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Also Known As: Died: December 12, 2006
Born: October 18, 1933 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

All Roads Lead Home (2008)
A 12-year-old girl loses her mother in an automobile accident. Her father struggles with the loss of his wife and trying to raise his young daughter who believes her father is partly responsible for her mother's death. Belle's maternal grandfather is a changed man since losing his daughter in the ac
Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, The (2006)
Santa struggles to keep his new family happy while battling Jack Frost, who is trying to take over Christmas.
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004) as Old Man Wickles
Scooby and the gang lose their cool and their stellar reputation when an anonymous masked villain wreaks mayhem on the city of Coolsville with a monster machine that re-creates classic Mystery Inc. foes like: The Pterodactyl Ghost, The Black Knight and The 10,000 Volt Ghost. Under pressure from relentless reporter Heather Jasper-Howe and the terrified citizens of Coolsville, the gang launches an investigation into the mysterious monster outbreak that leaves Shaggy and Scooby questioning their roles in Mystery Inc. The ever-ravenous duo, determined to prove they're great detectives, don a series of far-out disguises in their search for clues. Meanwhile, brainy Velma becomes smitten with a key suspect, Coolsonian Museum curator Patrick Wisely, as macho leader Fred and image-conscious Daphne attempt to determine the identity of the Evil Masked Figure who is unleashing the monsters in an attempt to take over Coolsville.
Monster's Ball (2002) as Buck Grotowski
Hank, an embittered prison guard, lives with his aging racist father, Buck, and his own twentysomething son, Sonny. Hank and Sonny work for the local prison where they are preparing the electric chair for a black inmate. After the man is executed, Hank falls in love with Leticia, the inmate's widow.
Adventures of Pluto Nash, The (2002) as Rowland
Welcome to the Moon 2087. With all the natural resources mined out years ago, the Moon has become the new Wild West. It's a place where money and the right contacts can get you anything you want--and anything goes. Pluto Nash is an audacious, successful owner of the hottest nightclub in town. Pluto
Sweet Evil (1998)
That Darn Cat (1997) as Pa
For 16-year-old Patti Randall, Edgefield is just plain boring. That is until her cat D.C. (as in Darn Cat) comes home with a wristwatch around his neck. A cryptic cry for help scrawled on the watch sends Patti and D.C. on a mission to catch some ruthless kidnapers. Patti enlists the aid of an intrep
Deadly Vision, A (1997) as Salvatore Davinci
A woman has alarming premonitions about a series of murders that begin to come true. The police ignore her until one caring cop, with whom she begins a romance, takes her seriously when her psychic abilities lead her to a dangerous serial killer who has set his murderous sights on her.
Surgeon, The (1996) as Leutenant Daryl Mcellwaine
When a medical researcher with his own agenda makes an exciting discovery, he invents a surgical implant that will save thousands of lives. But when one of his patients dies in agony, another doctor is forced to take the blame.
Milk and Money (1996) as Belted Galloway
A young man drops out of medical school to find himself, but instead ends up in a series of improbable situations with outrageous women.
Death and the Compass (1996) as Lunnrot
Detective Lonnrot works in a city in the near future. His sworn enemy is Red Scharlach, who has shot a friend of his during a robbery. Several years ago Scharlach's brother died in a bar fight. Since then, the men have been trying to get at each other.
In the Lake of the Woods (1996) as Tony Carbo
A Senatorial candidate finds his political career in ruins when his participation in a Vietnam War massacre is disclosed and his wife mysteriously disappears.
While You Were Sleeping (1995) as Ox
Lucy, a young Chicago transit worker, escapes her lonely existence when she rescues a handsome commuter she has admired from afar, Peter, from the path of a speeding subway train. While Peter languishes in a coma, his concerned family mistakes Lucy for his fiancee and she goes along with the deception, enjoying a warm family relationship missing in her own life. Matters become increasingly complicated when Peter regains consciousness and becomes convinced that Lucy is his fiancee; in the meantime, she''s fallen in love with his brother.
Born to Be Wild (1995) as Gus Charnley
Rick Hellar is a troubled teenager living alone with his mother, Margaret, who immerses herself in her work as an animal behavioral scientist. Rick occupies himself by quickly becoming the chief of misbehavior and trouble-making. Unable to control her son, Margaret hands him the duties of cleaning up her lab... a job which Rick learns to loathe. It is in the lab where Rick finds a companion of equal disobedience in Katie, a three-year-old gorilla. As the bond of friendship grows, Katie''s owner, Gus Charnley, stakes claim on the gorilla to be an animal attraction at his flea market. Rick cannot bear the fate of his furry friend, and, with the help of a recluse, sets out to free her.
