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  • missing review,reviews...

    • Colin
    • 2018-04-08

    I am a huge fan of TCM/I have been sending in reviews of films for some years,with posts that can still be found./More than a week ago,I sent in a review of a Kay Francis movie 'Man Wanted',which has NOT yet been posted.Can you please find it & post it?Or did I do something wrong?There was also at least another film I reviewed within the last few months that has not shown up.Has TCM changed it's policy ?/Please advise/Colin

  • a good look is a great look at Kay Francis...

    • Colin
    • 2017-01-21

    As born to a traveling stage mother,who never knew her father,Katherine Gibbs survived the likes of hotels,boarding schools & a lot of not so good places.By her late teens she found a talent of cloths design,school stage plays & marriage-for a while.The era of the 1920's 'flapper found this stunningly beautiful woman in & out of contemporary magazines like 'McCalls' & 'Harpers Bazaar',indeed a poster child of the era itself.Yet another marriage & hopping the New York City 'speakeasy' scene more so found her being pursued by many high brows of the day.After a bit of some serious stage work,she more importantly drifted into 'talking'motion pictures.As 'Kay Francis' she was perhaps the most photogentic film 'star' of the early sound era,rivaled by only Greta Garbo (previously in silent films),Josephine Baker (only in France due to racism) & Ginger Rogers.Many of her subsequent 1930s films defined 'chic',as for later generations to watch & hear.This young woman with a great body took on her sophisticated image the best she could,as she always 'fit' well into her wardrobe.Women followed her with great interest.Engrossed in all the fame & fun,maybe the movie mogels wore her down a bit?Or sometimes with her own lisp?Or a salute?Her confused self interests at least found her with some bucks before she died (of cancer-perhaps due to the many cigarettes she was seen smoking in numerous films),& leaving mony to charity at 63.Was she at least as good or better actress than her early 'talkiies' contemporaries like Cobert, Crawford, B.Davis,Dvorek,Hepburn,G. Rogers,Shearer,Stanwyck,L. Young& others?Yes!For many reasons the likes of Mandalay,The House On 56th Street,Confession,Trouble In Paradise,One Way Passage,Jewel Robbery,Stolen Holiday,Another Dawn,I Found Stella Parish,Give Me Your Heart & MaryStevens MD,are the best of their kind.Perhaps excellence should also apply to Girls About Town,Playgirl & Allotment Wives?Or finding her in other flicks for some fun..

  • Kay The Great

    • hearhere
    • 2016-01-10

    Can understand why she was loved,but not for long.She was thoughtlessly tossed aside when it suited the studios.Ha always heard she was a top moneymaker,pulling in the crowds.Loved with the Baz in Confession and A Notorious Affair,and can't understand why they weren't paired more often.Look forward to her day Wed!


    • 2014-01-14

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Movie "Allotment Wives" (1945) starring Kay Francis which was shown on the 109th Anniversary of her Birthday, 1/13/14. I had the day off from work and actually put it on accidentally. I got caught up in the story and couldn't turn it off. I really didn't know anything about her and have since learned she had a pretty colorful life (5 husbands, numerous lovers!!!!). TCM continues to be one of my Favorite Channels.

  • Kay Francis

    • Aeungy
    • 2012-07-29

    Many years ago, I watched "Confession," because I wanted to see Basil Rathbone and discovered Kay Francis who has remained my favorite female star ever since. Underrated, misunderstood and frequently maligned she is a marvelous, instinctive actress with more grace and charm and talent than many of the grande divas of classic cinema. Yet, where are the Kay Francis DVD collections other than single films on Warner Archives and single films which are released because of someone else's fame ("Trouble in Paradise," "The Cocoanuts") If you've just started watching her films, see them all. Thanks to TCM for keeping the flame going.

  • Kay Francis

    • Mike Wilson
    • 2012-01-07

    Why isn't January 13th Kay Francis' day at TCM? She deserves one day each year.

