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Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: January 14, 1941 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Bascom, Florida, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Say It in Russian (2009)
Andrew meets a young Russian girl, Daria, while on vacation in Europe and falls in love. He goes to Moscow, where he meets Daria's father, a rich Russian mafia oligarch, and becomes entwined with his situation, which places them both in grave danger.
Nora Roberts' Midnight Bayou (2009)
While restoring Manet Hall, a dilapidated mansion in New Orleans, Declan Fitzgerald uncovers hidden mysteries that are attached to the space and those who once lived there.
Rabbia, La (2008)
The story of a young director struggling to make his first film.
Cut Off (2008)
A modern day "Bonnie & Clyde." After Patricia's father cuts off her monthly allowance, she suggests that her boyfriend Pauly robs a bank. They settle for a check cashing joint which turns bad as one person is shot and another is killed. The get away car is gone so they hijack an ambulance and the ch
Flick (2007)
A 1950s rocker comes back from the grave to terrify his ex-girlfriend.
Cougar Club (2007)
Two disillusioned young men working at a law firm create a club to honor their pursuit of older women.
Back When We Were Grownups (2004) as Tina
A loving widow much put-upon by her demanding family decides to take a step back and concentrate on herself for a while as she ponders how life would have been if she had stayed with her former lover, reconnecting with him in the process
Jennifer's Shadow (2004)
After arriving in Buenos Aires, a young woman finds herself in a life-or-death situation with her grandmother following a series of supernatural facts.
Rules of Attraction, The (2002) as Mrs. Denton
During a semester at New England's exclusive and ultra-expensive Camden College, a sexual triangle emerges between Sean Bateman, the all-American looking guy who deals drugs on the side, Paul Owen, who's bisexual, and Paul's ex-girlfriend, Lauren. Sean grows obsessed with the pure Lauren because he
Biographer, The (2002) as Amanda Washington
Biopic about British journalist Andrew Morton, and the story of how he got information from Pincess Diana for the controversial 1992 biography "Diana: Her True Story."
Stanley's Gig (2000) as Leila
A middle-aged musician lands a job at a retirement home as a recreational therapist. There he befriends an old jazz chanteuse who changes his life.
Running Mates (2000)
Governor James Reynolds Pryce, a popular Democratic presidential nominee, encounters numerous personal and political challenges in choosing his running mate.<P>The Democratic National Convention has begun and Michigan Governor James Reynolds Pryce is assured of his party's nomination. He is enjoying
Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The (1999) as Yolande Of Aragon
Mystic, maiden, martyr, it is difficult to dispute that Joan of Arc led a remarkably accomplished life for a peasant girl who never went to school... and never saw her 20th birthday. At 17, she delivered an extraordinary message to her Daughin and, two months later, led her army to victory over the
Festival in Cannes (1999) as Herself
A behind-the-scenes-look at the flamboyant madness surrounding the Cannes Film Festival, the world''s premiere film event. The luxurious gathering serves as a backdrop to the desperate, needy, funny, alternately glamorous and duplicitous world of the international movie business.
Thomas Crown Affair, The (1999) as Psychiatrist
Thomas Crown is a self-made billionaire who can buy anything he wants and is irresistible to women. But there are some things that money can''t buy. Thomas Crown has run out of challenges. When an alarm sounds at a world class museum and someone walks out with a priceless Monet, Crown is the last person the New York police suspect. But one person suspects him: Catherine Banning, the brilliant female investigator hired to retrieve the painting no matter what it takes. Catherine loves the chase as much as he does and she''s on to his game. Crown has found his challenge. Two can play, but only one can win.
Yards, The (1999) as Kitty Olchin
After being imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, Leo Handler just wants to get his life back on track, so he heads home to take a job in the New York City subway yards, where his highly connected Uncle Frank now runs the show. He meets up with his old childhood friend, Willie Guitierrez, his cou
Will of Their Own, A (1998) as Margaret Sanger
Miniseries examining the changing role of women in America as seen through the eyes of three generations of one family. In 1894, 19-year-old immigrant Annie Jermaine sails from Europe to become the housemaid for a wealthy American doctor. Later, Annie shatters social taboos when she marries the doct
Gia (1998) as Wilhelmina Cooper
Television movie based on the life of the model Gia, who died of AIDS in 1986 at the age of 26. Deals with drug use, the phenomenon of early fame, the relation of celebrity and beauty, the hedonism of the late 1970s and early 80s, and AIDS.
In Praise of Older Women (1997) as The Countess
A coming-of-age story set during the Spainish Civil War about a boy who is led into manhood by beautiful and older women.
Drunks (1997) as Becky
