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Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn



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  • Grateful for the superb time he gave us!

    • Clarissa
    • 2018-07-03

    Through a friend of my father, I discovered Errol Flynn and i became a fan right away! What a gorgeous man he was and I love his movies! I have seen all of them and purchased them all. They are a real treasure! I love his style and can't understand some of the remarks made that he was not a great actor? He most certainly was a great actor and had a most charming charisma with it! I wish we would have more actors like him! Very few actors of his caliber around now! TCM has published his biography with lots of errors and important omissions, I wonder if they do a proper research? I wish TCM would have a support service where one could talk or email to somebody. Maybe this new TCM Backlot could do something in that line, like correcting such mistakes I found. If the have mistakes with Errol Flynn they sure have them with other actors too! I found on YouTube many tributes to Errol Flynn and they are fabulous! In particular, one tribute I like very much, which is like a biography and it comes in two parts it is absolutely fantastic. The author is called Bariebel, maybe other fans like to see this tribute too. For me Errol Flynn, I wish you would be still living and make the movies so many people used to love. You have given me a superb time to be able to watch them!

  • R.I.P. Errol Flynn!

    • DawnM74
    • 2018-05-06

    Seriously underrated as an actor & an early death at only 50, Errol Flynn was a one-of-a-kind star that Hollywood will NEVER see again. Unfortunately, Errol Flynn's off-screen behavior & scandals have overshadowed his acting & his contribution to film. He wasn't perfect but I will always be in awe of him & I hope others will put aside his private life & watch his films.

  • in like Flynn,in for Flynn..

    • Colin
    • 2017-01-24

    After a bit of time in rural goverment work in the bush & sticks of his (native) Tasmania,New Guinea & sailing the south seas,ErrolFlynn arrived in Britain & got involved in some stage work in Northhampton.Perhaps his film work in a previous 1933 Australia documentry 'In TheWake Of The Bounty"helped?Within a short time,due to his good looks & natural wit he found himself in a British murder mysteryfilm 'Murder In Monte Carlo".This caught the attention of Warner Brothers studios in Hollywood.After arriving in America (1935)he was used in minor parts until a need for a replacement of (another Brit) actor Robert Donat for director Michael Curtiz's major production 'Captain Blood".The film became a huge success with depression era audiences who found the production values & the great performance of young & dashing Flynn (hiding his malaria). He was backed by another relatively new entity,the lovely Olivia de Havilland,as well as the excellence of Basil Rathbone,Lionel Atwill,Guy Kibbee,Ross Alexander & Henry Stephenson,amoung others.Flynn's subsequent success for Warners was to coin the phrase 'in like Flynn',which was also to applied to his private life.Sadly,Flynn's fame & fortune would eventually destroy him.Alcohol & drugs took a huge toll upon his life ,with marriages & kids.Or maybe his contemporary critics considered themselves too mature to appreciate a good rapier routine,or the fun of it?Or Flynn's exposed public antics clouding their judgement on some truly great acting jobs?Indeed,some of the real people who Flynn played like Essex,Edward the black prince,Jim Corbett,Custer or Jeb Stuart just could have wanted to be Errol Flynn?Or some of the many fictional persons like Peter Blood,Geoffrey Vickers,Geoffrey Thorpe,Jean Picard,or Gunnar Brogge,Don Juan,Jamie Durrisdeer,Jake Barnes, amoung others-would have preffered to be Errol Flynn?Or perhaps the critics themselves.Lucliky,later viewers have no such grudges.Right Sir Robin?

  • Errol Flynn

    • Patty Woodard
    • 2016-04-02

    It would be such an honor for him and his fans if on his birthday June 20th, TCM would play all Errol Flynn movies all day and night. You do it for other stars but the past 2yrs none for his. I love old movies and he is my favorite star of his era. Thank you!

  • errol flynn.. the man, the father.. the actor....

    • joann
    • 2015-11-05

    what a wWonderful.............lll man. he was and so very sad he passed so young.... he was so ahead of his time. and so very caring... I have read his book and also his dghtrs. book.. baron of Mulholland.. what a beautiful story.. and how I cried.. he was so giving and cared so much for the animals also in the movies he did.. way before his time... before the fund s for animals. and, aspca...etc.. he actually refused to work o n one of his movies due to a particular item they were going to use in regard to the Horses... people don t realize what a caring individual he was and only saw what the paper s printed....and so much of it was trash..and uncalled for .. I used to watch his movies with my mom... and of course now that I have discovered TCM... I watch them whenever I can... I never tire of his movies... he was truly so enjoyable.. and they don't make them like him anymore.... he was so ahead of his time and so so caring as a dad and a person.... if only people wouldn't pay so much attention to the media... it is such garbage... and he truly was taken too soon from his family and his fans. rest in peace you truly gifted man. he would also often tke home some of the animals from the movies he was in .... there should be more like him

  • errol flynn on the big sceen

    • deborah
    • 2015-07-07

    i love wathching his movies so much that even though i own some i still watch them when they are televised. i would love to watch his movies on the big screen . are there movie theaters still showing his movies occassionally in my area. I live in northern Baltimore county. I would like to see the larger than life version of robin hood or captain blood ,charge of light brigade,dodge city,dive bomber. he looks awesome in color!

  • Pick any of Errol's movies

    • Hope J. Proctor
    • 2015-06-20

    Pick any of his movies, Errol will captivate you. My house could burn down all around me and I wouldn't know it if I was watching one of his movies. He steals the show! Happy Birthday me darlin' ...106 years old today and your fans are still crazy about you. You're my favorite actor of all times. You stole my heart the first time I saw you in "The Adventures of Robin Hood." You were a terrific actor; I have seen almost all of your movies. I believe you are the most legendary actor in history and there will never be another like you. I am blessed to have seen so many of your movies. Happy Birthday Errol!! Love you always!


    • 2015-02-23

    Errol Flynn was a great actor. The most hamsomest man in the world. I read his autobiography and love to watch his movies. I wish he were alive today. God bless his family.

