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Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford



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  • One of my favorites!

    • Michael Craft
    • 2019-02-13

    Definitely one of the great actresses and stars of the the classic Hollywood era. Some people think she was just a star and not an actress, but I highly doubt anyone with no acting talent could've stayed on the scene for over 40 years.

  • Amazing Actress! .

    • Kallie
    • 2018-05-27

    Joan was an amazing actress, something Christina was not! I believe Joan like any mother was not perfect, but I do believe she loved her kids, and Christina was nothing more then a self absorbed, entitled bitch who was jealous of Joan's career, something Christina could never have!

  • joan crawford silents

    • mike descoteaux
    • 2018-02-19

    it would be awfully great if you would play more joan crawford silents. i dont mean the ones that are played over and over. such as, our dancing daughters. a few yrs back tcm played west point. A gem to see. i had heard that you guys have her film taxi dancer yet you don't play it. also, whats the hold up with letty lynton? (talkie). please play more of her silents. she made so many. it's time to get them out of the vault before they rot

  • Joan crawford

    • Darshana
    • 2017-10-22

    Joan crawford was a great actress. I love all of her movies. Such a strong personality! Love her.

  • I believe Christina

    • Jennifer
    • 2017-07-08

    I'm watching yet another depiction of Joan Crawford and her 4 kids, and the people commenting are agrivating me...I believe ALL her kids, know why? Because I'm pushing 50 and have 4 kids with ranging ages. Each of my kids, like my mother, have different views of experiences. I believe Christina and Christophers childhood was exactly as they say, and the teins are vastly different because THEY had a very different mother than the previous 2... she married someone who had money and the weight was off her at that point. We all have different seasons or stages in life and sadly Joan didn't take accountability for her years with Christina and Christopher..but anyone who can tell the truth knows, Joan was two different moms to these sets of kids. I feel very bad for Christina and Christopher.

  • Classic

    • Bryan
    • 2017-03-23

    Happy Birthday Joan!

  • In Memory of a Legendary Movie Star

    • Sheila
    • 2016-05-17

    We are disappointed that no Joan Crawford films were shown at any time last week in memory of her death. Sure think that TCM should have acknowledged in some way, of her legacy, and the remarkable great actress she was. Hopefully her movies will be shown soon.

  • Great actress who was inaccurately portrayed

    • Allen
    • 2016-03-31

    At one point, I thought of Joan Crawford of a mean, horrid, crazy monster after I've watched "Mommie dearest" several times. And I wouldn't watch any films with her in them even though I love old films. Then I started reading and hearing numerous sources indicated how innacurate and overblown the Joan Crawford (Day Dunnaway) in "Mommies Dearest" really was, and how it was all only her daughter Christina's versions of the story. The famous wire hangers scene and the savage attack on Christina as a teen never really happened anywhere close to the way shown on the film. And I read how Christina in real life had a lot of mental and emotional problems, and that Joan's other kids had stated how innacurate the movie was. Since then, I've watched several of Joan's films and have found what an endearing talented actress she was, and I've enjoyed her films. Joan was a great, charming actress who got very unfairly portrayed. However, the only part of the film that was true was the part where Christine was cut out of the will.

  • Joan Crawford: STAR to end all stars.

    • Frank
    • 2016-03-09

    What a super movie feast today for us Joan Crawford fans. There will Never be another larger than life movie star like Joan! Her legacy and greatness is simply unmatched to this day.

  • Joan Crawford is a GREAT actress !

    • Clara
    • 2016-03-02

    She was a great actress, STOP with your partial opinions ! We will never know if she was a bad mother or not, just focus on her amazing career! Furthermore, she had never the chance to defend herself (ok personaly, I think Christina Crawford is a liar)

  • TCM Joan Crawford marathon

    • Suzanne
    • 2015-08-11

    I thought this was the most spectacular marathon of Joan Crawford films I have ever seen represented on TCM. You captured her from the beginning of her career to the her final film performance. I loved watching her face and voice evolve over so many decades her beauty still in tact. The movie Trog is simply awful but she did the best she could with a terrible script. What I find so poignant is her final scene, pushing a microphone away from her then walking away. That sums up the end of her career - she had it with film and publicity and wanted to live a quiet life that final take says it all. I met her when I was 14 years old in Boston when she released a book as I was such a fan. Watching the colorized films showed her sparkling blue eyes as when I met her. My father wanted to take a photo - I begged him not to. I regret that decision as Joan was simply marvelous. I adore her to this day for her film work, reinventing herself and her work as a businesswoman. We didn't know about "branding" in the 50s but she saw an opportunity and milked showing the Pepsi brand in every film for all it was worth and for that I admire her. For the gifts she gave us an actress and the legacy she left in film I applaud her as we all should.

  • hideous Joan Crawford

    • john
    • 2014-10-03

    Joan Crawford was an abusive evil monster who fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Everytime she got abusive, she got uglier and uglier. She was OBVIOUSLY VERY ABUSIVE. She has to be the ugliest person in her new home in hell......

  • a goddess

    • britt
    • 2014-08-25

    Joan Crawford could play any role and be amazing in it! She was a true STAR. She was beyond beautiful, from her Hollywood begining in 1925, up to her death in 1977. She played every character as if they would be her next Mildred Pierce. Ive been addicted to her movies since i was little. Starting with Baby Jane and going from there. She deserves to be remembered as the amazing star she was

  • One of the Best!

    • Michael
    • 2014-01-10

    No one could've started in the silent era and lasted til the early 70's without any acting talent! Joan had that and more!

  • Legend

    • Sara
    • 2013-12-12

    Wonderful actress and human being. As her fans use to say: "They don't make them like you anymore, baby!"

  • Joan Crawford

    • David Green
    • 2012-01-29

    THE greatest actress in Hollywood history. We will never see the likes of her again.

  • Joan is Hollywood

    • Pam
    • 2011-08-22

    Everything about Joan Crawford says "classic Hollywood" she is simply out of this world. We will never see anyone like her. She is like a piece of art, something magical! Hollywood today is so lackluster and boring. Thanks for having such a great channel and website. Classic film shall always be available for everyone to enjoy.

  • Great actress

    • Matthew
    • 2011-07-08

    Great actress

  • Joan Crawford: Queen of the Silver Screen

    • Matthew Wayne
    • 2011-05-06

    Many descriptions come to mind when I think of the late, great Miss Crawford: Strong, courageous, tenacious, beautiful, appreciative, over-the-top, campy, persistant, and of course, glamourous! Joan is simply one of - if not the greatest star to grace the silver screen. She is such a talent ... I mean just watch Mildred Pierce, Possessed, Humoresque, or The Women; she is one of the greatest actresses ever! Sadly, Joan will always been known for the immortal words, "No wire hangers!" This statement is certain, but hasn't see earned her place in Hollywood history. The answer is very, very simple - YES! Sure, she was the empress of bad moms - but she one of the greatest leading ladies to every walk the halls of MGM. She is just spectacular as an actress and style icon. A true diva and legend.


    • BusterCrawford
    • 2011-02-13

    With TCM's help, I've seen almost all of Joan's films, except for some silents, which sadly, have not been shown. I've also seen most films of Joan's contemporaries. For talent, beauty, and vitality, Joan is to me, the BEST, beyond compare! She was well loved and respected by the classier of her co-workers: John Wayne, Ann Blyth, Robert Young, Clark Gable, and Myrna Loy, to name a few. Anyone who has criticized her through the years is just plain nasty, and the motivation is usually envy or jealousy. Please show the silents which have not been shown, and please , let's have a premiere of LETTY LYNTON!

  • Joan Crawford was mesmerizing...

    • Burt Hanson
    • 2011-01-07

    Joan Crawford was a self made and utterly unique creation. She was an absolutely gifted actress. People still write books about Joan (three in the last few years), and she is someone that many classic film aficionados still talk about; she was underrated at times, definitely maligned, but history is looking ever more favorably on Miss Crawford, as a person, and as an actress that (I think) was way ahead of her time. She was, perhaps, not classically beautiful, but when she was on screen you could see nothing else - she was mesmerizing. When all is said and done, I (for one) am happy that Joan Crawford will live forever on film. TCM, thank you for playing Miss Crawford’s pictures. Burt

  • All Crawford Films

    • Keith Wright
    • 2010-12-12

    No actress has ever mesmerized me quite like Joan. No matter the vehicle, you simply can't take your eyes off of her beauty and unquestionable talent (so there Bette Davis). Please play some of Joan's less televised films such as ""The Story of Esther Costello", "Goodbye Mr. Fancy", "I Saw What You Did", and "Della". I love you TCM, and thanks for broadening my horizons on the great films of yesteryear. More Joanie PLEASE!

  • Crawford's the Best

    • Steve
    • 2010-10-19

    I love watching almost all the great golden age screen queens, but Joan is truly one of the most entertaining. No matter what she is in, and they put her in some real stinkers, she just shines. No matter how many times I see her or the particular movie she is in, I can't take my eyes off her. She's just fascinating and I'm not sure I can think of any actress today who matches that quality. That's probably why more thabn 30 years after her death, we all still take sides about Joan, and discuss her as though she were the most current and controversial actress on the planet. I think she'd just love that and she certainly desreves it. As far as her daughter goes, it's interesting that over time, other opinions are being voiced (quotes from Myrna Loy in a recent biography of Joan) that paint Christina in a different light--spoiled, self centered, undisciplined, that lead me to believe that Mommie Dearest is hardly "gospel". Still, I'd love to see Harriet Craig or some of the rest of Joan's less well known movies---and how about not showing them only at 3am?? There are lots of Crawford fans out there and frankly, if I don't see another John Wayne movie for a few years, I'll be ok. We don't need to see him every weekend, do we? Please more Joan!

  • Joan Crawford

    • 2010-09-29

    Joan Crawford was a beautiful woman, and a great actress who always gave an excellent performance. Many people are critical of her personal life, but that does not alter the fact that she was a great actress!

  • The Timeless Woman

    • Gabriel
    • 2010-07-28

    It is quite tragic that Crawford has not been dubbed as the artist of our lifetimes. She is timeless and pure. She suffered for her art and her creations, and characterized what it was and should be then and now. A woman who lived and breathed stardom, and you justly worked for it, and justly felt nothing but gratitude to her fans. That she is still commonplace to many movie goers vocabularies, is a true; yet faint, testament to her unaltered status as an actress. It is my true and honest opinion that Joan Crawford was nothing less than the greatest actress, above all actors, who has ever been or will be.

  • Happy Birthday Joan!

