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Steven Fierberg

Steven Fierberg


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Birth Place: Profession: Cinematography ...


Director (feature film)

Sea Life (1994) as Director
One woman struggles to find passion in her dull, lifeless world.
Voodoo Dawn (1990) as Director
Three vacationing schoolmates get caught up in a deadly blood feud between a Haitian sharecropper family and a supernaturally powerful voodoo priest.
My Demon Lover (1987) as 2nd Unit Director (2nd Unit) (New York)

Cast (feature film)

Cinematographer Style (2006)
Celebrates the art of motion picture photography, and examines how and why movies look the way they do. With interviews of 110 leading cinematographers around the world, director and cinematographer Jon Fauer explores how his colleagues use technique and technology, art and lighting to tell stories
Secretary (2002) as First Date
Lee Holloway is a smart, quirky woman in her twenties who returns to her hometown in New Jersey after a brief stay in a mental hospital. In search of relief from herself and her oppressive childhood environment, she starts to date a nerdy friend from high school and takes a job as a secretary in a l

Cinematography (feature film)

Entourage (2015)
Storyline is under wraps.
All's Faire in Love (2011)
A college football star, Will, must join a Renaissance fair theater troupe to make up for missing too many of Professor Shockworthy's classes. There he meets fellow thespian, Kate, a former investment banker who ditched her career to pursue her dream of being on the stage. Will, Kate and their fello
Teenage Paparazzi (2010)
Actor Adrian Grenier explores his relationship with a 14-year old paparazzo who took his picture and interviews other celebrities about the culture of fame.
Love and Other Drugs (2010)
A free-spirited woman and a charming Viagra salesman leap into a no-strings-attached affair. But no matter how hard they try to keep things "casual," they can't help falling under the influence of the ultimate
Stone (2010)
As parole officer Jack Mabry counts the days toward a quiet retirement, he is asked to review the case of Gerald "Stone" Creeson, in prison for covering up the murder of his grandparents with a fire. Now eligible for early release, Stone needs to convince Jack he has reformed, but his attempts to in
Twelve (2010)
Mike's a young drug dealer straddling the mean streets of Harlem and the party palaces of upper Manhattan. Mike's double-life comes crashing down when a highly addictive new drug called "twelve" hits the streets, unleashing a shocking wave of passion and violence.
Rage (2009)
A mockumentary style thriller set in the fashion industry where swan-like female models in haute-couture evening gowns are chased by a legless designer with murder in his heart.
Searchers 2.0 (2007)
Two actors go on a road trip from Los Angeles to Monument Valley, Arizona, in search for revenge.
Suburban Girl (2007)
Tale of a young woman's journey through the New York publishing world and her relationships with one of its luminaries as her father battles a terminal illness.
Days of Wrath (2007)
Byron Gordon is a handsome and wealthy playboy owner of a struggling Los Angeles television station, KPPL, who finds himself reporting on gang warfare for good ratings. But soon Byron's life turns upside down when he discovers that a gang leader has a son he didn't know he had.
Lone Ranger, The (2003) as Director Of Photography
Following the murder of his brother, a 19th century law student takes on a masked secret identity in order to fight for justice.
Secretary (2002) as Director Of Photography
Lee Holloway is a smart, quirky woman in her twenties who returns to her hometown in New Jersey after a brief stay in a mental hospital. In search of relief from herself and her oppressive childhood environment, she starts to date a nerdy friend from high school and takes a job as a secretary in a l
Little John (2002) as Director Of Photography
A father takes in the child his estranged daughter believes she has given up for adoption. Twelve years ago, unmarried Natalie became pregnant and made the decision to give up her child for adoption. Her hard-working father, John, learned about the existence of the child and took him in. In the inte
Follow the Stars Home (2001) as Director Of Photography
A determined woman raises her daughter, born with severe genetic abnormalities. She's helped immeasurably by her mothers, a young neighbor, and a doctor who's the brother of her husband, who left their marriage when young Julia was born.<P>When Dianne Parker marries Mark McCune, their lives couldn't
Red Letters (2000) as Director Of Photography
A college professor runs into trouble when he becomes penpals with a female convict. When she escapes, he decides to help her. Claiming she is innocent of murdering her lover's wife, the professor becomes entwined in an increasingly twisted mystery.
Joyriders, The (1999) as Director Of Photography
