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Producer (feature film)

Tommy's Honour (2017)
The dramatic story of Tom and Tommy Morris, father and son pioneers of professional golf who relied on skill on the course, business acumen, and working-class street smarts to make Tommy one of the world's first sports superstars and found the modern game of golf.
Illusionist, The (2010)
The Illusionist is one of a dying breed of stage entertainers. With emerging rock stars stealing his thunder in the late 1950s, he is forced to accept increasingly obscure assignments in fringe theatres, at garden parties and in bars and caf├ęs. Then, while performing in a village pub off the west co
De Tre Muskaterer (2006)
Young D'Artagnan leaves his family and joins the King's Musketeers in Paris during the reign of Louis XIII. Initially, the young swordsman offends each Musketeer in turn and faces the prospect of a series of duels until they join forces against their common enemy, the corrupt Cardinal who aims to di
Verborgen Gebreken (2004)
Chrissy is extremely protective of her younger brother Tommy, whom she vigilantly protects from their abusive older brother. One day, on a family camping holiday, her hatred for him bubbles up to the surface and she pushes him off a ferry pier. Now responsible for her big brother's death, she takes
House of Mirth, The (2000) as Executive Producer
In 1908, Lily Bart is a ravishing New York socialite at the height of her success who quickly discovers the precariousness of her position when her beauty and charm start to attract unwelcome interest and jealousy. Torn between her heart and her head, Lily always seems to do the right thing at the w
Show Goes On - The Indian Chapter, The (1996) as Executive Producer
A survey of Indian cinema which traces the historical development of filmmaking in a country which produces over 800 feature films per year and exports them to half the world, particularly developing counties.
100 Years of Polish Cinema (1996) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
Elderly people, one age 100, talk emotionally about prewar films they loved, mostly romances and operettas and stars they adored.
Irish Cinema - Ourselves Alone? (1996) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
About the struggle to create a truly Irish cinema in what is probably, one of the world's most photographed nations.
Russian Idea, The (1996) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
Recounting one of the world's greatest cinematic cannons: the polemical nature of Russian filmmaking as it applies to the history of Soviet helming.
Aristotle's Plot (1996) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
Without including any film clips from African cinema or interviews with helmers from the continent, writer-director Jean-Pierre Bekolo chooses for his survey to express issues of consumption and disregard by an overwhelming number of African moviegoers for its own native cinema. Bekolo's fictionaliz
Cinema of Tears (1995) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
Presented by noted Brazilian helmer Nelson Pereira dos Santos, a story which attempts to break the "Century of Cinema" format by presenting an analysis of the melodrama genre within a melodramatic context. Thus, in establishing a fictional side, the picture revolves around Rodrigo, a renowned Brazil
100 Years of Japanese Cinema (1995) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
Presented by helmer Nagisa Oshima, a collection of personal views on Japanese cinema by various noted filmmakers.
2 X 50 Years of French Cinema (1995) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
Presented by legendary helmer Jean-Luc Godard and his collaborator Anne-Marie Mieville--a collection of personal views on French cinema by various noted filmmakers.
I am Curious, Film (1995) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
Typically British (1995) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
A survey of a century of British filmmakers, their films and their industry.
Cinema on the Road (1995) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
Presented by noted helmer/former critic Jang Sun-woo, a documentary road movie in which Jang, himself, having shot 10,000 feet of film in Seoul, and still unable to pin down a "definition" of Korean cinema, sets out on the road. In fact, it's an excuse to run through a whole raft of political, histo
Night of the Film-Makers, The (1995) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
A series of interviews with living filmmakers about German film history.
Cinema of Unease: A Personal Journey By Sam Neill (1995) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
An autobiographical account of the cinema of New Zealand by one of its key actors, Sam Neill.
Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, A (1995) as Executive Producer
Leading American filmmaker Martin Scorsese''s entry in the BFI''s "The Century of Cinema" series is three-part, 235-minute odyssey. Showing the same mastery of the documentary form as he has of fictional narratives, he chronicles his self-discovery as a filmmaker, using as touchstones both Hollywood masterworks and unsung B-movies. At the same time, he examines the central conflict in American cinema: the director''s need to reconcile his role as a team player with his own personal expression.
40,000 Years of Dreaming: a Century of Australian Cinema (1995) as Executive Producer (Bfi-Tv)
George Miller's genial look at his country's filmmaking which is comprised of an assemblage of segments covering most aspects of the Australian experience: from the landscape and the pioneer spirit, through the country's unique social blend, to traditional Aussie types and more recent emergent theme

Music (feature film)

