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Jane Feinberg

Jane Feinberg



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Casting (feature film)

Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, The (1991) as Casting (Los Angeles)
Travis Child is an aspiring country singer who plays in small clubs as he travels across the country with his younger sister Amanda who is his manager. Since Travis tends to drink too much and get involved with the wrong women, Amanda frequently has to get him out of trouble. While they are staying
Dream a Little Dream (1989) as Casting Director
An elderly couple find themselves trapped in the bodies of two teenagers.
Forbidden Sun (1989) as Casting
A group of young American girls become involved in a number of disturbing events on a Greek island.
Tropical Snow (1989) as Casting
Action expose on drug smuggling in Colombia.
Leviathan (1989) as Casting
Toward the end of a 90-day shift, a small deep-sea mining crew excavating silver and other precious metals 16,000 feet underwater stumbles upon Leviathan, a scuttled Russian ship. They bring back a watertight safe and open, unknowingly letting loose a Pandora''s box of mutant genes. The crew members subsequently get killed off one by one, begging the question, will anyone survive?
Evil in Clear River (1988) as Casting
Suggested by real events, a small-town housewife finds to her horror that a popular high school instructor is teaching blatant anti-Semitism and that most everyone in the town is blind to her outrage.
Ann Jillian Story, The (1988) as Casting (Los Angeles)
Ann Jillian stars as herself in this television movie about her romance with, and marriage to, a Chicago vice cop and her triumphant battle over breast cancer.
Backfire (1988) as Casting
Betrayal, deceit and murder set to destroy what seems to be the ideal marriage between a Vietnam veteran and his spouse.
Arthur 2: On The Rocks (1988) as Casting
Having been married for a few years, Arthur, the juvenile-yet-charming millionaire and ex-waitress Linda are hoping for a child. However, Bert Johnson, still incensed that Arthur ditched his daughter for Linda, is able to manipulate Arthur's company, leaving him and Linda broke. Will Arthur crawl
1969 (1988) as Casting
Two young men in the 1960's come to terms with their opinions about the Vietnam war and draft resistance.
Memories of Me (1988) as Casting
Comedy drama revolving around a father/son relationship.
Off Limits (1988) as Casting
Set in 1968 Vietnam, military police are on the trail of a high-ranking military officer who has been killing prostitutes.
Innerspace (1987) as Casting
Lionheart (1987) as Casting (Usa)
Based on actual historical events that took place in 1189. Story centers around a group of children who band together in search of England's King Richard the Lionhearted, fighting in the Crusades.
Scenes From the Goldmine (1987) as Casting
Code Name: Dancer (1987) as Casting
An ex-secret agent who leads a one-woman invasion of Cuba to rescue an old colleague.
From The Hip (1987) as Casting
After winning a no contest case through outrageous courtroom tactics, lawyer Judd Nelson quickly discovers his next client, a murderer, will be a hard sell.
Full Metal Jacket (1987) as Additional Casting
A group of Marines transform from rubes to fighting men. Through the eyes of a private, the men endure a merciless drill sergeant on Parris Island then the brutal Southeast Asian streets during the Vietnam War.
Family Sins (1987) as Casting
Gordon Williams is a stern and inflexible disciplinarian who shows favoritism towards his younger son. His inability to understand his older son's nature creates emotional stress and, ultimately, tragedy.
Sadie and Son (1987) as Casting (Los Angeles)
A mother-son detective team in Manhattan hunts down a serial killer. Sadie is a former NYPD policewoman forced into early retirement who wants her would-be actor son to join the police force. Meanwhile Sadie is involved romantically with a deli owner.
Stepfather, The (1987) as Casting
A seemingly average man, after murdering his entire family, remarries a widow with a teenage daughter in another town and prepares to do it again.
Stakeout (1987) as Casting
After a brutal murderer (Aidan Quinn) escaped from prison, all of his possible contacts are put under survey. His ex girlfriend Maria (Madeleine Stowe), who ceased contact with him long ago, is observed by 4 cops. The night shift is covered by Chris (Richard Dreyfuss) and Bill (Emilio Estevez). Maria proves to be very attractive, and Chris, who bugs her appartment as Telephone Bill, falls for her. Now, everytime he is with her, his partner has to watch his friend enjoy life and he himself has to get out before the other team comes in. But when Maria''s ex arrives, Telephone Bill and his partner find themselves in deep trouble.
Empire Of The Sun (1987) as Casting (Usa)
A soldier-of-fortune helps a young boy survive in World War II Japan.
Harry And The Hendersons (1987) as Casting (Los Angeles)
After Mr. Henderson''s car accidentally hits Harry, his life is turned upside down as he and his family make friends with the real-life Bigfoot.
Haunted by Her Past (1987) as Casting (Los Angeles)
A television movie about a devoted wife who becomes possessed by the century-old spirit of a sultry murderer hanged for killing her lover. Eric Beckett and his wife Karen take a trip to colonial Unionville and its annual Governor's Ball. Their carefree lives change unexpectedly when Karen is mysteri
