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Also Known As: Died: December 5, 1999
Born: May 8, 1915 Cause of Death: lung cancer
Birth Place: Osceola, Nebraska, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Amelia Earhart (1976) as Dr Paterson
An ambitious movie biography of the famed aviatrix and her marriage to a noted publisher. Emmy nominations went to Susan Clark as Best Actress, Susan Oliver as Best Supporting Actress, and William Tuntke and Richard Freedman for their art direction and set decoration.
Thursday's Game (1974)
A delightful adult comedy with a stellar cast dealing with the marital and business problems of a couple of middle-aged men who continue their night out with the boys even after the breakup of their Thursday evening poker game. Made in 1971 as a theatrical release, it was shelved for several years b
How to Frame a Figg (1971) as Gerard
A bungling bookkeeper''s assistant in the Dalton city hall finds himself framed for embezzlment. A sweet young woman helps him clear his name.
I Saw What You Did (1965) as John Austin
A prank call turns deadly when two teenagers dial a murderer''''s number.
Apache Rifles (1964) as Colonel Perry
Blue Hawaii (1961) as Jack Kelman
A Hawaiian playboy defies his possessive mother to take a job with a tourist agency.
City of Fear (1959) as Lt. Mark Richards
An escaped convict heads for Los Angeles not realizing he''''s stolen a deadly radioactive mineral.
Affair in Reno (1957) as Tony Lamarr
She Devil (1957) as Barton Kendall
Decision at Sundown (1957) as Dr. Storrow
A gunman seeks revenge on the man he believes stole his wife.
Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957) as Bob Dudley
A playboy finds love while managing a posh hotel in Rome.
Emergency Hospital (1956) as Dr. Ellis
Patients and staff face life-or-death situations during 12 hours in an ER.
Rock Around the Clock (1956) as Mike Dodd
A music promoter decides to get into the new world of rock music.
No Man's Woman (1955) as Harlow Grant
The Stars Are Singing (1953) as Dave Parish
Fifteen-year-old Katri Walenska (Amma Maria Alberghetti) jumps a Polish ship, swims ashore and enters New York illegally. The United States Immigration officials are alerted---the USA still had a functioning immigration policy and department when this was filmed---and the search is on. Katri's only possessions are a ten-dollar bill and a letter to her parents' old friend, Jan Poldi (Lauritz Melchior), a former Metropolitan Opera star. She finds him in a shabby Greenwich Village apartment. His neighbors in the apartment house are three Broadway hopefuls; pop singer Terry Brennan (Rosemary Clooney), hoofer Buddy Fraser (Tom Morton) and Homer Tirdell (Bob Williams) and his talented dog Red Dust. (Pardon me, make that four Broadway hopefuls counting the dog.) When Terry hears Katri's magnificent singing voice, she scurries around New York to get her an audition and succeeds in getting her a spot on Don Wilson's televised amatuer hour. She wins the contest but unwittingly reveals her true identity as an illegal alien, which causes the arrest of Poldi, Wilson and Dave (John Archer), Terry's lawyer boyfriend. Katri faces deportation.
Dragon's Gold (1953) as Mack Rossiter
John Archer, Hillary Brooke, Noel Cravat, Dayton Lummis, Merrill Stone. In Hong Kong, Chinese general Wong Kai Hai (Noel Cravat) uses deceptive methods to sidetrack a bonding company investigator searching for seven million in missing gold.
A Yank in Indo-China (1952) as Mulvaney
Sound Off (1952) as Maj. Paul Whiteside
A brash nightclub entertainer has to straighten out when he's drafted and falls for a beautiful WAC.
The Big Trees (1952) as Frenchy LeCroix
An unscrupulous lumber baron has to join forces with former enemies to keep even bigger businessmen from taking over.
Rodeo (1952) as Tex Martin
Nancy Cartwright (Jane Nigh) is determined to collect an $1,800 feed bill owed to her father Harry Cartwright (Frank Ferguson) by a rodeo association. Instead, she is atlked into assuming management of the rodeo by Slim Martin (John Archer) and the other performes when they learn the promoter has run off with the cash receipts. Slim and Nancy fall in love and the rodeo is beginning to prosper under her guidance. A thoughtless remark by her to Barbecue Jones (Wallace Ford), a one-time champion, now an old man, forces him to prove his fitness as a rider, with the result of being badly injured. All of the performers, including Slim, refuse to be associated with Nancy and the rodeo breaks up. Barbecue recovers and tells the hands that Nancy paid for his hospital bills with monies accumulated for her father's feed bill. The crew is rounded up and Nancy is once again prevailed upon to return as manager. She succeeds in placing the rodeo into the bigtime circuit, proving mostly that the writers of this had not an inkling of how rodeos actually work...then or now.
Sea Tiger (1952) as Capt. Benjamin McGrun
Best of the Badmen (1951) as Curley Ringo
