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Director (feature film)

The Black Pirates (1954) as Assistant Director
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952) as Assistant Director
Two performers get lost on a tropical island and are rescued by the local natives. They are advised by the chief's daughter that a scientist - who just happens to remsemble legendary film icon Bela Lugosi - can help them off the Island.
Boy from Indiana (1950) as Assistant Director
Rogue River (1950) as Assistant Director
The story of two step-brothers, raised by their father, the chief of police, in a small Oregon lumber town. One brother is hard-working, always within the law, the other a 'rogue.' When gold dust comes up missing from a crime scene, brother is pitted against brother and the father sides against one of the brothers.
Arctic Fury (1949) as Assistant Director
A doctor lost in the frozen North fights his way back to civilization.
Mystery Man (1944) as Assistant Director
After Hoppy helps round up the Trilling gang, Trilling breaks his men out of jail and they rustle the Bar 20 herd for revenge. When Hoppy gets the herd back, Trilling posing as a Marshal not only gets the herd again, he gets the Sheriff to jail the Bar 20 gang. Getting help from the Sheriff's daughter, Hoppy and pals start out once more after Trilling.
Texas Masquerade (1944) as Assistant Director
Maxson and Trimble are using the Night Riders to scare the ranchers off their land knowing there is oil under the ground. Finding a wounded lawyer Corwin, Hoppy assumes his identity. But Sam Nolan knows Hoppy and when he arrives in town the Masquerade is over.
Lumberjack (1944) as Assistant Director
Julie's husband has been murdered and land agents want her to sign away her property rights. Hoppy warns against this but she does so anyway. It looks as though she will be unable to deliver the timber called for in her agreement. Hoppy has to make the lumber deal happened and solve the murder.
Leather Burners (1943) as Assistant Director
As rustled cattle have mysteriously disappeared, Johnny sends for his friend Hoppy, Hoppy arrives and immediately suspects Dan Slack. Realizing his telegram about Slack was intercepted, he locks up the operator Lafe knowing he can escape. Tailing Lafe he finds a secret entrance to a mine and inside finds the missing cattle. But Slack's men also find him just as the cattle are stampeded through the mine shaft.
Hoppy Serves a Writ (1943) as Assistant Director
Posing as a cattle buyer, Hoppy crosses over into Oklahoma where the Jordan brother's and their outlaw gang operate outside the law. After receiving an unfriendly reception when he finds them, he, California, and Johnny rustle their cattle and drive across the river into Texas. He hopes they will cross over to retrieve their cattle and then he can arrest them.
False Colors (1943) as Assistant Director
Before he was killed by Mark Foster's men, Bud Lawton willed part ownership in his ranch to Hoppy and his two pals. When the three arrive they find a fake posing as Lawton. When they expose the imposter, Foster gets the Sheriff to jail them for Lawton's murder.
Colt Comrades (1943) as Assistant Director
Hoppy and his pals use their reward money to buy a half interest in the Whitlock ranch. After Wildcat Kelly cons California into buying a well drilling rig, they strike water instead of oil. This threatens Jebb Hardin's water monopoly and he retaliates by framing Hoppy for cattle rustling.
The Woman of the Town (1943) as Assistant Director
The Kansan (1943) as Assistant Director
A newly elected Marshall clashes with the banker who runs the town.
Buckskin Frontier (1943) as Assistant Director
Border Patrol (1943) as Assistant Director
Hoppy, California and Johnny are Texas Rangers trying to end a scheme which smuggles Mexicans into the United States to become essentially slaves in a silver mine owned by Orestes Krebs. The three are captured, sentenced to hang, and then escape. They free the slaves and capture the bad guys.
Bar 20 (1943) as Assistant Director
Mark Jackson has a scheme to get Adams' land. His gang robs Adams' fiancé of her jewels, robs Hoppy of his cattle money, and then gives that money to Adams to buy back the jewels in exchange for a deed to his land. But Lin recognizes the bills and Hoppy and his pals go after the robbers.