Christmas Comes to Willow Cree (1987) as Casting
A Christmas television movie about two feuding brothers who are assigned to bring Christmas joy and gifts to a remote Alaskan town.
Brotherhood of Justice (1986) as Casting Director
A group of teenaged high-achievers form a secret society to rid their high school of drugs, violence, and vandalism. But when their vigilante tactics prove to be as deplorable as the evils they are trying to stamp out, their leader is faced with a life or death choice.
Vanishing Act (1986) as Casting
A television movie about a bridegroom and his missing bride, who may or may not be the woman he married. Harry Kenyon, a man on his honeymoon, walks into a police station at a ski resort and reports that his wife of one week has disappeared.<P>Police Lieutenant Rudameyer, a recent immigrant to the a
Aliens (1986) as Casting (Usa)
Space marines mount a mission to rescue a colony invaded by deadly creatures.
American Tail, An (1986) as Casting
A family of Russian mice is traveling aboard a ship to start a new life in America when their young son Fievel is washed overboard. Believing that he is lost at sea, they sadly start life in their new home without him. But in fact, Fievel has crossed the ocean in a bottle, and, once in the U.S., he
Shattered Spirits (1986) as Casting
Martin Sheen's chilling portrayal of an abusive drunk whose alcoholism tears apart his family, although his wife steadfastly denies there's a problem, gave this commanding drama its own sheen, as it were. In a small part is his real-life daughter, Renee Estevez, whom Dad later would direct in a dayt
Penalty Phase (1986) as Casting
A judge ponders letting a mass murderer go free on a legal technicality. During the trial, Judge Kenneth Hoffman discovers that the prisoner's rights may have been violated by the police. Even though the jury has found the defendent guilty, Judge Hoffman could be forced to make a ruling that could
Space Camp (1986) as Casting
Legend (1986) as Casting (Los Angeles)
Fairy-tale romance about a princess and the young man who takes her into an enchanted forest to view the magical unicorns, but things go awry when the malevolent King of Darkness seks to ensnare the princess for himself.
Boy in Blue, The (1986) as Casting
Based on the life of Ned Hanlan, the 19th-century Canadian sculler and world champion.
Short Circuit (1986) as Casting
A computer expert has manufactured war programmed robots for the government. But when Robot #5 is accidentally struck by lightning, he comes to life. Escaping, he is taken in by a kind woman to see that nothing happens to her new friend.
Flight of the Navigator (1986) as Casting
Goonies, The (1985) as Casting
A band of young boys find a treasure map and embark on a magical adventure.
Enemy Mine (1985) as Casting
Two mortal space enemies find themselves stranded on a deserted planet and then form a friendship in order to survive.
Mischief (1985) as Casting
It is 1956 and Jonathan Bellah is having a hard time finding love. But when the shy Jonathan becomes friends with the rebellious and popular Gene, who gives Jonathan some tips about girls, things begin to change.
Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) as Casting
Young John Watson is shipped off to boarding school and meets up with the brilliantly bizarre Sherlock Holmes. The two boys strike up a friendship and promptly become involved in the investigation of a number of mysterious murders. When their curiosity gets them into trouble with a dangerous religious cult, Watson and Holmes must struggle to avoid capture while attempting to notify the authorities.
Back To The Future (1985) as Casting
A young man travels into the past and almost keeps his parents from getting married.
Gotcha! (1985) as Casting
A a pair of college buddies take a vacation in Paris and one of them meets a seductive woman who turns out to be involved in professional espionage.
Return to Oz (1985) as Casting
Dorothy returns to he magical land only to find it in ruin and under the control of an evil empire.
Malice in Wonderland (1985) as Casting
Fact-based comedy drama recounting Hollywood's legendary feud between Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper during filmdom's golden era. Jane Alexander's depiction of Hedda Hopper won her an Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Actress, with other nominations going to costume designers Nolan Miller and M
Secret Admirer (1985) as Casting
An unsigned love letter causes chaos amongst some high-schoolers and their parents.
Turk 182 (1985) as Casting
A young man becomes a mystery hero in New York when he lauches a one-man campaign to fight City Hall for proper restitution for his brother, a firefighter who was seriously injured while trying to save a young girl.
Big Trouble (1985) as Casting
An unhappy wife tries to get her insurance agent to help her kill her husband.
Sheena (1984) as Casting
A legendary queen of the jungle finds herself fighting evil in the deepest, darkest parts of Africa.
Footloose (1984) as Casting
When a city kid is forced to move to a conservative Midwestern town, his tastes in rock music and his gyrating dance moves turn his high school upside down and send the town and its local preacher into a frenzy.
