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Cast (feature film)

Hoax, The (2006)
In 1971, Clifford Irving, an ambitious yet struggling writer who's been looking for that one big story for so long, brazenly decides to make one up. At first the idea is just a savvy artistic prank, but if that's what the world wants, Irving believes he can take it further. Shrouding himself in a cl
Won't Anybody Listen (2000)
Frank Rogala and his younger brother Vince form a rock band named "NC-17", and feel misunderstood in their small midwestern hometown. They pack up and leave for the bright lights of Hollywood in search of that elusive recording contract. However, they soon realise that the glitzy Hollywood of their
Random Hearts (1999) as Peyton'S Father
Dutch Van den Broeck, a sergeant in the Internal Affairs Division of the Washington, D.C. police department, and Kay Chandler, a New Hampshire congresswoman running for re-election, know about trust. Their careers depend on it. Their marriages are founded on it. Or so they thought. When a plane crash carrying Dutch''s wife Peton and Kay''s husband Cullen crashes into Chesapeake Bay, leaving no survivors, it marks just the beginning of a mystery that will not only lead Dutch and Kay to disturbing and shocking information about their spouses, but bring these strangers together in an unlikely romance.
Celebrity (1998) as Father Gladden
Lee Simon, a journalist, has just split up with his insecure wife Robin. He launches into a series of sexual escapades that include a film star, a supermodel and an aspiring actress. Meanwhile, Robin considers plastic surgery and imagines a life on her own. However, both eventually find love again:
Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick The Last Chapter (1992) as Judge Whelan
A sequel to "A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story," which aired on CBS on 3/1/92. Convicted for murdering her ex-husband and his new wife, the sequel focuses on her trial for the two murders.
Love Can Be Murder (1992)
A ghost attempts to solve the case of his own murder with the help of a female private investigator with whom he becomes romantically involved.
Chameleons (1989) as Hal Barton
Two cousins search for their grandfather's murderer. They learn that their grandfather had been leading a double life. By day, he was the respected owner of a newspaper; by night, he was the "Paraclete of Justice," fighting crime wherever he happened to find it.
Worth Winning (1989) as Mr Cooper
A television weatherman takes on a bet to romance and win three women.
Runnin' Kind, The (1989) as Richard Curtis
Set to take over his father's law firm and lead a secure but uninteresting life in Ohio, a young man joins up with an all-girl punk band and heads out to Los Angeles.
Shakedown on the Sunset Strip (1988) as Foreman Baker
A fact-based television movie about an ambitious Los Angeles vice cop whose bold pursuit of a famous prostitute-turned-madame the late '40s uncovered widespread corruption in the police department and nearly toppled the mayor's administration in the scandal.
My Science Project (1985) as General
A group of high-school kids uncover a mysterious devide that can transport them into diffent time warps.
Scarface (1983) as Vic Phillips
A determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel while succumbing to greed in this adaptation of "Scarface" (1932).
Our Family Business (1981) as Mr Macgregor
This film, dealing with the life and family of a syndicate boss (played by actor/director Sam Wanamaker), emerged as an off-beat pilot to a prospective series -- TV's first dealing exclusively with organized crime from the syndicate's point of view. Ted Danson, later to find stardom on "Cheers", is
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1980) as Thomas
The sumptuous remake, another in the string of literary classics lavishly redone for TV by Norman Rosemont, recounts the tale of the impoverished youngster from New York who becomes heir to his titled grandfather's British estate, but has to warm the old man's heart before he can truly lay claim. Pr
Dynasty (james A. Michener's) (1976) as Benjamin Mccullum
The saga of a pioneer family -- husband, wife and brother-in-law -- torn by jealousy, deception and rivalry in love and business as they seek their fortune on the Ohio frontier. The pilot, originally entitled "The Americans" and covering a thirty-five-year period starting in the 1820s, looks to be a
Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case (1975) as Jack
A drama about the headline-making murder case involving Dr. Sam Sheppard, the Cleveland osteopathic surgeon who was convicted of the July 4, 1954 slaying of his wife Marilyn. The film relates the ten years he spent in prison and the famous re-trial of 1965 in which he was acquitted on grounds of ins
Winner Take All (1975) as Leonard Fields
A woman's compulsion to gamble threatens to ruin her marriage -- especially after losing $30,000 of her husband's savings.
