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Also Known As: Died: January 17, 2003
Born: November 30, 1926 Cause of Death: pancreatic cancer
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Better Late Than Never (1979) as Director
A feisty senior citizen (Harold Gould) who refuses to abide by the rules in a stodgy retirement home leads a revolt against the dour head of the house (Tyne Daly). Originally, this one was called "Never Too Young," and its title song was sung by an uncredited Fred Astaire. Then it was retitled "Darn

Cast (feature film)

Out of the Ashes (2003) as Jake Smith
Based on the true story of Gisella Perl, a Hungarian-Jewish gynecologist sent to Auschwitz and forced to participate in medical experiments for Nazi doctor Josef Mengele during World War II. The story begins in America, after the war, as she is interviewed by the INS to gain citizenship and to hopef
Day Reagan Was Shot, The (2002) as Ronald Reagan
The assassination attempt on former President Reagan.
By Dawn's Early Light (2001) as Ben Maxwell
Mike Lewis is an awkward, misanthropic 16-year-old who tunes out his parents and his problems by turning up the volume of his headphones or by zoning out in front of his computer. Outside his bedroom door, his parents are arguing again. Sandy and Ron need some time together to repair their strained
Murder, She Wrote: A Story to Die For (2000) as Warren Pierce
Television movie based on the series "Murder, She Wrote," which was broadcast on CBS from 1986 - 1996. While Jessica Fletcher is giving a lecture at a writers' conference, another guest lecturer -- Yuri Malenkovich, the author of a non-fiction book about the KGB -- is murdered.<P>While at the writer
Wrongfully Accused (1998) as Marshal Fergus Falls
Superstar violinist Ryan Harrison, "The Lord of the Violin" is at the height of his career when he enters into a brief but sizzling affair with wealthy socialite Lauren Goodhue. following a tryst with her, Harrison stumbles upon the body of Lauren''s recently murdered, very wealthy portable tycoon-husband, Hibbing Goodhue. Fleeing the murder scene is a one-armed, one-legged, one-eyed killer, who briefly tussles with Ryan. The hapless Harrison is soon arrested, wrongfully accused, found guilty and sentenced to death. A fortunate bus/train accident accidentally frees the fugitive, who sets out to catch the killer and clear his name, all the while evading capture by the determined U.S. Marshal Fergus Falls.
Heart Full of Rain (1997) as Arliss Dockett
Isaiah returns to his family after an abrupt departure seven years earlier. Although his mother and brother welcome him, his father and former girlfriend Susan are not as forgiving. Isaiah learns that he has a son by Susan and that his mother is dying of cancer. His mother's final request to die pea
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1997) as Professor Aronnax
Adaptation of Jules Verne's novel "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." A young scientist escapes his overbearing father by setting sail in search of the cause of some recent ship sinkings. His crew is attacked by what appears to be a giant beast, but it turns out to be a submarine, the Nautilus, with Cap
Deep Family Secrets (1997) as Clay Chadway
A woman, who is determined to prove her father innocent of the murder of her mother, discovers hidden family secrets. Inspired by actual events.
Race Against Time: The Search For Sarah (1996) as John Porter
Drama about parents whose persistent search for their daughter after she is car-jacked and kidnapped saves her life. Inspired by actual events.
In the Name of Love: A Texas Tragedy (1995) as Lucas Constable Sr
A sexy young woman from the wrong side of the tracks brings excitement and romance into the life of a crippled man. When his disapproving, wealthy grandfather threatens to cut him off, however, decisions lead to murder. Based on a true story.
Sabrina (1995) as Patrick Tyson
The daughter of a wealthy family's chauffeur leaves for Paris an ordinary girl, but returns a beautiful woman, much to the delight of the wealthy family's two sons.