A diverse group of characters share the torments, terror and triumph of recovering alcoholics during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The movie brings us face to face with these characters as they "share" their experiences -- monologues that are often disturbing, sometimes hopeful, and even raucousl
Twilight of the Golds, The (1997) as Phyllis Gold
Set in the near future, an expectant mother is told that her child carries the gene determining homosexuality. This brings the family's true feelings about their son's sexual orientation to the surface as well as creates tension between the expectant mother and her husband.
People Next Door, The (1996) as Ellen Morse
A young mother with three young children moves to a new neighborhood and becomes friendly with the next door neighbors, a couple who are not what they appear to be. The helpful couple assist Anna in caring for her children, but when they decide to create their own family, they kidnap the three child
Dunston Checks In (1996) as Mrs Dubrow
As manager of the Majestic Hotel, Robert Grant is trained to handle the most chaotic situations with ease. He deftly juggles the needs of his staff, his clients, his two sons, and his cold-hearted boss, Mrs. Dubrow, without breaking a sweat. There's nothing he can't handle. That is, until Dunston ch
Albino Alligator (1996) as Janet
On the run from a robbery gone awry, three small town criminals--Dova, Milo and Law--speed through a federal stakeout and crash their getaway car. They take refuge in the first place they find--Dino's Last Chance Bar, a perfectly maintained watering hole from the Prohibition era with an important di
Chamber, The (1996) as Lee Bowen
In 28 days, convicted killer and white supremacist Sam Cayhall will die in the Mississippi gas chamber for the 1967 bombing murders of two small children. While counting down his final days, Sam is visited by a stranger: young, inexperienced law associate Adam Hall, who comes to Parchman Prison to t
Family Divided, A (1995) as Karen Billingsly
A mother finds herself in a moral quandary when her son participates in a murderous gang rape and her lawyer husband wants to cover up his involvement.
Don Juan de Marco (1994) as Marilyn Mickler
Days before his scheduled retirement, a clinical psychiatrist treats a young man who believes he is the legendary lover Don Juan. During the sessions that ensue, the doctor is forced to rethink his beliefs about life, love and passion, and whether or not Don Juan''s alive and well--and sitting in his office.
Columbo: It's All in the Game (1993) as Lauren Black
A television movie in the ongoing series about police detective Columbo. A man is murdered when his two lovers discover they've been two-timed.
Temp, The (1993) as Charlene Towne
A series of mysterious accidents at a food company lead a manager to suspect his impressive new temporary secretary.
Double Edge (1992) as Faye Milano
Story about a female newspaper reporter from New York sent to Israel to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Her allegiances are tested by the two men she becomes acquainted with; one Israeli, one Palestinian. She tries to remain objective, but is ultimately drawn into the drama that surrounds he
Arizona Dream (1992) as Elaine Stalker
In a surrealistic setting, a small town in America deals with issues of the American psyche.
Scorchers (1991) as Thais
Set in the lush Bayou country of Louisiana, the film tells the amusing and erotic story of three women, each trying to come to terms with her own sexuality and the mysteries of life.
Two Jakes, The (1990) as Voice Of Evelyn Mulwray
Sequel to Roman Polanski's 1974 film "Chinatown." It is eleven years later and private eye J J Gittes becomes entangled in a murder and conspiracy scheme, stemming from the real estate deal that was part of the original film's plot.
Silhouette (1990) as Samantha Kimball
A successful executive, stranded in a small town, witnesses the silhouette of a murder. As a key witness to the crime, she finds herself stalked by the murderer.
Handmaid's Tale, The (1990) as Serena Joy
A futuristic tale of a society in which women are forced into surrogate motherhood.
Wait Until Spring, Bandini (1989) as Mrs Effie Hildegarde
An Italian immigrant family struggles to survive in 1925 Colorado.
Cold Sassy Tree (1989) as Miss Love Simpson
An independent woman from the North creates a scandal when she decides to marry a Southern general-store owner.
Crystal or Ash, Fire or Wind, As Long As It's Love (1989) as Mrs Colber
Covering the years 1986 to 1989, the story examines the impact journalism has had on chronicling AIDS through the lives of three people.
La Partita (1989) as The Countess
After gambling himself into the clutches of a wicked noblewoman, a young rake takes flight.
Midnight Crossing (1988) as Helen Barton
With a cache of a million dollars buried on a remote island 35 miles from Cuba, a band of fortune-seekers set out to recover it. Along the way, they must not only avoid detection by Cuban authorities and pirates, but deal with constant betrayals and double-crossing on their own boat.
Burning Secret (1988) as Sonya Tuchman
Love story of a mother who becomes involved with an Austrian baron in a sanitarium.
Barfly (1987) as Wanda Wilcox
Casanova (1987) as Madame Durfay