The Doll Squad (1974)
A squad of beautiful government agents tries to catch saboteurs.
Badlands (1973) as Rich Man
A young tough guy and his teen-aged girlfriend take off on a killing spree.
Joe Kidd (1972) as Judge
Joe Kidd is a former bounty hunter who is now trying to earn his living as a horse rancher and tracker. He is hired by a greedy land-grabber to find and capture Luis Chama, a Mexican revolutionary who is organizing the peasants to reclaim the land that is rightfully theirs.
Earth II (1971) as Hazlitt
The story of day to day operations aboard a space station called Earth II.
The Love Machine (1971) as Reporter
John Phillip Law, Dyan Cannon, Robert Ryan, Jackie Cooper, David Hemmings, Maureen Arthur, Shecky Greene, Jodi Wexler. Based on the best-selling pulp novel by Jacqueline Susann, this behind-the-scenes expose of a national television network follows the career of a ruthless executive who sleeps his way to the top. The music score includes two songs by Dionne Warwick - "He''s Moving On" & "Amanda''s Theme".
The Andromeda Strain (1971) as Capt. Morton
Scientists race to find the cure for a deadly space virus.
Monte Walsh (1970) as Farmer
An aging cowboy faces changes in the West with the rise of civilization.
Marooned (1969) as Flight surgeon
Three U.S. astronauts face a slow death when their rockets fail during a space voyage.

Producer (feature film)

The Scarlet Spear (1954) as Tech exec

Editing (feature film)

The Heartbreak Kid (1972) as Editing
A newlywed falls in love with the perfect woman during the honeymoon from Hell.
Taking Off (1971) as Film Editor
Unable to deal with her parents, Jeannie Tyne runs away from home. Larry and Lyne Tyne search for her, and in the process meet other people whose children ran away. With their children gone, the parents are now free to rediscover/enjoy life.
King: A Filmed Record ... Montgomery to Memphis (1970) as Film Editor
Compilation documentary on Martin Luther King and his movement.
Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970) as Film Editor
Two black police detectives suspect a preacher''''s "Back to Africa" movement is a scam.
Paper Lion (1968) as Film Editor
A journalist goes through pro football training for a story.

Sound (feature film)

A Time for Dying (1982) as Sound
The Grasshopper (1970) as Sd mix
Christine Adams, at 19, leaves her small town in British Columbia to follow her boy-friend to L.A., where he works for a bank, to live with him and have babies. He's not keen on a baby right away, so she gets bored and heads for Las Vegas where she talks her way into a job as a show girl. Friendships sustain her in this day-by-day life, and one of those friendships, with NFL great Tommy Marcott who's now the glorified greeter at a casino, blossoms into a marriage. Tommy loses his job after beating a man who assaults Chris, so they head for L.A. There tragedy strikes, and there's no place left for her but Vegas and prostitution. Are redemption and fulfillment possible on the Strip?
Rio Lobo (1970) as Sound
A Civil War veteran searches for the traitor behind a friend's death.
Darling Lili (1970) as Prod rec
A World War I flyer falls for a beautiful enemy spy.
Will Penny (1968) as Sound Recording
An Oregon ranchhand finds that his mountain cabin has been appropriated by a woman and her son.
How Sweet It Is! (1968) as Sound
A married couple''s working vacation in Paris turns into a battle to stay faithful.
Buckskin (1968) as Sound Recording
The Odd Couple (1968) as Sound Recording
A divorced neat freak moves in with his sloppy best friend.
Blue (1968) as Sound Recording
A Mexican bandit, part of a gang led by his father, goes on a raid into the U.S. He falls for a beautiful woman and decides to leave his life of crime and settle down with her. Eventually his father and the gang come back for him, and he finds himself torn between his love for the woman and his loyalty to his father and his fellow gang members.
El Dorado (1967) as Sound
A gunfighter and a drunken sheriff take on a corrupt cattle baron.
Hostile Guns (1967) as Sound
George Montgomery, Yvonne De Carlo, Tab Hunter, Brian Donlevy, John Russell, James Craig, Richard Arlen, & Fuzzy Knight as Buck. Tension mounts as a U.S. marshall and his hot-headed deputy escort a prison wagon with four deadly criminals across the Texas Badlands
Fort Utah (1967) as Sound
John Ireland, Virginia Mayo, Scott Brady, John Russell, Robert Strauss, James Craig, Richard Arlen, Jim Davis, Donald Barry, Harry Lauter. Tom Horn (John Ireland) accompanies a pilgrim wagon train through hostile Indian territory while fighting off white trash renegades.
Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) as Sound
When frogman Ted Jackson discovers a sunken treasure on his last day of Navy life, he decides to go back as a civilian and make himself rich. Unfortunately, there are others after the booty, and the man with the swiveling hips has a fight on his hands.
Hombre (1967) as Sound
A white man raised by Apaches is the only hope for stagecoach passengers stranded by a bandit attack.
Gunn (1967) as Sound
Paradise--Hawaiian Style (1966) as Sound
Rick Richards is a helicopter pilot who wants to set up a charter flying service in Hawaii -- along the way he makes some friends, including a young Hawaiian girl and her father, romances Judy Hudson, and sings a few songs.
Red Line 7000 (1965) as Sound Recording
The story of three racing drivers and three women, who constantly have to worry for the lives of their boyfriends. Jim Loomis and Mike Marsh drive for Pat Cassarian. Jim expects his fiancée Holly, but before she arrives, he dies in a race. Since she hasn't got the money to travel back, she stays. The young and very ambitious talent Ned Arp joins the team and immediately starts wooing Pat's sister Julie. Third in the team is womanizer Dan McCall, who brings with him his current girlfriend Gabrielle from Paris. So the basic theme of this soap is "Who with whom?"
The Slender Thread (1965) as Sound
A crisis line volunteer tries to save a woman from suicide.
War Party (1965) as Sd mix
Village of the Giants (1965) as Sound
Delinquent teens ingest a substance and grow to 30 feet tall, then proceed to take over a small town.
Roustabout (1964) as Sound
A female carnival owner hires a hot-blooded young singer to save her touring show.
The Carpetbaggers (1964) as Sound
A young tycoon takes Hollywood by storm to quench his thirst for power.
Where Love Has Gone (1964) as Sound
Family secrets come to light when a teen-ager murders her mother's lover.
Come Blow Your Horn (1963) as Sound
A big city swinger teaches his sheltered brother how to become a chick magnet.
Hud (1963) as Sound Recording
An amoral modern rancher clashes with his rigid father.
Wives and Lovers (1963) as Sound
A married couple, just barely getting by, has their luck change drastically when the husband finally pens a best-selling novel. But, the "nouveau riche" life becomes less than pleasurable for the wife when the husband becomes a womanizer.
A New Kind of Love (1963) as Sound
The fashion industry and Paris provide the setting for a comedy surrounding the mistaken impression that Joanne Woodward is a high-priced call girl. Paul Newman is the journalist interviewing her for insights on her profession.
Hatari! (1962) as Sound Recording
The arrival of a woman upsets a team of hunters capturing animals for the world''''s zoos.
Without Warning! (1952) as Sound Recording
The Star (1952) as Sound Engineer
A faded film star fights to hold on to her past glamour despite failing finances.
Face to Face (1952) as Sd eng ["The Secret Sharer"]
The Ring (1952) as Sound Engineer
Geisha Girl (1952) as Sound Recording
F.B.I. Girl (1951) as Sound Mixer
Navy Bound (1951) as Recording
Pickup (1951) as Sound Recording
Low-budget, tabloid-lurid story with high camp value of older man falling for much younger beauty who's busy figuring out how she can kill him now that they're married. Nasty verbal encounters and above all, Beverly Michaels, spike up this flick.
One Too Many (1951) as Sd tech
Man from Sonora (1951) as Recording Engineer
Duke (Lee Roberts), Pete (John Merton) and Spence (Stanley Price) and later ambush ex-Ranger Johnny Mack Brown (Johnny Mack Brown) and steal his horse. In Silver Springs, town banker Allison Fred Allison (Sam Flint) is forced to borrow heavily from livery stable owner Ed Hooper (House Peters, Jr) to make good the hold-up losses. Johnny jumps Duke, gets a confession out of him that reveals Hooper as the gang leader, and sets out after Spence and receivers his stolen horse. He confronts Hooper, but is thrown in jail by an outlaw posing as a Marshal. Cinthy Allison (Phyllis Coates) recognizes the fake Marshal, and Hooper makes a break, with Johnny giving chase.
