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Claudette Colbert

Claudette Colbert



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  • Claudette Colbert

    • Gary Wild
    • 2017-09-18

    have a drawing of Claudette Colbert, think its done in charcoal. signed ALG. any ideas who he may be. it was in my late mother in law photos.

  • Claudette Colbert in "To Each His Own"

    • YJ
    • 2014-11-21

    Claudette Colbert did indeed do a version of "To Each His Own." I saw it on TCM which showed several of her films when she passed away to honor her. I wish TCM would clarify this and make this film available or show it again. I never saw the other version with Olivia de Havilland. Please set the record straight on this TCM! Thanks!

  • madame colbert

    • lalo pena
    • 2013-03-26

    i m sure she was predicted to be Claudette in America. a dame with an artistic mind. a superb performer. my favorite actress of all times. i fall in love with her each time i see her on screen.

  • Claudette Colbert

    • JoS
    • 2013-02-12

    Although I'd known about her for some time, it was only a few years ago that I appreciated how truly wonderful an actress Claudette is. Now, she tops the list of my favorite actresses and I try to buy every movie she's in. I showed her film "Midnight" to a group of friends once and it went over very well. Her acting is so open and fresh that she makes the films she's in seem modern and accessible to newer audiences. Simultaneously cute and alluring, equally talented in both comedy and drama, Claudette is truly one of a kind.

  • Lovely Claudette.

    • Damien
    • 2012-08-31

    I always thought that Claudette Colbert would have made a Great silent film star. If only for those great, dark eyes and gorgeous smile. She only made one silent film, directed by Frank Capra in 1927, but it was a failure. It was when Claudette spoke though that the magic was complete and she became a unique and popular star. She had been a Broadway star, with a beautiful, velvety voice. Her soothing and sophisticated voice was one of the most distictive in Hollywood. And her laugh is one of the true pleasures of the screen. She was one of a kind. Intelligent, graceful, lovely, and yet, she could be mischevious and down to earth. Colbert was held in high esteem by her colleagues. She was known as a crack professional and gave her all to every role she played. She is one of the first artists of the American cinema. Claudette was a very versatile and wonderful actress. She really needs to be re-discovered by today's audiences.

  • It Happened One Night

    • Elizabeth
    • 2012-08-18

    I always loved old black and white movies - in my teens and 20's I was probably the only one of my friends who watched these movies. Loved, loved, loved "It Happened One Night" - you can't beat the witty lines, crazy story line, sex appeal - just great fun! At the age of 30 I was a huge Myrna Loy fan. Imagine my surprise when one day, in the course of work I was attending a luncheon seated next to "Coco". A lovely lady - I was just 30 (1990's) and she was older. As we talked she told me her real name was Claudette - which I immediately launched into how I loved that name because of Claudette Colbert! and then...she told me that Claudette Colbert was her aunt, whom she was named after, and she was surprised I knew who her aunt was! I felt as though it was magic from the Gods to have this serendipity happening! I never did get that autograph - and I believe Myrna Loy soon died thereafter. But I will never forget the magic of it all. It gives me joy just to remember all this - and I loved that movie! Need to watch it again, soon.

  • All-time favorite actress!

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 2011-08-29

    Claudette Colbert is simply the best actress Hollywood ever had. Beautiful, intelligent, funny, endearing, and incredibly talented, Ms. Colbert has never been in a movie that wasn't worth watching -- even if it was only worth watching for her. While actresses of her day could give affected and contrived performances, Claudette's acting was always honest, real, fresh and modern. She was ahead of her time (even doing nude scenes!), and if you ever want to introduce a classic movie to someone, one of Claudette's films is the way to do it. Her filmography is fantastic, but her top films include the comedies: "Midnight", "It Happened One Night", "No Time For Love", "It's a Wonderful World", and "The Gilded Lily". Her dramas were equally top-notch, with: "Four Frightened People", "So Proudly We Hail", "Three Came Home", "The Secret Fury", and "Torch Singer". But really, there are just too many good ones to name ... so see them all! Thank you, Claudette.

  • Legendary Lady

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-02-26

    Claudette Colbert is one of the greatest stars of the Hollywood Golden Era. Ms. Colbert worked with Clark Gable, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Capra et al . A classy lady and fine actress. I liked Ms. Colbert in Three Came Home, a taught WWII drama, and a grand lush romantic film Parrish starring Troy Donahue and quartet of WB stars Connie Stevens, Chad Everett, Diane McBain and Sharon Hugueny. I saw Ms. Colbert on the Broadway stage when she was in her late 80's and conveyed great charm and looked a generation younger than her age. Ms Colbert's final filmed performance was in The Two Mrs. Glenville's with Ann Margret where both great actresses were brilliant and Ms. Colbert capped off a respected career with a Golden Globe for her performance. Claudette Colbert signified to me Class, Intelligence, Style and was a formidable actress. Colbert's Catholic funeral in New York was attended by friends worldwide.

