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Richard Currier

Richard Currier


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Editing (feature film)

The Beatniks (1960) as Editing Supervisor
Eddie Crane is on his way to becoming a top recording star...if he can only break away from his lawless beatnik friends who are his only companions. Trouble ensues when his friends kill a bartender during a botched hold-up.
Daddy-O (1959) as Film Editor
Phil, a part-time truck driver and singer who wears his pants far too high, meets a feisty platinum blonde who challenges him to a drag race through Griffith Park. When he is caught and loses his license, he meets up with the sketchy Frank Wooster who offers him a job singing in his new nightclub. When Phil discovers that his new job also includes drug running, he must fight to save his friends and himself.
Night of the Blood Beast (1958) as Supervising Editor
An astronaut returns from space dead. The base that recovered him is then cut off from the outside world by an alien. The revival of the dead astronaut, the death of a scientist, and the discovery of alien embryos inside the resurrected astronaut's body bodes ill for the survival of those trapped at the base and the rest of humanity.
The Unearthly (1957) as Editing Supervisor
Professor Charles Conway is a mad scientist attempting to develop the proverbial fountain of youth by creating "the 17th gland". Ignoring all aspects of scientific ethics, his research subjects are people who have no family and are under the impression that the doctor can cure their depression. However, his research hasn't been successful and his subjects are turned into grotesque zombies. Some of Conway's patients begin to catch on to his scheme and intend to stop him.
Five Guns West (1955) as Editing Supervisor
Tales of Robin Hood (1951) as Film Editor
Cattle Queen (1951) as Film Editor
When Queenie Hart brings her cattle to a lawless town be sold, town boss Drake gets the Cattle Inspector to declare them infected. To fight back, Queenie's foreman Bill gets the Warden to release three prisoners into his custody. With women now able to vote, Queenie gets them to elect Bill Sheriff. They are now ready to take on Drake and his men but one of the prisoners is a double-crosser.
Border Outlaws (1950) as Film Editor
Another in the list of B-westerns made in the early 1950's by the same people (usually changing the name of the production company on each film to get it by the previously-stung exhibitors) and easily avoided if one learns to look out for the names of Spade Cooley or Jack Schwarz. This one has undercover agent Mike Hoskins (Bill Edwards) teaming up with dude ranch proprietor Spade Cooley (Spade Cooley, what else could he play?) to put an end to The Phantom Rider and his seedy gang of diamond smugglers.
There's a Girl in My Heart (1950) as Film Editor
The Lawton Story (1949) as Film Editor
Below the Deadline (1946) as Supervising Film Editor
A veteran joins the mob to avenge his gangster brother's murder.
Dark Alibi (1946) as Supervising Film Editor
Famed Asian detective Charlie Chan tries to disprove fingerprint evidence left at a bank robbery.
Freddie Steps Out (1946) as Film supv
Bowery Bombshell (1946) as Supervising Film Editor
The Bowery Boys tackle gangsters to clear one of their own from a bogus robbery charge.
Dangerous Money (1946) as Supervising Film Editor
Famed Asian detective Charlie Chan investigates a shipboard murder.
Wife Wanted (1946) as Supervising Editor
Career-slipping movie star Carole Raymond (Kay Francis) buys in as a real estate partner of Jeff Caldwell (Paul Cavanagh). Actually, through his secretary, Nola Reed (Veda Ann Borg), Caldwell runs a matrimonial bureau and, with the aid of his associate, Lee Kirby (John Gallaudet), they defraud and blackmail a large group of lonely people. Carole, unknowingly, is used as bait for one of their victims, Walter Desmond (Barton Yarborough), who "commits suicide." Reporter William Tyler (Robert Shayne) thinks otherwise and, posing as a rich rancher, contacts Miss Raymond. The latter, now being blackmailed by Caldwell, is forced to persuade Tyler to invest in a fraudulent oil deal. In her own attempt to break the racket, Carole uncovers Mildred Hayes (Teala Loring), another innocent victim of the Desmond case. Despite leading each other on for their own purposes, Carole and Tyler fall in love and combine their efforts.