Blazing Bullets (1951) as Recording Engineer
The Sword of Monte Cristo (1951) as Sound
In 1858 France, Emperor Louis Napoleon (David Bond) sends Captain Renault (George Montgomery) of the Royal Dragoons, Minister La Roche (Berry Kroeger) and Major Nicolet (William Conrad) to Normandy in search of the members of a group of rebels. A Masked Cavalier (Paula Corday), the niece, Lady Christianne, of the Marquis De Montableau (Robert Warwick), announces at a secret meeting of the Normandy underground leaders that the fabled treasure of Monte Cristo was willed to her and she will use it to finance their cause. Her uncle, the only one who can decipher the symbols on the sword of Monte Cristo, the key to the treasure, derides her stand against the Emperor. La Roche takes possession of the sword and has the Marquis put into the dungeon. Christianne, as the Masked Cavalier, regains the sword from La Roche, but Captain Renault apprehends her and returns to sword to La Roche.
Little Big Horn (1951) as Sound Engineer
Snow Dog (1950) as Rec by
The Return of Jesse James (1950) as Sound Engineer
Johnny looks so much like the real Jesse, he is mistaken for him by a grizzled old member of the now deceased James gang. Johnny is talked into leading a new gang to rob banks using the same modus operandi as the famed outlaw. Jesse's brother Frank decides to put a stop to the defamation of his dead brother's name. Johnny and his gang run into trouble when they try to rob the same two banks, simultaneously, that proved to be the downfall of the original gang.
The Great Plane Robbery (1950) as Sound
The Admiral Was a Lady (1950) as Sound
The Lawless (1950) as Sound Recording
A newspaper editor takes on the cause of oppressed migrant workers.
Experiment Alcatraz (1950) as Sound Engineer
A doctor testing drugs on convicts gets mixed up in a murder investigation.
Trail of the Yukon (1949) as Recording
The Black Book (1949) as Sound
Opponents plot to bring down Robespierre during the French Revolution.
Black Midnight (1949) as Sound
Scott Jordan's mission in life is to train a wild stallion named Black Midnight.
Miss Mink of 1949 (1949) as Sd tech
The Wolf Hunters (1949) as Recording
After four fur trappers have been slain and their furs stolen, Corporal Rod Webb (Kirby Grant) of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police sets out for their village. En route he and his dog Chinook come upon another trapper, Henri (Edward Norris), shot and lying unconscious on the trail, and the furs he was delivering to the factor, McTavish (Charles Lang), stolen. Chinook trails the would-be-killer Muskoka (Ted Hecht) and bites a piece of cloth from his coat before he escapes. Webb leaves Henri with Greta (Jan Clayton) while he investigates, aided by Minnetaki (Elizabeth Root), Indian servant fired by McTavish, the real head of the fur thieves, and Marcia Cameron (Helen Parrish), wife of the superintendent (Luther Crockett) of the trading company that employs McTavish.
Song of the Drifter (1948) as Recording Engineer
Jimmy (Jimmy Wakely) joins Cannonball (Dub Taylor) on a visit to the widow Fennamore (Patsy Moran), Cannonball's old girlfriend, at Firehole. Engineer Colton (Gary Garrett) is killed by henchman Smoky Morgan (Carl Mathews) and Philip JUdson (William Ruhl) hides the body. The engineer, at the request of the widow's niece, Martha (Mildred Coles), had come to inspect a polluted reservoir. Land Company head Turner (Frank LaRue)and Judson contaminated the water to get the ranchers to vacate so they can grab the land. Judson hires Easy (Marshall Reed) to pose as the engineer, and he reports the reservoir useless but Jimmy's test proves the waters are not deeply polluted. Judson kills Easy to keep him from talking, and casts the blame on Cannonball. But Jimmy has a trick up his sleeve, right after the next song.