Jade (1995) as Governor Lew Edwards
David Corelli is an ambitious assistant district attorney in San Francisco. While attending a black tie affair as the guest of his college friends Matt Gavin, a prominent lawyer, and his wife Trina Gavin, a clinical psychologist, David is called to the scene of a murder: the San Francisco home of a
Forget-Me-Not Murders, The (1994) as Lieutenant Frank Janek
One of a series of television movies depicting the exploits of police detective Frank Janek. Janek tries to find a serial killer who glues his victims' eyes and mouths shut and leaves flowers beside the corpses.
Silent Betrayal, A (1994) as Lieutenant Frank Janek
One of a series of television movies depicting the exploits of police detective Frank Janek. Janek attempts to solve the murders of six people living in a Manhattan apartment building owned by a famous Broadway producer/director.
Jonathan Stone: Threat of Innocence (1994) as Jonathan Stone
A street-wise detective becomes the prime suspect in his friend's murder.
Place to Be Loved, A (1993) as George Russ
Based on the true story of Gregory Kingsley, a 12-year-old boy who successfully sued to divorce himself from his biological parents.
Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) as Colonel Denton Walters
Topper Harley is once again sent into Irag, this time to rescue a rescue team who was sent to rescue a rescue team.
Terror on Track 9 (1992) as Lieutenant Frank Janek
One of a series of television movies depicting the exploits of police detective Frank Janek. A series of murders by lethal injection occur in New York's Grand Central Station.
Murder Times Seven (1990) as Lieutenant Frank Janek
A television movie sequel. Detective Frank Janek and his Internal Affairs squad clash with a special task force while investigating a grissly mass murder in which a victim is one of Janek's former partners, a once highly regarded officer now suspected of unlawful activities.
Murder in Black & White (1990) as Lieutenant Frank Janek
A television movie sequel to the CBS miniseries "Doubletake" and "Internal Affairs." Richard Crenna reprises his role as Lieutenant Frank Janek, the skilled New York City detective who leads an investigation into the death of a recently-appointed black Police Commissioner and another similar murder
Last Flight Out (1990) as Dan Hood
A television movie based on a true story. A group of Americans risk their lives to take 500 Vietnamese civilians to safety aboard the last commercial flight out of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.
Montana (1990) as Hoyce Guthrie
Married cattle ranchers struggle to keep their marriage afloat after a power company offers to buy their land.
Stuck With Each Other (1989) as Bert Medwick
Two people find a million dollars in cash and try to live it up while dodging a gang of thugs in hot pursuit. Sylvia and Bert both work for the same stingy boss. When he dies suddenly at the office, leaving a million dollars in untraceable bills, they agree to divide the loot and go their separate w
Case of the Hillside Strangler, The (1989) as Detective Bob Grogan
A movie, based on the non-fiction book "Two of a Kind: The Hillside Stranglers," about the police investigation that led to the arrest and conviction of Kenneth Bianchi and his cousin, Angelo Buono, who murdered ten young women near Los Angeles between October 1977 and February 1978. The story is to
Leviathan (1989) as Doc
Toward the end of a 90-day shift, a small deep-sea mining crew excavating silver and other precious metals 16,000 feet underwater stumbles upon Leviathan, a scuttled Russian ship. They bring back a watertight safe and open, unknowingly letting loose a Pandora''s box of mutant genes. The crew members subsequently get killed off one by one, begging the question, will anyone survive?
Rambo III (1988) as Trautman
Unfolding at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand, the story revolves around Rambo going to the aid of his friend Colonel Trautman who asks his assistance with a dangerous mission.
Police Story: The Freeway Killings (1987) as Deputy Chief Robert Devers
A sequel to the 1973-77 NBC series "Police Story." The film involves the personal and professional lives of a group of metropolitan police detectives in pursuit of a serial killer terrorizing a large city.
Kids Like These (1987) as Bob Goodman
A television movie about a mother who starts a crusade to re-educate the community to the truth about kids, like her own, who have Down's Syndrome, a cause of mental retardation. One of the writers, Emily Perl Kingsley, is the mother of a Down's Syndome child, and the film is based on her story.
