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Also Known As: Died:
Born: September 30, 1931 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Kulm, North Dakota, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Paul Williams Still Alive (2012)
In the 1970s, Paul Williams won Grammys and an Academy Award. He wrote many #1 songs, from Barbara Streisand's "Evergreen" to the Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun," as well as Kermit the Frog's biggest hit, "The Rainbow Connection." He starred in a Brian De Palma movie, put out his own hit records
Last Producer, The (2001) as Poker Player
An aging veteran producer in desperate need of a hit in order to re-enter the Hollywood club has his idea stolen by a brash young executive.Sonny Wexler's last chance for glory is the script optioned from a hungry young writer. When the writer tells Sonny that he has made a deal with a hot young stu
Ocean's Eleven (2001) as (Cameo Appearance)
Dapper Danny Ocean is a man of action. Less than 24 hours into his parole from a New Jersey penitentiary, the charismatic thief is already rolling out his next plan -- the most sophisticated, elaborate casino heist in history. In one night, Danny''s handpicked 11-man crew of specialists - including an ace card shark, a master pickpocket and a demolition genius - will attempt to steal over $150 million from three Las Vegas casinos owned by Terry Benedict, the elegant, ruthless entrepreneur who just happens to be dating Danny''s ex-wife Tess. Coincidence or motive? Only Danny knows for sure. To score the cash, he''ll have to risk his life and his chance of reconciling with Tess. But if it all goes according to Danny''s intricate, nearly impossible plan, he won''t have to choose between his stake in the heist and his high-stakes reunion with Tess... or will he?
Big Bad Love (2001) as Mrs Barlow
The tale of struggling writer Leon Barlow who is trying to make fiction from his past, his dreams, and the dim sound of the future bearing down on him. Divorced from his wife Marilyn, Vietnam veteran Leon has problems with alcohol and rarely gets to visit with his two children. Spending much of his
Pay it Forward (2000) as Grace
Everything in social studies teacher Eugene Simonet's life is in order--every shirt, every pencil, every person in its proper place. To keep the surface placid means never having to go deeper. And no one and nothing in his life has ever asked him to. Arlene McKinney is a single mother hanging on by
Duets (2000) as Blair
Karaoke ... the courage to stand up, sing and be free. The lives of six strangers from all walks of life with a passion for karaoke converge and are enriched when they meet for the Grand Prize Karaoke Contest in Omaha, Nebraska. They are: a waitress from Wheeling, West Virginia desperate to get to California to become a recording star, an ex-con unwilling to bend to the rules of society who sings with the voice of an angel, a salesman who melts down while chasing the American Dream, a seasoned karaoke hustler who is disconnected from everybody and everything, an innocent Vegas showgirl searching for family and love, and a young down-on-his-luck cab driver. Each is searching for the meaning of life. As they converge on the $5,000 Grand Prize Karaoke Contest, their lives intertwine, revealing the funny, raucous world of karaoke bars and chain hotels that link the interstates of Middle America.
Sealed With a Kiss (1999) as Lucille Etheridge
Bennett is engaged to be married to his boss' daughter, Christina, and once he lands a big account he'll be made a partner in the firm. But during a golf outing with a prospective client, Bennett sinks a hole-in-one, putting his career in jeopardy by breaking the unspoken rule -- let the client win.
Deep Family Secrets (1997) as Renee Chadway
A woman, who is determined to prove her father innocent of the murder of her mother, discovers hidden family secrets. Inspired by actual events.
Sun, the Moon and the Stars, The (1996) as Agnes
A girl's plan to reunite her separted parents while on holiday doesn't go exactly as planned, and the girl grows up in the process.
Remembrance (1996) as Margaret Fullerton
A television movie based on "Remembrance," Danielle Steel's novel, about an Italian woman who marries an American Army officer. Her mother-in-law refuses to accept her as a suitable wife for her son. After her husband's death, she struggles to raise her daughter any way she can.
