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Nelleke Privett


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Casting (feature film)

Bugs (2008) as Casting Director
An engineer and a bug specialist fight off giagantic bugs in the city subway tunnels of Canada.
Confessions of an American Bride (2005)
A 30-year old ad executive begins to have second thoughts about her upcoming marriage as she plans for her wedding. Her doubts are compounded when an old college flame comes back to her life.
More Sex and the Single Mom (2005)
Sequel to the 2003 film "Sex and the Single Mom," in which a recently divorced mother of a teenage girl gets pregnant after an affair and must deal with the ramifications, as well as guiding her daughter who is becoming sexual. It ended with her not telling the father of her baby that she was pregna
Webs (2003) as Casting Director
After discovering hidden treasure through portal to an alternate universe which is uninhabited and covered with cobwebs underneath the Chicago subway tunnels, three trash salvage workers raid it of its jewels and riches. Unknowingly they awaken a half-human/half spider woman who follows them in ord
Control Factor (2003) as Casting Director
Lance Bishop, a happily married insurance salesman is nearly-fatally accosted on a streetcorner by a mysterious man. Soon afterwards, he becomes unnerved after hearing a strange voice inside his head urging him to kill his wife. Upon the revelation that he is part of a far-reaching mind-control ex
Threshold (2003) as Casting Director
After a trip to space, an astronaut unknowingly spreads alien DNA like a disease, turning humans into insect-like creatures. With the help of an etymologist, they must stem the infection before the it reaches its threshold and becomes an uncontainable swarm.
Encrypt (2003) as Casting Director
Set in the future where destructive storms destroy the Earth, former Marine Officer John Garth is given an offer by Anton Reich, a wealthy broker that he thinks will save his father and the decaying world they inhabit. Free the world's greatest art treasures, held safely in a giant estate, and food
Martha Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart (2003) as Casting Director (Toronto)
True story about the successful business life of Martha Stewart, including her 2002 Wall Street scandal.
Deathlands: Homeward Bound (2003) as Casting Director
Based on James Axler's series of novels about the end of the world caused by war and radiation. Following the destrution caused on Earth by nuclear weapons, Ryan Cawdor returns after twenty years to a ravaged part of Virginia he used to call home, where his brother and stepmother plotted to kill hi
Do or Die (2003) as Casting Director
The world has been infected with a virus that turns one day's worth of aging into a year's. Twenty years into its spread, the virus has divided the world into categories of people known as "Cleans" and "Infecteds". A doctor has created a corporate-controlled drug that can slow the infection proces
Terminal Invasion (2002) as Casting Director
Posing as humans,a group of aliens take control of a small town airport and only a escaped murderer and a local pilot can take it back.
Hitched (2001) as Casting (Toronto)
Ted and Eve are newlyweds who have recently purchased a new home, complete with a hidden downstairs "speak easy." Ted works long hours as a luggage salesman, and Eve grows tired of her husband's absences. One night, Eve not only learns that Ted, accompanied by another woman, has been in a car accide
Mother's Fight For Justice, A (2001) as Casting (Toronto)
Television movie based on the true story of one mother's quest for justice when her son is hit by a young drunk driver, and how she and her family emerge from the ordeal.<P>Early one morning, Terry Stone and her husband Geoff are notified that their college-age son Andrew has sustained critical inju
Moving of Sophia Myles, The (2000) as Casting (Canada)
Sophia Myles must find her place in the world upon the untimely death of her husband, Reverend Nathaniel Myles. When Mary Margaret, a local real-estate maven and church leader, divides the parishioners by soliciting votes for a land development deal, the intimate feel of the small Missouri town is t
Ice (2000) as Casting
Los Angeles Police Detective Robert Drake and his girlfriend Alison are two of a small group of people whose fates are entwined as the Earth enters the threshold of a new Ice Age. The others include Drake's ex-wife Julie; their son Max; Julie's new husband Greg; and Kelvin Jones, a jailed lawbreaker
Chippendales Murder, The (2000) as Casting (Toronto)
The life story of the rise and fall of Chippendales founder Steve Banerjee, who emigrated from India to Los Angeles. He developed the concept of an erotic male dance show for women which is actualized by the creative force of Emmy award-winning choreographer, Nick Denoia. Together, they formed the m
Touch of Hope, A (1999) as Casting Director (Toronto)
Adaptation of the autobiography of Dean Kraft by Dean and Rochelle Kraft. The story focuses on Dean's abilities as a hands-on healer and his battle with the medical establishment. His life is surprisingly and inexplicably changed when he comforts the victim of a car accident and observes the victim
Jesse Ventura Story, The (1999) as Casting (Canada)
