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Cast (feature film)

Cole Younger, Gunfighter (1958) as Judge
A young man in trouble with the Texas state police during the 1870''''s is forced to go on the lam, joining a gang with an infamous outlaw.
Untamed Youth (1957) as Collingwood, farm owner
When they''''re put in a small-town jail, two sisters fight to expose prison corruption.
Gun for a Coward (1957) as Old nester
A young cowboy, whose dedication to the principles of peace and reason has earned him a reputation for cowardice, overcomes his psychological aversion to violence after his elder brother unjustly censures him for not joining in a foolhardy gunfight in which their youngest brother is killed.
Star in the Dust (1956) as Ben Smith
In this western, a lawman tries to mediate between irate farmers and angry ranchers who are trying to decide the fate of a captured killer. The killer was hired by the ranchers who want him freed. The farmers, egged on by a schoolteacher, want to see the gunman swing. Meanwhile the real troublemaker
The Three Outlaws (1956) as Barton
When they learn that their brother Matt Denton (Ross Latimer) is awaiting trial in California, charged with train robbery, deputies Tom Denton (Preston Foster) and Fred Denton (Jim Davis) leave their home in Fort Grant, Texas and head west. They arrive in Tulare just in time to rescue Matt from being hanged, but a guard is killed during their escape. Ed Larkin (Rory Mallinson) who framed Matt, falsely accuses them of a long list of crimes. They return to Fort Grant so that Tom can see his sweetheart Laura Brook (Virginia Grey). They encounter outlaw Bill Devlin (William Haade) who persuades them to hold up a train which Laura unwittingly told them would carry a large payroll. Soon the whole territory is enraged at their deeds. They return to Fort Grant to hold up the two banks that are filled with huge sums of cattle money.
Frontier Gambler (1956) as Philo Dewey
Deputy marshal Curt Darrow returns to his hometown, Fairweather, to investigate the apparent murder of prominent businesswoman Sylvia "Princess" Melbourne. However, Curt meets with resistance in town because of his deceased father's unsavory reputation.
Treasure of Ruby Hills (1955) as Marshal Garvey
The Twinkle in God's Eye (1955) as Sheriff
Reverend Macklin is headed for Lodestone where his father was killed 25 years before when the Indians burnt down the church. He plans to rebuild the church and minister to the people, but all he seems to do is stop the gambling at the Silver Palace Saloon. Marty wants him to build on the other side of town and will finance the new church if Macklin moves, but he will not. When Marty is robbed by a gang of outlaws one of them hides the money in the church altar. Macklin finds that he has been ordered to San Diego due to his lack of accomplishment, and it might take a miracle for him to stay.
Southwest Passage (1954) as Constable Bartlett
The U.S. Cavalry is ordered to test the feasibility of camels in the deserts of the Southwest.
Dawn at Socorro (1954) as [Floyd] Old Man Ferris
A gunfighter mends his ways to help save an innocent young girl.
The Steel Cage (1954) as Prison official
All the Brothers Were Valiant (1953) as Mathew Shore
Brothers on a whaling schooner become romantic rivals.
Ride the Man Down (1953) as Phil Evarts
Ride, Vaquero! (1953) as General Sheridan
Ranchers in New Mexico have to face Indians and bandits.
Powder River (1953) as Man who speaks with Debbie
Ex-marshal Chino Bull has hung up his guns until his prospecting partner is shot dead. Chino then takes over as the law in town, forming a friendship with gun-man Mitch Hardin and making enemies of the Logan brothers. When Hardin' girl from the east arrives, he makes her pretty unwelcome - as does his new flame, saloon owner Frenchie.
The Bad and the Beautiful (1953) as Sheriff
An unscrupulous movie producer uses everyone around him in his climb to the top.
El Paso Stampede (1953) as Marshal Zeke Banning
In the last of the "Rocky" Lane series, federal marshal Rocky Lane (Allan Lane) saddles up "Black Jack" and heads for the Mexican border to investigate cattle rustling during the Spanish-American War. He gets a job with feed-merchant Nugget Clark (Eddy Waller), and discovers that Nugget's wizened little helper,Josh Bailey (Edward Clark), has been giving cattle shipment information to the town dentist, Mason "Doc" Ramsey (Stephen Chase), who is the secret leader of the rustlers headed by Floyd Garnett (Roy Barcroft.) When Ramsey and Garnett steal some of Nugget's cattle feed, Rocky follows them to their hideout through a waterfall into a hidden valley (El Paso is overun with such scenic delights.) The outlaws have kidnapped Alice Clark (Phyllis Coates)and Rocky captures Ramsey after Garnett is killed in a gun battle. Alice is rescued, the stolen cattle are recovered and Rocky moves on to his next film assignment, which was more than five years later when he turned up as the sheriff in Universal's "The Saga of Hemp Brown." This film had two working titles, "Stagecoach To Cheyenne" and "El Dorado Gold Rush", which lasted until somebody read the script and found no mention of gold rushes, El Dorado, Cheyenne or stagecoaches-to-anywhere. The waterfall in a hidden valley would have fit Cheyenne better than El Paso, but it would have been a heck of a cattle drive to get the herd across the Mexican border.
Dangerous Crossing (1953) as Ship pilot
When a bride goes on a ocean liner with her new husband, he goes into hiding, and she becomes the target of a murder conspiracy.
Those Redheads from Seattle (1953) as Man standing over Vance
Appointment in Honduras (1953) as Captain McTaggert
Carson City (1952) as Mine owner
When the local stagecoach is raided by bandits, a western banker sinks all of his capital into a railway line.
Woman of the North Country (1952) as Captain
Man from the Black Hills (1952) as Pop Fallon
Jim Fallon (James Ellison as Jimmy Ellison) is summoned to Rim Rock by Hugh Delaney (Ray Bennett), an uncle he has not seen in years. Delaney wants to inform Jim that he has located Jim's elderly father, Pop Fallon (Stanley Andrews), who is blind, and that a young imposter who calls himself Jimmy Fallon (Rand Brooks)has established himself as Pop's son. Pop owns a rich gold mine and is cared for by his housekeeper Martha (Florence Lake.) Jim's pal Johnny (Johnny Mack Brown) accompanies him to Rim Rock. Before they can hear Delaney's story, Delaney is badly wounded as he and two miner friends, Ed Roper (Robert Bray) and Shealey (Stanley Price), hold up the stage and take a shipment of gold from the Fallon mine for the third time. In Rim Rock, neither Pop nor Martha believe Jim's story about Jimmy being an imposter. Jimmy is actually the son of Rim Rock storekeeper Pete Ingram (I. Stanford Jolley) who had waited for years to present Jimmy as Fallon's son and get control of Fallon's fortune.
Fargo (1952) as Judge [Bruce]
The brother (House Peters, Jr.) of rancher Bill Martin (Wild Bill Elliott) is killed in a stampede started by cattleman. Bill returns to the Fargo country to take his brother's place and is welcomed by law-abiding cattleman MacKenzie (Jack Ingram) and his daughter Kathy (Phyllis Coates.) The leader of the ruthless cattle interests are townsman Austin (Arthur Space) and his henchmen Red (Myron Healey), Link (Robert Wilke) and Albord (Terry Frost.) Bill has the idea of putting up barbed wire to keep the herds from been driven over the land cultivated by the farmers. He, aided by Tad Sloan (Fuzzy Knight), produces the wire by make-shift methods, but it proves effective. The cattleman charge in court that the wire is dangerous to their herds but lose the case. Austin orders his men to seize Bill, bale him in strands of the wire, and throw him on the stage of the town hall during a fall festival. Bill doesn't take kindly to this and it precipitates open war.
Montana Belle (1952) as Combs
The Daltons force Belle Starr to help them on a dangerous raid.
Thundering Caravans (1952) as Henry Scott
Marshal Rocky Lane is sent to help the Sheriff who is under attack from both the miners whose ore wagons are disappearing and the newspaper editor for not catching the outlaws. But the editor is actually the leader of the gang and with the election forthcoming, she has a plan to make the Sheriff look bad so her son will be elected Sheriff thereby making it easy for them to continue with their robberies.
Talk About a Stranger (1952) as Mr. Wetzell
Small-town gossips rage over the arrival of a mysterious stranger.