Maddening, The (1996)
After an argument with her husband, a woman leaves her home and is kidnapped along with her daughter. The husband is the prime suspect in the disappearance.
Sabrina (1995) as Ingrid Tyson
The daughter of a wealthy family's chauffeur leaves for Paris an ordinary girl, but returns a beautiful woman, much to the delight of the wealthy family's two sons.
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993) as Miss Adrian
Film adaptation of Tom Robbins' cult novel, first published in 1976, recounting the misadventures of a beautiful young woman, Sissy Hankshaw, whose over-sized thumbs establish her as a very formidable hitchhiker.
Treacherous Crossing (1992) as Beverly Thomas
Set in the late 1940s, an heiress' new husband disappears shortly after embarking on their honeymoon cruise.
Michael Caine: Breaking the Mold (1991)
A documentary about actor Michael Caine. Includes interview footage of Michael Caine his family, friends and colleagues and clips from some of his films.
Fatal Flaw (1989) as Carolyn Alter
Airing as part of "The ABC Saturday Mystery," a woman whom Police Inspector Theo Kojak once loved and lost is pushed back into his life when her husband is murdered after writing an expose of the mob.
Fire and Rain (1989) as Beth Mancini
Based on the true story of the 1985 crash of Delta Airlines Flight 191 at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.
Prime Target (1989) as Kelly Mulcahaney
A detective finds she may become the next victim during her investigation of the murders of several policewomen.
Once Upon a Texas Train (1988) as Maggie
An aging outlaw is looking to live out his fantasies as a railway bandit despite being behind bars for twenty years. A former Texas ranger who feels responsible for letting his adversary out plans to go after him one more time.
Big Bad Mama II (1988) as Wilma Mcclatchie
In the 1930s, a bank forecloses on the home of Wilma McClatchie, causing her to turn to a life of crime, taking her daughters with her.
Police Story: The Freeway Killings (1987) as Officer Anne Cavanaugh
A sequel to the 1973-77 NBC series "Police Story." The film involves the personal and professional lives of a group of metropolitan police detectives in pursuit of a serial killer terrorizing a large city.
Stillwatch (1987) as Abigail Winslow
A television movie about a young television news reporter whose assignment to produce a profile of Senator Abigail Winslow plunges her into a terrifying mystery with occult overtones, including secrets which are linked to her own haunted past.
Jealousy (1984) as Georgia; Ginny; Lynn
Angie Dickinson has a tour-de-force starring in three separate stories -- as a rich woman competing with her sexy daughter for the man she (Dickinson) married; as a beauty who marries a billionaire and becomes insanely jealous of his other love; and as a country singer who is forced to choose betwee
Touch Of Scandal, A (1984) as Katherine Gilvey
A comely councilwoman, whose campaign for Attorney General is being managed by her ambitious but cold husband, gets involved in a lured scandal when pictures surface of her liaison with a male prostitute, who used to be her law client, and he now has turned up dead. The blackmailer, she finds, might
One Shoe Makes It Murder (1982) as Fay Reid
Although filmed after "The Winds of War", this suspense drama marked Robert Mitchum's TV acting debut, as a down-and-out ex-San Diego cop who is hired by gambling kingpin Mel Ferrer (also the film's producer) to find his missing wife, who turns out to be a possible suicide. Angie Dickinson is a sha
Dial M For Murder (1981) as Margot Wendice
In this remake of the celebrated 1954 Hitchcock film, Christopher Plummer is the London businessman whose intricate plan to murder his unfaithful wife for her money backfires. Initially, Frederick Knott (who also later wrote "Wait Until Dark") concocted this as a play for British television in 1952, and it later went on to become a success on the London stage as well as Broadway, and twice earlier on American TV: with Maurice Evans and Rosemary Harris in 1958 and then nine years later with Laurence Harvey and Diane Cilento.
Death Hunt (1981) as Vanessa Mcbride
Reclusive trapper Albert Johnson lives in the frigid mountains near the Yukon river. When he is wrongfully accused of murder by his enemies and persecuted by the police, Johnson's expert knowledge of the wilderness allows him to survive as his defends his freedom.
