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Overview for George Flower (Buck)
George Flower (Buck)

George Flower (Buck)


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Puppet Master... Those nasty little puppets are back to wreak more havoc and take care of some... more info $9.95was $14.95 Buy Now

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Cast (feature film)

Moonbase (1997) as Murdoch
Moonbase Commander John Russell had been a rising star in a the huge interglactic corporation, until he took the blame for an environmental disaster in the Arctic. Now, exiled to head a lonely garbage dump on the surface of the moon, Russell and his crew must deal with the deranged escaped inmates f
Wes Craven Presents Wishmaster (1997)
Trapped inside an enchanted opal since 12th-century Persia, an ancient evil known as the Djinn grants a person a secret wish in exchange for his soul. When the djinn is accidentally released from his prison, he seeks out Alexandra, the woman he holds responsible for his freedom, and grants her three
Skeletons (1997)
A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist relocates to rural Maine and finds his new hometown run by a stern preacher with no tolerance for outsiders.
Executive Target (1997)
When his wife is held captive by conspirators, an ace stunt-car driver is forced to participate in the abduction of the U.S. President.
Village of the Damned (1995)
Something is terribly wrong in the tiny village of Midwich. After an unseen force invades a quiet coastal town, ten women mysteriously find themselves pregnant. Local physician Dr. Alan Chaffee and government scientist Dr. Susan Verner join forces when the women simultaneously give birth... and the
John Carpenter Presents Body Bags (1993)
A trilogy of segments hosted by John Carpenter, who appears as a coroner guiding viewers through each of the presentations. In "The Gas Station," a college student is stalked by a serial killer while she works at an all-night service station. In "Hair," the attempt of a man to combat his receding ha
Munchie (1992)
A troubled young boy is befriended by a helpful creature.
Giant of Thunder Mountain, The (1991) as Oliver Crow (The Crow Family)
Story about an endearing little girl who befriends a hulking and reclusive mountain man.
Puppet Master II: Shadow Zone (1991) as Matthew
A gang of murderous puppets exhume their beloved creator and set off in search of the special brain fluid that keeps them alive.
Mirror Images (1991)
One of twin sisters becomes the prey of the other's sadistic lover.
Soldier's Fortune (1991) as T Max
A high school cheerleader is kidnapped and held for ransom. A professional mercenary soldier comes to her aid.
Speak of the Devil (1991)
A disgraced pair of Southern televangelists flee to Hollywood where they rent a haunted house and decide to take up Satanism.
Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo (1990)
A television movie in the "Columbo" series of telefilms for "The ABC Saturday Mystery." Columbo unwittingly becomes part of a deranged woman's diabolical plot to destroy the two men she believes responsible for her husband's death in prison. After murdering one, she moves in on the other, Columbo, t
Come See the Paradise (1990)
An interracial romance, set against the backdrop of World War II and the internment of Asian-Americans in relocation camps.
Blood Games (1990)
After a gorgeous female baseball team wins its final road game they incur the murderous wrath of their macho redneck opponents.
W.B., Blue and the Bean (1990) as Seed
Three bounty hunters search for a rich heiress.
Masters of Menace (1990) as Sheriff Julip
A group of bikers hit the road with their friend's corpse so he can receive a proper burial with his kinfolk.
One Man Force (1989)
An ex-policeman turns private detective.
Back To The Future (Part 2) (1989)
Sequel to the 1985 hit "Back to the Future," where Marty McFly goes into the future.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989)
A man is murdered outside a newsstand owned by a blind man and a deaf man who are the only witnesses.
When We Were Young (1989)
Eight high-school seniors who graduated in 1959 discover the importance of their relationships as they enter adulthood in a changing society.
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama (1988) as Janitor
After three geeks are caught spying on the Tri Delta sorority initiation, they are sent along with Lisa and Taffy, two pledges, to steal a trophy from a bowling alley. But when they knock over the trophy, inadvertently unleashing a demonic imp that has been trapped inside, all hell breaks loose.
Funny Farm (1988)
Andy Farmer, a sportswriter with dreams of being a great novelist, moves with his wife to the New England countryside in order to write his novel with no distractions. Of course, distractions are all Andy finds. The birds sing too loudly, there are snakes in the lake, and it costs 20 cents to make a call from the pay phone in the kitchen. Over time, Farmer grows withdrawn and bitter, and when his wife decides to take a stab at writing, it becomes unclear if their marriage will be able to survive life on the farm.
They Live (1988) as Drifter
A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth.
Pumpkinhead (1988)
After a man's son is accidentally killed by a group of teenagers, he calls upon the powers of a vengeful demon to avenge the death.
Mac And Me (1988)
The relationship between a young disabled boy and a homesick alien who has been separated from his family.
Maniac Cop (1988) as Old Man (Television Sequence)
A legendary NYPD officer, now dead, rises from the grave to terrorizes Manhattan.
Bull Durham (1988)
Comedy about a losing minor league baseball team in North Carolina, and the English teacher who choses one promising player each year to educate and seduce.
Cheerleader Camp (1988)
A killer is in action at a cheeerleaders camp.
Angel Heart (1987)
A gumshoe private investigator is hired by a mysterious and malevolent client to find a missing crooner who owes him on a debt, but when the PI starts his investigation he is thwarted by the murders of his possible witnesses and haunted by unexplainable demonic nightmares. As he nears and nears his
Bates Motel (1987)
A young man inherits the Bates Motel from Norman Bates and who, after his release from a mental institution, is unprepared for the eerie happenings at the Motel. Based on the classic movie "Psycho," directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Code Name: Zebra (1987) as Bundy
Rigged (1985)
Birdy (1984)
A wounded Vietnam veteran tries to help a shell-shocked friend who believes he''''s a bird.
Starman (1984) as Cook
A stranded alien enlists a widow''''s help to get back to his ship.
My Therapist (1983) as Rip Rider
Butterfly (1981) as Ed Lamey
Jess Tyler is hermit who has lived in the desert for years, protecting an abandoned silver mine. One day, he is surprised by the return of his grown daughter Kady, who was taken away as a baby when his wife left him. Kady has been rejected by the rich young man who fathered her illegitimate child, a
Flicks (1981)
Escape From New York (1981) as Drunk
Set in the future, Manhattan becomes a prison and an ex-bank robber is in charge of rescuing the president.
The Fog (1980) as Tommy Wallace
Dead sailors use a deadly fog to haunt a coastal town.
Big Bob Johnson and His Fantastic Speed Circus (1978)
A rambunctious comedy about a ragtag auto racing team that helps an heir to gain the inheritance his uncle is trying to snatch from him, and finds itself in a race from one end of Louisiana to the other that pits one Rolls-Royce against another.
Further Adventures Of The Wilderness Family--Part Two (1978) as Boomer
The Robinson family lives a happy and relaxed life in the mountains. They have prepared for winter, but when the cold sets in, Mrs. Robinson develops a case of pneumonia. Her illness and problems with some wild animals are challenges for the family, but their courage and the beauty of the mountains
Time Machine, The (1978)
A "Classics Illustrated" adaptation (updated to the 1970s) of the Wells classic about a scientific wizard who invents a device to transport himself back and forth in time and gets a bleak look at the future when visiting an alien civilization.
Bad Georgia Road (1976)
When a young woman inherits an illegal distillery from a relative she turns it into a thriving business. But in doing so, she runs into opposition from organized crime.
Across The Great Divide (1976)
In 1876, two orphans attempt a danger trip across the Rockies and get to Salem, Oregon in order to inherit a large ranch. They are assisted on their trip by a dishonest, but kind-hearted gambler.
Flash and the Firecat (1975) as Jed
Gemini Affair -- A Diary (1973)
A hopeful young actress is lured to Hollywood by the seduction of fame and fortune. A friend she lives with while in Hollywood becomes her lover, and they both soon come to realize that the seedy Hollywood lifestyle is not for them.

