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Brett Alexander


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Cast (feature film)

1. Golden Boat, The (1990) as Doc.
2. Cat People (1981) as Cub Scout.

Art Director (feature film)

3. Darkman (1990) as Art Direction Assistant (Introvision).

Visual Effects (feature film)

4. Spaced Invaders (1990) as Model Builder.

Art Department (feature film)

5. Spaced Invaders (1990) as Art Department Supervisor (On-Set).

Misc. Crew (feature film)

6. Spaced Invaders (1990)
7. Spaced Invaders (1990)

Director (special)

8. Malcolm X: The Real Story (1992) as Director.

Writer (special)

9. Malcolm X: The Real Story (1992) as Writer.

Producer (special)

10. RFK: His Many Sides (2002) as Co-Executive Producer.
11. Martha Stewart: The Best of Everything (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
12. Emeril Lagasse: Bam! (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
13. Lance Armstrong: Racing for His Life (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
14. Teri Garr: Comic Appeal (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
15. There's Something About Ben Stiller (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
16. Sandra Bernhard: Giving Them Lip (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
17. Biography of the Year 2001 (2001) as Co-Executive Producer (Cbs News Productions).
18. John McEnroe: Game Set Match (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
19. Gary Busey (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
20. Cheryl Tiegs (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
21. Ethel Kennedy: Carrying On (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
22. Robert Blake: Dark Passage (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
23. Jerry Falwell: Minister of Morals (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
24. Tony Blair (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
25. Dominick Dunne: Murder He Wrote (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
26. Richard Branson: The Top of the World (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
27. Giorgio Armani: Deconstructing Fashion (2001) as Co-Executive Producer.
28. 2001: A Year For History (2001) as Executive Producer.
29. Earthquake! On Shaky Ground (2001) as Executive Producer.
30. Tracking Storms: The Next Frontier (2001) as Executive Producer.
31. Teen Thrill Killers (2001) as Executive Producer.
32. Nightmare Journeys: Justice Abroad (2001) as Executive Producer.
33. Greg Louganis: The Biggest Challenge (2001) as Senior Supervising Producer.
34. Wolfgang Puck: Recipe For Success (2001) as Senior Producer.
35. Jimmy Swaggart: Fire and Brimstone (2001) as Senior Supervising Producer.
36. SUV Craze, The (2000) as Executive Producer.
37. Air Traffic Jam: Bumped, Delayed and Grounded (2000) as Executive Producer.
38. Tarnished Gold (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
39. Chris Rock: In Your Face (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
40. George Carlin (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
41. Inside the KKK -- Faces of Hate (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
42. Candice Bergen (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
43. Judge Judy: Sitting in Judgment (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
44. Stephen King: Fear, Fame and Fortune (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
45. Texas Rangers: Legendary Lawmen (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
46. Jerry Orbach (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
47. Perry Como: The Singing Barber (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
48. Ambulance: Arrive Alive (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
49. America's Busiest E.R., The (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
50. Morgan Fairchild (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
51. Grammy Countdown (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
52. Leslie Nielsen: Naked Laughter (2000) as Senior Producer.
53. Ben Vereen: The Hard Way (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
54. George Hamilton: Playing the Movie Star (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
55. Gerald Ford: Healing the Presidency (2000) as Senior Producer.
56. Pat Robertson: Preaching Politics (2000) as Senior Producer.
57. Parole Officers (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
58. William S. Paley: The Eye of CBS (2000) as Senior Producer.
59. Hunt For the Killer Flu (2000) as Senior Producer.
60. Peter Falk: Just One More Thing (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
61. Lowell Thomas: Man About the World (2000) as Senior Producer.
62. Night Court (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
63. Demolition Day: Seattle Kingdome (2000) as Senior Supervising Producer.
64. Anthony Robbins: The Secret of His Success (1999) as Senior Producer.
65. Bob Fosse: Dancing on the Edge (1999) as Supervising Producer.
66. Ricki Lake (1999) as Senior Supervising Producer.
67. Betrayal: The Story of the U.S.S. Pueblo (1999) as Senior Producer.
68. Buried Secrets: Digging For DNA (1999) as Senior Producer.
69. Port Chicago Mutiny, The (1999) as Senior Producer (Cbs News).
70. John F. Kennedy, Jr.: Child of a Dream (1999) as Senior Producer.
71. Telly Savalas: Who Loves Ya, Baby? (1999) as Senior Supervising Producer.
72. Kris Kristofferson (1999) as Senior Producer.
73. Samuel L. Jackson (1999) as Senior Producer.
75. U.S.S. Iowa Explosion (1999) as Senior Supervising Producer.
76. Leonard Nimoy (1999) as Senior Producer.
77. Sally Jessy Raphael: Behind the Red Glasses (1999) as Senior Producer.
78. Dr. Laura Schlessinger: Tough Talker (1999) as Senior Producer.
79. Young Kennedys, The (1998) as Senior Producer.
80. Ed Asner: Lovable Grouch (1998) as Senior Producer.
81. Joan Rivers: Can She Talk! (1998) as Senior Producer.
82. John Glenn: The All-American Astronaut (1998) as Senior Producer.
83. Jerry Seinfeld: Master of His Domain (1998) as Senior Producer.
84. Jerry Springer: In the Center Ring (1998) as Senior Producer (A&E).
85. Walter Cronkite: Eyewitness to History (1998) as Senior Producer.
86. Merv Griffin: Master of the Game (1998) as Senior Producer.
87. Don Imus: Mouthing Off (1998) as Senior Producer.
88. Mike Wallace: TV's Grand Inquisitor (1998) as Producer.
89. Della Reese: Outspoken Angel (1998) as Senior Producer.
90. Biography of the Year (1998) as Senior Producer.
91. Quincy Jones: The Incomparable Q (1997) as Senior Producer.
92. Mia Farrow: A Life of Drama (1997) as Senior Producer.
93. Edward R Murrow: Voice of America (1997) as Senior Producer.
94. Katharine Graham: Pillar of the Post (1997) as Senior Producer.
95. Al Gore: A Burning Ambition (1997) as Senior Producer.
96. Dr. Ruth Westheimer: Speaking of Sex (1997) as Senior Producer.
97. Marlon Brando: Breaking All the Rules (1996) as Senior Producer.
98. Malcolm X: The Real Story (1992) as Producer.

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