Plaza Suite (1987) as Roy Hubley (3rd Segment)
An adaptation for television of Neil Simon's comedy about three different couples who occupy the same suite in New York's Plaza Hotel. Carol Burnett portrays the female lead in all three segments of the play, each of whom spars in her own distinctively humorous way with one of a trio of wayward men.
50 Years of Action! (1986) as Narration
The history of the Directors Guild of America is recounted. Begun in the years when people in the United States were fighting for unions, the guild was initially not recognized by the movie studios. The organization was started by twelve men and evolved fairly peacefully until 1950 when president Jo
High Price of Passion, The (1986) as Williams Douglas
The sordid true tale of a Tufts University professor who becomes obsessed with a prostitute and is driven to murder, as recounted in Russell M. Glitman's book, is enacted by Richard Crenna, at the head of a lengthy Canadian cast. Tufts officials doubtless were unnerved to discover that in this rathe
Case of Deadly Force, A (1986) as Lawrence O'Donnell Sr
A television movie based on the true story of a lawyer's three-year legal investigation into the shooting death of a hospital worker by police officers. The drama explores the issue of when does a police force cross the boundary and violate an individual's civil rights.
Summer Rental (1985) as Al Pellet
A working-class guy saves up the money and hauls his family to Florida for a vacation in a rented house, but once there things don''t go as planned.
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) as Trautman
Rambo is pulled from a federal prison to lead a mission into Vietnam to rescue surviving POW's from the Vietnam War.
Rape Of Richard Beck, The (1985) as Richard Beck
Richard Crenna won the Emmy Award as Outstanding Actor for his performance as a macho police officer forced to reexamine his own cynical attitute toward sexually assaulted women when he himself is raped by a pair of burly cop-haters. Co-star Meredith Baxter had a relatively small role as a rape coun
Passions (1984) as Richard Kennerly
What happens when a wealthy businessman, torn between his loving wife and his spirited young mistress (and with children by both), drops dead, forcing the two women ultimately to confront one another is the thrust of this romantic triangle drama.
Flamingo Kid, The (1984) as Phil Brody
In the early 60s a Brooklyn teenager gets a job waiting on the rich and the "shady" rich at a nearby beach club and comes of age in the process.
Table for Five (1983) as Mitchell
Day the Bubble Burst, The (1982) as Jesse Livermore
Chronicling various personal stories surrounding the 1929 stock market crash, this adaptation of the best-seller by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts had a curious TV history. Originally announced in 1978 as a four-hour movie to be called "The Day America Died", with a stellar cast of TV personalit
First Blood (1982) as Colonel Trautman
A soft-spoken Vietnam vet drifts into a small town looking for no trouble, but finds it in the form of a psychotic local sheriff who finds pleasure in hating him for no reason. After being locked up in the local jail, he escapes into the nearby forest where he becomes a one-man army bent on revenge
Body Heat (1981) as Edmund Walker
A femme fatale seduces a Florida lawyer and convinces him to kill her husband.
Ordeal of Bill Carney, The (1981) as Mason Rose
The landmark court battle waged by a real-life quadriplegic for the custody of his children is recounted in this drama. Ray Sharkey is Carney, who was injured in an accident during weekend maneuvers with the Army Reserve, and Richard Crenna his attorney, Mason Rose, himself a pariplegic. Curiously,
Fugitive Family (1980) as Brian Roberts
Undercover Justice Department agent Richard Crenna fingers syndicate czar Mel Ferrer and is forced into the government's witness protection program to escape mob vengeance when Ferrer's successor, Don Murray, puts out a contract on his life. Eli Wallach is a vintner who takes in Murray and his famil
Death Ship (1980) as Captain Trevor Marshall
Wild Horse Hank (1979) as Bradford, Pace
A teenage girl (Hank) tries to save a herd of wild horses from a local gang intending on capturing and selling them for dogmeat. Unfortunately the nearest Federal land where the horses will be safe lies one hundred and fifty miles away, over badlands and a mountain range. Based on the novel "The Wild Horse Killers".