  • Errol Flynn was Not Nazi!

    • David DeWitt
    • 2015-02-02

    You have heard about the claims made by author Charles Higham that Errol Flynn was a Nazi sympathizer, bisexual, traitor, etc., but few have read the detailed studies into these claims that disprove all the outrageous claims made in Higham's book about the classic star. Five year investigations, and the best book by Tony Thomas, Errol Flynn: the Spy who Never Was show that Higham falsified documents, put words in interviewee's mouths that they never said, and hoaxed the entire world. Knowing Flynn's children couldn't take him to court because under US libel laws you can't libel the dead, Higham continued to sell his book. But lengthy examinations of his claims and the discovery of Flynn's lost Spanish Diary show that Higham was a collossal liar, a smut peddler, and has been thoroughly discredited. Unfortunately, innocent readers find his book at flea markets and belive what they read until they learn the truth ...

  • He- Man Who Died At 50

    • could'vebeensomuchmore
    • 2015-02-02

    Many tragedies in Hollywood,but Flynn deliberately self-destructive.We know now his many health issues,but to carry on like there's no tomorrow by drinking,sure he could've had help frying out.He worked esp well with Basil Rathbone,and he should've been a gent,settled down and married co-star Olivia Dehavilland,there was obvious love there.But he had to be a playboy.He'd only found out shortly before the end that he had lung cancer.Should've had many years to be with his kids,to see them grow up.


    • R. BAILEY
    • 2014-09-15

    As an actor, Flynn was superb. As a human, he was completely immoral, a murderer, a bisexual, and a NAZI Spy before, during, and after WW II!! Want proof? Go to the 1980 publication of Charles Higham "Errol Flynn - The Untold Story." Aside from over 16 pages of references/sources there are also hundreds in the FBI, CIA, unclassified files in Washington, D.C. With his yacht he was able to sail the Panama Canal, all Naval Bases on the East/West coast of the U.S., and then Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. WHY? To photograph the important points of these military facilities so as to pass them on the JAPAN and Germany! Meaning the many lives lost at Pearl Harbor can be attributed to Flynn plus Dr. Hermann F. Erben, a very well known Nazi with the Gestapo. Also don't forget the three Mexican's he left to drown when one of his yachts capsized during a storm although he could have saved them. Coupled all of this with his hundreds of illicit love affairs even though he was married four times plus the bisexual affairs with Tyrone Power and hundreds of boys all over the planet, with Mexico and U.S. being the predominate locations. How many people admire Eichmann, Himmler, Tojo,and all of the other devils in this world besides Flynn?? What happened to reality, morals, standards, and love of your country? The facts are there. Get that book by C. Higham and check out the 16 pages (208 names & addresses) to confirm what I just partially listed above about this complete human misfit.

  • one of the best...and truly missed...

    • joann
    • 2014-09-15

    mr. errol flynn... truly was one of the best in his time.... one of my ver y favorites.. as i used to watch w. my gone..also.. and we just loved watching him with his mighty sword... and other items.... so so handsome & enjoyable to look at..and the stars of today dont even come close... to him... he is surely missed.... and a talent.... that Hollywood.. will not see again like him... i dont have a problem with what he did in his personal life... key word personal.... he was great at what he did and sovery very talented.... may u rest...dear handsome mr flynn/.. i am reading your bio...and cant put it down.... so very enjoyable..& to the point..and says it like it was.... a very fine quality.... in my book....

  • Best Hollywood Star forever

    • Hope J Proctor
    • 2013-11-20

    What can be said about Errol Flynn that hasn't already been said by his avid admirers? I was only five years old when he died. When I was around 10 or 12 years old, I saw Mr Flynn in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and fell in love with him from that point on! Growing up over the years, I wanted to learn as much about Errol Flynn as I could. I wanted to see all of his movies he ever made. I have seen most of them and read a lot of books about him. I am a true fan. I believe there will never be another Errol Flynn; he was truly the greatest Hollywood star ever. I am so thankful to have seen most of his movies!

  • In a league of his own.

    • Grace
    • 2013-10-01

    Errol Flynn is the top of the top. He's an incredible actor who captures the screen unlike any other. While he is often looked over and underrated, Errol Flynn is truly a defining actor of classic hollywood.

  • The Greatest

    • Harry Weller
    • 2013-07-23

    He was and always will remain one of the greatest Hollywood Stars!

  • Errol Flynn was Aussie-ome

    • tskidmore
    • 2012-11-02

    At thirteen, often babysitting for my neighbors, I often watched late night tv. This is when I first got introduced to Errol Flynn. The first introduction was his movie Robinhood, and it was love at first sight, and I have been a fan ever since. It's just not his looks, it's deeper than that. His talent and naturalness combined with his looks make him the total package. The way he's tender with his leading lady, or sharing a scene with a child or staring face to face with his enemy, he's awesome. I have read that scripts were often written for him exclusively, because of this. Who can resist the banter he exchanges with the bad guy, that crooked smug smile of his, even when he's playing the bad guy, he's forgivable. In period costumes or on the range somewhere, he's aussie-ome. There are some great actors today, but Errol was the best in his time and of all time.

  • My Favorite Hollywood Actor

    • Steven Meadows
    • 2012-09-24

    Thank you TCM for releasing the remastered Errol Flynn movies over the past few years. There are many many actors from Hollywoods golden era that I truely enjoy but for me none compare to Mr Flynn. I am always amazed when people don't remember who he was and what he did for Hollywood. He was an original and authentic to the core. I hope to see the rest of his films on dvd and I think it would be a real gift to fans to have a box set of his television appearances. Thank you again and Bung Ho!!!

