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Glenda Farrell

Glenda Farrell



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Also Known As: Died: May 1, 1971
Born: June 30, 1904 Cause of Death: lung cancer
Birth Place: Enid, Oklahoma, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Tiger by the Tail (1970) as Sarah Harvey
The Disorderly Orderly (1964) as Dr. Jean Howard
An inefficient hospital orderly wreaks havoc when he tries to help the patients.
Kissin' Cousins (1964) as Ma Tatum
A singing military officer gets mixed up with his look-alike hillbilly cousin.
Middle of the Night (1959) as Her mother [Mrs. Mueller]
A widowed businessman courts a younger woman who works for him.
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing (1955) as Mrs. Nesbit
Secret of the Incas (1954) as Mrs. Winston
An Inca legend says the Inca Empire was destroyed by the gods when a gold and jeweled starburst was stolen from the Temple of the Sun centuries ago, and the ancient civilization will spring anew when the treasure is returned. The natives want it but so does Harry Steele (Charlton Heston), an American adventurer of slightly-shady ways who wants it for personal gain, as does his adversary (Thomas Mitchell), a grizzled old man even more into skullduggery than Steele. The latter teams up with Elena Antonescu (Nicole Maurey), an Iron Curtain refugee fleeing from the MKVD. She can help him get a plane and he can help her escape Peru for the relative safety of Mexico.Is there a chance they will end up in a bickering love-hate relationship?...Is there a chance an American archaelogist, Dr. Stanley Moorehead (Robert Young), will come along as one corner of a romantic triangle?...Is there a chance that Yma Sumac (billed third on the posters and ads and special billed in the film), who can't act but can sing, will sing a few songs?...Is there a chance that these trite-sounding questions will develop into a film that is far from trite and vastly entertaining? Dang right, there is. Check it out.
Susan Slept Here (1954) as Maude Snodgrass
A Hollywood screenwriter takes in a runaway girl who's more woman than he can handle.
Girls in the Night (1953) as Alice Haynes
Apache War Smoke (1952) as Fanny Webson
A killer joins stagecoach passengers under attack by Indians.
I Love Trouble (1948) as Hazel Bixby
A wealthy man hires a detective to investigate his wife's past. The detective (Franchot Tone) discovers that the wife had been a dancer and left her home town with an actor. The latter is killed before he can talk, but, with the help of a showgirl, the detective learns that the wife had used stolen papers from a girl friend to enter college after she had stolen $40,000 from the night club where she worked. The detective eventually learns that the husband had killed his wife when he discovered her past in order to avoid a scandal, and had hired the detective to try and frame him for the killing.
Heading for Heaven (1948) as Nora Elkins
Lulu Belle (1948) as Molly Benson
Mary Lou (1948) as Winnie Winford
Ever Since Venus (1944) as Babs Cartwright
Klondike Kate (1943) as Molly
Molly (Glenda Farrell) and her troupe of dancing girls and "entertainers", sent for by saloon owner "Sometime" Smith, arrive in a Klondike mining town by train. Smith is out of town and rival saloon owner Jefferson Braddock (Tom Neal) signs the girls up to work in his saloon. Also arriving is Katherine (Kate) O'Day, with a deed of ownership, willed her by her father, to Braddock's saloon. She hires attorney and self-appointed Judge Horace Crawford (George Cleveland) to handle her ownership claim, but she soon sees that the deck has been stacked against her when Crawford works the trial as the judge and also the lawyer for both sides. She takes a job as singer in the saloon, replacing Lita (Constance Worth) both as star and Braddock's "favorite." Lita helps Smith win a crooked-and-staged game of "High Card" giving Smith ownership of Braddock's saloon. But Smith double-crosses her and she shoots him somewhat dead, and Braddock is accused of the killing, and is about to be lynched.
A Night for Crime (1943) as Susan [Cooper]
City Without Men (1943) as Billie LaRue
Johnny Eager (1942) as Mae Blythe
A handsome racketeer seduces the DA's daughter for revenge, then falls in love.
The Talk of the Town (1942) as Regina Bush
An escaped political prisoner and a stuffy law professor vie for the hand of a spirited schoolteacher.
Twin Beds (1942) as Sonya [Cherupin]
Torchy Blane in Chinatown (1939) as Torchy Blane
A daring lady reporter sets out to catch a blackmailer.
Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939) as Torchy Blane
After digging up the dirt on local politicians, a newswoman decides to run for office.
Hollywood Hotel (1938) as Jonesy
A small-town boy wins a Hollywood talent contest.
The Road to Reno (1938) as Sylvia Shane
Exposed (1938) as [Claire] Click Stewart
Blondes at Work (1938) as Torchy Blane
Even a jail term for contempt can''''t keep reporter Torchy Blane from investigating the case of a murdered department store owner.
Prison Break (1938) as Jean [Fenderson]
Torchy Gets Her Man (1938) as Torchy Blane
Female reporter Torchy Blane tries to crack a counterfeiting case.
Smart Blonde (1937) as Torchy Blane
An ambitious reporter forces her policeman boyfriend to let her help with a murder case.
Torchy Blane, the Adventurous Blonde (1937) as Torchy Blane
Reporter Torchy Blane walks out on her own wedding to solve the case of a murdered actor.
Fly Away Baby (1937) as Torchy Blane
Reporter Torchy Blane takes to the skies to track down a band of killers.
Breakfast for Two (1937) as Carol Wallace
A Texas heiress competes with a gold digger for the love of a playboy.