    • Angie
    • 2010-03-23

    Why don't you celebrate Joan Crawford's birthday on TCM? I know you have done it in the past and it was wonderful! It's too bad you don't do it anymore. I'm a huge Joan Crawford fan, and I know I'm not the only one. She is true classic Hollywood and deserves recognition. Joan loved her fans, so please continue showing her films. I love you TCM, but when you show Joan films, I love you even more! Ha!

  • more variety please

    • HG
    • 2010-03-03

    I'd like to request that TCM show more Joan movies that haven't received much channel play. It's great whenever a Joan movie comes on but it would be sweeter if it were a rarely aired film... especially one from the 30s. "Letty Lynton", anyone?

  • Joan the actress

    • Jenni
    • 2010-02-01

    I just saw Johnny Guitar the other day, on tcm of coarse! And it was truly wonderful. I can see why this movie has such a huge following! The colors were so vivid and Joan was so great! For those who think she wasn't an "actress" just a movie star, are clearly blind. It's silly to say she wasn't an actress, she was acting and she was very good at it.

  • New fan

    • Cate
    • 2010-02-01

    I did not know that Joan Crawford was in silent movies!? I would love to see some, will you be playing any? I am so curious, I have only seen pictures of her in the 1920's and I think she was lovely.

  • One of my faves.

    • RV
    • 2010-01-30

    I especially like her later films. Mildred Pierce, Humoresque, A Woman's Face, Johnny Guitar are classics.


    • TheMerm
    • 2010-01-26

    My all-time favorite!!!

  • Box set

    • Nathaniel
    • 2010-01-22

    I too am wondering about the next Joan Crawford box set? Will there ever be another? I hope so. Joan made so many movies and the public deserves to see them. I always look forward to her movies on your channel, but it would be nice to own more movies with Joan.

  • We love Joan! :)

    • Crystal
    • 2010-01-22

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ever so much for showing "The Bride Wore Red" I have not had the pleasure of seeing this one yet, so I am getting my popcorn ready! You are the best channel period.

  • Third Joan Crawford box set?

    • Karen
    • 2009-11-06

    When is the third box set coming? I love the first two I have. I even bought the box sets for my parents! Joan made so many movies and they deserve to be available in awesome box sets. Joan Crawford will always be one of the greatest movie stars!

  • Crawford the great

    • Nic
    • 2009-11-05

    To me, Joan Crawford was one of the most elegant and glamorous women on the screen. She had a spectacular presence and charm. In her early career, she was devastatingly pretty with a carefree attitude later maturing into an increasingly more alluring and sensual image. She deserves to be given the respect and credit due for her large body of work. Sure she starred in some lame films but who among her rank hasn't? In practically every movie she bares those signature sparkling facets that I've come to love her for. She is the definition of a glamorous movie queen and she clearly didn't wish to be seen in any other light. How amazing it is that she managed to achieve so much in spite of being born into so little. Her determination, drive and dedication are qualities that set her apart from the crowd and I admire her for that. Long live Joan Crawford.

  • Love for Joan Crawford

    • Alessandra
    • 2009-10-05

    Is there anyone more legendary than Joan Crawford? I have loved her in everything I have seen her in. I own both of her box sets, and I hope that more box sets will be released. She made so many films, it would be a shame not to release her films in a delightful manner. Thanks to you for keeping her memory alive!

  • why low ratings??

    • Patrick
    • 2009-10-01

    why are joan's ratings so low?? she was a great star.

  • Joan fan

    • Ray
    • 2009-09-26

    Joan Crawford is one of the best of classic Hollywood. She is Hollywood! Thanks for showing her films and for recognizing her greatness! You are my favorite channel.

  • Better than These Ratings!

    • Riccardo
    • 2009-09-25

    I'm really not a huge Joan Crawford fan. I thought she won way to many Oscars, and her Mildred Peirce, overrated too...but my wife disagrees with me. Her work with Bette Davis is truly wonderful...and shows she's quite a capable actress...though Bette didn't like her much! Where my wife and I do agree is that these TCM ratings are way too low...grossly so. Perhaps not enough people have seen her work. She deserves to be rated higher than this.

  • Joan Crawford fan

    • Isabelle
    • 2009-08-13

    Yes! More Joan movies from the 1930's! That is my favorite era, and I haven't seen many of Joan Crawford. I'm more familiar with Joan Crawford of the 1950's, but I just discovered her earlier work and I can't believe how long her career lasted! I just bought two biographies on her, and look forward to watching more of her early movies.

  • old joan movies

    • angie
    • 2009-08-12

    are great! Thanks for showing a Joan double feature today. I only wish it happened more often! Joanie was so pretty in Forsaking All Others and Love on the Run. Please show more of her old movies from the 30s... I'd love to see them!

  • Joan Crawford

    • Ashley
    • 2009-08-12

    She was one of the greatest stars in Hollywood, and a pioneer. She was gorgeous and delightful to watch. A true force of nature. I enjoy her in most everything she is in, and when you show her movies, I always tune in to watch! She is unforgettable and has the most mesmerizing eyes. She shines and shines... thank you TCM!

  • Thanks for showing Joan films

    • Katy
    • 2009-08-05

    Joan Crawford has always been one of my favorite classic film stars! She was always entertaining and lovely to watch. She always seemed bigger than life, and genuinely grateful. I will never forget the first time I saw her in "Dancing Lady" she was so gorgeous! Her eyes are so big and breathtaking... love her!

  • Joan fan

    • Megan
    • 2009-08-03

    I'm excited about "Love On The Run" it will be my first time seeing this one! Thanks for playing early Joan movies.

  • Some people are still on a witch hunt.

    • Wally Fay
    • 2009-07-24

    Granted, “Johnny Guitar” was not well received upon release, but that said, the film directed by Nicholas Ray, has been subsequently hailed as a masterpiece. With its hallucinogenic visual qualities, the film is a parody and searing condemnation of the witch hunts perpetrated on the American public by The House of Un-American Activities. Moreover, “Johnny Guitar” is a study in role reversal, and a magnum opus to people who find themselves on the outside of society – in that, the film’s heroine, excellently played by Joan Crawford is inspired (if not prophetic) in its casting. “Johnny Guitar,” only grows in popularity with each passing year – for a person to say it reminds them of, “playground equipment that looks like rocks for kids to climb on,” exposes a mind too simplistic and narrow to ever be an effective or credible “reviewer.”

  • More stupidity on the Crawford page.

    • Burt Pierce
    • 2009-07-24

    To say that the Redgrave sister’s pathetic version of “Baby Jane” was better than the original, is about as dumb as saying that, “Bette Davis was convincing as a virgin.” The hackneyed television script which transports the Hudson sisters into the present as has-been sixties icons was P A I N F U L to watch: Vanessa, playing Blanche like she was carved out of wood, and Lynn, as Jane, camping it up in her psychedelic mini; both trying desperately to put that feeble rework over, while also putting some distance between their portrayals, and those of the original stars. The Redgrave’s version was worthy of its “T.V. Movie of the Week” position; wedged somewhere between “The Gong Show” and “Brady Bunch” reruns. Neither of the Redgraves could convincingly lay claim to being in the same galaxy as the original stars. Crawford, as Blanche, was sensitive, understated, and a fully developed character. Davis was also excellent in the original “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane,” acting the part that she knew best, which was playing herself: a gorgon. The original “Baby Jane” played on the theme of fading stars from Hollywood’s Golden Era, which Crawford and Davis personified. Robert Aldrich took advantage of Crawford and Davis’s “Golden Era” status by incorporating clips from their early films – which added substance and weight to the film. Conversely, the only thing “golden” about the Redgraves are their big British teeth.

  • Joan Crawford Review

    • LeslyeMould
    • 2009-07-23

    When I saw "Johnny Guitar" I thought about playground equipment that looks like rocks for kids to climb on. I hoped the acting would be better than the settings but was disappointed. The costumes Joan Crawford wore looked like designer fashions for walking down Hollywood Blvd., not for a western film. I watched both versions of "Whatever Happened to...?" also. Once I saw how great Vanessa Redgrave's performance as Blanche Hudson was, it really pointed out the weaknesses of Crawford's performance of the similar role. Then I saw "Strait Jacket" and that was the last nail in the coffin for me. I'm way into classic acting, not just classic films. Crawford's in a different league and it's not the same one with Lillian Gish, Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo. Not even close.

  • On Joan Crawford

    • Wilmma
    • 2009-07-22

    Admittedly, there are films I've watched with Joan Crawford in them that I like a lot. ("Gorgeous Hussy," for example). She was cast with quite an array of golden era classic actors who are some of my favorite ones. Usually, I find that Crawford's character, or Crawford's performance, is the weak spot in such films. Her style hasn't yet convinced me she's in character. I certainly respect her for all of the work she did. But the way I view it is real similar to deciding if I prefer Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire (or like both). I wind up liking to watch Astaire but still find him too aloof to relate to. Kind of uppity. Gene Kelly comes off to me as much more every day, real, and down to earth. With Joan Crawford, no matter what film she's in, I sense an arrogance coming from her that distances or turns me off. I've still more films she's in to watch.

  • Review for Joan Crawford

    • RaphaelFerris
    • 2009-07-21

    From what I've discovered about Joan Crawford, she was very much into being a celebrity. She enjoyed being stopped in public to sign autographs for fans. Crawford was also part of Bette Davis' brain child, the Hollywood Canteen, during WWII. I admire her for being involved in those sorts of generous efforts. As for her filmed performances, I've yet to be impressed. I suppose her style of performing isn't the classic style that I prefer. It seems to me that Joan Crawford was more of what is now known as a 'method actor' who actually plays themself more than going into character to play a scripted role. I'm not into any of the films where central characters are performed by method actors. That is why I prefer classic films. The majority of them, that I have watched, do not employ method actors. Instead, the classic actors went very deeply beyond or away from their real selves into other characters. When they do that, the great classic actors take me along with them.

  • TCM's Classics & Joan Crawford

    • Brossard
    • 2009-07-17

    I'd like to thank the programmers at TCM for not being moved away (too much) from the real classics. I've read many of the requests on the suggestion site and it seems strange to request films in print, that aren't classics, and are easy to rent or buy. Films that Miss Crawford appear in aren't necessarily or always classics. I appreciate that TCM limits their programming to those that are (no matter who is playing in them). There's one reason I turn TCM on: to watch classic movies.

  • Crawford Films

    • freddie8
    • 2009-07-16

    One of the few places that Miss Crawford's films are broadcast is TCM. That shows the network's diversity. I'm more a fan of TCM than I am of Joan Crawford, but I still like seeing her films. Thanks TCM.

  • Support for TCM

    • Sharon.Preeves
    • 2009-07-16

    Thanks TCM for showing the classics. Thanks for including Crawford films.

  •'re cheap and horrible!

