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Dick Lundy

Dick Lundy



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Animation (feature film)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) as Animation
From the old fairy tale, a jealous queen attempts to get rid of her beautiful step-daughter, Snow White, who takes refuge with seven dwarfs in their forest home. The queen changes into a witch and tempts Snow White with a poisoned apple which puts her into an everlasting sleep, until a prince finds her in a glass coffin and awakens her with Love's First Kiss.

Director (feature film)

The Bear that Wasn't (1967)
In this animated short, a bear wakes from hibernation to find himself in an industrial complex.
The Dot and the Line (1965)
In this animated short, a straight line tries to woo a dot.
Bird-Brain Bird Dog (1954)
Barney gets a bird hunting dog; but to his dismay the dog is a lover of birds.
Drag-A-Long Droopy (1954)
Droopy is a shepherd but his sheep graze in cattle country which brings in the angry cattle owner.
Touche, Pussycat (1954)
Musketeer Jerry's old friend, Fran├žois Mouse, sends his son for training. But when Jerry has to save the tyke from a run-in with Tom, the little one is sent packing until he manages to save Jerry.
Dixieland Droopy (1954)
Droopy brings problems on himself when he keeps playing a jazz record loudly.
Sleepy-Time Squirrel (1954)
Barney Bear accidentally chops down a tree that is a squirrel's home getting ready for hibernation season. Barney invites the squirrel to be his roommate but getting some sleep becomes quite an issue.
Impossible Possum, The (1954)
Barney Bear tries to catch a possum for dinner but the possum has many tricks up his sleeve.
Wee-Willie Wildcat (1953)
Barney Bear tries to inform his neighbor William Wildcat that child psychology is the best way to tame his son Wee-Willie's bad behavior. Barney Bear soon figures out though that psychology is probably not enough to tame this wildcat.
Barney's Hungry Cousin (1953)
While out on a picnic Barney Bear suffers from an untamed, mooching bear.
Half-Pint Palomino (1953)
A millionaire puts up a large prize for the capture of the smallest horse in the world and Barney Bear is given the task.
Heir Bear (1953)
Barney Bear inherits a treasure map to a chest full of gold coins; however, a gopher battles Barney in a game of wits for the rights to the chest.
Little Johnny Jet (1953)
A B-29 plane has problems finding work in the modern times but his son is a jet and helps out his dad.
Cobs and Robbers (1953)
Barney Bear's corn field is taken over by crows; he hires Joe Scarecrow to protect the field, but old Joe is not who he seems.
Busybody Bear (1952)
Barney Bear and Buck Beaver team up to build a beaver dam.
Caballero Droopy (1952)
Droopy competes against Slick Wolf for the affection of a lovely senorita.
Little Wise Quacker, The (1952)
Barney Bear has to abide by the duck hunting rule book provided by the only duck left at the pond during hunting season.
Little Tinker (1948)
A young skunk is looking for a girlfriend but his odor is too much for most females to handle.
Lucky Ducky (1948)
King-Size Canary (1947)
A hungry cat uses some Jumbo Gro on a scrawny canary to plump him up but soon all the domestic pets are using the elixir to grow big.
Red Hot Rangers (1947)
George and Junior are forest rangers that try to keep the fires out in the woods.
Slap-Happy Lion (1947)
A lion's fall from king of the beasts to being tormented and driven crazy by a mouse who narrates the tale.
Hound Hunters (1947)
The hoboes George and Junior try to get jobs as dog-catchers but one of them is afraid of dogs.
Henpecked Hoboes (1946)
George and Junior are two hungry hoboes looking for a chicken dinner but they run into difficulties trying to catch a hen.
Screwy Truant (1945)
Screwy Squirrel decides to go fishing instead of going to school and the truant officer dog goes tries to find out why.
Batty Baseball (1944)
A spoof about baseball where the gags continually rise to the level of complete exaggeration.
Innertube Antics (1944)
Embarrassed by his small rubber donation to the war effort a homeowner looks for more and finds an inner tube in his backyard that is half-buried but proves more difficult to excavate than he first thought.
Big Heelwatha (1944)
