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Tonino Delli Colli

Tonino Delli Colli


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Also Known As: Died: August 16, 2005
Born: November 20, 1923 Cause of Death: heart attack
Birth Place: Italy Profession: Cinematography ...


Cinematography (feature film)

Life Is Beautiful (1998) as Director Of Photography
An Italian Jew¿s sense of humor is his only hope when he and his family are put into a concentration camp.
Marianna Ucria (1997) as Director Of Photography
An adapted tale about a Sicilian noblewoman's self-liberation in the early 18th century.
Facciamo Paradiso (1995) as Director Of Photography
A journey through socio-poltical changes experienced by Italy in the latter half of the 20th century as reflected by one woman's life spanning 1949-2011.
Death and the Maiden (1994) as Director Of Photography
On a stormy night, at a secluded beach house, somewhere in Latin America, a chance encounter with Dr. Roberto Miranda leads to an intense confrontation with Paulina Escobar who was subjected to systematic torture fifteen years ago and now believes that she may have found the man responsible. Once Mi
La Soif d'or (1993) as Director Of Photography
A greedy cheapskate is obsessed with holding on to his embezzled fortune which his estranged, accountant wife threatens to take away.
Bitter Moon (1992) as Director Of Photography
While traveling aboard a luxury liner, a straitlaced British couple's marriage is undermined by the machinations of a dissolute, crippled American writer and his French wife.
Especially on Sunday (1991) as Director Of Photography ("The Blue Dog")
A series of four short tales set on the Adriatic coast involving the complexity of expressing love.
FX2 - The Deadly Art of Illusion (1991) as Director Of Photography (Rome)
Special effects expert Rollie Tyler comes out of retirement to help his girlfriend's ex-husband, a police officer, track down a psychopathic criminal, but after witnessing an officer's brutal murder he discovers that he's become entangled in an elaborate police double-cross.
Una Storia Semplice (1991) as Director Of Photography
A police inspector investigates the suspicious death of an Italian diplomat who returned to his abandoned villa outside a small Sicilian town to recover valuable family documents.
Africana, L' (1990) as Director Of Photography
A dying woman, who stole her best friend's lover, is convinced that a spell has been cast on her, so she orchestrates her former friend's return from a self-imposed exile in Africa in the hopes of breaking the spell.
Voice of the Moon, The (1990) as Director Of Photography
A poet, visionary and saintly innocent takes delight in the life of his small Emilian village and his secret love for the moon-faced Aldina.
Stradivari (1989) as Director Of Photography
Life story of the famous violin maker of Cremona.
Federico Fellini's Intervista (1987) as Director Of Photography
Name of the Rose, The (1986) as Director Of Photography
A progressive monk solves a mysterious death in a monastery with the help of his young novice.
Ginger and Fred (1986) as Director Of Photography
A song-and-dance team are reunited for a nostalgic television special.
Il Futuro e Donna (1984) as Director Of Photography
Once Upon A Time In America (1984) as Director Of Photography
Drama about the rise and fall of Jewish-American gangsters in New York at the beginning of the century through the 1960s.
Tales of Ordinary Madness (1983) as Director Of Photography
The narration of a poet--whose character is based on the novelist Charles Bukowski--as explores L.A.'s lower depths--helping us through his quest for sex, truth and beauty.
Trenchcoat (1983) as Director Of Photography
A would-be mystery writer gets mixed up with international intrigue.
Till Marriage Do Us Part (1982) as Director Of Photography
Sunday Lovers (1981) as Director Of Photography (Italian Segment)
In this comedy made up of four segments, a businessman tries to close a deal through the allure of his secretary only to discover that she would be more valuable as a partner. Elsewhere, a chauffeur poses as his boss in order to impress ladies. Meanwhile, a husband arranges an affair when his wife leaves town. Finally, an American psychiatric patient falls for an equally neurotic lady.
Fantasma d'Amore (1981) as Director Of Photography
Sono Fotogenico (1980) as Director Of Photography
Caro Papa (1979) as Director Of Photography
Travels With Anita (1978) as Director Of Photography
Anita is a lonely American with only five days left to her Italian holiday. When she's invited to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa by a handsome and charming Italian businessman, Guido, Anita is thrilled. But what begins as a wonderful romantic adventure soon turns into a series of comic disasters.
Primo Amore (1978) as Director Of Photography
Lovers and Other Relatives (1978) as Director Of Photography
Blood Feud (1978) as Director Of Photography
Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom (1977) as Director Of Photography
Set in the Nazi-controlled, northern Italian state of Salo in 1944, four dignitaries round up sixteen perfect specimens of youth and take them together with guards, servants and studs to a palace near Marzabotto. In addition, there are four middle-aged women: three of whom recount arousing stories whilst the fourth accompanies on the piano. The story is largely taken up with their recounting the stories of Dante and De Sade: the Circle of Manias, the Circle of Shit and the Circle of Blood. Following this, the youths are executed whilst each libertine takes his turn as voyeur.