Moonlight (2006)
A thirteen-year-old Claire discovers a wounded and bleeding boy her age in her family's garden shed. The boy is a young drug courier from Afghanistan, shot and wounded after serving his purpose as human packing material. Claire decides to keep the boy a secret. He slowly recovers under her care. The
Birthday Girl (2001) as Music Supervisor
John Buckingham was an ordinary bank employee with a small home and a life built on routine... until he took a bride through an on-line mail order service called "From Russia With Love." The morning she arrives is her birthday, but he's the one who's in for the surprise. When the new bride's two "co
Blow Dry (2001) as Music Supervisor
Two beauty salons in the small English town of Keighley are locked in a heated rivalry over the National Hairdressing Championships. Local hairdresser Phil was once the golden boy of the competition until his wife and model Shelly left him and their son Brian to set up shop with her lover Sandra. Re
Baader (2001) as Music
A look at the life of petty car thief Andreas Baader, who became a revolutionary theoretician of the German extreme left between the years of 1967 (when Baader was serving yet another prison sentence for car theft and for driving without a driver's license), until 1972 when the state and the Red Arm
Sorted (2000) as Executive Music Producer
Carl comes to London to gather his deceased brother's belongings and finds there was more to his brother's life than he ever knew. As he learns more about him, he becomes entangled in the same rave scene which may have been responsible for his brother's mysterious death.
Chocolat (2000) as Music Supervisor
Vianne Rocher and her 6-year-old daughter move to a small village in southern France, near Toulouse, and open a chocolate shop across from the church, just as the town is preparing to observe Lent. The parish priest is horrified, especially since Vianne keeps her tempting shop open on Sundays. In ti
About Adam (2000)
Lucy Owens is entertaining memories of her ex-boyfriend in a restaurant where she works when Adam strolls in to have a quiet dinner. Immediately smitten, Lucy can't help but ask the shy and unassuming gentleman on a date. Next thing you know, he's rolling up the family driveway in a baby blue Jaguar
Mansfield Park (1999) as Music Supervisor
The story of Fanny Price, a poor relation growing up among the privileged Bertram clan and the sexual awakening of the young adults in the family set against the dark realities of the source of the family's fortune, the slave trade: At ten, Fanny is shipped from her rat-infested, hard-luck Portsmout
Elephant Juice (1999) as Music Supervisor
A story about the lives and loves of a group of friends in London. There are three couples, two straight, one gay, and they all try to find a partner for a male friend.
My Life So Far (1999) as Music Supervisor
A childhood memoir of growing up in an eccentric family in 1920s Scotland following a year in the life of 10 year-old Fraser Pettigrew. Fraser lives in the castle-like mansion of the Macintosh clan with his widowed grandmother, Gamma, his mother Moira and his father, the handsome gentleman inventor
Room for Romeo Brass, A (1999) as Music Supervisor
The unlikeliest of best friends, Romeo Brass is a perpetually hungry junior tough guy. Gavin "Knocks" Woolley is an inquisitive skinny kid who limps due to his bad back. They live next door to each other -- each the other's antidote to a landscape of comic losers nad broken-down dreams. The boys mee
Entrapment (1999) as Music Consultant
Robert "Mac" MacDougal has an untarnished reputation as the world's greatest art thief. So when a priceless Rembrant is stolen in New York, the evidence points to Mac. Insurance investigator "Gin" Baker persuades her boss, whose company will lose $24 million on the theft, to let her go after the master criminal. The strong-willed and resourceful Gin has to entrap Mac, but he proves even more elusive and crafty than she expected. While engaging in an electric pas de deux of wariness and attraction, Mac and Gin form an edgy partnership that takes them from London, via the Western Isles of Scotland, to Kuala Lumpur, the high-tech capital of Malaysia. Together, they come up with a daring plan for a multi-billion dollar-heist tied to the dawn of a new millennium.
Pushing Tin (1999) as Music Consultant
Nick Falzone is a control freak. An air traffic control freak. He 'pushes tin' at New York's Terminal Radar Approach Control center. Part catacomb, part frat house, TRACON is the chaotic air traffic facility on Long Island that handles up to 7,000 flights a day into and out of the finite airspace ab
Little Voice (1998) as Music Supervisor
A magical musical comedy which centers on the reticent and reclusive, Laura Hoff, who lives with her mother in a small English seaside town. Her father has died, leaving her no-one to listen to classic songs with, and a mother who is refinding her sexuality with a sleazy London talent agent. She wit
B. Monkey (1998) as Music Supervisor
A violent, lost and uncontrollable spirit, Beatrice, is seeking a life of normalcy and domestic bliss away from the dangers of her profession, armed robbery. Known as 'B. Monkey' to her comrades in crime on the streets (for her ability to get into anywhere--she is half-waif, half-warrior. Tired of l
Butcher Boy (1997) as Music Supervisor
With a temperamental father and a suicidal mother, a bright young Dublin boy grows increasingly demented and homicidal. Moving in and out of insane asylums, he murders a neighbor who sullies the name of his family, while experiencing visions of a saintly angel.
Hackers (1995) as Music Supervisor
Zero Cool--real name Dade Murphy--is a legend among his peers. In 1988, he single-handedly crashed 1,507 computers on Wall Street, creating worldwide financial chaos. Eleven years old, Dade Murphy had a record with the F.B.I.--forbidden to finger the keys of so much as a touchtone phone until his 18
Near Room, The (1995) as Music Supervisor
Hard-bitten journalist Charlie Colquhoun finds the headlines a little too close to home when a prostitution scandal involves a dead informant and his own daughter, Tommy, whom he abandoned years earlier. When he is asked by a former lover to track down a missing person, all roads lead to Tommy. Soon
Backbeat (1994) as Music Supervisor
Set in Hamburg, Germany during the early 1960s, the story of Stuart Sutcliffe, the erstwhile "fifth Beatle" who abandoned the soon-to-be famous band for love and art.
Long Day Closes, The (1992) as Music Supervisor
Autobiographical film based on the director's happiest years of childhood; a time spent amid the love of his mother, sister and brothers, prior to the struggle he experienced in adapting to a new school.
Long Day Closes, The (1992) as Music
Autobiographical film based on the director's happiest years of childhood; a time spent amid the love of his mother, sister and brothers, prior to the struggle he experienced in adapting to a new school.
Silent Scream (1986) as Music
The troubled life of writer Larry Winters, who died from a drug overdose in a Glasgow prison in 1977.

Producer (special)

Typewriter, the Rifle and the Movie Camera, The (1996) as Development Executive
A documentary about the Hollywood iconoclast -- filmmaker Sam Fuller, whose career includes such films as "Steel Helmet" (1951), "Pickup on South Street" (1953), "Shock Corridor" (1963), "The Naked Kiss" (1964), "The Big Red One" (1982) and "White Dog" (1984).

Music (special)

Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City (1994) as Music Supervisor

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