Dance Charlie Dance (1937) as Fanny Morgan
A gullible "angel" sinks money into a doomed play.
Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936) as Genevieve Larkin
A group of insurance salesmen try to get into show business.
Snowed Under (1936) as Daisy Lowell
A playwright in search of solitude is besieged by three women.
Nobody's Fool (1936) as Ruby Miller
Here Comes Carter (1936) as Verna Kennedy
A radio commentator avenges an old wrong by blowing the whistle on Hollywood scandals.
The Law in Her Hands (1936) as Dorothy Davis
A lady lawyer for the mob tries to break free of her criminal connections.
High Tension (1936) as Edith McNeil
Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935) as Betty Hawes
A socialite is bamboozled into producing a stage show in her home.
We're in the Money (1935) as Dixie Tilton
Gold-digging process servers set their sights on a breach of promise defendant.
In Caliente (1935) as Clara
At a Mexican resort, a fast-talking magazine editor woos the dancer he's trashed in print.
Little Big Shot (1935) as Jean
Small-time hoods turn nursemaid when a gangster's daughter is orphaned.
Miss Pacific Fleet (1935) as Mae O' Brien
Two stranded showgirls enter a beauty contest to win the fare back home.
Traveling Saleslady (1935) as Claudette [Ruggles]
A toothpaste tycoon''''s daughter joins his rival to teach him a lesson.
Go into Your Dance (1935) as Molly Howard
An irresponsible Broadway star gets mixed up with gambling and gangsters.
The Personality Kid (1934) as Joan [McCarty]
Success corrupts a young prizefighter and leads him to neglect his wife.
Merry Wives of Reno (1934) as Bunny [Fitch]
Three couples raise a ruckus when they travel to Nevada for quickie divorces.
Hi Nellie! (1934) as Gerry [Krale]
A crusading newspaper editor keeps digging into corruption, even when he''''s forced to write advice to the lovelorn.
Kansas City Princess (1934) as Marie [Callahan]
A pair of con women masquerade as girl scouts to escape to New York.
Heat Lightning (1934) as Mrs. Tifton ["Feathers"]
A lady gas station attendant gets mixed up with escaped murderers.
The Big Shakedown (1934) as Lil [Lily Duran]
A racketeer breaks into black-market medicine.
I've Got Your Number (1934) as Bonnie
Two telephone engineers try to clear a woman of criminal charges.
The Secret Bride (1934) as Hazel Normandie
A district attorney secretly marries the daughter of a man he's trying to convict.
Dark Hazard (1934) as Valerie [Wilson]
A compulsive gambler loses everything.
Lady for a Day (1933) as Missouri Martin
A gangster helps an old apple-vendor pose as a society woman to fool her visiting daughter.
Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) as Florence Dempsey
A disfigured sculptor turns murder victims into wax statues.
Bureau of Missing Persons (1933) as Belle [Saunders]
A police chief helps a young bride find her missing husband or at least his corpse.
Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933) as Glenda
A woman doctor decides to have a baby without benefit of marriage.
Havana Widows (1933) as Sadie Appleby
Chorus girls travel to Cuba in search of rich husbands.
Central Airport (1933) as Woman in wreck
A World War I flyer can only find work as chauffeur to a lady sky diver.
Man's Castle (1933) as Fay La Rue
An unemployed man turns to crime when he gets his girlfriend pregnant.
Grand Slam (1933) as Blondie
A hat-check girl's skill with cards lands her a wealthy bridge champion.
Gambling Ship (1933) as Jeanne Sands
Tired of the dangerous life as gambling boss, Ace Corbin 'retires' from the racket and travels cross-country by train to begin a new life with a new name. On the train, he meets Eleanor and they fall in love. Eleanor is afraid to tell Ace she's a soiled dove and Ace doesn't tell Eleanor of his shady past. Old enemies won't let Ace begin his new life, and old commitments's won't free Eleanor of her sordid ties. Ace's old life and Eleanor's deception collide with the typical results. But love conquers all!
Girl Missing (1933) as Kay Curtis
A new bride disappears from her honeymoon hotel the same night a dead body pops up.
The Keyhole (1933) as Dot
A private eye specializing in divorce cases falls for the woman he's been hired to frame.
The Match King (1932) as Babe
An ambitious young man corners the market on matches, then faces the destruction of his empire.
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) as Marie [Woods]
A World War I veteran faces inhuman conditions when he's sentenced to hard labor.
Scandal for Sale (1932) as Stella
Three on a Match (1932) as Mrs. Black
A woman's childhood friends try to rescue her from gangsters.
Life Begins (1932) as Florette
A maternity ward becomes the focus for the patients'''', doctors'''' and nurses'''' personal problems.
Little Caesar (1931) as Olga Strassoff
A small-time hood shoots his way to the top, but how long can he stay there?

Cast (special)

Marriage Broker, The (1957) as Mae Swasey
The story of Mae Swasey, a woman who begins a matrimonial bureau when her husband is stolen by another woman. Her attempts to pair off lonely hearts--for a fee--was to be the focal point of the unsold series. Based on the 1952 feature film, "The Model and the Marriage Broker."

Cast (short)

Sunday Night at the Trocadero (1937)
In this short film, Reginald Denny introduces various singing and dancing acts.
Things You Never See on the Screen (1935)
This short film presents a series of bloopers from various Warner Bros. productions.
Position & Back Swing (1933)
In this short film, golf champion Bobby Jones demonstrates the correct and incorrect ways to hit a drive. Vitaphone Release 5820.

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