A depressed man who isn't sure if he wants to live or die is kidnapped by a trip of joyriding teens.
All Lies End in Murder (1997) as Director Of Photography
The lives of a happily married couple are destroyed when she discovers that her hard-working, well-respected, police officer husband is a crooked cop. Her refusal to keep silent and overlook his activities leads her on a perilous pursuit to expose the truth.
Two Came Back (1997) as Director Of Photography
Susan Clarksman, a 21-year-old woman who has recently sworn off the nomadic lifestyle of living on the ocean, reluctantly agrees to deliver a sailboat from San Diego to Vancouver. However, when the over-anxious captain sails the vessel off course, the five-person crew becomes trapped in the midst of
Horse For Danny, A (1995) as Director Of Photography
An eleven-year-old girl who has grown up around racetracks parlays her winnings to buy a fiery horse with the heart of a champion.
Aspen Extreme (1993) as Director Of Photography
A young man from Detroit goes with his friend to Aspen to become a ski instructor. He quickly excels at his job and is elevated to a level of celebrity among the rich and famous. This good life soon makes him restless and he longs to pursue his dreams of something more substantial.
29th Street (1991) as Director Of Photography
Set in New York City in the 1950s-60s, a young man wins a bundle in the lottery and tries to get his father out of debt with loan sharks.
Criminal Justice (1990) as Director Of Photography
An ex-con is accused of the robbery and assault of a crack-addicted prostitute. Shows how the case is developed and prosecuted from the viewpoint of the defendant as well as the defense and prosecution.
Nightbreed (1990) as Director Of Photography (Los Angeles)
A doctor who has massacred several families attempts to frame a teenage patient who''s been suffering terrible hallucinations. The teenager, pursued by the evil doctor and authorities, flees to Midian, home of the lost tribes of the moon, and is accepted into their fold.
Scenes From The Class Struggle In Beverly Hills (1989) as Director Of Photography
The home of a wealthy Beverly Hills actress becomes a hotbed of romance where everybody seems to desire somebody other than their partner when visitors arrive and the home's male servants make a bet with one another to see who can seduce the other's female boss first.
Original Sin (1989) as Director Of Photography
A wife whose seemingly ideal marriage is suddenly shattered when her son is kidnapped and the child's grandfather, an underworld kingpin, appears to be involved.
Hell High (1989) as Director Of Photography
After a seemingly mild-mannered high school science teacher with a traumatic past is vicously pranked by her students, she snaps, and goes off on a homicidal rampage.
Voices of Sarafina! (1988) as Camera Operator
Documentary on the musical play "Sarafina."
Sharing Richard (1988) as Director Of Photography
A television movie about three single women over 30 who are all the best of friends and who discover that they are all dating the same recently-divorced man. Rather than give him up, the women devise a plan to share him.
NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4, A: THE DREAM MASTER (1988) as Director Of Photography
Alice from "Nightmare 4" discovers she's pregnant, but fears that the father may be Freddy Krueger.
Spike of Bensonhurst (1988) as Director Of Photography
A Brooklyn amateur boxer falls for the daughter of a Mafia boss.
Walker (1987) as Additional Cinematography
A dramatization of the life of nineteenth-century American William Walker who embarked on a series of careers including politics, journalism, law, and medicine. Eventually Walker left all of these and became a soldier of fortune, and in 1855, declared himself the president of Nicaragua and remained
Tonight's the Night (1987) as Director Of Photography
A movie about three generations of males who cruise a singles bar one weekend and, in the process, learn unexpected lessons about life and love.
Seven Minutes In Heaven (1986) as Director Of Photography
Streetwalkin' (1985) as Director Of Photography
Cookie runs away from the stepfather who sexually abused her and goes to New York City. When she arrives at the Port Authority bus terminal, Cookie meets a pimp named Duke, and falls into a life of prostitution.
Not For Publication (1984) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit) (New York)
Storytelling (1984) as Cinematographer
In Our Hands (1983) as Camera Operator
A chronicle focusing in on the largest peace demonstration in the history of the world, which took place on June 12, 1982. One million people were in New York on what's been described as a magical day, speaking in one voice to "stop the nuclear arms race." There were forty-three volunteer camera te
Vortex (1982) as Cinematographer
Forty Deuce (1982) as Cinematographer
Rickey, a teenage male hustler, attempts to frame Mr. Roper, his chicken-hawk john, for the death of a 12-year-old runaway.
First Time, The (1982) as Director Of Photography

