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Cast (feature film)

Francois Truffaut: Stolen Portraits (1993) as Himself
Documentary essay on the life and career of French film director and critic Francois Truffaut (1932-1984), featuring film clips and interviews with his many associates.
Homme Imagine, L' (1991)
A young woman has a passionate affair with an older man.
Outremer (1990) as Gildas
Love and disappointment take hold of the lives of three beautiful sisters during the Algerian war.
Under the Sun of Satan (1987) as Gallet
A country priest battles the war against the temptations of Satan.
Police (1985) as Dede
A Paris cop, investigating a large drug smuggling ring, starts to fall in love with a young woman who's the central witness in the case.
Confidentially Yours (1983) as Angel Face
An accused man''''s secretary tries to find the real killer.
Les Lolos de Lola (1975) as Yann

Editing (feature film)

Burning Hot Summer, A (2012)
An examination of the once-happy marriage between brooding painter Frederic and his movie-star wife Angele as it hits the rocks. When another young couple--actors Paul and Elisabeth--join them on a Roman holiday, tensions and passions flare.
Robert Mitchum est mort (2010)
Franky is an actor suffering from insomnia. Franky is his manager Arsène's friend, spiritual son and source of income. When Arsène steals a car and takes Franky to the Arctic Circle under the pretence that the two are going to meet a famous director shooting an American film there, an adventurous jo
It Begins With The End (2010)
Gabrielle and Jean have an impulsive and chaotic relationship, full of arguments and uncontrollable passion. They separated a year earlier, after an affair that pushed the boundaries of the body and heart but was also unable to satisfy their desires. Despite how destructive their relationship has be
King of Escape, The (2009)
When a gay, middle-aged tractor salesman, Armand, saves a 16-year-old girl, Curly, from a bunch of thugs, she becomes smitten with her rescuer and entices him to help her run away from home. Bored with his situation in life, Armand agrees, and the two embark on a romp across southwestern France.
Frontier of Dawn (2008)
A young photographer is about to tie the knot. On the morning of the wedding, a vision of his ex-lover appears to him in the mirror. She was an actress who committed suicide after he cut her out of his life. Now, she has come back to haunt him, calling him from another world.
Autre, L' (2008)
Anne-Marie leaves Alex. While desperate to hold onto her freedom, Alex would like to be settled into married life. Their break-up turns out to be amicable and they continue to see each other. However, when Anne-Marie finds out that Alex has a new woman in his life, she enters a jealous rage and even
Lady Chatterley (2007)
Set in 1921, it is the story of an adulterous affair between Lady Constance Chatterley, a sexually unfulfilled upper-class married woman, and the game keeper who works for the estate owned by her wheelchaired husband.
Free Zone (2005)
Sitting in a chauffeured car parked just outside of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, Rebecca struggles to compose herself. It isn't clear who or what has just upset her, but the driver of the car she's sitting in is losing patience. Hanna's running late for an appointment that she absolutely must keep and
Red Lights (2004) as Editor
It's a summer holiday weekend in Paris and Antoine and Hélène are on their way to pick up their children at summer camp, thus joining thousands of other vacationers on the highways to the south of France. At first in high spirits, the couple starts sniping at each other during the drive as tensions
Promised Land (2004)
Russian-speaking women are traveling through the Sinai Desert accompanied by Bedouin nomads. It seems most of them expect they will be working as prostitutes out of nice hotels in Egypt, affording time off to visit the pyramids and the like. How wrong they are. It's not along before they are hustled
I Kill You (2001) as Editor
Kurt is just over 20-years-old and has an accent that is hard to place. Lea is younger and more shy. The two meet one summer at the seaside and have an affair. Kurt is a taciturn loner who steals cars, is responsible for a number of strange break-ins, and lives from his ill-gotten gains, spending hi
Te Quiero (2001) as Editor
Jean and his lover Sylvia flee from Paris to Lima, Peru, with a stolen diamond pendant. Attempting to sell the jewel is more difficult than the couple expect, as neither speaks Spanish. But when they meet another expatriot French couple, wealthy Franck and Murielle, they think they may have found a
Come Undone (2000) as Editor
What could be more pleasurable than summer holidays on the beach when one is a young and beautiful? For brooding Mathieu it is a summer of boredom and simmering family crises, spent with his hostile youngest sister, his depressed mother and Annick, a matriarch who governs the Pornichet villa. But th
Vie moderne, La (2000) as Editor
Three separate, unconnected denizens of Paris and its surroundings go about their hectic, confusing and ultimately normal lives.
Premier de Cordee (1999) as Editor
Set in the mid-'30s, a tale of a young man, Zian, from the village of Chamonix who becomes determined to become a mountain guide following his return from Paris the same day his father, an umpteenth-generation guide, is killed by lightning on a climb.
Ennui, L' (1998) as Editor
Martin sees an old artist with a much younger woman. Intrigued, he visits the artist's studio only to discover that the man has just died while having sex with his young girlfriend. Even more intrigued, he begins to pester Cecilia and soon she starts sleeping with him. Their relationship is an uneve
Hanuman (1998) as Editor
Tom returns home to the mountains of southern India to rekindle a love affair with childhood sweetheart Anja. But Anja is engaged to be married to the scheming Ashok, who has been helping excavators loot India's ancient temples. After helping to save Hanou, an outcast from the red-faced monkey tribe
Western (1997) as Editor
Contemporary road film about two solitary strangers--Paco, a traveling rep for a shoe company and Nino, a Russian who came to France for a marriage that didn't take--who meet in Bretagne. Nino steals Paco's car and Marinette encourages Paco to hang around her village. Eventually Paco sees Nino in