Stone Cold Dead (1979) as Sergeant Boyd
Mayflower: The Pilgrim's Adventure (1979) as William Brewster
A recounting of the ordeals and conflicts faced by the Mayflower's crew and passengers, with Anthony Hopkins and Richard Crenna representing the opposing outlooks. Originally titled "The Voyage of the Mayflower," it covers much of the same ground as the 1952 theatrical movie, "Plymouth Adventure," w
Fire In The Sky, A (1978) as Jason Voight
A fiery comet is hurtling toward Phoenix, Arizona, and an astronomer's desperate warnings fall on deaf ears among city officials.
Evil, The (1978) as C J
Richard Crenna fra First Blood har hovedrollen i denne grøsseren fra 1978. Et gammelt "kråkeslott" har stått tomt i mange år, og ingen i distriktet så mye som tør å nærme seg det. Uvitende om husets rykte leier Crenna og hans kone huset for sommeren. Sammen med noen venner begynner de å sette huset i stand igjen, men de får bittert erfare hvilke krefter som hersker der. Når fellen slår igjen og huset nådeløst fanger sine inntrengere, er det som om alle er utlevert til de onde kreftene som hersker i natten.
First You Cry (1978) as David Towers
A dramatization of the true story of NBC news correspondent Betty Rollin and her experience with a mastectomy that shook her emotions, her marriage and her outlook on life. Fredric March's widow, Florence Eldridge, made a rare acting appearance as Rollin's mother in one of the only jobs she has ever
Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (1978) as Mike Barry
A chiller involving a suburban family which falls under the spell of a dog imbued with the spirit of the devil.
War Between the Tates, The (1977) as Brian Tate
A small-town college professor's wife discovers that he is having an affair with one of his students, and he is forced to resolve a crisis in his once orderly life. Barbara Turner's adaptation of Alison Lurie's book won her an Emmy Award nomination.
Breakheart Pass (1975) as Richard Fairchild
A U.S. Marshall tries to bring in a captured outlaw during a treacherous train ride.
Girl Named Sooner, A (1975) as R J "Mac" Mchenry
A drama about an abandoned young girl, raised in the hill country of Indiana by an eccentric bootlegging old crone, who becomes the ward of a childless couple.
Honky Tonk (1974) as Candy Johnson
Loosely based on the Clark Gable/Lana Turner/Claire Trevor 1941 movie (at least the character names of the principals match), this light-hearted Western follows the exploits of two hapless con-men operating in the boom towns of the Old West.
Nightmare (1974) as Howard Faloon
A thriller involving a murder witness who, unable to convince police that the killer is in the apartment across the courtyard from his, realizes that he is the sniper's next target.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull (1973) as Voice Of Parent
Jonathan is sick and tired of the boring life in his sea-gull clan. He rather experiments with new, always more daring flying techniques. Since he doesn't fit in, the elders expel him from the clan. So he sets out to discover the world beyond the horizon in quest for wisdom.
Man Called Noon, The (1973) as Noon
Double Indemnity (1973) as Walter Neff
A TV remake of Billy Wilder's film classic (1944) about a scheming wife who inveigles an insurance agent into helping her bump off her husband and of the dogged investigator, the agent's boss, who stalks them after deciding that the man's death was not accidental.
Shootout In A One Dog Town (1973) as Zack Wells
This lean western with overtones of "High Noon" finds a small-town banker pitted against a vicious gang who will stop at nothing to steal the $200,000 in his vault.
Footsteps (1972) as Paddy O'Connor
A win-or-else coach, hired to whip a small college football team into shape, finds himself in trouble with professional gamblers who plan to set the odds of the squad's success.
Un flic (1972) as Simon
A bank robbery in small town ends with one of the robbers being wounded.
Catlow (1971) as [Marshal Ben] Cowan
An outlaw tries to avoid both his friend, the marshal, and a sadistic bounty hunter in order to hijack a mule train loaded with two million dollars in gold. Based on the novel by Louis L'Armour.