Crossed Trails (1948) as Recording Engineer
Thirteen-year-old Melissa Hendrix (Kathy Frye) runs away from school to return to her ranch near Mesa City. Her family friend Johnny Mack (Johnny Mack Brown)meets her stage coach, on which Maggie Flynn (Lynne Carver), on her way to become a faro dealer at Hudson's saloon, is also a passenger. Melisssa's guardian, Bodie Clark (Raymond Hatton), refuses the offer by Jim Hudson (Douglas Evans)to buy Melissa's ranch, which contains valuable water rights for the whole basin. Bodie threatens Hudson's lawyer, Anderson (Milburn Morante), when he accuses Bodie of holding onto the ranch for selfish reasons. Bodie and rancher Laswell (Ted Adams) hear gunshots, and Bodie finds Anderson dead in the bunkhouse. Hudson and Blake (Steve Clark) accuse Bodie of the murder and have him jailed. After being threatned by Hudson's men, Curtin (Zon Murray) and Wright (Bob Woodward as Robert D. Woodward), Laswell refuses to clear Bodie at his trial by revealing he was oustide with him when they heard the shots, and Bodie is found guilty. Johnny rescues Laswell from the outlaws and kills Wright in a gun duel. Hudson's attempt to get a mob to hang Bodie backfires when Johnny arrives in time with Laswell, who now admits the truth. The outlaws are apprehended and Maggie convinces Melissa that she should go back to school.
Walk a Crooked Mile (1948) as Sound
The FBI and Scotland Yard join forces to stop security leaks at a nuclear power plant.
The Girl from Manhattan (1948) as Sd tech
Campus Sleuth (1948) as Recording
So This Is New York (1948) as Sound Engineer
The Challenge (1948) as Sound Engineer
The Tender Years (1948) as Sound Recording
The first of the Edward L. Alperson "Alson Productions" for 20th Century-Fox distribution, featuring the return to the screen, after nearly a four-year absence, of comedian Joe E. Brown, in a non-comedic role. The story is set in a small mid-western town in the 1880's, where minister William "Will" Norris (Joe E. Brown) becomes involved in the vicious fights held in the local dog-pit when one of the injured animals escapes its brutal master and seeks refuge in the Norris home. Forced by law to return the dog to its owner, the minister goes against his religious teachings and, with his son Ted (Richard Lyon), steals the dog in an effort to rouse public sympathy against the dog fights and against cruelty to all animals. The film was endorsed in many locations by local chapters of the American Humane Society and/or the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven (1948) as Sound
Fighting Back (1948) as Sd tech
The Counterfeiters (1948) as Sound Recording
Dishonored Lady (1947) as Sound
Madeleine Damien is the fashion editor of a slick Manhattan magazine by day and a lively party girl by night. Unfortunately, the pressures of her job, including kowtowing to a hefty advertiser, and her bad luck with men are driving her to a breakdown. She seeks the help of a psychiatrist, and under his orders, quits her job and moves into a smaller flat under a new identity. She becomes interested in painting and a handsome neighbor. He soon finds out about her past when an ex-suitor implicates her in a murder.
Three on a Ticket (1947) as Sound Engineer
A private detective, who has been shot, stumbles into the office of Michael Shayne (Hugh Beaumont), and dies before Shayne can question him. Shayne finds a baggage ticket in his hand. He claims it and finds the checked-bag contains the loot from a robbery. Now, he has about fifty minutes left of the running time to find the crooks, bring them to justice and return the money to the rightful owners. And needs all of it.
Bowery Buckaroos (1947) as Recording
The Bowery Boys head west and land themselves in hot water.
Backlash (1947) as Sd tech
A body, believed to be that of a criminal lawyer, sends the police hunting for the killer. The lawyer's wife, his partner, and an ex-convict are, in turn, suspected of the crime. But the body was incorrectly identified, and the lawyer is still alive. He murders his partner and is planning on killing his wife.
Kilroy Was Here (1947) as Sound Recording
Returning G. I. John J. Kilroy (Jackie Cooper), whose main ambition is to get a college education, finds himself one-half credit short for college entrance. Connie Harcourt (Wanda McKay) writes feature stories about him as "Kilroy,", the most talked about G. I. of the war, and is able to get him registered. Fraternity members grow dubious and attempt to make him withdraw from college.
Dragnet (1947) as Sound Recording
Hard Boiled Mahoney (1947) as Sd tech
The Bowery Boys try to expose a phony fortune-teller.
Killer at Large (1947) as Sound Engineer
Lured (1947) as Sound
A woman helps the police catch the serial killer who murdered her best friend.
Too Many Winners (1947) as Sound Engineer
Railroaded! (1947) as Sound Mixer
A two-bit hood sets out to rob his boss''''s illegal gambling operation.