Royce (1994) as Gabriel Huggins
A CIA operative is assigned to hunt down rogue members of a defunct undercover unit when they kidnap a United States Senator's son as part of a plot to hijack a trainload of Russian nuclear warheads.
Shadow, The (1994) as Moe Shrevnitz
Lamont Cranston is a millionaire playboy with a hidden life as a mysterious superhero. Now, he'll have to stop his nemesis Shiwan Khan from destroying New York City with an atomic bomb. Based on the famous pulp character from the 30s.
Santa Clause, The (1994) as Mr Whittle
A divorced yuppie father''s strained relationship with his son begins to mend after a bizarre twist of fate transforms him into the new Santa.
Bulletproof Heart (1994) as George
The session between Mick, a nihilistic New York hitman, and an expensive call girl is interrupted by the entrance of his friend and assistant, Archie, who has just returned from exile in Florida, after bungling the job Mick just had to finish. As Mick gets rid of the girl, his employer George turns
Taking the Heat (1993) as Judge
A female detective protects a murder witness from the mob.
Solar Crisis (1992) as Teague
A multi-national journey to the sun in 2050 is in order when a sunspot threatens the earth's weather patterns, and thus the survival of the planet.
Nervous Ticks (1992) as Ron Rudman
A glimpse inside the chaotic life of a luggage handler.
Malcolm X (1992) as Captain Green (Special Guest Appearance)
Biographical drama on the life of the late Malcolm X, who was assassinated on February 21, 1965.
In the Line of Duty: Street War (1992) as Dan Reilly
Two New York police officers fight against drugs and crime in the city's housing projects. When one of them is killed, his partner sets out to avenge the death.
Honeymoon In Vegas (1992) as Chief Orman
A New York detective/mama's boy loses his fiancee to a rich con man in Las Vegas.
Kickboxer 2 (1991) as Justin Maciah
A kickboxing champion avenges the death of his brothers.
Tragedy of Flight 103, The (1990) as Fred Ford
A movie based on the events leading up to the terrorist bombing of a Pam Am airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988.
Challenger (1990) as Roger Boisjoly
A television movie about the "Challenger" space mission. The story focuses on the seven astronauts tragically killed in the space shuttle accident in January 1986.
Dream Team, The (1989) as Jack Mcdermott
Four mental patients are accidentally separated from their therapist on an outing to a baseball game in New York City.
Speed Zone (1989) as Chief Edsel
An assortment of greedy, eccentric and awkward amateur drivers participate in the illegal cross-country car race, the Cannonball Run. From Washington D.C. to Santa Monica, they race in order to claim a cash-prize.
Funny (1989) as Actor
Various celebrities and non-celebrities tell jokes, and funny stories.
In Crowd, The (1988)
Teenage nostalgia film about the television dance shows of the 1960s, like Dick Clark's "Bandstand".
Red Heat (1988) as Lou Donnelly
A tough, disciplined Russian policeman teams up with an unpredictable, wise-cracking Chicago detective to track down the most wanted Russian criminal.
Disaster at Silo 7 (1988) as General Sanger
An Air Force technician races against time to prevent a devastating explosion at a U.S. missile site.
Surrender (1987) as Jay Bass
The story of a commercial artist and the various romantic entanglements in her life.
Walker (1987) as Cornelius Vanderbilt
A dramatization of the life of nineteenth-century American William Walker who embarked on a series of careers including politics, journalism, law, and medicine. Eventually Walker left all of these and became a soldier of fortune, and in 1855, declared himself the president of Nicaragua and remained
Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8 (1987) as David Dellinger
A television movie that uses court transcripts to dramatize the controversial 1970 Chicago Conspiracy Trial in which eight men were indicted for conspiring to riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. The presentation includes on-camera recollections by the real defendants and thei
Turk 182 (1985) as Detective Ryan
A young man becomes a mystery hero in New York when he lauches a one-man campaign to fight City Hall for proper restitution for his brother, a firefighter who was seriously injured while trying to save a young girl.
Johnny Dangerously (1984) as Jocko Dundee
Yellowbeard (1983) as Moon
Hammett (1982) as Jimmy Ryan
During his days as a detective, writer Dashiell Hammett tries to find a missing Chinese girl in San Francisco.
Outland (1981) as Sheppard