  • All - day showing of Kay Francis' movies

    • Mike
    • 2011-04-18

    The all - day showing of Kay Francis' movies on her birthday, January 13, is greatly appreciated. Could we also have another all - day showing on the date of her death, August 26?

  • Kay Francis and Errol Flynn

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-06

    I have seen "Another Dawn" a number of times and enjoy the pairing of Kay and Errol. Kay has magical charm and Errol dashing magnetism. WB simply failed by not pairing these 2 often.


    • KARAN
    • 2010-08-30


  • Kay Francis

    • Carl
    • 2010-03-24

    I first saw Kay Francis on TCM about a year ago. Her beauty on the screen was breathtaking. I read all the books I could find about her and became even more captivated because of her lifestyle inconsistencies. Her screen presence is even greater than Hedy Lammar, Ingred Bergman, or Ann Harding. When she is on the screen, all you see is her. Her inflections and movements, to say nothing of the clothes. And the profiles, sideways looks, backlighting, etc. all go together to make her one of, if not the, most attractive female actress in film. That she is not even mentioned in virtually all the books listing the most beautiful women in film is a reflection of the lack of exposure her films have had since the 1930's. What is even more astounding is that Warner Bros. jettisoned Kay Francis for Bette Davis. What a mistake! It is hard to watch so many movies of Bette Davis and others without thinking how much better the movie would be if Kay Francis was playing the lead. Her frugal lifestyle, generous contributions at her death, support of the troops in WWII, and loyalty of her friends, offsets the sexual escapades, and marriages. TCM has opened the door to an audience that will increase geometrically as more and more of her movies are seen by sophisticated moviegoers who recognize that this woman has got it all.

  • Wonderful Kay!

    • Carolyn
    • 2010-01-13

    Kay Francis epitomizes grace and beauty in all her terrific movie roles. Her loveliness is only surpassed by her flawless acting talent. To have TCM present this wonderful star to new generations is a wonderful gift!

  • Thanks for the Kay Francis Movies

    • Louise
    • 2009-10-09

    Thanks for all the Kay Francis movies you are giving us and have planned through January. You must have listened to viewers who asked for at least one a month. You are now giving us multiples of her movies. I have been enjoying them. I look forward to the birthday tribute you have planned for Jan 13th when you will be offering us a long list of Kay Francis movies. I missed a lot that you showed in Sept. 2008 when Kay Francis was your Star of the Month. I am glad for a second chance to see so many Kay Francis movies. Thanks!

  • Recognition of a star at last!

    • Doris Maldonado
    • 2009-08-05

    Finally! Kay Francis as a star throughout the 30's 40's and 50's in movies and on stage has become recognized by so many wonderful people. I hope more of her films will be available through TCM. Watching her movies is a wonderful treat.

  • Kay Francis Among Summer Stars

    • Lou
    • 2009-08-04

    As I have been watching some of Summer Under the Stars, it occurred to me that Kay Francis would be a good one to include in next year's Summr Under the Stars. Or maybe you could do a birthday tribute in January. Viewers keep asking for more Kay Francis.

  • Show more Kay Francis, please!!!!

    • chihuahua_lover
    • 2009-07-21

    I LOVE Kay Francis! She is the ultimate in cool. I really would love to see more of her movies, especially early ones that are rarely seen. She is quite underrated and not seen enough.


    • sanduzzo
    • 2009-06-22

    With so many great films of Kay's available now, TCM should include them in their rotation more often. How about some of the titles NOT shown during her tribute last year?

  • The Best

    • Lisa
    • 2009-03-04

    The Best. The Best. The Best. The BEST!

  • Yes, Kay does really sing in Confession, but...

    • Mike
    • 2008-10-07

    she sings in between a dubbed voice from a real opera singer. So it's half and half---half real, half Hollywood magic.

  • Kay Francis - Confession -

    • Jan
    • 2008-10-01

    Did Kay Francis do her own singing in Confession or was another person's voice dubbed in?

  • Great Star

    • Joe
    • 2008-09-28

    Thanks to TCM I discovered Kay Francis' films. One Way Passage is a gem. Lets hope she's featured in the next summer under the stars.