The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) as
A circus ringmaster and an egotistical trapeze artist vie for the love of a pretty acrobat.
Lone Star (1952) as Coffin
A frontiersman helps out with Texas's fight for independence from Mexico.
Waco (1952) as Judge
Matt Boone (Bill Elliott as Wild Bill Elliott) kills Bull Clark (Ray Bennett) in self defense in a crooked poker game, and leaves Waco as he is certain he would not get a fair trial. He joins an outlaw gang led by Curly Ivers (I. Stanford Jolley), whose lieutenant is Lou Garcia (Paul Fierro), a killer. Following a bank holdup in Pecos, Matt is captured. Two of Waco's leading citizens, Richards (Terry Frost) and Farley (Pierce Lyden), pay the Pecos sheriff (Russ Whiteman) the reward Waco had posted for Matt and bring him back to Waco. There, they tell him they want him to be the sheriff and drive out the lawless element. Matt has trouble with Kathy Clark (Pamela Blake) and her cowhands but she soon realizes that Matt is not a killer, and is a honest lawmen. The Texas Rangers capture Ivers and his gang, except for Garcia who has sworn to kill Matt before he is ever captured. Ivers warns Matt of Garcia. Matt takes off his badge, opens Ivers' cell and starts out to find Garcia. Ivers gives Matt wrong directions and then Ivers prepares to shoot Garcia when he comes looking for Matt. Garcia shoots Ivers and Matt, arriving back in town, kills Garcia. Ivers dies after wishing future happiness for Matt and Cathy.
The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) as Judge
A bookie has the Christmas holidays to raise the money he owes a gangster.
Stage to Tucson (1951) as Sheriff Winters
(Wes ''51). Rod Cameron, Wayne Morris, Kay Buckley, Roy Roberts, Carl Benton Reid, Douglas Fowley. Two Union agents are sent to investigate charges that the Confederates are stealing Arizona stagecoaches and smuggling them into Atlanta in an effort to break the Federal''s western supply line.
The Texas Rangers (1951) as Marshal Goree
The head of the Texas Ranger enlists two convicts to track an outlaw band.
Hot Lead (1951) as Warden Lewis
A pair of cowboys take on train robbers.
Superman and the Mole-Men (1951) as Sheriff
Reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane arrive in the small town of Silsby to witness the drilling of the world's deepest oil well. The drill, however, has penetrated the underground home of a race of small, furry people who then come to the surface at night to look around. The fact that they glow in the dark scares the townfolk, who form a mob, led by the vicious Luke Benson, intent on killing the strange people. Only Superman has a chance to prevent this tragedy.
Vengeance Valley (1951) as Mead Calhoun
An honest rancher tries to block his evil brother's plots while keeping them from their father.
Al Jennings of Oklahoma (1951) as Marshal Slattery
The four Jennings brothers are Lawyers. When Al has a brother murdered, he goes after the murderer. He outdraws him but a witness says it was murder. Escaping the Sheriff he take refuge on a cattle ranch only to learn all the hands are rustlers. With a price on his head Al joins them and becomes an outlaw. His fame grows as does the reward for his capture.
Silver Canyon (1951) as Maj. Weatherly
During the Civil War, U.S.Army scouts Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and "Cougar" Claggett (Pat Buttram) are detailed to Utah to bring in Confederate guerilla raider Wade McQuarrie (Jim Davis) who is interfering with Federal supply lines. They track the raiders to Gateway, a frontier post commanded by Colonel Middler (Edgar Dearing) who has a daughter, Dell (Gail Davis) and a son, Walt (Bob Steele). Walt secretly supports McQuarrie's actions. Gene and Dell are captured by McQuarrie but escape.
Utah Wagon Train (1951) as Sheriff
Rancher Rex Allen (Rex Allen) receives a summons from his uncle (Forrest Taylor), an old time frontiersman, that he is in trouble. The uncle has been hired to lead a modern-day band of adventurers on a wagon train retracing the route taken by their ancestors 100 years ago. Before Rex can talk to his uncle, the uncle is murdered, and Rex sets out to find the killer and the motive by taking his uncle's place as the leader of the wagon train. He discovers that the motive was the gold that the original pioneers had cached in a cave on the trail to California, and now has to find the culprit that is after it.
Saddle Legion (1951) as Chief John Layton
A cattle inspector runs a rustling ring on the side.
Rock Island Trail (1950) as
Loumas, president of the Rock Island Trail company, tries to expand his rails into the Midwest but finds resistance of the steamship and stage-coach lines. The malicious Kirby Murrow tries everything to slow down Loumas' progress and doesn't even stop before sabotage. Only Constanze, daughter of banker Strong, believes in his success strong enough to support him financially.
Riding High (1950) as Veterinarian
An heiress and her sister''''s fiancee defy her family to race horses.
Short Grass (1950) as Pete Lynch
Steve Lewellyn (Rod Cameron), a drifter, comes into New Mexico just as it is about to be opened up to the law and to commerce by the oncoming railroad, but where a gun is still the deciding factor in disputes over grazing lands. He is set up as the intended scapegoat in a saloon robbery but escapes after killing the gunman in self defense. He picks up the robbery money but is wounded. Rescued by Sharon Lynch (Cathy Downs), daughter of an honest rancher, Steve gives her father the money to buy some short-grass acreage and becomes his partner, but is forced to leave the country after killing a neighboring rancher's brother, also in self defense. Five years later, he returns to the territory and finds Sharon and the other honest people being victimized by the rancher, who has vowed to get revenge on Steve.
The Nevadan (1950) as Deputy Morgan
A U.S. Marshall tries to recover stolen gold.
Colt .45 (1950) as Driver
A gun salesman tracks down the outlaws who stole his sample case.
Trigger, Jr. (1950) as Rancher Wilkins
A lawbreaker uses a killer horse to set up a protection racket preying on local ranchers.
Under Mexicali Stars (1950) as Announcer
Treasury agents join a traveling circus to catch a band of gold robbers.
Salt Lake Raiders (1950) as Head marshal
When a man sent to prison for murder escapes while being transferred, Rocky is sent to bring him in. When he catches him in a ghost town the man claims to be innocent and was trying to clear himself by finding the stolen money that was never recoveded at the time of the killing. But then they find themselves prisoners of an outlaw gang that is also after the money.
The Arizona Cowboy (1950) as Jim Davenport
Ex-G.I. Rex Allen (Rex Allen, in his film debut), a song-singing, bronc-busting cowboy for the rodeo show ran by Colonel Shawnee Jefferson (Joseph Crehan) is arrested by Sheriff Elmer Fuller (Edmund Cobb)as an accessory in the theft of $50,000 from the Dusty Acres Irrigation Company reported to have been stolen by his father, Ace Allen (John Elliott), who has disappeared. Rex escapes and reaches the scene of the problem unknown and unrecognized. The real crooks are Hugh Davenport (James Cardwell) and his uncle Jim (Stanley Andrews), head of the Dusty Acres band, who have kidnapped Mr. Allen as part of a scheme to wreck the community irrigation project which, they figure, will mean ruin for the farmers and ranchers who have sunk their savings into it. They plan to foreclose the mortgages and drill for the rich oil deposits they have secretly discovered. Rex, posing as a cowhand named Arizona Jones, obtains a job as a ditch rider and aided by Laramie Carson (Teala Loring), daughter of his dad's partner David Carson (Harry Cheshire), and cowhand I. Q. Barton (Gordon Jones), begins the project of clearing his father and trapping the real crooks.
Streets of Ghost Town (1950) as Sheriff Dodge
Steve, Smiley, and the Sheriff come to a ghost town looking for missing gold. In flashback, Steve tells the story of Bill Donner who doublecrossed his partners to get the gold. Donner, now blind and in jail, refuses to tell where the gold is hidden.
Across the Badlands (1950) as Sheriff Crocker
Steve Ranson (Charles Starrett), an ex-Texas Ranger, is called upon by Gregory Banion (Charles Evans), manager of the Trans-Western Railroad, to solve a series of mysterious attacks on the railroad's surveying parties along the Ranahan Trail, Jeff Carson (Hugh Prosser), owner of the stage line which will lose business when the railroad is completed, is the primary suspect. Steve, as the Durango Kid, foils an attempt on Carson's life and believes him when he says he is not responsible for the raids. They join forces and, with the aid of town gunsmith Smiley (Smiley Burnette), they uncover the real outlaw leader.