Doctors' Wives (1971) as [Dr.] Pete Brennan
Dyan Cannon, Richard Crenna, Gene Hackman, Carroll O''Connor, Rachel Roberts, Janice Rule, Diana Sands, Cara Williams, Richard Anderson, Ralph Bellamy, John Colicos, Scott Brady. Frank G. Slaughter''s best selling novel of infidelity in the hospital ward becomes an enjoyably lurid soap opera sparked by the performances of Cara Williams as an alcoholic, Janice Rule as a drug-addicted housewife, and Dyan Cannon as a sexually voracious maneater
Red Sky at Morning (1971) as Frank Arnold
A young boy adjusts to moving to a new town, as the experiences and people he meets mature him unexpectedly.
The Deserter (1971) as Col. Wade Brown
A young soldier's resilience is tested and his loyalties divided when he joins the French Foreign Legion during the Algerian uprising against France.
Spina Dorsale del Diavola, La (1971) as Major Brown
Bitter over his wife's death due to what he believes was army negligence, Capt. Viktor Kaleb deserts the cavalry and disappears into the southwestern wasteland. But when marauding Apaches set up a stronghold just out of the cavalry's reach in Mexico, Kaleb is given amnesty in exchange for leading a small band of especially trained soldiers to wipe out the Indian stronghold.
Thief (1971) as Neal Wilkinson
A suave professional burglar wants to break with his criminal past but is forced to pull one last job to make good on a gambling debt. Winner of the 1971 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America as the Best TV Suspense Film, and nominated for an Emmy as Best Written Original Drama of 1971.
Marooned (1969) as Jim Pruett
Three U.S. astronauts face a slow death when their rockets fail during a space voyage.
Midas Run (1969) as Mike Warden
Star! (1968) as Richard Aldrich
Gertrude Lawrence rises to stage stardom at the cost of happiness.
Wait Until Dark (1967) as Mike Talman
A blind woman fights against drug smugglers who''ve invaded her home.
Made in Paris (1966) as Herb Stone
A young fashion designer is transformed by her first trip to Paris.
The Sand Pebbles (1966) as Captain Collins
A naval engineer stationed in 1926 China defies local authorities to rescue a group of missionaries.
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! (1965) as John Goldfarb
A former Notre Dame football star crash lands over a mythical Arabian country while on spy mission to the USSR. He is then forced by the football-obsessed king of that country to coach their football team and falls in love with an American reporter covering stories there.
Over-Exposed (1956) as Russell Bassett
Our Miss Brooks (1956) as Walter Denton
A high school teacher has to rescue the professor she loves from his grasping mother.
The Pride of St. Louis (1952) as Paul "Daffy" Dean
Red Skies of Montana (1952) as Charles Noxon
It Grows on Trees (1952) as Ralph Bowen
The Baxters are a typical happy American family trying to live on too little money. Mrs. Polly Baxter acquires two mysterious trees that got into a nursery shipment by mistake. Guess what: they turn out to be money trees! After initial problems, Polly decides to spend the money. But there's one logical consequence of money grown on trees that no one's considered.

Director (special)

Allison Sidney Harrison (1983) as Director
The story, set in San Francisco, depicts the adventures of Allison Sidney Harrison, a high school student who teams with her wealthy private detective father, David Harrison, to solve crimes. In the pilot episode, Allison and David team to solve the murder of a beautiful woman (Valerie Parker) in wh
Hoyt Axton Show, The (1981) as Director
The story of Del Parsons, a constantly-on-the-road country and western singer-musician, who is forced by the death of his wife to settle down and raise his three estranged children. In the pilot, set in California, Del struggles to adjust to his new responsibilities and begin his new business -- co
Cheerleaders, The (1976) as Director
The silly comings and goings of Snowy, B.J., and Beverly, three fun-loving high school girls. The pilot episode focuses on the girls, members of the cheerleading team, as they perform embarrassing pledge week antics for a sorority house they hope to join.