Riders of the Deadline (1943) as Assistant Director
With writer Bennett Cohen recycling the same script he had used at Republic in 1941 for Don Barry's "Desert Bandit", this 50th entry in the "Hopalong Cassidy" series finds Ranger Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) falling into disrepute and leaving the service, because of the death of his pal and young protege Tim Mason (Richard Crane), who had lost his good standing through the suspicion that he was implicated with a band of smugglers, who had been using his ranch as a hideout. With the aid of his pals, California Carlson (Andy Clyde) and Jimmy Rogers (Jimmy Rogers), Cassidy tracks down the outlaw gang, invades their hideout, and captures or kills the leaders, and regains both his and Tim's good names, while revealing his discharge from the Rangers was a plot hatched by him and Ranger Captain Jennings (Herbert Rawlinson).
Lost Canyon (1942) as Assistant Director
Burton is after Clark's ranch. He gets the banker to refuse to renew Clark's note and then sends his men to rustle his cattle. Hoppy is Clark's new foreman and is on to Burton's scheme. But just as he learns of the rustling and is about to go after the gang, the Sheriff arrives and arrests him for hiding Johnny who has been accused of robbery.
American Empire (1942) as Assistant Director
Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die (1942) as Assistant Director
Undercover Man (1942) as Assistant Director
Hoppy is sent for to see if he can find the outlaw gang working both sides of the border. The gang leader, sometimes dressed as Hoppy and sometimes as Gonzales, has the two sides suspecting each other. But finding an old wanted poster, Hoppy sets a trap.
Silver Queen (1942) as Assistant Director
A girl is dismayed to discover that her deceased father has left her destitute and in debt.
Twilight on the Trail (1941) as Assistant Director
Hoppy, Lucky and California are chasing cattle rustlers who have been bothering cattle rancher friends of Hoppy. A crooked foreman is the source of the trouble. Johnny and Lucy are the love focus.
Melody for Three (1941) as Assistant Director
Outlaws of the Desert (1941) as Assistant Director
Hoppy and his pals accompany the Grants to Saudi Arabia to buy horses. When the Karitga's have El Kader kidnap Charles Grant for ransom, Hoppy engineers his rescue. When they return to the Sheik's camp, El Kader and his men attack.
Riders of the Timberline (1941) as Assistant Director
Yates has hired Petrie and his men to stop logger Kerrigan from fulfilling his contract. When Petrie's man Slade gets the loggers to quit, Kerrigan's daughter arrives with a new crew. When they destroy the flume, Hoppy builds an overhead line to transport the logs. Now desperate, Petrie sets out to blow up the dam and Hoppy takes to the overhead line in an attempt to get there in time to stop him.
Stick to Your Guns (1941) as Assistant Director
The Bar 20 boys are after Nevada and his gang of cattle rustlers. Hoppy and California join Nevada's gang under assumed names. Johnny and the rest of Bar 20 get directions from Winters and head out looking for Hoppy's signal. But Winters wanders on ahead and gets spotted. This lets Nevada trap them in a canyon and to make matters worse, Hoppy's masquerade has been exposed.
They Meet Again (1941) as Assistant Director
Ridin' the Cherokee Trail (1941) as Assistant Director
East Side Kids (1940) as Assistant Director
A street tough searches for evidence to get his brother out of prison.
Doomed to Die (1940) as Assistant Director
Asian sleuth Mr. Wong investigates the murder of a shipping tycoon.
Drums of the Desert (1940) as Assistant Director
Son of the Navy (1940) as Assistant Director
Tomboy (1940) as Assistant Director
The Last Alarm (1940) as Assistant Director
Haunted House (1940) as Assistant Director
Jimmie (Jackie Moran), the Brownsville Bugle's office boy, and Millie (Marcia Mae Jones), niece of editor Henshaw (George Cleveland), turn amateur detectives in order to help a friend who is accused of murder. With more zeal than direction, they pick the owner of a gas station as the killer, and when he turns out to be innocent, Henshaw fires Jimmie. The two go on searching and next suspect Lawyer Cy Burton (Henry Hall) but have no conclusive evidence and are about to give up when Millie finds a clue that leads to the hidden fortune of the murdered Mrs. Blake.
Queen of the Yukon (1940) as Assistant Director
Remedy for Riches (1940) as Assistant Director
Honor of the West (1939) as Assistant Director
Wolf Call (1939) as Assistant Director
Stunt Pilot (1939) as Assistant Director
A movie stunt pilot faces murder charges when an aerial battle scene turns deadly.
