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Ann Dvorak

Ann Dvorak



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Also Known As: Died: December 10, 1979
Born: August 2, 1912 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

The Secret of Convict Lake (1951) as Rachel
Jim Canfield, convicted of a crime he did not commit, escapes a Nevada prison with several hardened criminals. He leads them to the small farming community home of the man who not only framed him, but committed the crime. But Jim's plans for revenge are put on hold when he discovers that the local men have all joined the posse in the convict's pursuit, leaving their women behind. He soon becomes attracted to the beautiful and resourceful Marcia, who turns out to be the fiance of the man who framed him. Can Jim protect the women from his less-civilized comrades, fall under Marcia's humanizing influence and still maintain his murderous resolve?
I Was an American Spy (1951) as Claire Phillips, also known as Claire Snyder
A war widow spies for the U.S. in Japanese-occupied Manila.
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone (1950) as Connie Kepplar
A lawyer and a widow encounter murder on a train ride.
The Return of Jesse James (1950) as Sue [Ellen] Younger
Johnny looks so much like the real Jesse, he is mistaken for him by a grizzled old member of the now deceased James gang. Johnny is talked into leading a new gang to rob banks using the same modus operandi as the famed outlaw. Jesse's brother Frank decides to put a stop to the defamation of his dead brother's name. Johnny and his gang run into trouble when they try to rob the same two banks, simultaneously, that proved to be the downfall of the original gang.
A Life of Her Own (1950) as Mary Ashlon
An innocent small-town girl climbs to the top of the modeling business man by man.
Our Very Own (1950) as Mrs. [Gert] Lynch
The discovery that she''''s adopted shakes a young girl''''s sense of security.
The Walls of Jericho (1948) as Belle Connors
After County Attorney Dave Connors (Cornel Wilde) helps Julian Norman (Anne Baxter) with her shiftless father, Jefferson Norman (Henry Hull), she leaves Jericho, Kansas to college to study for a law degree.A few years later, Algeria Wedge (Linda Darnell), the new bride of Dave's best friend, Tucker Wedge (Kirk Douglas), makes overtures and plays for Dave, much to the displeasure of Dave's hard-drinking wife Belle (Ann Dvorak.) Angered by Dave's rebuffs, Algeria induces the state political boss to back Tucker for a Congress race against Dave. Meanwhile, Julia has returned to Jericho, with her law degree, and she and Dave fall in love. But when Dave announces he won't run for Congress, she feels she is the reason and she takes a job in Kansas City. Tucker wins the election and he and Algeria go to Washington. Later, Tucker announces a run for the Senate and Dave decides to run against him. When Marjorie Ransome (Coleen Townsend) kills a drunk in self-defense, Julia returns to Jericho to work with Dave, now in private practice,on Marjorie's defense. The still-resentful Algeria moves to kill Dave's senate bid when Tucker's newspaper announces that Dave is being sued for divorce, with Julia named as correspondent.
The Private Affairs of Bel Ami (1947) as Madeleine Forestier
A man rises through Parisian society by using the women he romances.
Out of the Blue (1947) as Olive Jenson
Set in an apartment building whose occupants include Arthur Earthleigh (George Brent), a meek and mild type married to the beautiful-but-domineering Mae (Carole Landis); a Bohemian artist, David Galleo (Turhan Bey) and his always-there model, Deborah Tyler (Virginia Mayo); and Olive Jensen (Ann Dvorak), a Greenwich Village type who is always slightly-but-continuously inebriated, and whose motto is "love and let love." She calls on George while his wife is out, and when she passes out during his attempts to get her out before his wife returns, he thinks she is dead and deposits her on Galleo's terrace. Galleo takes advantage of the situation by using it in a blackmail scheme against Arthur, which is shakey, at best, as Olive refuses to stay dead.
The Long Night (1947) as Charlene
A veteran tries to free his former love from a sadistic lover.
Masquerade in Mexico (1946) as Helen Grant
Abilene Town (1946) as Rita
In the years following the Civil War, the town of Abilene, Kansas is poised on the brink of an explosive confrontation. A line has been drawn down the center of the town where the homesteaders and the cattlemen have come to a very uneasy truce. The delicate peace is inadvertantly shattered when a group of new homesteaders lay down their stakes on the cattlemen's side of town, upsetting the delicate balance that had existed thus far and sparking an all-out war between the farmers, who want the land tamed and property lines drawn, and the cowboys, who want the prairies to be open for their cattle to roam.
The Bachelor's Daughters (1946) as Terry Wilson
A semi-trifle with Adolphe Menjou as a department store floor walker who is persuaded by four husband-seeking salesgirls---two-bordering-on-three of which were well beyond the "girl" stage---to pose as their father in a Long Island mansion which they lease in order to gain access to eligible young men of means. The Greeks had a word for them, and they called them Golddiggers over at Warners.Flighty Bille Burke posed as their mother. And Adolphe Menjou got to display his soup-and-fish wardrobe only still worn by him and retired Prussian diplomats The exploitation for the film made special note of the presence of pianist Eugene List, who had gained international publicity by playing for the Big Three---Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin---at their Potsdam Conference.
Flame of Barbary Coast (1945) as Ann "Flaxen" Tarry
