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Cast (feature film)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)
Storyline is under wraps.
Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving the world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone w
Star Trek (2009)
On the maiden voyage of the U.S.S. Enterprise, the most advanced starship ever created, new recruits and rivals Kirk and Spock must stop an evil being whose mission of vengeance threatens all of mankind.
Berlin Tunnel 21 (1981) as Phil
This dramatization by the ubiquitous John Gay of Donald Lundquist's book set in Cold War Berlin has Richard Thomas, as an ex-U.S. Army officer spearheading a plan by five Germans to rescue their loved ones from East Berlin just after the wall went up in 1961. Horst Bucholz is a structural engineer w

Producer (feature film)

Pastor's Wife, The (2011)
Mary Winkler is arrested for the murder of her pastor husband, but fights to tell the real story in this drama based on a true story.
Deadly Isolation (2005)
An unsuspecting widow has to deal with two, just-released-from-prison accomplices of her late husband who have come looking for their share of a $20 million score.
Mystery of Natalie Wood, The (2004) as Executive Producer
Biopic about actress Natalie Wood, who made her screen debut at the age of 5; starred in the films "Rebel Without a Cause," "Splendor in the Grass" and "West Side Story"; and drowned while sailing near Catalina Island in 1981.
Deadly Encounter (2004)
A crazed maniac runs a woman off the road with his car, then proceeds to stalk her.
Out of the Ashes (2003) as Executive Producer
Based on the true story of Gisella Perl, a Hungarian-Jewish gynecologist sent to Auschwitz and forced to participate in medical experiments for Nazi doctor Josef Mengele during World War II. The story begins in America, after the war, as she is interviewed by the INS to gain citizenship and to hopef
Second Honeymoon (2001) as Executive Producer
The children of a married couple on the verge of separating pool their resources to send their mother and father on a second honeymoon.<P>With their son and daughter away at college, flower nursery owner Maggie Weston and her workaholic banking vice president husband, George, are successful at keepi
Nuremberg (2000) as Executive Producer
Following World War II, the world's attention was centered on the small war-torn town of Nuremberg, Germany, where 21 members of the Nazi high command were tried for war crimes committed under their leadership. Lead by an American attorney, Justice Robert Jackson, the United States, Great Britain, F
Black and Blue (1999) as Executive Producer
Adaptation of Anna Quindlen's novel about a woman who flees with her son to escape her abusive husband in order to start a new life. To the casual observer, Fran Benedetto has a handsome husband, Bobby, and adoring 10-year-old son and a house in a Long Island suburb. But what her neighbors don't see
Escape From Wildcat Canyon (1998) as Executive Producer
A family trip to Wildcat Canyon turns into a wilderness survival test when young Pete and his grandfather Martin are stranded after a helicopter crash. They scour the rough terrain in search of help for their injured pilot, combating the elements and warding off wild animals. During the course of th
Silent Witness: What a Child Saw (1994) as Executive Producer
A young boy witnesses the racially motivated killings of a Korean couple by members of a Los Angeles teen gang, one of whom is his older brother.
Drop Dead Gorgeous (1991) as Executive Producer
A murderer stalks a beautiful model and kills anyone who is attracted to her.
Fatal Image (1990) as Executive Producer
An American woman and her daughter vacationing in Paris become the targets of hired killers because of a videotape that is in their possession.
Daughter of Darkness (1990) as Executive Producer
A young woman's torturous search for her long-lost father in Eastern Europe leads her into a horrifying world between the living and the dead.
Jekyll & Hyde (1990) as Executive Producer
A television movie adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's parable of humanity's ambiguous moral nature. A sincerely good and humane person, Dr. Henry Jekyll, uses himself as the guinea pig in experiments that free the evil side of his nature, which ultimately takes complete control of his body and h
