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Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: October 22, 1943 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Paris, FR Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Midwife, The (2017)
A midwife gets unexpected news from her father's former mistress.
Big Picture, The (2012)
Paul is a business lawyer of a major Parisian cabinet. Despite being married and having everything he needs to be happy, the father of two is secretly depressed with his life--a far cry from the profession of a photographer that he dreamed of in his youth. But destiny leads him to an organized disap
Astérix et Obélix: Au Service de sa Majesté (2012)
Astérix and Obélix leave the Brittany coast and voyage over to England where Queen Cordelia's besieged nation is under threat from Julius Cesar and his army. Along the way, the two Gauls encounter numerous characters that bring to mind the cross-channel rivalry between the two nations.
Lines of Wellington (2012)
On September 27, 1810, the French troops commanded by Marshal Massena, were defeated in the Serra do Buçaco by the Anglo-Portuguese army of general Wellington. Despite the victory, the Portuguese and the British are forced to march à frente of the enemy, numerically superior, in order to attract the
God Loves Caviar (2012)
Ioannis Varakis morphs from humble Greek pirate to international caviar millionaire, with the ear of Catherine the Great of Russia. His wealth and power, however, do not give him contentment, and his boundless ambition only brings suffering, until he gives everything away, including himself.
Bancs publics (2011)
As she does every morning, Lucie takes advantage of her journey to work to lose herself for a while in the pages of a good book. And as she does every morning, she joins her colleagues at the office with a smile. It's a working day just like any other. Then suddenly all activity in the office stops.
Potiche (2011)
Set in a French bourgeois province in 1977, Suzanne is the submissive wife of rich industrialist Robert Pujol who runs his umbrella factory with an iron hand. After the workers go on strike and hold Robert captive, Suzanne ends up managing the factory instead of her husband, who is disowned by the s
Girl on the Train, The (2010)
Based on the true story of a young girl who stunned France when she falsely claimed to be the target of an Anti-Semitic attack.
I Want to See (2009)
Follows Catherine Deneuve on a visit to war-torn Lebanon.
Hidden Diary (2009)
Living in Canada, Audrey visits her parents when she is in France. Audrey desperately wants her mother to like her but there is a lot of tension between the two of them. Discovering an old diary her grandmother stowed in the kitchen, she learns more about the relationship between grandmother and mot
Cyprien (2009)
A 35-year-old virgin discovers a magic deodorant that makes women desire him sexually.
Mes Stars et moi (2008)
Fascinated by actresses, Robert is undoubtedly the clingiest fan in French cinema. A handling agent by night in a large artistic agency, he devotes his days to "his" stars, whom he follows relentlessly, not hesitating to interfere in their lives. Working together on the same film set, his three favo
Christmas Tale, A (2008)
Junon and Abel are the parents of three grown children: Elizabeth, a melancholic playwright with a mathematician husband and a tortured teenage son, Paul; Henri, the self-destructive black sheep, banished from family events by Elizabeth five years prior; youngest Ivan, the peacemaker, is married to
Apres Lui (2007)
Camille's life is shattered by the death of her son in a car accident. Unable to deal with her loss, she becomes attracted to Frank, her son's best friend. Camille's friends cannot understand her behavior and start to avoid her. Despite the scandal, Frank allows himself to be the object of her affec
Persepolis (2007)
Based on Marjane Satrapi's best-selling graphic novel, the poignant coming-of-age story of a precocious and outspoken young Iranian girl that begins during the Islamic Revolution.
Concile De Pierre, Le (2006)
A 30-year-old woman adopts a Thai boy who goes into an irreversible coma when they come back to France. A mysterious German doctor seems to know a remedy, for which they have to travel to Mongolia, where the boy's origins lie.
Le Heros De La Famille (2006)
The death of a cabaret owner and drag artist, and his decision to leave his establishment not to his protege of the past 40 years, Nicky Guazzini, but rather to Nicky's children by different mothers, leaves all concerned with difficult decisions to make.
Palais Royal! (2005)
The world of European royalty as seen through the queen and her princess daughter.
Changing Times (2005)