Outcast of Black Mesa (1950) as Sheriff Grasset
Mule Train (1950) as Chalmers
A prospector discovers natural cement and suggests it should be used for a new dam. But this is the last thing the badmen of Trail End want, as they have a monopoly of the wagons needed to haul rocks to the site. A pretty sheriff notwithstanding, it's a job for a singing marshal.
West of Wyoming (1950) as Simon Miller
Blonde Dynamite (1950) as Mr. Jennings
The Bowery Boys get into the escort service and get mixed up with crooks.
Where Danger Lives (1950) as Dr. Mathews
A psychopath draws her doctor into her murderous schemes.
Two Flags West (1950) as Col. Hoffman
A bitter Union commander is forced to accept Confederate prisoners to help fight an Indian war.
The Traveling Saleswoman (1950) as Banker
Cargo to Capetown (1950) as Captain
A sailor and his captain fight over a beautiful girl.
Samson and Delilah (1950) as
Epic re-telling of the story of the Biblical strongman laid low by love.
Copper Canyon (1950) as Bartender
During post civil war, southern veterans move wet to find money to rebuild their homes and are continuously harassed.
The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949) as Sheriff
An outlaw tries to leave the family gang and go straight.
Trail of the Yukon (1949) as Rogers
The Last Bandit (1949) as Jeff Baldwin
About to marry Jim Plummer (Forrest Tucker), Kate Foley (Adrian Booth) runs off to Nevada when Ed Bagley (Grant Withers) convinces her a quick fortune can be made robbing gold shipments that are being transported by the railroad. In Bannock City she meets reformed-bandit Frank Plummer (William Elliott), posing as Frank Norris, brother of Jim Plummer, who has being going straight and working as an express shipment guard. Jim also shows up and plans a robbery by stealing a train and hiding it in an abandoned tunnel. The two brothers are on opposite sides of the law with the now-reformed Kate caught in the middle.
Blondie's Big Deal (1949) as Forsythe
By accident Dagwood discovers a non-flammable paint. Bad guys Dillon and Stack steal it before he can give it to his boss Radcliffe. To show off his invention, Dagwood paints Radcliffe's house with it and disgraced when the house burns down. Blondie discovers the culprits and saves the day.
Tough Assignment (1949) as Patterson
The Valiant Hombre (1949) as Sheriff Dodge
The Cisco Kid (Duncan Renaldo) and Pancho (Leo Carrillo) find a dog, Daisy (played by Daisy), grieving for its lost master. Cisco senses a plot when he later learns that the missing man, Paul Mason (John James), recently discovered a gold lode in the nearby hills. The trail leads to the owner of a gambling hall, Lon Lansdell (John Litel). Linda Mason (Barbara Billingsley), searching for her lost brother, is met when she arrives by Cisco, who tries to hell her the true story as he sees it, but she prefers to believe Landell's version of her brother's disappearance. Lansdell leads Linda to her brother, and she is used in an attempt to make Mason disclose the location of his gold strike. But Cisco and Pancho are close by.
Brimstone (1949) as Ed Winslow
Fighting Fools (1949) as Commissioner
The Bowery Boys help a boxer break up a fight-fixing gang.
Roughshod (1949) as Sam Ellis
A rancher tries to save his fellow stagecoach passengers from a murderous enemy.
Brothers in the Saddle (1949) as Sheriff Oakley
When he thinks his brother has let him down, a cowboy goes bad.
State of the Union (1948) as Senator
A presidential candidate fights to keep his integrity and his wife during a grueling campaign.
The Fuller Brush Man (1948) as Detective Ferguson
A bumbling salesman gets mixed up in murder.
Man from Texas (1948) as Sheriff
The Paleface (1948) as Commissioner Emerson
An inept dentist must rescue his outlaw wife from the Indians.
Docks of New Orleans (1948) as Theodore Von Scherbe
The LaFontanne Chemical Company is shipping out a load of we're not sure what, disguised as something entirely different. Mr. Pereaux and Mr. Grock don't want that shipment to ever arrive anywhere, and they and a man named Aquirre mean to stop it at any cost. The ship's owner, Mr. Fontanne, smells a large rat and calls Chan in on the case, since the famous detective is in New Orleans because, well, because he felt like being in New Orleans, I guess. Chan gets what facts there are from LaFontanne, who is promply set upon by a gang who attempt to kidnap him, but fail. Mr. LaFontanne's partners come up with some insurance; just by chance they tell him, a partnership agreement (why they would have been running a company all this time without one is another large mystery which will not be solved) that bestows upon the living partners the portion owned by a deceased partner. Then the guy who invented the formula for the poison gas that the company is making but who was, in his opinion, swindled out of his rights to make a profit from it, shows up and threatens LaFontanne with a gun. Well, he turns out to be a harmless crank. Or is he? Everyone seems suspect, clues are boundless but don't seem to fit into any particular pattern or too many patterns, take your pick. But Chan must solve the mystery before Monogram is depleted of out-of-date film stock. Can he?
The Dead Don't Dream (1948) as Jesse Williams
Hoppy, California, and Lucky arrive at an inn for Lucky's wedding only to find it called off as Lucky's fiancee's uncle is missing. He is found murdered and on each of the next two nights a man is found missing the next morning. All three stayed in the same room and Hoppy has lots of suspects. That night he announces the murderer is right here among them and then takes that same room for the night hoping to flush out the murderer.
Last of the Wild Horses (1948) as Ferguson
Leather Gloves (1948) as Mr. Hubbard
Perilous Waters (1948) as Captain Porter
Sinister Journey (1948) as Tom Smith
The Return of Wildfire (1948) as "Pop" Marlowe
Northwest Stampede (1948) as Bowles
Best Man Wins (1948) as Sheriff Dingle
Panhandle (1948) as Tyler
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) as Murphy
A New York businessman''''s dream of a country home is shattered when he buys a tumbledown rural shack.
The Man from Colorado (1948) as Roger MacDonald
A Civil War veteran becomes a judge so he can take out his bitterness on the world.
Jinx Money (1948) as Bank president
The Bowery Boys find a dead gangster's loot-and the mob out to get it back.
I Remember Mama (1948) as Minister
Norwegian immigrants face the trials of family life in turn-of-the-century San Francisco.
A Southern Yankee (1948) as Secret Service man
A bellboy masquerades as a spy and lands behind enemy lines during the Civil War.
Trail Street (1947) as Ferguson
Bat Masterson fights to make Kansas safe for wheat farmers.
Till the Clouds Roll By (1947) as Doctor
True story of composer Jerome Kern's rise to the top on Broadway and in Hollywood.
Easy Come, Easy Go (1947) as Detective
A film that possibly held the record for the most Irish-descent players in an American-produced movie before "The Quiet Man" was shot on location in Ireland, and that includes "The Informer." Barry Fitzgerald is a rapid fan of following the ponies (but none too good at picking the winners)and owns a shabby boarding house east of NYC's Third Avenue. Mostly, he never works, follows his hunches, philosphizes through most of the 77 minutes and changes the life course for most of those around him. His dependence upon his daughter (Diana Lynn) keeps him interfering with her romance with a returning WW II sailor (Sonny Tufts, just before Paramount finally gave up on him.) And he will stretch the truth beyond accepted boundaries. Fitzgerald's real-life brother Arthur Sheilds plays his brother who he has built up to be a rich man, but who is really a diver working for the police department. Could have been a ten if there had been a leprechaun or two or Pat O'Brien in the cast.
The Fabulous Texan (1947) as Vigilante leader
A couple of Confederate soldiers, returning home from the Civil War, find Texas transformed into an armed camp with a quasi-dictator gathering up land and power as fast as he can. The two former Rebels take on this despot each in his own way.
Robin Hood of Texas (1947) as Mr. Hamby
When the bank is robbed, Gene and the boys are singing nearby and the Chief arrests them as gang members diverting attention but lets them go thinking they will lead them to the others. Duke Mantel double-crosses the rest of the gang and with the money, accidently heads for the dude ranch where Gene is. The rest of the gang eventually show up to retrieve the money just as Gene and the boys find themselves locked in a building.
