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Also Known As: Died:
Born: May 1, 1950 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Forever (2015)
After a young investigative reporter suffers a loss, her instinct leads her to an enigmatic commune where she begins to unravel the paradox of loss and find her will to live and love again.
Long Way Off, A (2014)
Tired of living on the family farm and submitting his father's rules, Jack Abraham demands an early inheritance. Much to the surprise of Jake and his older brother, Seth, their father agrees and Jake is off to the big city. Intent on proving that his modern ways are better than his dad's traditiona
Apartment 1303 3D (2013)
Having grown up under the controlling grip of her fame-hungry mother, Janet Slate jumps at the opportunity to move into what looks to be a great high-rise apartment in downtown Detroit. Yet some deals are too good to be true, and one night her boyfriend Mark finds her in the middle of the street, ha
Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011)
Prequel to the series "Burn Notice" that follows Sam Axe on his last Navy SEAL assignment in Colombia prior to his retirement and move to Miami.
Road to Nowhere (2011)
A determined young American filmmaker sets out to make a film based upon a "true" crime story involving an older North Carolina politico and his much younger staffer, who may or may not be his lover. Was she the victim of his $100 million dollar kickback scheme? Or was she the femme fatale who drove
Follow the Prophet (2009)
An ex-Delta Force soldier saves a group of abused children from the clutches of a fanatical religious group.
Lucky Ones, The (2008)
Three very different U.S. soldiers, T.K. Poole, Colee Dunn and Fred Cheever, arrive in New York from Germany only to find their connecting flights canceled due to a power outage. Anxious to get to their respective destinations, they agree to share a rented minivan to suburban St. Louis where Cheever
Far Side of Jericho (2007)
In the 1880's, three women, widows of an outlaw gang of brothers, run for their lives from a posse, Indians and others, who think they know the wherabouts of their dead husbands bank loot and treasures. Along the way they learn to trust in each other and confront their fates, realizing they must fin
House is Burning, The (2006)
A group of teenagers struggle to find their way in a world that offers them few choices. In 24 hours, Mike will leave for the army, following in his father's footsteps. His last day around family and friends turns into a war of emotions. His girlfriend Valerie, angry at him for leaving, rejects him.
Zeros, The (2005) as Burl
If you found out you were dying of a terminal illness and only had a few weeks to live would you: A) go on a cross-country trip of self discovery, B) search for your grade school crush, or C) go to a karaoke/strip-club/roller-disco? For Joe the answer is D) all of the above. In the not so distant fu
Down in the Valley (2005)
When Harlan Carruthers, a charismatic cowboy who seems as if he would be much more at home in Monument Valley than in the San Fernando Valley, has a chance encounter with Tobe, a bored and restless suburban teenager, both of their lives are turned upside down. To Harlan, Tobe embodies all the purity
I Pass For Human (2004)
After junkie punk rocker Jane loses her boyfriend to an OD, she thinks she has found solace with Rick, who also just lost his girlfriend in a similar way. Sadly, they drift further into heroin addiction, encountering a strange limbo world of junkie-vampires.
Bookies (2003) as Vincent
Toby, Jude, and Casey are four college friends who become small-time bookies, merging their diverse talents in setting up computerized spreadsheets, taking the bets and making the collections. But despite their mutual vows about discretion, their indulgences and party-hardy lifestyle soon attract at
Jurassic Park III (2001) as Cooper
Anxious to fund research for his new theory of velociraptor intelligence, renowned paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant is persuaded by wealthy adventurer Paul Kirby and his wife Amanda to accompany them on an aerial tour of Isla Sorna. This infamous island, once InGen''s site B, has become both a primordial breeding ground for John Hammond''s magnificent creations and a magnet for thrill-seekers eager to encounter them. When a tragic accident maroons the party of seven, Grant discovers the true reason his deceptive hosts have invited him along. In their perilous attempt to escape, the dwindling group encounters terrifying new creatures undisclosed by InGen and Grant is forced to learn the dreadful implications of his raptor intelligence theory firsthand.
Pearl Harbor (2001) as Senior Doctor
On a sleepy Sunday morning in December as children played and families prayed, squadrons of Japanese war planes screamed across the skies of a Hawaiian paradise and launched a surprise attack on the U.S. armed forces at Pearl Harbor--the infamous day that jolted America from peaceful isolationism to total war and altered the course of world history. The story focuses on the life changing events surrounding December 7, 1941 and the war''s devastating impact on two daring young pilots--one from the U.S. Army Air Corps, the other from the British Royal Air Force--and a beautiful dedicated nurse, with whom both of them fall in love. It is a tale of catastrophic defeat, heroic victory, personal courage and overwhelming love set against a backdrop of wartime action.