  • Regrets

    • Connie
    • 2008-09-26

    I have so enjoyed the Kay Francis feast. Last week we had enormous power failures here in Southern Indiana due to 85mph winds - our electricity was out from Sunday morning til Friday afternoon. My greatest issue?? I had set the dvr to record all the Kay Francis movies on Thursday/Friday. The power was turned on 10 minutes after the last film aired. What a disappointment.

  • So sorry to see Kay Francis end.

    • yce
    • 2008-09-26

    I have looked forward to every Thursday of this month for Kay Francis's movies. The Allotment Wives showed how she had grown into a full fledged actress. What sorrow it will be to see her on the screen end. No one has been more captivating. I wish that TCM would follow her up with her sucessor Bette Davis just to keep the spirit alive. After seeing the top of the ladder it is hard to go down. I also admire the fact that Kay Francis was frank about the enormous amount of money that she made for profit and did not know that she was married and divorced so often but she died relatively young and gave her wealth to charity which squared her all around. Thank you TCM for a great Star of the month and I hope that you will continue to introduce more captivating stars of the 30's and 40's who are ever so rare that top the charts then and now and undoubtedly tomorrow.

  • Ms Kay Francis was a great actress

    • George Ricca
    • 2008-09-26

    All ms Francis movies were so great, very good acting, I wish i were in the same era of her time, and I will keep her light glowing and keep her alive, she is my favorite acteress. god bless her soul and keep her safe, she is in a new world and still acting, she still has that beauty that we all love. Kay francis your still alive in our hearts, we loved you than and we love you now.

  • Hooray for Kay Francis!

    • Joyce
    • 2008-09-25

    Boo for Undergound! I hate it. I hope that you have more of the enormous intrigue of Kay Francis who obviously has opened up a new audience of people who didn't know that people of her stature ever existed. I am so glad that theatres like the one in Los Angelos exist. If they existed everywhere, contemporary movies would hardly exist. Look at the responses that these lucky people give in response to that classic era. They are dubfounded and lined up to see something that they never knew existed.I wish every city had a classic movie theatre and then I would start going to the movies again.

  • Always loved her films

    • Kathy
    • 2008-09-17

    I have always watched any film w/Kay Francis, especially the early pre-code ones. I really wait for them and am so glad you are showing them. She is such a fine actress and so lovely. But -- Please don't show them during the night!! Some of the best ones are on during the night; I try, but get so tired I miss them. Do you think you might show all of them at reasonable times in future? Thank you for giving this excellent actress a showcase this month.

  • So Beautiful!

    • Joyce
    • 2008-09-17

    I can't wait for Thursday to see Kay Francis. She is so beautiful.

  • Thank you TCM for KAY FRANCIS!

    • jennie
    • 2008-09-13

    I could hardly do anything else on Thursday since the KAY FRANCIS marathon. I have watched all the movies and intent to watch the ones coming up next Thursday. It's amazing how one could love a person you have never met. I absolutely love her even though I had never seen any of her movies or ever heard of her. How fantastic she was, gorgeous, talented and those beutiful "rrrrr's". Can't wait to get her biography. God keep you Kay!

  • LOVE kay francis

    • jessica
    • 2008-09-12

    I have only just discovered this great actreess by watching TCM- She was wonderful- I only wish I had been around to know her back in the day. Those were great times. - I loved her in Woman of the Street and also The Female doctor movie- I do not recall the title. LOVED those flicks!!!!!!

  • Thank Goodness!

    • Joyce
    • 2008-09-07

    Finally back to the good old days when stars were stars and princeses were princesses. Kay Francis was beautiful. Her lovely face and dark thick black hair and tall slim figure make her someone so stunning that you can't take your eyes off of. I loveher pictures and I love this era. I know that she preceeded Bette Davis and that notice was taken to Bette for her astounding performances which made Bette the most memorable of the two but Kay Francis was a bonified star in her own way because she had the beauty and with a good script , she could be understandably well paid.


