to have no more to do with her. Francine is relentless and soon gets Sam involved in trying to cover up her husband's embezzling activities and ultimately implicates him in a murder.
The House on 92nd Street (1945) as Mus mixer
An FBI agent infiltrates a Nazi spy ring.
Fallen Angel (1945) as Mus mixer
A man is accused of killing a waitress he had tried to seduce with his wife''s money.
Blazing the Western Trail (1945) as Sound Engineer
The Durango Kid tries to save a beautiful young woman''s stagecoach line from an unscrupulous rival.
Gangster's Den (1945) as Sound Engineer
Doll Face (1945) as Mus mixer
A burlesque star breaks into the big time.
Hail to the Rangers (1943) as Sound Engineer
The Fighting Buckaroo (1943) as Sound Engineer
Silver Skates (1943) as Recording
The management of touring ice show faces mounting debts.
Aerial Gunner (1943) as Sound Recording
High Explosive (1943) as Sound Recording
Alaska Highway (1943) as Sound Recording
Pop Ormsby (Harry Shannon) wins the contract from the Army Engineer Corps for the construction of the Alaska Highway connecting Alaska to Canada. The elder of his two sons, Woody Ormseby (Richard Arlen), decides he had rather fight with bullets than bulldozers but is assigned by the Army to work on the project. Woody and his younger brother Steve (William Henry) are both rivals for the affection of Ann Caswell (Jean Parker), the daughter of Road Engineer Blair Caswell (Edward Earle).
Submarine Alert (1943) as Sound Recording
Nazi spies use a stolen shortwave transmitter prototype to broadcast top secret shipping info to an offshore Japanese sub. To nab the spy ring, the Government has the West Coast's top radio engineers fired and shadowed to see if the Nazis recruit them to complete work on the prototype radio. Radio engineer Lew Deerhold, a resident alien without a job to pay for his adorable little ward Gina's life-saving operation, falls prey to the spy ring, and is swept up in a maelstrom of deceit and danger.
Lady of Burlesque (1943) as Sound
A star dancer and comedian team to investigate murders.
Law of the Northwest (1943) as Sound Engineer
I Live on Danger (1942) as Sound Recording
About Face (1942) as Sound Recording
Two army sergeants wreak havoc on leave.
Wrecking Crew (1942) as Sound Recording
Wildcat (1942) as Sound Recording
Wildcatter Johnny Maverick (Richard Arlen) and his pal, Chicopee Nevins (Elisha Cook, Jr.) are speeding toward Antril Bend, a small town in the oil region, that has offered $25,000 to the person bringing in the first oil well.They accidently find oil on the town's outskirts, and Johnny writes a $4000 hot check for the property. He covers that by having Chicopee sell his half interest to oil promoter Gus Sloane (John Dilson) for $7000. Sloane hires a crew to start drilling on his half of the property, with Johnny's old enemy, Mile Rawlins (Larry "Buster" Crabbe) as his foreman. Rawlins sabotages Johnny's rig, causing Chicopee's death. Confidence man Oliver Westbrook (William Frawley) and his confederate, Nan Dearing (Arline Judge) hatch a plan to swindle Johnny by having Nan pose as Chicopee's sister. It works and Johnny makes Nan his partner. Another accident staged by Rawlins forces Johnny to sign a note to get money for repair. Nan falls in love with Johnny and abandons her plan to swindle him. As the note deadline approaches, Johnny learns that Sloane has purchased it as a means of taking over the well.
The Son of Monte Cristo (1941) as Sound
A freedom fighter leads a double life in his battle against a ruthless dictator.
Stagecoach War (1940) as Sound
In the 30th film of this series, "Hopalong" Cassidy (William Boyd), "Lucky" Jenkins (Russell Hayden) and "Speedy" McGinnis (Britt Wood) are driving a herd of Bar 20 mustangs to Blue Sky, to be delivered to Jeff Chapman (J. Farrell MacDonald), operator of a stage line. They come upon a Chapman stage, which has just been looted of silver bullion by Smiley (Rad Robinson) and his singing outlaws (Ken Darby, Jon Dodson and Bud Linn, the four members of The King's Men Quartet) . They tend Chapman's wounds and Lucky drives the stage to town. Lucky immediately falls in love with Shirley Chapman (Julie Carter), Jeff's daughter, but she is in love with Neal Holt (Harvey Stephens), who has designs on the mail-carrying contract held by Jeff. Holt's foreman, "Twister" Maxwell (Frank Lackteen) secretly works with Smiley and his gang, tipping them off on gold and silver shipments. Cassidy becomes suspicious of Maxwell when he sees him leading a lame horse into town and later discovers that a horseshoe found near the scene of the robbery fits the horse. This also puts Holt under suspicion and he and Cassidy get into an arguments over the relative merits of the Bar 20 mustangs versus Holt's pure-bred Morgans, and the result is a match race, with the stage-mail contract at stake. During the race, as Lucky is about to pass the Holt stage on a dangerous curve, he sees Shirley in the Holt stage and throws the race to save her life. Irate townsmen, who had bet on the mustangs, are all for hanging Lucky, but Cassidy and Holt explain Lucky's gallant act, and the race is called a draw. Cassidy and his hands roundup the outlaws, Jeff consents to the marriage of his daughter and Holt, and he and Holt becomes partners in the stage business.