King of the Wild Horses (1947) as Sheriff Ballau
Road to Rio (1947) as Capt. Harmon
Another in the excellent Hope and Crosby 'Road To' series. Scat Sweeney, and Hot Lips Barton, two out of work musicians, stow away on board a Rio bound ship, after accidentally setting fire to the big top of a circus. They then get mixed up with a potential suicide Lucia, who first thanks them, then unexpectedly turns them over to the ship's captain. When they find out that she has been hypnotised, to go through a marriage of convenience, when the ship reaches Rio, the boys turn up at the ceremony, in order to stop the wedding, and to help catch the crooks.
Scared to Death (1947) as Autopsy surgeon
A beautiful murder victim recalls how she met her untimely end.
Michigan Kid (1947) as Sheriff
High Barbaree (1947) as Farmer
A downed pilot looks back on his life as he awaits rescue in the South Pacific.
Killer Dill (1947) as Mr. Jones
Millie's Daughter (1947) as Detective
California (1947) as Willoughby
"Wicked" Lily Bishop joins a wagon train to California, led by Michael Fabian and Johnnny Trumbo, but news of the Gold Rush scatters the train. When Johnny and Michael finally arrive, Lily is rich from her saloon and storekeeper (former slaver) Pharaoh Coffin is bleeding the miners dry. But worse troubles are ahead: California is inching toward statehood, and certain people want to make it their private empire.
Framed (1947) as Plainclothesman
A femme fatale lures an unemployed man into helping her with a criminal scheme.
Desire Me (1947) as Emile
A war widow falls in love with the man who informed her of her husband's death.
The Sea of Grass (1947) as Sheriff
Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy star as a husband and wife on America's frontier; farmers in a "sea of grass." The wife has an affair which produces a child, and she is ostracized from the community. Meanwhile, the farmers watch helplesslly as the sea of grass is exploited until it becomes a dustbowl.
Blaze of Noon (1947) as Bartender
In the 1920s, the four McDonald brothers leave the uncertain life of carnival stunt fliers for steady jobs with the U.S. Air Mail. They've agreed that "guys like us don't have a right to get married," but that's before Colin meets nurse Lucille Stewart and, in a whirlwind courtship, weds her. Can this marriage, or indeed any of the brothers, survive the dangers of their new profession?
Adventure (1946) as Third officer
A rough-living sailor has trouble adjusting to domestic life when he marries a librarian.
It's a Wonderful Life (1946) as Mr. Welch
George Bailey is a small-town man whose life seems so desperate he contemplates suicide. He had always wanted to leave Bedford Falls to see the world, but circumstances and his own good heart have led him to stay. He sacrficed his education for his brother's, kept the family-run savings and loan afloat, protected the town from the avarice of the greedy banker Mr. Potter, and married his childhood sweetheart. As he prepares to jump from a bridge, his guardian angel intercedes, showing him what life would have become for the residents of Bedford Falls is he had never lived.
Two Years Before the Mast (1946) as Policeman
Charles Stewart, the "Pilgrim" owner's playboy son, finds himself shanghaied on his father's ship commanded by cruel Captain Thompson. When scurvy breaks out he leads a mutiny and is slapped in irons. Floggings and torture abound.
God's Country (1946) as Howard King
Lee Preston, aka Leland Bruce (Robert Lowery) kills a man in self defense but flees to the redwood country when the law makes it a murder charge. There he meets Lynn O'Malley (Helen Gilbert), the niece of Sandy McTavish (William Farnum) who runs the trading post. Lee learns the reason why this is good trapping country is because the timber barons across the lake are ruthlessly cutting the trees and driving the animals across the river. The trappers appeal to him to take a petition to the Governor which would prohibit the timber people from coming to their side of the lake. At first, because he is a wanted man, he refuses but does so later for the sake of the people even though he knows it will lead to his arrest.
The Virginian (1946) as Rancher
Best friends become enemies when one signs on with a rustler.
The Hoodlum Saint (1946) as <I>Chronicle</I> publisher
After finding religion, a cynical newspaperman tries to help young hoods.
Little Miss Big (1946) as Goverbor
Road to Utopia (1946) as Official at boat
Two song-and-dance men on the run masquerade as killers during the Alaskan gold rush.
Wake Up and Dream (1946) as Conductor
Henry Pecket (Clem Bevans) keeps a land-bound, home-made sloop in the backyard of his boarding house ran by widow Sara March (Charlotte Greenwood), who is tolerant of the fancied trips around the world taken by her "ancient mariner" boarder. Little Nella Cairn (Connie Marshall,)another boarder, is his constant companion on the sloop's "trips." When her brother, Jeff Cairn (John Payne), enlists in the Navy, Nella is sent to board with a cousin, but is unhappy and returns to the boarding house. Pecket sends for Jenny (June Haver), a waitress for Mr. Agrippa (Oliver Blake) at his lunchroom and sweetheart of Jeff. Pecket and Jenny together decide to take care of Nella, when she receives a telegram from the War Department advising that Jeff is missing in action. To console the young girl, Pecket tells her they'll sail out to a wonderful island he knows about where he is sure Jeff can be found. The widow March, incensed about gossip she hears that Pecket is entertaining women guests on his boat, sells it to Mr. Agrippa, who wants to make a hamburger stand out of it. He has a man install wheels on it and plans to tow it away the next day. Pecket, Jenny and Nella have a meeting on the boat, a storm blows up, and since the sails are set, the "Sara March" puts out to "sea,", where it becomes "reefed" in a haystack. A young itinerant dentist, Howard Williams (John Ireland), offers to tow them but runs out of gas just as they reach Dignman's Ferry. He suggests they launch the boat, and all hands, including Williams, who comes in handy when they encounter a scientist in need of dental work, set sail on an enchanted voyage for Pecket's rendezvous find Jeff.
Bad Bascomb (1946) as Colonel Cartwright
A western bandit is reformed by his love for a little girl.
Smoky (1946) as Rancher
A Western loner forges a bond with a runaway horse.
Music for Millions (1945) as Doctor in hospital
A pregnant musician awaits her husband's return from World War II.
The Daltons Ride Again (1945) as Tex Walters
Steppin' in Society (1945) as Judge Randolph
Trail to Vengeance (1945) as Sheriff Morgan
Code of the Lawless (1945) as Chadwick Hilton, Sr.
A newcomer to Pecos succeeds in smashing a holding company which has been levying unwarranted taxes upon the ranchers. He does so by posing as the son of the head of the company. He later reveals himself to be an agent of the U. S. Department of the Interior.
Practically Yours (1944) as Official of shipyards
Lake Placid Serenade (1944) as Executive
The Hitler Gang (1944) as Otto Meissner
This movie shows us the rise of Adolf Hitler from a small radical political adventurer to the dictator of Germany in the way of a gangster film. Exept for some minor inaccuracies the historical facts are given in a correct way.
Rosie, the Riveter (1944) as General Dwight
Atlantic City (1944) as Rogers
In 1915, Atlantic City is a sleepy seaside resort, but Brad Taylor, son of a small hotel and vaudeville house proprietor, has big plans: he thinks it can be "the playground of the world." Brad's wheeling and dealing proves remarkably successful in attracting big enterprises and big shows, but brings him little success in personal relationships. Full of nostalgic songs and acts, some with the original artists.
Vigilantes of Dodge City (1944) as General Wingate
Red Ryder (Bill Elliott as Wild Bill Elliott) and Little Beaver (Bobby Blake) arrive on the scene too late to prevent the hold-up of the freight coach and the theft of a big bank shipment. Red's Aunt, the Duchess (Alice Fleming), operates the freight line and is unaware that banker Luther Jennings (LeRoy Mason) wants to scare her into selling him the freight line at a low figure. Jennings has Red's herd of horses stampeded, and makes it appear that Red staged a fake stampede in order to defraud the government. Captain Glover (Stephen Barclay) arrests Red, who maintains his innocence and persuades General Wingate (Stanley Andrews) to allow him to go after the real crook. Little Beaver accidently finds the gang's cave-hideout and Red and Captain Glover find evidence proving Red's innocence and incriminating Jennings.
Follow the Boys (1944) as Australian officer
The Princess and the Pirate (1944) as Captain "Mary Anne"
A cowardly knight rescues a disguised princess from pirates.