Hearts Of Fire (1990) as Executive Producer
Finish Line (1989) as Executive Producer
The use of steroids has tragic effects on a young athlete''s life when a former track star pushes his son to excel in college track and field.
Street of Dreams (1988) as Executive Producer
A television movie about private detective Thomas Kyd, who is drawn into a seamy Hollywood murder after he comes to the aid of a beautiful young woman.
Father's Revenge, A (1988) as Executive Producer
An American father is forced to abandon every belief he holds dear to save the life of his stewardess daugther, who has been taken hostage in an international terrorist incident in Frankfurt, West Germany.
Thompson's Last Run (1986) as Executive Producer
The venerable Western plot about the aging lawman tracking down and bringing in his long-ago pal who had turned bad and now was an escaped convict gets a fresh reworking thanks to the strong presences of both Robert Mitchum (as a safecracker who'd been sent up for life, only to be sprung by his long
Florence Nightingale (1985) as Executive Producer
The legend and white-washed life of the 19th-century Englishwoman turned national heroine as a battlefield nurse during the Crimean War, teaming Jaclyn Smith with an all-British cast. Claire Bloom and Jeremy Brett are her socially prominent parents, and Timothy Dalton (replacing Michael York, initia
Scorned And Swindled (1984) as Executive Producer
A smooth-talking charmer who lures women into fraudulent marriages and then swindled them out of everything they own meets his match in Tuesday Weld who is first swept off her feet but then, after discovering she's been taken, refuses to play the pushover and decides to hunt him down in a cross coun
Found Money (1983) as Executive Producer
Two former bank employees -- executive Dick Van Dyke, forced into early retirement by a computer, and guard Sid Caesar, unceremoniously dismissed before his pension comes due -- concoct a computerized scheme to steal from the rich (i.e., the bank) and give to the poor with anonymous checks (money ac
Running Out (1983) as Executive Producer
Remarkably similar to "Kramer vs. Kramer", this film about a young woman who ran out on her husband and young daughter takes a different twist by having her return twelve years later in hopes of rekindling a bond with them. Actor and sometime director and producer Tony Bill has the male lead in this
Marian Rose White (1982) as Executive Producer
Somewhat of a companion story to that of Bill Sackter, whose life Mickey Rooney dramatized in "Bill", this film chronicles the true-life drama of a woman who spent 30 years in a state asylum after being abandoned by her mother at thirteen, thought to be feeble-minded but later discovered to be handi
Berlin Tunnel 21 (1981) as Executive Producer
This dramatization by the ubiquitous John Gay of Donald Lundquist's book set in Cold War Berlin has Richard Thomas, as an ex-U.S. Army officer spearheading a plan by five Germans to rescue their loved ones from East Berlin just after the wall went up in 1961. Horst Bucholz is a structural engineer w
Act of Love (1980) as Executive Producer
Old country traditions and values cause Ron Howard to honor the pleas of his brother (played by Mickey Rourke), a quadriplegic following a motorcycle accident, to end his life, and then to stand trial for first-degree murder after the mercy killing. Michael De Guzman's teleplay was inspired by Paige
Letters From Frank (1979) as Executive Producer
Art Carney is a newspaper executive who is frustrated at being put out to pasture after 35 years in favor of a computer, but his wife's unbridled enthusiasm about their new house, the death of his older brother, and the problems of his divorced son, recently remarried, bring home to him an important
Gift, The (1979) as Executive Producer
Pete Hamill's novel about a young Brooklyn man (Gary Frank) home on Christmas leave from the Navy in the early '50s for a nostalgic visit to his boyhood world. Glenn Ford is his hard-drinking, one-legged Irish father; Julie Harris is his supportive dreamer of a mother. Ford and Harris previously co-
Having Babies III (1978) as Executive Producer
The third pilot movie for the subsequent "Having Babies" series which quickly was retitled "Julie Farr, M.D.," and soon afterward disappeared, all during the last few weeks of the 1977-78 season. Patty Duke Astin won another of her various Emmy Award nominations for her performance.