Hidden Gold (1940) as Sound
Hoppy and Lucky have been called in to investigate a series of stage holdups. The robbers are taking gold from Colby's mine and Hoppy suspects it may be ex-outlaw Colby himself. When Speedy strikes gold, Hoppy borrows it and announces a gold shipment hoping to catch the gang and their leader.
Three Men from Texas (1940) as Sound
This 31st entry of the 66 films in the Hopalong Cassidy series marks the first of 35 consecutive appearances, in the remaining films of the series, of Scottish-born comedian Andy Clyde in the role of "California Carlson", although his introduction in this film is as "California Jack" Carlson and his credentials won't bear much scrutiny. The film finds local officers in an outlaw-infested town in California helpless to cope with the situation and a citizens committee comes to Texas and appeals to the Texas Rangers for help in organizing the forces of law and order. Captain Andrews (Morgan Wallace) of the Rangers offers the assignment to Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) and Lucky Jenkins (Russell Hayden), but Cassidy, whose period of service in the Rangers is almost over, refuses. The as-usual impetuous Lucky takes the job alone. While on patrol duty, Cassidy is following the trail of a large herd of rustled horses and discovers the hide-out of the Bruce Morgan (Morris Ankrum) gang. The place is deserted except for a garrulous old cook who calls himself "California Jack" Carlson, who receives Cassidy who is posing as a Morgan friend and fellow outlaw Ben Stokes (Glenn Strange), whom California does not know. Cassidy arrests the frightened cook as a material witness against the gang and starts for Texas Ranger headquarters. Learning from Carlson that Morgan had planned to leave for the west coast, Cassidy gets permission from Captain Andrews to take up the trail. He is made a U. S. Marshal, which gives him blanket authority, and Carlson is taken along as a guide. Cassidy arrives in Santa Carmen, California just when newly-appointed town sheriff Lucky is foolishly setting out single-haned against Morgan and his gang. Cassidy and California join him and escape following a fight in which Lucky is wounded. They find refuge at the hide-out of Pico Serrano (Thornton Edwards), once rich but now penniless, as he and other Californians have been cheated out of and driven from their homes by the unscrupulous Morgan and his gunmen. Lucky falls in love with Pico's daughter, Paquita (Esther Estrella.) Cassidy organizes a posse and engages Morgan and his gang in a gun fight. Morgan, Stokes and others of the gang storm Pico's hide-out and, during the fighting, Paquita is mortally wounded and dies in Lucky's arms. With an augemented posse, Cassidy again invades Santa Carmen and, following a spectacular fight, Pico kills Morgan, while Gardner (Dick Curtis) and Stokes are taken prisoners.
Santa Fe Marshal (1940) as Sound
U.S. Marshal Hopalong Cassidy is called when a town becomes overun with bad guys. Disguised as a member of a medicine show, Hoppy discovers that the ringleader is none other than sweet li'l ol' Ma Burton.
The Showdown (1940) as Sound
European bad guy Baron Bendor leads some local townsmen in a plot to obtain horses through theft. Hoppy and his sidekicks Lucky and Speedy must find and expose the horse thieves.
The Villain Still Pursued Her (1940) as Recording
Knights of the Range (1940) as Sound
Outlaw Frayne is a member of Gamecock's rustlers. When he saves Holly Ripple and Cappy from Heaver's gun, she gives him a job offer and a chance to go straight. Now bringing back Ripple's money from the cattle drive, he is tested when his old gang attacks.
Death of a Champion (1939) as Sound Recording
The Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938) as Sound Recording
A radio announcer tries to juggle musical acts and his ex-wives while broadcasting from an ocean liner.
Champagne Waltz (1937) as Sound Recording
Blossoms on Broadway (1937) as Sound Recording
The Big Broadcast of 1937 (1936) as Sound Recording
A failing radio station needs to put on a ratings winner to have any chance of continued operation.
Straight from the Shoulder (1936) as Sound Recording
The General Died at Dawn (1936) as Sound
In revolution-torn China, American mercenary O'Hara is entrusted with a perilous mission, to get arms for the helpless authorities in a province ravaged by warlord General Yang. On the train to Shanghai, he meets Judy Perrie, whose father is in league with Yang. Will Judy regret agreeing to lure O'Hara to his doom, and if so, can she make it up to him? The balance of power seesaws to a perilous conclusion.
Her Master's Voice (1936) as Sound
Smart Girl (1935) as Sound
The Kennel Murder Case (1933) as Sound
Society sleuth Philo Vance investigates a murder tied to a Long Island dog show.
The Expert (1932) as Sound
An elderly man complicates his married son''''s life when he moves in.
The Woman from Monte Carlo (1932) as Sound
A ship''''s captain loses course in perilous waters when he discovers his wife cheating on him.
It's Tough to Be Famous (1932) as Sound
Fame complicates a naval hero''s private life.

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