Television movie about former professional wrestler turned Governor of Minnesota, Jesse "The Body" Ventura.
Different (1999) as Casting (Canada)
Hope Talmadge's life was full of the promise of an 11-year-old until a car accident left her mentally disabled. Amanda Talmadge could never come to terms with her daughter's imperfections and sent Hope away to special schools and group homes her entire life. Now 30, Hope strives to live a normal lif
Wrong Girl, The (1999) as Casting (Canada)
A mother struggles with her alcoholic twenty-year-old son's psychopathic lover, whose manipulation of the family escalates into deadly destruction.
Dying To Dance (1999) as Casting (Canada)
Elisa Lennox, age 18, joins a major ballet company right after high school and begins to believe that ballerinas must be pencil thin. Elisa lives on a near-starvation diet while exercising excessively. Anorexia begins to wreak havoc on Elisa's life as relationships suffer, her health deteriorates an
Promise, The (1999) as Casting (Canada)
Joanne Stoller, a devoted sister, has promised to seek justice for the brutal death of her sister Lisa Miles, who fell victim to her abusive husband, Bill. While seeking justice for her sister's murder, Joanne encounters failures in the justice system that lead her on a dangerous path.
Vanished Without a Trace (1999) as Casting (Canada)
Elizabeth and Jack Birch have three children, including Cathy, a spirited, rebellious 13-year-old. One day, Cathy disappears. After weeks of searching, the police give up -- but not Elizabeth. When Cathy is found murdered, Elizabeth's search begins again, but this time she's after a killer.
Cruel Justice (1999) as Casting (Canada)
Jerry Metcalf dedicates himself to bringing his teenage daughter Amy's rapist to jail. But after the court system fails him, Jerry decides to take matters into his own hands -- even if it means murder.
Labor of Love (1998) as Casting (Canada)
Annie, a 36-year-old, single woman, desperately wants to have a child. Her best friend, Mickey, a gay man who had tried unsuccessfully to adopt a child, also feels the pangs of parental yearning. The couple decides to have a naturally conceived child together. Mickey moves in with Annie, but she the
His Bodyguard (1998) as Casting (Toronto)
When a deaf man witnesses a high-tech robbery, a female security officer who knows sign language is assigned to protect him. Sam and Jenny learn a lot about each other as they hide out in Sam's apartment, a deaf school and Jenny's childhood home. Eventually, Sam gives Jenny the confidence she never
Marriage Fool, The (1998) as Casting (Toronto)
Frank Walsh, a widower after 41 years of marriage meets and falls for Florence, an extroverted woman quite different from his late wife. The relationship brings out a joyful, spirited side of Frank but his grown children make it clear they do not approve of her. The disapproval of his eldest son Rob
Father For Brittany, A (1998) as Casting (Canada)
Heartbroken by the medical confirmation of her sterility, Kim Lussier appeals to her husband Keith to pursue an immediate adoption. Keith, unsure that he is ready to become a father, tries to delay the process before reluctantly yielding to Kim's pleas. As the Lussiers prepare for the arrival of the
Boy Meets Girl (1998) as Casting (Toronto)
A modern-day fairy tale in which a love poem casts a spell on an Italian waitress, making her fall in love with a cynical American writer whom she falsely believes to have written it.
All I Wanna Do (1998) as Casting (Toronto)
The story of a closely-knit group of friends at a traditional New England all-girls boarding school in 1963, who recognize their own value and potential when their all-female sanctuary becomes threatened by the specter of men.
Any Mother's Son (1997) as Casting (Toronto)
One night while on shore leave in Sasebo, Japan, U.S. sailor Allen Schindler was followed into a public restroom and beaten to death. While given a military funeral, it was still a full two months after his brutal murder that his mother, Dorothy Hajdys, discovered that her son had been killed by two
Too Close to Home (1997) as Casting (Canada)
A mother is so consumed with a possessive love for her son that she may have committed murder in order to keep him by her side. When the son's new wife is found murdered, the mother is arrested for the crime. In denial about his mother's guilt, the son, a successful lawyer, agrees to defend her. Bas
Remembrance (1996) as Casting (Toronto)
A television movie based on "Remembrance," Danielle Steel's novel, about an Italian woman who marries an American Army officer. Her mother-in-law refuses to accept her as a suitable wife for her son. After her husband's death, she struggles to raise her daughter any way she can.
Deliverance of Elaine, The (1996) as Casting
A woman who corresponds with a prison pen pal continues their relationship after he is released from jail. The prisoner forces her to examine a painful event in her past that shaped her life.
What Kind of Mother Are You? (1996) as Casting
A mother's plan to straighten out her out-of-control, teenage daughter by leaving her in jail overnight goes awry when she later cannot obtain the girl's release. Based on a true story.
Conspiracy of Fear, The (1996) as Casting (Canada)
After his father's "accidental" death, a book-smart college student becomes a sinister assassin's next target. After an accidental encounter teams him with a resourceful young woman, he goes on the run and unravels a conspiracy that threatens America's safety.