Thirty years after their romance ended, a man tries to win back the first love of his life. When he finds her again, he discovers she has changed much more than he could have imagined. Antoine Lavau, a French construction engineer, arrives to supervise a project. But his real motive is to find and r
Kings and Queen (2004) as Cast
Nora is a 35-year-old art gallery director and single mother struggling to rise above tragic circumstances--a late husband, a failed second marriage and a lover's suicide--through her successful career and a marriage to a wealthy businessman. Ismael, her ex-husband, is a disheveled, neurotic musicia
Talking Picture, A (2003) as Delphine
Rosa Maria is a young history professor traveling with her daughter, Maria Joana, on a cruise through the Mediterranean to Bombay where they will meet her husband. This cruise is taking them to places never visited before--Ceuta, Marseille, Pompei, Athens, Egypt, Istanbul--and the trip becomes a jou
8 Women (2002)
At an isolated mansion in the snowy countryside of 1950s France, a family is gathered for the holiday season... But there will be no celebration--their beloved patriarch has been murdered! The killer can only be one of the eight women closest to the man of the house. Was it his powerful wife? His sp
8 Women (2002) as Gaby
At an isolated mansion in the snowy countryside of 1950s France, a family is gathered for the holiday season... But there will be no celebration--their beloved patriarch has been murdered! The killer can only be one of the eight women closest to the man of the house. Was it his powerful wife? His sp
Tanguy (2002)
A 28-year-old man, who still lives at home, is asked by his parents to please move out.
Clouds (2001) as Narrator (French Language Version)
A meditation on motherhood and nature. As director Marion Hansel recalls episodes from her life crucial to her relationship with her son, we see multiple images of clouds, taken from all over the world.
I'm Going Home (2001) as Marguerite
The routine of a doctor is shaken when he discovers his family has died in a car wreck.
Le Petit Poucet (2001)
The classic tale of Tom Thumb.
Musketeer, The (2001) as The Queen Of France
In 17th century Paris, a dashing swordsman named D'Artagnan finds himself at odds with the powerful forces taking over France. He sets out from the village of Gascogne on a dual mission: to join the King's elite guard of Musketeers and to search for the man who murdered his parents fourteen years ea
Book That Wrote Itself, The (2001) as (Cameo Appearance)
Unsuccessful author Vincent convinces a videographer to follow him as he reenacts passages from ancient Celtic mythology. Restaging these stories in a contemporary context leads Vincent from petty shoplifting to the Venice International Film Festival.
Absolument fabuleux (2001) as Herself
Fashion editor Patsy and her friend Edina live a super-stylish and decadent life in Paris, drinking, dating younger men and avoiding work. In the course of one season, they get into various scrapes, including a failed attempt to buy political influence and a spell in jail following a drug bust -- bu
Dancer in the Dark (2000) as Kathy
Selma is a Czech immigrant, a single mother working in 1960s rural America. Her salvation lies in her imagination and her passion for music, specifically, the all-singing, all-dancing numbers found in classic Hollywood musicals. She is continually distracted by the rhythm of the presses and the clat
Pola X (1999) as Marie
Pierre, a successful young novelist, leaves his affluent family and his fiancee in order to save his illegitimate half-sister, when he discovers that she was abandoned by his parents on the day that he was born. The two travel with some friends of hers to Paris, where Pierre decides to become a real
Night Wind (1999) as Helene
Helene is insecure about her younger lover Paul: does he truly want her or just her money and remoteness. She hates herself for this uncertainty but cannot shake herself of it. Paul meanwhile is an art student, and meets an older, famous architect Serge, whose assistant he would like to become. In t
East-West (1999) as Gabrielle Develay
When Russian-born French doctor Alexei returns to the Soviet Union in 1946 with his French wife, Marie, and their little son, Russian officials tell Alexei to divorce Marie, whom they suspect of being a spy. Alexei stands by his wife and soon the three are sent off to Kiev, where Alexei becomes a fa
Belle Maman (1999) as Lea
Antoine is getting married to Severine when he falls in love at first sight: with her mother. Failing to hide their mutual attraction, Lea and Antoine go to the Bahamas to help celebrate the 70th birthday of Lea's lesbian mother.
Time Regained (1999) as Odette De Forcheville
Based on the concluding installment of Marcel Proust's literary masterpiece, "Rememberance of Things Past," a dying Proust reflects upon his life from his deathbed, remembering many of the people who've affected and influenced him during the course of his adult life, from the 1880s to the early 1920
