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Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer


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Also Known As: Died: January 19, 2017
Born: February 7, 1955 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Rio 2 (2014)
Iron Man 3 (2013)
When his world is torn apart, Tony Stark must face his most powerful enemy yet.
Courier, The (2012)
A daredevil courier, the best at what he does, is well known to take on difficult missions with million dollar payouts. However, when he's hired to deliver something to Evil Sivle, the notorious, never-before-seen king of the underworld, the courier gets mixed up with ruthless crime lords and corru
Far Away Eyes (2011)
In the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong, ace hit man Marcus Nang was summoned to meet with three professional colleagues to resolve unfinished business. Over an elaborate meal the four highly skilled assassins reminisce about the past and ponder the future. In a tense and highly claustrophobic settin
Man, The (2005)
A Federal Agent turns up dead on the mean streets of Detroit. When it''s learned that the Agent was "on the take" in a multi-million dollar arms heist, all eyes turn toward his partner, Derrick Vann, a hardcore undercover Federal Agent known for his untrusting, street-wise style. Vann''s given 24 hours to recover the stolen arms and find the cop killers, but he''s about to stumble upon an unlikely ally. Enter Andy Fiddler, an affable, optimistic dental supply salesman in town for a two-day convention. When the bad guys mistake Andy to be the buyer in a stolen arms deal, Vann is forced to utilize the talkative salesman as "the face" of his sting operation. With the clock ticking, this unlikely duo speed through the streets of Detroit in an intense and hilarious adventure that uncovers much more than they could have ever anticipated.
Silver City (2004) as Cliff Castleton
Set against the backdrop of a mythic "New West," a satire that follows grammatically-challenged, "user-friendly" candidate Dicky Pilager, scapegrace scion of Colorado's venerable Senator Jud Pilager, during his gubernatorial campaign. When Pilager finds that he's reeled in a corpse during the taping
Sightings: Heartland Ghost (2004) as Allen Asquith
Based on a haunting that was featured on numerous episodes of the television series SIGHTINGS.
Manchurian Candidate, The (2004) as Colonel Garrett
U.S. Army Major Bennett Marco can''t sleep at night--and he doesn''t want to. Marco spends his days giving inspiring speeches about his platoon''s ambush in the Kuwaiti desert and the heroics of Sergeant Raymond Shaw, who won the Medal of Honor for saving Marco''s crew. But at night, Marco''s dreamlike memories of the desert turn sinister and terrifying. And Marco privately wonders whether the two soldiers who died in the firefight might have met darker fates than officially recorded--and whether Shaw might not be the glorious hero that everyone thinks he is. When Shaw takes the national stage as a surefire candidate for vice president--under the thumb of his controversial mother, Senator Eleanor Prentiss Shaw--Marco is forced to act on his growing suspicions. With military officials questioning his sanity, and the net of security tightening around Shaw, Marco races to probe deeper into the unimaginable, shocking truth before the White House is won.
L.A. County 187 (2003) as Sergeant Walter Drazin
A police sergeant and a deputy go on a manhunt for the arsonist reponsible for setting a building ablaze and causing the death of of four people.