Tucson Raiders (1944) as Governor York
In Elliot's initial appearance as Red Ryder, he finds himself framed for murder. Little Beaver then foils the crooked Sheriff's attempt to have Red killed excaping jail. When Hannah Rogers gives the Sheriff a note, Red sees her give him a signal. Gabby lifts the note and Red decodes it. The Duchess then gets a confession from Hannah enabling Red to set out after the outlaws.
Sensations of 1945 (1944) as Mr. Collins
Faces in the Fog (1944) as Iverson, juror
It Happened Tomorrow (1944) as Policeman
A newspaper editor writes headlines that predict the future.
Wing and a Prayer (1944) as Marine general
An aircraft carrier is sent on a decoy mission around the Pacific, with orders to avoid combat, thus lulling Japanese alertness before the battle of Midway. All the men have their individual worries and concerns, but become increasingly frustrated at their avoidance of combat, for reasons unknown to them. But in the end, all get their chance to fight.
Man from Frisco (1944) as Chief Campbell
Matt Braddock (a fictional version of real-life Henry Kaiser) is an engineer with revolutionary ideas for shipbuilding. When he tries to set up yards for prefabricating ships on the West Coast, he runs up against a rival builder, Joel Kennedy. Kennedy's son Russ idolizes Matt, but Russ's sister Diana thinks Matt is a hopeless idealist who could ruin her father.
In Old Oklahoma (1943) as Mason, Indian agent
Cowboy Dan Somers and oilman Jim "Hunk" Gardner compete for oil lease rights on Indian land in Oklahoma, as well as for the favors of schoolteacher Cathy Allen.
Bombardier (1943) as Congressman
Military officers compete for the same woman while training pilots for war.
Canyon City (1943) as Alfred Johnson
Craig Morton (Morgan Conway), fronting for an eastern electric concern, and town banker Emerson Wheeler (Emmett Vogan) are scheming to gain control of a water-supply dam owned by local ranchers. The bank is to foreclose on the ranchers, and sell the ranches to the corporation for a large profit. Senator Gleason (Forbes Murray) promises to help the ranchers, but he is murdered. Terry Reynolds (Don Barry), posing as an outlaw called the Nevada Kid, meets and works with Gleason's daughter, Edith (Helen Talbot), to trap the crooks and bring about a square deal for the ranchers.
Dixie (1943) as Mr. Masters
A young songwriter leaves his Kentucky home to try to make it in New Orleans. Eventually he winds up in New York, where he sells his songs to a music publisher, but refuses to sell his most treasured composition: "Dixie." The film is based on the life of Daniel Decatur Emmett, who wrote the classic song "Dixie."
The Adventures of a Rookie (1943) as Gen. Ames
Idiot soldiers on leave get themselves trapped in an all-women''''s boarding house.
Riding High (1943) as Reynolds
Flight for Freedom (1943) as Prosperous man
A female pilot breaks the Los Angeles to New York record and attracts the interest of the U.S. Navy, who want to send her on a spy mission.
True to Life (1943) as Frank, foreman of bakery
A writer for a radio program needs some fresh ideas to juice up his show. For inspiration, he rents a room with a typical American family and begins to secretly write about their true life antics. The show becomes a big hit, but he begins to feel guilty about his charade when he falls in love with the family's pretty older daughter.
The Ox-Bow Incident (1943) as Bartlett
A loner gets caught up in a posse's drive to find and hang three suspected rustlers.
It's a Great Life (1943) as Schuster #2
Crash Dive (1943) as Captain
Against his personal preference, PT boat commander Ward Stewart is made executive officer of the submarine USS Corsair. On leave before sailing, he meets schoolteacher Jean Hewlett and gives her a romantic rush...unaware that she's the sweetheart of Dewey Connors, his new commander. At sea, the men bond while fighting German Q-ships. When will they discover their mutual romantic rivalry? Will it interfere with a spectacular commando raid on a secret German base?
The Bugle Sounds (1942) as Vet
An old-time cavalry sergeant's resistance to change could cost him his post.
The Fleet's In (1942) as Lt. Commander
Sailors bet on a shy shipmate''''s ability to romance an aloof nightclub singer.
The Major and the Minor (1942) as Conductor
A woman disguises herself as a little girl and ends up in a military academy.
Panama Hattie (1942) as Col. John Briggs
A nightclub owner in Panama takes on Nazi spies.
My Gal Sal (1942) as Mr. Dreiser
A chronicle of songwriter Paul Dresser as he moves up into New York society.
Canal Zone (1942) as Commander Merrill
The Yukon Patrol (1942) as Tom Merritt, Sr.
Canadian Tom Merritt (Stanley Andrews) has discovered a substance, Compound X, that will cure infantile paralysis, which he extracts from a mine at Caribou, Canada. A country at war with Canada (unnamed because while Canada and the British Empire were at war with Germany, the USA "officially" wasn't in 1940) discovers that Compound X also contains magnetic properties which will make their mines effective against the British fleet, and dispatch one of their intelligence officers, John Kettler (Robert Strange), to work undercover to ensure a steady stream of Compound X for the Fatherland. RCMP Major Ross King (Herbert Rawlinson) is killed in a fray against Kettler's henchmen, and his son, RCMP Sergeant Dave King (Allan Lane) continues on in his place in command of the Mountie post. The foreign agents open a "sham" sanitarium, supposedly to help paralysis victims, but actually to ship the gathered quantities of Compound X abroad to their warring country. Sergeant King discovers the fraud and exposes "Dr. Shelton" (John Davidson), the sham head of the hospital. The Mounties also secure some fuse caps which will provide proof that Kettler and his men are saboteurs. In an effort to recover the fuse caps, the enemy agents kidnap Linda Merritt (Lita Conway), sister of RCMP Corporal Tom Merritt,Jr.(Robert Kellard). King and the Mounties eventually put an end to the enemy agents in chapter 12, "Code of the Mounted", but not without a great personal sacrifice by one of their own.
North to the Klondike (1942) as Jim [Tom] Allen
The Power of God (1942) as The Businessman
There are those that say Hollywood was born the day Lew Wasserman came to town. For six decades, there was only one man who had the consummate power to run the industry and his reign forever defined Hollywood as we know it. During his 59-year career, he worked with everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to
The Postman Didn't Ring (1942) as Postal Inspector Brennon
A government mail sack, missing for fifty years, is now being delivered. Stamp collector Julie Martin (Brenda Joyce) follows postal inspector Brennon (Stanley Andrews) on his delivery tour, hoping to find some rare stamps for her philatelist customers. One letter brings love and warmth to a lonely spinster from a sweetheart lost in a war, another a welcome bravery citation to Civil War veteran Slade (Will Wright) and a third is to the parents of the now-state governor from his high school principal requesting he be disciplined for throwing spitballs in class. Dan Carter (Richard Travis), the owner of the village supply store who extends local farmers unlimited credit and, as a result, is on the verge of foreclosure by the ruthless Harwood banking family, get a letter sent by his grandfather to his father containing 500 shares of stock in the Harwood bank. The Harwood family fights back by charging Dan with fraud, but Judge Colt (Spencer Charters) and Dan's Aunt Martha (Emma Dunn) aid him.
Ten Gentlemen from West Point (1942) as Captain Sloane
Among those who are fighting to have Congress re-establish the military academy at West Point in the beginning of the nineteenth century is a young Washington socialite, Carolyn Bainbridge (Maureen O'Hara). Congress resolves to revive the Academy on a one-year trial basis. Major Sam Carter (Laird Cregar), a martinet who doesn't believe a college can produce real fighting men, is made the Commandant, and determines to make soldiers - or failures - out of the small band of cadets, by enforcing stringent disciplinary action. Among the cadets are Howard Shelton (John Sutton), Carolyn's fiancee, and Dawson (George Montgomery), a Kentucky frontiersman. There is bad blood between the two from the start, and matters are worsened when Dawson falls in love with Carolyn. Many of the cadets resign, under the discouraging conditions and grueling punishment that is part of Carter's plan to make the school hard and the exercises difficult, and the number of cadets left is down to ten. Word arrives that the Indian chief Tecumseh (Noble Johnson) has gone on the warpath, and Carter is ordered to take part in quelling the rebellion, and to include the cadets along with the regular Bombadiers. Shelton, on patrol, is shot at by an Indian, and hot-headedly leaves his post in pursuit. Dawson leaves to bring him back followed by Major Carter who is captured by the Indians. Using tactics learned at West Point, the small band of cadets attack and demoralize the much larger Indian force, and succeed in rescuing Carter, and Dawson is wounded. Carter is grateful for the actions taken by the band, but says that Shelton and Dawson cannot remain as cadets since they had violated the rules by leaving their posts, and would be a bad precedent for future cadets. Carolyn has come to the Point to marry the unsuspecting Dawson, who thought she loved Shelton.