Marion (1997) as Editor
A tale of a season's interaction between a well-to-do Parisian couple, their ten year old daughter Marion, and a few key residents of the village where they spend weekends.
Breaking the Waves (1996) as Trailer Editor
A powerful story, set in a remote Scottish village in the early 1970s, about a unique young woman and her profound experience of love and devotion. Bess falls madly in love with Jan, an oil-rig worker, and against the wishes of the strict Calvinist elders of her community, she marries this outsider. Jan is captivated by the innocence radiated by his new bride and for a brief time they have an intensely happy, passionate life together. When Jan returns to the oil-rig, Bess misses him terribly and prays fervently to God to bring him home. Shortly thereafter, Jan is injured in an accident that leaves him paralyzed. Knowing that he will never walk again and devastated that his beautiful, young wife will never make love with him again, Jan misleads Bess by convincing her he can only survive if she takes a lover. Because she is so pure, Bess does what she believes she must in the hope of keeping him alive and soon finds herself in a complicated spiral of love, community and tragedy...
Nenette et Boni (1996) as Editor
Boniface, aka Boni, is a 19-year-old pizza chef in the port of Marseilles. Since the death of his mother, he refuses to have anything to do with his father, Felix, a lampshade salesman who has raised Boni's 15-year-old sister, Nenette. When she shows up on his doorstep--the lonely stronghold he inhe
Jeunesse Sans Dieu (1996) as Editor
Set in 1938 in a port city on the Rhine and Ruhr, a drama told through chilling vignettes which are narrated by two separate strands of voiceovers--one from an introspective schoolteacher, Pabst, and the other from one of his students who keeps a diary. Via this device, it becomes vividly apparent t
Coeur Fantome, Le (1996) as Editor
A tale of a passive, middle-aged painter starting life anew with a much younger woman.
To Have (Or Not) (1995) as Editor
A young woman leaves her home, her boyfriend and her family to head south and begin a new life. One night she wanders into a hotel bar and meets Bruno, a forlorn and depressed construction worker and the two loners unite.
Fabuleux Destin de Madame Petlet, Le (1995) as Editor
Madame Petlet is a woman of great good sense and judgment, a model of health and sanity. When she leaves her drunken husband to go to Paris, she gets a job as a TV scripwriter's live-in nanny. The latter, running dry on ideas, begins to find a new and very successful source of sitcom material in the
Tales From a Hard City (1994) as Editor
Documentary profile of four showbusiness hopefuls in economically depressed Sheffield, England.
Favorite Son, The (1994) as Editor
A bankrupt son decides to off his ailing father for the insurance money. At the last moment, he can't go through with it, and after the father disappears from a hospital, joins with his estranged brothers--one a successful lawyer, the other a professor--in tracking the old man down. Roving the stree
Happy, Too Happy (1994) as Editor
The bittersweet high jinks of a coed group of hormone-addled high school classmates.
Enfant Lion, L' (1993) as Editor
Two African children, brother and sister, are enslaved and sold to a desert prince who holds them captive in his walled palace. The boy uses his special rapport with the animal kingdom to engineer their escape.
Birth of Love, The (1993) as Editor
Two middle-aged men who are living out entanglements of their own making--one can't be with the woman he loves, the other, loves a woman who wants nothing to do with him.
Ivan and Abraham (1993) as Editor
A 9-year-old Jewish boy and a 13-year-old Christian boy become friends during an uneasy time, in a Polish Jewish shtetl in the 1930s.
Van Gogh (1992) as Editor
The relationship between Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo during the last month of the artist's life.
Les Amies de ma femme (1992) as Editor
When a TV news executive loses his job, his wife's five neurotic girlfriends, who he previously despised, come to his aide.
Outremer (1990) as Editor
Love and disappointment take hold of the lives of three beautiful sisters during the Algerian war.
Trois Annees (1990) as Editor
Chronicles the first three years of a marriage between a prosperous but lonely bachelor and the beautiful woman who marries him not out of love but for the sake of security.
Mona et moi (1989) as Editor
36 Fillette (1988) as Editor
A precocious teenaged girl, unsatisfied with school and family, looks for stimulation and sexual experience while on vacation with her family.
Nouilles (1987) as Editor
Under the Sun of Satan (1987) as Editor
A country priest battles the war against the temptations of Satan.
Double Messieurs (1986) as Editor
Police (1985) as Editor
A Paris cop, investigating a large drug smuggling ring, starts to fall in love with a young woman who's the central witness in the case.
Nos Amours, A (1984) as Editor
Loulou (1980) as Editor
Passe-Montagne (1978) as Editor
Small Change (1976) as Editor
Two children from different backgrounds share the pain and humor of growing up.
Bougnoul, Le (1975) as Editor
Les Lolos de Lola (1975) as Editor
The Story of Adele H (1975) as Editor
After years of living under her father''''s shadow, the daughter of author Victor Hugo goes mad for love.
Sweet Movie (1974) as Editor
The winner of the Miss World Virginity contest escapes from a sexless marriage to an oil tycoon, has a wild affair with a famous rock star and settles in a radical commune. Meanwhile, a boat travels the canals of Amsterdam with a cargo of sugar, a demented crew, a revolutionary zealot captain and her lover, a refugee from the Battleship Potemkin. Makavejev's bizarre and pointedly satirical vision is totally uncompromising and filled with shocking images.
Day for Night (1973) as Editor
A committed film director struggles to complete his movie while coping with a myriad of crises among the cast and crew.
Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me (1972) as Editor
A black comedy about a beautiful woman and her hold on men.
Two English Girls (1971) as Editor
A young writer carries on love affairs with two sisters.

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