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Derek Delint


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Cast (feature film)

Nova Zembla (2011)
In 1596, a famous Dutch sea-faring expedition goes horribly wrong . Convinced of the existence of a passage to China and the Indies somewhere northeast of Norway and past Russia,the cartographer and captain William Barents sets out to find out for the third and final time. Traveling with Barents is
Gooische Vrouwen (2011)
The lives of four female friends run anything but smooth. Cheryl's husband, for instance, is often distracted by other beautiful women. Claire's daughter and her grandson leave for Burkina Faso for three years. The ladies decide that they deserve a vacation and leave for France. Once there, they rea
Moonlight Serenade (2009)
Nate is a successful financial manager by day and a closet musician by night. One evening he hears a beautiful voice outside his apartment window accompanying his piano playing. The mysterious voice turns out to be the coat check girl, Chloe, from the local jazz club. Chloe strikes a deal with Nate
Brief voor de koning (2008)
Tiuri is almost a full knight. He only has to pass one more challenge and he will be knighted. Tiuri must spend the night in the chapel in complete silence and without opening the door. When there is an urgent knock and a request for help, he risks his knighthood and opens the door to aid a man in n
Black Book (2006)
Set in the fall of 1944, a thriller about the Dutch underground based on true events that span nearly a year around Rachel Stein, a young, pretty German Jewish woman who falls for a high-ranking Gestapo officer while seeking revenge for her family's murders. Everyone involved soon finds themselves e
In a remote hilltop house, high school student Jill Johnson settles in for a routine night of babysitting. With the children sound asleep and a beautiful home to explore, she locks the door and sets the alarm. But when a series of eerie phone calls from a stranger insists that she "check the childre
Deep Impact (1998) as Theo Van Sertema
After it''s discovered that a comet is heading toward Earth, a U.S. spaceship is launched to blow it up. The plan fails, splitting the comet into two pieces, both hurtling towards different parts of North America. One is expected to trigger catastrophic tidal waves on the eastern seaboard and the other to create dense clouds of dust that could wipe out all life.
Long Live the Queen (1996) as Bob Hooke
Sara, who lives with her mom and grandfather, is introduced to the world of chess through her young school friend Victor. She's soon imagining a fairy tale world in which the Queen, bored with her marriage to an idle King, is mounting full-scale chess matches with courtiers and friends.
All Men Are Mortal (1995) as Bertus
Set in France in 1948, a young actress befriends a tramp-like figure and learns of his immortality.
Affair Play (1995)
Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Lethal Lifestyle, A (1994)
A former associate of Perry Mason returns to handle the defense of a world-class chess player accused of murdering a prominent TV personality.
Angie (1993)
A sullen teenage girl leaves a young-offenders institution and eventually hooks up with her delinquent elder brother and his companion; after pulling a heist togther, the trio hits the road.
Burning Bridges (1990) as Gus Morgan
Based on the true story of a married woman whose refusal to give up her passionate love affair with a married man tears apart her family and drives her to the brink of a breakdown.
Endless Game, The (1990) as Abromov
A story about the brutal murder of a helpless woman in a nursing home, which a unleashes a trail of events leading to international intrigue, treachery and corruption. In his attempt to uncover the truth, a British intelligence agent defects to the Russians before discovering the identity of a "mole
Mascara (1989) as Chris Brine
Stealing Heaven (1988) as Pierre Abelard
Historical drama attempting to relate the romance between the French philosopher Pierre Abelard and Heloise.
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The (1988) as Franz
During the 1968 Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, a womanizer visiting the West must choose between freedom, or returning to his wife in Soviet-occupied Prague.
Dagboek van een oude dwaas (1987) as Philippe
A terminally ill older man is sexually attracted to his daughter-in-law who tries to seduce him in order to discover the extent of his resources.
Three Men and a Baby (1987) as Jan Clopatz
Actor Jack Holden lives a hedonistic life along with his roommates Peter and Michael in New York City. But everything changes when a baby is left on their doorstep with a note saying that "Mary" is Jack''s child, the product of a fling with a recent co-star. Jack is away on a shoot when the infant arrives and Peter and Michael do their best to take care of her. When two men arrive asking for "the package" they assume that they mean the baby, but soon find that they are drug dealers looking for heroin, and get rid of them by giving them some powdered milk. When Jack when returns, he also rises to the occasion and soon loves his baby daughter. The drug dealers eventually return looking for the heroin and the roommates successfully trap them and have them arrested. Eventually Mary''s mother Sylvia arrives, wanting to take Mary back to England with her. The agree, but after giving it some thought, the three men realize they cannot stand losing their little charge and rush to the airport to stop her, but Sylvia is gone. Happily for everyone, when they return home, they find Mary with Sylvia, who has decided that she does not want to raise the child alone and the men invite her to move in with them.
Assault, The (1986) as Anton Steenwijk
A middle-aged man, who in 1945 witnessed the massacre of his entire family at the hands of the Nazis, encounters three people from that period who reopen old psychological wounds.
Bastille (1985) as Paul De Wit
Mata Hari (1985) as Handsome Traveller
Crew Cut (1980)
Soldier of Orange (1977) as Alec
This film depicts World War II through the eyes of several Dutch men. It covers the beginning of the war, the Nazi occupation and the liberation. It has resistance fighters, Nazi collaborators, torture by the Gestapo and nekkid boobs. The film manages to be both entertainment and a very serious and patriotic portrayal of the role of Holland in WWII.
Barocco (1976) as Propagandaman 1
The story of Barocco is about a girl (Adjani) that is in love with a boxer (Depardieu). They plan to went abroad after making a lot of money by cheating in a match. But the boxer is killed before, and the killer (Depardieu), little by little, fall in love with the girl (Adjani) that accept him finally at the condition that he looks like the boxer he killed.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Pointman (1994)
Barbara Taylor Bradford's "Remember" (1993) as Charles Devereaux
A miniseries based on the best-selling novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford about a photojournalist who is haunted by the mysterious death of her fiance on their wedding day.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Great Escape II: Untold Story, The (1988) as Dr Thost
A two-part miniseries, which continues the WW II story detailed in the 1963 theatrical release, "The Great Escape." The project is based on the final section of the novel "The Great Escape" (not included in the film), which involves the trackdown and roundup that took place after the war, of the Ge

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