    • Mildred Pierce
    • 2009-07-15

    It’s pretty clear, that no matter how many positive things are said about Joan Crawford, that there are a contingent of people on TCM posting their negative comments at (roughly) a two to one ratio, in order to knock her ratings down. Some of us love Miss Crawford – love her despite what ever bile has been dredged up, or will be dredged up. Perhaps they are trying to convert us to their way of thinking, but if they are, their attempts are unconvincing. They say her acting style is “just not classic.” We’re somewhat dumbfounded by that assertion, because she was in step with the majority of other actors of her period (see: Grand Hotel). We’re baffled when she’s called “ugly,” (which is clearly inappropriate) as she was one of the most photographed faces in the world and renowned for her beauty (see: Humoresque). We’re stupefied when her trade mark 1940’s shoulder pads are ridiculed as being “fake,” when they became the fashion norm for women through the ‘40’s and well into the ‘50’s (thanks to Joan and her designer, Adrian) (see: any film from the mid ‘40’s to the mid ‘50s).

  • With this money, I can get away from you...

    • Veda Pierce
    • 2009-07-15

    We’re out and out annoyed when people dismiss her astonishing career, which spanned over fifty years and some eighty plus pictures. Her work earned her a “Best Actress” award as decided by The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, and earned her the tenth position on the list of most influential actresses of all time, as decided by The American Film Institute. Most of all, though, we’re astonished at the endless reign of negativity, which is showered on Miss Crawford by TCM “reviewers” with virtually no attempt to balance their comments; they use vulgar personal attacks, and base their opinions almost entirely on a specious novel (where the author’s credibility has been called into question (including by two of her siblings) time and time again). There isn’t an actor or actress alive who does not have skeletons in (at least) one of their closets.

  • It takes a woman to fix a man's mess...

    • Ida Corwin
    • 2009-07-15

    Choosing to use your energy to perpetuate a negative and unproven allegation could be used on just about any actor, actress, or person – it is cheap tabloid garbage. Furthermore, Miss Crawford was NEVER given the opportunity to defend herself, her reputation, or her honor, because the novel (even though it was written BEFORE), was published after her death – forever denying her the chance at rebuttal. It is as though people have taken it on as their charge, to eternally punish a woman that was denied a fair trial, which is shameful, undignified, cruel, and woefully ignorant. It is my express wish that people should use their energies to prop up one of their much loved actors or actresses, rather than use them to cut one down, based on some pathetic book, film, or personal belief – being positive is better Karma. More importantly, though, you should be put on notice that the keyboard, like the sword, cuts both ways. Perhaps someone with an ax to grind will start posting things on TCM that you don’t like about your favorite “classic” actor or actress – wouldn’t that infuriate you?

  • Joan fan

    • Nicole
    • 2009-07-14

    Thank you for always showing Joan Crawford movies. She is one of my favorite! I find it really strange that one person comes here to leave negative comments so often! I doubt that everyday different people come here to "review" how much Joan didn't matter in Hollywood. I think it's clear that it's one person who comes here and posts hateful things about Joan (that are not true) There are so many Joan fans. Posting negative reviews here on TCM isn't going to change peoples mind, and TCM certainly isn't going to stop showing her films! She is a huge part of Hollywood and will always remain one of the best.

  • you can go back

    • Monty
    • 2009-07-14

    It's pretty clear, that no matter how many positive things are said about Joan Crawford on TCM, that there is a small (and repetitive) contingent of people on the site posting with the dubious goal of knocking her ratings down. Some of us love Miss Crawford – love her despite what ever bile has been dredged up, or will be dredged up. Perhaps the mud-slingers are trying to shift public attitudes to their way of thinking, if so, their attempts are unconvincing.

  • Go back to making your pies

    • Monty
    • 2009-07-14

    her a "Best Actress" award as decided by The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, and earned her the tenth position on the list of most influential actresses of all time, as decided by The American Film Institute. Most of all, though, we're astonished at the endless reign of negativity, which is showered on Miss Crawford by TCM "reviewers" with virtually no attempt to balance their comments. They post vulgar personal attacks and base their opinions of Crawford almost entirely on a specious novel (where the author's credibility has been called into question (including by two of her siblings) time and time again). There isn't an actor or actress alive who does not have skeletons in (at least)

  • Go back yo making your pies

    • Monty
    • 2009-07-14

    one of their closets. Choosing to use your energy to perpetuate a negative and unproven allegation is a tactic that could be used on just about any actor, actress, or person – it is cheap tabloid garbage. Furthermore, Miss Crawford was NEVER given the opportunity to defend herself, her reputation, or her honor, because the novel (even though it was written BEFORE), was published after her death – forever denying her the chance at rebuttal. It is as though people have taken it on as their charge, to eternally punish a woman that was denied a fair

  • were through

    • Monty
    • 2009-07-14

    trial, which is shameful, undignified, cruel, and woefully ignorant. It is my express wish that people should use their energies to prop up one of their much loved actors or actresses, rather than use them to cut one down, based on some pathetic book, film, or personal belief – being positive is better Karma. More importantly, though, you should be put on notice that the keyboard, like the sword, cuts both ways. Perhaps someone with an ax to grind will start posting unflattering things about your favorite actor or actress on TCM - mightn't that infuriate you?

  • now Mildred were through

    • Monty B
    • 2009-07-14

    They say her acting style is "just not classic." We're somewhat dumbfounded by that assertion, because she was in step with the majority of other actors of her period (see: Grand Hotel). We're baffled when she's called "ugly," (which is clearly inappropriate) as she was one of the most photographed faces in the world and renowned for her beauty (see: Humoresque). We're stupefied when her trade mark 1940's shoulder pads are ridiculed as being "fake," when they became the fashion norm for women through the `40's and well into the `50's (thanks to Joan and her designer, Adrian) (see: any film from the mid `40's to the mid `50s). We're out and out annoyed when people dismiss her astonishing career, which spanned over fifty years and some eighty plus pictures. Her work earned

  • France loves Joan Crawford!

    • Catherine
    • 2009-07-13

    Joan has so many fans here is my country France! My mother has scrap books of Joan when she was a teenager! I can't believe how amazing and beautiful Joan Crawford was. I didn't know she made so many movies! I was reading about how she was the fashion ladies followed in the 1930s, and that she was the most imitated woman when it came to make-up and fashion. Sorry if my english is bad!

  • Joan Crawford is a beauty

    • Anne
    • 2009-07-13

    Joan Crawford was ahead of her time. When she comes on the screen... wow! She had such beautiful eyes, and a beautiful figure. She was a huge box office hit, and made so much money for MGM. What a dame! Joan Crawford is a true beauty.

  • Review of Joan Crawford

    • Janys
    • 2009-07-12

    Joan Crawford's status as a movie star seems questionable, at best, to me. As an actress, I'm not impressed by her early films, such as "Rain," her mid-life ones such as the Clark Gable lot, or the latter ones, which are abysmal. The fact that she got to work with some of my favorite actors means I watch those films with a good deal of interest. The films and the other actors may be classic but I wouldn't rank Joan Crawford's work as classic. But it's a matter of taste.

  • …round and round and round we go…

    • David
    • 2009-07-11

    It is apparent that when talking about Miss Crawford’s “style,” that some have obviously never seen ANY film from the 1940’s. Shoulder pads were de rigueur. Crawford and her designer, Adrian started that. Even before, her famous “Letty Lynton” gown in the 1930’s was a sensation. She was always the height of fashion and people loved her for it. Granted, Crawford was in some stinkers, even by her own admission. To dismiss her contributions so cavalierly, though, shows the shallowness of knowledge that people have of her. The American Film Institute named her as the tenth most important female star of all time – their opinion has weight. Unlike the “reviewers” here and the cheap shots they keep firing out like so much excrement. She was an Academy Award winning actress – love her – hate her – you can’t dismiss her eighty six contributions to the history of cinema.

  • Neither and Both

    • GeorgiaR
    • 2009-07-11

    I've never cared much one way or another for films with Joan Crawford in them. Some aren't too bad. Others are real bad. Still some have worthwhile performances by actors I want to watch. So I don't mind if Miss Crawford's in the mix or not. I don't identify at all with the type of woman she persistently plays. Nor do I sympathize with that type of woman. I relate far better to the co-starring women or a few of the leading men who are in the same films. A friend was talking about "Mommie Dearest" (which I haven't seen and don't intend to) and the coat hanger scene. It seems to me like the wire coat hangers were left in Miss Crawford's costumes since the shoulders stand up and point out. They look so fake. I understand she insisted on having her own dress maker design them. Since I don't know any women who dress like that, the woman she keeps playing is foreign to me and more than a bit off putting.

  • "Controversial?!"

    • Peter
    • 2009-07-11

    There are no opinions left that are too controversial where Miss Crawford is concerned, because she has been maligned in every way, shape, and form on this site many, many times. Usually, by people that are completely, and unashamedly ignorant to the basic facts about her. It’s pretty clear that the majority of the naysayers are basing their opinion of Crawford on Faye Dunaway’s pathetic performance in “Mommie Dearest,” which, by the way, was voted as the worst film and performance by a lead actress in the decade in which it was produced. Further, the film did not stay true to the book, and the contents of the book were passionately rejected as outright lies by two of Joan Crawford’s other children (yes, she had OTHER children). Additionally, if you are going to write a review, then for pity’s sake, write a REVIEW, actually watch a film, do a little research, and spare us your blather about what a horrible person Joan was – her private goings on are just not relevant to her body of work as an Academy Award winning actress, period.

  • Crawford Review

    • Auntranett
    • 2009-07-11

    There aren't words to describe my impressions of Joan Crawford. Since doing so would be too controversial I'll leave my rating in numbers. I think it might be safe enough to put into print on this website that she was a movie star who attracted a lot of attention to herself. I enjoy watching female impersonators do camp of her much more than I like any of her own performances. I appreciate that Miss Crawford has die-hard fans like the Washington Redskins do. Whether the Redskins are playing well or not, the fans remain fanatics. (I admit to being one!) Respectfully,

  • Joan the box office queen

    • Amber
    • 2009-07-11

    Joan Crawford is the ultimate movie star! Love her or hate her, history cannot be changed. She was a huge star and the public loved her. The public still loves her. Books are still being written about her, people have Joan Crawford websites, her movies are still being released and shown etc! Get over it Joan haters, there is nothing you can do about the Joan love! Thanks to TCM for having such a great website and channel.