To the Shores of Tripoli (1942) as Doctor
A brash young Marine has to redeem himself after trying to romance a female officer.
Valley of the Sun (1942) as Major
A government spy goes after a crooked Indian agent in Arizona.
Mr. & Mrs. North (1942) as Policeman
A sappily married couple discover a murder victim in their closet.
The Navy Comes Through (1942) as Judge advocate
An old freighter single-handedly takes on a Nazi war fleet.
Reap the Wild Wind (1942) as Bailiff
Two sailors vie for the affections of a southern temptress while fighting off pirates.
Meet John Doe (1941) as Weston
A reporter's fraudulent story turns a tramp into a national hero and makes him a pawn of big business.
Strange Alibi (1941) as Lieutenant-Detective Pagle
An undercover cop finds himself on the wrong side of the law when the mob discovers his true identity.
Man at Large (1941) as FBI Chief Ed Ruby
G-Man Bob Grayson (George Reeves) is working hand in hand with a British Intelligence agent to uncover an espionage plot, who is posing as an escaped Nazi agent. Reporter Dallas Davis (Marjorie Weaver) mistakes Grayson for a nazi-sympathizer and manages to mess up the works before she learns the truth. She and Grayson join forces to save the agent.
Lady Scarface (1941) as Captain Andrews
Police try to capture a murderous female gangster and her band of killers.
Borrowed Hero (1941) as Attorney Taylor
Wild Geese Calling (1941) as Delaney
In the 1890s lumberjack John leaves Seattle for Alaska to look for gold. After he marries dancehall girl Sally, he finds she used to be in love with his best friend Blackie.
Time Out for Rhythm (1941) as James Anderson
The producers of a musical each hire different women to star.
Dead Men Tell (1941) as Inspector Vesey
Just as elderly Miss Nodbury is ready to leave on a treasure hunt for a family fortune she is scared to death by the ghost of a pirate ancestor. Charlie Chan investigates the rest of the clan.
Las Vegas Nights--"The Last Frontier Town" (1941) as Sheriff
A vaudeville act tries to turn a broken-down house into a posh nightclub.
Play Girl (1941) as Joseph Shawhan
An aging gold digger takes a young woman under her wing.
In Old Colorado (1941) as George Davidson
Joe Weller has instigated a conflict over water rights between two ranchers. The idea is to have the ranchers do each other in then move in and take over. Hoppy and the good guys won't let this happen.
The Son of Monte Cristo (1941) as Turnkey
A freedom fighter leads a double life in his battle against a ruthless dictator.
The Blue Bird (1940) as Wilhelm
A woodchopper''''s children go off in search of the bluebird of happiness.
So You Won't Talk (1940) as Press foreman
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1940) as Colonel
A man involved in a crime (Nolan) kills his key witness by mistake and resigns himself to death. He changes his name so as not to harm his family. The law is not content with his explanation, however.
The Mark of Zorro (1940) as Commanding officer
A Spanish nobleman becomes a masked outlaw by night to battle a local tyrant.
Strange Cargo (1940) as Constable
Devil's Island escapees are changed forever by a prisoner who thinks he's Jesus.
Kit Carson (1940) as Larkin
Frontiersman Kit Carson fights off Indian attacks on the trail to California.
Brigham Young--Frontiersman (1940) as Hyrum Smith
Two young Mormons struggle to survive their people''''s journey to a new home in the West.
Geronimo (1940) as Colombus Delano
Convicted Woman (1940) as Prosecutor
An innocent woman sent to prison becomes the focus of a prison-reform movement.
Little Old New York (1940) as Patrol captain
Steamboat inventor Robert Fulton shows up in New York in 1807. Tavern keeper (Faye) believes in him, but her boyfriend (MacMurray) doesn't. All seems lost when sailors afraid of losing their jobs burn his boat.
Johnny Apollo (1940) as Welfare Secretary
A Wall Street broker is jailed for embezzling. His college graduate son then turns to crime to raise money for his father's release.
Hi-Yo Silver (1940) as Jeffries, previously known as Smith
The Westerner (1940) as Sheriff
A drifter accused of horse stealing faces off against the notorious Judge Roy Bean.
Maryland (1940) as Doctor
Woman (Bainter) tormented by the hunting death of her husband forbids her son (Payne) to have anything to do with horses. But when he falls for the daughter (Joyce) of his father's trainer (Brennan), he defies his mother by entering the Maryland Hunt.
First Offenders (1939) as District Attorney
The Lady's from Kentucky (1939) as Doctor
Beau Geste (1939) as Maris
Three brothers in the French foreign legion fight off murderous Arabs and a sadistic sergeant.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) as Senator Hodges
An idealistic Senate replacement takes on political corruption.
The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939) as Police captain
A gangster's moll runs home to mother, with reporters and amateur detectives hot on her tail.
Charlie McCarthy, Detective (1939) as Freight captain
Scotty Hamilton is a reporter who works for a crooked editor. Bill Banning is another reporter who is about to expose the editor's ties to the mob. When the editor is killed, both reporter Banning and mobster Tony Garcia are suspected. However, Hamilton's friend Edgar Bergen solves the case (without much help from Charlie McCarthy).
Golden Boy (1939) as Driscoll
A crooked promoter lures a young violinist to give up music for boxing.
Hotel Imperial (1939) as Colonel Paloff
It is the fate of a small frontier town, adjoining the no-man's-land where the Russians and Austrians are fighting out one of the final campaigns of World War I, to be occupied one day by the Russians, the next by the Austrians, and the inhabitants soon acquire a complacent view of the changing allegiances. To the town comes Ann Warschaska (Isa Miranda), intent on aveninging the suicide of her sister, who has killed herself after being betrayed by an Austrian officer. She knows no more about his identity than the number of his room at the "Hotel Imperial". She gets a job at the hotel as a maid but soon combines this work with modeling, when an eccentric Russian, General Videnko (Reginald Owen), with a passion for painting asks her to pose for him. Breaking into the fatal Room 12, she finds Lt. Nenassey (Ray Milland), a young Austrian officer who has taken refuge there after being separated from the army. Thinking him the betrayer of her sister, she plans to hand him over to the occupying-Russians, but relents when she learns that there are two Room 12's. The man actually guilty of the crime is a Russian spy who holds a commission in the Austrian army. Believing him to be a fellow-soldier in distress, Nenassey makes plans to help him escape, but finds out at the last minute that he is a Russian spy. A strange turn events allows Nenassey to aid Anna in her mission and rid his country of a dangerous enemy at the same time. General Videnko, meanwhile, is giving a grand-style banquet for the man who will never be able to attend another.
Homicide Bureau (1939) as Police commissioner
A homicide detective clashes with a beautiful citizens'''' rights advocate while investigating war profiteers.
Pirates of the Skies (1939) as Major Smith
Coast Guard (1939) as Commander Hooker
A Coast Guard lieutenant and a reckless flyer vie for the same woman.
Union Pacific (1939) as Dr. Harkness
A crooked politician tries to stop construction of the first intercontinental railroad.
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever (1939) as James Willis
A teenage boy falls in love with his drama teacher.
The Mysterious Rider (1938) as William Bellounds
Ben Wade and his partner Frosty return to Bellounds' ranch where twenty years earlier Wade was wanted for murder. Unrecognized, he gets a job on the ranch and soon becomes involved in Folsom's cattle rustling and a chance to settle an old score.