No One Could Protect Her (1996) as Casting (Toronto)
A serial rapist and murderer freely prowls the streets and homes of a peaceful residential neighborhood until one of his victims works with the police to trap him. Inspired by actual events.
Her Desperate Choice (1996) as Casting (Toronto)
A woman is forced to kidnap her own daughter and to destroy all evidence of her past in order to start a new life when she flees her home to protect the seven-year-old from sexual abuse by the girl's father.
Abduction, The (1996) as Casting (Canada)
A woman is terrorized, stalked, raped and kidnapped by her ex-husband. Inspired by actual events.
Haunting of Lisa, The (1996) as Casting (Canada)
A mother must come to terms with her young daughter's psychic visions of a mysterious woman who predicts a series of murders.
Triplecross (1995) as Casting Director (Toronto)
A convict gets his chance for freedom if he helps to set up a scam to capture his ex-cellmate.
Deadly Love (1995) as Casting
A successful photographer seemingly has it all, but the dark secret she hides has made it impossible for her to find a companion -- she is a vampire.
Vow to Kill, A (1995) as Casting (Toronto)
A young woman from a wealthy family marries a charming man after a whirlwind romance. Honeymooning on a remote island, she accidentally learns that her husband has contacted her father and masqueraded as a kidnapper -- demanding cash for their safe release. When he discovers that she''s on to him, she tries to flee. He goes after her, but she kills him.
Dancing in the Dark (1995) as Casting
A married woman is the object of unwanted advances made by her father-in-law and then is wrongly committed to a private psychiatric institution.
Between Love and Honor (1995) as Casting (Canada)
An undercover cop falls in love with the stepdaughter of a notorious mob figure and must choose between his work and his feelings. Based on the true story of Steve Allie Collura, who portrays another police officer in the movie.
Picture Perfect (1995) as Casting
Two single parents who despise each other, and their respective children who are best friends, find themselves masquerading as the "perfect family" in order to win a contest.
Against Their Will: Women in Prison (1994) as Casting Director (Toronto)
When guards demand sexual favors from the inmates of a women's prison, a wrongfully-jailed convict fights back in court. Based on an actual event.
Ultimate Betrayal (1994) as Casting
Based on the true story of four sisters who were sexually abused by their father and their fight to take him to court.
Silent Witness: What a Child Saw (1994) as Casting
A young boy witnesses the racially motivated killings of a Korean couple by members of a Los Angeles teen gang, one of whom is his older brother.
I Know My Son Is Alive (1994) as Casting (Toronto)
A young mother suffering from post-partum depression becomes a suspect when her baby suddenly disappears.
Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O'Hara Story (1994) as Casting (Toronto)
A woman unknowingly marries a serial killer.
Hush Little Baby (1994) as Casting
A woman is reunited with her biological mother after years of separation, but the latter is a psychopath who doesn't want to share her daughter with anybody, not even her own grandchildren.
Madonna: Innocence Lost (1994) as Casting (Toronto)
Unauthorized television movie tracing the pop music superstar Madonna's first years in New York, from 1978 through 1984 -- including relationships with her father and her first manager.
Perfect Stranger, A (1994) as Casting (Canada)
A television movie based on "A Perfect Stranger," Danielle Steel's novel about an attorney who falls in love with the young wife of a wealthy man who is dying.
Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story (1994) as Casting
Television movie based on the true story of a man who wages a paternity battle against his former live-in girlfriend for his nonbiological son.
And Then There Was One (1994) as Casting (Toronto)
When their two-year-old daughter is diagnosed as being HIV positive, a husband-and-wife comedy writing team learn they are also infected with the virus. Based on a true story.
Night Owl (1993) as Casting (Toronto)
A woman battles a mysterious entity (a voice over the radio that lures men to their death) in order to save the life of her husband.
Ghost Mom (1993) as Casting (Toronto)
A recently deceased busybody continues to meddle in her son's life after she is dead. Her ghost joins forces with her son in solving an international gem caper.
Good Fight, The (1992) as Casting
When a lawyer and her ex-husband fight a tobacco conglomerate, they rediscover their love for each other.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Four Days (1999)
"The Kid" is a wise 14-year-old who double-crosses his partner out of his share of a bank heist and heads to Paradise Lodge to split the winnings with his father. However, he soon discovers that he has an unwanted stranger hot on his trail...
Four Days (1999)
"The Kid" is a wise 14-year-old who double-crosses his partner out of his share of a bank heist and heads to Paradise Lodge to split the winnings with his father. However, he soon discovers that he has an unwanted stranger hot on his trail...