HIGH NOON in outer space. Connery is the marshal on Io, Jupiter''s third moon, home for a mining colony. His investigation of some strange outbreaks of violence uncovers a plot involving the managing company, led by Boyle, and a drug that increases productivity but has dangerous side effects. Connery wants to bring the culprits to justice, but no one else on Io wants anything to do with the battle, so he is left to face company henchmen alone.
Where the Buffalo Roam (1980) as Karl Lazlo
A series of episodes from the career of counterculture, "gonzo" journalist Hunter S. Thompson are recounted. The stories, which may be fact or fiction, include Thompson and his attorney picking up and frightening a hitchhiker, and Thompson alone in a rest room with Richard Nixon.
In God We Trust (1980) as Dr Sebastian Melmoth
Brother Ambrose is a monk who has lived his whole life inside his monastery. Ambrose knows almost nothing about the outside world, but when he learns that the monastery is in financial trouble and might have to close down, he goes out into the world to raise the money to save it. Ambrose is asking f
Hardcore (1979) as Andy Mast
When the wealthy and conservative Jake Van Dorn learns that his daughter is appearing in pornographic films, he desperately tries to locate her and bring her home. Van Dorn begins talking to pimps, prostitutes and other members of a world he has never known to find his daughter, and eventually poses as an X-rated film producer hoping that she will show up for an job interview.
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979) as Frank Mazzetti
Rival salvage parties enter an upside down ocean liner in search of treasure.
Brink's Job, The (1978) as Joe Mcginnis
After a long time of bad luck, the little criminal Tony and his gang successfully rob one of Brink's security transport, taking $30,000. Surprisingly their coup doesn't make the press. Curious Tony checks out their headquarters and finds out that their security standard is low beyond belief. Now a really big coup is prepared...
F.I.S.T. (1978) as Max Graham
A small-time union member trades his integrity for power within the organization.
Tail Gunner Joe (1977) as Joseph Mccarthy
An ambitious production of questionable accuracy spanning the rise and fall of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy as uncovered by a fictional veteran newsman and the ambitious young lady investigative reporter assigned to assist him. Emmy Awards went to Burgess Meredith for his portrayal of Joseph Welch and
Swashbuckler (1976) as Lord Durant
A pirate comes to the aid of a noblewoman in distress.
Taxi Driver (1976) as Wizard
A loner becomes fixated on a teen prostitute.
Young Frankenstein (1974) as Monster
A descendant of Dr. Frankenstein sets out to make a man.
Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1973) as Ras Mohammed
A pirate crewman kills his captain after learning where he has hidden his buried treasure. However, as he begins to lose his memory, he relies more and more on the ghost of the man he just murdered to help him find the loot.
Man Who Could Talk to Kids, The (1973) as Charlie Datweiler
Isolated from his heartbroken parents in his own solitary world, a troubled boy allows one special man to penetrate his lonely fortress and bring the family back together.
Steelyard Blues (1973) as Eagle
A group of dropouts race to raise money to escape society.
Crazy Joe (1973) as Crazy Joe
The career of infamous gangster Crazy Joe Gallo is chronicled. Gallo formed an alliance with New York City's African-American gangs when he was imprisoned in Attica. When he was released, he used this alliance to attempt to take control of the Mafia, and as a result, was killed in a restaurant in Li
The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) as Dillon
An aging hood turns police informer, with deadly results.
Slither (1973)
An ex-con and his misfit team search the underbelly of American life for a cache of embezzled loot.
The Candidate (1972) as [Marvin] Lucas
A senate candidate''s ideals weaken as his position in the polls gets stronger.
Kid Blue (1972) as Preacher Bob
A western satire in which the counterculture visits 1902 Dime Box, Texas.
T. R. Baskin (1971) as Jack Mitchell
An idealistic young woman arrives in Chicago with hopes of finding romance, adventure and a fulfilling career.
Joe (1970) as Joe Curran
After his daughter almost dies from a overdose, a wealthy businessman confronts her drug-dealing boyfriend and in his rage, beats him to death. Dazed, the man wanders into a bar where he confides his crime to a bigoted factory worker named Joe who hates hippies. The two men begin socializing and searching for the businessman's daughter, which leads to tragic consequences.
Diary of a Mad Housewife (1970) as Man in group therapy session
A corn-flower, blue-eyed housewife steps from the frying pan into the fire, as she finds romantic relief from her sadistic lawyer husband with a seductive, charmer.
Medium Cool (1969) as Gun clinic manager
A TV news cameraman finds himself becoming personally involved in the violence that erupts around the 1968 Democratic National Convention.
The Virgin President (1968) as General Heath