When G-Men Step In (1938) as Preston
Fred Garth (Don Terry) owns a printing establishment and poses as a business research expert, but actually runs several white-collar rackets operating by means of high-pressure telephone soliciting. He has sent his younger brother, Bruce Garth (Robert Paige), through law school with the intention of making him his legal watch-dog. But idealist Bruce enrolls as a Department of Justice investigator, and is detailed to track down charity and other phoney rackets. Both brothers are in love with attractive socialite Marjorie Drake (Julie Bishop as Jacqueline Wells), who is unaware of Fred's schemes and he uses her to meet other social leaders with pet charities and his salesmen sell them the program ads at five times the charity rate. Bruce and his partner Neale (Gene Morgan) trace the phone rackets to Bruce and a confrontation looms.
Forbidden Valley (1938) as Hoke Lanning
Prairie Moon (1938) as Frank Welch
The Lady Objects (1938) as Baker
Adventure in Sahara (1938) as Colonel Rancreux
Agadez is a lonely French outpost baking under the desert sun and commanded by the cruel and oppressive Captain Savatt (C. Henry Gordon.) To it comes, at his own request, Legionnaire Jim Wilson (Paul Kelly) soon followed by his fiancee, Carla Preston (Lorna Gray), who has been tracing him from post to post. Legionnaires seize the fort and turn Savitt loose in the Arab-haunted desert with only a fraction of the water and food needed to get back to civilization. But Savitt gets through and returns to the fort at the head of an avenging troop of men. But Arabs surround Savitt and his men, and the mutineers, knowing that to leave the fort and aid them means their own death...
Hold That Co-Ed (1938) as Belcher
While running for governor a politician aids a needy college by plotting to assure victory for their football team. Though to be a parody of Huey Long and his machine.
Three Comrades (1938) as Officer giving toast
Three life-long friends share their love for a dying woman against the turbulent backdrop of Germany between the wars.
Lone Ranger, The (1938)
CHAP. 1, HI YO SILVER: An outlaw leader planning to take conrol of Texas after the Civil War kills Colonel Jeffries, a man empowered to levy taxes, and assumes his identity. His men then murder a troop of Rangers. Tonto finds one Ranger still alive and he becomes the Lone Ranger. A Jeffries spy thinks one of five men is the Lone Ranger and to eliminate his enemy, Jeffries has all five captured and sentenced to death. CHAP. 2, THUNDERING EARTH: Jeffries' men plan to wipe out a wagon train of Texans. CHAP. 3, PITFALL: Jeffries forces Blanchard to send a recommendation that he be made Governor. The Lone Ranger chases the courier but a spiked pit awaits him. CHAP. 4, AGENT OF TREACHERY: Jeffries prepares another trap for the Lone Ranger. CHAP. 5, STEAMING CALDRON: Catching one of Jeffries' men who trailed a wounded Jim Clark to their secret caved, there is a fight and the Lone Ranger ends up trapped in a pit with a steaming caldron. CHAP. 6, RED MAN'S COURAGE: Clark dies from his wounds. Of the four remaining Rangers, the identity of the LOne Ranger is still unknown. When Jeffries' men kill two Indians and leave silver bullets, their tribesmen capture Tonto and prepare to kill him. CHAP. 7, WHEELS OF DISASTER: Joan has been placed in a wagon with gun powder and the Lone Ranger rides to save her. CHAP. 8, FATAL TREASURE: The Rangers get Jeffries' silver but retrieving it the next day, two of the Rangers get trapped in a well. CHAP. 9, MISSING SPUR: The Rangers are jailed for taking the silver. Kester has obtained the spur from the Lone Ranger and now says he will identify him. CHAP. 10, FLAMING FURY: The Lone Ranger and Tonto get trapped in a burning barn. CHAP. 11, SILVER BULLET: When Jeffries' men kill Bob Stuart's uncle, the maker of the silver bullets, Stuart trails them and ends up in a gunfight. CHAP. 12, ESCAPE: Stuart dies leaving three Rangers. Trying to save Joan and her father, they and the Lone Ranger are in a stage that goes over a cliff. CHAP. 13, FATAL PLUNGE: Chapter 1 flashback. CHAP. 14, MESSENGER OF DOOM: Kester uses the Rangers' pigeons to locate their secret cave. Greatly outnumbered, Forrest collapses the cave ceiling killing himself and the soldiers. CHAP. 15, LAST OF THE RANGERS: The two remaining Rangers try to escape from the rest of Jeffries' men but one is killed. The Lone Ranger organizes the Texans who then meet Jeffries and his men in a final shootout. With the Texans now in control the Lone Ranger finally unmasks.
Cocoanut Grove (1938) as Truant officer
Road Demon (1938) as Chairman
Tip-Off Girls (1938) as Police sergeant
Shine on Harvest Moon (1938) as Jackson
The one time partnership between two men has turned into a full fledged range war. Roy is the son of one of the former partners, the heroine is daughter to the other. The film featured and debuted the then popular radio duo Lulubelle and Scotty.
Speed to Burn (1938) as Police chief
Kentucky (1938) as Presiding judge
A Romeo and Juliet love story set amidst horseracing.
Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938) as Colonel
A forward thinking bandleader fights to make ragtime respectable.
I'll Give a Million (1938) as Captain
After saving a tramp (Lorre) from suicide, a millionaire (Baxter) takes his clothing and disappears. Word is out that he will give a million dollars to anyone who is kind of a tramp.
Blondie (1938) as Mr. Hicks
On the eve of their fifth wedding anniversary, Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead are in financial trouble.
Stablemates (1938) as Track steward
A broken down veterinarian saves a stable boy's prize racehorse.
Penitentiary (1938) as Captain Dorn
Spawn of the North (1938) as Partridge
Two Alaskan salmon fishermen, Tyler Dawson (skipper of the "Who Cares") and Jim Kimmerlee of the "Old Reliable," are lifelong pals. Their romantic rivalry over young Dian ends amicably. But a more serious rift, with violent consequences, arises when Tyler befriends Russian fish pirates while Jim finds himself aligned with local vigilantes. Notable glacier scenery.
Checkers (1938) as Deputy
The Buccaneer (1938) as Collector of port
French pirate Jean Lafitte tries to redeem his name helping the U.S. in the War of 1812.
Souls at Sea (1937) as First mate
An abolitionist signs on with a slaving ship to sabotage their efforts.
A Doctor's Diary (1937) as Dr. Wilson
Blossoms on Broadway (1937) as Chairman
Madame X (1937) as Gendarme in court
When she kills a blackmailer, a woman is defended by the son she abandoned years earlier.
Her Husband Lies (1937) as District Attorney
Born Reckless (1937) as Police commissioner
The Bad Man of Brimstone (1937) as Clergyman
An old bandit reforms when he meets his long-lost son.
The Last Train from Madrid (1937) as Secret Service man
The story of seven people: their lives and love affairs in Madrid during the Civil War.
Easy Living (1937) as Captain
When a working girl tries to return a lost fur coat, she gets caught up in a wealthy family''''s battles.
Blonde Trouble (1937) as Head janitor
Fred Stevens (Johnny Downs), on his way to New York City with hopes of succeeding as a songwriter, meets and falls in love with Edna Baker, an employee in a dentist's office. In New York, Fred meets Paul Sears (William Demarest), a broken-down songwriter, his wife Lucille (Helen Flint) and her gold-digging sister, Eileen Fletcher (Terry Walker.) They are indifferent to him until they discover he has his life's savings with him. Eileen makes plans to marry Fred and ignores her song-publishing boy friend, Joe Hart (Lynne Overman.) Fred and Paul write a song together and take it to Hart, who sees a way to get Eileen off his hands by giving Fred a large advance. Fred, who is completely swayed by Eileen, parts with Edna. Hart continues the advances but when Fred and Paul go to him asking why the song hasn't been published, Hart tells them it isn't any good and he was using Fred to help rid him of Eileen. Fred now realizes he loves Edna. A popular radio singer sees Fred's song in Hart's office and sings it on the air, and it becomes a hit.
Nancy Steele Is Missing! (1937) as Warden-1936
After being in jail for seventeen years a crook is met by the girl he kidnapped as a baby. She now thinks he's her father. When he returns her to her real father there's a job and a reward, but an old prisonmate gets in the way.
Big City (1937) as Detective Bennett
An honest cab driver fights against corruption.
The Man Who Cried Wolf (1937) as Judge
The Man Who Found Himself (1937) as Inspector Grey
A determined nurse puts a cocky surgeon back on track.
High, Wide and Handsome (1937) as Lem Moulton
A man must save his marriage while also trying to save the family oil business.