  • Differences Between a Celebrity & Actor

    • SadieR
    • 2009-07-10

    Without a doubt Joan Crawford was a celebrity. Beyond that, the best I can write is that she was in show business. I wouldn't consider her a person with acting ability, skill or talent. Joan was doing imitations of Joan, each time I watch her in a film (when I want to see a better leading actor, instead). It's not that I mind her appearances with the real classic actors who know their crafts far better than she. I'm just not deluded or bedazzled by her celebrity. I know the difference between what good, great and classic acting is and what showing up on a set and imitating oneself is. Miss Crawford primarily did that latter. That doesn't mean her presence in films is without some value.

  • Know your stuff...

    • Dick
    • 2009-07-10

    There are many fervent beliefs where Joan Crawford is concerned. The positions that are most disturbing though, are the ones that are presented as truth in the absence of hard facts, or emotional beliefs which get trotted out and paraded around as if they were universally understood as the truth. It is obvious that on this site, few people actually get that when reviewing, one must take a step back, deal with hard facts, and be dispassionate. The facts are: Joan Crawford was an OSCAR winning actress. OSCARS are only given to excellent actors or actresses. Her personal life is irrelevant. She made E I G H T Y – S I X films. E I G H T Y – S I X times people flocked to the theaters to see her pictures. E I G H T Y – S I X times the studios banked on her appeal. E I G H T Y – S I X times the studios made money. In E I G H T Y – S I X films she gave some amazing and diversified performances: a house-wife, in “Mildred Pierce,” a gangster moll in “The Damned Don’t Cry,” a cripple in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane,” a playwright in “Sudden Fear,” a schizophrenic in “Possessed,” a spoiled neurotic in “Humoresque,” and a middle aged typist in “Autumn Leaves.” If you want to review – then you must R E – V I E W. Watch her films. Do your homework. Then, and only then, can you actually add something of value to the global consciousness regarding Joan Crawford.

  • Joan Crawford

    • MarieAndrews
    • 2009-07-10

    I would have a difficult time picking out a film with Joan Crawford in it that I'd call her performance good. Average is where I land when considering that there's a kind of narcissism in each of the roles I've seen her try to play. They come out too much alike. Then, the mainly resemble Miss Crawford and not the scripted characters. But there's no doubt that like Erroll Flynn, Joan Crawford had some sort of personality draw at the box office. I'd be very hard pressed to call any of her acting classic.

  • Be Informed...

    • Pearce
    • 2009-07-10

    Reading recent comments, it makes "Dion's" points that much more sharp: "When reviewing Miss Crawford, to be in anyway credible, you need to have seen more than that laughable parody starring Faye Dunaway. Crawford made many important films: "Mildred Pierce," "Humoresque," "The Women," "Possessed" (with Van Heflin), "The Damned Don't Cry," "Strange Cargo," "Rain," "Autumn Leaves," "Daisy Kenyon," "A Woman's Face," "Harriet Craig," "Sudden Fear;" and the list goes on and on. She starred in over eighty films, in fact." Basing your opinion of Joan Crawford on her last four films, is like taking a math test with EIGHTY-SIX questions, and only being scored on the last four problems - that's just S T U P I D.

  • New fan

    • Leanne
    • 2009-07-10

    I watched some Joan Crawford movies with my aunt, and they were so much fun! My favorite movie is "Dancing Lady" she looked so pretty and her eyes were so big! Big eyes with a lot of mascara is very popular in fashion right now, and it seems to me like Joan is a big inspiration! I just bought two bios on Amazon and I can't wait to read everything about this icon. I am only 16 but it proves that Joan Crawford is timeless! <3

  • Berserk

    • MarjorieAW
    • 2009-07-09

    Images from Berserk, Trog, Strait Jacket and The Caretakers are how I remember Joan Crawford. Not a very pleasant impression was made upon me about her ability to conduct a career wisely. I am still not impressed by her performances of herself in what were supposed to have been other characters. This is evident throughout her career. It's very monotone, meaning a flatliner. I think bland would be the best word for my impression of her attempts to act. I think Joan Crawford missed her calling as a dancer, however. Her early films (not the later ones when she was desperately trying to act younger than she was) reveal some relatively decent dancing that could have been developed with training and more focus upon it. It seems she was over used as a sexual object. Whether that was her choice or a studio choice is questionable. It seems both may have made that choice. Certainly Crawford chose the films she was in. Unfortunately, they don't hold up well as far as classic performances go. To be classic, better acting must be delivered than Crawford could.

  • WOW...

    • Dion
    • 2009-06-28

    After reading all the comments about Crawford, I think the level of ignorance where she is concerned is stunning. If people actually did a little research - or cared at all about the facts - they'd know that Joan had four children, and two of them vehemently denied the rantings of the one who wrote that book, and the third was paid off for a paltry ten grand. Further, the value of any artist should not be predicated on what happened (or didn't happen) in their private life. Crawford won an OSCAR, and was nominated twice after that win - she was a talented actress. No matter what anyone says - that cannot be taken away from her. When reviewing Miss Crawford, to be in anyway credible, you need to have seen more than that laughable parody starring Faye Dunaway. Crawford made many important films: "Mildred Pierce," "Humoresque," "The Women," "Posessed" (with Van Heflin), "The Damned Don't Cry," "Strange Cargo," "Rain," "Autumn Leaves," "Daisy Kenyon," "A Woman's Face," "Harriet Craig," "Sudden Fear;" and the list goes on and on. She starred in over eighty films, in fact. She was the first actress in movie history, to play to her age - while everyone else was trying to portray themselves as ingénues, Crawford embraced the lines on her face, and willingly played the older woman.

  • "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

    • JemimaR
    • 2009-06-23

    It might be kind of odd to say I enjoyed this film. It wasn't Joan Crawford's performance that I was most engaged by; it was Bette Davis'. I thought that may be because the role of Jane Hudson is a better one than the role of Blanche Hudson. Then I watched "Whatever Happened To...?" with the Redgrave sisters. It's a modern day version about the bizarre Hudson sisters. Vanessa Redgrave's performance as Blanche proved to me that it wasn't a weaker role. Crawford's performance didn't come across a strong as Davis'. After noticing that, I went back to other roles Crawford played. There's a pattern in them that' similar. The stronger the character actor in the film with Crawford, the weaker her performances come across. Was she doing 'method acting'? before it was a recognized or named acting technique?

  • My Review

    • Joannah
    • 2009-06-20

    Trying to find the right words to summarize a neutral review for a celebrity who doesn't measure up to the great classic actors is harder than writing a raving review for an actor who succeeds. Plus, an obvious troll's postings of the same exact rant aggresses against those who enamored by or obsessed with Joan Crawford. "Apparently," this is done to falsely jack up her ratings. Individual film ratings reveal a more accurate picture of reviewers' ratings of Crawford's performances. My reivew is dead center. When she was good in a role Crawford was tolerable, but 'when she was bad she was horrid' (goes the cliche'). The horrid out weighs the good, unless you're not an objective reviewer and just a fan. Or, as the troll is, obsessed. Something about Crawford has caused a defensive fanatacism that far exceeds the quality of her acting ability. That can be attributed to celebrity and marketing, at best.

  • Mr Mayer Says

    • Mr Mayer
    • 2009-06-19

    MR MAYER says Apparently, Joan Crawford inspires devotion from fans and detractors alike. It looks to me like one person has been posting here almost daily for weeks under a variety of names (Geraldeen, ZZane, MMaxey, Myrtle, SadieR, DavidaH, etc, etc...) to rant about Crawford's morals, acting, campiness, and so on. Joan would be delighted to see that some can become so obsessed with her enduring, unending Star Power!

  • Hollywood's Golden Era

    • Winfield
    • 2009-06-18

    It sure was a different film industry when Joan Crawford was in show business. That was during Hollywood's "Golden Era." Now there is a different audience too. It's encouraging to read that so many young people are getting into the classics. Like others have written, I would disuade them from many of the works of Joan Crawford until they had a chance to become familiar with the older style of acting and the abilities of the great 'golden era' actors. I don't categorize Miss Crawford as a actor or great. But her work in show business has brought many people a lot of pleasure so I feel that is important.

  • Miss Joan Crawford

    • DeborahG
    • 2009-06-17

    She's done a lot of films. Some have been okayh and others have not. I'd rather spend my relaxation time watching other actors on television because I find them more entertaining. Sometimes they overlap and Miss Crawford's in a film with another actor I like to watch. I don't mind.

  • Misunderstood Reviews

    • Noriko
    • 2009-06-16

    The way I understand the purpose of TCM reviews of an actor is to let other readers know what my experience has been with their body of films or other types of work. I've read the split opinions here. Mine fall somewhere in the middle. The films Miss Crawford performed in that appear on the left side of this page are among the ones that make my ratings of her work lower.

  • Mr Mayer says

    • Mr Mayer
    • 2009-06-14

    Apparently, Joan Crawford inspires devotion from fans and detractors alike. It looks to me like one person has been posting here almost daily for weeks under a variety of names (Geraldeen, ZZane, MMaxey, Myrtle, SadieR, DavidaH, etc, etc...) to rant about Crawford's morals, acting, campiness, and so on. Joan would be delighted to see that some can become so obsessed with her enduring, unending Star Power!

  • mr char says

    • mr char
    • 2009-06-13

    Apparently, Joan Crawford inspires devotion from fans and detractors alike. It looks to me like one person has been posting here almost daily for weeks under a variety of names (Geraldeen, ZZane, MMaxey, Myrtle, SadieR, DavidaH, etc, etc...) to rant about Crawford's morals, acting, campiness, and so on. Joan would be delighted to see that some can become so obsessed with her enduring, unending Star Power!

  • Mainly Avoidable

    • Winfield
    • 2009-06-11

    Whenever TCM airs a film with Crawford in it, I turn elsewhere for that period of time. Unless there is a better actor in the film who is a powerful lead and is not going to be participating in a plot that makes Crawford a stomach turning pity partier, I am not into Crawford's hysterics or Joan portraying Joan (groan). I would rather avoid her altogether because I find her annoyingly sappy, stuck up and fake.

  • Scraping the Bottom of the Barrell

    • Brossard
    • 2009-06-10

    Perhaps there's a shortage of classic films in TCM's vault since the network seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrell to broadcast Crawford flicks. Or else, someone in the network hasn't had much of an education about what is offensive to women today. With so many wonderful women actors of the classics to choose from I believe TCM can do far better than to keep on playing Crawford flicks that insult self-respecting women or sophisticated viewers of classics. I know, someone will read this and rebut shouting to switch channels or the set off entirely. Believe me, I do!

