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Evelyn Ankers

Evelyn Ankers



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Also Known As: Died: August 28, 1985
Born: August 17, 1918 Cause of Death: cancer
Birth Place: Chile Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

The Texan Meets Calamity Jane (1950) as Calamity Jane
Tarzan's Magic Fountain (1949) as Gloria James Jessup
Explorers try to use the jungle king to find a fountain of youth.
Parole, Inc. (1948) as Jojo Dumont
Last of the Redmen (1947) as Alice Munro
The Lone Wolf in London (1947) as Iris Chatham
A reformed thief gets mixed up in blackmail and the theft of diamonds held at Scotland Yard.
Spoilers of the North (1947) as Laura Reed
Queen of Burlesque (1946) as Crystal McCoy
Reporter Steve Hurley (Carleton Young) is happy when he hears that Crystal McCoy (Evelyn Ankers), star of the burlesque show, is to be replaced by her predecessor, Dolly Devoe (Jaqueline Dalya). Steve hopes Crystal will marry him and give up the stage. But Crystal is unhappy about it, as is show manager Joe Nolan (Craig Reynolds), for he also likes her. It is obvious that he is being forced to put Dolly back in the show. And there is also Blossom Terraine (Rose La Rose) who wants the star role and is using her suitor Chick Malloy (Murray Leonard), the comedian of the show to back her. Dolly arrives in a snit and immediately starts a quarrel with Crystal. And Dolly's day gets worse when Lola Cassell (Marion Martin) shows up and accuses Dolly of having driven to suicide the man they both loved. Dolly's bad day ends when Annie (Alice Fleming), the wardrobe woman who idolizes Crystal, finds her strangled body in a dressing room trunk. The first person Inspector Crowley (Emory Parnell) suspects is Chick, for he had been overheard in an incriminating conversation with Blossom. Then he turns to Crystal, as the result of a threat she had made, plus he learns that a story Steve is writing revolves around the finding of a strangled body in a trunk. To complete the Inspector's own bad day, albeit somewhat better than Dolly's, he finds out that Lola had visited Dolly in her dressing room, and that Chick is blackmailing Nolan into putting Blossom in the starring role and has evidence that Nolan had also been in Dolly's dressing room inbetween the other traffic. THEN, Annie, fearing that Crystal will be arrested, confesses to the murder. The police do not believe her, and give orders that nobody is to leave the theatre until the murderer is found which, based on the number of suspects, gives no indication of happening anytime soon. The list is narrowed when Lola is found dead in a phone booth, with a knife thrust in her back. And while he is questioning the rest of the group in Nolan's office, the lights go out, and Blossom exits stage left by being murdered. Chick accuses Nolan, who admits he was also in Dolly's dressing room - who wasn't - only because she was blackmailing him but she was alive when he left. A shot rings out in Crystal's dressing room, where they find Annie in a faint, but unharmed by the bullet. An inspection of the room shows that Annie fired the bullet at herself, and Steve's adroit questioning tricks Annie into confessing that she was the killer, the crimes being committed as the result of a homicidal mania induced by Annie's intense love for Crystal, who she mistakenly believes to be her daughter.
Flight to Nowhere (1946) as Catherine Forrest, also known as Dolly Loraine
Black Beauty (1946) as Evelyn Carrington
A motherless girl searches for the horse she raised.
The French Key (1946) as Janet Morgan
The Fatal Witness (1945) as Priscilla Ames
The Frozen Ghost (1945) as Maura Daniel
Ladies Courageous (1944) as Wilhelmina
Bowery to Broadway (1944) as Bonnie Latour
Follow the Boys (1944) as
Weird Woman (1944) as Ilona Carr
While on a South Seas trip, a professor falls in love with marries an exotic native woman. What he doesn't know is that she was raised by superstitious natives who believe her to be some kind of supernatural being.
The Pearl of Death (1944) as Naomi Drake
Sherlock Holmes investigates the link between a stolen pearl and a series of murders.
Jungle Woman (1944) as Beth [Mason]
Paula the ape woman (Acquanetta) is alive and well, and running around a creepy old sanitarium run by the kindly Dr. Fletcher (J. Carrol Naish), also reverting to her true gorilla form every once in a while to kill somebody.
The Invisible Man's Revenge (1944) as Julie Herrick
An eager scientist (John Carradine) tests his new formula for invisibility on an escaped fugitive (Jon Hall). When the formula works the criminal runs off to terrorize a family he believes cheated him out of a fortune years earlier.
Pardon My Rhythm (1944) as Julia Munson
