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Mel Ferrer

Mel Ferrer


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Also Known As: Died: June 2, 2008
Born: August 25, 1917 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Elberon, New Jersey, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Green Mansions (1959) as Director
A young adventurer falls in love with a mystical woman in the South American jungle.
Macao (1952) as Dir of addl scenes
A man on the run in the Far East is mistaken for an undercover cop.
Vendetta (1950) as Director
The Secret Fury (1950) as Director
A mysterious figure tries to stop a woman's marriage by driving her mad.
The Fugitive (1947) as Dir asst
A revolutionary priest flees a Central American dictatorship.
The Girl of the Limberlost (1945) as Director
Based on Gene Stratton-Porter's novel and a remake of Columbia's 1934 "The Girl of the Limberlost" and 1939's "Romance of the Limberlost," this one has altered the kinship who-hates-the-girl relationship from an aunt to her mother. This time out, Elnora Comstock (Dorinda Clifton) lives on the edge of a great swamp and collects butterflies to sell in order to go to high school and pay for violin lessons. Her mother, Kate Comstock (Ruth Nelson), hates her as she blames the girl for the father's death as he drowned in a quagmire on the way home the night the girl was born. The years-late revelation that the husband had been off courting a neighbor woman that night brings an attitude adjustment to the mother.
Ten Cents a Dance (1945) as Dialogue Director
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (1945) as Dialogue Director
A reformed thief helps the police stop an escaped maniac''''s killing spree.
Let's Go Steady (1945) as Dialogue Director
A Thousand and One Nights (1945) as Dialogue Director
Aladdin tries to make his fortune with the help of a beautiful genie.
Louisiana Hayride (1944) as Dialogue Director
In hopes of becoming a movie star, a country girl follows two con men to Hollywood.
They Live in Fear (1944) as Dialogue Director
A refugee escapes the Nazis and comes to America, but he cannot enjoy his new life because he is worried about the family he left behind.
Together Again (1944) as Dialogue Director
The female mayor of a small-town ignites local gossip when she falls for a sculptor.
Meet Miss Bobby Socks (1944) as Dialogue Director
A veteran becomes a singing sensation.
Sergeant Mike (1944) as Dialogue Director

Cast (feature film)