Sky Patrol (1939) as Assistant Director
An ace pilot tries to rescue his commander''''s son from smugglers.
The Phantom Stage (1939) as Assistant Director
Bob Carson and sidekick Grizzly take a job driving a stage for a line that is being repeatedly robbed. The culprits place a large box on the stage in which Runt can hide and steal the gold without the driver or guard knowing it. When Bob realizes what is happening, he replaces Runt in the box in hope of catching the outlaws.
Danger Flight (1939) as Assistant Director
A cargo pilot fights to protect a payroll shipment from thieves.
The Spy Ring (1938) as Assistant Director
The absence of stagecoaches and covered wagons didn't keep director Joseph H. "Wagon Wheel" Lewis from employing his usual camera set-ups of shooting scenes from behind and through various props and fixtures, and the inclusion of a polo game enabled him to get his usual "hitching post" shot, in addition to shooting over and through automobile hood ornaments, champange bottles, baloons and mirror reflections. The soure that dubbed this one in the "musical" genre obviously never saw the film, as there are no songs and only a rinky-dink piece of music used at the Officer's Club dance. This one is about a gang of independent spys after a cigar-shaped device that guarantees accuracy on artillery and large weapons. The spys are headed by Paul Douglas (LeRoy Mason), Jean Bruce (Esther Ralston billed as Jane Carleton) and Frank Denton (Leon Ames), while Captain Todd Hayden (William Hall, in one of his rare starring roles and actually solo- billed above the title) is the protector of the device, and in love with the Colonel's daughter, Elaine Burdette (Jane Wyman, at the peak of her cute, bubbly and pouty stage.) Most of the action is placed at the Presido in Montery and most of it revolves around the outcome of a polo match between the Cavalry team and a civilian team called "The Rainbows", which star player Hayden has to throw in order to catch the spys.
Prairie Justice (1938) as Assistant Director
Investigating the rising tide of banditry and rustling in Medicine Hat, U.S. Marshal Bob Randall (Bob Baker) arrives under an assumed name. He meets Anita Benson (Dorothy Fay) who tells him she has come west to save her ranch but her uncle, John Benson (Jack Rockwell), tells her all of her cattle have been stolen. When his father, Sheriff Pope Randall (Forrest Taylor) is killed, Bob sets out to avenge his murder and to help Anita save her ranch.
Outlaw Express (1938) as Assistant Director
The government assigns calvary captain Bob Bradley (Bob Baker) to an area where pony express riders are being killed by arrows and their mail is being rifled. Posing as horse buyers, Bob and his pal, Andy Sharpe (Don Barclay), center their investigation around the ranch owned by Don Ricardo Hernandez (Martin Garralaga) where, in addition to learning that the Don has a pretty daughter named Lorita (Cecelia Callejo), he discovers that Jack Sommers (LeRoy Mason) and his lead henchman Phelps (Jack Kirk) are getting possession of the huge ranches, created by Spanish land grants, by having Ramon (Carleton Young), a disloyal Hernandez servant, kill the riders with arrows (hoping the Indians will be blamed) and taking the certificates of registry.
Air Devils (1938) as Assistant Director
Western Trails (1938) as Assistant Director
In a remake of Dawn Trail, Bob Mason is wounded chasing the killers of his father. During his recovery, his nurse is Alice whom his friend Ben plans to marry. He eventually learns the killer was Alice's brother Rudd. But Rudd convinces Ben that Bob is taking Alice away from him. So Ben removes the bullets from Bob's gun just before Bob goes off to face Rudd.
Guilty Trails (1938) as Assistant Director
The Black Bandit (1938) as Assistant Director
Twin brothers Bob and Don Ramsay are on opposite sides of the law. Bob is the Sheriff and Don is the famous outlaw the Black Bandit. When the Black Bandit strikes, he is seen and his look-alike brother Bob arrested. Refusing to implicate his brother, Bob escapes and heads after Don.
