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Ricardo Cortez

Ricardo Cortez



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Also Known As: Died: April 28, 1977
Born: September 19, 1899 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Austria Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Free, Blonde and 21 (1940) as Director
City of Chance (1940) as Director
Girl in 313 (1940) as Director
The Escape (1939) as Director
An embittered Louie Peronni (Edward Norris) returns from prison to find that his sister, Juli Peronni (Amanda Duff), is engaged to policeman Eddie Farrell (Kane Richmond), and also finds that his secret wife Annie Qualen (June Gale) has placed their baby girl in a foundling home. With his old gang again, Louie plans a robbery of a fur warehouse. Louie shoots down the night watchman and is trailed home where his father Guiseppe Peronni (Henry Armetta) persuades him not to fight it out with the police. Determined to let Louie take the full rap, the gang kidnaps the district attorney's daughter. Annie informs Louie that the kidnapped child is really their own and was adopted from the foundling home.
Chasing Danger (1939) as Director
When American newsreel cameraman (Foster) stationed in Paris is sent to cover an Arab rebellion he finds a financier presumed dead but actually fomenting desert warfare.
Inside Story (1939) as Director

Cast (feature film)

The Last Hurrah (1958) as Sam Weinberg
A political boss faces changing times as he runs for re-election.
Bunco Squad (1950) as Anthony Wells
Police try to get the goods on a phony seance racket.
Mystery in Mexico (1948) as Joe Norcross
An insurance agent searches Mexico for a missing colleague.
Blackmail (1947) as Ziggy Cranston
A private detective is approached by a wealthy entertainment executive to stop a blackmail scheme against him. Although he hasn't decided to take the job, the blackmailers believe that he already has, and he is marked for murder.
The Inner Circle (1946) as Duke York
Gerry Travis (Adele Mara), a college girl who has always been overshadowed by her sister, is mistakenly believed to have written a sensational best seller, which was actually written by her aunt, the Dean of the college. Complications arise.
The Locket (1946) as Mr. [Andrew] Bonner
A dark personal secret drives a young woman to use every man she encounters.
Make Your Own Bed (1944) as Fritz Alten
Detectives masquerade as butler and maid to get the goods on a crook.
Who Is Hope Schuyler? (1942) as Anthony Pearce
Rubber Racketeers (1942) as Gilin
Gilin (Ricardo Cortez), is just released from prison and now that the government has clamped down on the sale of tires, decides to enter the tire-stealing-for-resell racket. Driving home, he has a car wreck with defense workers Bill Barry (William Henry as Bill Henry) and Mary Dale (Barbara Read). His girl friend Nikki (Rochelle Hudson) persuades the gangster to settle Bill's claim by giving him the old car belonging to his Chinese servant Tom (Kam Tong), who is about to enter the army. Gilin sets up auto lots all over town where he sells cars and tires stolen by his gang. He also sells faulty synthetic tires and Mary's brother Freddy (Sam Edwards) is killed when one of those blows out. Bill and a group of defense workers try to trace the tire by its treads and finally locate one of Gilin's car lots as the place where it was sold. Gilin orders Nikki to set a trap for Bill so he can be eliminated. But Nikki warns Bill through Mary. Bill, feeling that Nikki knows the source of the "hot rubber" goes to see her at Gilin's apartment,where Gilin knocks him out. Tom, in his newly-issued Army uniform, pleas with his old boss to give up this unpatriotic racket and is shot by Gilin.
Tomorrow We Live (1942) as The Ghost
A master criminal uses mind control to force an ex-con to commit crimes.
I Killed That Man (1941) as Roger Phillips
Romance of the Rio Grande (1941) as Ricardo
A Shot in the Dark (1941) as Phil Richards
A reporter and a police detective sort through the clues in a night-club owner''''s murder.
World Premiere (1941) as Mark Saunders
Murder over New York (1940) as George Kirby
When Charlie attends a police convention in New York he learns of sabotage slowing down production in aircraft plants. He, of course, enters the case.
Charlie Chan in Reno (1939) as Dr. Ainsley
Mary Whitman has gone to Reno to obtain a divorce. While there she is arrested on suspicion of murdering a fellow guest at her hotel (which specializes in divorcers). There are many others at the hotel who wanted the victim out of the way. Charlie comes from his home in Honolulu to solve the murder.
Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939) as Fabian
A Japanese spy tries to stop secret agents from blowing up the Suez Canal to trigger world war.
City Girl (1938) as Charles Blake
West of Shanghai (1937) as Gordon Creed
A Chinese warlord holds three fugitives prisoner.
Her Husband Lies (1937) as Spade Martin [also known as J. Ward Thomas]
The Californian (1937) as Ramon Escobar
Native son returns from school in Spain to California in 1855 and finds corrupt politicians stealing land from old California families. He becomes a sort of Robin Hood in order to fight them.
Postal Inspector (1936) as William Davis
The Case of the Black Cat (1936) as Perry Mason
Perry Mason looks into a trio of murders heralded by the shriek of a cat.
The Walking Dead (1936) as Nolan
A framed man comes back from the dead to seek revenge.
The Murder of Dr. Harrigan (1936) as George Lambert
A doctor investigates the murder of a colleague involved in experimental surgery.
Man Hunt (1936) as Frank Kingman
A bored small-town teacher gets mixed up with an escaped bank robber.
Special Agent (1935) as [Alexander] Carston
A government agent poses as a newspaperman to get the goods on a mobster.
Shadow of Doubt (1935) as Sim [Sturdevant]
Murder charges threaten an actress's marriage plans.
Manhattan Moon (1935) as Dan Moore
The White Cockatoo (1935) as Jim Sundean
Crooks and killers try to stop a young woman from proving her claim to an inheritance.
The Frisco Kid (1935) as Paul Morra
A shanghaied sailor turns himself into the king of San Francisco's rough-and-tumble Barbary Coast.
The Man with Two Faces (1934) as [Ben] Weston
An actor uses his skills to protect his sister from her sinister husband.
The Big Shakedown (1934) as [Dutch] Barnes
A racketeer breaks into black-market medicine.
Wonder Bar (1934) as Harry
The denizens of a Parisian night club deal with murder and romance.
Hat, Coat, and Glove (1934) as Robert Mitchell
A lawyer gets mixed up in a net of intrigue when he witnesses a suicide.
I Am a Thief (1934) as Pierre [Londais]
A man dodges jewel thieves while carrying a fortune in diamonds on the Orient Express.
Mandalay (1934) as Tony Evans
A woman with a past tries to get rid of a former lover.
The Firebird (1934) as Herman Brandt
A young girl''''s secret romance is exposed when her lover is murdered.
A Lost Lady (1934) as Frank Ellinger
A bitter woman who thinks she''''ll never love again marries, only to fall for a brash young man.
Torch Singer (1933) as Tony Cummings
A night club singer hosts a children''''s radio show in hopes of finding the child she gave up years earlier.
Midnight Mary (1933) as Leo [Darcy]
An abused orphan sinks into a life of crime.
Broadway Bad (1933) as Craig Cutting
The House on 56th Street (1933) as [Bill] Blaine
A woman loses her family after being falsely convicted of a crime.
Big Executive (1933) as Victor Conway
Flesh (1932) as Nicky [Grant]
A simple-minded wrestler falls for a woman with a dark secret.
Thirteen Women (1932) as Sergeant Clive
A mysterious Eurasian tries to murder the 12 boarding school roommates who treated her like an outsider.
Symphony of Six Million (1932) as [Dr.] Felix [Klauber]
A doctor fights his way from the slums to Park Avenue.
Is My Face Red? (1932) as [William "Bill"] Poster
Poster writes a gossip column for the Morning Gazette. He will write about anyone and everyone as long as he gets the credit. He gets most of his information from his gal, Peggy who is a showgirl. When Bill sees Tony stab Angelo Spinelli to death in a speak easy, he puts it front page of the Gazette. But on the night that he goes out with heiress Mildred, he slips the diamond that came from Peggy's finger on Mildred's finger and announces his engagement - while tattling about her friends in his column. This gets him in dutch with Mildred and Peggy. At the same time, the cops cannot find Tony, but Tony is looking for Poster to thank him for the publicity.
Men of Chance (1932) as "Diamond Johnny" Silk
Gamblers go after a man with a knack for picking winning horses.
No One Man (1932) as Bill Hanaway
The Phantom of Crestwood (1932) as Gary Curtis, also known as Farnsbarns
Five men have to prove their innocence when a blackmailer is murdered.
Ten Cents a Dance (1931) as Bradley Carlton
A taxi dancer with a jealous husband finds herself falling for a wealthy client.
Reckless Living (1931) as Curly
Bad Company (1931) as Goldie Gorio
When she learns her husband and brother are involved with the mob, a woman decides to straighten them out.
