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Jorge Arriagada

Jorge Arriagada


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Lines of Wellington (2012)
On September 27, 1810, the French troops commanded by Marshal Massena, were defeated in the Serra do Buçaco by the Anglo-Portuguese army of general Wellington. Despite the victory, the Portuguese and the British are forced to march à frente of the enemy, numerically superior, in order to attract the
Night Across the Street (2012)
As an elderly office worker nears his forced retirement, he begins to relive his life in real and imagined memories.
Women on the Sixth Floor, The (2011)
Jean-Louis works in a finance office and lives a peaceful and boring life with his socialite wife in 1960 Paris. But when some exuberant Spanish maids move into their building, the family's life is turned upside down.
Mysteries of Lisbon (2010)
Joao is the illegitimate child of an ill-fated romance between two members of the aristocracy were forbidden to marry. To learn the truth about his parentage, Joao goes on a quest through Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and as far as Brazil.
Mansacue (2008)
Klimt (2007)
The Austrian artist Gustav Klimt's (1862-1918) lavish, sexual paintings came to symbolize the art nouveau style of the late 19th and early 20th century. Klimt's kaleidoscopic paintings are a combination of sensuality, expressiveness and passion--and, like his own life, mirror his obsession with wome
Terror's Advocate (2007)
Documentary about the controversial French lawyer: Jacques Verges, who began his career with the Algerian War for Independence and the defense of Djamila Bouhired, an activist who embodied the people's determination to gain freedom.
Salvador Allende (2004)
A retracing of the life of determined Marxist-humanist revolutionary, Salvador Allende, delving into the supposed implication of the United States in the coup d'état.
Dias de Camp (2004)
A writer named Don Federico tells stories, which may be fact or fiction, to his friend Don Luis at a café in Santiago, Chile.
Savage Souls (2001) as Music
In 1882, Therese, a young maid from the countryside, elopes with her fiance Firmin to a nearby town. Once there she discovers that nobody can rule over her: she is a savage soul. Therese meets another savage soul, the elegant and mysterious Madame Numance, benefactress of the town, with whom she wil
Our Lady of the Assassins (2000) as Original Score
A middle-aged writer's struggle with love amongst the young killers of Medellin.
Son of Two Mothers Or the Comedy of Innocence (2000) as Original Score
On his 9th birthday, Camille reveals to his mother Ariane that he wants to return to his "real" home and his "real" mother. He leads her through the steets of Paris to a neighborhood he recognizes, to an apartment where he claims he lives. The owner, Isabella, is not there, but later it is revealed
30 ans (2000) as Music
Three decades in the lives of a group of friends, who all share a love of and dedication to the theater. In 1974, friends Aurelian, Barbara and Antoine found a new Paris theater. For their first production, the troupe works with fledgling actress Jeanne and Chilean dissident actor Luis Miguel Suerte
Combat d'amour en songe (2000) as Music
A pure hearted and carefree young man is confronted by the social imposition of getting rich by his own means. He embarks on a journey filled with pirates, treasure, inscrutable manuscripts, invisible cities and blind guardians.
Entusiasmo, El (2000) as Music
Guillermo, Fernando and Isabel become friends in Chile during the dictatorship years. Ten years later, Fernando and Isabel have a baby, and, enjoying new political freedoms, move to another part of the country where they meet Guillermo again. They set up a travel business that is hugely successful,
Our Lady of the Assassins (2000) as Music
A middle-aged writer's struggle with love amongst the young killers of Medellin.
Time Regained (1999) as Music
Based on the concluding installment of Marcel Proust's literary masterpiece, "Rememberance of Things Past," a dying Proust reflects upon his life from his deathbed, remembering many of the people who've affected and influenced him during the course of his adult life, from the 1880s to the early 1920
Inconnu de Strasbourg, L' (1998) as Music
Madeleine and Jean-Paul are lovers. One night they are discovered by Madeleine's husband whom Madeleine then accidentally shoots. The two plan to meet on October 13th, in a cafe in Strasbourg. But before then, Jean-Paul is involved in a car accident and gets amnesia. He has no idea who he is but rec
Shattered Image (1998) as Music
A recovering rape victim finds herself living two different realities, not knowing which is real.
Genealogies d'un crime (1997) as Music
An exploration of the Oedipal theme--of fate versus individual choice--which is based on a true story of a Freudian psychoanalyst in turn-of-the-century Vienna who detects homicidal tendencies in her five-year-old nephew and is eventually killed by him. Actress Catherine Deneuve plays both the Aunt
Che, El (1997) as Music
Documentary retraces Guevara's life and political career, beginning with his youth in 1950's Argentina, when he set out on the road, writing travel diaries, poetry, and stories. His wanderings through the Andes, Patagonia, Peru, and the Chilean desert informed his identity not as a citizen of one na
Three Lives and Only One Death (1996) as Music
In the first of four comical tales of social dissonance, a traveling salesman, Mateo Strano, walks out on his wife Maria. Twenty years later, he returns and lures her new husband to his apartment across the street where he has been hiding with strange, supernatural spirits. In the second tale, Georg
Mi Ultimo Hombre (1996) as Music
