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James Duval

James Duval


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: September 10, 1972 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Dead Sea (2014)
A marine biologist reluctantly returns to the town she grew up in only to encounter the violent paranoia that has overtaken its locals as they prepare for the return of a serpentine creature said to appear every thirty years to feed. With the local residents terrified of the monster that dwells near
Sushi Girl (2013)
Fish has spent six years in jail. Six years alone. Six years keeping his mouth shut about the robbery, about the other men involved. The night he is released, the four men he protected with silence celebrate his freedom with a congratulatory dinner. The meal is a lavish array of sushi, served off th
Cornered! (2011)
During their nightly poker game, a group of lowlifes are terrorized in their own convenience store by a masked killer as players begin to disappear one by one. Be warned & watch what you say. someone may be listening!
Black Waters of Echo's Pond, The (2010)
It was supposed to be a vacation filled with drinking, fun and a little harmless sex. But when a group of friends vacationing on a remote Maine island start playing a dusty old board game, their innermost emotions are unleashed, with fatal results.
Toxic (2008)
A mysterious man enlists the help of a beautiful stripper to help him discover the cause of his terrifying visions--but his dark past soon eclipses all those nearest to him.
Art of Travel, The (2008)
High school graduate Conner Layne plans to marry his sweetheart, but soon finds himself on an adventure through the Darien Gap, a hundred-mile swath of jungle between Central and South America.
Evilution (2008)
Pacific and Eddy, The (2007)
In the wake of a sudden loss, Eddy skips town leaving others to mourn their deceased friend for him. A vagabond musician, he runs until there is nowhere left to run to but home. Brash, yet exceedingly self-aware, he has not changed since the incident. It becomes apparent that his remaining friends a
Mad Cowgirl (2006)
A woman, who is dying of a brain disorder, begins a surreal journey which descends into violence.
Chasing Ghosts (2006)
Detective Harrison and his new partner Cole Davies are hot on the trail of a mysterious killer who is targeting the city's mobster, however, the investigation may expose a grim secret in Harrison's past.
Open House (2005)
Taking place on a Sunday afternoon in a residential neighborhood, Open House is an ensemble musical comedy about the one thing everyone has in common: the American dream of finding a home. We meet Barry - the eager-to-please real estate agent desperate to sell a house. There's Debbie and Joel - two
Scumrock (2004) as Drew
Comedy that follows the lives of Miles, a would-be filmmaker and his friend Roxxy, a rock performer striving for a comeback.
May (2002) as Blank
May has always been a bit of an outsider--you might consider her a quirky girl. If you passed her on the street, you wouldn't notice that she is any different from scores of other young women trying to make their way in the big city. She lives alone, works as a veterinarian assistant, makes her own
Donnie Darko (2001) as Frank
After a high school student survives a freak accident, a mysterious figure tells him the world will end in 28 days.
Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) as Freb
Randall "Memphis" Raines long ago abandoned his life of crime, but after an ominous visit from an old friend, he finds he has no choice but to return to what he does best--stealing cars--in order to save his brother''s life. It all comes down to one night, 50 cars and a mafia contract. A true automobile afficionado, Memphis has a burning passion for cars. He knows and loves every nut and bolt, every gleaming piece of chrome. Memphis is a car thief of legendary proportions. No fancy lock or alarm can stop him; your car will be there and gone in 60 seconds. Though he''s always eluded the law while boosting every make and model imaginable, will his rusty skills be enough to rescue his brother from a particularly dangerous high stakes caper?
Doe Boy (2000) as Hunter--The Doe Boy
Hunter is a young Cherokee who must grapple with his manhood in the forest. A hemophiliac in a culture obsessed with blood-identity, he feels the need to prove himself. Attempting to do so within his father's culture and standards, he mistakenly kills a female deer or doe, rather than a buck. He is
Weekend, The (2000) as Robert
On a summer weekend, John and Marian Kerr, a wealthy couple in their forties, invite Lyle, a gay art critic and former lover of John's half-brother Tony--who died of AIDS exactly a year before--to their country house in upstate New York. Lyle invites his new lover Robert, a poor landscape painter, a
Go (1999) as Singh
Within one 24 hour period, three sets of friends in three dysfuctional situations will collide in the raucous Los Angeles underground party scene. It's Christmas Eve and Ronna and Claire are supermarket checkout girls desperate to score some quick rent money. It's a simple plan -- all they need to d
Clown at Midnight, The (1999)
Kate, a teenage girl joins a high school drama class in the same theater where her mother, an opera diva, was brutally murdered fifteen years before. She discovers though dreams that the killer still haunts the theater in the figure of a clown.
Slc Punk! (1998) as John--The Mod
For Stevo, living in Reagan-era Salt Lake City, rebellion is an imperative. A recent grad, his world centers on anarchy, refusing the system, and the music of The Ramones, Dead Kennedys and The Specials. His ex-hippie father sees this lifestyle as an important rite of passage, yet urges Stevo to att
How to Make the Cruelest Month (1998) as Westy
As another year comes to a close, a nymphomaniac realizes that she hasn't kept her New Year's resolutions to stop smoking and fall in love.
River Made to Drown In (1997) as Jamie
When he learns he is dying of AIDS, Thaddeus, a wealthy middle-aged lawyer sells all his property and goes to visit an old friend, Allen, a struggling artist and former street hustler. Allen's life is thrown into chaos by the arrival of Thaddeus as they return to the streets to help out some old acq
Nowhere (1997) as Dark
A multi-racial, pansexual ensemble piece about adolescent turmoil and the eternal quest for love portrayed through the world of a messed-up 18-year-old's perspective--a world in which anything can happen. This final chapter of Greg Araki's trilogy takes place during a typically action-packed day in
Independence Day (1996) as Miguel
It is an ordinary summer day. But then, without warning, something very extraordinary happens. Enormous shadows fall across the land. Strange atmospheric phenomena, ominous and mesmerizing, surface around the globe. All eyes turn upward. The question of whether we''re alone in the universe has finally been answered. And, in a matter of minutes, the lives of every person across the globe are forever changed. With the fate of our planet at stake, the Fourth of July is about to take on an entirely new meaning. No longer will it be an American holiday. It will be known as the day the entire world fought back. The day we did not go gentle into the good night... The day all of us on planet Earth celebrated our independence day.
Doom Generation, The (1995) as Jordan White
Amy Blue, a 17-year-old speed princess, her sweet, naive boyfriend Jordan White and a supernaturally sexy drifter, Xavier Red, are forced to embark on a bizarre road trip after Xavier inadvertently blows the head off a QuickieMart clerk. The trio flee into a dislocating world of dizzying, nightmaris
Mod Fuck Explosion (1994) as Smack
As the movie begins, London arrives home from high school to find her mother trying to rape her brother, X-Ray Specks. London hides in her room and spray-paints her walls a strange shade of black as a metaphor for her impending loss of innocence. Later, X-Ray Specks tells London about the big fight
Totally F***ed Up (1993) as Andy
Contending with AIDS, alienation, suicide, drugs and gaybashing, a group of queer teens muddle through with wit, irony and wide-open hearts.

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