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981) as Dragon Queen
Masterful sleuth Charlie Chan is called out of retirement when a detective asks for his help in solving a series of murders in San Francisco. Now with his grandson at his side, Chan matches wits against his nemesis from the old days, the Dragon Queen, who seems to be responsible for the crimes.
Dressed To Kill (1980) as Kate Miller
After wife and mother Kate Miller discusses her sexual frustrations with her psychiatrist, she goes to meet her husband at a museum. At the museum, she meets a strange man who she follows to a cab and then has sex with him at his apartment. After the affair, Kate is brutally murdered in the elevato
Angry Man, The (1979) as Karen
Jack London's Klondike Fever (1979) as Belinda Mcnair
Suicide's Wife, The (1979) as Diana Harrington
Angie Dickinson plays a woman struggling to rebuild her life following her college professor husband''s unexplained suicide and the subsequent feelings that it might have been her fault. In its second network showing, it was retitled "A New Life."
Overboard (1978) as Lindy Garrison
A flashback story, filmed in French Polynesia, in which Angie Dickinson spends two hours bobbing around in the ocean after having fallen overboard from lawyer-husband Cliff Robertson's forty-foot sailboat, recalling her life with him and the fling she had ashore with a French playboy.
Sensitive, Passionate Man, A (1977) as Marjorie Delaney
An affluent couple's seemingly happy marriage is threatened by the husband's alcoholism.
Big Bad Mama (1974) as Wilma Mcclatchie
Bad luck forces a woman and her daughters into crime.
Pray For The Wildcats (1974) as Nancy Mcilvian
A hard-driving executive induces three advertising men, seeking his business, to accompany him on a wild motorcycle trip into Mexico, jeopardizing their careers, their families and their lives.
Norliss Tapes, The (1973) as Ellen Sterns Cort
In Dan Curtis' warmed-over, more straightforward version of his "Night Stalker," a pilot for a prospective new series, a humorless investigative reporter chasing down the supernatural stumbles onto the walking dead and finds himself in the clutches of a demon-spirit.
Outside Man, The (1973) as Jackie
See the Man Run (1971) as Joanne Taylor
A bizarre tale of a struggling actor who casts himself as the middleman in a kidnap plot after being mistakenly called with a ransom demand, and decides to cut himself in for half of the payoff money. The film marked June Allyson's return to moviemaking after a twelve-year absence.
Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971) as Miss [Betty] Smith
A young man''s first sexual explorations are threatened by a string of murders.
The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler (1971) as Dr. Johnson
A U.S. Senator is spirited away to a secret New Mexico medical lab after a serious car crash. His injuries are completely healed by a secret organization that has developed advanced medical technology. What does the organization want in exchange for saving his life? Meanwhile, a reporter who witnessed the accident decides to investigate the senator's disappearance.
Thief (1971) as Jean Melville
A suave professional burglar wants to break with his criminal past but is forced to pull one last job to make good on a gambling debt. Winner of the 1971 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America as the Best TV Suspense Film, and nominated for an Emmy as Best Written Original Drama of 1971.
Sam Whiskey (1969) as Laura Breckinridge
A beautiful widow enlists three cowboys to help her unearth money her husband stole from the U.S. Mint.
Young Billy Young (1969) as Lily Beloit
A mysterious stranger bent on revenge helps out a young gunfighter.
Some Kind of a Nut (1969) as Rachel Amidon
A banker who''''s lost his job for growing a beard embraces the cultural revolution.
The Last Challenge (1967) as Lisa Denton
A young gun wants to make his name by shooting it out with the town marshal.
Point Blank (1967) as Chris
A gangster plots an elaborate revenge on the wife and partner who did him dirty.
Cast a Giant Shadow (1966) as Mrs. Emma Marcus
True story of U.S. officer Mickey Marcus, who joined the Israeli fight against the Arabs.
The Chase (1966) as Ruby Calder
A convict's escape ignites passions in his hometown.