With This Ring (1978) as Executive Producer
A romantic comedy about various engaged couples and their families who, as wedding dates rapidly approach, are caught up in a whirlwind of emotional crises, from past loves and parental pressure to social and financial obligations. Diana Canova is the actress daughter of former hillbilly movie star
Ski Lift To Death (1978) as Executive Producer
Several people are trapped in two derailed ski lift gondolas and facing possible death. They are a couple of ski champions whom a sports promoter is trying to link together romantically, an ex-mobster and a professional assassin who is stalking him.
Defection of Simas Kudirka, The (1978) as Executive Producer
A fact-based drama about the Lithuanian seaman who made an abortive attempt for freedom in 1970 by leaping from a Russian ship to the deck of an American Coast Guard cutter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Director David Lowell Rich and editor John A. Martinelli each received an Emmy Award for this fil
Murder at the Mardi Gras (1978) as Executive Producer
A bubble-brained Philadelphia waitress witnesses a murder during the Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans and finds herself stalked by the killer.
Having Babies II (1977) as Executive Producer
Like its predecessor "Having Babies" (1976), this film focuses on several couples, the emotionai crises involving birth and adoption, and hospital personnel's participation in their lives. Susan Sullivan's character of Dr. Julie Farr became the pivotal role in this one which served as a pilot to a "
Red Alert (1977) as Executive Producer
A suspense thriller about an accident at a nuclear power plant in which a mysterious breakdown causes a giant computer to erroneously detect escaped radiation and seal off the building, trapping fourteen technicians inside.
Secrets (1977) as Producer
An unhappily married young woman succumbs to her sexual fantasies and becomes compulsively promiscuous in a desperate attempt to find the "secret" of happiness that her mother had convinced her was hers.
Having Babies (1976) as Executive Producer
Four couples experience childbirth by the "natural" Lamaze method in this pilot to the subsequent series.
James Dean (1976) as Executive Producer
An offbeat look at the screen legend by writer William Bast, who had roomed with James Dean when both were aspiring actors in the early 1950s.
Secret Life of John Chapman, The (1976) as Producer
A true-life drama about a college president who takes a sabbatical from his position with a small Eastern college to work as a laborer and experience a lifestyle very different from his regulated existence.
Winner Take All (1975) as Associate Producer
A woman's compulsion to gamble threatens to ruin her marriage -- especially after losing $30,000 of her husband's savings.
Katherine (1975) as Associate Producer
The socialite-to-revolutionary evolution of a pampered young heiress whose concern leads her first to the Peace Corps and ultimately to a group of political terrorists bent on changing the system. Art Carney, as her father in this film paralleling the Patty Hearst case, received an Emmy nomination a
Where Have All the People Gone? (1974) as Associate Producer
A father and his two children struggle to survive after a lethal virus, the aftermath of a mysterious radiation explosion, kills most of the earth's population.
Betrayal (1974) as Associate Producer
Amanda Blake, in her TV movie debut and her first role after eighteen years on "Gunsmoke," is a lonely widow who hires a young woman companion, unaware that the girl and her boyfriend are killer-extortionists planning to make her their next victim. Dick Haymes also made his initial TV movie appearan
Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders (1974) as Associate Producer
A handsomely produced detective pilot set in seventh-century China, with a totally distinctive sleuth faced with an unusual case involving his three wives, a killer bear, three murders, a one-armed lady, a dead monk, a chamber of horrors, a vengeful swordsman, a lovesick juggler, a kidnapped nun --
It Couldn't Happen To A Nicer (1974) as Associate Producer
A comedy about a mild-mannered man who cries "Rape!" and can't convince anybody he was seduced and abandoned on a lonely highway by a gorgeous woman with a Cadillac and a gun.