Finders Keepers (1984) as Casting (Usa)
Johnny Dangerously (1984) as Casting
Cannonball Run II (1984) as Casting
Washed up race car driver J.J. McClure and his mechanic Victor Prinzim enter the cross-country Cannonball Run in a ambulance. In order to look more legitimate, they take along a doctor, Nikolas Van Helsing, and abduct a pretty photographer to pass as their patient.
Woman in Red, The (1984) as Casting
A happily married man spies a beautiful model and becomes obsessed with meeting and possibly courting her.
Runaway (1984) as Casting
A cop investigate a series of murders by robots.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) as Casting
After fleeing a nightclub shooting and being dropped out of an abandoned plane, professor Indiana Jones, singer Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott and twelve-year-old Short Round find themselves in a starving Indian village who blame their plight on the loss off three mystical stones that have always brought
Losin' It (1983) as Casting
Set in 1965, four rowdy teenage guys travel to Tijuana, Mexico for a night of partying when they are joined by a heartbroken housewife who is in town seeking a quick divorce.
Superman III (1983) as Casting
Superman battles a supercomputer and the evil businessman exploiting it.
Without A Trace (1983) as Casting
Porky's II: The Next Day (1983) as Casting
Timerider (1983) as Casting
Lyle Swann is a dirt bike racer who is participating in the Baja 1000 cross-country race when he accidentally stumbles across a time travel experiment. Swann rides back into 1877 before the system arranges for his return to the present. When Swann arrives in a small, 19th-century Mexican village, th
Man Who Loved Women, The (1983) as Casting
David Fowler has two passions, sculpting and women, and he is quite successful in both departments until now. David finds that his insatiable hunger for women begins to render him socially, artistically and finally, sexually impotent. His desperate inner struggle drives him to the couch of an attra
All the Right Moves (1983) as Casting
Tough tale about a dying Pennsylvania mining town and a high-school football star who realizes his athletic prowess is his ticket out of there.
A Christmas Story (1983) as Casting
An Indiana schoolboy dreams of getting a Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas.
Running Brave (1983) as Casting
American Indian, Billy Mills overcomes adversity to win the gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics in the 10,000 meter competition.
Through Naked Eyes (1983) as Casting
Musician David Soul, scanning the tower opposite his through binoculars from the living room of his plush Chicago lakeside complex, finds an alluring woman, Pam Dawber, watching him through a telescope, and soon the two discover that their voyeuristic game has been joined by someone else who is watc
Twilight Zone--The Movie (1983) as Casting
Four separate stories in one movie. First a racist businessman gets the tables turned on him when he is transported back in time to being persued by Nazis in 1940s France, becomes an African-American at a KKK rally in the 1950s South, and and then a Vietnamese in 1960s Vietnam. The second story centers around an old man who makes the wishes of residents at a retirement home come true when he transforms them into youthful versions of themselves. In the third story a young woman on the road gives a ride to a little boy and ends up trapped with other people in an alternate reality created by the boy''s imagination. And in the final story a man on a plane sees, but cannot convince anyone else that a mysterious creature is on the outside wing of the plane trying to sabotage the aircraft.
Blue Skies Again (1983) as Casting
A hard-hitting, fast, sure-handed baseball player tries to break into the sport by applying for a spot on a minor-league team. The only problem is that the player is female, which engenders resistance and resentment among many players and officials.
Never Say Never Again (1983) as Casting
Under the command of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, SPECTRE Agents infiltrate a U.S. Air Force base situated in the U.K., and steal two Tomahawk cruise missiles. Maximillian Largo, the owner of an enormous yacht, holds the two nuclear devices and threatens their detonation on the world--NATO--if a ransom is not met. Answering to the threat, the British reactivate their ''00'' agents, and thus, they send James Bond (Agent 007) to recapture the warheads, find Largo and kill Blofeld. "Reactivated" as a double-agent, Bond must be retrained; he is shipped off to a health farm to purge him of his ancient habits of eating red meat and drinking martinis. Bond, the eternal charmer, engages in a couple of his old habits--having sex with his masseuse, and battling in an explosive fight with an assassin sent to kill him. He also stumbles upon Fatima Blush, the beautiful evil nurse working for Largo. His adventures pull him into playing a high stakes video game, engaging in a dangerous motorcycle pursuit, and eluding a deathly scuba diving chase.
Savannah Smiles (1982) as Casting
Starved for attention, a politician''''s daughter runs away from home.
Partners (1982) as Casting
Megaforce (1982) as Casting
