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Frantois Cluzet

Frantois Cluzet


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: September 21, 1955 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Paris, FR Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

One Wild Moment (2015)
Two friends take their daughters with them on a beach vacation and find themselves in an awkward situation.
Intouchables, The (2012)
In Paris, an unlikely friendship develops between a quadriplegic millionaire and the young black man who becomes his carer.
Little White Lies (2012)
When a group of friends from Paris go to the coast for their traditional summer holiday, the mood sobers as they confess their innermost concerns.
Do Not Disturb (2012)
Heterosexual best friends Ben and Jeff revive their friendship on a questionable dare involving their making a gay porn film together.
Blanc comme neige (2010)
Maxime is a married luxury car dealer and has everything a man could desire. When his business partner disappears, men come knocking on his door and suddenly everything he has in life is taken from him.
Le dernier pour la route (2009)
Hervé Chabalier analyzes the dramatic causes for his alcohol addiction, the strategies used to avoid admitting the truth to himself and the difficult process of freeing himself from his dependency.
In the Beginning (2009)
Based on the true story of a smalltime crook who built a highway.
Tell No One (2008)
Pediatrician Alexandre Beck still grieves the murder of his beloved wife, Margot, eight years earlier. When two bodies are found near the scene of the crime, the police reopen the case and Alex becomes a suspect again. The mystery deepens when Alex receives an anonymous e-mail with a link to a video
Rivals (2008)
Police inspector Francois finds out that his brother Gabriel is being released from prison after doing ten years for murder. The reunion between the cop and his older brother is a delicate one. They nevertheless try to put the past behind them: Gabriel is eager to re-integrate into society and Franc
Paris (2008)
While waiting for a heart transplant that could save his life, Pierre has his world invaded by his sister Elise and her three children. The growing awareness of his impending mortality, as well as the re-discovery of his sister and her life, gives Pierre a very different sense of how he might spen
Instinct de l'Ange, L' (2008) as Devrines
Romanticized WWI aerial combat film featuring the plight of a TB survivor who becomes so remarkably successful as a combat pilot that his squadron shuns him as a supernatural emissary of death.
True Enough (2007)
Detrompez-vous (2007)
When Carole and Lionel find out that their spouses are having an affair, they make an alliance in order to save their respective marriages.
Four Stars (2006)
A Parisian English teacher has a sudden windfall in the form of a $64,000 inheritance from her grandmother. On a whim, she decides to leave her gray existence behind and go to Cannes on the French Riviera, where she checks into a swanky hotel. A casual run-in with what seems at first to be a rich ma
Le Domain Perdu (2006)
Explores the intersecting lives of two men with very different perceptions of the world. A French pilot and adventurer Antoine lands his plane on a family farm in 1930s Chile and briefly enters the life of ten-year-old Max. A shared love of flying brings the two together again ten years later at a t
La Cloche a sonné (2005)
In their big house in the country, new-age guru Simon Arcos and wife Vera offer a unique experience. Their 5-day "Journey to the Inner Self" is a complete cure to the problems of modern-day living. Stress? Sexuality? An uncontrollable sphincter? No sweat. But when Jean and Nathalie, the ultimate dys
Hook, The (2004) as Ben Castelano
Brice Kantor and Ben Castelano are both crime writers, but that's where the resemblance ends. Brice is a star, with an impatient publisher and no book. Ben is on the skids, with a manuscript ready and no publisher. When they bump into each other in a train station, Brice makes Ben a fantastic offer:
Dolce Farniente (1999) as Stendhal/ Henri Beyle
In 1816, Henri Beyle is an aspiring writer and has not yet taken on the nom de plume of Stendhal. He leaves Rome on the way to Naples and stops off at Terracina. There he meets Rossini, already famous and much loved in Italy. The two artists become friends.
Examen de Minuit, L' (1998) as Antoine
Serena is a city girl who wants a man to protect her. She moves to the country to marry an old count, but that falls through. Next she meets a farmer who falls for her and begins robbing banks in an attempt to keep her in style. She marries him, but embarks on an affair with an artist who locks her
Late August, Early September (1998) as Adrien Willer
Thirtysomething Gabriel is in romantic transition from Jenny to Anne, while at his job as a literary editor much of his time and emotional energy is spent on his slightly older friend Adrien, a formerly "promising" novelist whose recent output fails to match the critical and commercial success of hi
Swindle, The (1997) as Maurice Biagini
Betty and Victor are a pair of clever grifters, with years of history together. They specialize in well-planned, middle-range scams, bilking ordinary people of moderate sums of money, with a modus operandi that has kept them comfortable and out of trouble. The much younger Betty reveals that, for th