Un Taxi mauve (1977) as Director Of Photography
I Nuovi Mostri (1977) as Director Of Photography
Caro Michele (1976) as Director Of Photography
Anima Persa (1976) as Director Of Photography
Seven Beauties (1975) as Director Of Photography
Pasqualino Settebellezze è un giovane malavitoso napoletano che decide di commettere un crimine per farsi un nome in quel mondo. Non è realmente coraggioso ed un giorno uccide per caso l'uomo che ha ingannato sua sorella Concetta, costringendola a prostituirsi in un bordello. Ma è scoperto e, processato, è condannato a dodici anni di carcere criminale. Per uscire dal carcere, accetta di partire volontario durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Insieme al suo amico Francesco, fugge dalla Russia, ma entrambi sono catturati dai nazisti e deportati in un lager. Qui conosce le peggiori nefandezze della guerra e, per sopravvivere, deve perfino fingere di innamorarsi della perfida, grassa ed orrenda comandante del lager. Alla fine è addirittura costretto ad uccidere Francesco. Molti mesi dopo è liberato dalle armate alleate e torna a Napoli, dove trova tutte le sorelle che si prostituiscono per sopravvivere.
Mio Dio, come sono Caduta in Basso (1974) as Director Of Photography
The Marquise Eugenia di Maqueda, an orphan raised by the nuns, marries Raimondo Corrao, but on their wedding night she finds out that he is her brother. The piece of news is in a letter written from Paris by their father, a womaniser who lives and hides from them in the French headtown. The pair decide, to avoid the scandal, to live as brother and sister. He will later leave for the war in Lybia, she will find solace and sexual satisfaction in the arms of the family chauffeur.
Lacombe, Lucien (1974) as Director Of Photography
A French teen collaborating with the Nazis falls for a wealthy Jewish girl.
Deaf Smith And Johnny Ears (1973) as Director Of Photography
A deaf gunslinger fights for Texas'''' independence.
Bawdy Tales (1973) as Director Of Photography
Rome, 1850. In prison, two young men, Bernardino and Mamonne, condemned for murder wait their own death penalty to be executed, and pass their last hours telling each other lust and castration stories (4 flash-blacks). The first story involves a duc and a clergyman castrating themselves, while the lusty duchess and a lusty countrygirl are left alone. The second story is about a Calabrese shepherd who leads his unfaithful wife to eat her lover's testicles, supposing they were from cattle. The third story deals with the castration of a priest by the young man after whom he was lusting. And the last story is about a different sort of menage-a-trois.
Peccato Veniale (1973) as Director Of Photography
Paolo Il Caldo (1973) as Director Of Photography
From his youth, Paolo Castorini, a Sicilian baron, is as attracted to women as they to him. Giovanna, a servant girl, Lillian, a serious girlfriend in Rome, a hostess at a post-war party, Paolo makes love to them all. He also feels dissatisfied with a life only of the body, compared to his journalist friend Vincenzo and his own father, a sober and serious thinker. When his father is on his deathbed, Paolo learns of syphilis in the family and something of the curse of dissolution. Some years later, he resolves to marry Katrina, the pure daughter of the woman he should have married. He wants her purity to redeem him so he can make something of his life. But is it too late?
Un Uomo da Rispettare (1972) as Director Of Photography
Pilgrimage (1972) as Photography
A nihilistic young man was born into a rich family, but has distanced himself from them and made a point of associating with other troubled people. When he returns home for his father's wake, he uses an odd ritual involving the buffet food to drive his relatives away.
Canterbury Tales, The (1972) as Director Of Photography
I componenti di un pellegrinaggio a Canterbury raccontano a turno delle novelle. Il giovane Nicola conquista la moglie del ricco legnaiolo Giovanni sfruttando la superstizione di quest'ultimo. Due studenti si vendicano del mugnaio Simkin ladro di farina. Il candido Perkin viene cacciato dal paese e finisce esposto alla gogna. Una vedova di Bath continua a distruggere con la sua insaziabilita' i mariti ereditandone le sostanze. Un ricco ed anziano scapolo si decide a prendere in moglie la giovanissima Maggio, che lo tradisce con un bel ragazzo. E mentre altre avventure si susseguono, uno scrivano (lo stesso Pasolini) continua a prendere nota degli avvenimenti, con fare divertito ed ironizzando sulle umane debolezze.
Decameron, The (1971) as Director Of Photography
An adaptation of nine stories from Bocaccio's "Decameron": A young Sicilian is swindled twice, but ends up rich; a man poses as a deaf-mute in a convent of curious nuns; a woman must hide her lover when her husband comes home early; a scoundrel fools a priest on his deathbed; three brothers take revenge on their sister's lover; a young girl sleeps on the roof to meet her boyfriend at night; a group of painters wait for inspiration; a crafty priest attempts to seduce his friend's wife; and two friends make a pact to find out what happen= s after death. Pasolini is up to his old tricks satirizing the Church, and throwing in liberal doses of life and love.
Homo Eroticus (1971) as Director Of Photography
Cometogether (1971) as Photography
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (1970) as Director of Photography
Spirits of the Dead (1969) as Photog for "William Wilson"