The chief promises the hand of his daughter if Big Heel-Watha can bring back an animal of some kind to the meat deprived tribe but unfortunately the first animal he encounters is Screwy Squirrel.
Tree Surgeon, The (1944)
Doctor Donkey is a tree surgeon and accidentally injects himself with a hypodermic needle as he tries to treat a sick sequoia.
Boy and the Wolf (1943)
A boy herding sheep plays a prank on his dog, pretending to be a wolf, but the prank backfires when later on a real wolf shows up.
One Ham's Family (1943)
The big bad wolf dresses up as Santa Claus to try to get a ham dinner from a family of pigs but has trouble dealing with the family's problem child.
Stork's Holiday, The (1943)
The stork has problems with anti-aircraft guns when trying to deliver babies in World War II Germany.
What's Buzzin' Buzzard? (1943)
Two hungry vultures resort to cannibalism in their desperation.
Bah Wilderness (1943)
Barney Bear decides to spend a quiet night in the wild during a camping trip but, unfortunately for him, there are plenty of nocturnal animals that do their best to deny him any sleep.
War Dogs (1943)
An army canine unit goes through a training regime but Private Smiley doesn't seem to get the hang of it.
Red Hot Riding Hood (1943)
Instead of the forest, Grandma lives in the city in this altered version of the classic tale of Red Riding Hood.
Who Killed Who? (1943)
A detective tries to investigate a murder at a haunted house.
Chips Off the Old Block (1942)
A tomcat named Butch has a delivery of kittens left on his doorstep and he spends his time trying to hide the mischief making kittens from his owner.
Early Bird Dood It!, The (1942)
A worm enlists the help of a cat to get rid of the bird who chases him each morning.
Little Gravel Voice (1942)
The ear-splitting brays of a little burro prevent any other young animals from befriending him.
Bats in the Belfry (1942)
A trio of musically inclined bats eagerly show why they are associated with being crazy.
First Swallow, The (1942)
The story of a single swallow resting from a southern flight that brings about the famed migration to the mission at San Juan Capistrano.
Hungry Wolf, The (1942)
A wolf is torn between hunger and his affection for a young rabbit.
Abdul the Bulbul Ameer (1941)
Taken from a famous folk song recounting the fight between Abdul & Ivan Skivinsky Skivar.
Field Mouse, The (1941)
A lazy field mouse proves his worth to his grandfather by rescuing him from a thresher.
Bookworm Turns, The (1940)
A crazed Dr. Jekyll switches out the brain of a crow for that of a bookworm.
Rainy Day, A (1940)
Papa Bear is persuaded by Mama Bear to fix the roof but a storm makes it difficult.
Home on the Range (1940)
A calf ventures out into the dark forest at night and needs to be rescued from a hungry wolf by the other animals.
Gallopin' Gals (1940)
Maggie is a horse in a race against stronger, prettier competition where the other contestant horses are portrayed as catty, gossiping women.
Tom Turkey and His Harmonica Humdingers (1940)
Tom Turkey and His Harmonica Humdingers wreck a general store playing their instruments to the dismay of the owner.
Romeo in Rhythm (1940)
The classic romance of Romeo and Juliet in this version is set to Jazz.
Papa Gets the Bird (1940)
Papa Bear, in an effort to prove he is worthwhile, decides to give Mama Bear's pet canary a bath with disastrous results.
Milky Way, The (1940)
Three kittens aren't given any milk as punishment for misbehaving so they sail to the Milky Way using a hot air balloon.
Mrs. Ladybug (1940)
With too many children to handle a mother ladybug puts out an ad for a maid.
Wanted: No Master (1939)
J.R. the Wonder Dog gets his master to answer an ad for marriage by using a picture of a pretty girl.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears (1939)
Papa bear is a bit accident prone and somewhat cowardly in this version of the classic tale.
Art Gallery (1939)
Statues, paintings and other works of art come to life as night falls over an art gallery and they find themselves in trouble as some attempt to set fire to a picture of Rome.
Bookworm, The (1939)
A raven tries to catch a bookworm for dinner in a library but as the chase continues literary figures and characters from horror books come to life to join the escapade.
Mad Maestro, The (1939)
A maestro conducts an orchestra of various animals but some of them aren't very good at following his directions.
Mama's New Hat (1939)