State Police (1938) as Assistant Director
The Last Stand (1938) as Assistant Director
Tip Douglas is sent after cattle rustlers, the same rustlers that murdered his father. Posing as a notorious outlaw, he is able to join the gang. Learning that the gang's boss Thorn Evans killed his father, he and sidekick Pepper set a trap when he learns of their next raid.
Ghost Town Riders (1938) as Assistant Director
Border Wolves (1938) as Assistant Director
Just after Carson's gang murder members of a wagon train, Rusty and Clem come along and are arrested. Knowing they are innocent Judge Coleman breaks them out and sends them after Carson. They join Carson's gang to learn of their next raid but the Marshal arrests them for the wagon train murders.
Singing Outlaw (1938) as Assistant Director
Scrap Gordon comes along just as the outlaw Cueball and the Marshall kill each other. To bring in the local outlaw gang he joins them posing as Cueball. But when the Sheriff captures him with the gang he now thinks he actually is Cueball and Scrap finds himself slated to be hung for the Marshal's murder.
Prison Break (1938) as Assistant Director
Courage of the West (1937) as Assistant Director
Buck Saunders organizes the Free Rangers and captures Al Wilkins and his gang. Buck adopts Wilkins young son Jackie who now, sixteen years later, leads the Rangers. But Wilkins, having escaped the hangman, returns to continue his outlaw ways and father and son unknowingly meet again.
Adventure's End (1937) as Assistant Director
Pacific pearl diver Duke Slade escapes angry natives by joining a whaler whose dying captain persuades him to marry his daughter who is already being wooed by the first mate.
Idol of the Crowds (1937) as Assistant Director
Johnny Hanson wants to make enough money to enlarge his chicken farm. He does this through hockey. Gangsters get involved in trying to get him to throw a championship game, even lining up a woman to help steer him their way.
Hittin' the Trail (1937) as Assistant Director
California Straight Ahead (1937) as Assistant Director
Former school bus driver Biff Smith manages a trucking company which has its fleet pitted against a freight train in a race to deliver aviation parts to the Pacific coast.
Sea Spoilers (1936) as Assistant Director
When a Coast Guard commander arrives at his actress girlfriend''''s yacht, he finds the owner killed and his girlfriend missing.
The Kid Ranger (1936) as Assistant Director
Conflict (1936) as Assistant Director
Pat's ability as a logging/mining camp fighter sets him up to box prizefighter Corrigan. Unknown to his supporters, he's actually in collusion with Corrigan to throw the fight - until he runs into reporter Maude.
The Singing Cowboy (1936) as Assistant Director
When Gene's boss is murdered, the bosses daughter is seriously injured. To raise money for her operation, Gene and the ranch hands enter the new medium of television as singers. When they do well the bank agrees to lend them the needed money. Martin is after the ranch and he was the murderer. Now he has to make sure the daughter doesn't get the operation so he sends his henchmen out to wreck Gene's equipment.
The Drag-Net (1936) as Assistant Director
Taming the Wild (1936) as Assistant Director
Madcap society girl June Bolton (Maxine Doyle) has a talent for trouble. Trying to evade a subpoena in connection with one of her misadventures, she winds up in jail and has to be bailed out by the family attorney, Dick Clayton (Rod La Rocque). But June is soon in trouble again, this time involved with a mob boss (Bryant Washburn) and a shady lady (Barbara Pepper). Exasperated by his wealthy client's reckless escapades, Clayton determines to quit... until he realizes he has fallen in love with the little madcap.
Tundra (1936) as Assistant Director
Valley of the Lawless (1936) as Assistant Director
West of Nevada (1936) as Assistant Director
When a gang tries to rob Haldain, Jim and Walla Walla break it up. Haldain is carrying stuffed animals and Jim's suspicion that they are stuffed with gold is soon confirmed. The gang's boss is banker Cutting and he is after Haldain's gold. He also receives Jim's mail at his bank and changes one of Jim's letters to make it look like Jim is after the gold. His sends Haldain's daughter after her father thereby leading the gang to the secret gold field.
Three Wise Monks (1936) as Assistant Director
Courageous Avenger (1935) as Assistant Director
An agent sent to investigate the thefts of gold bullion shipments discovers that the mine owner is behind it. He also finds out that the owner has his gang capture travelers in the desert to use as slave labor in the mine.