  • worst characterizations of women

    • H.Cixous
    • 2009-06-09

    performance art is highly influential over human minds. as such, portrayals of women have been scrutinized for half a century by scholars. among the most disempowering of all portrayers of women in joan crawford. consistently playing women as victims, martyrs, seducters, dominators of men, as well as dependent upon and obsessed with men is that last stereotype of women needed for creating more equal status. crawford was the perfect victim and martyr. just how adversely her false depictions of women impacted girls and women is currently being studied. i'd be very careful about letting impressionable girl and young women watch crawford's films unless they had plenty of guidance about who joan crawford really was and why she played such woman disempowering characters. i would recommend crawford's films to men's men, specifically gay men who are the type who don't like women much, or who like to make fun of women or camp of women.

  • Negative Stereotypes of Women

    • Goldie28
    • 2009-06-09

    I've come to view Crawford's corpus of depictions of women as among the most damaging in film history. I've also noticed how she's mostly favored today by men's men or non-equality seeking women. That's particularly troublesome considering how influential performance art can be. I wouldn't allow my impressionable younger women or girls to get the idea that these images are anywhere close to realistic. Therefore, I object most vehemently to Crawford's depictions of a sex she hated: her own.

  • Films and Fame That Insult Women

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 2009-06-08

    Usually, I find the material Crawford stars in insulting to women. Her performances are not up to par with the rest of casts. It is nearly embarassing that this woman was made into an idol, since she discredits women in so many films. It seems that most of the screenplays she's in are written by men who are probably sexist. Other women actors don't allow their characters to come off as glad to be adulterers, hussies, killers, destroyers of families, depraved nurse, abusive parent. But Crawford does. It's as if most of her characters' worst attributes have no consequences. My children and grandchildren definitely won't be exposed to Crawford's.... (no words for it).

  • More Showings, Lowered Ratings

    • Oscars
    • 2009-06-08

    Kindly, hasn't TCM noticed that the more you've programmed Crawford, the more yours and her ratings drop? With so many great men and women actors to choose from, why oh why does TCM persistently program the Crawford dregs? Here are some classic women actors you may want to consider programming in your schedule: Olivia de Havilland, Mary Astor, GREER GARSON, Lauren Bacall, BETTE DAVIS, Lillian Gish, IRENE DUNNE, Marlene Dietrich, GRETA GARBO, Rosalind Russell, DAME ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Dame Maggie Smith, INGRID BERGMAN, Talullah Bankhead, RITA HAYWORTH, Judy Garland, ALICE FAYE, Agnes Moorehead, EVE ARDEN, Joan Fontaine, GENE TIERNEY, Vanessa Redgrave, JANE fONDA, Shirley MacLaine, HATTIE MCDANIEL, Ethel Barrymore, LUCILLE BALL, Ginger Rogers, MAE WEST, and if your network programmers need more suggestions, just write my email address.

  • A Family Decision

    • IamBrenda
    • 2009-06-07

    Our family spent the weekend watching TCM since we had elders visiting. Bette Davis' movies were shown and so was this one. So the whole family watched them all together. When all of them were over, we had a kind of secret vote to see what movie was the favorite, what actor, and why. No one voted for Joan Crawford! Afterwards we went around the room asking everyone why they didn't vote for Miss Crawford's movie or her, either one. Every person said after watching Bette Davis' films Joan Crawford was just plain boring. The kids thought she was a really mean mother. The elders said her acting was awful. It was a real eye-opening experiment.

  • Enthralled by Co-Actors

    • Michelles
    • 2009-06-07

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about the horrible later films Miss Crawford was in. What I'm refering to are the ones earlier in her career. She was cast as the lead during those days, around mid-20th century and a little earlier. I wasn't crazy about her characters or performances. (I've always found it hard to like a performance if I can't like a character). What intrigued me about those films were the co-stars, their characters and their performances. John Garfield for one ("Humoresque"), Franchot Tone for another (several films).

  • Celebrity

    • Mrs.Staples
    • 2009-06-07

    There's not much to say about the quality of Joan Crawford's acting. There's more to say about her celebrity status was obtained. She reportedly became overly dependent upon being thought of as a celebrity. I call that the "Norma Desmond Syndrome." This is apparently why Crawford became an alcoholic who continued to allow her famous name to be bought to hang on atrocious B-flicks. As a feminist, I feel it's quite a sad way for a woman to end her life. But, I do respect her choice and right to do as she wished. It's one of the reasons why I view celebrity as a dangerously seductive destroyer of too many people's lives. I hope she rests more peacefully than she lived.

  • Neither

    • PearyHusky
    • 2009-06-07

    I don't see why a person has to be a fan or not just to watch a performer and write a review about them. I'd rather focus on whatever or whomever stands out and appeals to me or not in any type of performance. The fact that I have not found a performance of Miss Crawford's that appeals to me, yet, doesn't mean I won't keep trying. I am and hope to find some.

  • Like, Dislike, Don't Care: All Are OK

    • m_d
    • 2009-06-06

    When reviewing a performer's impact, their personal life is considered as is their reputation. Some are obsessed fans who don't know how to write a critique. Others state why they like performances and write critiques. Some don't like the performances and provide critiques that consider typical categories such as those listed here. Some look at a whole body of work, not just a likable or unlikable portion. Some don't consider criteria used for writing critiques. Others do. Those comments that aren't valid here are personal attacks on reviewers. They're violent. Variety matters. All won't agree or make the same points. Some will be similar. It's hard to be delicate when a performer often wasn't. Doubtless Joan Crawford performed. There's considerable doubt about the quality and value of her performances. There's great doubt about her motivations and credibility. My opinion is that she would've been wiser to retire at least a decade before she died because her drinking problem was effecting her work and clouding her judgement. The personal effects the professional.

  • Trog, Berserk, Strait-Jacket, Karate ...

    • Dee_Ann
    • 2009-06-06

    Killers. Career killers, that is. Not that there was much of one before hand. There's no need in belabouring the obvious about Miss Crawford's pitiful demise and very poor reputation. As for her stardom, it is what it is. I'm of the opinion that Faye Dunaway did a fantastic job of portraying Miss Crawford far better than she was credited for achieving. The movie, "Mommie Dearest," is one that I have collected. Although I realize that Mis Crawford's following chooses to deny the abundance of evidence of her disreptable history as a performaner, Hollywood star and fame-seeker, it is no longer a question if there were endangered children at the mercy of this adoptive mother. All of that data is relevant to how Miss Crawford's contributions to filmmaking history are evaluated.

  • Dearest Joan,

    • Thomas_J
    • 2009-06-06

    Over the 30+ years since your death, Hollywood and television have changed considerably. I don't believe that you'd fit in in either medium now. Today your characters are being impersonated by men in drag. The films you were in are considered campy. Even the people who used to know you admit they were concerned about the abusive ways you mistreated some of the children you adopted. Then you left them with nothing after they'd served their purposes for your career and life. It seems to me the type of person you were in private wasn't much different from the characters you played more often than not. I understand you even lobbied against other actors so that they would not receive awards, you were so jealous. I hope there's never another actor like you.

  • Joan Crawford

    • NJMB
    • 2009-06-05

    I'm over the era of glamour gals. Over the arrogance of stardom. Over just about everything that Joan Crawford was into (most of which I've unnamed since others already have). I'm over spending a moment of my time or a thin dime on anyone or anything associated with any time of violence. That leaves Joan Crawford among those on my list of people and things I've done with.

  • Someone Other Than An Actress

    • Myrone
    • 2009-06-05

    For a while, early in her show business career, Joan was a chorus line girl. Then she could dance fairly well. As time went on many of Hollywood's finest spoke out about Joan's impropriety of seducing men to get parts. It wasn't a big deal for actors and actresses to have sexual affairs after they already had parts in films together. But it was frowned on when actresses coercive lobbying techniques, like seduction, to get jobs in films. It's common knowledge that Joan learned to count on seduction as her primary means to work. That's like building a house on sand. Once the sand shifts, there goes the house. As Joan's sands shifted over time, there went her career. Guy wrote Joan was "famous, for loving to be famous." Now, among those who've studied the lives and careers of film stars, Joan's infamous for depending upon men, fame and booze. Her peer group knew she'd lobbied against them and others, as well as for herself in order to control who received awards. It's understandable why Joan's and her films are used for camp.

  • Joan Crawford

    • Jakweline
    • 2009-06-05

    Is an over-rated 'actor'. I can agree that she was a movie star or celebrity, as others have noted. There's no way she could hold a candle to the women or men actors of her time or those now. It seems to me the best she could do was go on screen in a role as herself. Unless Watching Joan Crawford being in a film as Joan Crawford is what's enjoyed, I wouldn't recommend watching her.

  • Perspective

    • Guy
    • 2009-06-04

    Let's get a little perspective here. Yes, Crawford was famous, for loving to be famous, but she also won the respect of her peers - she did win an Oscar. She was nominated twice more after the win. She was also a noted philanthropist, did huge amounts for charity. Secretly paid hospital bills, and provided medical care for crew members. Was famous for remembering people on their birthdays. Was fondly remembered by the crew members. Yeah, she was tough - but to be a female star at that time you had to be. Let's also get real here, if you're referencing that infamous movie - it bore very little resemblance to the book the daughter wrote. And the daughter is only famous for slagging her mother. Many people who knew Crawford, confirmed that the daughter was a piece of work herself - respected people like Myrna Loy. The Joan haters need some perspective badly. Nobody is suggesting that Crawford was perfect - but give the woman her due. She was a star not just because she was tenacious - she had talent too. I, for one, couldn't give a rat's fuzzy behind about what she did or didn't do in private - I fell in love with her on screen performances - and there were some stellar performances: "Mildred Pierce," "The Damned Don't Cry," Humouresque," "Possessed," "Sudden Fear," "Queen Bee," "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane," to name a few. Sure, her later choices weren't great - but in Crawford's mind - it wasn't about fame at that time - but about work - a paycheck. To that I can certainly relate. This is a woman who came from grinding poverty, making sure there was money coming in was just as important as the relationship she had with her fans - and no other star before or since valued her fans as much. That's why I love Crawford.

  • Joan Crawford

    • Noelle
    • 2009-06-04

    Without doubt, she is the GREATEST actress who ever lived. She grabs your attention and i think she was a fine lady. I disagree with her daughter & son. I think Joan was innocent and beside the point she was a spectacular lady; the Queen of Hollywood.

  • Wire Hangers & Reading Groupies

    • Angelahs
    • 2009-06-01

    It's no secret who & what Joan Crawford was & did. Her colleagues, neighbors, family & friends have revealed what went on behind public scenes. I also enjoy reading groupies' complaints. Reality's more of a than this celeb was. Her arrogant facade didn't hide a thing. It indicated insecurity. Poor career choices proved desperate clinging dependency. People can be obsessed with the false faces they've put on to the degree that they lose touch with reality. After all, in reality, wire hangers have many uses (that aren't abusive). I'm in a slight panic for one each time I lock my keys in the car! Joking aside, I don't mind Crawford's flicks. There are actual actors in the same films who I enjoy watching. I don't mind her playing Joan either. I think she disliked herself so intensely that her depictions of women reveal that swing from victim to tyrant. I keep a wire hanger in my office as a reminder not to cooperate with violence.