Writer (feature film)

Wooly Boys (2001)
Bikini Carwash Company, The (1992)
A midwestern boy employs the help of skimpily clad coeds to boost his uncle's waning carwash business.
Party Plane (1991)
Party Favors (1989) as Screenwriter

Producer (feature film)

Bikini Carwash Company, The (1992)
A midwestern boy employs the help of skimpily clad coeds to boost his uncle's waning carwash business.

Assistant Direction (feature film)

Lonely Lady, The (1983)
Pia Zadora, Lloyd Bochner, Bibi Besch, Joseph Cali, Anthony Holland, Jared Martin, Ray Liotta. After some creative writing classes in high school, Pia Zadora thinks she has what it takes to be a top Hollywood screenwriter. But before she claim her first Oscar, she''s used and abused by her impotent husband and numerous fast lane losers. She also has a nasty encounter with a big garden hose. Based on the novel by Harold Robbins.
Bare Knuckles (1978)
A bounty hunter takes on the case of tracking down a masked serial killer who is murdering women in Los Angeles. He intends on catching the murderer before any more women are killed and claiming the reward of $15,000.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Terror on Tour (1983)
The Clowns are a successful new rock band whose stage show features simulated acts of violence. Since the band members all wear identical outfits and makeup, even their most devoted fans don't know what they look like. After one of their performances, a drug dealer is stabbed to death outside the th

Special Thanks (feature film)

Focus (2001)
In New York during the height of World War II, an American community begins to unravel when a man and his wife become victims of mistaken identity.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Good Cop, Bad Cop (1997) as Drunken Man
Ghost Writer (1990) as Workman

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