Queen of the Jungle (1935) as Assistant Director
A 12-chapter serial built around stock footage from a 1922 silent serial, "The Jungle Goddess",young David Worth (Dickie Jones) and Joan Lawrence (Marilyn Spinner)are children with a group of explorers that are seeking African radium deposits. They are playing in the basket of the party's air baloon when the bag takes off with Joan aboard, last seen sailing over the back-lot jungle. This puts a chill on the expedition and all hands return to whence they came. The end of chapter 1, "Lost in the Clouds", finds Marilyn's baloon being shot down by the flaming arrows of a native tribe. Chapter 2,"Radium Rays", reveals that Joan survived her descent and the tribe named "the child from the sky" as their queen and priestess.A flash foward of about 18 years finds that the now-adult David (Reed Howes)has returned to Africa to search for his long-lost childhood friend.He hits the trail and is quickly captured by the tribesmen and is brought to their sadistic ruler,who turns out to be a now-grown Joan (Mary Kornman.) Unaware of his or her own true identity, she orders the stranger sacrificed to the tribal god. David is tied before a huge idol whose eyes shine as a concealed radium cylinder is uncovered. Chapter 2 ends with David's clothes smoking and burning and the beams intensifying. Dire straits indeed for David, but there is hope since there are ten chapters to go.
Trail of Terror (1935) as Assistant Director
The Man from Utah (1934) as Assistant Director
The Marshal sends John Weston to a rodeo to see if he can find out who is killing the rodeo riders who are about to win the prize money. Barton has organized the rodeo and plans to leave with all the prize money put up by the townspeople. When it appears that Weston will beat Barton's rider, he has his men prepare the same fate for him that befell the other riders.
Happy Landing (1934) as Assistant Director
Blue Steel (1934) as Assistant Director
When Sheriff Jake sees a man at the safe and then finds the payroll gone, he trails him. Just as he is about to arrest him, the man saves his life. Still suspicious, he joins up with the man and later they learn that Melgrove, the towns leading citizen, is trying to take over the area's ranches by having his gang stop all incoming supply wagons. With the ranchers about to sell to Melgrove, the two newcomers say they will bring in provisions.

Cast (feature film)

The Saddle King (1929) as Dr. Harvey Baine

Producer (feature film)

Jinx Money (1948) as Prod supv
The Bowery Boys find a dead gangster''''s loot-and the mob out to get it back.
The Hunted (1948) as Associate Producer
A police detective investigating a jewel robbery discovers evidence that points to his girlfriend as the culprit, although she claims she was framed. He arrests her anyway, and she is convicted and serves several years in prison. Finally out on parole, she is soon mixed up in a murder. The detective is torn between his love for his girlfriend and his belief that she may have committed the murder.
Smart Woman (1948) as Prod supv
A crusading DA falls for a defense attorney with a criminal past.
Hard Boiled Mahoney (1947) as Prod supv
The Bowery Boys try to expose a phony fortune-teller.
Rainbow Over the Rockies (1947) as Associate Producer
King of the Bandits (1947) as Prod supv
The Cisco Kid has to evade the law while tracking down the bandit impersonating him.
Behind the Mask (1946) as Supv of prod
Lawyer-superhero Lamont Cranston is framed for the murder of a newspaper columnist.
Song of the Sierras (1946) as Associate Producer
West of the Alamo (1946) as Associate Producer
Trail to Mexico (1946) as Associate Producer
The Lonesome Trail (1945) as Associate Producer
Singing Outlaw (1938) as Producer
Scrap Gordon comes along just as the outlaw Cueball and the Marshall kill each other. To bring in the local outlaw gang he joins them posing as Cueball. But when the Sheriff captures him with the gang he now thinks he actually is Cueball and Scrap finds himself slated to be hung for the Marshal's murder.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler (1971) as Production Manager
A U.S. Senator is spirited away to a secret New Mexico medical lab after a serious car crash. His injuries are completely healed by a secret organization that has developed advanced medical technology. What does the organization want in exchange for saving his life? Meanwhile, a reporter who witnessed the accident decides to investigate the senator's disappearance.
Trooper Hook (1957) as Production Manager
A woman returns from Indian captivity to find herself an outcast.