Casting (special)

Monet: Shadows and Light (2000) as Casting
Tells the story of an encounter with a young person that influences the work of Impressionist painter Claude Oscar Monet (1840-1926). In 1869, five years before the Impressionist movement is recognized, 29-year-old artist Claude Monet struggles to support his young family and gain recognition by the
Mary Cassatt: American Impressionist (1999) as Casting
Nineteenth Century American painter Mary Cassatt (1845-1926) finds her niche among the Impressionist painters in Paris, but things are upended when her brother, his wife and their three boisterous children arrive -- and provide a completely unexpected inspiration for her paintings. Cassatt's feminis
Degas and the Dancer (1999) as Casting
Struggling French painter Edgar Degas' (1834-1917) irascible reputation changes when he meets Marie, a young ballerina whom he convinces to tap her unique gifts. In turn, Marie pushes Degas to ignore the snooty critics who panned his work -- and pursue his Impressionist dreams.

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

Degree of Guilt (1995) as Casting (Toronto)
A network journalist calls upon her ex-lover to defend her when she is charged with murder. During the sensational trial, the attorney falls in love with his married associate. When her husband is murdered, the lawyer is charged with the crime.
Family Pictures (1993) as Additional Casting
Based on Sue Miller's novel, "Family Pictures," a loving family must find the strength and courage to stay together when forced to deal with the exceptional needs of an autistic child.
JFK: Reckless Youth (1993) as Casting (Toronto)
A miniseries covering the first 29 years of John F. Kennedy's life, through his election to Congress.

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