Lost Souls (2000) as Henry Birdson
Devout Catholic Maya Larkin was once the victim of demonic possession. Now she's a part of the X-Fathers, a group of Catholic lay people and priests devoted to the practice of exorcisms. When Maya meets the smug, best-selling crime writer Peter Kelson, she is convinced that he is the target of a co
Falling Like This (2000) as Eddie
Boyd has been in and out of prison his enire life and in a matter of hours he'll be free again. The first person on his list to see is Katie, the girlfriend who has been with him through thick and thin. But the excitement of this young love affair will eventually fall victim to the harsh realities o
FAIL SAFE (2000) as Colonel Cascio
Adaptation of the 1962 novel by Harvey Wheeler and Eugene Burdick, in which Cold War tensions climb to a fever pitch when a U.S. bomber is accidentally ordered to drop a nuclear warhead on Moscow, due to a transmission blunder. The President and U.S. military leaders must take drastic measures to sa
Tully (2000) as Mal "Mac" Macavoy
Through the eyes of local heartthrob Tully Coates Jr., a world is revealed where secrets are kept close beneath wide open skies as a distant father and his two sons struggle with a past that has come back to haunt them. The loss of their mother years ago has left the Coates boys adrift, each longing
Anywhere But Here (1999) as Jimmy
It is mid-summer 1995 as a 1978 Mercedes zooms down the highway, heading west. Inside sit 14-year-old Ann August and her mother Adele. Against her will, Ann is being moved to Beverly Hills where Adele, stifled by small-town life in Bay City, Wisconsin hopes to make her colorful dreams come true. Ann
Davis Is Dead (1999) as The Killer
A young man sets out on a cross country trip to confront his abusive father who left his destitute family years earlier. Along the way, he encounters a notorious killer who instills him with a new outlook on life.
Purgatory (1999) as Badger
An outlaw band of desperadoes descends upon a defenseless western outpost and come to question their path when they discover that the town's ghostly inhabitants are not who they appear to be.
Rat Pack, The (1998) as Joe Dimaggio
Television movie about the group of entertainers in the late 1950s and early 1960s who were known as "The Rat Pack": Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. From the stages of Las Vegas and Hollywood to poolsides in Palm Springs, the Rat Pack partied with the most powerful figures in entertainment, politics and the underworld.
Hi-Lo Country, The (1998) as Les Birk
In the prairie town of Hi-Lo, New Mexico, Pete and Big Boy return from World War II to their old way of life: raising cattle and working the land. Able to hold their own with other men, and popular with women, they are masters of the land that they are proud to call home. But Pete has always pined f
Monument Ave. (1998) as Digger Bruce
Bobby O'Grady, a quick-tempered Irish-American car thief is caught between the tough streets of Boston and his loyalty to his cousin, a new arrival from Ireland, when a drug kingpin challenges Bobby to a test of wills.
Managua (1997)
An undercover U.S. operative is sent to Nicaragua to kill an old friend and colleague who has gone native while infiltrating a group of former contra rebels trafficking cocaine.
Most Wanted (1997) as Police Captain
Sargeant James Dunn, a decorated Desert Storm commando, is convicted of killing a superior officer and is sentenced to die in a military prison. He is visited by Lt Colonel Grant Casey, leader of an covert assassination squad known as the "Black Sheep." Casey offers Dunn a chance to escape from prison if he agrees to help kill a reclusive industrialist who is selling deadly biotech secrets on the black market. The hit goes terribly wrong resulting in the death of the First Lady who was attending the dedication of a medical building with the industrialist. Dunn discovers he has been set up as the triggerman and must rely on his survival skills to elude the massive manhunt tracking him through the streets of LA. To clear his name, Dunn kidnaps Dr Victoria Constantini, an eyewitness with a video of the assassination attempt. Nevertheless, his greatest obstacle remains the $10 million bounty on his head.
Big City Blues (1997)
Two hit men, a call girl, and a gay couple become entangled in a web of violence. In the course of one night, they just narrowly miss each other. Until they all encounter one another in an explosive showdown that changes all their lives.
Fire Down Below (1997) as Frank Elkins
EPA agent Jack Taggart has set out on assignment to discover the killer of his most trusted colleague. Following the agent''s last known path, Taggart travels through Appalachia only to discover lethal chemical dumping sites of cyanide, benzene, and dTCE. The people in the region are getting sick and whoever is responsible for the dumping is being protected by a wall of silence. Infiltrating the community, Taggart centers his investigation around mining tycoon Orin Hanner who is tied to those mines being used for the illegal dumping. Taggart also meets Sarah Kellogg who protects a family secret that may lead to an ecological disaster.
