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Edythe Elliott

Edythe Elliott



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Cast (feature film)

Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder (1952) as Mrs. Gilmore
Missing Women (1951) as Mrs. Grayson
All That I Have (1951) as
Belle Le Grand (1951) as Miner's wife
Kill the Umpire (1950) as Elderly woman
To appease his family, a retired baseball player signs up for umpire school.
House by the River (1950) as
A deranged writer murders a maid after she resists his advances. The writer engages his brother's help in hiding the body, and then watches as the brother becomes the prime suspect.
The Killer That Stalked New York (1950) as Nurse
Married jewel thieves struggle with infidelity, federal agents and the deadly smallpox virus.
The Lady from Shanghai (1948) as Old woman
A romantic drifter gets caught between a corrupt tycoon and his voluptuous wife.
The Bishop's Wife (1948) as Saleslady
An angel helps set an ambitious bishop on the right track.
Her Husband's Affairs (1947) as Nurse
An ad man fights off his wife''''s attempts to help him market an embalming fluid that doubles as a hair remover.
Ginger (1947) as Mom Sullivan
Vacation Days (1947) as Mrs. Rogers
Messenger of Peace (1947) as Hilda Torgel
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley (1947) as Mrs. Hume
Red Ryder convinces homesteaders to settle in Paradise Valley. Business men in nearby Central City want control of the valley and water supply and propose to build a dam for half interest in the land. They use Red to generate interest in the dam but when the dam is completed, they rig the stockholder's meeting so Central City will get the water. The homesteaders then go after Red whom they think is responsilble
The Fabulous Texan (1947) as
A couple of Confederate soldiers, returning home from the Civil War, find Texas transformed into an armed camp with a quasi-dictator gathering up land and power as fast as he can. The two former Rebels take on this despot each in his own way.
The Son of Rusty (1947) as Mrs. Hebble
When they are separated, a boy and his dog fight to find each other.
Web of Danger (1947) as Red Cross worker
Santa Fe Uprising (1946) as Mrs. Dibble
The Duchess (Martha Wentworth), the aunt of Red Ryder (Allan Lane), comes to town to protect her property. Crawford (Barton MacLane), a town big-shot behind an outlaw gang, tries to prevent her from reaching her destination, but the attack is thwarted by Red. The latter is made town marshal, and when he gets too close to the truth and is making it too hot for the Crawford faction, Crawford has his henchman Luke (Dick Curtis) kidnap Red's Indian friend Little Beaver (Bobby Blake).
Freddie Steps Out (1946) as Mrs. Rogers
Personality Kid (1946) as Mrs. Howard
High School Hero (1946) as Mrs. Rogers
That Brennan Girl (1946) as Miss Unity
The Undercover Woman (1946) as Mrs. Grey
The Madonna's Secret (1946) as Landlady
Let's Go Steady (1945) as Mrs. Pugg
The Phantom of 42nd Street (1945) as Mrs. Janet Buchanan
An actor is killed during the performance of a play and critic Tony Woolrich (Dave O'Brien) undertakes to solve the crime. Claudia Moore (Kay Aldridge, in her last movie role), the girl he loves, is suspected, but when two more deaths occur, she is also threatened by the Phantom Killer. During a production of "Julius Caesar" the killer makes a final attempt.
Girls of the Big House (1945) as Postmistress
The Song of Bernadette (1945) as
A French peasant girl''s visions of the Virgin Mary create controversy as pilgrims flock to her small town for healing.
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945) as Nurse
A girl in the slums tries to find her way with the help of her devoted mother and alcoholic father.
Dick Tracy (1945) as Mrs. Caraway
Dick is faced with a series of murders in which the victims all come from different social and economic backgrounds.
Scotland Yard Investigator (1945) as Bentley
Stars on Parade (1944) as Mrs. Dean
The Great Mike (1944) as Mrs. Dolan
Cowboy Canteen (1944) as Mrs. Bradley
A rancher turns his spread into a dude ranch for soldiers during World War II.
One Mysterious Night (1944) as Mother
A reformed thief helps the police recover an Egyptian diamond.
End of the Road (1944) as Middle-aged woman
The Seventh Victim (1943) as Mrs. Swift
A girl's search for her missing sister puts her in conflict with a band of satanists.
Redhead from Manhattan (1943) as Nurse
Gangway for Tomorrow (1943) as Mary's mother
Five people thrown together by World War II review their pasts.
Stand by All Networks (1942) as Mrs. Elliott
A radio reporter sets out to track down and expose Nazi agents.
Blondie for Victory (1942) as Housewife
Blondie organizes Housewives of America to perform homefront wartime duties, including guarding the local dam. Dagwood and the other husbands don't care to be left home doing the cooking and taking care of the kids, so Dagwood pretends to join the Army. Blondie disbands the organization and comes home.
Junior Army (1942) as Mrs. Ferguson
An English refugee and a street thug go to military school together.
The Man Who Returned to Life (1942) as Mrs. Turner
David Jamieson (John Howard), a Northerner, is forced to flee from a Maryland town where he is suspected of murdering the girl who attempted to force him to marry her on the eve of his wedding to another girl. He flees and assumes a new identity but returns to save the life of the man accused of killing him.
Flight Lieutenant (1942) as Mrs. Rhodes
A disgraced pilot sets out to regain his son''''s respect.
Lucky Jordan (1942) as Private secretary
A racketeer struggles to adjust to military life after he''''s drafted.
Bullets for Bandits (1942) as Queen Katey
Valley of Hunted Men (1942) as Elizabeth Schiller
It's 1941 and three Nazis escape from a Canadian prison. Two are killed but the third kills Paul Schiller and assumes his identity. This leads him to the Three Mesquiteers ranch where his uncle Dr. Steiner is developing a chemical that will extract rubber from a local plant. The Nazis are out to stop the project and they get the fake Schiller to sabotage the Doctor's formula.