Place Vendôme (1998) as Marianne
The death of Vincent Malivert, director of a prestigious jewelry shop on Paris' Place Vendome, has left his wife Marianne in a terrible predicament. A man driven to financial ruin, his life was apparently a mess, but he managed to hide this from Marianne. In the past, Marianne was an active jewelry
Genealogies d'un crime (1997) as Jeanne; Solange
An exploration of the Oedipal theme--of fate versus individual choice--which is based on a true story of a Freudian psychoanalyst in turn-of-the-century Vienna who detects homicidal tendencies in her five-year-old nephew and is eventually killed by him. Actress Catherine Deneuve plays both the Aunt
Les Voleurs (1996) as Marie
Alex, a brooding detective long estranged from his corrupt family, is compelled to investigate his brother Ivan's death. Flashbacks reveal not only the circumstances surrounding the murder of Ivan, but also the detached, sex-driven relationship of Alex and Juliette. What begins as a series of freque
Ma saison préférée (1996) as Emilie
A woman tries to reconnect with her brother.
The Universe of Jacques Demy (1995) as Herself
Documentary on filmmaker Jacques Demy.
Convent, The (1995) as Helene Padovic
Professor Michael Padovic is working on a thesis to prove that Shakespeare was of Spanish, not British, ancestry. He and his wife, Helene, travel from their home in Paris to the ancient convent of Arrabida, on the Portuguese coast, where the professor suspects certain essential documents are stored.
The Universe of Jacques Demy (1995)
Documentary on filmmaker Jacques Demy.
One Hundred and One Nights (1995) as Actor For A Day
A tribute to the movies as both collective memory and living art form as told through the reminiscences of a 100-year-old wheel-chair bound gentleman named Simon. Cinema. He lives in a splendid chateau whose every inch overflows with cinemabilia. Monsieur Cinema hires a young attractive film student
Chess Game, The (1994) as Marquise
Set in 1828, a tortured child prodigy chess master is torn between his obsession for the game, and his search for a deeper human reality.
Contre l'oubli (1992) as Herself
Thirty French filmmakers each deliver a short plea on behalf of someone in the world who has suffered a human rights violation--often torture or murder--because of his or her political beliefs.
Indochine (1992) as Eliane
Set in 1930 in French Indochina against a backdrop of political tension between the French and Vietnamese. Eliane Devries is the seemingly repressed owner of a prosperous rubber plantation. Her steely exterior, however, is only a mask intended to hide her torrid love affairs from upper class society
Reine Blanche, La (1991) as Liliane Ripoche
When a married man's best friend returns after twenty years and a voyage around the world they both have an opportunity to assess their lives and the paths each took.
Choice Of Arms (1990) as Nicole
Frequence meurtre (1989) as Jeanne Quester
A psychiatrist with a radio call-in show is harassed by a lunatic.
Strange Place to Meet, A (1989) as France
Two strangers are thrown together by unusual circumstances when a woman's husband abandons her at a rest stop.
Agent Trouble (1988) as Amanda Weber
Pourvu que ce soit une fille (1987) as Aunt Claudia
Lieu du Crime, Le (1986) as Lili
Words and Music (1986) as Margaux Marker
Fort Saganne (1984) as Louise Tissot
Bon Plaisir, Le (1983) as Claire
African, The (1983) as Charlotte
The Hunger (1983) as Miriam
A centuries-old female vampire falls for a beautiful young research doctor.
Le Choc (1982) as Claire
Hotel des Ameriques (1982) as Helene
Reporters (1981)
A documentary about a month's worth of assignments made by Paris's Gamma Agency (which Depardon co-founded). The film shows how the manic pace of the photogs and the encumbrance of their telefoto and wide-angle lenses literally distort, minimize and magnify news events out of proprotion.
The Last Metro (1980) as Marion Steiner
During the Nazi occupation, a beautiful actress hides her Jewish husband in the theater they both run.
Abattre (1980)
I Love You (1980) as Alice
Ils sont grands ces petits (1979) as Louise
nous deux, A (1979) as Francoise
Courage Fuyons (1979) as Eva Silver
Ecoute Voir... (1978) as Claude Alphand
Argent des autres, L' (1978) as Cecile Rainier
Bank executive Rainier allows his firm to deliver adventurous investor Chevalier d'Aven a huge loan, with what he thinks is his employer Mirement's total backing. Chevalier's business proves indeed to be disastrous, which forces the bank to cover up its high deficits. News of the scandal breaks out, and the bank now sees Rainier as the one being responsible for it - he is laid off. Wife Celine and union representative Arlette suggest he should sue his former boss.
March Or Die (1977) as Simone Picard