Sunshine State (2002) as Lester
A comedy drama set in modern day Florida concerning two vibrant women who find themselves, after their big time dreams have not panned out, back in their small neighboring hometowns. Caught between their past and their future, both are struggling to find a way to become independent women in a place
Traffic (2001) as Eduardo Ruiz
A patchwork of stories about various factions of the drug trade, including dealers, abusers and the law enforcement officials who pursue them. Mexican policeman Javier Rodriguez works on and around the border with his close friend and fellow policeman Manolo Sanchez, under Mexico's number one crime
MULAN (1998) as Voice Of Shan-Yu
Based on a Chinese folk-tale, Mulan is a young high-spirited girl who tries hard to please her parents but always feels like she is disappointing them. Her father is drafted into the army which amounts to certain death because of his old age. Mulan disguises herself as a man and takes her father's p
Where's Marlowe? (1998) as Joe Boone
Wilton Crawley and A.J. Edison, two NYU Film School graduates are making a documentary about Joe Boone. a hard-up Los Angeles private detective. But Boone's determined to prove (mostly to himself) that he's finally found his place in life. The filmmakers have everything riding on this new project. T
Brave New World (1998) as Dhc
Based on Aldous Huxley's 1932 sci-fi novel about a future century, in which nations have joined in partnership to avert wars threatening to destroy the planet. Free sex, self-indulgent shopping and emotional detachment are encouraged by Mustapha Mond, a benevolent dictator and his no-nonsense Direct
Mr. Magoo (1997) as Ortega Peru
Myopic millionaire Mr. Quincy Magoo accidentally takes possession of a cache of stolen gems and becomes the target of evil culprits. Despite their efforts, however, Magoo consistently escapes unharmed and remains oblivious to the dangers that surround him. Magoo ultimately nabs the villains with the help of his nephew Waldo and his trusting bulldog Angus.
Stephen King's The Night Flier (1997) as Richard Dees
A tabloid reporter pursues a vampire who flies a small plane into desolate airports where he attacks his victims.
Disappearance of Garcia Lorca (1997) as Centeno
During the year 1936 as civil war is beginning to brew in Spain, teenagers Ricardo Fernandez and Jorge Aquirre have come to idolize the poet Federico Garcia Lorca. They attend the premiere of his play "Yerma" and actually go back stage to meet the man. Soon after their meeting, Lorca is arrested by the fascists and subsequently disappears. Fifteen years after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Ricardo returns to his native Granada as an established journalist to ponder what really happened to the famed, murdered Spanish poet. Knowing that he will never be able to find peace until he finds Lorca''s killer, Ricardo returns to Franco''s Spain, a country still rife with enemies of the poet and dangers waiting for one who would discover the murderer.
Project: ALF (1996) as Dr Dexter Moyers
The last time television audiences saw ALF, he had been spirited away by a mysterious arm of the U.S. government. He's been held captive at a remote military base, where he's driving everybody crazy with his smart remarks and outrageous demands. Now someone wants ALF eliminated and two sympathetic s
Return of Hunter, The (1995) as Valko
A television movie based on the series, "Hunter," which aired on NBC from 1984 to 1991. When his fiancee is murdered, Hunter must overcome his grief to bring a media-hungry serial killer to justice.
In the Line of Duty: Hunt For Justice (1995) as Thomas Manning
When a state trooper is gunned down on a New Jersey highway, his friend and colleague sets out to track down the killers. Realizing the murder is connected to an extensive underground terrorist ring, he joins forces with the FBI on a massive five-state hunt. Based on a true story.
Royce (1994) as Ken Gribbon
A CIA operative is assigned to hunt down rogue members of a defunct undercover unit when they kidnap a United States Senator's son as part of a plot to hijack a trainload of Russian nuclear warheads.
Incident at Deception Ridge (1994) as Ray Hayes
Innocent people aboard a bus are chased through a mountainous wilderness by two murderous brothers who are after one of the passengers: a bank manager who fled with ransom money rather than pay for the return of his kidnapped wife.
Promise Kept: The Oksana Baiul Story, A (1994) as Stanislav
Drama based on the true story of Oksana Baiul and how she overcame personal tragedies to become the 1994 Olympic gold medalist in figure skating.
Jack Reed: A Search For Justice (1994) as Win Carter
Third in a series of television movies based on actual cases of Chicago police officer Jack Reed. While investigating the death of a nightclub stripper, Reed exposes a series of illegal operations run by a respected businessman.
Blank Check (1994) as Quigley
A young boy is given a blank check by mistake and he fills it out and cashes it for $1,000,000.
Cigarettes and Coffee (1994)
Five characters in a coffee shop outside Las Vegas play out their destiny.