In Fast Company (1946) as Supervising Film Editor
The Bowery Boys get wrapped up in a taxi war.
Mr. Hex (1946) as Supervising Film Editor
A hypnotist turns one of the Bowery Boys into a championship boxer.
Spook Busters (1946) as Supervising Film Editor
When they set themselves up as ghost hunters, the Bowery Boys tangle with a mad scientist.
Shadows Over Chinatown (1946) as Supervising Film Editor
Chinese detective Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) is on his way to San Francisco to take over a murder case when he meets a woman, Mrs. Conover (Mary Gordon), who is searching for her missing daughter and a young man, Jeff Tilford (Bruce Kellogg), who is looking for his missing fiancee. Investigation by Charlie discloses they are both looking for the same girl, Mary Conover (Tanis Chandler). Chan eventually uncovers a murder gang, which has been collecting the life insurance of its victims.
Swing Parade of 1946 (1946) as Supervising Editor
Carol Lawrence (Gale Storm), an aspiring singer, goes to a new night club owned by Danny Warren (Phil Regan), whose father Daniel Warren (Russell Hicks) doesn't approve of the club and wants Danny to join him in the family business. Carol is suspected of being a process server and is thrown out of the club. An extremely long arm of coincidence leads her to the elder Warren's office and he hires her as a process server. She returns but gets a singing job this time so foregoes serving the cease-and-desist notice. The Three Stooges are on hand as waiters and Connee Boswell, Louis Jordan, Will Osborne and Mary Treen provide the music and songs in addition to Gale Storn on "Oh, Buddy" and "On the Sunny Side of the Street."
The Trap (1946) as Supervising Film Editor
Famed Asian detective Charlie Chan investigates the murders of two entertainers.
Sunbonnet Sue (1945) as Film Editor
G. I. Honeymoon (1945) as Film Editor
The Scarlet Clue (1945) as Editing
Charlie Chan tracks down a spy ring that has stolen plans for a new radar system.
Divorce (1945) as Supervising Editor
A frequently divorced woman sets her sights on a happily married man.
There Goes Kelly (1945) as Supervising Editor
A radio station page tries to solve a singer''''s murder.
Mom and Dad (1945) as Film Editor
Because a high school girl's parents refuse to discuss sex education (called "personal hygiene" in the film) with her, she gets pregnant by her boyfriend, who conveniently dies. Her parents are blamed, and the local sex education teacher uses this opportunity to show a film showing the dangers (and results) of VD and the birth of a baby.
The Jade Mask (1945) as Editing
Before Charlie Chan can catch a pair of murderers he has to prove their victims are really dead.
China's Little Devils (1945) as Film Editor
Women in Bondage (1944) as Film Editor
Margot Bracken returns home to Germany after several years of absence, and is horrified at the degraded status which has been forced on the women of her homeland. Toni Hall is prevented from marrying her sweetheart. Both women speak out against the terrorist reign and are imprisoned. Pagan baptisms, "mercy" killings, sterilizations, government-encouraged vice and the cruelties of the Gestapo are only a few of the practices they see or endure.
Hot Rhythm (1944) as Film Editor
Radio writers have big plans for a woman singer.
Bowery Champs (1944) as Film Editor
Copy boys Muggs and Glimpy investigate a murder. They locate the ex-wife of the murdered man and become convinced she is innocent. They hide her from the police while they investigate.
Oh, What a Night (1944) as Film Editor
Army Wives (1944) as Film Editor
Crazy Knights (1944) as Film Editor
Where Are Your Children? (1944) as Film Editor
The Sultan's Daughter (1944) as Film Editor
A sultan''s lovely daughter finds herself courted by a handsome American.
Detective Kitty O'Day (1944) as Editing
An amateur sleuth drives her boyfriend and the police crazy when she butts into a murder investigation.
Call of the Jungle (1944) as Film Editor
An amateur detective in the South Seas tries to track down a pair of jewel thieves.