The Black Whip (1956) as Production Manager
The Return of Jack Slade (1955) as Production Manager
Tarzan's Savage Fury (1952) as Prod supv
The jungle king's cousin tries to get him to help find a diamond treasure.
Unknown World (1951) as Prod supv
New Mexico (1951) as Production Manager
Captain Hunt of the cavalry is trying to promote good relations with the Indian chief Acoma. But Hunt's superiors in the military insist on pursuing policies that will provoke a conflict, and Chief Acoma is not willing to let himself be insulted.
Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950) as Prod supv
A dying tribe kidnaps the jungle king's wife to help replenish their numbers.
Alimony (1949) as Prog mgr
French Leave (1948) as Production Manager
Angels' Alley (1948) as Prod supv
An ex-con cousin of one of the Bowery Boys gets them into trouble with the law.
Campus Sleuth (1948) as Production Manager
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes (1948) as Production Manager
Tom (Don Castle) and Ann (Elyse Knox) are a down-and-out dance team, and while Don seeks engagements, Ann works as an instructor at a dance academy, with Detective Judd (Regis Toomey) one of the many customers she meets. On a hot summer night Tom, awaken from his sleep, tosses his only pair of shoes out the window to quiet two noisy cats. He goes down to retrieve them and can't find them, but Ann discovers them in front of their door the next morning. A near-by recluse is found murdered in his old shack that same day while Tom finds a wallet filled with old $20 bills. Footprints, bearing an imprint like those on a tap-dancer's shoes, plus Don's new-found wealth combine to make a good circumstantial evidence case for Judd against Tom and he is convicted. On the night before his execution, Ann seeks Judd's help in proving Tom is innocent. He turns up a suspect, Kosloff (Robert Lowell), but an air-tight alibi clears him.
Song of My Heart (1948) as Production Manager
Panhandle (1948) as Production Manager
The Babe Ruth Story (1948) as Unit Manager
A childlike oaf becomes the greatest star in baseball.
Shanghai Chest (1948) as Prod supv
Vic Armstrong arrives at his Uncle Judge Armstrong's home just in time to answer the telephone. Unknown to him, his uncle has just been murdered and the culprit is right there in the room with him! Phyllis Powers, on the other end of the line, recognizes Vic's voice, but just then Vic is knocked unconscious by the murderer. When he awakens, he (for reasons known only to movie mystery writers) pulls the knife out of his uncle's back, thus putting his fingerprints all over it, and just in time for the police, having been called by a worried Phyllis, to discover him standing over the body. Well, we know he didn't do it, but the police don't agree. Can Charlie Chan recognize the boy's innocence, and find the real murderer before Vic is sent into durance vile, or even worse?
Smart Politics (1948) as Production Manager
The growth of juvenile crime in a small town starts a movement for the building of a youth center. The project leaders discuss with the town mayor about buying an old warehouse from the city, and rebuilding it as the Center. The mayor, however, has his own plans to buy it himself for another project which he would profit from. The Teen-Agers, Freddy Trimball (Freddie Stewart), Dodie Rogers (June Preisser), Lee Watson (Warren Mills), Betty Rogers (Noel Neill), Roy Donne (Frankie Darro) and the rest of Monogram's non-delinquent juveniles, think otherwise and, while the mayor does buy the warehouse, he is forced to donate it to the Youth Center committee.
Docks of New Orleans (1948) as Prod supv
The LaFontanne Chemical Company is shipping out a load of we're not sure what, disguised as something entirely different. Mr. Pereaux and Mr. Grock don't want that shipment to ever arrive anywhere, and they and a man named Aquirre mean to stop it at any cost. The ship's owner, Mr. Fontanne, smells a large rat and calls Chan in on the case, since the famous detective is in New Orleans because, well, because he felt like being in New Orleans, I guess. Chan gets what facts there are from LaFontanne, who is promply set upon by a gang who attempt to kidnap him, but fail. Mr. LaFontanne's partners come up with some insurance; just by chance they tell him, a partnership agreement (why they would have been running a company all this time without one is another large mystery which will not be solved) that bestows upon the living partners the portion owned by a deceased partner. Then the guy who invented the formula for the poison gas that the company is making but who was, in his opinion, swindled out of his rights to make a profit from it, shows up and threatens LaFontanne with a gun. Well, he turns out to be a harmless crank. Or is he? Everyone seems suspect, clues are boundless but don't seem to fit into any particular pattern or too many patterns, take your pick. But Chan must solve the mystery before Monogram is depleted of out-of-date film stock. Can he?
Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad (1948) as Prod supv
Joe Palooka goes blind during a fight. An operation restores his vision, but he's told not to fight for a year. His trainer Knobby has picked up another fighter, but gangsters are pressing him to fix fights. Joe decides to risk his eyesight to save Knobby's honor.
Duel in the Sun (1947) as Unit Manager
A fiery half-Native American girl comes between a rancher's good and evil sons.
Black Gold (1947) as Production Manager
A Native American man trains a horse for the Kentucky Derby.
Joe Palooka in the Knockout (1947) as Prod supv
Ridin' Down the Trail (1947) as Prod supv
High Conquest (1947) as Prod supv
Kilroy Was Here (1947) as Prod supv
Returning G. I. John J. Kilroy (Jackie Cooper), whose main ambition is to get a college education, finds himself one-half credit short for college entrance. Connie Harcourt (Wanda McKay) writes feature stories about him as "Kilroy,", the most talked about G. I. of the war, and is able to get him registered. Fraternity members grow dubious and attempt to make him withdraw from college.
Louisiana (1947) as Prod supv
Violence (1947) as Prod supv
A female reporter goes undercover within a neo-Nazi group, then loses her memory.
News Hounds (1947) as Prod supv
When they get newspaper jobs, the Bowery Boys take on a sport-fixing mob.
Sarge Goes to College (1947) as Production Manager
It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947) as Production Manager
Two homeless men move into a mansion while its owners are wintering in the South.
Jiggs and Maggie in Society (1947) as Production Manager
Robin Hood of Monterey (1947) as Prod supv
The Cisco Kid tries to help a man framed for killing his father.
The Chinese Ring (1947) as Prod supv
The famed Asian detective investigates a murder linked to the Chinese fight for freedom.
Below the Deadline (1946) as Production Manager
A veteran joins the mob to avenge his gangster brother's murder.
Moon Over Montana (1946) as Production Manager
Shadows Over Chinatown (1946) as Production Manager
Chinese detective Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) is on his way to San Francisco to take over a murder case when he meets a woman, Mrs. Conover (Mary Gordon), who is searching for her missing daughter and a young man, Jeff Tilford (Bruce Kellogg), who is looking for his missing fiancee. Investigation by Charlie discloses they are both looking for the same girl, Mary Conover (Tanis Chandler). Chan eventually uncovers a murder gang, which has been collecting the life insurance of its victims.
Don't Gamble with Strangers (1946) as Prod supv
Bringing Up Father (1946) as Production Manager
Decoy (1946) as Prod supv
A woman saves her gangster boyfriend from the gas chamber to get her hands on his hidden money.
Spook Busters (1946) as Production Manager
When they set themselves up as ghost hunters, the Bowery Boys tangle with a mad scientist.
Bowery Bombshell (1946) as Production Manager
The Bowery Boys tackle gangsters to clear one of their own from a bogus robbery charge.
Swing Parade of 1946 (1946) as Production Manager
Carol Lawrence (Gale Storm), an aspiring singer, goes to a new night club owned by Danny Warren (Phil Regan), whose father Daniel Warren (Russell Hicks) doesn't approve of the club and wants Danny to join him in the family business. Carol is suspected of being a process server and is thrown out of the club. An extremely long arm of coincidence leads her to the elder Warren's office and he hires her as a process server. She returns but gets a singing job this time so foregoes serving the cease-and-desist notice. The Three Stooges are on hand as waiters and Connee Boswell, Louis Jordan, Will Osborne and Mary Treen provide the music and songs in addition to Gale Storn on "Oh, Buddy" and "On the Sunny Side of the Street."
Mr. Hex (1946) as Prod supv
A hypnotist turns one of the Bowery Boys into a championship boxer.