Father Takes a Wife (1941) as Mrs. Plant
A famous actress has to win over her ready-made family when she weds a shipping magnate.
Harmon of Michigan (1941) as Mrs. Davis
Tom Harmon (ol' # 98 for the Michigan Wolverines, husband of actress Elyse Knox and father of Mark Harmon and Kelly Harmon)took a back seat to no one on the football field (except the Minnesota Gophers) or, later, in the broadcast booth, but, on film, he managed to find himself in two of the all-time bad sports movies..."The Spirit of West Point" and "Harmon of Michigan." The latter, if it had been a true-life biography of Tom Harmon, might have made a passable film but after a short prologue, narrated by sports writer Bill Henry who is not the same as actor William Henry, that semi-recaps Harmon's football-playing days at the University of Michigan, it quickly develops into a mess that indicates the director and writers used the technical adviser, Coach Jeff Cravath, only to put plays on the blackboard. Once Harmon,(supposedly playing himself but the character he plays here has more character flaws than the law allows), graduates from Michigan, he marries his college sweetheart Peggy Adams (Anita Louise), turns up his nose at the prospect of playing professional football---a poor-paying and not-that-well respected job in 1941---and starts a vagabond tour of coaching tank-water colleges. Authenicity went out the window when the narration ended, as did any kind of time tracking, as everything that follows seems to happen in a single football season. Tom takes an assistant coach job at a cow-pasture college under Jimmy Wayburn (William Hall) and lasts one day before Wayburn fires him. Then he signs to play for a College All-Star team doing exhibition games against pro teams, but his team-mates, hacked because Tom gets star billing, lay down on him and he gets smacked down hard on every play. One of the leaders willing to let Harmon get slaughtered is old Michigan teammate Forrest Evashevski (playing himself), a life-long friend in real life and Godfather to Mark Harmon and a long-time respected coach at the University of Iowa. Harmon wins the game by himself, but decides this isn't his cup of tea. He hangs around the house a few weeks, then gets a job as an assistant under old-time coach Pop Branch at a college that has three buidings on campus and a football stadium seating 100,000 fans. He helps Pop win a few games (still ticking along in what appears to be the same fall football season), but the alumni at Webster College are tired of losing, fire their coach and hire Harmon away from Pop. Harmon takes over the Webster team in mid-season and becomes the all-time example of a hard-ass coach willing to win at any cost, including installing a screen-pass play that depends on an illegal blcoking scheme---the Flying Wedge---to make it work. His Webster team begins to thump their opponents by large scores, usually leaving the other team battered and bloodied by the use of the illegal blocking scheme. They win four or five games which, based on the writers time scheme, would have them playing 20 games a season in what was then a nine-and-ten game season. Plus, the press and other coaches around and about, are up in arms about Harmon's tatics, but the jerks refereeing the games evidently haven't read the rule book nor the newspapers and throw no penalty flags against his team. Well, one referee does once, but he never officiated nor had lunch in that town again. It, by any reasonable calendar must now be July of the next year in a season that should have ended in December, and hard-case Harmon's team is going up against Pop's team (where Harmon coached earlier in this never-ending season) and Pop drops by and tells Tom he ain't all that fond of Tom's coaching methods, but Tom poo-pahs him off, and then sends his team out and they gleefully dismantle Pop's fair-playing team by 109-0. But Webster's quarterback Freddie Davis (Stanley Brown) suffers a concussion running a play Harmon calls just to run up the score even higher---Harmon evidently didn't read the script because nobody using their own name would want this character perceived
The Medico of Painted Springs (1941) as Maw Blane
The Stork Pays Off (1941) as Mrs. Gadsby
Gangster Deak Foster (Victory Jory) and his three henchmen, Brains Moran (Maxie Rosenbloom), Ears-to-the-Ground Hinkle (Horace MacMahon) and Photofinish Farris (George McKay), take over what they think is a night club run by a rival, Stud Rocco (Ralf Harold), only to discover it is a nursery run by Irene Perry (Rochelle Hudson). All fall under the benign influence to the point where the three henchmen go to night school to be educated and Deak falls in love with Julie.
Richest Man in Town (1941) as Elderly woman
Blondie in Society (1941) as Neighbor
Dagwood brings home a pedigreed Great Dane which an important company client wants and which Blondie enters in the big dog show. A highlight of this film is the canine burping display.
Beware, Spooks! (1939) as Woman radio announcer
Joe E. Brown, Mary Carlisle, Clarence Kolb, Marc Lawrence, Don Beddoe. Inept bunglerJoe E. Brown saves the day when he traps some wanted criminals in the Coney Island funhouse.
Fixer Dugan (1939) as Mrs. Fletcher
A circus man adopts an aerialist's daughter.
Dancing Co-Ed (1939) as House mother
A college girl fights to survive in academia and show business.
Condemned Women (1938) as Dr. Barnes
Murder creates an uproar in a women''s prison.
Double Danger (1938) as Edith Theron
A jewel thief faces surprising competition when he tries to rob the police commissioner''''s home.
I Married a Doctor (1936) as Mrs. Clark
An idealistic city girl moves to the country with her doctor husband.
The Girl on the Front Page (1936) as Mrs. Stokes
Show Them No Mercy! (1935) as Mrs. Hansen
The title refers to the government's plan at the time for putting an end to a lucrative racket, kidnapping. When Hudson and Norris enter a country house to get out of the rain it turns out to be a kidnapper hideout.

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