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Finlay Currie

Finlay Currie



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Also Known As: Died: May 9, 1968
Born: January 20, 1878 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: United Kingdom Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965) as Doll maker
A distraught mother searches for her seemingly non-existent daughter, bringing her sanity into question.
The Battle of the Villa Fiorita (1965) as Master of ceremonies
The children of an upper-class married woman and an Italian musician attempt to break off the affair.
The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964) as Caecina
A mad emperor''''s excesses leave the Roman Empire open to barbarian invasions.
Murder at the Gallop (1963) as Old Enderby
Elderly sleuth Miss Marple suspects foul play when an old friend is supposedly scared to death by a cat.
Cleopatra (1963) as Titus
The legendary Egyptian queen tries to use her beauty to conquer the Roman Empire.
The Playgirl and the War Minister (1963) as Lochaye
General and Lady Fitzadam live at a remote army outpost in Scotland, their last assignment before the General retires. The General is sent abroad and in his absence, Lady Fitzadam decides to convert their spacious estate into a fishing resort for American tourists.
Billy Liar (1963) as Duxbury
An emotionally stunted clerk retreats into his fantasies.
The Three Lives of Thomasina (1963) as Grandpa Stirling
A young Scottish girl's cat, Thomasina, apparently dies at the hands of her widowed veterinarian father. The strained relationship between the girl and her father is eventually repaired with the return of Thomasina and the aid of a beautiful and mysterious "witch" who seems to have powers to revive and heal animals.
Corridors of Blood (1963) as Dr. Matheson
In an effort to relieve the suffering of surgery patients, Dr. Thomas Bolton painstakingly develops an opium-based anesthetic, to which he gradually becomes addicted. In order to provide a continual supply of chemicals to continue his experiments and support his addiction, he falls in with a den of murderers who use his signature to sell cadavers to the local hospital.
Lisa (1962) as De Kooi
A Dutch Jewish who has survived the horror of Auschwitz seeks the aid of a police inspector to leave Holland for Israel.
Five Golden Hours (1961) as Father Superior
A con artist who fleeces wealthy widows falls for his latest mark.
Hand in Hand (1961) as Mr. Pritchard
A Catholic boy and a Jewish girl defy prejudice to become friends.
Francis of Assisi (1961) as Pope Innocent III
The story of a lusty, fighting young adventurer who exchanged his sword for a cross.
The Angel Wore Red (1960) as Bishop
A priest and a prostitute fall in love during the Spanish Civil War.
Kidnapped (1960) as Cluny MacPherson
In 1751 Scotland, two men escape to the Scottish Highlands dodging the redcoats.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960) as Capt. Sellers
Classic Mark Twain story of a young troublemaker who tries to help a runaway slave.
Solomon and Sheba (1959) as David
Epic tale of the Biblical king''''s seduction by a pagan queen.
Tempest (1959) as Count Griniev
Epic tale of a Russian soldier who gets involved with a Cossack rebel, saving his life. Soon, that Cossack overthrows the Empress and becomes the self-appointed tsar, Peter III.
Ben-Hur (1959) as Balthasar
While seeking revenge, a rebellious Israelite prince crosses paths with Jesus Christ.
Naked Earth (1958) as Father Verity
6.5 Special (1958)
A spin-off from the BBC television show. At the suggestion of her girlfriend, a young singer decides to try and make her name in London. Catching the overnight '6.5 Special' the two find the train full of 1950's British pop stars only too ready to burst into song. As the presenters of the show are also on board, our heroine is assured of a spot on the following Saturday's 'Six Five Special'.
Dangerous Exile (1958) as Mr Patient
A nobleman rescues King Louis XVI''''s son from the French Revolution.
Campbell's Kingdom (1957) as Old Man
A dying man risks what''''s left of his life to protect Canadian settlers from an unscrupulous contractor.
The Little Hut (1957) as The Rev. Brittingham-Brett
A neglected wife is shipwrecked on a desert island with her husband and her would-be lover.
Saint Joan (1957) as Archbishop of Rheims
A French peasant girl follows the advice of angels to lead her country against British invaders.
Abandon Ship (1957) as Mr. Wheaton
After a luxury liner sinks, the officer in charge of an over-crowded lifeboat has to decide who can stay on board.
Zarak (1956) as The Mullah
A notorious bandit develops a grudging respect for the English military man assigned to capture him.
Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as Member of Reform Club
A Victorian gentleman bets that he can beat the world's record for circling the globe.
Captain Lightfoot (1955) as Callahan
In 1815, Michael Martin, member of an Irish revolutionary society, turns highwayman to support it, and is forced to flee into outlawry. In Dublin, he meets famous rebel "Captain Thunderbolt" and becomes his second-in-command, "Lightfoot." 'Tis a perilous life, with captures, turncoats, rescues, and romance.
Footsteps in the Fog (1955) as Inspector Peters
An ambitious housemaid learns her employer murdered his wife.
King's Rhapsody (1955) as King Paul
Make Me an Offer (1954) as Abe Spartta
The Deadly Game (1954) as Mr. Darius
Rob Roy the Highland Rogue (1954) as Hamish MacPherson
After the 1715 defeat of the clans, one of the highland leaders, Rob Roy MacGregor escapes, has lots of adventures, gets married, and eventually becomes enough of a nuisance to George I to be outlawed, and hunted by the English.
Beau Brummell (1954) as Robert MacIver
An English Don Juan courts the Prince of Wales'''' favor while romancing his way through society.
Treasure of the Golden Condor (1953) as MacDougal
Jean-Paul (Cornel Wilde) rebels against his bondage to his uncle, the Marquis de St. Malo (George Macready), and journeys to the far-off Mayan hills of Guatemala seeking a hidden treasure. He is the rightful heir to his uncle's title and lands, and goes to Guatemala to win his fortune and come back and claim his heritage.
Walk East on Beacon (1952) as Dr. Albert Kafer
A federal agent tries to track down the Communist spies behind a security leak.
Kangaroo (1952) as Michael McGuire
Stars and Stripes Forever (1952) as Col. Randolph
A film biography of the composer John Philip Sousa.
Ivanhoe (1952) as Cedric
Sir Walter Scott's classic tale of the noble knight torn between his fair lady and a beautiful Jew.
People Will Talk (1951) as Shunderson
A controversial doctor gets mixed up with an unwed mother.
Quo Vadis (1951) as Peter
A Roman commander falls for a Christian slave girl as Nero intensifies persecution of the new religion.
The Black Rose (1950) as Alfgar
In the time of the crusades, a Saxon youth is forced to run away from England. He goes with his loyal retainer who brings along a British long bow. The two go all the way to China where they become involved in intrigues in the court of Kubla Kahn.
Treasure Island (1950) as Capt. Billy Bones
A young boy and a pirate clash over buried treasure.
The Mudlark (1950) as John Brown
In 1875 London, young Wheeler, who lives by scavenging, finds a cameo of Queen Victoria which he thinks so beautiful he risks his life to save it. Possessed of a desire to see the Queen, he slips past the Beefeaters and wanders about Windsor Castle, just when a state dinner is in preparation. Meanwhile, prime minister Disraeli is struggling hard to persuade the Queen to end her long seclusion
Trio (1950) as MacLeod
W. Somerset Maugham introduces three more of his stories about human foibles.
History of Mr. Polly, The (1949) as Uncle Jim
A henpecked dreamer finally goes off in search of a more fulfilling lifestyle. He settles for a handyman job at a country inn, and it is there that he finds true happiness.
So Evil My Love (1948) as Dr. Krylie
A con artist seduces a missionary's widow into joining his crooked schemes.
Great Expectations (1946) as Abel Magwitch
A mysterious benefactor finances a young boy's education.
I Know Where I'm Going (1945) as Ruairidh Muir
A determined young Englishwoman sets out to accomplish her goals even at the risk of her heart.
Thunder Rock (1942)
A disillusioned writer moves into a lighthouse where some ghostly visitors restore his faith.
49th Parallel (1941) as The Factor
The crew of a stranded German U-boat tries to evade capture in Canada during World War II.
Wanted (1937)
The Edge of the World (1937) as James Gray
A fisherman fights to prevent changing times from destroying his family.
Princess Charming (1935) as Seegman
Little Friend (1934) as Grove
Orders Is Orders (1934) as Dave
Rome Express (1933) as
The Good Companions (1933) as Monte Mortimer
Three musicians team up to save a failing theatrical troupe.
Criminal at Large (1932) as Brooks

Cast (special)

Brigadoon (1966) as Mr Lundie
Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, two Americans lost in the Scottish moors, come across Brigadoon, a strange village that appears for one day every one hundred years. Their experiences in the mystical village and Tommy's romance with Fiona MacLaren is the focal point of the 1947 musical by Alan Jay

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