Foreign Legion Major Foster (Hackman), an American haunted by his memories of the recently-ended Great War, is assigned to protect a group of archaeologists at their dig. Foster's unit includes the charming, thieving rascal Marco (Hill), who joined the Legion only to avoid prison. After long stretches portraying the boredom and hardship of day-to-day life in the Legion, Foster's command occupies a small village where the archaeologists believe they've found a burial site sacred to the Arabs. An Arab leader (Holm) uses this affront to unite the tribes in Jihad, and attacks the tiny Legion garrison at the dig. An epic battle follows, very reminiscent of the film "Zulu". Costumes, firearms, and props are all very authentic-looking, and show great attention to detail.
Anima Persa (1976) as Elisa Stolz
Le Sauvage (1975) as Nelly Chastellier
A man helps a woman escape from her engagement.
Fatti di Gente Perbene (1975) as Linda Murri
Hustle (1975) as Nicole Britton
Cynical policeman Phil Gaines is investigating the case of a dead porn actress/stripper whose body was found on the beach. Things are complicated when the dead woman''s father decides to conduct his own investigation.
Woman With Red Boots, The (1974) as Francoise
Agression, L' (1974) as Sarah
Zig-Zig (1974) as Marie
Don't Touch the White Woman! (1973) as Marie-Helene
A western following Custer, Buffalo Bill, Custer's boss, General Terry and a white woman-exploiting Indian scout.
Slightly Pregnant Man, A (1973) as Irene
A male Parisian driving school owner who goes to see his doctor and complains of feeling run down is pronounced four months pregnant. When the diagnosis is confirmed by a specialist, the result is an international media frenzy.
Un flic (1972) as Cathy
A bank robbery in small town ends with one of the robbers being wounded.
Cagna, La (1971) as Liza
Ca n'arrive qu'aux autres (1971) as Catherine
Catherine and Marcello have lost their daughter. Only 9 months old the baby died from a seldom illness. Entirely losing the relation to life they hide from the world in their apartment. There the couple tries to get over its deep mourning for Camille recalling the happy times when the child was still alive. The film is based on personal experiences of Nadine Trintignant.
Donkey Skin (1970) as Peau D'Ane
A princess masquerades as a commoner to escape her evil father.
Tristana (1970) as Tristana
A young girl''''s guardian falls in love with her.
Mississippi Mermaid (1970) as Julie Roussel/Marion
A plantation owner''''s mail-order bride turns out to be a beautiful woman with murder on her mind.
Les créatures (1969) as Mylène
La chamade (1969) as Lucile
A young woman lives with her older male "benefactor", with whom she occasionally has trysts. Then, she meets a younger man and doesn't where her heart lies.
Mayerling (1969) as Baroness Maria Vetsera
True story of Austria''''s Crown Prince Rudolph and his tragic love for a commoner.
The April Fools (1969) as Catherine Gunther
Newly-promoted if none too happily married Howard Brubaker leaves a rowdy Company party early with the stunning Catherine, whom it turns out is herself unhappily married - to the boss. They spend an innocent night in New York becoming more and more attracted to each other, so that when Catherine announces she intends to leave her husband and return to Paris Howard asks to go along too. In the cold light of morning problems and pressures from spouses crowd in.
The Young Girls of Rochefort (1968) as Delphine Garnier
Twin sisters who each want to find romance befriend a couple of visiting carnival workers.
Benjamin (1968) as Anne de Clécy
A 17-year-old orphaned teen is taken in by his wealthy aunt to live at her chateau where he learns the pleasures of lovemaking from a variety of women of all ages.
Belle de jour (1968) as Séverine Sérizy
A frigid young housewife decides to spend her midweek afternoons as a prostitute.
La vie de château (1967) as Marie
In the countryside near Normandy's beaches lives Marie, unhappy. It's 1945, she's married to Jérôme, a somewhat fussy milquetoast, diffident to the war around him and unwilling to move his wife to Paris, where she longs to live, shop, and party. A German outfit is bivouacked at Jérôme and Marie's crumbling château because its commanding officer is pursuing Marie. She's also eyed by a French spy working with the Allies as they plan D-Day. He woos her (posing to the Germans as her brother) and, in his passion, forgets his mission. Heroics come from an unexpected direction, and Marie makes her choice.
Male Companion (1966) as Isabelle
Repulsion (1965) as Carol Ledoux
Strange dreams haunt a beautiful young woman left alone in her apartment.
Male Hunt (1965) as Denise
Vice and Virtue (1965) as Justine
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) as Geneviève Emery
A young French couple is separated by the war in Algiers.
Tales of Paris (1962) as Sophie