This film comprises three supernatural tales based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe.
Pigsty (1969) as Director Of Photography
Two dramatic stories. In an undeterminated past, a young cannibal (who killed his own father) is condemned to be torn to pieces by some wild beasts. In the second story, Julius, the young son of a post-war German industrialist, is on the way to lie down with his farm's pigs, because he doesn't like human relationships.
Mafia (1969) as Director of Photography
Based on the Leonardo Sciascia novel of the same title, this story deals with the difficulties facing a northern police officer investigating a Mafia murder in a small Sicilian town in 1961. Salvatore Colasbena, a construction supplier, was murdered # and buried under a blanket of tar # because he refused to join the Mafia-controlled roadbuilding group. His widow, Rosa, is investigated by the police, but honest Captain Bellodi comes to suspect Mafia boss Don Mariano Arena when he can find no witnesses, no evidence, only hostile obstruction by corrupt government influences. Captain Bellodi has no idea that his pursuit of the truth will stir up a hornet's nest. Powerful figures have a vested interest in ensuring that the very existence of the Mafia can be denied. The movie dramatizes the hold that the Mafia has on Sicilian life: the police, the judiciary, politics, and the Catholic Church. Everyone in the village is afraid to talk to Bellodi for fear they will be silenced forever.
Ghosts--Italian Style (1969) as Director of Photography
An unemployed opera singer and his wife find jobs as caretakers in a haunted castle.
Once Upon a Time in the West (1969) as Director of Photography
A mail-order bride enlists an outlaw and a mystery man to help protect her land from a ruthless cattleman.
Accattone! (1968) as Director of Photography
A pimp finds his life spiraling out of control in this study of impoverished lives in Italy.
China Is Near (1968) as Director of Photography
A satirical look at Italian politics.
The Beautiful Swindlers (1967) as Photog for "Naples"
The Hawks and the Sparrows (1967) as Director of Photography
On an empty road, an old man is walking with his son. They meet a crow that can speak. They are changed into monks and Saint Francois sent them to preach for hawks and sparrows. A reflexion about idealism.
Mandragola (1966) as Director of Photography
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966) as Director of Photography
Three men seek hidden loot during the Civil War.
A Very Handy Man (1966) as Director of Photography
The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1966) as Director of Photography
Along a rocky, barren coastline, Jesus begins teaching, primarily using parables. He attracts disciples; he's stern, brusque, and demanding. He comes to bring a sword, not peace, he says. He's in a hurry, moving from place to place near the Sea of Galilee, sometimes attracting a multitude, sometimes being driven away. His parables often take on the powers that be, so he and his teachings come to the attention of the Pharisees, the chief priests, and elders. They conspire to have him arrested, beaten, tried, and crucified, just as he prophesied to his followers. After he dies, he appears to his disciples and gives them final instructions.
Not on Your Life (1965) as Director of Photography
An undertaker's assistant marries an executioner's daughter, and the new groom takes on his father-in-law's job but grows real squeamish when the time comes to execute someone.
The New Angels (1965) as Director of Photography
Love in 4 Dimensions (1965) as Photog for "Love and Life" and "Love and Death"
Ro.Go.Pa.G. (1963) as Director Of Photography ("La Ricotta")
LA RICOTTA Nelle campagne fuori Roma, un regista (Orson Welles) sta girando un film di carattere religioso. Durante le riprese della crocifissione di Cristo, la comparsa Stracci, che interpreta uno dei ladroni, lascia ai propri familiari affamati il cestino fornito dalla produzione e, preso dai morsi della fame, si avventa su una tavola imbandita per le riprese e divora una enorme quantità di ricotta. Mentre è appeso in croce si sente male per l'indigestione di ricotta e muore, proprio come il ladrone del Vangelo.
Mamma Roma (1962) as Director Of Photography
A streetwalker tries to save her son from a life of crime.
Swordsman of Siena (1962) as Director of Photography
An adventurer's loyalties are tested when he falls in with rebels in 16th-century Spain.
The Thief of Baghdad (1961) as Director of Photography
World by Night (1961) as Director of Photography
The Wonders of Aladdin (1961) as Director of Photography
A poor young man discovers a magic lantern inhabited by a genie.
Morgan the Pirate (1961) as Director of Photography
An escaped slave takes on the Spanish Navy.
Primo Amore (1958) as Cinematographer
The White Angel (1955)
After losing his family, a businessman finds a woman who resembles his first love.
Donatella (1955) as Director Of Photography
In a case of mistaken identity, the secretary for a well-to-do household is taken to be an heiress to the fortune by a handsome young lawyer.
Where is Freedom? (1954)
A barber, murderer because of jealousy, spends twenty years in jail. He cannot, however adjust himself to a changed world and to the hypocracy of his own relatives and decides to return behind bars.
Sacco di Roma, Il (1953) as Director Of Photography
Black Magic (1949) as Camera Operator
Hypnotist uses his powers for revenge against King Louis XV's court.

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