  • TCM errors in the Biograpgy of Errol Flynn

    • Ralph Murdock
    • 2012-08-21

    TCM errors in the Biography of Errol Flynn! I am sure TCM could update Errol Flynn's biography to proper biographical truth and truth that due justice to this wonderful Star who still brings us to this day so much pleasure when we watch his unforgettable movies. TCM states - Nora Eddington, daughter of the county sheriff who worked at the Hall of Justice, and they married in August 1943. Wrong - Errol Flynn married Nora in August 1944. Fact state - that Nora was pregnant with his child when she married Errol Flynn and Dierdre Flynn was born on January 10, 1945. TCM states - They would have a daughter, Rory etc, etc, etc. Facts state - that Rory Flynn was his second daughter with Nora and born March 12, 1947 The biography is very poorly written and TCM could do most certainly a much better job in giving credit where credit is due to this unforgettable, wonderful Star.

    • Tom Gibson
    • 2012-07-31

    Errol Flynn - History comes to live in 2012 from 73 years ago! In 1939, very few of the big names was even close to Errol Flynn! To understand how big Errol Flynn was in 1939, John Snyder says - just think George Clooney and Brad Pitt combined. Errol Flynn was simply one of the top handfuls of movie stars in the world! (Reference The day Hollywood came to Dodge City July 31, 2012 article and video by John Snyder)

    • Tom Gibson
    • 2012-07-31

    In 1939, very few of the big names was even close to Errol Flynn! To understand how big Errol Flynn was in 1939, John Snyder says - just think George Clooney and Brad Pitt combined. Errol Flynn was simply one of the top handfuls of movie stars in the world! (Reference The day Hollywood came to Dodge City July 31, 2012 article and video by John Snyder)

    • Tom Gibson
    • 2012-07-31

    In 1939, very few of the big names were even close to Errol Flynn! To understand how big Errol Flynn was in 1939, John Snyder says - just think he was like George Clooney and Brad Pitt combined. Errol Flynn was simply one of the top handfuls of movie stars in the world! (Reference The day Hollywood came to Dodge City July 31, 2012 article and video by John Snyder) Errol Flynn remains famous and most deserving so! He gave us most precious hours of entertainment with his wonderful movies and his fans still love him for it!

  • A great thank you to TCM

    • Lorrenie
    • 2012-07-25

    I wish to thank TCM for faithfully always showing every month some of Errol Flynn's movies! TCM remembers our first Action Hero particular did so during this month - July - showing so many of his movies and there are already scheduled more for August and September. If you want to see his movie schedule ahead go to TCM and type Errol Flynn in the search line - scroll down to "People Matches" and click the first entry - it is his tap. On the top - right side - you will see when his movies are scheduled and TCM will send you an e-mail reminder so you want forget to watch it, a great service TCM provides. Again, thank you TCM for showing our beloved Errol Flynn continuously! TCM please keep up the great job, we his fans are grateful to see this greatest most charming actor any time.

  • Errol is perfect!

    • Kaylee
    • 2012-07-03

    While I live in L.A. and have been studying acting since I was 18, Now i'm only 21, I have to admit, I didn't hear about Errol Flynn for his acting. I watched some program about "Old Hollywood" Which told of his weird peepholes and mirrors in his house to peep on people. As weird as it sounds, as soon as I heard that I really wanted to know more about such an "odd" guy. I bought his autobiography and read it in 3 days, it was amazing! Still one of my favorites!!! He definitely was a madman, but even while he did such terrible things, you still love him for his honesty about it all. Then, I finally watched his movies, and damn, he could act! He was really good and looks great on camera. I use him as inspiration all the time.

  • The Original Action Hero

    • John Lombard
    • 2012-06-20

    Thanks to TCM for always remembering Errol Flynn, especially today, on his Birthday Anniversary!

  • Gorgeous Man

    • Too Late To Meet
    • 2012-06-16

    I would've enjoyed attention from Flynn and Rathbone in Captain Blood and Adv of Robin Hood.For stability,I would've gone for Basil,finding him charming and attractive,as the fast life never appealed to me.Do agree that Errol was underappreciated as actor,learning more of his craft as the years went on.Maybe his interests were outlandish,but he could act,and those more experienced shouldn't criticize,but offer help to the lesser experienced actors.

  • Can't Help Lovin' This Man

    • Betty
    • 2012-06-15

    Attractive,personable,gentlemanly.He was more than just a handsome man.While criticized for his acting,he was quite a moneymaker for studios.Looked good with Miss Olivia,a true lady,and worked well opposite Basil Rathbone,don't know how anyone could discount his ability.My observation is after so many years in healthcare,if you don't like what you see,be constructive,not destructive.Errol knew he was going to die young,and that's truly unfortunate that what happened as it did,but he could act which is more than can be said for Lindsay "Flynn" Lohan and others today.Flynn held his own in the days with many Stage Actors in Hollywood,and vaudeville players.They are sorely missed today.

  • Love Him Or Hate Him,He Did Well While He Could

    • Errol The Studly Actor
    • 2012-06-15

    Always thought Flynn at his best with Rathbone on board.The Dawn Patrol was best because of the friction between these actors' characters.Always seems like the temptations of Hollywood were too much for too many actors.Gable and Flynn,Tracy esp.Doubt the rumored affairs with Rathbone and some other actors.Think Flynn and Rathbone should've been in THE HEIRESS,and should've worked together more often,and curious as to why they didn't appear together often as they seemed to work well together,even if on-screen nemeses.

  • Father and Son Left This World Too Soon

    • Flynn Boy
    • 2012-06-15

    Both very attractive men. A shame Sean was never seen again after disappearing in Cambodia.Some of Errol's scandals may have been true,but I'm sure false friends like Bruce Cabot shot off their mouths with malice aforethought (heard one of his wives was a gossip factory).Worked best with Basil Rathbone,whom I think he respected,in a way.Seemed to work with him to perfect scenes,and I doubt any funny business as was alleged by an author of Satan's A____ book infers.Thank Goodness that off-camera acting wasn't repeated from the mountaintop back then.Unfortunate that all too many lives and careers were destroyed by accusations such as that.Wish Errol and Olivia could've found happiness off-screen,but it may have been better for her,esp since he seemed to be manic-depressive,perhaps like his mother.

  • He was swash-buckling.