Roses Are Red (1947) as Sd tech
This script rode in right off of the range that had been ridden at least twice by Tim McCoy at Columbia. Writer Elmam did little other than moving it from a Western to a big-town Eastern. Don Castle plays a newly-elected district attorney but, just before he takes office, the town's crooked political boss (Edward Keane) has his henchies (including Jeff Chandler)kidnap him with intentions of replacing him with an ex-convict(Don Castle in a dual role) who is his exact double. While the D.A.'s double/replacement is studying his mannerisms where he is being held captive, the D.A. knocks out the double, takes his clothes and manages to fool the gang boss into thinking he is the ex-con. The henchies then kill the ex-con thinking he is the D.A. The latter continues to impersonate his double until he has set and sprung the trap on the gang boss and his minions. Peggy Knudsen plays the D.A's. fiance, Patricia Knight the wife of the ex-con and Joe Sawyer pops up as a crooked police official.
Her Sister's Secret (1946) as Sound Engineer
When her soldier lover disappears, a young woman gives up their child to her sister, only to have the man return intent on building a family.
Deadline for Murder (1946) as Sd tech
Queen of Burlesque (1946) as Sound Engineer
Reporter Steve Hurley (Carleton Young) is happy when he hears that Crystal McCoy (Evelyn Ankers), star of the burlesque show, is to be replaced by her predecessor, Dolly Devoe (Jaqueline Dalya). Steve hopes Crystal will marry him and give up the stage. But Crystal is unhappy about it, as is show manager Joe Nolan (Craig Reynolds), for he also likes her. It is obvious that he is being forced to put Dolly back in the show. And there is also Blossom Terraine (Rose La Rose) who wants the star role and is using her suitor Chick Malloy (Murray Leonard), the comedian of the show to back her. Dolly arrives in a snit and immediately starts a quarrel with Crystal. And Dolly's day gets worse when Lola Cassell (Marion Martin) shows up and accuses Dolly of having driven to suicide the man they both loved. Dolly's bad day ends when Annie (Alice Fleming), the wardrobe woman who idolizes Crystal, finds her strangled body in a dressing room trunk. The first person Inspector Crowley (Emory Parnell) suspects is Chick, for he had been overheard in an incriminating conversation with Blossom. Then he turns to Crystal, as the result of a threat she had made, plus he learns that a story Steve is writing revolves around the finding of a strangled body in a trunk. To complete the Inspector's own bad day, albeit somewhat better than Dolly's, he finds out that Lola had visited Dolly in her dressing room, and that Chick is blackmailing Nolan into putting Blossom in the starring role and has evidence that Nolan had also been in Dolly's dressing room inbetween the other traffic. THEN, Annie, fearing that Crystal will be arrested, confesses to the murder. The police do not believe her, and give orders that nobody is to leave the theatre until the murderer is found which, based on the number of suspects, gives no indication of happening anytime soon. The list is narrowed when Lola is found dead in a phone booth, with a knife thrust in her back. And while he is questioning the rest of the group in Nolan's office, the lights go out, and Blossom exits stage left by being murdered. Chick accuses Nolan, who admits he was also in Dolly's dressing room - who wasn't - only because she was blackmailing him but she was alive when he left. A shot rings out in Crystal's dressing room, where they find Annie in a faint, but unharmed by the bullet. An inspection of the room shows that Annie fired the bullet at herself, and Steve's adroit questioning tricks Annie into confessing that she was the killer, the crimes being committed as the result of a homicidal mania induced by Annie's intense love for Crystal, who she mistakenly believes to be her daughter.
Down Missouri Way (1946) as Sound Engineer
Colorado Serenade (1946) as Sound Engineer
Duke Dillon has his gang robbing stagecoaches carrying gold which is then melted down by his father. But Eddie and his sidekick Soapy are on the job and they are aided by undercover man Nevada.
Rendezvous 24 (1946) as Sd tech
Gas House Kids (1946) as Sound Engineer
Black Beauty (1946) as Sound Recording
A motherless girl searches for the horse she raised.
Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (1946) as Sd tech
Tarzan fights to keep a killer cult from attacking traders.
Adventures of Kitty O'Day (1945) as Recording
A perky switchboard operator investigates murders that baffle the police.