  • Crawford (1904?-1977)

    • Dot.ty
    • 2009-06-01

    There were Hollywood celebrities & Hollywood actors (men & women) during much of the 20th century. I've been lucky to be alive for most of their entire careers. Great actresses were women like Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, Greer Garson, Rita Hayworth, Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, Barbara Stanwyck, Lucille Ball, Rosalind Russell, Ida Lupino & Lillian Gish (naming ones no longer living). Celebs were women like Mae West & Joan Crawford, or men like Errol Flynn who actually didn't 'act', per se. Their personality (that's now called 'method acting') was the role they repeatedly played. Their identity depended upon being in the limelight & the oppulence of glamour & fame linked with show business. Such performances require being who they are. Their films have a different kind of value than the films of great actors. Miss Crawford burnt out, but since her identity depended on being famous she became a quean selling her fame to high bidders, no matter the poor quality of such films. Spending much of her last 15 years as a drunkard, Crawford's life & career ended exploiting herself.

  • Whatever Happened to Joan Crawford?

    • Eunice_Campbell
    • 2009-05-30

    A mystery remains in my mind about Joan Crawford. I wonder whatever happened to her? Her career in show business appears to have begun well for as long as she remained silent or a dancer. Once she went into scripted film roles is when her life seems to have soured. Noted among her contemporaries, who've spoken and written about her, for being a dark, jealous, control-freak of a wicked woman by the time her name was famous, what happened in between to spoil her life? Back-stabbing, riding on the backs of wealthy, powerful men was reportedly Crawford's favorite form of amusement. Why didn't she stick with dancing since she was good at it? Why did she go into acting since she wasn't good at it? What in God's name compelled Crawford to become such a mean-spirited person who slowly self-destructed? I don't have the answers.

  • Not That Bad

    • Isaacs
    • 2009-05-29

    When Joan Crawford did more dancing as a younger woman she was not half bad. At least I can sit through those movies. I did not like her choice of movies to be in as she got older. The characters she played did not do a thing for me. It got much worse around 1950. Watching the movies she was in after then gave me the creeps. I felt like I was watching a wind-up doll of a human being who had vacated their body. To date I still wonder if the woman had a conscience at all. Her shallow way of living showed as a hollowness in the characters she tried to be.

  • Missed her calling as a dancer

    • Antonias
    • 2009-05-21

    The very early films Crawford's in are far better than the later ones. She was no Rita Hayworth either as a dancer or a beauty, but I think she would have made a better dancer than an actor. Joan Crawford's dancing ability, when she was a young actor, was decent. With some serious training to play dancers I bet Crawford would have had a much more celebrated and successful career. Something very dark seems to have come over her mid-career that made her acting stiff & stoic or sullen & suffering. These may have been caricatures of women men enjoyed, especially dependency upon men; but, women tuned out long before Crawford backed out.

  • Recalling Joan Crawford

    • SamMcK
    • 2009-05-19

    Among the golden era movie stars I've watched is Joan Crawford. It seems that when she was a very young woman she showed some promise. As time went on she didn't make wise choices about how to be a reputable person who trusted her own skill to get jobs in show business. Then, after she was still fairly young, only middle aged, her career was dead. The films she did after she was middle aged are mostly unflattering, putting it kindly. I'm not one to be star struck by a personality or movie star. So Miss Crawford's films are average, at best. With a large portion of them being B-flicks.

  • New Joan fan! <3

    • Chloe
    • 2009-05-19

    I just saw some Joan films at the theater in NY, wow! I never even knew about her, but a friend of mine invited me to see one of her films and what a treat, she was really something else. I can't stop reading about her, and I just bought about three of her biographies, lol! Anyway, I can't wait to see more of her films, I just bought her first box set. =)

  • Joan fan

    • John M
    • 2009-05-19

    Joan is classic Hollywood. She lights up a screen like no other. She is one of my favorite classic beauty! Thank you for showing her films.

  • Least Appealing

    • JonBern
    • 2009-05-19

    If Barbara Stanwyck is the most appealing, Joan Crawford is the least. (It's amusing to read the remarks left here. Such hot and bothered ones whenever someone [like me] has little to no appreciation of Crawford's films and pompousness. Amazing groupees feel so intensely about a movie star! Then, write "Get a Life." I wonder, with such intense focus upon an insignificant woman, in the grand scale of life, if those who command people who make honest comments about their impressions, actually have a life themselves? I doubt Miss Crawford had much of one since hers depended upon being a movie star; a that star burnt out decades before she had the good sense to quit). I enjoy reading the groupees here. They're more entertaining than Crawford!


    • K
    • 2009-05-17


  • Not worth my time to watch

    • Melissa_Aaron
    • 2009-05-15

    Serious modern film viewers of older films aren't clueless. Some of us are well studied about how the older filmmaking industry operated (and almost as old). There is no secret being kept about how Joan Crawford behaved on and off screen. With senses intact viewers can discern between what is considered great acting and what is not. When I make time to watch films and movies, I'm picky. Unlike some younger viewers, I don't have time to watch Joan Crawford any more. I didn't enjoy her style of performing then and I dislike her appearances more now.

  • Can't Stand Her

    • Ellissa
    • 2009-05-14

    Joan Crawford gave me the creeps a long time ago. She's come across too phoney for my tastes. I gave her films a chance though. But not because of her presence in them. I wanted to watch the real actors. It seems to me that Crawford's presence in some really good films weighted down the quality of them. I know Miss Crawford's got a camp following, especially among gay men. So I guess they like something about her presence that just doesn't have any appeal to me. The older she got, the worse her performances became. Really bad ones.

  • Ever Obsessed with Crawford!

    • JakeMM
    • 2009-05-13

    Apparently, Joan Crawford inspires devotion from fans and detractors alike. It looks to me like one person has been posting here almost daily for weeks under a variety of names (Geraldeen, ZZane, MMaxey, Myrtle, SadieR, DavidaH, etc, etc...) to rant about Crawford's morals, acting, campiness, and so on. Joan would be delighted to see that some can become so obsessed with her enduring, unending Star Power!

  • Overrated Movie Star

    • Geraldeen
    • 2009-05-12

    Fame was her goal & back-stabbing was her trademark. That's not the kind of person I'd want to know. As a kid I was surrounded by adults who watched Crawford incessantly. From them I got quite a length education on her public appearances. Then, I thought she was the kind of ugly that was frightening. Now I feel she's the kind of fright that's ugly. Then, I felt she was stuck on herself, so bloated with self-righteousness. Now, I think of her as a very shallow woman who's best performance was pretending to be an actor.

  • Have to Agree

    • ZZane
    • 2009-05-06

    Remembering Miss Crawford is more like a nightmare. In my mother's day she called Miss Crawford a "fluzzy," which was a delicate way of putting it. Now in my children's era, they view her as an actress who didn't want to accept that she was a has been. So she pressed on "begetting" roles that compounded being out of touch with reality upon becoming worse and worse as a celebrity. During my generation, it was common knowledge that Joan Crawford could only play herself repeatedly. That is, until she was no longer in touch with reality and lost any sense of identity. It showed, big time and still does.

  • Remembering Joan

    • MMaxey
    • 2009-05-05

    Whenever I've thought about Joan Crawford, since her death, I see her as a "Bisserk" "Trog" in a "Strait Jacket." Having watched her films for 60 years so far, they offend my senses as a woman. Is there nothing this known back-stabber wouldn't stoop to do to keep her name on marquees? Didn't she have an identity of her own without shoving Joan, Joan, Joan into every appearance I've seen that she made? Was there any man she didn't use to get a part or for money? Seems like her life and work was all about Joan being on a far too long power trip. Poor thing must have been very insecure.

  • Good for Camp, Only

    • Myrtle
    • 2009-05-05

    The films that Joan Crawford played in don't pass the test of time. Instead, they are more useful as camp material, not to be taken as serious acting. I doubt that I'd bother watching any of the films she's in because Miss Crawford seems to be the same character over and over and over again. That character seems to be herself. So I don't rate her among the golden era's actors. More like a caricature of herself--a not so good one either.

  • Joan Crawford

    • Crystal Allen
    • 2009-05-04

    She has to be the greatest, most convincing, beautiful, mysterious, strong, talented actress i have ever seen. From Lady of the night to Trog she has kept up top performance and beauty. Thank you Joan for all your wonders.

  • Joan was wonderful

    • Amiee
    • 2009-05-03

    Thank you for showing her films! She is a true classic beauty! There will never be anyone like her ever. She really appreciated her fans, and personally replied to letters from fans. She was fabulous.

  • Movie Star vs. Actor

    • SadieR
    • 2009-05-02

    An actor, J. Crawford was not; a movie star she is. Erroll Flynn wasn't an actor; but, a least he admitted it! Flynn knew he was a personality, a movie star. That's why folks disagree about J. Crawford's worth in films. Some folks are fans of movie stars. Others prefer and demand a high caliber of acting skill in order to be moved or even entertained. That I wasn't moved in the least by J. Crawford's performances only says that I'm not into movie stars and prefer to spend my time watching great acting, instead. There are lots of movie stars; but, far fewer great actors.

  • Movie Star Yes: Actor No

    • DavidaH
    • 2009-04-29

    Joan Crawford was so focused upon being in the limelight that she was egocentric. A movie star she was. A personality too. But Crawford was not an actor. I realize there is a cult of her followers who believe her films have cult and camp value. Usually they write, "it's so bad it's good." It's fine to have been a movie star and a personality. Erroll Flynn self-admittedly was. But let's not confuse that was acting ability and talent. Crawford lacked both.


    • J.P
    • 2009-04-29

    The LEADING STAR of ALL TIME! Thankyou for playing the movie's that are JOAN CRAWFORD! I ONLY BOUGHT! YOUR PRODUCT BECAUSE OF THIS!

  • Joan Crawford IS The Movies!

    • Stephanie
    • 2009-04-28

    Thanks, TCM, for helping to keep Joan's legacy alive! Joan's 5-decades-long career was an incredibly amazing one. From a 1920s silent star, to a '30s working girl AND glamour girl, to her grittier, more complicated '40s work, and on into the campier '50s and '60s... TCM showcases films from each decade regularly, which is greatly appreciated by this classic film/Joan fan! Joan Crawford IS The Movies!

