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Also Known As: Died:
Born: October 8, 1970 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Profession: Cast ...


"I wasn't looking to become an overpaid sensation... At nineteen I did a TNT movie 'Rising Son' for $25,000. Five years later, after two feature shots, here I was getting $20,000 for another TNT movie 'The Good Old Boys'. Talk about a lesson in humility, somebody was obviously trying to tell me something."---Matt Damon quoted in Details, September 1998.

"It was surreal. 'Surreal' is an overused word. But it's the only way I can describe the whole thing. I had this Stepford-child glaze in my eyes the whole time. When Ben [Affleck] and I went up and we looked at the front row and saw Jack Nicholson and all those guys we revere, we froze. I mean, last year we were in Toronto, filming some 'Good Will Hunting' scenes, watching the awards with Gus [Van Sant], drinking beers and making smart-ass comments. And a year later we're in the front row and Billy Crystal's singing about us!"---Matt Damon describing the Academy Awards ceremonies Details, September 1998.

"To me this [celebrity] is all a statement about the power of the media. The press guys who met me last year know I wasn't turning anyone's head then. I hope I'm the same guy. I've been working straight. I haven't had the time to lose my mind yet."---Damon to the Boston Herald, July 21, 1998.

"I wish I could say it was part of some master plan. I was just a guy with my hat in my hand, looking for work."---Matt Damon on his casting in "Saving Private Ryan" to Entertainment Weekly, September 18, 1998.

"I don't have the natural talent to act the same way other people can do it. I'm always looking for every advantage I can get ... you want every possible angle covered. So I do a lot of research."---Matt Damon quoted in the San Francisco Examiner, July 19, 1998.

"... it would be harder to go through this without Ben, To see it happen to him makes it more real, too. It's great to be able to talk to him about what's going on because so much of it is weird and trippy and a little unhealthy and creepy."---Damon as quoted in the The Boston Globe, July 19, 1998.

"I heard these rumors around Oscar time. The theory is that a certain camp was trying to undermine me and Ben because then they would have a better chance of winning the best screenplay Oscar. As for the rumor, it's insulting. Variety called me about it. I said, 'I don't care. I'm not going to comment on it. Go ask Woody Allen if he wrote his script.' It's offensive, especially since it was so well documented that Ben and I wrote the script."---Matt Damon addressing the rumors that he and Affleck did not really write the script for "Good Will Hunting" as quoted in The Chicago Sun-Times, July 19, 1998.

"There's a whole group of us that stick together. It's like Actors Anonymous, and that's important because we all go through the same stuff. It's a life based on rejection, even at its highest level; you're never the first choice so I think it helps to have friends who understand the business. You can talk to them and they know where you're coming from."---Damon quoted in the London Times, February 28, 1998.

"A big shift in my life is not talking about personal things. I was raised in a family [in which] you always talked about whatever issues you were dealing with. My folks felt it was important for inner personal growth."

"I've done a 180-degree turn, for I find myself being guarded. It's definitely a transition for me, but I think it's an occupational necessity."---Matt Damon quoted in Daily News, September 6, 1998.

"I think he's right up there with the best actors I've worked with, Absolutely. They're all different, of course. But what Matt has shown steadily is the courage to be himself."---stage director David Wheeler (who taught Damon at The American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts) as quoted in Daily News, March 12, 1998.

"There's something so apple-pie about him. You know he was the best-looking kid in his school, and won all the awards at track and field and dated the most popular girl."---director Anthony Minghella to the London Times, February 28, 1998.

"Matt has the gift and he's a writer in his own right. That gives him something special."---Francis Ford Coppola quoted in the London Times, February 28, 1998.

"We never fancied ourselves writers. And actually, it was a source of embarrassment for us when we sold the script, because a lot of our friends really are writers and can write a lot better than we can, except maybe for dialogue. Writing a script is different, though, because to me it's not really writing. It's acting, is what it is. We still don't call ourselves writers. We just kind of go, 'Well, I guess that worked.'"---Damon quoted in Interview, December 1997.

"I think I probably care too much what people think about me. That's probably... another reason I'm an actor. It's not a compliment to myself; it's just being somebody who wants to be all things to all people, and I actually found a way to do that. It'll still never happen. It's something I'm working on."---Damon quoted in Premiere, January 2000.

"... it's really always for me more about the group of people that you're with that's gonna determine how much fun, how much value the experience is gonna have in your life."---Damon on working with the cast of "Ocean Eleven" to, November 27, 2001.

"When you're famous, you get a lot more credit for simple things," Damon says. "I'm not the nicest guy in the world. I like to think of myself as a nice guy and maybe, compared to these others, I am. Being polite to people and being professional doesn't take much energy."---Damon quoted in USA Today, December 11, 2003.

"This is the most insecure profession," Damon continues. "Everyone is on shaky ground, I don't care who they are. Look at all the people who were stars 10 and 20 years ago. Not many of them are around. That doesn't mean you can't act. It just depends on what you're in it for. And if you're in it to be a movie star, you're f---ed. Because no matter who you are, that s--- will go away, I guarantee you."---Damon to EW, July 23, 2004.

"I can imagine growing old with Ben. My longest relationship with a woman lasted 2 1/2 years, which is short when I consider how long I've been friends with him."---Damon to Brigitte Magazine, November 2004.

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