Audrey Hepburn: Remembered (1993)
The life and career of actress Audrey Hepburn.
Only the Good Die Young (1990) as Dr Brooks
Christine Cromwell tracks a diabolical killer whose aim is to murder all the members of an investement club she manages.
In Vino Veritas (1990) as Dr Brooks
Christine Cromwell becomes entangled in a feud between brothers over the future of their world-famous winery. Later, one of the men is murdered and her own life is threatened as she seeks the killer. A presentation of the "Christine Cromwell" series of telefilms, broadcast as part of "The ABC Saturd
Easy Come, Easy Go (1989) as Dr Brooks
Two of Christine Cromwell's clients, Billy Peale and Hayes Thorogood, are cheated out of millions of dollars by a smooth-talking con man. When the con artist is found murdered, incriminating evidence seems to point first toward Hayes, then toward Billy. Christine tries to prove her clients are innoc
Things That Go Bump in the Night (1989) as Dr Brooks
Christine Cromwell is a lawyer from a wealthy background who works as a financial advisor for a major San Francisco investment firm. In this television movie, Christine is forced to act as defense counsel for a woman who was a childhood friend and now stands accused of murdering her wealthy husband.
Lili Marleen (1989) as David Mendelssohn
A critique of pop mythology disquised as the doomed love story of the bubble-headed cabaret chanteuse who recorded the most beloved ballad of WWII while serving as a Jewish spy.
Outrage! (1986) as Judge Michael Lengel
A father takes justice into his own hands after his daughter has been raped and murdered, and her assailant has gone unpunished through a technicality in the law. The trial of the avenging father creates wide public attention, and puts the state's judicial system on trial.
Seduced (1985) as Arthur Orloff
A romantic thriller involving an ambitious attorney and the old flame with whom he resumes his passionate love affair of years before, only that now she is married to a powerful millionaire whose subsequent murder complicates matters. Harrison not only starred but also was executive producer for his
One Shoe Makes It Murder (1982) as Carl Charnock
Although filmed after "The Winds of War", this suspense drama marked Robert Mitchum's TV acting debut, as a down-and-out ex-San Diego cop who is hired by gambling kingpin Mel Ferrer (also the film's producer) to find his missing wife, who turns out to be a possible suicide. Angie Dickinson is a sha
Mangiati vivi dai Cannibali (1980) as Professor Carter
City of the Walking Dead (1980) as General Murchison
Memory Of Eva Ryker (1980) as Dr Sanford
Natalie Wood plays a dual role in what was to be her last television work, starring as an heiress to a fortune trying to uncover the mysterious death of her mother, who went down with a torpedoed luxury liner during World War II. Ralph Bellamy is her wealthy father who is obsessed with the ship, and
Fugitive Family (1980) as Anthony Durano
Undercover Justice Department agent Richard Crenna fingers syndicate czar Mel Ferrer and is forced into the government's witness protection program to escape mob vengeance when Ferrer's successor, Don Murray, puts out a contract on his life. Eli Wallach is a vintner who takes in Murray and his famil
The Visitor (1979) as Dr Walker
A young girl with telekinetic powers becomes the center of a battle between good and evil.
Screamers (1979) as Radcliffe
After their prison ship sinks in the Caribbean, a group of prisoners and a doctor wash ashore on a seemingly deserted island. They soon discover a strange couple, who invite them to stay at their house. While the prisoners try to plan an escape, the doctor does some investigating, and soon finds out just what the pair are really doing, and why the prisoners keep disappearing mysteriously.
Jaeger, Die (1979) as Daniela'S Husband
A young woman returns to the hunting lodge where she murdered her first husband years earlier and soon the same chain of events repeat themselves with her new spouse.
Fifth Floor, The (1979) as Dr Coleman
A young woman collapses on the disco dance floor of what's revealed to be strychnine poisoning. Assuming that this is an attempt at suicide, her boyfriend and doctor have her committed to the Fifth Floor, an asylum with obviously crazy inmates and a predatory orderly. The problem is, she's still sane!
Anti Cristo, L' (1978) as Massimo Oderisi
Norseman, The (1978) as King Eurich
A Viking prince sails to America in an attempt to rescue his father who is held captive by the native Indians.
Zwischengleis (1978) as Colonel Stone
Hi-Riders, The (1978)
New in town and sporting a sweet, souped-up ride, a sexy young couple races with a local hot-rod gang, leading to a face-off with explosive consequences.
Amazing Captain Nemo, The (1978) as Dr Robert Cook
Navy scientists find the legendary Captain Nemo living in suspended animation in his Nautilus on the bottom of the sea. He is revived and soon becomes involved in a war started by the King of Atlantis.
Sharon: Portrait of a Mistress (1977) as David
This film details a professional woman's romantic life through a series of affairs with married men because she is unable to make a lasting commitment.
Eaten Alive (1976) as Harvey Wood
Judd runs the Starlight Hotel out in some sort of swampy place, and is unfortunately a few slices short of a loaf. He has a crocodile conveniently placed on the other side of the front porch railing. The croc will eat just about anything, as the hapless guests of the hotel find out soon enough. A reformed hooker, an unlucky family, and the father and sister of the hooker all suffer various rates of attrition as Judd tries to implement damage control.
Il Corsaro Nero (1976) as Van Gould
Emilio di Roccabruna count of Ventimiglia is fighting Van Gould who ten years before had killed his father and stolen his family properties. He is known as "Il Corsaro Nero" (The Black Corsair) and his two brothers as Il Corsaro Verde (The Green Corsair) and as Il Corsaro Rosso (The Red Corsair). But the Green Corsair and the Red Corsair are killed treacherously by Van Gould's men while the Black Corsair is entirely taken up by saving an Indian village from the Spaniards. He can save only Yara. Later on he organizes with the help of Morgan his revenge.
Netz, Das (1975) as Morelli
The aging writer Aurelio Morelli is disillusioned: although the critics like his books, they are barely read. He develops hatred on youth and their depraved moral. One night he goes with a callgirl - and kills her. The police doesn't have a clue, only the unscrupulous sensational journalist Bossi suspects him. Instead of naming him to the police, he persuades Morelli to write about the murder for his paper. Morelli uses the occasion to write his memoirs, in which he confesses lots of other crimes before this last one...
Brannigan (1975) as Mel Fields
A Chicago police detective has to bring a crook home from London.
Tenafly (1973) as Charlie Rush
In this pilot for the short-lived "Tenafly" series with McEachin (1973-74), a potpourri of slice-of-life comedy and straight-ahead detective mystery, a black private eye investigates the murder of a radio talk-show host's wife.
Time For Loving (1971)
Sophisticated Jean Anouilh liaison trilogy.
El Greco (1966) as El Greco
The famed Spanish artist falls for a noblewoman betrothed to a lord.
Sex and the Single Girl (1964) as Rudy DeMeyer
A journalist sets out to expose a female sex expert but falls for her instead.
The Hands of Orlac (1964) as Steven Orlac
A pianist has a transplant operation that gives him a new pair of hands. Unfortunately, the hands belonged to a murderer, and he finds the hands starting to take over his life and commit crimes. A seedy magician suspects what is happening and tries to blackmail him.
The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964) as Cleander
A mad emperor''''s excesses leave the Roman Empire open to barbarian invasions.
Paris When It Sizzles (1964) as Themselves
A Hollywood producer hires a beautiful secretary to keep his drunken screenwriter on track.
The Devil and the Ten Commandments (1963) as Philip Allan
The Longest Day (1962) as General Haines
The Allied forces launch the D-Day invasion of German-occupied France.
Blood and Roses (1961) as Leopoldo De Karnstein
Young Carmilla is jealous of her friend's engagement, and her obsession leads her to the tomb of a female vampire. The vampire possesses her and leads her to kill and terrorise the inhabitants of the estate. But is it all in her mind, or is she really under the control of an ancient vampire ancestor?
The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959) as Benson Thacker
One woman and two men are the only people left alive after a nuclear disaster.
Fräulein (1958) as Foster MacLain
The Vintage (1957) as Giancarlo Barandero
Two fugitives hide out in a vineyard.
The Sun Also Rises (1957) as Robert Cohn
A group of disillusioned American expatriate writers live a dissolute, hedonistic lifestyle in 1920''''s France and Spain.
Elena and Her Men (1956) as Henri De Chevincourt
A countess falls in love with a Parisian general, but another officer pines for her.
War and Peace (1956) as Prince Andrey Bolkonsky
A young Russian girl fights to save her family during Napoleon's invasion of her homeland.
Proibito (1955) as Don Paolo
An old priest returns to his Sardinian town to bring peace to a place torn apart by age-old family rivalries.
Oh... Rosalinda! (1955) as Captain Alfred Westerman
"Die Fledermaus" (The Bat) is the pseudonym adopted by Dr Falke. Floating on the buoyant waltzes of Strauss, this Viennese romp is sure to please. Disguises, tricks and every kind of deception combine to reveal a would-be cheat in hot pursuit of his own wife, much to his chagrin. Silly, charming, always entertaining, always fun. This is a film version of "Die Fledermaus" set in post-war Vienna with the main protagonists of Dr Falke represented by the 3 occupying powers. This is NOT just a film of a staged production but a truly filmic version of the operetta.
Knights of the Round Table (1954) as Arthur [Pendragon]
Queen Guinevere is torn between love for her husband and Sir Lancelot.
Saadia (1954) as Henrik
A young doctor in the Sahara clashes with the local witch doctor.
Lili (1953) as Paul Berthalet
A French orphan gets a job with a carnival puppet show.
Scaramouche (1952) as Noel, Marquis de Maynes
In 18th-century France, a young man masquerades as an actor to avenge his friend's murder.
Rancho Notorious (1952) as Frenchy Fairmont
A cowboy infiltrates a bandit hideout in search of his girlfriend's killer.
The Brave Bulls (1951) as Luís Bello
A matador must recover his courage after being gored in the ring.
Born to Be Bad (1950) as [Gabriel] Gobby [Broome]
An ambitious girl steals a rich husband but keeps her lover on the side.
Lost Boundaries (1949) as Scott Carter
A black family tries to build a new life by passing as white.