The Art of Love (1965) as Laurie
A struggling artist fakes his own death to sell more paintings.
The Killers (1964) as Sheila Farr
Supposedly based on the short story by Ernest Hemingway. In this film noir, two hitmen want to find out why their latest victim (a race car driver!) "just stood there and took it" when they came to shoot him. Ronald Reagan plays a rich, double-crossing bad guy. A young Angie Dickinson (looking just like Ellen Barkin) plays the femme fatale.
Captain Newman, M. D. (1963) as Lieut. Francie Corum
A World War II Army psychiatrist tries to help his battle-shocked patients.
Rome Adventure (1962) as Lyda
A rebellious teacher moves to Rome and finds love.
Jessica (1962) as Jessica
When a sexy midwife comes to town, the local women abstain from sex rather than risk having her deliver their babies.
I'll Give My Life (1961) as Alice Greenway Bradford
The Sins of Rachel Cade (1961) as Rachel Cade
A female doctor in the Congo is torn between two loves.
A Fever in the Blood (1961) as Cathy Simon
A former governor is murdered and his killer''''s trial is sensationalized in the media.
Ocean's Eleven (1960) as Beatrice Ocean
A group of friends plot to rob a Las Vegas casino.
The Bramble Bush (1960) as Fran
A doctor commits euthanasia on his dying friend and then pursues an affair with the latter''s wife, causing a small New England town to suspect him of plotting it as a murder.
Frontier Rangers (1959)
Major Robert Rogers leads his rangers in search of a water route through America''''s Northwest territory.
Rio Bravo (1959) as Feathers
A sheriff enlists a drunk, a kid and an old man to help him fight off a ruthless cattle baron.
I Married a Woman (1958) as Screen wife
A neglected wife sets out to make her adman exec husband jealous.
Cry Terror! (1958) as Eileen Kelly
A mad bomber holds an innocent family hostage.
Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend (1957) as Priscilla King
Army veterans are on a mission to find out who sold faulty ammunition to a cavalry troop.
Calypso Joe (1957) as Julie
A stewardess and a television star become romantically involved.
China Gate (1957) as Lia, also known as Lucky Legs
Near the end of the French phase of the Vietnam War, a group of mercenaries are recruited to travel through enemy territory to the Chinese border, to blow up an arms depot. A Eurasian smuggler, Lucky Legs, agrees to use her connections to help them, in return getting her bastard son into America. The racist father of the boy, Sergeant Brock, is also part of the multinational group. Lucky Legs must use the love of a Eurasian guerilla leader, Major Cham, to get access to the base. Will they destroy the base, and will Brock overcome his racism before Lucky Legs makes The Ultimate Sacrifice?
Down Liberty Road (1956) as Mary
Tension at Table Rock (1956) as Cathy
When the owner of a stagecoach station is killed, a gunman takes his place.
Gun the Man Down (1956) as Janice
Hidden Guns (1956) as Becky Carter
The outlaw Stragg has the town so intimidated that no one will speak against him no matter what he does. Sheriff Young heads for a nearby town, where there is a witness willing to testify. Meanwhile, Stragg hires a gunman to take care of the sheriff and the witness.
The Black Whip (1956) as Sally
Tennessee's Partner (1955) as Abby Dean
A tough, womanizing high-stakes gambler known only as Tennessee has an uneasy relationship with Duchess, madam of a thinly-disguised bordello, and no other friends at all. But he's saved from murder by a lonesome cowpoke ('My friends call me Cowpoke'), in town to meet his fiancée Goldie on the steamboat. When she arrives, there's a mysterious undercurrent between Goldie and Tennessee, whose newfound friendship with Cowpoke is destined to be severely tried...
Man with the Gun (1955) as Kitty
A man in search of his wayward wife agrees to defend a Western town from a ruthless landowner.
The Return of Jack Slade (1955) as Polly Logan
Lucky Me (1954) as Party guest
When the members of a musical troupe take cleaning jobs, their lead singer falls for a famous songwriter.