The Maltese Falcon (1931) as Sam Spade
In the first screen version of The Maltese Falcon, detective Sam Spade investigates the theft of a priceless statue.
Transgression (1931) as Don Arturo [de Borgus]
When her lover is killed, a straying wife tries to intercept the confession she mailed her husband.
Big Business Girl (1931) as Robert J. Clayton
A college girl uses her brains and her legs to conquer the business world.
Illicit (1931) as Price Baines
Young free-thinkers turn conventionally jealous when they marry.
White Shoulders (1931) as Tommy Pierce, also known as Lawrence Marchmont
Behind Office Doors (1931) as Ronnie Wales
An under-appreciated secretary finds a new job and takes her former boss''''s success with her.
Montana Moon (1930) as Jeff
A flapper weds a cowboy and has to adjust to life out West.
Her Man (1930) as Johnnie
The Younger Generation (1929) as Morris Goldfish
A rising businessman tries to make his immigrant parents assimilate.
The Phantom in the House (1929) as Paul Wallis
Midstream (1929) as James Stanwood
New Orleans (1929) as Jim Morley
The Lost Zeppelin (1929) as Tom Armstrong
Prowlers of the Sea (1928) as Carlos De Neve
The Grain of Dust (1928) as Fred Norman
Excess Baggage (1928) as Val D'Errico
A juggler-acrobat''''s relationship with his wife suffers when she succeeds in Hollywood, while he''''s still stuck playing tank-town engagements.
The Gun Runner (1928) as Julio
Ladies of the Night Club (1928) as George Merrill
By Whose Hand? (1927) as Van Suydam Smith
The Sorrows of Satan (1927) as Geoffrey Tempest
Geoffrey, a young and impoverished writer, is desperately in love with Mavis, who lives at his boardinghouse and is also pursuing a writing career. Unable to marry her because of his poverty, in his anger he curses God for abandoning him. Soon Geoffrey meets Prince Lucio de Rimanez, a wealthy, urbane gentleman who informs Geoffrey that he has inherited a fortune, but that he must place himself in the Prince's hands in order to enjoy the fruits of his inheritance. What Geoffrey doesn't know is that Prince Lucio is actually Satan, who is using Geoffrey as an experiment to show God that he can corrupt anybody.
Mockery (1927) as Dimitri
A peasant saves a countess during the Russian Revolution.
New York (1927) as Michael Angelo Cassidy
The Torrent (1926) as Don Rafael Brull
In this silent film, a Spanish country girl moves to Paris to become an opera star.
The Cat's Pajamas (1926) as Don Cesare Gracco
Volcano (1926) as Stéphane Séquineau
The Eagle of the Sea (1926) as Captain Sazarac
The Spaniard (1925) as Don Pedro de Barrego
The Swan (1925) as Dr. Walter, the tutor
The Pony Express (1925) as Jack Weston
Not So Long Ago (1925) as Billy Ballard
In the Name of Love (1925) as Raoul Melnotte
The Bedroom Window (1924) as Robert Delano
The City That Never Sleeps (1924) as Mark Roth
This Woman (1924) as Whitney Duane
Argentine Love (1924) as Juan Martin
The Next Corner (1924) as Don Arturo
A Society Scandal (1924) as Harrison Peters
Feet of Clay (1924) as Tony Channing
Kerry falls in love with Amy and saves her life in a surfboard race though his foot is bitten by a shark. Dr. Lansell tells him to keep off his foot for a year. He weds Amy, but Dr. Lansell's wife Bertha wants him too.
The Call of the Canyon (1923) as Larry Morrison
Children of Jazz (1923) as Ted Carter
Hollywood (1923) as
Angela comes to Hollywood with only two things: Her dream to become a movie star, and Grandpa. She leaves an Aunt, a brother, Grandma, and her longtime boyfriend back in Centerville. Despite seeing major movie stars around every corner, and knocking on every casting office door in town, at the end of her first day she is still unemployed. To her horror, when she arrives back at their hotel, she finds that Grandpa has been cast in a movie by William DeMille and quickly becomes a star during the ensuing weeks. Her family, worried that Angela and Grandpa are getting into trouble, come to Hollywood to drag them back home. In short order Aunt, Grandma, brother, boyfriend and even the parrot become superstars, but Angela is still unemployed...
Sixty Cents an Hour (1923) as William Davis, Jimmy's rival

Cast (short)

Sunkist Stars at Palm Springs (1936)
Winners of a dance contest spend a day at Palm Springs with famous movie stars in this short film.
Hollywood Newsreel (1934)
A variety of stories from "behind the scenes" in Hollywood are the focus in this short film that may have been a publicity vehicle for "Harold Teen" (1934). Vitaphone Release 6170.

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