Shadow of Suspicion (1944) as Supervising Editor
Private investigators infiltrate a jewelry store to guard a priceless emerald bracelet.
Leave It to the Irish (1944) as Editing
A private eye investigating one murder is framed for another.
Lady, Let's Dance! (1944) as Film Editor
Alaska (1944) as Supervising Editor
Yanks Ahoy (1943) as Film Editor
Feuding sergeants wreak havoc on the Navy.
Melody Parade (1943) as Film Editor
Entertainers struggle to save a failing nightclub.
Silver Skates (1943) as Film Editor
The management of touring ice show faces mounting debts.
Revenge of the Zombies (1943) as Editing
A Nazi scientist tries to raise an army of the dead to fight for Hitler.
Campus Rhythm (1943) as Editing
A radio singer escapes her managers to attend college incognito.
Taxi, Mister (1943) as Film Editor
A taxi driver's love for a gangster's moll could ruin the company he runs with a friend.
Nearly Eighteen (1943) as Editing
Singer pretends to be younger so she can enter a music school.
The Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943) as Film Editor
An heiress experiences a variety of strange goings on when she goes to collect her inheritance.
Fall In (1943) as Film Editor
An Army sergeant''''s photographic memory puts him in conflict with a Nazi spy.
Flying with Music (1942) as Film Editor
A man on the run from alimony payments gets a job as a South American tour guide.
Hay Foot (1942) as Film Editor
An Army colonel mistakenly thinks his assistant is a crack shot.
The McGuerins from Brooklyn (1942) as Film Editor
Two cab drivers try to make a beat up cab into their ticket to success.
King of the Zombies (1941) as Film Editor
A mad scientist raises the dead to fight for Hitler in World War II.
Miss Polly (1941) as Film Editor
A small-town matchmaker takes on the local blue noses.
Tanks a Million (1941) as Film Editor
A military man promoted to sergeant because of his photographic memory fights to prove his worth.
A Doctor's Diary (1937) as Film Editor
Till We Meet Again (1936) as Editing
Woman Trap (1936) as Editing
Wives Never Know (1936) as Editing
The Return of Sophie Lang (1936) as Editing
The Virginia Judge (1935) as Editing
People Will Talk (1935) as Film Editor
Here Comes Cookie (1935) as Editing
The Man on the Flying Trapeze (1935) as Editing
A henpecked husband''''s lie gets him in trouble at home and at work.
All the King's Horses (1935) as Editing
Melody in Spring (1934) as Editing
The Lemon Drop Kid (1934) as Editing
Elmer and Elsie (1934) as Editing
Many Happy Returns (1934) as Editing
Gracie Allen (Gracie Allen) assumes the "management" of the shop owned by her papa Horatio Allen (George Barbier), turning it into a radio station and then an aviary---with the usual Gracie Allen logic---while distracted Papa is trying to get younger daughter, beauty contest winner Florence (Joan Marsh), married before she can head to Hollywood and get into the movies. The story moves to Hollywood, where, with Gracie around, kidnappers get kidnapped and the chatter between her and George Burns (George Burns)even takes a few satirized shots at Filmland, in addition to their usual unusual routines. Guy Lombardo, top-billed on the ads and posters with Burns and Allen but not the cast listings, and dance team Frank Veloz and Yolanda, fill in where needed between the cracks of the mostly on-the-fly plot, and they don't seem to be taking their gigs all that seriously either. Burns & Allen Radio fans, the few of us that still remember "Radio", will love it,while others are likely to give it a "say what" or 'duh", especially if they were raised on television comedy of the past 20 years.
Too Much Harmony (1933) as Editing
Mama Loves Papa (1933) as Film Editor
Girl Without a Room (1933) as Editing
Pack Up Your Troubles (1932) as Editing
Two World War I veterans try help a comrade''s orphaned daughter find her family.
Monerías (1931) as Film Editor
Pardon Us (1931)
Selling homemade beer lands a two friends in prison together.
De bote en bote (1931) as Editing
El alma de la fiesta (1931) as Editing
Locuras de amor (1930) as Film Editor
Una cana al aire (1930) as Editor de película [Film ed]
El príncipe del dólar (1930) as Film Editor
The Valley of Hell (1927) as Film Editor
The Desert's Toll (1926) as Film Editor