A movie about Casanova, the great Italian lover. The film traces Casanova's life from his teenage years, as he struggles with the attempt to find a career that suits him, and his early romantic scrapes, to the older and more experienced Casanova, as he lives through adventure after adventure, especi
Beverly Hills Madam (1986) as Lil Hutton
An elegant, successful madam caters to the richest and most influential men in the world. Lil Hutton is the powerful, well-connected madam whose lucrative empire is threatened when one of her girls leaves the business to enter into a disastrous relationship and another falls in love with a client.
Ordeal By Innocence (1985) as Rachel Argyle
Agatha Christie's 13 At Dinner (1985) as Carlotta Adams; Jane Wilkinson
Peter Ustinov brought his interpretation of Hercule Poirot to television after starring on the big screen in versions of Agatha Christie's "Death on the Nile" and "Evil Under the Sun," ferreting out in "Thirteen at Dinner" the killer of a wealthy British lord. Faye Dunaway, fresh from starring in th
Supergirl (1984) as Selena
Superman's young cousin Kara is also known as Supergirl. When a ring that is a Krypton power source is lost, she is sent to Earth to find it and learns that it is being used as a paperweight. Disguised as meek-mannered high-school student Linda Lee, she faces off against the evil villain Zaltar, who
Wicked Lady, The (1983) as Lady Barbara Skelton
Set in 17th-century England, a noblewoman moonlights as a highway robber.
Mommie Dearest (1981) as Joan Crawford
Glamorous yet lonely star Joan Crawford takes in two orphans, and at first their unconventional family seems happy. But after Joan''s attempts at romantic fulfillment go sour and she is fired from her contract with MGM studios, her callous and abusive behavior towards her daughter Christina becomes even more pronounced. Christina leaves home and takes her first acting role only to find her mother''s presence still overshadowing her.
The First Deadly Sin (1980) as Barbara Delaney
A police detective nearing retirement tries to catch a serial killer.
The Champ (1979) as Annie
A washed-up prizefighter fights to keep his son.
Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978) as Laura Mars
A fashion photographer develops the ability to see through the eyes of a serial killer.
Network (1976) as Diana Christensen
Television programmers turn a deranged news anchor into ''''the mad prophet of the airwaves.''''
Voyage Of The Damned (1976) as Denise Kreisler
A luxury liner carries Jewish refugees from Hitler''''s Germany in a desperate fight for survival.
Disappearance of Aimee, The (1976) as Sister Aimee Mcphearson
A dramatization of the unexplained six-week disappearance in 1926 of evangelist Aimee Semple McPhearson after which a court hearing had to decide whether she had been kidnapped to Mexico as she claimed or had been trysting with a married man as the police and her mother (played by Bette Davis) suspe
Three Days of the Condor (1975) as Kathy [Hale]
A CIA researcher uncovers top secret information and finds himself marked for death.
Chinatown (1974) as Evelyn Mulwray
A Los Angeles private eye unwittingly sets up an innocent man for murder, then joins his seductive widow to unearth the corruption behind the crime.
The Towering Inferno (1974) as Susan
A fire chief and an architect join forces to save victims of a burning skyscraper.
The Three Musketeers (1973) as Milady
A country boy joins the famed musketeers and fights to protect the queen''''s name.
Oklahoma Crude (1973) as Lena
With the help of a hired hand, a woman fights off a conglomerate out to steal her oil well.
Maison Sous les Arbres, La (1971) as Jill
Jill is surprised and angry when her computer-genius boyfriend decides to quit his job in a big company for unclear reasons. But when her children disapear mysteriously and seem to have been kidnapped, she wants to know more, and discovers that she may be caught in a DEADLY TRAP...
Doc (1971) as Kate [Elder]
Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday deal with personal problems while preparing for the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
Little Big Man (1970) as Mrs. Pendrake
An American pioneer raised by Indians ends up fighting alongside General Custer.
Puzzle of a Downfall Child (1970) as Lou Andreas Sand
Lou Andreas Sand, a once famous model, recalls her past as she tries to make success in the modeling world of New York, her stressfull workdays, her affair with Mark, an advertising executive, her friendship with photographer Aaron, and her downward spiral into ruin.
The Extraordinary Seaman (1969) as Jennifer Winslow
Marooned sailors discover a World War II ship haunted by its late captain.
The Arrangement (1969) as Gwen
A car crash causes a rich man to reconsider the life he leads.
A Place for Lovers (1969) as Julia
An American fashion designer with a fatal disease falls for an Italian engineer.
The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) as Vicki Anderson
A bored tycoon turns to bank robbery and courts the insurance investigator assigned to bring him in.
Bonnie and Clyde (1967) as Bonnie Parker
The legendary bank robbers run riot in the South of the 1930s.
The Happening (1967) as Sandy
A kidnapped gangster joins forces with the hippies who abducted him.
Hurry Sundown (1967) as Lou McDowell
An unscrupulous Southern landowner takes advantage of racial tensions to extend his holdings.