It's All True: Based on an Unfinished Film by Orson Welles (1993) as Narration
Only the final segment of "It's All True," Orson Welles' legendary uncompleted film, survived--in the form of unedited rushes--in its entirety. That segment, called "Four Men on a Raft," has been reconstructed for this documentary chronicling the adventures of Hollywood's greatest enfant terrible in
Scam (1993) as Barry Landers
An ex-FBI agent blackmails a con woman into becoming his unwilling partner in a deadly scam.
Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) as Harbinger
Another Stakeout (1993) as Tony Castellano
In the sequel to the 1987 film, the main characters pose as a family for a stakeout.
Point Of No Return (1993) as Kaufman
A punk female murderer is transformed into a bourgeois assassin by an underground government agency.
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992) as Albert Rosenfield
Prequel to the television drama series "Twin Peaks," chronicling the seven days leading up to the brutal murder of Laura Palmer in a small logging town in the Pacific Northwest.
Harvest, The (1992) as Charlie Pope
A screenwriter gets involved in a murder mystery while on a research trip.
In the Shadow of a Killer (1992) as Steven Walzer
A New York City undercover police detective is suddenly ostracized by his fellow officers when he opposes the death sentence for an accused cop killer. Based on a true story.
Murder in High Places (1991)
A celebrated counterculture writer is elected mayor of a popular ski resort town and teams up with a former cop and pro football player to solve a murder cover-up.
Drug Wars: the Camarena Story (1990) as Tony Riva
A three-part miniseries based on the events surrounding the 1985 abduction and murder by drug traffickers in Guadalajara, Mexico, of Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, a U.S. agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency. His death helped expose the underworld of South America's drug cartel and its influence on powerf
Revenge (1990) as Amador
An American pilot competes with a Mexican crime lord for the love of a rich and beautiful woman.
Guardian, The (1990) as Ralph Hess
An evil nanny who believes in tree worship terrorizes a young New York couple with a newborn infant.
Deepstar Six (1989) as Snyder
A prehistoric monster living on the ocean floor comes up for air and wreaks havoc.
Valentino Returns (1989) as The Biker
A coming-of-age romance set during the 1950s.
Shannon's Deal (1989) as Todd
A television movie pilot in which a Philadelphia lawyer loses his partnership in a prestigious law firm and tries to start over again with his own small, private practice. However, his plan to start over is short-lived when he inadvertently becomes involved in an international drugs-for-arms scheme,
C.A.T. Squad: Python Wolf (1988) as Paul Kiley
A sequel to "C.A.T. Squad," which aired on NBC July 27, 1986. The telefilm focuses on an elite government counter-attack group that becomes involved in a top-secret reconnaisance mission in South Africa.
Robocop (1987) as Morton
In crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop is rebuilt as a powerful machine, code named Robocop.
Downpayment on Murder (1987) as Martin
A television movie, based on a true story, about an estranged husband who, in an explosive rage, decides to have his wife murdered by a hired killer.
Flashpoint (1984) as Roget
Truckin' Buddy McCoy (1984) as Pete
Lovelines (1984) as Dragon
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) as First Officer
The crew of the Enterprise fights to protect the newly reborn Spock.
Heartbreaker (1981) as Angel

Cast (special)

Organized Crime: A World History (2001) as Narration
Documentary that traces the history of global organized crime.
Enforcers, The (2001) as Narration
Documentary about America's protectors of justice in the war against crime. From the ATF to the DEA, the Texas Rangers to the Border Patrol, the program introduces the undercover agents, detectives and investigators who are in a constant battle against today's high-tech criminals.
Battle Group: Halsey (2001) as Narration
A look at the life and career of Admiral Bull Halsey, the man who led U.S. Naval forces in World War II. Audacious and gruff, Admiral Halsey's daring leadership inspired his men and put fear into the Japanese fleet. A review of his major battles and interviews with officers and sailors who served un
Intimate Portrait: Karen Duffy (2001) as Interviewee
Portrait of actress, model and former MTV VJ Karen Duffy who has found personal happiness and has remained strong despite battling Sarcoidosis, a disease that attacks the central nervous system.