Cast (special)

Brando (Part 2) (2007)
The two-part original documentary on the larger-than-life actor's life on-screen and off. Features interviews with Robert Duvall, James Caan, Jane Fonda, Al Pacino and Martin Scorsese.
Brando (Part 1) (2007)
The two-part original documentary on the larger-than-life actor's life on-screen and off. Features interviews with Robert Duvall, James Caan, Jane Fonda, Al Pacino and Martin Scorsese.
Intimate Portrait: Angie Dickinson (2003) as Interviewee
Portrait of actress Angie Dickinson as told through interviews and archival footage.
Lee Marvin: Hollywood's Straight Shooter (2001) as Interviewee
Profile of actor Lee Marvin.
Aesop's Fables: A Whodunit Musical: An Animated Special From the "Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child" Series (2000) as Voice Of Detective
A musical whodunit, in which the book of "Aesop's Fables" is stolen. It's up to a beautiful detective to track down the culprit and return the book to its rightful place. Once upon a time, in a land of cunning foxes, speedy hares and slow-but-steady tortoises, the annual Aesop's Fables storytelling
Intimate Portrait: Stefanie Powers (1999) as Narration
Profile of the life and career of actress Stefanie Powers.
Intimate Portrait: Eva Gabor (1999) as Narration
Documentary about actress Eva Gabor.
James Bacon: The E! True Hollywood Story (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of Hollywood Associated Press Correspondent James Bacon.
Rat Pack, The (1999) as Interviewee
Four-hour documentary about the Rat Pack -- Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop.
Angie Dickinson: Tinseltown's Classiest Broad (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of actress Angie Dickinson.
Dinah Shore (1998) as Interviewee
Profile of singer/actress Dinah Shore.
Ira Gershwin at 100: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall (1997) as Co-Host
Concert tribute to popular American lyricist Ira Gershwin, from Carnegie Hall, taped on his 100th birthday.
Bob Hope's Birthday Memories (1994)
A special celebrating Bob Hope's 91st birthday. Features memorable moments from 15 years of Hope's birthday specials and more than 40 years on television.
Legend to Legend Night (1993)
A special in which celebrities pay tribute to their heroes.
Gene Autry: The Singing Cowboy (1993) as Interviewee
Documentary on the life of singing cowboy-actor-businessman Gene Autry.
Defense Rests: A Tribute to Raymond Burr, The (1993)
A special chronicling the life and career of the late Raymond Burr. Also included are clips and interviews with some fo Burr's co-stars.
Angie, The Lieutenant (1992) as Angie Martin
A woman is promoted to lieutenant of an all-male police squad in Washington, DC.
19th Annual American Film Institute Life Achievement Award: A Salute to Kirk Douglas, The (1991)
A broadcast in which the American Film Institute (AFI) presents its coveted Life Achievement Award to actor Kirk Douglas.
Salute to America's Pets, A (1991)
A special featuring pets and their celebrity owners. Includes a tribute to Lassie and to pets that have performed heroically.
Richard Lewis: "I'm Doomed" (1990) as Group Therapy Member
A comedy special with Richard Lewis performing at the Vic Theater in Chicago and also from Los Angeles.
Television Academy Hall of Fame, The (1990)
A telecast of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) sixth annual Television Academy Hall of Fame induction ceremony, honoring individuals who have made lasting contributions to the television industry. The program also features footage chronicaling the careers of the inductees.
61st Annual Academy Awards Presentation, The (1989)
Live coverage of the sixty-first annual Academy Awards ceremony from the Shrine Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles. Highlights include: an opening production number which recreates Hollywood's glittering past and such landmarks as the Cocoanut Grove and the Chinese Theater; a tribute to the great musi
Hollywood Christmas Parade, The (1989)
A telecast of the 58th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade on a three-mile route along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.
John Wayne Standing Tall (1989)
A documentary that chronicles John Wayne's life and career through movie clips, news footage and interviews.