  • Only "Baby Jane"

    • Tonix
    • 2009-04-28

    I'm always grateful when TCM spares us from Crawford films. The theory that they're so badly acted that they're camp doesn't hold any truth. They're just bad, period. The only I'll watch is "Baby Jane." TCM usually has a fine sense of what films are well acted. Hence, I hope the network will continue to spare us from Crawford's cult B-flicks. There's a Crawford cult all right, that follows her cult B-flicks. Let the other networks that broadcast films with lousy acting deal with Crawford's cult B-flicks.

  • Joan fan

    • Alexandra
    • 2009-04-28

    I am hooked on TCM and Joan! Thanks for showing her films, I look forward to "Mildred Pierce"

  • Thanks for showing Joan's movies!

    • Ed Guinea
    • 2009-04-27

    As a lifelong Joan Crawford fan, I can tell you what a pleasure it is to see TCM, my favorite channel, honor the memory of Crawford on her birthday and death day. This remarkable Academy Award winning talent has been overlooked for twenty years but thanks to your influence and programming, Joan Crawford's credibility has risen to new heights. Thanks, TCM and Robert Osborne!

  • Joan Playing Joan Playing Joan...

    • 1899bogie1957
    • 2009-04-27

    ...had it's value: she never failed to put me to sleep. After trying to find anything of interest in Crawford's role playing, I gave up on her prefering the real actors in the films with her. Somebody ought to make a biopic of Joan playing Joan so that Joan could have life as Joan. Now that WOULD be interesting. Crawford's role playing isn't.

  • Faux Oppulence Personified

    • zzziz
    • 2009-04-23

    Every time I been unfortunate enough to watch Crawford attempt to act, what comes through to me is a very false facade of arrogance and superiority. In fact, what I've learned about her life is that she put on a fake oppulence. I'd rather watch obnoxious commercials that anything with Joan Crawford in it.

  • Ahead of her time

    • Serena
    • 2009-04-22

    I'm a fan of Joan because she was so unique and complicated. I don't like people that consider themselves saints, and think that they can't do any wrong. Joan was a wonderful actress and star, yes a star. Big deal - that's what the fans loved back then. It wasn't easy for her to stay on top for so many decades, but she did.

  • TCM I love you

    • Jean
    • 2009-04-22

    Thank-you for being the best channel in the world! You keep the best films ever made alive. Just saw The Women for the first time, love it! Look forward to one of my favorites, Mildred Pierce.

  • Not Thanks TCM

    • DW59
    • 2009-04-22

    I'm sticking with those survivors who boycott any film Crawford's any part of. Plus, the woman couldn't act. There are far better activities and actors to spend my time on. Go ahead TCM, remove this negative comment about Crawford too. -- Submitted by: DW59

  • Thanks tcm

    • Nikki
    • 2009-04-21

    I recently bought some Joan Crawford dvd's from Warner Bros. They're really great! and good for Warners! Thanks for listening to the fans. Joan is often over looked, and I am so glad to see that she's getting the respect she deserves. I just found out that a Joan doll was released recently, really cool =)

  • Big fan!

    • Christina
    • 2009-04-21

    Crystal Allen!! Thanks for showing this Joan Crawford movie, I look forward to enjoying it today. You are the best channel for movies.

  • Joan forever

    • Karen
    • 2009-04-20

    It's very interesting how some Joan Crawford "reviews" on here are so hateful! If you don't like her, or think she is horrible, why bother coming here? Get over it! We love Joan and Joan fans are growing everyday! There is no way we will change our mind about what a great actress she was. Long live Joan!!!

  • Joan fan

    • Joanne
    • 2009-04-20

    I love Joan! Thanks for showing her movies, I look forward to "The women" coming up :)

  • Love for Joan

    • Jake
    • 2009-04-20

    Thanks for showing Joan films. I look forward to them always!

  • Support of her films!

    • Lilianne
    • 2009-04-20

    I really don't understand the people who are not fans of Joan Crawford. If you are not a fan, don't bother searching her here on TCM. Why not search out your favorite film star? I adore Joan Crawford, and I know many do. Thanks again for keeping a legend alive TCM. We love Joan!

  • entertaining

    • Sarah
    • 2009-04-18

    Joan may not have been the best actress of her day but she certainly was entertaining. There was something about her, she had star quality. A commanding presence that screamed for your attention. I wish more people would remember Joan as she was in the earlier decades of her film career. She photographed so beautifully in the 1930s and 1940s. Her face, during that period especially, was made for glamour. She was breathtaking.

  • Joan fan

    • Janice
    • 2009-04-17

    I love Pre-Code Joan! I would definitely love a box set. There are so many Joan fans, and we deserve more Joan box sets.


    • 2009-04-17

    I know you have a fabulous library of Pre-Code movies, but where are the individual CD's and/or boxed sets???

  • Classic

    • Betty
    • 2009-04-17

    "If you want to see the girl next door, go next door" I was reading a recent biography on Joan, and I read that she said that once. Genius! :D

  • Silent Joan

    • Audrey
    • 2009-04-17

    Hey TCM! Have you aired any Joan Crawford silents? Maybe I've missed them, but it would be great if you could show some. Joan Crawford in the silent era is my favourite!

  • Wonderful

    • Bill
    • 2009-04-17

    She is the perfect example of classic Hollywood, a true Icon.

  • The Woman

    • Martin
    • 2009-04-15

    I rented this film the other day, because I had seen the new one and I loved it! I had heard all these horrible things about Joan Crawford, so I was skeptical and i didn't think I would enjoy Joan, but I was wrong! She was so great, and I look forward to seeing more of her films. Thanks!

  • Controversial

    • Drew
    • 2009-04-15

    And that's what makes her so interesting! No one was a saint in Hollywood. Hollywood Babylon is one of my favorite books :) Thanks to you I have seen so many good movies with Joan Crawford.

  • Tried But Couldn't Like Her...

    • DW59
    • 2009-04-15

    ...films or persona. From the earlier films Crawford performed in to the horrible latter ones, I earnestly wanted to like something about the woman or actor and couldn't. The best parts of three films Crawford was in were Greta Garbo's ("Hotel"), Bette Davis' ("Baby Jane") & Rosalyn Russell's ("The Women") performances. Crawford would have done herself a favor not to ever be in the same films with their caliber of acting. Doing so reveals Crawford's lack of acting ability.

  • Thanks again!

    • Joan fan
    • 2009-04-15

    TCM, you are the best channel for films period! Thank goodness you're still showing classic films.

  • Classic Hollywood

    • Debbie
    • 2009-04-13

    I think Joan Crawford was beautiful and a good actress! I enjoy watching her. Thanks for showing her movies to us, Joan fans are growing everyday! =)

  • Thank you for playing Joan Crawfords films

    • Jean M.
    • 2009-04-13

    Thank you for playing Joan Crawford's movies on TCM - I look forward to seeing her work. Her later material may be campy, but is no less enjoyable for being so. I don't find her any more melodramatic an actress than Bette Davis, whose movies I also enjoy. Child abuse is an indefensible act. TCM playing Joan Crawfords movies isn't endorsing or glorifying abuse or an abuser; it's the deserved celebration of the films of a major player from Hollywoods golden age.

  • Fabulous

    • Robin
    • 2009-04-05

    Yes she was! Thanks again for showing Joan Crawford movies, she is a legend!

  • Camp is All She's Worth

    • My_Mahalo
    • 2009-04-05

    The 1st word that comes to mind whenever I think of Joan Crawford's films is "blek." Whenever I think about what I've learned of her life the words that pop up are "false facade." As for the films she got laid on the casting couch to get parts in, they have camp value & that's about it. Her reputation is that of a self-obsessed, abuser of children who she mercilessly exploited. It's impossible to see past her lack of decency. I could do quite well with ever hearing about or seeing any images of her again in my lifetime. Aloha

  • Joan fan

    • Gina
    • 2009-04-01

    Thanks so much for showing Joan Crawford movies! She was great and will always be a big part of Hollywood, no matter what people think of her!

  • Bisserk

    • MAC
    • 2009-04-01

    I believe that Joan Crawford was likely a mentally untreated psychotic, from all that I've studied about her life as a whole. It showed through in her characters because Joan Crawford really never played anyone but Joan Crawford. There's no diversity among her characters. Each lacks emotional depth because Crawford was incapable for feeling for others, incapable of being emapthetic. Instead, Crawford suffered from a very low self-esteem and expressed that through well known public acts rivalry. Insanely jealous and primarily a shell of a person that could only be the public personality, Joan Crawford, because without it she had no identity. I know there's plenty of evidence that Crawford was also abusive and a user. But, I believe she was a quite mentally unwell woman.

  • That's Why This Movie Star was a Tramp

    • DrDC
    • 2009-04-01

    Whenever I hear Frank Sintra's "Pal Joey" version of "That's Why the Lady is a Tramp" which he sang to an older "Miss Rita" (Rita Hayworth), I can't help but conjure up the image of the most over-rated American movie star, Joan Crawford. A producer & director shagging tramp she was, in order to land parts that she was incapable of performing well. Thank goodness there were leading men like John Garfield who carried the films, instead. If ever there was a sleazy starlett who couldn't act to save her life, it was Joan Crawford. Her films are so awful I had a hard time selling them for a quarter (.25 cents US currency) at a yard sale. I understand (and enjoy) why so many drag queens love to impersonate Crawford: she was so phoney, as phoney as gender transposition & as farcical. It is hysterically amusing to watch drag show performers play Joan Crawford. They don't have to do anything to exaggerate her overdone makeup, or her false facade, or her ultra-over-dramatizing victimized characters. Her performance in "Johnny Guitar" is so bad it's camp. Her performance in "Trog" is so trashy it's camp. Even "Mildred Pierce" is camp! Crawford didn't 'earn' an Oscar for a performance, she seduced voting peers into voting for her to be given that Oscar-a travesty. The woman, who was anything but a lady, was a tramp. That's why it's become a gay tradition to impersonate her. As if to say, 'and you think being gay is queer, take a look at what Crawford did to shag her way into the limelight, and she was apparently straight!'

  • Love her

    • Linda
    • 2009-03-31

    I just recently discovered Joan Crawford, and I'm in love! She is most definitely Classic Hollywood. She was beautiful and a very good actress. To all those that hate her, I feel sorry for you. Focus your energy on something else. Because Joan is awesome!

  • How on Earth...?

    • DGrouix
    • 2009-03-31

    Admitting I'm no professional film critic, I still don't understand how Joan Crawford was EVER considered anything but a B-flick, star-struck, movie star who couldn't act well at all. Knowing her history today makes it even more curious as to how on Earth this despicable excuse of a mother, social-climbing worker, and very nasty person was given notoriaty. Was it because she sexed her way to solicit it for the men in power? Or because she married a fortune in Pepsi? Surely, her films prove that she is a lousy actress.