Editing (feature film)

The Hours (2002) as Film Editor
Spanning across various time periods in the 20th century, a drama revolves around three very different women: two of whom have been profoundly affected by the works of Virginia Woolf; the other woman is Woolf, herself. All three are battling with issues of freedom, responsibility and identity. As th

Cast (special)

29th Annual People's Choice Awards, The (2003) as Presenter
Coverage of the 29th annual People's Choice Awards presentation, fans are honoring America's favorites in the fields of television, motion pictures and music.
Everybody Loves Raymond: The First Six Years (2002)
Celebrity fans and not-so-famous faces talk about their families and how the series "Everybody Loves Raymond" relates to their own lives. In addition, scenes from the last six seasons are interwoven with the testimonials.
Teri Garr: Comic Appeal (2001) as Interviewee
Profile of actress Teri Garr.
Politically Incorrect After Party Presented By Pepsi (1999)
Bill Maher presides over a discussion of the Oscar ceremony with a panel of celebrity guests from the Beverly Hills Hotel. Also features live coverage of the after party activities following the Academy Awards presentation.
Saturday Night Live: 25th Anniversary Primetime Special (1999)
A live broadcast of the 25th anniversary of "Saturday Night Live," featuring clips and highlights from previous seasons as well as appearances by former regulars and former guest hosts.
Real Frankenstein: An Untold Story, The (1995)
Documentary look at Frankenstein's monster -- from his literary emergence in Mary Shelley's 19th century classic, to his on-going status as a Hollywood horror staple and metaphor for modern genetic science. Includes interviews with historians, scientists and celebrities; historical photos; clips fro
Philly Heat (1995) as Stanislas Kelly
Drama about the lives of a group of Philadelphia firefighters and their new battalion commander.
Poochinski (1990) as Voice Of Poochinski
A slain police detective returns to his old job reincarnated as a talking English bulldog set to find the person who killed him.
27 Wagons Full of Cotton (1990) as Jake
An adaptation of a one-act play by Tennessee Williams. A young, childlike bride of a brutish cotton gin owner becomes the unwitting pawn in her possessive husband's swindle of a brooding neighbor. Broadcast as part of the "American Playwrights Theatre: The One Acts."
National Basketball Players Association Awards (1989)
A sports entertainment special marking the eighth annual National Basketball Players Association Awards to professional and college players. The championship series award was given to the Los Angeles Lakers and the runner-up award to the Detroit Pistons.
Superman's 50th Anniversary: A Celebration of the Man of Steel (1988)
A special which pays tribute to Superman, one of the greatest pop culture heroes of all time. The special interweaves memorable moments from Superman's early television series, cartoons and films highlighting his super powers, secret identity, acts of heroism, and personal life. Also included are co
Klein Time (1977) as Guest
A proposed series of comedy sketches.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

From Here to Eternity (1979) as Fatso Judson
An expanded new version of the 1953 movie classic taken from James Jones' memorable first novel dealing with military life in Hawaii on the eve of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Burt Lancaster-Deborah Kerr-Montgomery Clift-Frank Sinatra-Donna Reed roles were here played by (respectively) William De

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North (1989) as John Poindexter
A two-part miniseries tracing the life and career of Oliver North. Part I begins in 1964, when the 21-year-old North survives a serious car accident. The young midshipman struggles to re-enter the Naval Academy, enters the Marine Corps, serves in Vietnam, and moves to Washington to work for the Nati
Echoes in the Darkness (1987) as Joe Vannort
A two-part, five-hour miniseries based on the true story of the 1979 "Main Line" murder case which involved the murder of a teacher and the disappearance of her two children. The story also involves the seven-year investigation that led to the conviction of two of the teacher's colleagues. --BASELIN

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