Producer (feature film)

Mixed Blood (1984) as Producer
Brazilian drug dealers in the lower east side of Manhattan start a war with a rival gang.

Assistant Direction (feature film)

Falling Like This (2000) as 1st Assistant Director
Boyd has been in and out of prison his enire life and in a matter of hours he'll be free again. The first person on his list to see is Katie, the girlfriend who has been with him through thick and thin. But the excitement of this young love affair will eventually fall victim to the harsh realities o

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Boxing Helena (1993) as Additional Photography
A psycho-thriller about a successful doctor and his obsessive love for one woman, which leads him to do the unimaginable: kidnap her after an accident and amputate her limbs.
Mixed Blood (1984) as Additional Photography
Brazilian drug dealers in the lower east side of Manhattan start a war with a rival gang.

Film Production - Lighting/Electrical (feature film)

The Fog (1980)
Dead sailors use a deadly fog to haunt a coastal town.

Cinematography (special)

Little Miss Perfect (1987) as Director Of Photography
A drama about a young woman who develops bulimia, a severe eating disorder. Debbie Welker, a high school over-achiever, suffers an identity crisis when she is forced to move to a new neighborhood with her recently remarried mother. She develops bulimia as a result of trying to cope with her problems
Gift of Amazing Grace, The (1986) as Director Of Photography
A drama for young people about a family that performs as a group of gospel singers. Sixteen-year-old Grace, however, must come to grips with her inability to sing. all have worked so hard for.
Hellfire (1985) as Director Of Photography
Reverend Howard Woode is a popular television preacher whose main message consists of anti-abortion and anti-homosexual diatribes. He meets a messenger of God, in the form of an attractive, though seemingly crazy, woman who tells him that his message should be aid for the needy.
Tales From the Darkside (1983) as Director Of Photography
The pilot episode for a anthology series of suspense stories. The pilot, "Trick or Treat," tells the story of Gordon Hackles, a malevolent shopkeeper to whom most of the townspeople owe money. As is his tradition on Halloween, Hackles invites the children of the parents who owe him money to his hou

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Attila (2001) as Director Of Photography
Miniseries about Attila the Hun, the ruthless 5th century warrior who helped unite his people in an area that is now Hungary. Tells the story of two worlds colliding and of the two men who embody the values and essence of those worlds. Attila, King of the Huns, is a visionary who sees more in his pe
Atomic Train (1999) as Director Of Photography
A runaway train carrying hazardous waste careens through the Rocky Mountains, picking up speed every second as it races towards Denver. John Seger, an investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, drops to the roof of the speeding train from a helicopter in an attempt to stop it from cr

Misc. Crew (TV Mini-Series)

Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004)
Natural disaster drama about three enormous weather systems that ultimately collide over Chicago, creating the worst super-storm in the nation's history -- but only after they first cause the national power grid to collapse, making it impossible to warn anyone about the impending disaster.

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Texas Justice (1995) as Director Of Photography
When a Texas millionaire marries his mistress, a bitter divorce battle, two deaths, an FBI sting operation, and criminal trials ensue.

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