Casualties (1997) as Polito
A woman meets a professional assassin in a cooking class and the pair fall in love.
Almost Dead (1996) as Eddie Herbek
A woman is haunted by terrifying visions of her mother, who committed suicide four years ago.
Foxfire (1996) as Mr Buttinger
Four girls who attend the same school without really knowing, or more importantly, without really wanting to know each other, are thrown together one day when an enigmatic, female drifter enters their school and their lives. Brash and gutsy Legs Sadovsky crashes into their biology class just to get
Time to Kill, A (1996) as Tim Nunley
Old ways die hard... and even now in the fast-changing American South, some old ways die harder than others. It's the lesson learned by Carl Lee Hailey, a Mississippi factory worker, when his ten-year-old daughter is brutally assaulted by two racist thugs on a drunken spree. It's the lesson learned by eager young lawyer Jake Brigance, called upon to defend Carl Lee in court after Hailey shoots both men in an act of passionate retribution for the shattered innocence of his little girl. And it's the lesson learned by Ellen Roark, an energetic, ambitious and razor-sharp Boston-born law student at "Ole Miss." As Jake fights to defend Carl Lee, his own life and the safety of his family and colleagues become increasingly jeopardized. And now, as a full-scale conflagration simmers just below the surface and threatens to explode in this small, Southern community, Jake and Carl Lee must find a way to transcend their fundamental differences and work together for the same cause... equal justice.
Female Perversions (1996) as Jake Rock
Eve Stephens is a high-powered prosecutor who is about to reach a professional peak with her imminent appointment to the bench. Though Eve appears to have an exemplary life--perfect job, perfect lover, perfect car, perfect home--beneath her exquisitely groomed surface is a woman plagued by doubt and
Ruby Jean and Joe (1996) as Harris Johnson
An aging rodeo performer picks up a young black girl hitchhiking through the backroads of the Southwest. During their time together, they form a strong friendship. Although they have to confront the disapproving eyes of those around them, their unique relationship changes each other's lives forever.
Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day (1996) as Pinchot
When twenty-three-year-old John Lee learns that the Yosemite Valley Railroad is being scrapped, he yearns to save it. An ardent fanatic, John has railroading in his blood since his grandfather emigrated to the United States to work as a laborer on the first transcontinental. John arranges financing
Grave, The (1996) as J G Cole
A black comedy parable about two convicts who escape from prison and set their sights on unearthing a mysterious treasure hidden in the grave of a long-dead millionaire.
Wes Craven Presents Mind Ripper (1995) as Alex
A suicidal worker is brought back to life and is transformed into a monster by a brilliant scientist.
Nixon (1995) as Gordon Liddy
The controversial president struggles to maintain his integrity and sanity in a shifting political landscape.
Three Wishes (1995) as Leland'S Father
The is 1955, a time of hope, promise and conformity in America and Jeanne Holman is doing her best to fit the mold. Struggling to make a life for her two sons after her husband is reported missing in action, Jeannie is determined to create the kind of environment she thinks her family needs. When a
Amanda & The Alien (1995) as Colonel Evan Rosencrans
A beautiful, young bohemian artist falls in love with a human-eating alien and helps him return to his home.
Destiny of Marty Fine, The (1995) as Deke
An ex-middleweight fighter, who witnesses a mob hit, must make several difficult choices in order to get out of the predicament.
Client, The (1994) as Jack Nance
A young boy witnesses the suicide of a lawyer whose client is in the mob, and a female attorney tries to protect him.
New Age, The (1994) as Lyle
Peter and Katherine Witner--he's an agent, she's a graphic designer--are a hip and privileged LA couple who have everything they want... except a stable marriage. The dissolution of their relationship accelerates after they both lose their jobs. Forced to find a means to support themselves--and raise cash for a much desired divorce--the duo open a trendy and shockingly expensive boutique.
Stargate (1994) as Lieutenant Kawalsky
Two very different men join forces to unravel the mystery of a "StarGate," an ancient human transmitter, discovered in the Egyptian desert. Once activated, it enables scientists and the military to travel light years from earth, to a strange and alien world, where the visitors must overcome an enigm
Gettysburg (1993) as Private Bucklin (Federal)
The beleaguered Union Army faces off with the Confederacy in a battle that could change the course of the Civil War.