Gentleman Joe Palooka (1946) as Prod supv
The Face of Marble (1946) as Production Manager
A mad scientist''''s attempts to revive the dead go haywire when he runs into a voodoo priestess.
Dangerous Money (1946) as Production Manager
Famed Asian detective Charlie Chan investigates a shipboard murder.
Live Wires (1946) as Production Manager
In their first film, the Bowery Boys tackle gangsters.
The Red Dragon (1946) as Production Manager
Joe Palooka, Champ (1946) as Production Manager
Manager Knobby Walsh discovers young hunk Joe Palooka and trains him to fight the champ. Mobsters try to make life tough for Joe and his socialite girlfriend Anne. Cameos by several boxing stars.
The Shadow Returns (1946) as Production Manager
Lawyer-superhero Lamont Cranston searches for precious jewels stolen from the grave.
The Strange Mr. Gregory (1946) as Production Manager
A magician fakes his own death to catch a murderer.
Dark Alibi (1946) as Production Manager
Famed Asian detective Charlie Chan tries to disprove fingerprint evidence left at a bank robbery.
In Fast Company (1946) as Production Manager
The Bowery Boys get wrapped up in a taxi war.
Fear (1946) as Production Manager
A detective uses psychological warfare to get a confession out of a murderous student.
The Missing Lady (1946) as Production Manager
Lawyer-superhero Lamont Cranston searches for a stolen statue that could solve an art dealer''''s murder.
Black Market Babies (1945) as Production Manager
This George Morris story (screenplay by George Wallace Sayre) was based on an article that appeared in "Woman's Home Companion" and later reprinted in "Reader's Digest." Eddie Condon (Kane Richmond), a two-bit racketeer, teams up with an alcoholic doctor, Judson (Ralph Morgan), to set up a maternity home with free facilities to expectant mothers, with the proviso that the women sign away all rights to their new-borns. The babies are then offered for adoptation to couples willing to make a substantial "contribution" to the home. Things go well for this borderline within-the-law business until a baby is still-born. Conden had already sold the baby for $5,000 and has no intention of returning the money, so he substitutes the child of the sister (Teala Loring) of his wife (Jayne Hazard). There is a slip-up on the filing of the certificates and the District Attorney's office gets involved.
Riders of the Dawn (1945) as Production Manager
Allotment Wives (1945) as Production Manager
Unscrupulous women marry servicemen for their pay.
The Shanghai Cobra (1945) as Production Manager
Charlie Chan investigates a series of deaths by snake bite.
South of the Rio Grande (1945) as Production Manager
Miguel Sanches, the operator of a large rancho, has stolen cattle and then had innocent suspects shot. Cisco has been called on for help and arriving finds a wagon under attack. His men drive off the attackers and he finds the victim was to be Sanches' replacement. After changing clothes with the man, Cisco arrives posing as him in a attempt to get evidience against Sanchez.
3 Is a Family (1944) as Unit Manager
Sign of the Wolf (1941) as Production Manager
The Gang's All Here (1941) as Production Manager
Trucker friends try to survive a series of attacks by saboteurs.
Mystery Plane (1939) as Production Manager
Mobsters kidnap a flyer who''''s invented a new targeting system.
Danger Flight (1939) as Production Manager
A cargo pilot fights to protect a payroll shipment from thieves.
Sky Patrol (1939) as Production Manager
An ace pilot tries to rescue his commander''''s son from smugglers.
Big Calibre (1935) as Production Manager
Intent on avenging his father's murder, Roy Neal and his sidekick Rusty find themselves in the border town of Gladstone where Neal is mistakenly arrested for the robbery of a mail truck. After escaping, Neal joins up with pretty June Bowers whose father has apparently also been murdered. Neal, suspecting two of the town's leading businessmen of being the murderers, tries to flush them out before the sheriff can lock him up again.
Western Justice (1935) as Production Manager
Smokey Smith (1935) as Production Manager
Danger Ahead (1935) as Production Manager
Tombstone Terror (1935) as Production Manager
Kid Courageous (1935) as Production Manager
The man Bannister has sent to investigate the trouble at his mine has disappeared. This time his son Bob goes, quickly learning that Kincade is the culprit. Kincade has been taking gold from the mine and now plans to kidnap Teresa and skip across the border.

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