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Deanna Durbin

Deanna Durbin


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  • Wonderful voice

    • Spencer
    • 2015-06-22

    Deanna Durbin had a very gifted, wonderful opera singing voice. I loved her in the "Every Sunday" short when she co-starred with the wonderful angel Judy Garland. Deanna also sang brilliantly when she sang La Traviata, Danny Boy, Alleluia, Ave Maria, and definitely Always. She has sadly, like so many other great people from the much nicer time periods of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, accended up to God's kingdom now, which in a way, I guess is maybe lucky for them that they aren't, like me, stuck living in the mean, intolerent, impatient, superficial, distrusting, sceptical, rude, extemely heartless and uncaring times of today. People back in the 30s, 40s, and 50s were more simple, trusting, much kinder and more helpful to each other, less superficial and down to earth, more patient and tolerant, helped each other out alot more, had much better values, were alot more orderly, and straight out actually viewed each other as human beings with feelings and actually cared about you. Who cares about the internet and cell phones. I would do almost anything to have been around during those decades instead of now. And of course Deanna and Judy and many others like them were around. I also like the music and movies 1,000 times better than music and movies from modern times. Anyway, all my love to Deanna and angel Judy Garland up in heaven. I pray I'll be in heaven too someday.

  • Happy Birthday in Heaven

    • Richard
    • 2013-12-04

    Well, as sad as I am that you have passed on. I am glad in the fact that you are in a better place and that you have been restored to complete health, youth and vigor. I know that you are singing duos with your "Every Sunday" co-star Judy Garland. I know the two of you are having a grand time and that she and others are helping you celebrate your first birthday in Heaven. God Bless You!

  • Stars when they truly were stars

    • patricia
    • 2013-05-02

    Ms 1 of the remaining few...true stars...I wish that more of todays movies depicted good wholesomeness..

  • Deanna Durbin - The Music and Romance Collection

    • Martin Proctor
    • 2013-05-01

    This is a great collection of Deanna Durbin films, and has been watched a number of times by my family (along with the Sweetheart Collection), but isn't it about time that TCM put out the remaining Deanna Durbin films on DVD. There is enough remaining material to put together another set of simiar size to the Music and Romance Collection. By the way... any chance of any more Frank Capra collections as well?

  • Good by Deanna

    • Tiffany
    • 2013-05-01

    As a young girl her voice awed & inspired me, as a teen I worked hard studying Opera so that maybe one day I could sing like her, as an adult she continues to inspire me and she always will. My best wishes to her friends and family; know that she will be greatly missed!

  • Heaven has a new bright star!

    • Richard
    • 2013-05-01

    I'm very sad to learn of Deanna Durbin's passing. I hope and pray that her last years were comfortable and happy. Her passing is a loss not only for her family, loved ones and friends but also for her many, many fans world-wide. I am proud to say that I was and will continue to be one of those fans! Thank You Edna Mae Durbin-David.....Well Done!

  • Thank you Deanna

    • Judy
    • 2013-05-01

    RIP Deanna. Thank you for giving us your voice, and for your movies. Such minutes of pleasure. Thanks!

  • Rip deanna

    • Denise lingard
    • 2013-05-01

    Deanna rest in peace thank you for giving my mother n myself so many years of pleasure

  • Happy Birthday! :)

    • Richard
    • 2012-12-04

    I just wanted to wish you a very happy, healthy birthday. I have seen most of your movies and they always lift my spirits if I am down. I'm glad you're still with us and hope you see this message. You made the right decision to leave the Hollywood jungle behind long ago. I hope that your family and friends are all well. You truly have had(to quote another movie)...A Wonderful Life! God Bless You!

  • Happy 90th Birthday!

    • Richard
    • 2011-12-07

    Somehow I hope that Miss Durbin sees this greeting. I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY(12/4) and hope that you are still in good health. I think I speak for many, many fans who feel the same way. God Bless You and your family.....and Merry Christmas too!

  • Forgotten Star: Deanna Durbin

    • Barbara Taylor
    • 2010-04-02

    Deanna Durbin retired from films the year I was born. But thanks to film and technology, I was able to see some of her movies when I was a child growing up in San Diego and later on video and DVD. Granted, most of the movies shown on TV in the 1950's and 1960's were chopped up to allow for commercials. But I got a chance to hear her marvelous voice and I was hooked. I didn't realize how funny she was until I was older when all her movies came out on video and DVD. Yes, I have all 21. I always introduce friends to Deanna Durbin with her movie "It Started With Eve". Her chemistry with Charles Laughton made them a memorable team. The story is lighthearted and funny. Other favorites include "His Butler's Sister" with Pat O'Brien and Franchot Tone and "Lady on A Train". I always think of that movie as her fashion plate movie lovingly directed by her future husband. If you get a chance to see "Lady on a Train" pay attention to her costume and hair style changes. You will be entranced. But most of all, you will remember the voice. It's said that Richard Rodgers wanted her for some of his musical plays. Even though she retired from films, it would have been great if she had recorded the Rodgers and Hart or Rodgers and Hammerstein songbooks. If you love music, try to catch her films. Her voice matures as she grows up - so you will get a different perspective depending on when the movie was made. Some people think she just sang classical pieces. Yes, but she would also sing "contemporary music, such as "Night and Day", Begin the Beguine", "Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There", "Give Me A Little Kiss" and much more. For several years, at least one song from a Deanna Durbin film would appear on the Academy Awards nominiation list. Deanna was magical.