Hans and Fritz buy Mama a hat for Mother's Day but accidentally drop it into dirty water so they swipe a hat from a horse which results in a chase.
Blue Danube, The (1939)
Placid landscapes are seen, along with a family of swans as a conductor leads the title tune.
Petunia Natural Park (1939)
The Captain and crew head out to Petunia National Park to spend a day with Mother Nature.
One Mother's Family (1939)
A hen takes her chicks for a walk and has a difficult time keeping them all out of harm's way.
Seal Skinners (1939)
The Captain and crew are after a runaway seal but the must deal with a pirate gang to get the reward.
Day at the Beach, A (1938)
A day at the beach for the Captain, his family, and the Inspector.
Captain's Pup (1938)
Mama doesn't want a dog in the house but the Captain buys a puppy from Pete's Pooch Palace.
Cleaning House (1938)
The Captain wants to get out of his share of house work so he pretends to be sick but unfortunately for him Mama calls for the doctor to give him a physical.
Honduras Hurricane (1938)
A battle between roosters as Captain Katzenjammer must hope his rooster can defeat Long John Silver's rooster, the wild Honduras Hurricane, or lose his house.
Blue Monday (1938)
Pipe Dreams (1938)
Three monkeys spend some time exploring a tobacco shop.
Captain's Christmas, The (1938)
As a surprise to the kids, the Captain is going to dress up as Santa Claus but the pirate villain John takes his place.
Poultry Pirates (1938)
The Captain dreams about chasing the local animals out of his vegetable garden and getting into a confrontation with an angry rooster.
What a Lion (1938)
The Captain and the Inspector are out hunting lions in Africa but they run into trouble with a costumed lion and a real one.
Old Smokey (1938)
Old Smokey, the faithful fire horse, is in trouble of being replaced by a new engine.
Winning Ticket (1938)
John Silver tries to steal a winning lottery ticket from the Captain and the Kids by dressing up as a frail, old woman.
Buried Treasure (1938)
Captain Kidd's buried treasure is the prize as a group of characters try to outdo one another to claim it.
Hound and the Rabbit, The (1937)
A hunting dog befriends a rabbit.
Swing Wedding (1937)
Minnie the Moocher gets married and a bunch of frogs perform the music numbers.
Wayward Pups (1937)
Escaping from their yard, two small puppies go on an exploring adventure through the suburb where they live.
Early Bird and the Worm (1936)
A young bird tries to get the jump on his worm neighbor by getting up early but the worm proves to be too elusive.
Pups' Picnic, The (1936)
Two puppies at a picnic end up getting involved in a fox hunt.
To Spring (1936)
Old Man Winter fights to keep the spring from coming as he battles a group of elves in charge of adding color back to the landscape.
Pup's Christmas, The (1936)
Two pups experience their very first Christmas and are both excited and fascinated.
Two Little Pups (1936)
Two energetic puppies harass and get harassed by a big chicken that gets over a wall separating their two properties.
Chinese Nightingale (1935)
A musical number about the Chinese Emperor who likes a beautiful nightingale's song but makes the bird feel rejected when a mechanical bird arrives from Japan.
When the Cat's Away (1935)
The house cat is out on a date and the mice and cockroaches celebrate by looting the kitchen.
Alias St. Nick (1935)
A cat, dressed up as Santa Claus, tries to fool Mrs. Mouse and her family of mice on Christmas Eve but Little Cheeser doesn't believe in St. Nick and has doubts about the imposter.
Honeyland (1935)
The utopia of Honeyland is threatened by an evil spider when he captures a girl bee.
Barnyard Babies (1935)
A baby contest is going on in the barn where all the barnyard animals' children compete in a talent contest but the rooster is left out because his baby is taking too much time to arrive so he tries to hurry the process along.
Calico Dragon, The (1935)
A little girl's doll and stuffed animals come to life after being read a fairy tale using the landscape of her bed as their world.
Toyland Broadcast (1934)
The toys put on a musical special and the toy shop becomes their radio station.
Tale of the Vienna Woods (1934)
A statue of the mythical Pan comes to life and befriends a deer in the woods.

Director (short)

Sea Scouts (1939)
Donald Duck and his nephews try their hands at sailing.

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