Producer (special)

Mary Tyler Moore: All American Girl (1999) as Executive Producer
Profile of actress Mary Tyler Moore.
Top Secret Missions of the CIA (1999) as Executive Producer
Documentary special that examines CIA files of unknown heroes. CIA agents and relatives of the fallen recount their espionage exploits.
Intimate Portrait: Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher (1998) as Executive Producer (Hearst)
Profile of actresses Debbie Reynolds and daughter Carrie Fisher in which they discuss their professional and private lives.
Intimate Portrait: Kathie Lee Gifford (1998) as Executive Producer
Documentary on the life and career of TV host, singer and actress Kathie Lee Gifford.
Hidden Secrets of Magic, The (1996) as Executive Producer (Hearst Entertainment)
Special which reveals the secrets behind some well-known illusions, including the Hindu Rope Trick, Sawing a Woman in Half, and Buried Alive. Several master magicians will perform and explain these feats.
Behind Bars (1996) as Executive Producer
Documentary exploring maximum security prisons in America, Hungary, Russia, Israel and China.
Comic Relief American Comedy Festival (1996) as Executive Producer (Hearst)
Well-known comedians introduce the best of American comedy to benefit Comic Relief. Taped live at the Universal Ampitheater in Los Angeles, the special highlights the different areas of comedy ranging from new comics to sketch comedy and impressionists.
Lance Burton, Master Magician: The Legend Begins (1996) as Executive Producer (Hearst Entertainment)
Special featuring the magic and illusions of Lance Burton.
Richard Pryor: Comic on the Edge (1996) as Executive Producer
Biographical documentary of comedian Richard Pryor.
World's Greatest Magic II, The (1995) as Executive Producer (Hearst Entertainment)
Special featuring performances by magicians, escape artists and mentalists.
Houdini: Unlocking His Secrets (1995) as Executive Producer (Hearst Entertainment)
Top magicians from around the world pay homage to Harry Houdini by performing some of his most famed illusions. Includes archival footage of Houdini himself.
Fantasies of the Stars (1994) as Executive Producer (Hearst Entertainment)
Four television stars live out their fantasies.
Made in the USA (1994) as Executive Producer (Hearst Entertainment)
Special which looks at uniquely American products and places.
World's Greatest Magic, The (1994) as Executive Producer (Hearst Entertainment)
Top magicians from around the world gather for a Las Vegas stage performance.
Steel Collar Man (1985) as Executive Producer
Dr. Constance Fletcher develops D-5-B, a superhuman android, for the military. When the government fears the prospect of intelligent humanoids in the armed forces, it orders the destruction of D-5-B. Unwilling to see her creation destroyed, Constance allows the android to escape. The pilot relate
Steeltown (1979) as Executive Producer
The story of Modge Modgelewsky, a steelworker with the Riverbend Steel Company in Riverbend, Pennsylvania. The pilot episode focuses on Modge's clash with Bill Anderson, the company president, as he seeks to negotiate for higher wages and better working conditions.
Hollywood High (1977) as Executive Producer
One of two pilot films for a prospective series. The comings and goings of Paula Lindell, a Hollywood High School student studying to become a journalist. The pilot depicts the problems that arise when Paula and a young associate named Eugene are assigned to cover an out-of-town story for the school
Hollywood High (1977) as Producer
One of two pilots for a prospective series. The misadventures of Phoebe and Dawn, two Hollywood High School students. This episode depicts the problems that befall the girls when they reluctantly accept dance invitations from the class undesirables, then scheme to get out of the dates.
Bureau, The (1976) as Producer
The exploits of Peter Davlin, the inept chief of The Bureau, a federal investigation unit. In the pilot episode, Davlin attempts to crack an interstate hijacking operation.

Producer (TV Mini-Series)

44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shootout (2003) as Executive Producer
Christmas Visitor, A (2002) as Executive Producer
Family of Spies (1990) as Executive Producer
Recounts the true story of master spy John Walker Jr. The espionage organization he established over a two-decade period may have provided enough secrets to the Soviets to alter the balance of power between the USSR and the United States. In the process, Walker destroyed his family.
Flesh And Blood (1979) as Executive Producer
Young street-tough-turned-boxer struggles to reach the top while finding his romance with an attractive TV reporter is complicated by an incestuous relationship with his mother. This was Berenger's first important television role and offered a surprising change of pace for Pleshette in her being cas

Producer (TV Mini-Series)

Monte Carlo (1986) as Producer
A two-part miniseries set on the eve of World War II in Monte Carlo and focusing on the adventures and love-life of Katrina Petrovna, a Russian chanteuse and double-agent who is determined to avenge her husband's death at the hands of the Gestapo.

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