    • Shanel
    • 2012-06-15

    I saw "The Sister's" on TMC on night and it stuck in my head. Not only beacuse of Bette davis but also because of Eyrol Flynn..I never seen this movie and it was so good, about the Earthquake in San Francisco in 1904! It was great acting and has a great cast as well. Not to mention that it has great history facts as well. He was very handsome in every scene even in one scene when he needed to shave. He had a great smile too!! And paired with Davis( a serious actress) was a good move for Flynn..Thanks TMC!!

  • He was superb!

    • Ben McAulay
    • 2012-06-01

    I am a fan of Errol Flynn for around 30 years and still love to see his movies anytime! For me he always will be the great Errol Flynn and I wish to thank TCM for showing his movies on such regular basis, although I have every movie on CD purchased from TCM I still love to see them on the TCM channel and watch them every time they are scheduled!

  • Errol Flynn - The Magnificent!

    • Lorranie Olsten
    • 2012-05-01

    His movies are unforgettable, he entertained us most royally and he lives on in our hearts forever! He was the BEST!


    • Larry Bradford
    • 2012-01-24

    I've only seen a few scenes and clips of "William Tell", I dont believe it will ever be completed. The 2 films I have not seen are "Murder At Monte Carlo" and "Hello God". I dont know anyone who has a copy of these films. I wonder if Aunt Bea of a previous post may have seen these films or possibly own them. I hope a few hard core Errol fans have seen these. Good Hunting. Never forget that Errol had a streak of nobility flowing through him.

  • Errol Flynn

    • Aunt Bea
    • 2011-10-04

    I think Errol Flynn was one of the best actors ever. I love every movie I have seen. He has such a way of bringing a character to life. I wish he had been able to finish "William Tell". I know that would have a great movie too. I have collected most of his films, but I can't find "Another Dawn" and "Perfect Specimen". I wish TCM would air thiese movies and "Roots of Heaven", that would be wonderful. I've been a fan for over fifty years. He was truly a great man.

  • Errol Flynn A Great Actor

    • Alice
    • 2011-06-20

    I want to thank TCM for celecbrating Errol's birthday The movies were great I enjoyed all of them starting with the first one early this morning Footsteps in the Dark to the last The Adventures of Don Juan. Please bring more of Errol Flynn, It truly was the Golden Age there will never be another Errol Flynn. He was one of a kind. it is sad that he was never reconized for his acting ability,

  • Errol Flynn Lives On

    • Meg Olsten
    • 2011-06-12

    Richard Hawes you have my vote! Anybody missing his movies is really missing out on watching something worth while. Richard you forgot to mention, Adventures of Don Juan, Objective Burma, Edge of Darkness, San Antonio, Northern Pursuit and you are right so many more great movies he stars in.

  • Errol Flynn lives on!

    • Richard Hawes
    • 2011-06-12

    At the peak of his fame in the 1940's Errol Flynn was nothing short of a cinematic god. Even now, half a century later his name rests securely amongst the greatest performers who made the classic age of Hollywood what it was. He is less known to the younger generation and my advise to them is to watch this great star and his great movies for having the time of your life! The greatest movies to watch, Captain Blood, The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Adventure of Robin Hood, The Dawn Patrol, The Private Lives of Elisabeth and Essex, The Sea Hawk, Santa Fe Trail, Dodge City, Virginia City, Dive Bombers, They Died With Their Boots On, Desperate Journey, Gentleman Jim, That Forsyte Woman and so many more.

  • One of a kind!

    • Meg Olsten
    • 2011-02-18

    May they say what ever about Errol Flynn of which most is invented anyway. One very well knows that famous people are the play-ball of anybody who either wants to make money through his name, which many authors did - some great others slanderous, the media seeking sensationalism and anybody who would like to feel important. There are so many avenues to talk about a person to put a slant on things as there are fingerprints in the world. Who believes this stuff is a fool! FACT REMAINS - he was a man others wish they could just have an inkling of what he was, had and represented. He was the most vibrant personalities who ever lived and left a legacy behind which to this date is of interest. Most important he entertained us royally to this day. He was an actor who gave his public all they wanted vibrancy, adventure, romance, fantasy, joie de vivre - he gave it all and his fans loved it. He gave us the best of times and that is important - not ludicrous gossips! He was the best ever and would deserve a posthumous Oscar! for for his wonderful contribution

  • Golden Age of Hollywood

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-28

    What I love most about this Golden Age is there will never be another one. Errol was part of this group and will never be forgotten. We will never see the likes of him again. Computers cant act and in this era so called stars are surrounded by computers and real imagination is disappearing. I Feel blessed to have been born during the Golden Age...pure acting was king at that time.

  • on errol flynn

    • cheyenne
    • 2010-09-26

    when i watch his movies i feel im the woman in the movie with him.he was so very very sexy and in real life he was a true adventurer.his whole life was exciting and beautiful it was if no woman could have him all to herself.and a man like that belonged to all women.its like trying to tame a wild animal.only to realize thats just not possible.i admired him for who he was,he loved them all but really belong to none.i miss him but he gave me so much to live for in my own private life.without a man i kept him alive in my dreams my heart and my love for a most beautiful man and charasmatic as any man could be.i was sorry the day he died.but never in my heart.what i loved about him.he loved young women.i never had a problem with that.i loved older white men all my life.i wanted him .he was a good father and tried to be a good husband too.he wouldnt have to rape a women.the other way around maybe.but never.i miss him so much. when he went to lie down to die.i cried for that day.declared it a beautiful day for one else like him and so far i havent seen anyone close.

  • Errol can sing,dance, and is funny!

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-24

    There are some who believe Errol is shallow and his only assets are with a gun and sword. Not So!! I'm glad I recorded "Escape Me Never". Watching him make Ida Lupino laugh is a treasure. He can sing and dance, whistle a tune that made me smile. He has some of the cleverest facial expressions. Little things like this has me treasure his screen persona. Errol did so many things well. Hopefully I can meet Patrice Wymore Flynn personally. My father was the radioman on the Zaca before being transferred aboard the Cruiser USS Reno. He didn't know Errol bought the Zaca at the end of WWII. I wish my father and Errol had met.

