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Karen Margiotta

Karen Margiotta


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Casting (feature film)

Beacon, The (2009)
A woman, grieving over the death of her young son, and her husband move into the charming old Beacon Apartments where she begins to see the apparition of a boy who was killed there.
Exit Speed (2008)
On Christmas Eve, ten passengers board a bus traveling across Texas. Most are heading for home, family and friends. Some are in search of new jobs. One, an Army deserter, is trying to stay a jump ahead of the Military Police. On an empty section of highway, the bus collides with a nomadic biker wi
Breakfast With Scot (2007)
Eric, a handsome ex-hockey player turned sportscaster, is living the perfect gay life at home with his lawyer boyfriend, Sam. However, their closely-closeted paradise is threatened when they receive news that Sam's brother Billy's ex-girlfriend has died, leaving custody of her son Scot to Billy. E
Avenging Angelo (2002) as Casting (Los Angeles)
A woman discovers she is the daughter of a mafioso. When her father is killed by a hitman, she embarks on a mission to avenge his death, empowered by her newly discovered roots. Her father's loyal bodyguard joins her on the mission and a romance between the two blossoms.
Spanish Judges (2001)
Max is a thief with a self-esteem problem, and Jamie, his hot-tempered girlfriend, likes to play with ingestible poisons. One afternoon Jack turns up, and after an initial game of psychological cat-and-mouse, offers them a piece of his action. Jack's got some mysterious stolen merchandise, known as
On the Edge (2001) as Casting Director
Three futuristic short films ("Happy Birthday," "The Other Side" and "Reaching Normal") are woven together through a wraparound narrative which finds an arrogant movie mogul's life transformed after his temp takes him hostage and forces him to watch three shorts as "life lessons" that will help him
Little Secrets (2001) as Casting
A tale centering on Emily, a plucky pre-teen (and violin virtuoso) who is entrusted with her young neighbors' most private and cherished secrets. Every Wednesday, Emily sets up a booth in her backyard which regularly attracts the guilty young souls of the neighborhood. These include Philip - the ne
Kill Me Later (2001) as Casting
Shawn is a depressed twenty-something whose life seems to be going nowhere. She's been having a dead-end affair with her married boss and is fed up. Impulsively, she decides to jump off the roof of the bank where she works. As she gets ready to make the leap, charming ne'er-do-well Charlie is trying
Sex, Lies & Obsession (2001) as Casting (Los Angeles)
A seemingly perfect marriage is threatened when the wife discovers evidence of her husband's sexual addiction.Joanna Thomas, a high school drama teacher, has been happily married for 15 years to Cameron Thomas, a successful orthopedic surgeon. Joanna's life seems complete until she begins to suspect
Press Run, The (2000)
Framed for the murder of his publisher, a hard-boiled newspaper editor is drawn into a web of intrigue and seduction when he sets out to find the real killer.
Expendables, The (2000) as Casting
A top-secret operation is authorized to rescue an undercover agent from a dangerous Cuban jail, where she is being terrorized to divulge classified information. Six women, all violent felons being held in a maximum-security prison with no hope of ever being paroled, are presented with the opportunit
Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000) as Casting
Lily is an 11-year-old who leaves the city to visit her grandfather in the country but finds herself on a great adventure that leads to a meeting with the world's favorite steam engine, Thomas the Tank Engine, and the magical Mr. Conductor. The trio happen upon trouble in a special universe nestled
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The (2000) as Casting
Rocky the Flying Squirrel and his erudite friend Bullwinkle J. Moose are living in the now desolate Frostbite Falls, barely surviving on diminishing residual checks from re-runs of their old television series. Meanwhile, back in Pottsylvania, Fearless Leader and his notorious spies Boris Badenov an
Splendor (1999) as Casting
Veronica is a white-bread beauty searching for a good man in Los Angeles. While slam dancing at a Halloween rave, she meets Abel, a sensitive poet. Then she meets Zed, a supersexy tattooed drummer with incredible biceps. Who will she choose? Does she go for true love or cheap sex? She can't deci
Song of Hiawatha (1999) as Casting
A priest and a fur trader travel deep into the woods to meet the Ojibway Chief Hiawatha. But before they allowed to meet him, they must listen to his grandmother recount the many accomplishments of his young life. They learn how he angrily avenges his mother's death, how he battles to provide food f
Curve, The (1998) as Casting
A group of college kids resorts to murder in order to get ahead in their careers. They can only get into Harvard with straight As, and the only way they can see that happening is through a college rule that if a student committs suicide, his roommates get an A average to compensate for the trauma. T
Cousin Bette (1998) as Casting (Usa)
Set in Paris in the mid 1800's, an embittered, jealous, and scheming woman seeks to ruin and disgrace the members of her family.
Colony, The (1998) as Casting
Space aliens kidnap Earthlings to probe their weaknesses and pave the way for the colonization of Earth.
Advanced Guard, The (1998) as Casting
Space aliens kidnap Earthlings to probe their weaknesses and pave the way for the colonization of Earth.
TNT (1998) as Casting