Following the dilemma of a journalist who becomes personally involved with a terrorist in an unspecified country during a time of political instability.
Tarkaljaschti Se Kamani (1996) as Music
A Bulgarian doctor announces to his sons that he's moving to the United States to spend his twilight years away from his homeland. However, in reality, the doctor's not really left the country--rather he's retreated to a house in a remote wooded area, to suffer in stoic silence as he contemplates hi
Pierres Qui Roulent (1996) as Music
Three schleppy grown brothers find themselves at loose ends when their distinguished father decides to leave Bulgaria for America.
Eyes of Asia, The (1995) as Music
In 1582, four young Catholic seminarians from Nagasaki, Japan, set out on a long journey to Lisbon and Rome, for a convocation with Pope Gregory XIII to whom they relate the conversion of the Japanese people. Juliao, Mancio, Miguel and Martinho return to Japan having carried out their mission as pri
Fabuleux Destin de Madame Petlet, Le (1995) as Music
Madame Petlet is a woman of great good sense and judgment, a model of health and sanity. When she leaves her drunken husband to go to Paris, she gets a job as a TV scripwriter's live-in nanny. The latter, running dry on ideas, begins to find a new and very successful source of sitcom material in the
Los Naufragos (1994) as Music
The pervasive impact of Chile's 1970 military dictatorship on its society as seen through the eyes of Aron -- a native Chilean who had been forced to exile to Europe for two decades.
It's All True: Based On An Unfinished Film By Orson Welles (1993)
Only the final segment of "It's All True," Orson Welles' legendary uncompleted film, survived--in the form of unedited rushes--in its entirety. That segment, called "Four Men on a Raft," has been reconstructed for this documentary chronicling the adventures of Hollywood's greatest enfant terrible in
Dark at Noon (1993) as Music
After his father's death, a Parisian medical researcher returns to a region of Portugal to deal with part of the family legacy--a prosthesis factory owned by an old family friend. He finds the factory owner and his wife "possessed" by the local Marquis and finds himself constantly accosted by all so
O Fim Do Mundo (1993) as Music
After receiving an early parole, an elderly peasant returns to his village and discovers the long-term consequences of his murderous crime.
Sushi Sushi (1992) as Music
A leftist art professor, in lieu of teaching, embarks on a capitalist venture by selling sushi for home delivery.
Blanval (1991) as Original Music
In the town of Blanval during wartime, a laundress tries to save a Canadian pilot persecuted by the German Army.
Treasure Island (1991)
A young boy imagines a series of adventures inspired by a tv adventure show and Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel.
O Processo do Rei (1991) as Music
Members of the Portuguese court scheme to dethrone their ineffectual ruler.
Amelia Lopes O'Neill (1991) as Music
A well-bred young woman, who prizes the virtue of fidelity, remains faithful to the doctor who deflowers her, even after he marries her invalid sister.
Terra Fria (1991) as Music
A married woman kills her lover with whom she's had a baby, and her husband takes the blame for her.
Sky Above Paris, The (1991) as Music
Romance blossoms when a lonely young stranger enters the lives of a male who prefers boys and a female who shies away from love.
Desenchantee, La (1990) as Music
Over a three day period and based on a dare from her boyfriend, a stunningly beautiful, 17-year-old, Beth, has different encounters with several different men of different age groups - a nerdy adolescent, a mysterious writer and knife enthusiast, and a retired, wealthy doctor who supports Beth's inv
Un Jeu d'enfant (1990) as Music
A young boy comes of age during the French Occupation.
Les Deux fragonards (1989) as Music
Explores the relationship between Jean-Honore Frangonard, the painter, and his cousin Honore Fragonard, an anatomist.
Winter's Child (1989) as Music
Feckless aspiring architect Stephane leaves his pregnant girlfriend for theater designer Sabine; Sabine in turn vainly attempts to overcome her violent obsession with an actor in her theater company. A game of emotional chutes and ladders ensues as these two nearly-lost souls awaken to their true fe
Terre sacree (1988) as Music
A Chilean returning to Santiago to find out what has happened to his native country while he has been away, discovers much about himself.
Kaftane el Hob (1988) as Music
Les Mendiants (1987) as Music
Miracule, Le (1987) as Music
Hypothese du Tableau Vole, L' (1987) as Music
Two narrators, one seen and one unseen, discuss possible connections between a series of paintings. The on-screen narrator walks through three-dimensional reproductions of each painting, featuring real people, sometimes moving, in an effort to explain the series' significance.
Buisson ardent (1987) as Music
Brise-glace (1987) as Music (3rd Episode)
Three filmmakers each explore the experiences of a two week icebreaking mission on the Bonthian Sea off the coast of Sweden.
Les Destins de Manoel (1985) as Music
Hijos de la Guerra Fria (1985) as Music
A tale that points to the apathetic complicity of Chile's middle class with the Pinochet dictatorship as told through the story of two mid-level office workers in Santiago who fall in love and attempt to ignore the darker implications of a society teetering on the edge of moral and economic collapse
Notre Mariage (1984) as Music
Les Amants Terribles (1984) as Music
Ave Maria (1984) as Music
Ville des Pirates, La (1983) as Music
Territory, The (1981) as Music
A group of Americans lose their way in a medieval wood in southern France and eventually resort to cannibalism as a means of survival.
Vocation Suspendue, La (1977) as Music

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