  • Errol Flynn for ever!

    • Ron Walker
    • 2010-09-13

    I just read this caption below of Errol Flynn and it fits perfectly, most perfectly. He was a super star in the best sense. He entertained us on the screen and with his escapes to the fullest. There are no man like him around anymore! He was the ultimate! The original man in tights, Errol Flynn became the king of the swashbuckler and the prototype for the action hero of today. When Flynn had his first star turn, in the 1935 movie Captain Blood, the reviewer for the New York Times noted that the actor playing the hero was “criminally good-looking” and praised his audacious performance. Flynn’s portrayal of Sir Robin of Locksley cemented his status as a superstar.

  • There is a sense of nobility in Errols' films

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-09

    "Uncertain Glory" and "Cry Wolf' are very fine films. Sometimes he doesn't appear to be if everything is natural.

  • Errol Flynn

    • Bariebel
    • 2010-09-01

    He was the best ever!

  • Errol Flynn Marathon

    • Bariebel
    • 2010-09-01

    What a joy it was to see the Errol Flynn Marathon on August 7th - just marvelous! Errol Flynn thrilled millions around the globe every time we saw him in a movie. Errol Flynn, who gave us so many wonderful memories, when playing all these unforgettable characters in all his unforgettable movies None of his fans will ever forget Captain Blood, Robin Hood, The Sea Hawk, They Died With Their Boots On, Elisabeth and Essex, in all 63 movies in the few short years he was around. His fine comedies and the divine dance and singing act in “Thank your Lucky Stars”...Errol, “Thank you,” for coming into our world - into out lives and for giving us romance, excitement and adventure. He brightened our lives and he will always live on in the hearts of the millions of his fans. There are only few actors in the world who can credit themselves with that kind of adornment fifty years after their death. He was aa joy to watch a Joy indeed!

  • Errol Flynn Marathon

    • ErrolTina
    • 2010-09-01

    Thank you TCM for scheduling the Errol Flynn Marathon on August 7th it was a delight. I hope you will do it again. It is always a great pleasure to watch him in any of his movies he was unique and magnificent.

  • Errol Flynn Marathon

    • Sally Hawkins
    • 2010-08-28

    I wish to express my appreciation to TCM for scheduling the Errol Flynn Marathon on August 7th, which I watched for 24 hours long. It was wonderful - magnificent! August 7th was the 75th Anniversary of the first shooting day of "Captain Blood" which must have been to commemorate that great day were his great stardom commenced to bring to his fans joy, romance and adventure. A lasting memory for ever!

  • Errol Flynn

    • Meg Olsten
    • 2010-08-28

    He was one of Hollywood Greatest Star ever; nobody succeeded him in the 50 years after his passing. His charisma, his flamboyance, his charm, his looks, his caliber, his magnetism, his bravado, his perfect smile, his magic spell are unforgettable. He had these qualities - all in one package, which are not matched by any other actor past or present!

  • A Truly Fine Actor

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-08-24

    I sent my son 10 Errol Flynn DVD's and sending him 7 more. He has become a fan of his movies. Until I sent him 10 he hadn't seen any of his films. I congratulate TCM for their presentation on 8-7-2010. My father was a radioman on the Zaca in 1942 for the Navy.I discovered this about 10 days ago. I personally ignore bad comments about this man. I've watched his acting since the 50's and enjoy his films. I believe Hollywood blew it in 1938. The Adventures of Robin Hood is the finest of all the films involving Robin Hood even though I like Uncertain Glory.

  • The marathon

    • Kendal
    • 2010-08-09

    I must also thank you for the Errol Flynn marathon because watching that I just discovered him and how gorgeous he is, and what a great actor. Why don't we have men like him around these days? I think that means a bit coming from a 16 year old of these ages. :) If I like him, what other actors might I like?

  • Errol Flynn Great Actor

    • A.Lawrence
    • 2010-08-09

    I wish to thank TCM for having a 24 hour marthon on ERROL FLYNN ON SAT. 8-8-2010. It was a great day for the fans of Errol Flynn My granddaughter just discovered mr. Flynn and was capitavated by his looks and acting abilty. I have been a fan since my teens. It was to bad that mr. Flynn never received the regonization of his peers!

  • Errol Flynn

    • Meg Olsten
    • 2010-03-17

    Best ever actor of Hollywood! He had it all in one magnificent package so Jack Warner described him and he sure had it. Most of his films look like they where made just this year! It is such a pleasure watching this man he makes the screen come alive with Vim and Vigor! Please TCM show more Errol Flynn movies, he made over 60 of them why not show them all!

  • Errol Flynn best ever!

    • Jim Olsen
    • 2010-02-13

    Errol Flynn was the best actor as he had so many talents, great as a swashbuckler - we all know - BUT he was great in comedy and he could have played all of the roles a Cary Grant, Clark Gable. Gary Cooper or a Jimmy Stewart if only just given the chance. But it was not to be, which is the saddest part of his carrier!

  • Errol Flynn

    • tonherto
    • 2010-02-13

    To this day he was the ultimate of an actor, but most of all as a man who dared to live life the way how he thought fit! It was his life to live and he lived it! Majority of people never live their life the way they would like to live!

  • Errol Flynn

    • MissMantin
    • 2010-02-07

    He was the ultimate, dashing swashbuckler. I've only seen 1 1/2 of his movies so far, but I'm looking forward to more!

  • Great actor

    • dupont198
    • 2010-02-05

    Everyone recognize his talent except may be Bette Davis. I would like to mention his display while playing different genres. You have to see him play in Never say Goodbye, he s very funny as a Santa Claus or in the movie Lucky stars when he sings. It s a shame, he was not given many roles in the comedy genre, he could have been as good or even better than Cary Grant. I never said an actor being so good in many genres, just imagine John wayne playing a pirate or Cary Grant playing in a western they would be ridiculous, Errol could do it easily.