Find the Witness (1937) as District Attorney
A reporter investigates a series of murders related to a magician''''s escape act.
She's Dangerous (1937) as Franklin Webb
The Devil's Playground (1937) as Salvage boat commander
Submarine officers Dorgan and Mason battle on land for the affections of dance-hall girl Carmen.
John Meade's Woman (1937) as Mr. Westley
She Married an Artist (1937) as Editor
The Plainsman (1937) as
Calamity Jane gets mixed up in an Indian War and the friendly rivalry between Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill.
Florida Special (1936) as Armstrong [Railroad president]
Wild Brian Kent (1936) as Tony Baxter
Polo player Brian stops in a Kansas town and find a girl and her aunt needing money to keep their ranch. He also finds his new real estate partner is the crook trying to do the women out of their ranch.
Drift Fence (1936) as Clay Jackson
Tenderfoot Trask gets rodeo champ Travis to take his place as the new owner of a ranch having trouble with rustlers. To stop the rustling Travis and his men build a drift fence. Out to stop them is Clay Jackson and his men led by Slinger Dunn.
Happy Go Lucky (1936) as Matzdorf
Let's Make a Million (1936) as Cliff Spaulding
Desire (1936) as Customs inspector
Before they can marry, two society types run off with lower-class loves.
Dangerous Intrigue (1936) as Mr. [John] Mitchell
Anthony Halliday (Ralph Bellamy), brillant young surgeon, is forced to resign as chief of staff at a New York hospital when he is compelled to delay an appendectomy on the daughter of John Mitchell(Stanley Andrews), wealthy supporter of the hospital, because of an emergency operation he has to perform. The appendectomy is successful, but later complications cause the girl's death. Carol Andrews (Joan Perry), his fiancee, regards him as a failure and leaves him. Halliday, suffering from amnesia brought on by the shocks, drifts to Scranton, Pa.,where he gets work in the steel mill. He only remembers who he is when he finds himself bandaging some injured workers. The mill doctor, Miller (Edward LeSaint), asks him to become his assistant. Halliday remains at the mill under the name of John Davis. Because of many accidents at the mill, the smelter boss, Joe Kosovic (Fredrik Vogeding) is demoted. He becomes friendly with Halliday and invites him home for dinner, where he becomes attracted to Gerta (Gloria Shea), Joe school-teacher daughter. Accidents increase at the mill, and the mill's safety and personnel man, Brant (Fred Kohler), is ordered to investigate. Brant is actually in the pay of a rival firm trying to shut the mill. In school, Gerta hears Danny Brant (Georgie Billings) talking about a game called "Steel-Mill" that has a point of dropping bricks on people's heads. He sullenly refuses to tell Gerta that his father's conversations with his conspirators inspired it. Gerta inform Halliday about it, and he begins to investigate Brant's activities.
In His Steps (1936) as Broderick
The Texas Rangers (1936) as Henchman
Counterfeit (1936) as Duffield
The Devil Is a Sissy (1936) as Doctor
A British boy in New York tries to join a tenement gang.
Pennies From Heaven (1936) as Stephens
A singer gets mixed up with a grieving family and a haunted house.
White Fang (1936) as Sergeant Drake
Jack London tale of a woman (Muir) and weakling brother (Beck) who inherit a mine. When the brother commits suicide the guide (Whalen) is accused of murder
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) as James Cedar
When he inherits a fortune, a small-town poet has to deal with the corruption of city life.
Alibi for Murder (1936) as Earl Quillan
She Couldn't Take It (1935) as Wyndersham
Diamond Jim (1935) as Gambler
Times Square Lady (1935) as Doctor
A gambler''''s assistant helps the boss''''s daughter fight off a crooked lawyer.
In Old Kentucky (1935) as Steward
A drunken young veteran returns home to find the family horse-breeding business facing ruin.
Mississippi (1935) as Gambler
A young pacifist after refusing on principle to defend her sweetheart's honor and being banished in disgrace, joins a riverboat troupe as a singer, acquires a reputation as a crackshot after a saloon brawl in which the villain of the piece accidentally kills himself with his own gun, falls in love with his former fianceé's sister and finally bullies an apprehensive family into accepting him.
So Red the Rose (1935) as Cavalry captain
SO RED THE ROSE is King Vidor's quietly affecting Civil War romance, starring Margaret Sullavan as a Southern aristocrat, the mistress of a Southern plantation, whose sheltered life is torn apart by the War between the States. During the war's darkest days she is sustained by her love for a distant cousin, a Confederate officer, played by Randolph Scott.
Nevada (1935) as Cawthorne
People Will Talk (1935) as Willis McBride
Woman Wanted (1935) as Foreman of jury
An innocent woman is chased by both gangsters and the police.
The Crusades (1935) as Amir
King Richard the Lionhearted launches a crusade to preserve Christianity in Jerusalem.
The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935) as Servant with dog
A radio star''''s efforts to save his station get him mixed up with con men, enemy agents and a beautiful countess.
Here's to Romance (1935) as Father
Annapolis Farewell (1935) as Officer in Brigg's office
Escape from Devil's Island (1935) as Steve [Harrington]
Men Without Names (1935) as Jim, fingerprint man
Anna Karénina (1935) as Husband, third couple
Adaptation of Tolstoy's classic tale of a woman who deserts her family for an illicit love.
Three Kids and a Queen (1935) as Federal man
It Happened in New York (1935) as Plainclothesman
Goin' to Town (1935) as Engineer
When her fiancée Buck Gonzales is killed, dance hall queen Cleo Borden inherits his wealth. Included are oil wells supervised by British engineer Carrington, whom Cleo sets out to win by becoming a "lady." She races her horse in Buenos Aires, gains social position by loveless marriage to bankrupt Colton, and even sings in an opera. But when she meets Carrington again, he's become the Earl of Stratton...
All the King's Horses (1935) as Count Batthy
Murder Man (1935) as Police commissioner
A hard-drinking reporter specializes in murder cases, until he becomes a suspect in one himself.
Alias Mary Dow (1935) as Detective
Dying Evelyn Dow anguishes over her lost daughter, who disappeared as a child. Evelyn's husband Henry, hoping to make his wife's final days more bearable, asks waitress Sally Gates to pose as the daughter. Sally does so, but Mrs. Dow is so cheered by her "daughter's" return that she regains her health, leaving Sally stuck in her role.
College Scandal (1935) as Jim, finger print man
Hold 'Em Yale (1935) as Judge
She Gets Her Man (1935) as Kelly
It's in the Air (1935) as 2nd investigator
Orchids to You (1935) as Judge at flower show
The Wanderer of the Wasteland (1935) as Sheriff Collishaw
Stolen Harmony (1935) as Patrol chief
Band leader Jack Conrad is impressed by prison inmate Ray Ferrera on saxophone. Conrad hires Ray to join his band and tour upon his release. Ray hooks up with Jean, a dancer in the show, and the two become a successful dance act. However, when an ex-inmate buddy of Ray's robs the tour bus, Ray is suspected of wrongdoing by Jack and the others in the group. After a gang of thugs hijacks the tour bus, Ray tries to use his street smarts to redeem his reputation.
Private Worlds (1935) as Dr. Barnes
Evelyn Prentice (1934) as Judge
A criminal lawyer's wife faces blackmail when she has an affair.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Cliffhanger (1993)
Gabe Walker is the leader of a mountain rescue team who loses his nerve after witnessing an amateur climber fall to her death. When a group of ingenious fugitives survive a plane crash, and take his ex-girlfriend and his former climbing partner hostage, Walker must overcome his fears and climb the mountain to take on the well-armed gang.

Cast (short)

Main Street Today (1944)
This short film promotes the U.S. war effort at home in a small town.
Keep 'Em Sailing (1942)
In this short film, an FBI agent goes undercover to investigate the sabotage of American cargo ships.
Mr. Blabbermouth! (1942)
This short film, part of the U.S. pro-war movement, suggests citizens avoid listening to rumors during wartime.
XXX Medico (1940)
This short film focuses on developing medical systems that will enable doctors to operate over long distances.
Captain Kidd's Treasure (1938)
In this short film, a promoter attempts to sell a man the idea of searching for Captain Kidd''''s buried treasure, claiming he has the original map.

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