Megaforce is a group of top-rate solidiers from all over the world who are led by Ace Hunter, and fight evil where they are needed. Their current project is to protect the peaceful nation of the Republic of Sardun from its hostile neighbor Gamibia. Gamibia is under the leadership of dictator Duke Guerrera, an old military academy friend of Ace''s who has turned to evil.
Blade Runner (1982) as Casting
An ex cop comes out of retirement in order to hunt down violent, fugitive androids.
Monsignor (1982) as Casting
The vows of an ambitious young American priest are tested during World War II. Not only does Father John Flaherty get involved with the black market to raise money for the Vatican, he also falls in love with a young French nun.
Six Weeks (1982) as Casting
Patrick Dalton is a Congressional candidate from California. When Nicole, the twelve-year-old daughter of a wealthy woman, offers to work on his campaign, Patrick says no. But when he learns that Nicole has leukemia and not long to live, he changes his mind. Patrick is determined to see that the gir
Endangered Species (1982) as Casting
A New York cop and a lady sheriff investigate a string of cattle mutilations in the West.
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) as Casting
An extra-terrestrial is accidentally left behind on Earth and is befriended by a young boy and his brother and sister. As Elliot attempts to help his extra-terrestrial companion contact his home planet so that he might be rescued, the children must elude scientists and government agents determined to apprehend the alien for their own purposes...which results in an adventure greater than any of them could have imagined.
Poltergeist (1982) as Casting
Evil spirits abduct a suburban family''s daughter causing chaos and havoc.
In Love with an Older Woman (1982) as Casting
Junior partner in a San Francisco law firm finds his life taking on new meaning when he meets the firm's newest employee, a free-spirited woman fifteen years his senior, and is invited to move in with her. The one hitch is that she has a daughter his age.
Kiss Me Goodbye (1982) as Casting
Kay is a lonely widow, who after three year, has been unable to break free from the memory of her late husband Jolly, a charming, but unfaithful Broadway choreographer. But finally, Kay falls in love with Rupert, a professor of Egyptology. Not long before their wedding day, Kay is visited by Jolly's
Six Pack (1982) as Casting
A race car driver stops in a small town, only to have his race carstripped by six youths. The six youths then stowaway in his trailer and he becomes a reluctant father to them.
Best Friends (1982) as Casting
Longtime roommates and professional partners find they aren''t prepared to make it legal.
Porky's (1981) as Casting
1954. The boys at Angel Beach High have one thing on their minds and Porky's, the local honky-tonk striptease joint, is the place to get it. But after the dirty half-dozen get thrown out of the club by Porky himself, the gang vow to wreak havoc on the place in revenge.
Zorro, The Gay Blade (1981) as Casting
When the new Spanish Governor begins to treat the local peasants unfairly Don Diego Vega becomes Zorro, the masked man in black with a sword who will fight for the weak and stop their oppressors. Then Vega injures his ankle and cannot figure out how to continue his crusade, when his long lost twin
History of the World Part I (1981) as Casting
A parody of epic historical and biblical films, including such historical themes as "The Dawn of Man," "The Stone Age," The Spanish Inquisition," "The Bible," and "The Future."
Amateur, The (1981) as Casting
After the fiancée of a CIA cryptographer is murdered by terrorists, he convinces his superiors to send him to Czechoslovakia to assassinate her killers. When he reaches his desination, he learns that there is much more to the murder than he suspected.
Carbon Copy (1981) as Casting
An executive's life takes an unexpected turn when his illegitimate son shows up.
Sphinx (1981) as Casting
An archaeologist travels to Egypt to find the lost tomb of a king, which has a curse on it. After a local expert on the tomb murdred, she becomes the next target for assassins.
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) as Casting
Archeologist and university professor Indiana Jones must retrieve the mythic Lost Ark of the Covenant before it gets into the hands of Adolf Hitler who plans on using its power to guarantee his global conquest.
Ghost Story (1981) as Casting
Four old men get together one a week to entertain each other by telling scary tales. This diversion takes an ugly turn when one of the most terrifying stories comes to life and a woman they mistakenly left for dead many years before comes back to exact her revenge.
Rich and Famous (1981) as Casting (Los Angeles)
Girlhood friends become romantic and literary rivals in this remake of Old Acquaintance.
Legend Of The Lone Ranger, The (1981) as Casting
Biography of John Reid, alias the Lone Ranger.
Raise The Titanic (1980) as Casting
When the United States learns that the Titanic contains radioactive cargo that would be valuable in the manufacture of weapons, a group of experts is sent down to raise the sunken ship. While the team is working on the case, the Soviet Union hears about their efforts, and decides to send a group of
Little Darlings (1980) as Casting