A band of notorious outlaws help a friend against a corrupt federal agent.
My Favorite Spy (1951) as Henderson
A comedian poses as an international spy to recover mysterious microfilm.
Santa Fe (1951) as Clint Canfield
Four brothers end up on opposite sides of a shootout.
Destination Moon (1950) as Jim Barnes
A crusading scientist defies the government to launch an expedition to the moon.
High Lonesome (1950) as Pat Farrell
The Great Jewel Robber (1950) as Det. Sampter
A master thief escapes from a Canadian prison farm and makes his way to New York.
White Heat (1949) as Philip Evans
A government agent infiltrates a gang run by a mother-fixated psychotic.
Colorado Territory (1949) as Reno Blake
An outlaw just released from prison is sucked back into a life of crime in this remake of High Sierra.
The Lost Moment (1947) as Charles Russell
In a long flashback, a New York publisher is in Venice pursuing the lost love letters of an early-19th-century poet, Jeffrey Ashton, who disappeared mysteriously. Using a false name, Lewis Venable rents a room from Juliana Bordereau, once Jeffrey Ashton's lover, now an aged recluse. Running the household is Juliana's severe niece, Tina, who mistrusts Venable from the first moment. He realizes all is not right when late one night he finds Tina, her hair unpinned and wild, at the piano. She calls him Jeffrey and throws herself at him. The family priest warns Venable to tread carefully around her fantasies, but he wants the letters at any cost, even Tina's sanity.
Roger Touhy, Gangster (1944) as F.B.I. agent Kerrigan
The Eve of St. Mark (1944) as Pvt. Carter
The Purple V (1943) as Jimmy Thorn
Shantytown (1943) as William Allen
Sherlock Holmes in Washington (1943) as Lt. Peter Merriam
Sherlock Holmes tries to recover a stolen document during World War II.
Hello Frisco, Hello (1943) as Ned Clark
Guadalcanal Diary (1943) as Lt. Thurmond
Concentrating on the personal lives of those involved, a war correspondent takes us through the preparations, landing and initial campaign on Guadalcanal during WWII.
Crash Dive (1943) as Curly
Against his personal preference, PT boat commander Ward Stewart is made executive officer of the submarine USS Corsair. On leave before sailing, he meets schoolteacher Jean Hewlett and gives her a romantic rush...unaware that she's the sweetheart of Dewey Connors, his new commander. At sea, the men bond while fighting German Q-ships. When will they discover their mutual romantic rivalry? Will it interfere with a spectacular commando raid on a secret German base?
Scattergood Survives a Murder (1942) as Dunker Gillson
Bowery at Midnight (1942) as Richard Dennison
A college professor hides a life of crime behind volunteer work.
Hi, Neighbor (1942) as Dr. Hall
Police Bullets (1942) as Professor J. Thomas Quincy
Police taken on a violent protection racket.
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1942) as Dr. Robert Redmond
In the shanty town called the Cabbage Patch, Mrs. Wiggs scrabbles for survival with her brood of children and hopes for the return of her husband, who left many years before.
The People vs. Dr. Kildare (1941) as Intern
An ice skater sues a young doctor for malpractice.
Scattergood Baines (1941) as Johnny Bones
Mountain Moonlight (1941) as Dr. Ed
City of Missing Girls (1941) as James Horton
King of the Zombies (1941) as Bill Summers
A mad scientist raises the dead to fight for Hitler in World War II.
Paper Bullets (1941) as Bob Elliot
Afterseeking revenge for her boyfriend, Joan Woodbury finds herself in jail on a hit-and-run charge. Ladd plays an undercover reporter doubling for a notorious gangster.
Cheers for Miss Bishop (1941) as Richard Clark
On her retirement, students wonder why their favorite teacher never married.
Barnyard Follies (1940) as Jeff
Curtain Call (1940) as Ted Palmer
Two producers get back at a temperamental star by putting her in a sure flop.
Career (1939) as Ray Cruthers
The children of old-time romantic rivals fall in love.
Overland Stage Raiders (1938) as Bob Whitney
After gold shipments from a mining town have been hijacked, the three Mesquiteers buy a plane to fly the gold out. The owner of the shipping line brings in Eastern gangsters to thwart them.
Spring Madness (1938) as Dartmouth college boy
A Harvard man romances a coed from a nearby college.

Producer (feature film)

Steadying the Boat (1996) as Producer
Part personal confession, part historical textbook--a look at helmer Istvan Szabo and Budapest the city.
Mairi Mhor: Her Life And Songs (1994) as Executive Producer
A celebration of the life and works of 19th-century Gaelic songstress Mairi Mhor.
Kyoto, My Mother's Place (1991) as Executive Producer
Story of Kyoto: its history, culture, as well as the role it has played in the director's life and the life of his mother.

Cast (short)

This "Crime Does Not Pay" short depicts how the police put a horse race betting scam out of business.

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