When a mercenary operation leaves innocent people dead, a Gulf War veteran tries to retire from the business but finds it isn't so easy.
Assignment, The (1997) as Casting
Cuban-American navel officer Annibal Ramirez is a dead ringer for Carlos "The Jackal" Sanchez. His features are so close to those of Sanchez that he is brutally interrogated as a terrorist while on vacation in Israel. American counter-intellegence agent Jack Shaw and his Israeli counterpart Amos realize they can use Ramirez as bait for "The Jackal." Wanting to serve his country, Ramirez is unsure he can survive the physical and psychological trials he must endure to become like Sanchez. By the end of the training, however, Ramirez knows Sanchez better than anyone alive and enters the world as "The Jackal."
Nowhere (1997) as Casting (Margiotta Casting)
A multi-racial, pansexual ensemble piece about adolescent turmoil and the eternal quest for love portrayed through the world of a messed-up 18-year-old's perspective--a world in which anything can happen. This final chapter of Greg Araki's trilogy takes place during a typically action-packed day in
Wish Upon a Star (1997) as Casting
A brainy 15-year-old girl, jealous of her older sister's beauty, popularity and boyfriend, wakes up one morning and realizes she now has the beautiful body and face of her sister. As the sisters swear not to tell anyone, what follows is a comedy of encounters with friends, teachers and boyfriends an
Climb, The (1997) as Casting
After being bullied by the neighborhood kids and his demanding father, 12-year-old Danny decides he will climb the 203-foot radio tower--due to be demolished--in order to prove his mettle. Several previous attempts to climb the tower have resulted in serious accidents. Danny finds an ally in the har
Never Too Late (1997) as Casting (Los Angeles)
A comic drama about a group of seniors who play amateur detectives to uncover shady goings-on at the local Sunshine Manor retirement home, where the recently deceased, fourth member of their bridge foursome, had held residency.
DNA (1997) as Casting
Unorthodox DNA experiments on fossils lead to the emergence of a flesh-eating creature.
Elmore Leonard's Gold Coast (1997) as Casting (Los Angeles)
A mob widow must decide, at the risk of losing her $15 million inheritance, whether to obey a clause in her husband's will that forbids her to have any relationships with men after his death. However, when she falls for a man to whom her husband was indebted, the two must contend with a bodyguard wh
One Tough Bastard (1996) as Casting
John North is a tough army drill sergeant whose life is turned upside down by the discovery that his wife and daughter have been brutally murdered in what seems like a random act of violence. North's own personal quest for vengeance takes him to the mean streets of Venice, California, where he meets
Shadow Zone: The Undead Express (1996) as Casting
A young teen named Zach has a rich imagination, which makes him a perfect candidate for the "Shadow Zone," a place where fantasy and reality meet. There, Zach encounters a gang of vampires who plan to prey on New York City.
Paper Brigade, The (1996) as Casting
After Gunther, a 14-year-old boy, moves to a small town with his family, he gets a job as a paper delivery boy. And when he discovers the pretty girl on his route and immediately falls for her, Gunther vows to make enough money to take her to an upcoming concert.
Devil Takes a Holiday, The (1996) as Casting
Thanksgiving dinner at Vinnie Grannucci's is upset when Satan comes to visit
Desire (1996) as Casting
An ex-cop hired by a perfume company to find a killer who douses women with a designer fragrance before they die.
Conspiracy of Fear, The (1996) as Casting (Usa)
After his father's "accidental" death, a book-smart college student becomes a sinister assassin's next target. After an accidental encounter teams him with a resourceful young woman, he goes on the run and unravels a conspiracy that threatens America's safety.
Address Unknown (1996) as Casting
The delivery of a long-lost letter draws a teenager into the mystery involving his father's death 10 years earlier and the location of a rare postage stamp worth a fortune.
Undercover Kid, The (1996) as Casting
An energetic 9-year-old has inside info on a plot to assasinate the President: his dog told him!
Pocahontas (1994) as Casting (Brian Chavanne/Ruth Lambert)
Set in the English settlement of Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1607, this tells the romanticized tale of English settler Captain John Smith and the famed Native American heroine who saves him.
Kiss Goodnight, A (1994) as Casting
A young woman's life goes from bad to worse when she is seduced by the wrong man.
Relative Fear (1994) as Casting
A couple suspect their mute, artistically gifted four-year-old son of murder after those who taunt him begin to die mysteriously.
Hit List, The (1993) as Casting Associate
A Los Angeles hitman hired to protect a mysterious woman finds himself captivated by his client and ensconced in a deadly game of double-cross.

Casting (special)

Traveler's Rest (1993) as Casting Assistant
A divorced woman and a widowed motel owner console one another after exchanging stories about their late spouses.

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

Taken (2000) as Casting Consultant (Los Angeles)
Eternal Revenge (2000) as Casting Consultant (Los Angeles)
Fatal Affair (1999) as Casting Consultant
Requiem For Murder (1999) as Casting Consultant
Universal Soldier 3: Unfinished Business (1998) as Casting (Los Angeles)
Universal Soldier 2: Brothers in Arms (1998) as Casting (Los Angeles)
Money Plays (1996) as Casting
Just Like Dad (1996) as Casting
Breaking Free (1995) as Casting

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