Producer (feature film)

Flick (2007)
A 1950s rocker comes back from the grave to terrify his ex-girlfriend.
Silhouette (1990) as Co-Executive Producer
A successful executive, stranded in a small town, witnesses the silhouette of a murder. As a key witness to the crime, she finds herself stalked by the murderer.
Cold Sassy Tree (1989) as Executive Producer
An independent woman from the North creates a scandal when she decides to marry a Southern general-store owner.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Two Jakes, The (1990)
Sequel to Roman Polanski's 1974 film "Chinatown." It is eleven years later and private eye J J Gittes becomes entangled in a murder and conspiracy scheme, stemming from the real estate deal that was part of the original film's plot.
Two Jakes, The (1990)
Sequel to Roman Polanski's 1974 film "Chinatown." It is eleven years later and private eye J J Gittes becomes entangled in a murder and conspiracy scheme, stemming from the real estate deal that was part of the original film's plot.

Special Thanks (feature film)

Festival in Cannes (1999) as Special Thanks
A behind-the-scenes-look at the flamboyant madness surrounding the Cannes Film Festival, the world''s premiere film event. The luxurious gathering serves as a backdrop to the desperate, needy, funny, alternately glamorous and duplicitous world of the international movie business.

Cast (special)

Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival: Faye Dunaway (2017)
The dynamic, glamorous and one-of-a-kind Faye Dunaway takes the spotlight in her interview at the Ricardo Montalbán Theater in Los Angeles during the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival. In this wide-ranging conversation with TCM host Ben Mankiewicz, Dunaway reminisces on working with such costars as Paul Newman, Peter Finch and Steve McQueen; partying with Robert Duvall and Al Pacino in the 1970s; and creating her imposing body of cinematic work.
Anonymous Rex (2004)
A pair of private detectives investigate cheating spouses, find missing people, locate stolen valuables and the like. They're pretty run-of-the-mill except for one thing . . . they're actually dinosaurs living among humans, disguised by elaborate latex costumes to hide their true identities. In th
Thailand: Jewel of the Orient (2000) as Narration
Documentary about the flora and fauna of Thailand, the Southeast Asian nation near the equator, on the shores of the Andaman Sea. Thailand's jungles are the domain of the tiger. Elephants amble through the dense forest while white-handed gibbons swing from branch to branch. Beneath the warm surround
Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The (1999) as Interviewee
Documentary special that looks at the 1999 feature film "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" and the real history behind the 15th century peasant girl who led her country to victory against England during the 100 Years War.
American Film Institute Salute to Dustin Hoffman (1999)
Coverage of the presentation of the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award to actor Dustin Hoffman, the 27th recipient of the honor.
Academy Awards Pre-Show (1999) as Interviewee
Joan and Melissa Rivers cover celebrity arrivals and offer fashion commentary at the 72nd annual Acadamy Awards presentation at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.
55th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The (1998) as Presenter
Live telecast of the 55th Annual Golden Globe Awards, which honors both television television and motion picture achievements. All active members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association vote for the 24 categories, which consist of 13 motion picture awards and 11 television awards.
70th Annual Academy Awards, The (1998)
Live presentation of the 70th annual Academy Awards.
54th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The (1997) as Presenter
Live presentation of the 54th annual Golden Globe Awards honoring achievement in film and television.
Rebecca (1997) as Mrs Van Hopper
Adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's classic love story. A young woman meets and falls in love with Maxim de Winter, the rich and handsome owner of one of Cornwall's most famous estates--Manderley. After a whirlwind courtship in the south of France and a honeymoon in Venice, de Winter takes her home to
53rd Annual Golden Globe Awards, The (1996) as Presenter
Live presentation of the 53rd annual Golden Globe Awards, honoring achievement in film and television.
American Film Institute Salute to Steven Spielberg, The (1995)
Tribute to Steven Spielberg, the 23rd recipient of the American Film Institute's career achievement award.
Inside The Dream Factory (1995) as Host
Faye Dunaway hosts a behind-the-scenes look at the Hollywood star-making machine.
51st Annual Golden Globe Awards (1994) as Host
Live presentation of the Golden Globe Awards for achievement in television and film by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
American Film Institute Salute to Jack Nicholson, The (1994)
A presentation of the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award to actor Jack Nicholson.
48th Annual Tony Awards, The (1994) as Presenter
A live presentation of the annual Tony Awards, honoring excellence in the theater.
65th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, The (1993)
Broadcast of the 65th annual Academy Awards presentation.
American Film Institute Salute to Elizabeth Taylor, The (1993)
Broadcast of the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award dinner honoring actress Elizabeth Taylor.
48th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The (1991) as Presenter
A live telecast of the forty-eighth annual Golden Globe Awards presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for achievement in film and television.
1990 Ace Awards-11th Annual (1990) as Presenter
Live presentation of the eleventh annual ACE Awards, honoring the best in made-for-cable programming. Sponsored by the National Academy of Cable Programming.
47th Annual Golden Globes (1989)
A live telecast of the 47th annual Golden Globe Awards presented by the the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for achievement in film and television.
Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (1988)
A special broadcast of the eleventh annual gala tribute to the distinguished artists who are recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors, taped December 4, 1988 in Washington, DC. This year's honorees are Alvin Ailey, George Burns, Myrna Loy, Alexander Schneider, and Roger L. Stevens.
Supergirl: The Making of the Movie (1985) as Host
A behind-the-scenes look at the moviemaking magic that produced the film about Superman's teenage cousin. Included are interviews with the film's stars and director, and clips of how the special effects were created.
Sensational, Shocking, Wonderful, Wacky '70s, The (1980)
A look back at the people, events, music, and popular culture trends of the 1970s.
After the Fall (1974) as Maggie
A television adaptation of Arthur Miller's play about a man coming to grips with his emotional problems and a failed marriage.
Hogan's Goat (1972) as Kathleen

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Christopher Columbus (1985) as Queen Isabella
A miniseries about the life of the Genoa-born explorer, from his mid-twenties as a determined young seaman to his last years as a tired old man still fired by dreams of exploration and discovery.
Ellis Island (1984) as Maud Charteris
Fred Mustard Stewart's sprawling saga chronicling several European immigrants who come to New York just after the turn of the century in search of the American dream. One, patterned after Irving Berlin, is a Russian Jew hoping to develop a career in songwriting; another is an ambitious Italian garde

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Evita Peron (1981) as Eva "Evita" Peron
Faye Dunaway is the ambitious peasant girl from the Argentine village of Junin who claws her way to the top to help make her lover, Juan Peron, the nation's dictator-president and herself one of the world's richest, most powerful women. In her early forties, Dunaway was somewhat old for the role whi

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