  • Happy Birthday(12/4)! Miss Durbin

    • Richard
    • 2009-12-03

    I had heard of Deanna Durbin years ago, but only recently have I viewed several of her movies. Needless to say, I think she was fantastic! My hat goes off to her given the fact that she left Hollywood in her rear-view mirror long ago. She left behind an impressive body of work.I truly hope that the years have been kind to her and want to let her know that she still has many fans out here.....old and new! Happy Birthday, Miss Durbin......and God Bless You!

  • deanna durbin/the "bestist" singer

    • jean hupfel
    • 2009-08-03

    i can remember going to the movies when i was a lot younger and sitting thru deanna durbins movies atleast 2 times. we are both about the same age and i always thought how great it was to be able to sing like she did. no such luck. sure am glad to hear she is still with us (me too) greatgram jean

  • Stay forever

    • b aanderud
    • 2009-07-08

    I purposely searched for DD and thank you for having her present and vocal. Shared this with my sister in Florida who is about DD's age and she nearly went into tears Will have her daughter search for movies for her use. Did not know about the film Christmas Might want to see this one - quite an extreme change for both she and GK. Thanks again h

  • Extrodianry!

    • MarQuette Mason
    • 2008-09-19

    One of my all time favorite actress'. What a beautiful, adoring girl and women. Edna is charming in every role. Its as if you are listening to an Angel. I've watched and own almost every movie she has made and can't wait to find the couple that I haven't seen yet. I'm heartbroken to know, there aren't many films from her, because she wanted a private life, but you can't blame a person for wanting a life away from all the publicity and fast paced life. Love you Edna and your amazing talent. Wishing you and your family a wonderful peaceful life! MarQuette

  • She's a delight to watch

    • Arianna
    • 2008-04-29

    I'm 50 & had never seen any of her films until just recently. My mother introduced me to her, since she had grown up watching Deanna on the big screen. Mom has a set of her films on dvd. One day we watched "It Started with Eve" and from that moment, I had to get the rest of her movies. She is a delight to watch and an absolute pleasure to listen to. It's just a shame that TCM doesn't feature her films. I always check the tv guide & your website in hopes of finding her scheduled, but no such luck. Why? Is there a reason you never show her? If you would, then more people would be able to discover how thoroughly enjoyable her films are!

  • she is the most amazing actress

    • anna
    • 2008-01-26

    i have been a fan of deanna durbin for a long time, she is sooo 25 and a mother of two little boys alex 2 and julian 5mos and somehow every time i know a deanna movie will be on i will always watch. when they did the marathon for her i believe was sometime in 07 i stayed up all night just watching the movies. the first movie i seen of her was 3 smart girls. shes so wonderful and i swear if i could have one wish in the world,it would be for tcm to have a marathon of her movies.

  • She changed my life

    • Eugene
    • 2007-12-03

    I'm 40. I saw her first film "3 sm. girls" only this January. Then came "His b.'s sister", "It started with Eve", "Spring parade". Now there are only 5 films to be seen. I have more than a thousand of her photos and all from I started to visit opera concerts. I'm a new person due to Deanna. She is with me even in my dreams. She's uncomparable and divine.

  • Big Fan of Deanna Durbin

    • Lorraine Perry
    • 2007-11-29

    Deanna Durbin is my all time favourite singer. I have most of her movies which where released on video and I have the DVD releases. My favourite movie is "His Butler's Sister". Deanna sings the aria from Tourandot, Nessun Dorma. She retired the year that I was born, but I grew up on her movies. My video of His Butler's Sister jammed in my VCR, so I broke the VCR to get the video out of the machine. I would rather break it than lose my movie. I would really like to see more of her movies on TV as my mother enjoys her as well.

  • Regard for Deanna Durbin

    • Shirley B.
    • 2007-09-18

    I would like to see the sequel to Three Smart Girls. I would like to see more of her films Also I would like to see more musicals from the 1940's.


    • Nila
    • 2007-09-13


  • Deanna Durbin, a gem of gems

    • david
    • 2007-06-03

    Deanna Durbin is one of the hidden gems of Hollywood of the thirties and forties. Her movies rank with the best romantic comedies ever produced. She is a as sweet and fresh as a spring breeze but that is also one of her problems. She is so good, so natural, and so sweet, her movies are continually underrated but they aren't just entertaining. They are brilliant movies put together by great writers and great directors. It's a Date, Lady on a Train, It Started with Eve are up there with anything Preston Sturges and Howard Hawks and Billy Wilder ever made. I haven't seen all of her movies but I've seen seven so far and they level of artistry in all of them is very, very high. A Deanna Durbin retrospective is a must. Everyone knows Katherine Hepburn and Barbara Stanwyck, etc. Deanna Durbin deserves to be as well known.

  • The Best

    • Yves Vezina
    • 2007-03-19

    Deanna Durbin is simply the best, most natural performer on the screen and needs to be seen more often on TCM.

  • Lively & spirited young lady

    • Didi
    • 2006-12-02

    By far and away my favorite actress - even though I never heard of her until I was in my 40s. I love her singing, too. I once copied a dress from her film "Can't Help Singing" for a Christmas costume party.

  • a lovely actress

    • applejack
    • 2006-11-28

    VERY lovely, oddly enough, tied with Audrey Hepburn as my favorite actress.

  • Awsome

    • Courtney
    • 2006-11-22

    I love her in her movies. She is also a very good singer.

  • It's a Date

    • Nellie Pierce
    • 2006-10-26

    Why can't we get that Movie to come on Turner Classic

  • such a delight

    • michael york
    • 2006-10-09

    i can easily detect the joy she brought to mass auciences she seems entirely unaafected before the camera i wish she was better known today quite a talent i wish universal has treated her better

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