    • julia
    • 2008-08-25

    I am a big fan of Miss Francis also. I'm sorry that not many of her films are available for us to see. There should be a biography of her developed. Surely, there's enough material. Please consider showcasing her on next year's "Summer of the stars". Thanks, TCM.

  • Kay Francis, Always a winner.

    • Linda
    • 2008-08-16

    You can't say enough about this star. She is unmatched. The pre-code films are some of her best work. What a shame the studio tried to force her out (being the highest paid actress in movies), but she remained until the end of her contract even taking less than top billing and mediocre scripts. We have TCM to thank for introducing her to new fans.

  • Hoorah for Kay, Taking the Day Off!

    • Jean
    • 2008-07-23

    Hoorah! Kay Francis is my favorite star. My very favorite movies are on Sept. 4th, overnight, so I am staying up and taking the next day off from work. She is worth it. Have you seen Man Wanted? It could take place today in this modern time and be just as true. Her acting makes you want to stand up and cheet.

  • Thank you, TCM!

    • Linn
    • 2008-07-09

    Finally!...finally...Kay Francis will be the Star of the Month. Thank you, TCM, for hearing her fans who have been asking you to do this for so long. She is so deserving and we appreciate you showcasing her.

  • kay pretty baby

    • keith redlin
    • 2008-07-08

    the birthdate for kay is jan. 13 1905, not 1899.this girl has touched me in away that i never thought possible.this is something since she was popular over 70 years ago,and she has been dead for 40 years. i have read a great deal about her,and i beleave that something vary bad happened to her at an early age. this effected her greatly during her life,and had much to do with her feelings of selfworth andher relationships with men and women.she never found the happyness dhe deeply wanted, and i feel that she was vary lonely.

  • Francis is Fabulous

    • Darrell
    • 2008-04-27

    I have been a life long fan of Kay Francis. To see one of her films is a treat. There has never been anyone like her with her elegance,style,and beauty. Kay did quite a few good films and I am glad that TCM pays tribute to her by showing her films. If you are a true Kay Francis fan donot forget to purchase a copy of " I Can't Wait to Be Forgotten" by Scott O'Brien. This book is a definitive look at her life and career and is a must for any Kay Francis fan.

  • Oh, Kay!

    • BJM
    • 2008-04-09

    I am an enormous fan of Kay Francis. I have been a classic film buff since I was a teenager (I am now 40), but had never seen Kay until I saw "In Name Only" on AMC about 12 years ago. I had, however, heard the name. That film sent me on a quest to see more of this lady's films and to learn more about her. What a wonderful star she was and so unjustly forgotten. Was she a great actress? Probably not. A lot of the material she had to work with was mediocre, but she was always stylish, compelling, and intelligent, never mawkish or overly sentimental. Kay also had a wonderfully ironic quality as well, especially when the story was outlandish or the costume over the top, as if she were aware of it but was inviting us in on the joke. The lady had presence and real Hollywood glamour when that still meant something. She was simply delightful to watch and she was a star. Watch the films on TMC and I am sure you will agree with me.

  • Do Not Miss "Confession" - Kay's Best!

    • Jeff
    • 2007-12-03

    I discovered Kay Francis about 8 years ago seeing "Dr. Monica" at a Pre-code week at a local movie house. There is something so compelling about her performance - although her range was somewhat limited, you can't take your eyes off her when she is on screen. There is a sadness behind her eyes, yet she also can be lighthearted and fun. Her early pictures are her best, but check out one of her later WB films, "Confession." Soapy fun with Kay as a blond. Thanks TCM for bringing Kay back from the ranks of the forgotten.

  • Hello Kay

    • Connee
    • 2007-11-10

    I really love her, she is a good actress, and I wish the movie Always in my heart would be release.

  • I LOVE Brunettes!!!

