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Also Known As: Died: February 26, 1971
Born: May 8, 1903 Cause of Death: lung cancer
Birth Place: France Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

My Wife's Husband (1965) as Fernand Jouvin
After thirteen years in Germany, Fernand is coming back to his wife and his restaurant. But since his disparition, his wife as made her life with a norman chef, sympathetic but a specialist of butter's cooking when Fernand cook only with oil!
The Most Wanted Man (1962) as Joe Calvet
The Cow and I (1961) as Charles Bailly
In 1942, a French prisonner of war in Germany decide to escape to France using a cow hold by a lunge as a decoy. He cross all Germany in this way.
Caid, Le (1960)
Law Is the Law, The (1959) as Ferdinand Pastorelli
Assola is an imaginary village on the border between Italy and France and the borderline crosses the village itself. The French customs agent Ferdinand is always trying to catch the Italian smuggler Giuseppe. But Giuseppe discovers that Ferdinand was actually born in Italy and therefore he can't be a French customs agent. So Ferdinand finds himself married to Giuseppe's wife, a deserter and he is arrested. But when he is trying to kill all his fellow villagers from the mountains with a rifle, Giuseppe finds the proof on an old bottle of wine that Ferdinand is, after all, a Frenchman.
Paris Holiday (1958) as Fernydel
American comedian Bob Hunter, on a luxury liner to France with French counterpart Fernandel, takes an interest in blonde diplomat Ann McCall while pursued by an even shapelier blonde, the mysterious Zara, who seems to be after something in Bob's possession. But he's only going to France to obtain rights to a new what are Zara and her sinister boss after? The pursuit, amorous and larcenous, continues in Paris and escalates into a full-fledged comedy thriller.
Senechal the Magnificent (1957) as Senechal
Virtuous Bigamist, The (1957) as Paul Verdier
The Provence, somewhere in the 1950's. Paul Verdier (Fernandel), travelling salesman, leaves his home and his quarrelsome wife for his weekly round. On the train he meets a young woman, Marie (Giulia Rubini), who looks a little lost. No wonder. Marie is pregnant but lacks the customary husband. She's returning to her village but is not exactly looking forward to the confrontation with her parents and the villagers, all pretty conservative people. After getting to know Paul a little better (for which there is ample time during the trip by train and bus) Marie decides to ask Paul to act as her husband, just to allay the suspicions of her family. After some hesitating Paul accepts, charmed by the girl and unaware of the complications such is bound to cause to his own life.
Man in the Raincoat, The (1957) as Albert Constantin
In the absence of his wife, a clarinet player is induced by a friend to meet a call girl, but arrived after a crime. Perceived by some people leaving the scene of the crime covered by his raincoat, he became the only suspect for the police. His only hope is to discover the murderer before is name is mentionned publicly, specially in front of his wife.
Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as Parisian coachman
A Victorian gentleman bets that he can beat the world's record for circling the globe.
Wild Oat, The (1956) as Felicien
A small village is torn apart by a quarrel between the baker and the italian grocery tenant, mother of a pregnant young girl. She accuses the baker's son, doing his military service in Algeria, to be the father of the would be child. Offended, the baker refuses to deliver bread to the villagers standing on the mother's side.
Courturier de Ces Dames, Le (1956) as Fernand
A modest taylor the women found irresistible inherit a Maison de couture in financial difficulty. Decided to save it he prepare a great collection. But when his wife discovered his relations with one of the mannequin, how would he prevent the scandale without loosing... both of them?!
Pantaloons (1956) as Sganarelle
Ali Baba (1954)
Ali-Baba (1954)
Comedic retelling of the famous tale with Fernandel in the lead role as the slave who falls in love with his master's bride-to-be.
Sheep Has Five Legs, The (1954) as Papa St Forget And His Quintuplet Sons
An old vintner hasn't seen his five grown sons since he sent them off to school. A doctor from the town decides to secretly find them and reunite them with their father as a surprise, but what he finds is quite a motley crew of five men doing various odd jobs.