Cap'n Ahab (1965) as Director
At the reading of a will, Tillie Meeks, a Southern girl, and Maggie Feeney, her distant cousin, a showgirl, inherit a New York townhouse, a large sum of money, and Cap'n Ahab, a ninety-seven-year-old parrot. The would-be series was to relate their misadventures as they attempt to keep their newfoun

Cast (special)

A musical tribute to the World War II generation, the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and a 10th anniversary salute to the veterans of Desert Storm. The concert also honors former P.O.W.s of the Korean War and those who served in Vietnam.
American Veteran Awards (2001) as Award Recipient
Coverage of the American Veteran Awards presentation.
I Love Lucy -- 50th Anniversary Special (2001)
Special celebrating the 50th anniversary of the television series "I Love Lucy," starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The program takes an in-depth look at the show's stars, its creation and its impact on television. Highlights include stories from original "I Love Lucy" writers Madelyn Pugh Davis,
Seedy Side of Plants, The (1999) as Narration
Reveals how plants disperse their seeds with the assistance of humans and other animals.
Guest artists perform with the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of conductor Erich Kunzel live from the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building.
Steve McQueen: The E! True Hollywood Story (1998) as Interviewee
Profile of actor Steve McQueen, from reform-school teen to box-office star, from his three marriages, drug use and obsession with race cars to his death from cancer in 1980.
Cold Case (1997) as Host
Reality-based program focusing on three unsolved homicides from police departments around the country. Actual detectives are followed as they investigate their most perplexing cases, giving viewers the opportunity to explore the entire police files on each case by downloading the materials on their
Las Vegas (1996) as Narration
Two-part documentary exploring the history and future of Las Vegas, Nevada. Part 1, entitled "Gamble on the Desert," chronicles the early history of Las Vegas. Part 2, "House of Cards," picks up in the late 1950's and traces the decline and subsequent rebirth of the downtown area.
Atlantis: In Search of a Lost Continent (1996) as Host
Documentary exploring the legend of Atlantis. The mystery of its people and their life is examined by underwater researchers, archaeologists and mythologists. Advanced digital imagery recreates what Atlantis might have been and where it might be located today.
Chasing India's Monsoon (1994) as Narration
A documentary focusing on Indian monsoons, the annual storms that occur after several months of sweltering heat, and which are characterized by blackened skies, torrential rains, lightning, thunder and winds.
Bermuda Triangle: Secrets Revealed, The (1994) as Host
Documentary special tracing the legend of the Bermuda Triangle and the theories used to explain the strange phenomena occurring in this area of the Atlantic Ocean, where hundreds of ships and airplanes and more than 1,000 people have disappeared.
Wild West, The (1993) as Voice Of Bat Masterson
A five-part, 10-hour documentary depicting the "Wild West." Uses still photographs and voice-over narration.
Hearts of Hot Shots! Part Deux - A Filmmaker's Apology (1993)
A mock documentary that follows the making of "Hot Shots! Part Deux," chronicling the mounting pressures on director Jim Abrahams as he attempts to finish the follow-up to the 1991 movie "Hot Shots!" In addition to clips from "Hot Shots! Part Deux," the special spoofs traditional behind-the-scenes s
Beautiful Killers (1991) as Narration
A documentary focusing on the killer whale. The program also examines the controversy about the capture of the whales and their quality of life in aquariums.
Citizen Carter (1991) as Host
A documentary on former President Jimmy Carter.
Keepers of Eden, The (1990) as Narration
A presentation of "The Infinite Voyage" series of documentaries. Travels to new zoos that are engaged in the fight for the survival of endangered species and the study of animal behavior patterns.
Fifteenth Annual Circus of the Stars (1990) as Ringmaster
A special in which celebrities with no prior professional circus experience perform circus feats.
Mort Sahl: The Loyal Opposition (1989) as Narration
A documentary featuring a career profile of Mort Sahl, one of the most influential forces in contemporary stand-up humor. The film traces Sahl's 35-year career as America's leading political satirist from the days of Eisenhower, Nixon, and McCarthy and through the Bush administration.