  • Errol Flynn World Star still going strong!

    • Bariebel
    • 2010-02-04

    Legendary swashbuckler Errol Flynn of Captain Blood fame recently was awarded the number-one spot on the World Entertainment News Network (WENN) pirate poll by edging out Johnny Depp's Captain Sparrow. Here is the complete WENN Pirates Poll: 1. Errol Flynn as Dr Peter Blood in Captain Blood (1935) 2. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean (2003&2006) 3. Robert Newton as Long John Silver in Treasure Island (1950) 4. Tyrone Power as Jamie Waring in The Black Swan (1942) 5. Douglas Fairbanks as The Black Pirate in The Black Pirate (1926) 6. Charles Laughton as Captain William Kidd in Captain Kidd (1945) 7. Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook in Hook (1991) 8. Walter Matthau as Captain Thomas Bartholomew Red in Pirates (1986) 9. Robert Newton as Blackbeard as Blackbeard in The Pirate (1952) 10. Wallace Beery as Long John Silver in Treasure Island (1934)

  • Errol Flynn one of Hollywood greatest Stars!

    • H. Yary
    • 2010-01-31

    He was one of Hollywood greatest Stars ever! There is no successor till this day in Hollywood in all the 50 years after his death. His charisma, his magnetism, his flamboyance, his charm, his looks, his caliber, his bravado, his disarming smile, his magic spell nobody has it in all one package like he had! He gave his fans the greatest time of entertainment till this day and we like to see his movies over and over again!

  • Errol Flynn "A Dashing Rogue"

    • T.Skidmore
    • 2010-01-01

    He's been a lot of characters and has been everywhere in his movies but no matter what he was doing he was handsome doing it. With dirt on his face or looking clean shaven, Errol Flynn was sexy,funny and a heart melter all rolled into one terrific and talented one actor!!

  • Man for All Ages

    • Bob Karam
    • 2009-12-28

    In the late seventies I took my 9-year old daughter Amy to see Flynn's "Robin Hood" at the AFI theater in Washington. On Flynn's close-up appearance on horseback in Sherwood, both Amy and a seventy-some lady in the next row leapt up on their feet clapping and cheering like after a home team touchdown.

  • The unforgettable immortal Errol Flynn!

    • Tina Nyary
    • 2009-12-10

    Errol Flynn thrilled millions around the globe every time we saw him in a movie. Errol Flynn, who gave us so many wonderful memories, when playing all these unforgettable characters in all his unforgettable movies . None of your fans will ever forget Captain Blood, Robin Hood, The Sea Hawk, They Died With Their Boots On, Elisabeth and Essex, in all 63 movies in the few short years he was around. His fine comedies and the divine dance and singing act in “Thank your Lucky Stars”...Errol, “Thank you,” for coming into our world - into out lives and for giving us romance, excitement and adventure. He brightened our lives and he will always live on in the hearts of the millions of his fans. There are only few actors in the world who can credit themselves with that kind of adornment fifty years after their death.

  • great actor, great charisma

    • bachir
    • 2009-12-01

    He is the most charismatic actor who has worked in Hollywood. One of the rare actor who can play different genres: western,comedy,adventure, musical comedy, (you have to watch him sing in the movie Thank you Lucky stars), drama....

  • Errol Flynn Immortal!

    • tonherto
    • 2009-12-01

    He was the greatest Star ever; nobody succeeded him in all the 50 years after his death. Nobody has his charisma, his flamboyance, his charm, his looks, his caliber, his magnetism, his bravado, his disarming smile, his magic spell and so many other attributes he had! It is a great pity that he was so viciously maligned all of his life by envious people who never had to show anything for themselves. Vicious authors and "The Media" who make a living by maligning dead famous people can do so because the law does not protect dead person. One can say about dead people anything one wish to say, as only the dead people have the right to defend themselves. No family member can sue the maligners. The law is very faulty in these cases. However - he lives on and on - famous to this day with all his fans in tact. They are behind him 100%. There never will be a star like him again – ever!

  • Errol Flynn was "aussie-ome"

    • Tammy Lynn
    • 2009-11-14

    Crossing swords, blazing the plain in the saddle,dropping bombs,or just playing a drunken bum, Errol Flynn played them the best.

  • Thank Our Lucky Stars

    • T Skidmore
    • 2009-11-14

    Kudos to Warner Bros. for having the foresight in selecting the most dashing, handsome man to grace the movie screen, and he gave us so much. There have been a few that have come close but Errol's star outshines them all.He can swash my buckle anytime!!

  • Errol Flynn Best Ever!

    • T. N. Yary
    • 2009-11-02

    He was such a multi-talented man, in every instance truly magnificent. There are only extremely few men born in the world, if ever, with his looks, caliber, charisma, magnetism, bravado, talent and possibly many other attributes. One of a kind! He really was glorious and brilliant; the best ever, no successor of his caliber has ever been on screen since Errol Flynn!

  • Errol Flynn the best ever!

    • Tina Nyary
    • 2009-10-23

    Quoting Mr. Jack Warner: "He was all the heroes in one magnificent, sexy, animal package. I just wish we had someone around today half as good as Flynn". This is a verbatim quote and we cannot agree more, there is nobody til this day who could or has taken his place and most likely never will. He was one of a kind and deserves an honorary OSCAR! His fans demand that he is recognized for all the fantastic hours of entertainment he gave to the public who still love him to this day.

  • From Boots to Saddles, The Great Errol Flynn

    • T. Skidmore
    • 2009-09-30

    Either wearing cavalier boots and tights or riding in the saddle brandishing his gun, he looked terrific, no matter what he was doing!

  • Errol Flynn the Magnificent!