Girls at a summer camp compete to see who can find romance first.
Fatso (1980) as Casting
A New Yorker with an eating disorder attempts to lose weight.
Small Circle Of Friends, A (1980) as Casting
During the late 1960s, two Harvard undergrads both have feelings for the same girl. Journalism student Leo and pre-med student Nick are both pursuing Jessica, who is considering law school. The dynamic of the three friends is changed when Leo's draft number comes up and he is faced with going to Vietnam. This prompts Nick to confess the depth of his feelings to Jessica and she responds by suggesting that the three of them live together.
The Long Riders (1980) as Casting
The James brothers turn to bank robbery for revenge.
The Dogs Of War (1980) as Casting
A mercenary plots to overthrow a small African nation''''s government.
Ordeal of Dr. Mudd, The (1980) as Casting
Dennis Weaver is the Maryland physician condemned to prison in the Dry Tortugas in 1865 after unwittingly aiding in John Wilkes Booth's escape following Lincoln's assassination by setting Booth's broken leg, and several years later was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson for his work during an epid
To Race the Wind (1980) as Casting
A light-hearted dramatization of the autobiography of Harold Krents, a blind Harvard Law School student trying to make his way in a sighted world. Krents, whose experiences inspired the play and film, "Butterfiles Are Free," subsequently has become a lawyer -- although he initially was rejected by 4
Promise of Love, The (1980) as Casting
Teenage bride Bertinelli becomes a war widow when her Marine Corps husband Andy Romano is killed in Vietnam, and into her life comes a civilian recreation director (Parker) who works at Camp Pendleton in this romantic young love drama that originally was titled "Personal Effects."
Breaking Away (1979) as Casting
Working-class teens compete with a college cycling team.
...And Justice For All (1979) as Casting
A crusading attorney is assigned to defend a judge accused of rape.
Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (1979) as Casting
The story of young Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, western outlaws.
Vacation in Hell, A (1979) as Casting
A dream vacation at a posh tropical resort turns into a nightmare for four women and a man who wander off into the jungle on a remote part of the island and wage a desperate fight for survival.
Norma Rae (1979) as Casting
A young single mother and her co-worker try to unionize the mill where they work.
Love For Rent (1979) as Casting
Two small-town sisters go to Hollywood and find themselves seduced by the glamour of the big time and big money as high-priced professional escorts.
Sunburn (1979) as Casting
The Amityville Horror (1979) as Casting
Newlyweds discover their dream home is haunted.
Last Married Couple In America, The (1979) as Casting
Mari and Jeff Thompson are happily married, until the experience of seeing all of their friends divorcing makes them obsessive about keeping their marriage together. This new insecurity about the stability of their union is made worse when they meet Barbara and Jeff finds himself attracted to her. A
Friendly Fire (1979) as Casting
A drama about a rural American couple who become increasingly embittered as they cope with governmental indifference in their search for the truth behind the death of their son in Vietnam -- killed by friendly fire from American artillery. Based on the true story of war activist Peg Mullen. Emmy Awa
Mayflower: The Pilgrim's Adventure (1979) as Casting
A recounting of the ordeals and conflicts faced by the Mayflower's crew and passengers, with Anthony Hopkins and Richard Crenna representing the opposing outlooks. Originally titled "The Voyage of the Mayflower," it covers much of the same ground as the 1952 theatrical movie, "Plymouth Adventure," w
Dreamer (1978) as Casting
Dreamer is a bowling champion in his small town who dreams of success on a larger stage. His ambition is supported by his manager and his girlfriend.
Ice Castles (1978) as Casting
A young girl is on top of the world until a tragic accident dashes her hopes and dreams of becoming a world-class figure skater.
Last Tycoon, The (1976) as Casting
1930s studio executive Monroe Starr makes high money deals, calms nervous stars and carries on an affair. F. Scott Fitzgerald is said to have based the character on MGM legend Irving Thalberg.
Shampoo (1975) as Casting
A hairdresser expresses his fear of commitment by seducing his female clients.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
A small-time criminal fakes insanity in hopes of doing easy time in a mental hospital.
Young Frankenstein (1974)
A descendant of Dr. Frankenstein sets out to make a man.
Godfather, Part II, The (1974) as Casting
Continuing saga of the Corleone family as they move to Nevada and make the casino business their major income source under the leadership of the increasingly paranoid and malevolent Michael, whose reign as the "Don" is juxtaposed against the parallel tale of his father''s escape from Sicily as a young boy and his subsequent rise to power in New York''s Lower East Side during the turn-of-the-century.
Chinatown (1974) as Casting
A Los Angeles private eye unwittingly sets up an innocent man for murder, then joins his seductive widow to unearth the corruption behind the crime.