  • Great Actress!

    • Kate
    • 2009-03-30

    Thanks for showing some Joan films for her birthday, I really enjoyed them! I had never seen much of Joan films, but thanks to you TCM, I have become a huge fan! Can't wait to see more Joan, and buy some dvd's.

  • Horrible Person & Horrible Actress

    • Semioticz
    • 2009-03-29

    Sure wish that TCM would stop showing Crawford films. That's when the cable goes off to another channel in our home. Crawford was a ghastly excuse of an actress who simply wanted to be a big movie star and rich. Her ego demanded it. Just as her ego demanded attention from so many of the people around her. Imagine lobbying for your own films after you've had sex with the producer or director to even get a role? That wouldn't work today, fortunately. Can't think of any modern actress who has stooped as low as Crawford and was given more chances on a silver platter by men she seduced. This woman was abusive. Her films stink.

  • Good Looking Gal

    • Leatha Pearl
    • 2009-02-10

    I liked Joan. She was down to earth, a go getter and caught on fast. Darn good actress in my opinion. Very close to Bette Davis.

  • Awesome Actress, Perhaps The Greatest Of All Time?

    • Keith
    • 2009-01-07

    Joan Crawford survived through the silent era of films on into the sound era. This was something few others could do. Charles Chaplin is perhaps the only other "Great Name" to make the conversion. She went on into as late as 1970 spanning 7 decades of Film Making! Who else can make that claim? She was supperb as an actress, a sex symbol in her early years, to a mature actress in her late 30's and 40's to a talented elder stateswoman in her late years! She played various roles throughout her career and in my mind has topped sex symbols as Marilyn Monroe, and the abilities of Bette Davis! She spans the abilities of all roles throughout her many years and was perhaps the greatest credit to the film industry as an actress! She was beyond awesome!

  • Ahead of her time.

    • K.D.Pearce
    • 2008-10-09

    When you look back, and you line up Joan Crawford against all of her acting contemporaries; when you figure in the acting "style" of the time - only a handful of the "stars" of that period could make it in today's market. Hepburn and Davis's clipped affectations are like nails on a chalkboard - no one would buy it today. Shearer's syrupy delivery would be enough to send a healthy person into diabetic shock. Stanwyck, well, that kind of hardness works at any time, but Crawford... Well, she was unlike anyone then or now, and I posit that she would be one of only a few who would be able to make it today. Joan could play hard, she could play soft, understated, over-the-top, common, but at all times she was utterly believable, no matter how contrived the vehicle she was forced into. While Davis in "Skeffington" was strident and annoying, Crawford, always held back enough to give her roles an air of believability; she avoided the bullshit British affectations, and was truly an American in the best sense of the word. Unlike Davis's characterizations, I recognized the people Crawford played. I wanted her characters to win. I felt for her characters when they lost. Most of all, I loved being invited to watch. Joan Crawford deserves to be held up as one of the great American actresses. Anyone who doesn't believe that, need only watch "Possessed," the film she did with Van Heflin; the film that she should have won her second Oscar for.

  • As ever

    • Brit
    • 2008-10-06

    Joan Crawford defines class. She is my absolute favorite actress. A true lady.

  • My Favorite

    • Kat
    • 2008-08-07

    From her amazing career and her personal triumph over a hardscrabble start in life, to the elegance with which she moved and tried to live, there's so much to admire about this woman. History may ultimately deny her her full due as a performer, but I hope that in time the truth will out and Joan Crawford's fascinating life won't be reduced to a tedious and unfunny punchline by those who don't care about a more complex, challenging view of a great star. (I for one don't put stock in the slander and libel of an ingrate who waited until after the death of her meal ticket to spend the rest of her life as a professional provocateur and 'victim').

  • Joan

    • Jennifer
    • 2008-07-06

    Joan Crawford was great actress. As for her private life, in my opinion, I think it was a he said, she said. You either loved her or hated her, and feel her daughter made her out to be this horrible person. But most ppl who knew her says she was a lovely, generous person, she was also a good friend. She worked her way to the top..sometimes the hard way, but who hasn't!? Another tough cookie in her private life, as for the feud with Bette, I beleive they were so much alike they clashed. I hope they are getting along up there! :D

  • a headliner

    • kendal
    • 2008-07-02

    Joan Crawford was a headliner for young atreses all over america.even though she might not be here her movies and her legacy will live on forever. Joan Crawford is now and forever be on of my american idols. with love, kendal catuccio:)

  • Joan is a legend

    • Betty Orr
    • 2008-04-14

    Joan Crawford was amazing, she just lights up the screen like no one else! I can honestly say that I enjoy her in every movie I have seen her in, she was so unique and a stunner!

  • Damn Good Actress!

    • Michael
    • 2008-03-04

    Joan Crawford is certainly inderated as an actress, I think this stems from "Mommie Dearest". Anyone who can give a good performance in an awlful film like "Trog" certainly deserves some credit. For all the people who accused her of just being a "glamour-puss", they must not have seen "A Woman's Face", "Strange Cargo" or even "Possessed" (1947) and "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?". Joan ranks up therewith the best and for not just being a "movie star".

  • My Queen!

    • Adam Tawfik
    • 2007-11-25

    She is the epitome of all hollywood. She was super glamourous, she was a star, she was unique, and she was talented. I really think it's a shame that people remember her for her "Mommie Dearest" persona when she could deliver deep, captivating, moving perfomances. So in that respect her acting is very underrated. Many people agree with me on that one. Mildred Pierce was ingenious. She played an enduring character who would go to extremes to win the love of her evil daughter. I think it's arguably the best Best Actress Oscar winning performance. I'm so excited for the next boxset of hers coming in Febuary of next year. More melodramas! More excitement! More glamour! More Joan! She really rocks my world.


    • Kyle
    • 2007-08-12

    Out of the hundreds of Leading Ladies of Classic Hollywood, there are four who stand out as the most indestructable and therefore the greatest: The Duchess (Katharine Hepburn), The Countess (Bette Davis), The Empress (Barbara Stanwyck) and The Undisputed QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD: JOAN CRAWFORD! Joan may have been underrated in some quarters, but those who know better, put Crawford at the Top of The List! There is no one who could compare and there never will be. She will never be forgotten. Long Live The Queen!!!

  • One of Filmdom's Most Fascinating Actresses

    • Damon
    • 2007-06-13

    An exceptional, multi-talented actress who constantly delivered electric performances, even when the script was less than stellar. Crawford MADE you want to watch her!

  • One of the greatest stars ever

    • Bruce R.
    • 2007-05-03

    I would rate her among the top 5 female film stars of all time. She proved that she could deliver great performances in any genre and playing opposite various leading men. I think that MGM forced her to do a lot of movies she didn't want to do, and that she did some of her best work after she left there. My favorite Crawford film would have to be a toss-up between "Mildred Pierce" and "Humoresque". My least favorite would surely have to be "Trog" (along with a lot of other Crawford fans as well). Is there a box set that includes "Mildred Pierce", "Humoresque", "Flamingo Road", "Strait Jacket" and her other great films? If not there should be.

  • Whatever happened to the Joan Crawford box set?

    • Mike
    • 2007-05-02

    Whatever happened to the second Crawford set? The mastering excuse is getting old by now, why announce that it was in the wings waiting to be released if in reality it wasn't?

  • Not the girl next door

    • Viv
    • 2007-03-19

    Joan is one of the most underrated and important actress' of Hollywood.She was hard working and was dedicated to her fans...She did what she could with the scripts she was given,She was BEAUTIFUL and had a wonderful body.The way she carried those wonderful clothes,My oh my...Hollywood now is a joke compared to the golden age. Crawford films should be available for everyone to see,What's with the hold up? Bring the Joan films out on DVD already.

  • the female "John Wayne"

    • Karen
    • 2007-03-09

    When you think of hard work, dedication and stars who cared about their fans, you think of Joan Crawford and John Wayne. These two are the biggest, most talented and hardest working "stars" Hollywood ever produced, and will never be matched by anyone. Their years of hard work and dedication has left a legacy of wonderful films to be enjoyed by their millions of fans, and millions of future fans. There will never be another two "stars" like them......not even close.

  • Mommie Dearest.

    • Chris Farmer
    • 2007-02-08

    Joan Crawford is now remembered as much for her bad parenting as she is for her good acting. Though she was never a very great actress, Joan does have moments where she comes close to greatness. She is particularly spellbinding in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Her Oscar winning performance in Mildred Peirce is also top notch.

  • Joan Crawford - Best Star Ever!

    • callie
    • 2007-01-29

    The most enduring, hardest working, gorgeous hussy ever.


    • James
    • 2006-12-16

    Total class act..that was Joan Crawford!

  • Joan Crawford

    • Rob
    • 2006-09-24

    Definatley underrated in her acting abilities. Most people say she wasn't a good actress. How can you look at films like Strange Cargo, Possessed(1947), and Sudden Fear, then doubt her abilities? Alought most of her movies haven't aged well due to a major change in acting over the years and the types of pictures they make today are completely different, she's still a damn good actress. She's more then a movie star, or child abuser if you want to bring it to the next level...

  • The Ultimate Movie Star

    • Mike
    • 2006-08-07

    Joan Crawford is my favorite actress of the movies. Sexy, intelligent, and someone who busted her ass to make it to the top, Crawford deserves every word of praise towards her carreer. Joan Crawford is my favorite actress and I know it sounds far from other Crawford fans, but Marlon Brando is my favorite actor. Brando was suppossed to be her co-star in 'Sudden Fear' I believe, I could be wrong, I wish I could have seen them together. That would have been a hell of a movie.

  • Joan Is Exellecent

    • Kelsey
    • 2006-06-01

    Joan Crawford is the best movie star that ever lived. She is an amazing actress and very beauitful.

  • The Ultimate Movie Star

    • Brigitte
    • 2006-05-21

    From the '20s, all the way through to the '50s, Joan was able to not only adapt to the times, but also to define them. She was the perfect flapper, working girl, feminist, fighter...she did it all, and she did it so well. Not only that, but she was one of the most beautiful women of all time. I love this woman.

  • Joan Crawford...

    • Mike
    • 2006-04-14

    Beautiful, smart, and strong, Joan Crawford made her mark in cinematic history through her breathtaking preforemances in some of the greatest movies in the golden film era. She is also one of the few stars today to maintain a great deal of popularity, and is one of my personal favorites.

  • Joan was the best

    • Jenny
    • 2006-02-16

    I love all Joans movies what ive seen so far have all been good.She was a very good actress, well done to her


    • Neil
    • 2006-01-24

    Please check out my Legendary Joan Crawford website to find out all you would like to know about the amazing star!!

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