Film Production - Main (feature film)

The Lawton Story (1949) as Production Manager

Editing (short)

Fish Hooky (1934)
A truant officer tracks down a gang of children at an amusement park in this short comedy.
The Tabasco Kid (1932)
In this comedic short film, a man must defend a ranch from an infamous bandit in order to impress his boss'''' daughter.
Mr. Bride (1932)
In this comedic short, a no nonsense business man takes his male employee along with him on a practice honeymoon.
Hook and Ladder (1932)
Pretending to be firemen, a gang of children stumble upon a real fire in this comedic short film.
Free Wheeling (1932)
Two boys go for a ride in a runaway car in this short comedy.
Young Ironsides (1932)
In this short spoof of "Old Ironsides" (1926), Charley Chase is hired by a rich family to stop their daughter from entering a beauty contest.
Love Pains (1932)
In this comedic short film, two soda jerks become jealous of a new employee because all of the girls like him best.
The Music Box (1932)
Two men running a moving company have to get a large piano up a daunting flight of stairs in this comedic short film.
Thundering Tenors (1931)
Charley Chase is supposed to sing at a fancy party, but gets a fish bone caught in his throat in this comedic short.
The Panic Is On (1931)
In this comedic short, Charley Chase attempts to score a job to impress his girlfriend''''s father.
Rough Seas (1931)
WWI dough boy Charley Chase attempts to return home from France on a troop transport ship with his girlfriend and pet monkey in this comedic short.
Skip the Maloo! (1931)
In this comedic short, a Duke pretends to be a Duke and disabuse the wife and daughter of a noble family of any fondness for nobility.
What a Bozo! (1931)
Charley Chase tries unsuccessfully to impress a high-society girl in this comedic short film.
The Pajama Party (1931)
In this short film, a society matron insists that Zasu Pitts and Thelma Todd spend the evening at her mansion after running their car off the road.
The Kick-Off! (1931)
In this short film, two football players attempt to rescue their coach from a gang.
Chickens Come Home- (1931)
In this comedic short film, a man risks his marriage to help his best friend deal with blackmailers.
Fast Work (1930)
In this comedic short, Charley Chase mistakes an escaped lunatic for the father of a girl he''''s interested in.
The Head Guy (1930)
Things take a turn for the worse when comedian Harry Langdon is made the temporary stationmaster in this short film.
Love Business (1930)
The teacher a boy has a crush on rents a room in his house in this short comedy.
Tiembla Y Titubea ("Below Zero", Spanish) (1930)
Spanish language version of Laurel and Hardy''''s "Below Zero", in which struggling street musicians find a wallet full of money, not realizing it belongs to a police officer.
The Real McCoy (1930)
Charley Chase pretends to be a hillbilly to impress a country girl in this short film.
Night Owls (1930)
In this short film, two vagrants try to help a police officer save his reputation.
The First Seven Years (1930)
A boy gets in a duel over the affections of a girl in this short comedy.
Whispering Whoopee (1930)
A man hires three "party girls" to help him land a business deal in this comedic short film.
Ladies Last (1930)
In this short film, a group of boys boycott a local dance when the girls insist the men wear tuxedos.
Liberty (1929)
Two escaped convicts get in trouble over a pair of pants in this short silent comedy.
Bacon Grabbers (1929)
Stan and Ollie find work as debt collectors in this short film.
Let George Do It (1928)
Inexperienced waiters are hired for a swank dinner party in this silent short film.
The Finishing Touch (1928)
Laurel and Hardy are contracted to build a house in one day in this short silent comedy.
Fluttering Hearts (1927)
A young woman ignores her father''''s advice and runs off to a sale at a store in this short comedy.
Charley My Boy! (1926)
In this short silent comedy, Charley Chase manages to get drenched in oil during his search for a job.
Along Came Auntie (1926)
In this silent short comedy, a divorced woman living with her second husband must convince her aunt she is still married to her first to inherit a large sum of money.

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