Demenagement, Le (1997) as Claude
Alain, a TV executive, rushes home after his wife has called to say that the illegal Romanian movers he has hired have arrived four hours too early. The Romanians begin to argue amongst themselves and flee, leaving Alain with a double-parked van. He calls his friends for aid but gathers a group of
Voie est Libre, La (1997) as Jules
Jules, a desperate ex-train conductor, who's tried over and over again to contest his being fired for vague economic reasons, finally is pushed to the edge by a lack of response from the railroad administration. Jules decides to take ten inhabitants of a small town in the suburbs of Lyon as his host
Silence of Rak, The (1997) as Rak
Rak is fired from his job and decides to concoct a scheme to sell a musical encyclopedia the doesn't exist. He even holds interviews for prospective salesmen at a local cafe. After witnessing the eviction of a young musician, Lucie, by a real estate agent, Rak robs the man by weilding a toy gun. How
Enfants de salaud (1996) as Sandro
A humorous tale of impromptu bonding among the four illegitimate children of an unrepentant assassin who meet for the first time during Dad's trial.
French Kiss (1995) as Bob
When her fiance falls in love with a beautiful French woman in Paris, Kate follows him to the City of Light to win him back. But she gets more than she bargained for after meeting a sexy, mysterious Frenchman named Luc. Together, Kate and Luc embark on an adventure which takes them across France...
Apprentices, The (1995) as Antoine
A comedy about two loser-buddies, Antoine and Fred, who, strapped for money, rob the safe of the kung fu magazine, for which Antoine works, and give themselves away by accidentally leaving Antione's keys at the scene of the crime.
Horseman on the Roof, The (1995) as The Doctor
The time is 1832 and a cholera epidemic is sweeping Provence. Angelo, a handsome, angel-faced officer gallops untiringly through the dying towns and villages. He takes the time to help until his own strength gives out. Inscrutable and calm, Angelo also takes the time to silently love Pauline de Theu
3000 Scenarios contre un virus (1994)
Thirty short films based on ideas culled from over 3,000 proposals submitted by French students under the age of 20, and directed by a cross-section of volunteer helmers and celebrities to translate the reality of AIDS.
Wind From Wyoming (1994) as Chester Celine
In a milieu of punch-drunk boxers and their handlers, Lea is in love with up-and-comer Reo. But he breaks her heart by taking up with her mother, Lizette, and that puts papa--his trainer--into a spin.
Enfer, L' (1994) as Paul
A hotel owner suspects his lovely young wife has been unfaithful and is unable to control both his paranoia and his jealousy.
Ready to Wear (1994) as Jean-Pierre--Nina Scant'S Assistant
Story revolves around the lives of 50 characters, including designers, models, editors, photographers, buyers and groupies during the days of the March Pret-A-Porter (Ready to Wear) high-fashion trade shows in Paris.
Roulez Jeunesse (1993) as Bertrand
A "gang" of retired senior citizens join the adventures of two adolescents in trouble with the law over a petty theft in a small southern French town.
Sexes Faibles! (1992) as Sebastien Sebastien
A husband and wife who loathe each other and have never consummated their marriage fight over their mansion.
Olivier, Olivier (1992) as Dr Serge Duval
Based on a true story, six years after the disappearance of a young boy, another boy appears, claiming to be the same child.
demain, A (1992) as Gilles
An adult reminisces about his childhood and family in Paris in the early 1960s.
La Revolution Francaise (1990) as Camille Desmoulins
A 2-part epic about the French Revolution, following the lives of Robespierre and Danton from their youth to their deaths by execution.
Un Tour de manege (1989) as Al
Force Majeure (1989) as Daniel
Two young Frenchman are asked to save the life of an acquaintance at enormous expense to themselves.
Too Beautiful For You (1989) as Pascal Chevassu
A successful executive, married to a beautiful woman, begins an affair with his homely secretary.
Deux (1989)
Relationship between a 40 year old confirmed bachelor and a young real estate agent.
Story of Women (1988) as Paul
A working class woman in occupied France makes ends meet by performing abortions.
Chocolat (1988) as Marc Dalens
A depiction of the relationships between the races set in Cameroon prior to its independence as seen through the eyes of a young white girl and her black servant.
Association de Malfaiteurs (1987) as Thierry
Etats d'ame (1986) as Pierrot
Round Midnight (1986) as Francis Borier
A French artist tries to help a talented, alcoholic jazz musician, get back on his feet.
Rue du depart (1986) as Paul Triana
Elsa, Elsa! (1985) as Ferdinand
Les Enrages (1984) as Marc
One Deadly Summer (1983) as Mickey
Entre Nous (1983)
The passionate friendship between two women leads them to abandon their respective spouses and open a dress shop together.
Cocktail Molotov (1980) as Bruno
Le Cheval d'Orgueil (1979) as Pierre-Alain Le Goff
Film chronicles the daily life of Breton peasants.

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