All-Star Tribute to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1989)
A special paying tribute to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who is leaving professional basketball after 20 seasons and an unprecedented four NBA championships to pursue a career in entertainment. The special includes comedy skits, original musical numbers, and film clips highlighting Abdul-Jabar's career.
1989 Miss USA Pageant, The (1989) as Host
Live coverage of the 1989 Miss USA Pageant from the Mobile Civic Center Theater, Mobile, Alabama. Miss USA 1989 goes on to compete in The 1989 Miss Universe Pageant in Cancun, Mexico.
75th Anniversary of Beverly Hills, The (1989)
A seventy-fifth anniversary salute to the city of Beverly Hills, California. Included is the presentation of the annual Will Rogers Award to entertainer Frank Sinatra; a tour of the city's designer shops by Shelley Long; Christmas and Fourth of July ceremonies; an auto tour of the city conducted by
Happy Birthday, Bob -- 50 Stars Salute Your 50 Years With NBC (1988)
A three-hour special celebrating the eighty-fifth birthday of comedian Bob Hope, and his fifty years with NBC. Highlights include a retrospective of Hope's radio days, film clips from his most memorable movies and television shows, and singing and dancing performances by guest celebrities.
Second Annual Star-Spangled Celebration, The (1988)
The second annual two-hour celebration of Independence Day. Originating under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, the special includes highlights of Independence Day celebrations in other cities around the country. The fast-paced program combines the performances of celebrities around the country with a
Hollywood Christmas Parade, The (1988)
Telecast of the 57th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade.
Star-Spangled Celebration, A (1987)
A three-hour live-and-taped telecast on the Fourth of July celebrating the holiday and the continuation of "Project Literacy U.S." The program highlights concerts in Busch Stadium and under Gateway Arch on the Mississippi River in St. Louis, and musical performances around the country by well-known
Happy Birthday, Hollywood! (1987)
A gala celebration, benefiting the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital, held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in honor of the centennial of the founding of the town of Hollywood.
38th Annual Emmy Awards, The (1986)
A live three-hour telecast from Pasadena, California, of the thirty-eighth Annual Emmy Awards which honors excellence in the television industry. David Letterman and Shelley Long are this year's co-hosts. Veteran comedian Red Skelton, recipient of this year's coveted Governor's Award by the Board of
Perry Como Christmas Special, The (1986)
Perry Como and his guests celebrate Christmas in colorful and historic San Antonio, Texas, the site of the famous battle of the Alamo.
NBC's 60th Anniversary Celebration (1986)
A special featuring more than 100 stars and highlights from the most memorable moments in radio and television history spanning six decades on America's first broadcast network. NBC stars, past and present, recall, via film clips and personal memories, unforgettable moments from the past 60 years. H
Whatta Year... 1986 (1986)
A retrospective look at 1986, featuring various celebrities offering their views on the best moments of the closing year. Some of the featured categories of the year's best are music, news, sports and movies. Also included in the special is a poll in which five pre-selected candidates are voted on
American Film Institute Salute to Billy Wilder, The (1986)
A taped special of the live presentation by the American Film Institute to director, Billy Wilder, of its AFI Life Achievement Award at a dinner on March 6, 1986, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. Celebrities pay tribute to the famed producer, director, and screenwriter.
Night of 100 Stars II, The (1985)
A star-studded sequel to "The Night of 100 Stars." A celebrity benefit for the Actors Fund of America, featuring music, songs, dances and comedy. Three hundred and eight stars participated in a seven-hour marathon that was edited to three hours for television.
Magic of David Copperfield, The (1985) as Host
A special featuring magic and illusions performed by David Copperfield.
All-Star Party For "Dutch" Reagan, An (1985)
An entertainment special honoring President Ronald Reagan, nicknamed "Dutch" in his Hollywood days. The black-tie, invitational event was taped in early December, 1985, as a benefit for the Variety Clubs International's charities for children.
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, The (1984) as Guest
A comical tribute to actress Joan Collins.