The Mad Ghoul (1943) as Isabel Lewis
Curious about the effects of an ancient Mayan nerve gas on humans, a scientist exposes his young assistant and turns him into a mindless ghoul that must have human heart substance to live.
You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith (1943) as Lynn [Crandall Smith]
A young woman marries a soldier to fulfill the conditions of a will. However, when she gets ready to divorce him, she realizes that she actually loves him, and determines to find a way to stay married to him.
Captive Wild Woman (1943) as Beth Colman
A mad scientist transplants human glands into a gorilla, turning the ape into a beautiful young woman (Acquanetta). However, a severe emotional jolt soon reverts her back into her primitive self with disastrous consequences.
All by Myself (1943) as Jean Wells [Perry]
Keep 'Em Slugging (1943) as Sheila Banning
A gang of tough street kids decide to go straight and get jobs in order to free draft-age men for the war effort. However, because of their past tangles with the law, they can't find anybody who'll hire them. Finally one of them gets a job at the department store where his sister works, but runs afoul of a store executive who is in league with a ring of hijackers.
Hers to Hold (1943) as Flo
His Butler's Sister (1943) as Elizabeth Campbell
Crazy House (1943) as
Son of Dracula (1943) as Claire Caldwell
Set in the American South this film follows the mysterious relationship of Count Alucard and his new wife.
Pierre of the Plains (1942) as Celia Wellsby
A French-Canadian trapper''''s adventures jeopardize his romance with an innkeeper.
The Great Impersonation (1942) as [Lady] Muriel [Ingram Dominey]
An unconscious man is found in a boat which drifts to the landing of an isolated African outpost where Baron von Ragenstein (Ralph Bellamy), an enemy agent, recognizes the man as his exact double, Sir Edward Dominey (Ralph Bellamy), with whom von Ragenstein went to school. He plots to kill Dominey and pose as the dead man.He learns about Dominey's broken marriage to Muriel (Evelyn Ankers) and his relation to Sir Ronald (Aubrey Mather), head of home defense. Back at the Dominey estate,Muriel is delighted with the change in Dominey, and Sir Ronald gives the spy a confidential position.The situation is complicated by Bardinet(Edward Norris), Muriel's admirer who, like von Regenstein, is under orders from Seaman (Henry Danielle), chief of the enemy agents. Another difficulty is Baroness Stephanie (Kaaren Verne), a spy who loves von Regenstein. The jealous Bardinet tells Muriel that Dominey is an imposter and she tells Sir Ronald. At Police headquarters Dominey reveals that, in Africa, it was actually von Regenstein that was killed and that he, Dominey posing as von Regenstein, has been playing the dual role in order to uncover the enemy leaders.
The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) as Elsa [Frankenstein]
The twisted Ygor plots to put his brain into the Frankenstein monster's body.
Eagle Squadron (1942) as Nancy Mitchell
Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (1942) as Kitty
Sherlock Holmes investigates acts of terrorism linked to Nazi radio broadcasts.
North to the Klondike (1942) as Mary Sloan
The Wolf Man (1941) as Gwen Conliffe
A British nobleman undergoes a startling transformation when he's bitten by a gypsy werewolf.
Hit the Road (1941) as Patience Ryan
Hold That Ghost (1941) as Norma Lind
Two bumbling gas station attendants find themselves stranded in a haunted house.
Bachelor Daddy (1941) as Beth [Chase]
Burma Convoy (1941) as Ann McBragel
Film foreword: "Through the teeming heart of Asia, halfway between Rangood and Shanghai, twists the hand-hewn Burma Road, lifeline for the embattled Army of China, headquartered at Chungking. Over this dangerous seven hundred miles of highway roars a stream of truck---hell drivers at their wheels---trucks loaded with food, munitions, guns...blood and sinew of the defenders of the ancient soil of China. Fountain-head for these vital supplies, end of the rail line from the west is the sprawling Burmese BOOMTOWN OF LASHIO." Story mostly pertains to the trucking of munitions to the Chinese Army under British direction and with some Americans participating, but there is no dialogue references to Japan, and the parachute troops who attempt to sabotage the convoy are identified as Chinese insurrectionists. Two months after its October release, Universal could have called a spade a spade.Accuracy footnote:Despite revisionists sources that seem to think so,this was not distributed in 1941 by MCA/Universal, because MCA/Universal did not exist in 1941. Universal Pictures Company did, and they were the distributor.

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