    • T. Yary
    • 2009-08-04

    I like many actors from the olden days like Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Louis Jordan but none like Errol Flynn. I loved him ever since the first time I saw hi! He certainly was THEE best Hollywood ever had. There is nothing around today of Hollywood actors, which could come close to his caliber and his savoir fare. He had everything there is to have. He was such a multi-talented man, in every instance truly magnificent. There are only extremely few men born in the world, if ever, with his looks, caliber, charisma, magnetism, bravado, talent and possibly many other attributes. One of a kind! He really was glorious and brilliant; the best ever, no successor of his caliber has ever been on screen since Errol Flynn!

  • The Unflappable "Peter Blood"!

    • Steimo2
    • 2009-07-02

    No matter how good or how bad Errol Flynn's movies were (are) one could always count on Errol's tongue-in-cheek performance and uncanny wit to show itself and make you smile

  • Great Actor

    • joyce smith
    • 2009-06-08

    I absolutely loved and still do, Errol Flynn. I was utterly thrown when I saw him for the first time in Robin Hood and then in Captian Blood. I was between the ages of 7 & 10. Whenever his movies are shown on TCM, I am front and center - it never matters what time they are show, early or late, I continually watch them. He was a beautiful man and a great actor and as a lover of the "old hollywood", wish there were more actors such as him, Cary Grant, Donat, Wayne(my all time favorite), Cagney, etc., the list could go on. Hollywood today could learn great lessons from these pros who are, sadly, no longer with us. People don't act today, they just occupy the screen.

  • errol flynn: swashbuckler

    • robert beatty
    • 2009-05-26

    errol flynn was one of the biggest stars of the 30's and 40's. handsome tall talented actor who was equal in swashbucklers, westerns and war films. a great man of action who starred in some of hollywood's greatest classics including "captain blood", "the charge of the light brigade", "the adventures of robin hood", "the dawn patrol", "dodge city", "the sea hawk", "gentleman jim", "they died with their boots on" and "objective burma". flynn had a likable easy going persona who was a great romantic matinee idol.

  • errol one of a kind

    • rocky
    • 2008-09-22

    This is very hard for me to separate Errol Flynn and James Cagney as my favorites. Mr. Flynn could do western and swashbuckler films and light comedy. His smile and acting ability are tremendous. My favorites are robin hood and gentlemen jim. and captain blood

  • A trailblazer

    • Peter
    • 2008-09-10

    Errol Flynn was a trailblazer whose life on and off screen are stuff of legend. He opened the path followed by many actors as he could mix action with a devil may care attitude that came through in his performances and opened the door for others like Mel Gibson . But like any shooting star he burned brightly and then crashed too soon but his body of work and his charisma transcends the years and made cinema sizzle with his performances.

  • Too Much, Too Soon

    • Trist
    • 2008-09-09

    I like most of his movies the best 1935-1942, and a few after. After the rape trial he went down hill, I suppose he couldn't handle the humiliation. To burn out and die at 50 is a wasted life. He had everything this world has to offer, Fame, money,etc,etc. If he had taken care of himself he could have continued to make good movies maybe written a few more books enjoyed life and his children until at least into his seventy's.I can respect the work he did but not the man. I don't know why people continue to idolize him. To purposely drink and drug yourself to death and say you've had a hell of a good time and have no regrets is foolish. Some People are living in dreamland.Think about it a 50 year old Alcoholic and drug addict having sex with a 17 year old girl.

  • My Hero

    • terresa
    • 2008-08-17

    I would love to go back in time to meet this wonderful man. He is timeless Terresa Foster

  • Never another!

    • H Johnson Proctor
    • 2008-08-16

    Errol Flynn was absolutely the greatest star in all time. I don't believe we will ever see another Errol Flynn. His movies are so wonderful and he is so mesmerizing! My house could burn down all around me but I wouldn’t know it, I just can’t take my eyes off him. He was a great actor! We need to see more of his movies available on DVD.

  • Amazing.

    • V
    • 2008-07-09

    He is a real man's man. Love you, Errol.

  • Falling Angel

    • Terresa Foster
    • 2008-03-07

    THe best actor I every seen He left us way too soon

  • The Handsomest Man ever and a Great Actor

    • Gayla
    • 2008-01-10

    I have been a fan of Errol Flynn a long time,I don't think anyone in the acting business could ever surpass him,there were good actors back then,but none of them could even come close to Errol Flynn.He should've been givin' more credit for his acting ability,I've got alot of his movies on DVD,about 8 of them and he was excellent in each and every one of them and in looks no man,not even today's actor's can even come close.

  • Brilliant, handsome dashing man!!!

    • Brando4Ever
    • 2007-11-19

    He is such a wonderful, natural actor. He has played several wonderful swashbuckling roles but he's also played several different types of roles. He should have won an Oscar and it's not right that he never did.

  • Forerunner of today?

    • Pete
    • 2007-09-25

    I have been racking my brain over the last few days. Today, alot of the popular, talented actors come from Australia and New Zealand. Was Errol the first big-name movie star to come from the "land down under"? Any ideas?

  • Some noticable differences in Flynn's later films

    • Pete
    • 2007-09-20

    I have always been a huge fan of the films of Flynn, and, while I loved his more famous movies, I also notice a much different characterization in his later films. I know times and audiences were different, but when he went away from playing the "virtuous" boy scout hero and started to have an edge to his characters, he pulled it off brilliantly! Just watch "The Adventures" of Don Juan", "The Master of Ballantrae", "Rocky Mountain"...etc. While not thought of in the same league as his earlier swashbucklers, I thought his acting had so much more dimension. SO sad that his talent was not more appreciated in his time; his life might have been lived in more moderation.

  • Errol is awesome!!!!!

    • Shane
    • 2007-08-11

    i LOVE Flynn!!!!! He is so awesome! He is an idol of mine! I look up to him!

  • Self Destructive Lost Soul

    • Kate
    • 2007-07-18

    Errol was charming and a pretty good actor. His self-destructive behavior destroyed him way before his time. I enjoyed his movies and the gossip which always surrounded him. But in the end at 50 he seemed 20 years older and dissipated..I think he was a good actor and could have been better.