Matisse and Picasso: A Gentle Rivalry (2000) as Voice Of Pablo Picasso
A look at the Fort Worth Kimball Art Museum's exhibition of "Matisse and Picasso: A Gentle Rivalry." Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, two of the most famous and studied artists of the 20th century, enjoyed a close friendship, as well as a professional rivalry, throughout their careers. The exhibitio
U.S. Marshals (2000) as Narration
Documentary that recounts the exploits of the U.S. Marshal Service, the oldest law enforcement agency in America. It has played important roles in almost every event in American history, from the Whiskey Rebellion of 1784 to the gangland wars of the Prohibition era, and the desegregation of the Sout
Was Justice Denied? (2000) as Narration
Documentary about the imprisonment of innocent people for a variety of reasons -- mistaken identity, ineffective lawyers, police misconduct or bad lab procedures. Suspects, lawyers, representatives of the legal system, witnesses and other experts tell their stories in their own words. Two of the cas
Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon (1997) as Narration
Biographical documentary of actor and martial artist Bruce Lee.
I Survived a Disaster 3 (1997) as Narration
Stories from real people who have faced disasters and survived to tell about it. Includes news and home video footage, as well as re-creations of the catastrophes.
Dominique Dunne: An American Tragedy: The E! True Hollywood Story (1997) as Interviewee
Special focuses on the life and death of actress Dominique Dunne, the daughter of writer Dominick Dunne and sister of actor Griffin Dunne. Dominique was strangled to death by her boyfriend, John Sweeney, on October 30, 1982. In 1983, Sweeney's conviction on the reduced charge of manslaughter caused
In the Groove (1994)
A disc jockey at a small radio station resorts to murder when his former writing partner and lover convinces him that his wife threatens his success.
Hearts of Hot Shots! Part Deux - A Filmmaker's Apology (1993)
A mock documentary that follows the making of "Hot Shots! Part Deux," chronicling the mounting pressures on director Jim Abrahams as he attempts to finish the follow-up to the 1991 movie "Hot Shots!" In addition to clips from "Hot Shots! Part Deux," the special spoofs traditional behind-the-scenes s
As Ye Sow (1993)
A wealthy man hires a killer to get rid of his wife's alleged lover.
Thing From the Grave, The (1990) as Friend
A segment of the horror anthology series, "Tales From the Crypt." An idyllic love affair between a photographer and a model comes to an end when an old friend emerges to kill off his rival.
Badlands 2005 (1988) as Rex
A story about a U.S. Marshall and his robot sidekick in a devastated 21st century American West, who fight off outlaw "road warriors" while escorting pioneer brides to the new western colonies.
Kung Fu: The Next Generation (1987) as Mick
A drama about a father and son who combine their lethal expertise in the martial arts as champions of people in dire need. Based on the 1972-75 series "Kung Fu," the program is broadcast as part of the "CBS Summer Playhouse," a pilot anthology which asks viewers to call in votes, deciding the future

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Stephen King's The Stand (1994) as Lloyd Henreid
A four-part miniseries based on the Stephen King novel "The Stand." Set in the future, the world's population is virtually wiped out by a deadly flu virus. The handful of survivors are drawn into two camps -- one representing goodness and purity; the other, evil.
Cruel Doubt (1992) as Lewis Young
A two-part miniseries based on Joe McGinniss's nonfiction book. A family is torn apart when a woman discovers that her husband's murderer is a member of her own family.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North (1989) as Toney
A two-part miniseries tracing the life and career of Oliver North. Part I begins in 1964, when the 21-year-old North survives a serious car accident. The young midshipman struggles to re-enter the Naval Academy, enters the Marine Corps, serves in Vietnam, and moves to Washington to work for the Nati

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