  • don't know

    • susan sterzer
    • 2010-07-31

    I'm looking for a movie where the grandfather keeps his cigars in his bed posts and has a granddaughter that is engaged to be married, but falls for someone else, who every time she kisses the other man her shoes come off. Do you know what the title to this movie is?

  • ?

    • C. Rogers
    • 2010-04-18

    I am looking for a movie that was in the 40s I believe that a woman I think was Claudette she would find homes for babies that were born and sickly.She would get them healthy and place them in homes.

  • Movie for Dorothy

    • Liz
    • 2009-11-10

    Dorothy, I believe the movie you are looking for is called "To Each His Own"(1946) & it starred Olivia de Havilland, not Claudette. It tells the story you mentioned & the son does dance with Olivia & calls her "mother" at the end of the movie. It is one of my favorites & I end up in tears every time I see it. I don't believe it is out on DVD as yet, but TCM has scheduled it to be shown on January 24, 2010. I hope this will be helpful to you & that you get to see this movie. Sincerely, Liz

  • I want to find this movie

    • Dorothy Owens
    • 2009-10-05

    In the 40s I saw a movie in which Claudette met a soldier, she got pregnent, he was killed in the war. Her sister raised the child as her own because of how society view unmarried girls. Boy grew up and entered the service. She went into the service to be near her son who did not know she was his mother. At the end there was a dance which both went to. How he found out I do not remembeder, but he went up to her and said: "I belive this this our dance mother."

  • Charming and Smart

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-08-29

    One of the best comediennes of Hollywood's early golden age. Is immortal for her teamwork with Clark Gable in "It Happened One Night". That whole film...the only one I'm familiar with... though very early, has the feel of something very modern, warm, smart, light, and clever. Colbert's personality just shines through. I'll have to check out her other films someday.

  • A Great Actress

    • 2008-04-27

    I love Claudette Colbert and all of her movies. She was such a talented actress. I think she was just like herself in real life, as she was in the movies. She was a class act. I stay up all night for her and Bette Davis when they are the 'star'of the month to watch all their movies. Thank you TCM for showing all her movies.

  • I Love Claudette Colbert

    • Amy
    • 2008-04-03

    Thanks to Turner Classic Movies, a recent addition to our local cable line up, I have developed a love and admiration for Claudett Colbert. What a sweet, charming, talented actress. Sorry to find out that she passed away in 1996 before I "discovered" her. Thanks TCM for bringing these movies to a new generation so we can appreciate these awesome talents! God Rest Claudette Colbert in heaven till I get there to meet her!

  • Classy Claudette

    • Angel
    • 2007-08-26

    A one of a kind actress and one of Hollywood's all-time great stars. A class act all the way.

  • There will never be another like her.

    • Emma Ayres
    • 2007-07-11

    She always made you feel the person she played in a file was REAL. You felt all the emotions with her. I can't wait until you have a Claudette Colbert Day and run, It Happen One Day, The Egg and I, No time for Love, The Maid of Salem, Three Came Home, and So Poudly We Hail, and etc.

  • One of my favorites

    • Kathy
    • 2006-07-12

    I simply adore Claudette. She is a fabulous actress and so very lovely. First class. I look forward to any movie she appears in. After reading her biography, I was a little confused with regard to the last companion listed. Clark Gable was her companion, lucky girl, but was Helen her companion in the same capacity? I really hope not. That really upsets me and somewhat "bursts my bubble."

  • Broke the Mold

    • Patricia Miller
    • 2006-06-15

    There has never been another one like her. Total class! Please play all of her movies. So many have not been seen on TCM that I know of: The Secret Fury, Torch Singer, Manslaughter, The Planter's Wife, The Phantom President, The Bride Comes Home,Tovarich, Young Man of Manhattan, Sleep My Love, The Lady Lies, The Big Pond, Tonight Is Ours, I Met Him in Paris,The Man From Yesterday, The Secret Heart. There is not an actress today that could hold a candle to the great lady.

  • Favorite Actress Ever!

    • James C.
    • 2006-05-25

    Claudette is my favorite Actress! My favorite movies so far of hers are It's A Wonderful World Drums Along The Mohawk Midnight Cleopatra Imitation Of Life It Happened One Night The Egg And I Family Honeymoon 3 Came Home Since You Went Away So Proudly We Hail ........... And Everything apparently..... Gosh I could keep going on. Lovely Lady!!!!!

  • Favorite Star

    • Soyophia R
    • 2006-05-08

    Loved her in Tomorrow is forever, she's such a fantastic actress, so great in this, hope this will be released soon on Video

  • Lovely!

    • sidney
    • 2006-03-02

    One of the best actresses ever. She could do it all. Make me cry and fall out of my seat laughing! A beautiful and talented lady not to be forgotten!

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