  • Shame on the Academy

    • stan
    • 2007-06-29

    The Academy of Mtion Pictures should be ashamed for not honoring Errol Flynn with an posthumous acadamy award under the pretense that they do not give awards to deceased actors. Errol Flynn was and is the most talented individual to grace the silver screen and the "would-be" action "hero's" of today that are getting awards act as if their "dead". No one of todays genre compares. Errol Flynn "made" Warner Brothers" what they are today. Was on the Warner lot as a temp at one time and pictures of every actor where noticeable except for Flynn. It appears that Warner Brothers has forgotten their "roots". We will never see the likes of an Errol Flynn again.

  • I agree with Jerome

    • Robin
    • 2007-06-21

    Yes Errol Flynn was under appreciated but greatness usually isn't recognized in it's own time, but more people are noticing what a fine actor he was. Was disappointed AFI left Adv. of Robin Hood off 100 greatest, and the reason it is the classic it is was Errol Flynn's performance. P.S. he would of made a great Rhett Butler.

  • He was HOT!

    • Jenni
    • 2007-06-03

    No matter how you look at it he was one of the handsomest men ever to grace the screen as well as a mighty fine actor.Whether you love him or hate him you've got to admit he had charisma and he just lit up the screen.

  • A very under appreciated actor

    • Jerome
    • 2007-04-13

    Errol Flynn was every inch a movie star. His portrayal of a man of conviction and passion in many different genres (San Antonio, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk to name a few) is highly underrated. Todays actors would do well to view his work to see how to show sex appeal and passion for a role.

  • Errol Flynn

    • Emily
    • 2007-03-08

    I am 13 and I think he is very handsome. I like the movies he's in where he where a cape (and maybe even a sword), it makes him look even more handsome.


    • Mark Krejci
    • 2007-03-07

    The greatest swashbuckling actor that ever lived!!!!!!! He will always be the on and only Robin Hood to me........ Someday, I would love to talk to Olivia de Haviland and tell her what a great movie(s) she made with Errol.

  • My "true love"

    • Kristina Skalick
    • 2006-12-26

    The first time I saw him was in The Adventures of Robin Hood. At first I was stunned by his good looks but then I began to see more of his movies I relizied that I was another fan of his wonderful talent. I was 12 when I fell in love w/ him but after all these years he still holds my heart and I know he won't ever let go.

  • The One and Only

    • Steven Springer
    • 2006-11-08

    In my opinion, all action-adventure heroes take their cues from Errol Flynn. He was the prototype for everything we have seen in the last 25-30 years of blockbuster films. His charm, his humor, his athleticism and yes, his believability as Robin Hood or Peter Blood or Wade Hatton or "Gentleman" Jim Corbett is what set him apart from his contemporaries...and from many of our current action-adventure actors. And while his more serious roles have never quite earned Flynn the same respect, I suggest people watch his performance in Dawn Patrol or Uncertain Glory or Objective Burma to get a better sense of his range as an actor.

  • "The 'Quote.' "

    • Gerry Dubin
    • 2006-10-09

    The very first "quote" I heard about Errol Flynn still stands today: "Every woman wanted him; every man wanted to be him"

  • truely unique

    • rachel gibson
    • 2006-07-24

    He's really cool, a great actor ,handsome, and dashing hes one of my favorites.I think his best movie is The adventures of Robin Hood.It's a teriffic movie.

  • The legend.

    • Patrick
    • 2006-07-01

    Errol Flynn is my favourite actor. He was the archetype of the romantic swashbuckler, mimicked by dozens of today's actors. He had the charm, sharp wit, good looks, and vibrant passion that made each of his movies a treat to watch.

  • Fantastic Flynn

    • Mallory
    • 2006-05-15

    Errol Flynn bursts with charm in every role I've seen him in. His movies are fun to watch and this is largely due to his talent and ability to turn potentially cardboard action characters into meaningful three dimensional roles. His autobiography "My Wicked, Wicked Ways" is a fun read, although I'm skeptical about the authenticity of it.

  • The greatest.

    • Dianne
    • 2006-05-10

    What a remarkable man. No other man on earth can pull off wearing tights like he did. My favorite movies of his are "Captain Blood", "They Died With Their Boots On" "Robin Hood" "Desperate Journey" and too many more to list here. He was the greatest movie star and he will NEVER be replaced. The so called stars of today couldn't hold a candle to him or even his contemporaries. Thank God for TCM. His sex appeal is off the charts.

  • No Replacement Will Ever Be Found

    • Michi Jones
    • 2006-03-26

    You would not believe it, but I am a 44 year old black woman, who loves anything with Errol Flynn in it. I can watch him over and over again. I will never grow tired of gazing at this man. I read a biographical book about him and was surprised to learn of his amazing intellect. He was near genius too!

  • should be awarded for his work

    • jean
    • 2006-03-01

    best acting great work, what a face and body, has all the it factor and know one today has come close to it

  • One of the best

    • keith toms
    • 2006-02-13

    Why has Errol Flynn not been awarded for his action films. He is the best at this and should have won awards, as I am sure his films entertained a generation when first showm,and put Warner the front of such film making and he was the one who put Warner Bros where they are today and thsi alone should be awarded. His action films are still the best today and his Adventures of Robin Hood is still today one of the best films ever made. True his private life is more sopoken about these days but in his hey day he was the best around and his films prove it

  • One of the Best

    • Rich Perra
    • 2006-01-21

    I really enjoyed his work when I was young, especially several movies which aren't on DVD today. I really wish they were. "The Charge of the Light Brigade", "Dawn Patrol" to name two; Actually, I don't understand either why he isn't recognized more for his acting. Whatever the role. I think he was always first rate, one of the best.

  • My favorite movie star

    • Karen Baker
    • 2006-01-18

    I feel that Errol was never given enough credit for his talent as an actor. Sure, he was a "pretty boy", as Bette Davis put it, but he had so much talent. I wish I could find a way to see all of his movies. Only a few have been shown on TCM, and are available for sale or rent. I'm dying to see "The Sun Also Rises, and Too Much Too Soon".

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