Writer (feature film)

Every Day Is a Holiday (1966) as Screenwriter

Producer (feature film)

Thanksgiving Promise, The (1986) as Executive Producer
A television movie featuring three generations of the Bridges family. The story concerns a young boy who becomes fond of an injured goose destined for the Thanksgiving table.
W (1974) as Producer
In one twenty-four hour period, three nearly fatal accidents occurred. And at the scene of each accident, the injured person was found with the letter "W" written on them.
Embassy (1973) as Producer
The Night Visitor (1971) as Producer
A farmer is framed for murder and railroaded into an insane asylum by his ambitious sister and her doctor husband.
Wait Until Dark (1967) as Producer
A blind woman fights against drug smugglers who''ve invaded her home.
El Greco (1966) as Producer
The famed Spanish artist falls for a noblewoman betrothed to a lord.
Every Day Is a Holiday (1966) as Producer

Cast (special)

Wild Jack (1989) as Winston Fielding
A three-part action-adventure series for "The Magical World of Disney" about an Alaskan wilderness guide who is suddenly thrust into an urban environment and charged with running a multi-million-dollar publishing empire.
Return of Captain Nemo, The (1978) as Cook
On March 16, 1877, while searching for the lost kingdom of Atlantis, the submarine Nautilus wedges itself under a coral reef. Unable to free the submarine, its captain, Nemo, suspends himself in a crystalline chamber. One hundred years later, during U.S. Navy war games, divers Tom Franklin and Jim P

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Catherine the Great (1996) as Patriarch
Peter the Great (1986) as Frederick
An eight-hour, four-part miniseries based on Robert K. Massie's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the Russian Czar who opened his sprawling empire to the West. The action begins in the late seventeenth century when the young Peter is named co-czar with his brother, Ivan. Court intrigue involving h
Dream West (1986) as Judge Elkins
A three-part miniseries about John Charles Fremont, the American adventurer, the free-spirited woman who impelled him to dare undreamt-of feats, and the young nation they helped to shape. The story begins in 1839 when Fremont is chosen to lead the trek into the Oregon Territory with the help of Kit

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Top of the Hill, The (1980) as Andreas Heggener
Origins of the Mafia (1974) as Armando Della Morra

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