Homemade Comedy Special, The (1984)
A television special that spotlights comedy videos made by ordinary people.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope's Hilarious Unrehearsed Antics of the Stars (1984)
A full program of out-takes from Hope's previous specials.
Dom DeLuise and Friends (1983)
An hour of comedy sketches featuring comic actor Dom DeLuise and friends.
Rodney Dangerfield Show: I Can't Take It No More, The (1983) as Guest
Various comedy sketches featuring the man who gets no respect.
Perry Como's Christmas in Paris (1982)
Perry Como hosts this Christmas special, featuring music and songs Parisian-style.
60 Years of Seduction (1981) as Host
A documentary focusing on sixty years of romance on the silver screen. The program features clips of some of Hollywood's stars in romantic moments, covering the 1920s to the 1970s.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope For President (1980)
A series of sketches that revolve around Bob Hope's presidential campaign, presented on the eve of the 1980 general election.
Bob Hope Special: The Bob Hope Christmas Special (1979)
A holiday program of music and comedy.
Tribute to "Mr. Television," Milton Berle, A (1978)
A star-studded tribute to Milton Berle, whose comedy show of the '50s was so universally popular that he was dubbed "Mr. Television."
Ringo (1978) as Policewoman
A modern re-telling of "The Prince and the Pauper" wherein Ringo Starr plays himself, pop star and former Beatle, and his double, the indistinguished Ognir Rats, an average guy who has absolutely nothing to do with the music business.
Alan King's Final Warning (1977) as Guest
A series of comedy sketches about surviving the 1970s.
First 50 Years, The (1976)
The National Broadcasting Company's celebration of the fifty-year golden anniversary of its founding.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope in "Joys" (1976) as Pepper Anderson
A comic send-up of detective shows in which Bob Hope hires six famous TV detectives to solve a series of mysterious disappearances that have been occuring at his home.
Dean's Place (1975)
The program, set in a nightclub called Dean's Place, spotlights new (and not-so-new) talent.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope's Christmas Party (1975)
Music and comedy sketches to celebrate the Christmas season.
Many Faces of Comedy, The (1973)
A rapid-fire laugh-a-thon tracing the origins and varied manifestations of humor, past and present.

Music (special)

Happy Birthday, Bob -- 50 Stars Salute Your 50 Years With NBC (1988) as Song Performer ("Oscar And Me")
A three-hour special celebrating the eighty-fifth birthday of comedian Bob Hope, and his fifty years with NBC. Highlights include a retrospective of Hope's radio days, film clips from his most memorable movies and television shows, and singing and dancing performances by guest celebrities.
Perry Como Christmas Special, The (1986) as Song Performer ("Sing Sing A Song" "Bless The Beasts And Children" "We Wish You A Merry Christmas")
Perry Como and his guests celebrate Christmas in colorful and historic San Antonio, Texas, the site of the famous battle of the Alamo.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Don's Analyst, The (1997) as Victoria Leoni
Pearl (1978) as Midge Forrest
A romantic drama looking suspiciously like "From Here to Eternity" (a miniseries version of which turned up some weeks after this one premiered) and interweaving the lives and passions of three military couples living in Honolulu in December 1941.
The Poppy Is Also a Flower (1966) as Linda
In an attempt to stem the heroin trade from Iran, a group of narcotics agents working for the UN inject a radioactive compound into a seized shipment of opium, in the hopes that it will lead them to the main heroin distributor in Europe. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious woman doing her own investigating of the smuggling operation. Together, they follow the trail as it leads them through the back alleys and luxury resorts of Europe.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Hollywood Wives (1986) as Sadie Lasalle
Trash-wallowers, if TV ratings are a believable barometer, were beside themselves with glee, savoring every minute of this three-part, six-hour adaptation of Jackie Collins' book about women who, according to the network publicity releases, "are caught up in the low life and high society of the film

Cast (short)

The Rock (1967)
This promotional short for the film "Point Blank" (1967) offers a behind-the-scenes look at location shooting on Alcatraz.

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