47th Annual Golden Globes (1989)
A live telecast of the 47th annual Golden Globe Awards presented by the the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for achievement in film and television.
12th Annual People's Choice Awards, The (1986)
An awards ceremony honoring America's favorite performers in the fields of television, motion pictures, and music hosted by John Denver.
World Of Audubon: Woodstork (1984) as Narration
A documentary that examines the progressive deterioration of the Everglades due to encroachment by human beings upon the resources that wildlife needs for survival.
London and Davis in New York (1984) as John Greyson Davis
The exploits of John Greyson Davis, a journalist, and Claudia London, a photographer, who, besides being lovers, also make up a world-renowned photojournalism team. In the pilot episode, London and Davis comb New York City seeking "The Bachelor Killer."
World Of Audubon: Woodstork (1984) as Host
A documentary that examines the progressive deterioration of the Everglades due to encroachment by human beings upon the resources that wildlife needs for survival.
Daniel Boone (1981) as Voice Of Daniel Boone
An animated special that presents highlights of the life of Daniel Boone, the famous American trailblazer -- from his early childhood years in North Carolina, his love affair with Rebecca Bryan, their courtship, marriage and family life, his work in settling the Kentucky region, and his exploits dur
Musical Comedy Tonight (1981)
Hit numbers from Broadway are restaged via four plays: "Finian's Rainbow" (1947), "South Pacific" (1949), "Sweet Charity" (1966) and "Lady in the Dark" (1941).
Joshua's World (1980) as Dr Joshua Torrance
The pilot story, set in the small town of Strawee, Arkansas in the '30s, follows the experiences of Joshua Torrance, a doctor whose practice is jeopardized by his opposition to racism as he attempts to treat blacks as equals.
CBS: On the Air (1978) as Co-Host
The Columbia Broadcasting System celebrates its first fifty years of radio and television broadcasting.
Lily Tomlin Show, The (1973)
An hour of music, songs, and comedy with actress-comedienne Lily Tomlin in her first TV special.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Intruders (1992) as Dr Neil Chance
A two-part miniseries based on purportedly true cases. A hospital psychiatrist is drawn into the world of UFO abductions when he tries to help two women unravel the mysteries surrounding harrowing events in their lives.
Internal Affairs (1988) as Lieutenant Detective Frank Janek
A miniseries about a skilled police detective in a case involving the strange, sadistic murder of a young prostitute who has been killed in exactly the same fashion as a young nightclub singer in Saigon during the Vietnam War. At the same time, the detective attempts to ferret out corruption in the
On Wings Of Eagles (1986) as H Ross Perot
A five-hour, two-part miniseries, based on Ken Follett's best-seller, that tells the fact-based story of how Texas industrialist, H. Ross Perot, enlisted the aid of legendary ex-Army Colonel Arthur E. "Bull" Simons to lead a daring mission into Iran to rescue two Perot employees held captive after t
Doubletake (To Be Deleted) (1985) as Frank Janek
A New York cop is challenged by a bizarre double murder in which two women, a prostitute and a prim teacher, are killed on the same night, decapitated, and their heads switched, in this two-part four-hour thriller based on William Bayer's bestseller, "Switch." The book's title also was to have been

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

To Serve and Protect (1999) as Howard
Based on the true story of five generations of New York City Irish cops, this miniseries follows a family through their struggles and accomplishments with the New York Police Department.
And the Sea Will Tell (1991) as Vincent Bugliosi
A two-part miniseries based on the book by Vincent Bugliosi, dramatizing the true story of two very different couples involved in a mysterious double murder on a deserted island off Hawaii and the puzzling, sensational trial that followed.

Cast (short)

From Paris - Your Reporter Richard Crenna (1966)
This promotional short film takes a look at the outfits designed for the motion picture, "Made in Paris" (1966).

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