Producer (feature film)

Strange Place to Meet, A (1989) as Producer
Two strangers are thrown together by unusual circumstances when a woman's husband abandons her at a rest stop.

Music (feature film)

Dancer in the Dark (2000) as Song Performer ("Cvalda")
Selma is a Czech immigrant, a single mother working in 1960s rural America. Her salvation lies in her imagination and her passion for music, specifically, the all-singing, all-dancing numbers found in classic Hollywood musicals. She is continually distracted by the rhythm of the presses and the clat
Courage Fuyons (1979) as Song Performer ("Amsterdam Girl")

Cast (special)

Roman Polanski: Reflections of Darkness (2000) as Interviewee
Profile of filmmaker Roman Polanski. The program explores his childhood in Nazi-occupied Poland, his marriage to Sharon Tate, and the scandal that forced him to leave the United States.
57th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The (2000) as Presenter
A live telecast of the 57th annual Golden Globe Awards, presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for achievement in television and film.
10th Annual IFP Gotham Awards, The (2000) as Presenter
Coverage of the 10th annual Gotham Awards, honoring the best New York City independent filmmakers, telecast from the Chelsea Piers.
50th Annual Golden Globe Awards (1993) as Presenter
A live telecast of the 50th annual Golden Globe Awards honoring the best in movies and television during 1992.
65th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, The (1993) as Presenter
Broadcast of the 65th annual Academy Awards presentation.

Cast (short)

Vienna The Years Remembered (1968)
This documentary short provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Mayerling" (1968), as well as the actual history that inspired the film.

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