Falling Down (1993) as Dad (Back Yard Party)
This crisp, remastered deluxe edition of "Falling Down" (1993) stars Michael Douglas as a laid-off defense worker kept from seeing his child on her birthday by a restraining order. A hot, congested bad day in Los Angeles goes from bad to worse, causing him to suddenly snap, setting off on a bitter and pathetic mission to right all the wrongs that have been done to him. Douglas shines as an average white guy pushed too far.
Remote (1993)
A 13-year-old boy is obsessed with creating remote controlled toys. His talents help him survive when he is trapped in a vacant model house that three escaped convicts have chosen as a hideout.
Painted Heart (1993) as Father
A comedy-thriller revolving around a paint crew and a love triangle.
Mikey (1992) as Neil
Dangerous young boy terrorizes numerous foster families.
Mo' Money (1992) as Keith Heading
Story about a young con man who goes straight when he falls in love--only to find himself caught in the middle of an enormous scam that only he and his brother can stop.
Whore (1991) as Derelict
24 hours in the life of a L.A. street walker.
Motorama (1991) as Phil
Set in the future, the amusing tale of a boy trying desperately to win a contest.
Climate For Killing, A (1991)
A policeman reopens a case, making him less than popular with the locals.
Kickboxer 2 (1991) as Morrison
A kickboxing champion avenges the death of his brothers.
Madhouse (1990) as Fred
A couple's peaceful existence is disrupted when eight different house guests arrive for a visit.
Dark Side Of The Moon (1990)
The devil possesses the body of a spaceship crewmember and then wants out.
Glitz (1988) as Teddy Magyk
A Miami-based Detective Vincent Mora, while recuperating in Puerto Rico from a gunshot wound, becomes emotionally involved with a beautiful call girl. Soon after moving to Atlantic City to work in a casino, she is murdered, and Mora''s name and phone number are found on the body. Mora flies to Atlantic City to search for the killer -- only to discover he is being stalked by a murderous ex-con who wants revenge.
White of the Eye (1987) as Mr Dupree
A young, desperately passionate couple become enmeshed in the barbarous web of a serial killer.
Walker (1987) as Stebbins
A dramatization of the life of nineteenth-century American William Walker who embarked on a series of careers including politics, journalism, law, and medicine. Eventually Walker left all of these and became a soldier of fortune, and in 1855, declared himself the president of Nicaragua and remained
Hanoi Hilton, The (1987) as Murphy (Pow)
City Limits (1985) as Whitey
Angel (1984) as Killer--Billy Boy
National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) as Assistant Mechanic
The Griswold family treks cross country en route to the Wally World amusement park.
Joysticks (1983) as Arnie
D.C. Cab (1983) as Head Kidnapper
A failing taxi company is about to go under when the owner enlists the help of his cabbies to help save the company.
Hysterical (1983) as Taxi Driver
Ambush Murders (1982) as Ferguson
James Brolin replaced Sam Elliott as the dedicated defense attorney at the third trial of a drawn-out murder case against an outspoken black activist who has been accused in the killing of two white policemen. This fictionalized version of a true story was adapted from the book by Ben Bradlee, Jr.
Stripes (1981) as Howard K Turkstra--
Two perpetual foul-ups join the Army and re-make the military in their own image.
Escape From New York (1981) as Punk
Set in the future, Manhattan becomes a prison and an ex-bank robber is in charge of rescuing the president.
Cry for Love, A (1980)
She's an amphetamine addict; he's an alcoholic. Together they strive to save one another from self-destruction in this adaptation by Joseph Bologna and Renee Taylor of the autobiographical best-seller by Jill Schary Robinson (daughter of producer/director Dore Schary). Last-minute editing left Charl

Producer (feature film)

Falling Like This (2000) as Co-Producer
Boyd has been in and out of prison his enire life and in a matter of hours he'll be free again. The first person on his list to see is Katie, the girlfriend who has been with him through thick and thin. But the excitement of this young love affair will eventually fall victim to the harsh realities o

Cast (special)

Miami Vice: The E! True Hollywood Story (2001) as Interviewee
"Miami Vice," the highly stylized cop drama TV series, was one of the defining pop culture phenomena of the fast-living, high-rolling 1980s. It made superstars of lead actors Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas and, for better or worse, helped bring its trademark pastel hued couture and techno mu

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Buffalo Girls (1995) as General George Custer
Miniseries about legends of the Old West -- Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill and others of that era -- as they star in a Wild West show that parodies the lives they once led.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Rumor of War, A (1980) as D T
Pulitzer Prize winning author Philip Caputo's best-selling account of his Vietnam experiences and his transformation from idealistic college student turned Marine to battle-hardened and subsequently embittered veteran is dramatized in this two-part film with Brad Davis as Caputo and Keith Carradine

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