Retour de Don Camillo (1954) as Don Camillo
After his battles with the communist mayor Peppone, Don Camillo is sent in exile by his bishop in a remote village. Peppone thought he got the village in his hands. But when the municipality decide to build a dike against the periodic floods, the proprietor of the land refuses. War between the village clans is about to begin. Maybe only the strong hand of the priest could persuade the landlord to change his mind. Will Peppone passed over his pride and send for his enemy?
Coiffeur pour Dames (1952) as Marius-Mario
Mario (Fernandel), a bumptious sheep-shearer, discovers he has a inimtable touch that makes women, as well as sheep, swoon at his professional caress. He is soon the most sought-after hairdresser in France and is awarded the Legion of Honor. Among the women whose lives are changed by a hairdo(and his "touch") are Renee Devillers, his understanding wife; Arlette Poirier, a busy demimondaine, and Blanchette Brunoy, his most appreciative customer who sets up his ritzy establishment.
Fruit defendu, Le (1952) as Dr Charles Pellegrin
Charles Pellegrin, 40-year-old country doctor, buys a practice in Arles, a provincial town near Marseille. In five years, he has a large practice and a lovely (but more efficient than passionate) wife, when he meets spectacularly sexy, sensuous Martine, who seduces him. Soon, he's honoring that old French custom of keeping a mistress. At first Martine brings romance, then passion into his life...then black jealously and despair.
Petit Monde de Don Camillo, Le (1951)
In a village of the Po valley where the earth is hard and life miserly, the priest and the communist mayor are always fighting to be the head of the community. If in secret, they admired and liked each other, politics still divided them as it is dividing the country. And when the mayor wants his "People's House"; the priest wants his "Garden City" for the poor. Division exist between the richest and the poorest, the pious and the atheists and even between lovers. But if the people are hard as the country, they are good in the bottom of there heart.
L'auberge rouge (1951) as Monk
A group of travelers, including a monk, stay in a lonely inn in the mountains. The host confesses the monk his habit of serving poisoned soup to the guests, to rob their possessions and to bury them in the backyard. The story unfolds as the monk tries to save the guest's lives without violating the holy secrecy of the confession.
Topaze (1950)
Albert Topaze, sincere schoolteacher addicted to "rote" morality, works at a private school run by supremely money-grubbing M. Muche, whose daughter, also a teacher, makes cynical use of the knowledge that Topaze loves her. Alas, Topaze's naive honesty brings him unjust dismissal...and makes him fair game for the "aunt" of his private pupil, really the mistress of crooked politician Regis, who needs an honest-seeming "front man." Can artful Suzy Courtois keep Topaze on the string? With steadily escalating disillusion comes moral crisis...
Nais (1945)
Toine, the local hunchback, works at the tile manufacturing plant, but during the summer, he gives a hand to Micoulin, the farmer, thereby being able to spend more time close to Nais, Micoulin's daughter. That summer, the estate owner's son, Frederic Rostaing, decides to rest on the farm during his vacation from Law school. But his real motives are to seduce young Nais, whom he knows from their childhood days, after having seen her in town. Who will win the power struggle between the possessive father, the naive daughter, the vile student and the golden-hearted cripple?
Fric-Frac (1939)
Marcel works as assistant to a jeweller whose bossy daughter Renée keeps hitting on him. When he meets lovely Loulou and her lazy friend Jo, he is fascinated by the girl and somehow attracted by their world : Loulou and Jo are crooks. As Marcel naively tries to bring some morality in their lives, the pair turn him into an unwilling accomplice in the robbery of his boss's jewels.
Un Carnet de Bal (1937)
After the death of her husband, Christine realizes she has possibly wasted her life by marrying him instead of the man towards whom, in her youth, she had a stronger inclination. To overcome these dreary thoughts, she decides to find out about him and the other men who danced with her during a ball that was a turning point in her life, many years ago. She pays a visit to those forgotten acquaintances one after the other; Christine is not only surprised to see how they have fared, but also discovers the impact she had, unknowingly, on the feelings and the destiny of these persons.
Regain (1937)
Hercule (1937)
Angele (1934) as Saturnin

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