Midnight Manhunt (1945) as Sound Recording
White Pongo (1945) as Sound Engineer
Suspecting that a safari guide is a wanted killer, undercover policeman Geoffrey Bishop (Richard Fraser) joins a safari led by the suspect for a scientist that hopes to find and prove that a fabled white gorilla is a missing link.
Paris--Underground (1945) as Sd tech
Brewster's Millions (1945) as Sound
A veteran has to spend $1 million in two months to inherit a fortune.
Getting Gertie's Garter (1945) as Sound
A medical researcher tries frantically to recover a jeweled garter he had given an old flame.
Club Havana (1945) as Sound Engineer
A WAVE, a WAC and a Marine (1944) as Sd dir
Henny (Henny Youngman), talent scout for the Margaret Ames (Sally Eilers) Film Agency in Hollywood, mistakes Judy (Anne Gillis) and Marian (Elyse Knox), the understudies, for Eileen (Marjorie Woodworth) and Betty (Ramsay Ames), the real stars of a Broadway show and signs them up for movies. Margaret, furious with Henny for the blunder, fires him---but only temporarily. Another agent, Marty Allen (Richard Lane), once married to and still in love with Margaret, signs Betty and Eileen. Henny arrives with Judy and Marian, and the nightclub manager asks Henny to emcee the show. Though he is not sure himself what they can do, Henny introduces the girls and they make a hit in a dramatic sketch. (Simmer down, it's just a Monogram movie, and their nightclub attendees can react anyway director Phil Karlstein/Karlson wants them to.) Big-time movie producer R. J. (Alan Dinehart) signs them to a film contract. So, what does this have to do with the title, "A WAVE, a WAC and a Marine"? Because Judy joins the WAVES, Marian the WACS and Marty the Marines and all have two weeks before induction, and that is more than long enough to shoot a Monogram musical-within-a-Monogram musical and have a few days to spare.
Rogues Gallery (1944) as Unit mixer
Song of the Open Road (1944) as Sound Engineer
Child film star Jane Powell, fed up with her every move being stage managed by her stage mother, runs away and joins the U.S. Crop Corps, a small army of young folks staying at youth hostels and picking crops while adult farmworkers are at war. Totally clueless about the real world, befuddled Jane is embroiled in teen-romance complications while Mother frantically searches. Will her stardom help or hinder her new friends? W.C. Fields does a short act with Bergen and McCarthy.
The Impostor (1944) as [Sd] tech
Bluebeard (1944) as Sound Engineer
A 19th-century Parisian puppeteer is killing the young women he employs.
Private Worlds (1935) as Sd tech

Cast (special)

Life and Times of the Cash Family, The (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of country music icon and patriarch Johnny Cash, as seen through the eyes of his family.
Way West, The (1995)
A documentary exploring the history of the American West from the time of the Gold Rush until shortly after the last of the Indian Wars at Wounded Knee (1845 - 1893).
Grammy Legends Show (1990)
Honoring Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel and Quincy Jones, who were chosen by the Board of Trustees of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences as 1990's Grammy Living Legends.
My Dear Uncle Sherlock (1977) as Mr Trimble
When the police arrest the wrong man for robbing a wealthy old recluse, Joey Trimble, a twelve-year-old boy who has developed powers of deductive resoning by playing Sherlock Holmes games with his uncle, decides to set matters straight. He teams with his Uncle "Sherlock" to find the real culprit.
If It's a Man, Hang Up (1975) as Murchison
The story of Suzy Martin, a beautiful fashion model who is tormented by an anonymous phone caller.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Roots: The Next Generations (1979)
The unparalleled success of "Roots" in 1977 prompted this continuation of Alex Haley's saga, beginning with the events where its predecessor ended in 1882 and bringing the story to the present with James Earl Jones playing Haley and Marlon Brando as American Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell, who

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Death in California, A (1985) as Green
A Beverly Hills socialite embarks on a love/hate relationship with the psychopath who had murdered her fiance and then raped and terrorized her, eventually becoming involved in a bizarre trial. Joan Barthel's book, from which this two-part film evolved, was based on a notorious 1970s California case
Winds of War, The (1983) as Colonel William Forrest
Herman Wouk's best-selling 1971 epic about a fictional Navy family in the days leading up to Pearl Harbor came to TV in this 16-hour miniseries over seven nights (initially it had been planned for only twelve hours). At about $40-million, it was the single most expensive television event up to that

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