    • randy
    • 2007-06-24

    I love to watch beautiful, smart women on TCM. That is Kay Francis in EVERY way. She has the most beautiful dark, black hair, and those big, dark, sad eyes, and her unique voice make me melt with admiration. She is very slick and glamorous and oh so stunning to look at. She was deliciously evil in In Name Only, and superbly out for revenge in King Of The Underworld, and stunning in Mandalay. Kay is one of my newer favorites as it's only been under two years that i discovered what a cinematic treasure Kay Francis is. Thanks TCM for letting me get to see the beauty that is Kay Francis!!

  • Hail to Queen Francis!

    • Doris M.
    • 2007-06-18

    After viewing most of this actor's work I have come to realize she was one of the greatest stars ever seen on stage and on film. She played different roles including dimensional roles which I happily enjoyed!

  • Cheers for Kay Francis

    • Rose B.
    • 2007-04-05

    Elegant, intelligent and gorgeous, she practically dwarfs all of her co-stars. A real standout of the 1930's with a jaw dropping wardrobe that has yet to be emulated anywhere. Blessed with a husky voice, this statuesque actress had the good fortune of being romanced on screen by some of Hollywood's most revered actors including George Brent, Frederic March and William Powell. Catch Kay and William in "One Way Passage" for a real treat.

  • wonderful kay francis

    • attilio
    • 2007-03-14

    I've only seen Kay in Trouble in Paradise but I don't think any other star could match her perfection in this perfect film

  • Kay Francis

    • Donna
    • 2007-01-10

    I love watching Kay Francis movies, she is so riveting to watch; absolutely charming.

  • Kay Francis

    • alain gibbs
    • 2007-01-03

    very few ladies come close to one of the best in her craft, to see her work is an enjoyment in its self

  • Kay Francis: One of the Best

    • Phillip Lojek
    • 2007-01-02

    Kay could do it all. Leading lady, suffering widow or light comedy. Her screen career was much too short.

  • Never to be forgotten

    • vera k
    • 2006-11-28

    What a shame that more of her films are not commercially available! Ms. Francis was a sparkling original. Confession was my first Kay experience. There is nobody like her today and probably never will be again. Thanks to TCM for showing her movies.

  • Kay Francis

    • Linn
    • 2006-11-19

    Kay Francis was a modern, independent woman, particularly for the time in which she lived. She was not only beautiful, she set a good example for women by the way she lived her own life. I love it when TCM shows her movies and I hope to see more and more.

  • Kay Francis

    • Joyce
    • 2006-10-10

    I can see why she was so popular. She was tall dark and gorgeous.Simply beautiful. I guess that's why she was so highly paid because her elegance,no matter what part, and height and gorgeous black hair made he look like the most beautiful creature on screen.

  • Kay Francis was one cool woman!

    • Vikki Doss
    • 2006-08-01

    Last night Robert Osborne said, "If you don't already know Kay Francis, it's time..." as he introduced Confession. I couldn't agree more, but who among the TCM fan group doesn't know Kay - her beauty & grace & sheer talent jump off the screen. Even when she's rotten (In Name Only comes to mind) she's the best thing on the screen. My favorite Kay Francis movie is Play Girl. It doesn't show up often on TCM - I'm hoping to see it again sometime soon. More Kay Francis, please!

  • The best actor

    • alain gibbs
    • 2006-08-01

    very few actors come close to her performace

  • Chic 30s Star

    • drednm
    • 2006-07-30

    Kay Francis was dark haired and elegant and starred in many women's pictures in the 30s. But she also did comedy and was a top star of her time. She starred with William Powell in the ultimate romance fil, One Way Passage, but also had hits like the swank comedy, Trouble in Paradise, with Miriam Hopkins and Herbert Marshall.

  • Corrections in the biographical sections

    • John Bevacqua
    • 2006-06-10

    In the listing of marriages,you metnion that their's 5 marriages(the first two are comfirmed,but the third one has never been clear(marriage no.3) nor is marriage no.5(she was planning to married him when the war broke out).In the birthd date9its always been confusing(, its still listed as Jan.13,1899.The correct date is Jan.13,1905.Their's still need for a definitve biography,but for now the two that are out their will have to do.

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