Cast (special)

1989 Miss Universe Pageant, The (1989) as Judge
Live broadcast of the 1989 Miss Universe Pageant from Cancun, Mexico, hosted by John Forsythe and Emma Samms. Delegates from approximately 76 countries participate in the areas of Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Personality/Inverview competitions as they vie for the title.
MISS HOLLYWOOD (1986) as Judge
The 1986 edition of the Miss Hollywood talent and beauty competition in which one of the twenty-five finalists will learn that she has been selected to hold the title of "Miss Hollywood, 1986," is telecast live from Hollywood's Wiltern Theater.

Producer (special)

Amelia Earhart (1993) as Co-Producer
Documentary biography of the life of American aviator Amelia Earhart.

Misc. Crew (special)

In the White Man's Image (1992) as Senior Researcher ("The American Experience")
A documentary chronicling Captain Richard Pratt's attempt to "civilize" and assimilate American Indians in the late 1800s by establishing off-reservation boarding schools.
Donner Party, The (1992) as Senior Researcher ("The American Experience")
A documentary recounting the plight of the people trapped in the Sierra Nevadas in the winter of 1846 on the infamous trek to California by the Donner and Reed families.
Kennedys, The (1992) as Senior Researcher ("American Experience")
A two-part documentary that traces the lives of Joe and Rose Kennedy and their nine children, focusing particularly on Joseph Jr., John, Robert, and Edward.
LBJ (1991) as Senior Researcher ("The American Experience")
Explores the life and career of Lyndon Johnson, from his early years in Texas politics to the turbulent times of his presidency.
Coney Island (1991) as Senior Researcher ("The American Experience")
A portrait of Coney Island at the turn of the 20th century.

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

Billionaire Boys Club (1987) as Casting
A miniseries about the Billionaire Boys Club, consisting of wealthy young investment partners led by Joe Hunt, who was convicted of murdering a fellow investor whom Hunt felt had swindled him.
Last Frontier, The (1986) as Casting (Usa)
A four-hour miniseries about a feisty American widow swept up in a bitter property feud and a stormy romance in the great outback of Australia. Kate Hannon, a working woman from Los Angeles with two teen-age children, marries an Australian widower with two daughters. She follows him to his Outback r
John Steinbeck's "East of Eden" (1981) as Casting
This three-part, eight-hour exploration of the John Steinbeck novel about the Trask family and the women who haunted their lives for two generations covered far more ground than did the 1955 feature film that starred James Dean, Julie Harris and Raymond Massey. Timothy Bottoms and Bruce Boxleitner a
Murder In Texas (1981) as Casting
Dramatization of the sensational Texas court case of the late '60s involving a noted Houston plastic surgeon, accused of doing away with his socially prominent first wife in order to marry somebody else. Based on the book by the doctor's second wife, the film resulted in an Emmy Award nomination for

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

Elvis and Me (1988) as Casting
A two-part miniseries based on the best-selling book by Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, which tells the story of the woman who lived with Elvis Presley for 14 years.
Louisiana (1984) as Casting

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

Asterix and the Big Fight (1989) as Casting

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