Duke falls for Flaxen in the Barbary Coast in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. He loses money to crooked gambler Tito, goes home and PL: learns to gamble, and returns. After he makes a fortune he opens his own place with Flaxen as the entertainer. The 1906 quake destroys his place.
Escape to Danger (1944) as Joan Grahame
This Was Paris (1942) as Anne [Morgan]
On the eve of the Nazi occupation, spies in Paris try to outguess each other.
Girls of the Road (1940) as Kay Warren
The governor''''s daughter tries to win fair treatment for female vagrants by joining them on the road.
Stronger Than Desire (1939) as Eva McLain
A lawyer's wife keeps mum as her husband defends an innocent woman for the crime she committed.
Blind Alley (1939) as Mary
When a gangster takes him hostage, a psychiatrist psychoanalyzes the criminal.
Cafe Hostess (1939) as Jo
Jo (Ann Dvorak), a "percentage girl" at the notorious Club 46, is in despair. She can see no way out of the dreary and sordid routine of entertaining customers - called drinking and dancing in 1940 - and, at a signal from piano player Eddie Morgan (Douglas Fowley), rolling them for their money. Eddie, besides being brutal to her and spending all her money, is also carrying on an affair with another girl. Jo's only friend is Annie (Wynne Gibson), a former actress but now a drink-sodden derelict. Annie keeps to herself the knowledge that it was Eddie who threw the knife that killed a petty racketeer who was too attentive to Jo. Sailor Dan Walters (Preston Foster) and two of his pals arrive from a cruise and his good nature delights Joe, but at a wink from Eddie, Jo attempts to steal his money. Dan swallows his disillusionment and returns to the cafe, and he and Jo enjoy a day-long picnic together. She accepts his marriage proposal and go to an up-state town where he has a job waiting. Eddie does not accept this turn events any too well, and sets a trap for Dan when he comes after Jo. When he arrives, in an attempt to save his life, Jo denounces and ridicules him and he leaves angrily. He is net by Annie, who tells him of the set-up. Gathering his pals, Dan returns to the cafe and starts a brawl.
Gangs of New York (1938) as Connie Benson
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (1937) as Ann Rogers
We Who Are About to Die (1937) as Connie Stewart
A San Quentin inmate''s death row conviction is reversed.
Midnight Court (1937) as Carol O'Neil
A district attorney sells out to the mob until he falls for an honest girl.
She's No Lady (1937) as Jerry
Racing Lady (1937) as Ruth Martin
A millionaire hires a lady trainer for his stables.
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937) as Della Street
Perry Mason tries to find out if a long-lost heiress is the real thing.
Bright Lights (1935) as Fay Wilson
Husband-and-wife vaudeville stars separate when success goes to his head.
Thanks a Million (1935) as Sally Mason
Entertainers enter a political rally to get out of the rain and become part of the show. One of them (Powell) gives a speech in place of the besotted candidate (Walburn) and is chosen to be the candidate by backers he later exposes as crooks.
Dr. Socrates (1935) as Josephine [Gray]
A small-town doctor gets mixed up with gangsters.
Sweet Music (1935) as Bonnie Hayden
A band leader shares a tempestuous romance with his lead singer.
'G' Men (1935) as Jean Morgan
A mob protege joins the FBI when a friend is gunned down.
Heat Lightning (1934) as Myra
A lady gas station attendant gets mixed up with escaped murderers.
Friends of Mr. Sweeney (1934) as Beulah [Boyd]
A mild-mannered reporter learns to stand up for himself.
Gentlemen Are Born (1934) as Susan [Merrill]
Recent college graduates face the realities of the Great Depression.
Massacre (1934) as Lydia
A college-educated Sioux goes to Washington to fight for his people''s rights.
Housewife (1934) as Nan [Reynolds]
Success could spell divorce for an advertising writer.
Midnight Alibi (1934) as Joan [Morley]
An elderly recluse shelters a gambler on the run from bogus murder charges.
Side Streets (1934) as Marguerite [Gilbert]
A lady furrier marries a lovesick sailor then has to deal with his checkered past.
Murder in the Clouds (1934) as Judy [Wagner]
A hotshot pilot takes on enemy agents to fly a scientist and his new explosive to Washington.
I Sell Anything (1934) as Barbara
A small-time auctioneer tries to break into society.
The Way to Love (1933) as Madeleine
College Coach (1933) as Claire Gore
A timid chemistry major becomes a college football star.
Crooner (1932) as Judy Mason
A saxophone player rises to fame as a singing star.
Love Is a Racket (1932) as Sally
A beautiful girl convinces a reporter to cover up her involvement in a murder.
Stranger in Town (1932) as Marian
A Supreme Court justice on vacation takes on crooked small-town politicians.
Sky Devils (1932) as Mary [Way]
Wilkie and Mitchell, trying to desert their draft into the army, stow away on a ship which takes them into the war zone. While AWOL, the rivals for Mary's affections accidently destroy an ammunition dump.
The Crowd Roars (1932) as Lee Merrick
A race-car driver tries to keep his brother from following in his footsteps.
Scarface (1932) as Cesca [Camonte]
A murderous thug shoots his way to the top of the mobs while trying to protect his sister from the criminal life.
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain (1932) as Molly Louvain
A woman's bad taste in men leads to pregnancy out of wedlock.
Three on a Match (1932) as Vivian Revere
A woman's childhood friends try to rescue her from gangsters.
The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (1929) as
Sketches and songs give MGM''''s silent stars a chance to show their stuff in talking pictures.

Cast (short)

A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio (1935)
This short film takes the viewer on a tour of the Warner Brothers studios lot. Vitaphone Release 6616.

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