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Also Known As: Died: December 5, 1968
Born: March 19, 1914 Cause of Death: liver ailment
Birth Place: Lincoln, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit (1968) as Tom Dugan
Frederick Bolton has to solve two problems. First, his boss has instructed him to come up with a reasonable campaign to promote a new product, a stomach pill named "Aspercel" - by tomorrow. The second problem is Fred's daugther, Helen. She is absolutely fond of horses, takes riding classes and has already had decent success in some competitions. Her biggest wish is to own a horse herself, a dream her father cannot afford at all. Now Fred tries to solve both problems at once by simply combining them: A horse named "Aspercel", ridden by his daugther should bring the name of the pill into the papers and make Helen happy, too. But there's still one more obstacle: Helen and Aspercel of course have to win a few prices to make this idea work...
Skidoo (1968) as Tower guard
A retired gangster has to pull off a hit when his daughter is kidnapped.
Eve (1968) as John Burke
War Italian Style (1967) as General Zacharias
In May 1943, two American soldiers, Joe and Frank, of Italian descent are searching the North African desert for a German general called Von Kassler, when they are captured by Von Kassler aide Inge Schultze who lets them escape with fake war plans, only Joe and Frank steal the real war plans which pave way for the Allied victory. Months later, the duo once again come up against Von Kassler when they are captured at Anzio and try to outwit the Nazis a second time.
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) as D. J. Pevney
Dr. Goldfoot hopes to ensnare the fortunes of the world's wealthiest men with the aid of the beautiful bikini-clad robots he manufactures in his laboratory.
Sergeant Deadhead (1965) as Gen. Rufus Fogg
After accidentally getting launched into space, a sergeant suffers from a personality change and a look-alike replacement must stand in for him at his wedding.
When the Boys Meet the Girls (1965) as Bill
A wealthy playboy gives up partying to help a Nevada farm girl make her ranch a success.
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1965) as Alexander King
An unearthed mummy returns to life to claim the reincarnation of his lost love.
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! (1965) as Heinous Overreach
A former Notre Dame football star crash lands over a mythical Arabian country while on spy mission to the USSR. He is then forced by the football-obsessed king of that country to coach their football team and falls in love with an American reporter covering stories there.
Move Over, Darling (1963) as Codd
Five years after a woman disappeared in the sea after a plane crash, her husband remarries and sets off to be with the new wife only to be confronted by the woman he had pronounced legally dead.
The Passionate Thief (1963) as The American
Zotz! (1962) as General Bulliver
A college professor finds a mystical coin that gives him super powers.
Boys' Night Out (1962) as Mr. Bohannon
A psychology student researches infidelity by becoming a platonic kept woman for four buddies.
Visit to a Small Planet (1960) as Roger Putnam Spelding
Jerry Lewis is Kreton, a childish alien who, against his teacher's will leaves his planet to visit the Earth, and lands in the backyard of a famous television journalist who doesn't believe in U.F.O's and aliens. Wanting to study humans but not able to fully understand them, Kreton makes a mess out of it, generating a lot of comic situations.
Bells Are Ringing (1960) as Larry Hastings
An answering service operator gets mixed up in her clients' lives.
Behind Closed Doors (1960)
A woman goes on trial for murder of her wealthy lover, but slowly she begins to seduce the prosecutor to get him to give up on a case with sketchy evidence.
The Mating Game (1959) as Oliver Kelsey
A tax agent falls for a farm girl whose father he''''s investigating.
It Started with a Kiss (1959) as Gen. James O'Connell
After a whirlwind courtship, an Army officer and his wacky wife try to make their marriage work.
Auntie Mame (1958) as Dwight Babcock
An eccentric heiress raises her nephew to be a free spirit.
Mardi Gras (1958) as Al Curtis
A military school cadet wins a date with a French movie goddess, who happens to be the queen of the Mardi Gras Parade. The two fall in love, but then the movie studio wants to capitalize on it for publicity.
Hell, Heaven or Hoboken (1958)
British intelligence hires a man to impersonate General Montgomery during World War II.
The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957) as Sgt. Ed McBride
A kidnapped movie star falls for one of her captors.
Don't Go Near the Water (1957) as Lt. Cmdr. Clinton T. Nash
Navy office workers scheme to build a recreation hall on a remote Pacific island.
Joe Butterfly (1957) as Colonel E. E. Fuller
The staff of "Yank" magazine are among the first American troops into Tokyo after the Japanese surrender. Their mission: produce an issue of the three days. To accomplish the seeming impossible, they reluctantly enlist the aid of black marketeer and arch-conniver Joe Butterfly, who sets them up in a palatial private mansion, complete with lovely daughter -- strictly against regulations. How much trouble can our heroes talk their way out of?
The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956) as Clifford Snell
A small time investor takes on the management of a major corporation.
Back from Eternity (1956) as Crimp
When an airliner crashes in the jungle, the repaired plane can only hold five of the survivors.
Miracle in the Rain (1956) as Stephen Jalonik
When a lonely woman''''s wartime lover dies, her loneliness threatens her life.
The Birds and the Bees (1956) as Horace Hamilton
Daddy Long Legs (1955) as Griggs
A tycoon anonymously sponsors a French girl's college education.
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955) as Col. Moreland
An air-corps pioneer stands trial for criticizing his superiors.
How To Be Very, Very Popular (1955) as B. J. Marshall
Song-and-dance girls Curly and Stormy Tornado hide out with the guys at Bristol College when they know they can identify the killer of a fellow performer at their San Francisco cabaret. But they rather stand out in their stage costumes and soon all sorts of trouble is heading their way. The fact that Curly has been hypnotised doesn't help.
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops (1955) as Joseph Gorman/[Sergei Toumanoff]
Harry and Willie buy the Edison Movie Studio in the year 1912 from Joseph Gorman, a confidence man. They follow Gorman to Hollywood where, as stunt men, they find him directing movies as Sergei Trumanoff and stealing the studio payroll.
Living It Up (1954) as Oliver Stone
A newspaperwoman turns a man who thinks he''''s dying into a national hero.
Here Come the Girls (1953) as Harry Fraser
A chorus boy is used as bait to catch an attacker.
The Caddy (1953) as Mr. Baxter
A master golfer suffering from performance anxiety caddies for a man he''s taught everything.
How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) as Waldo Brewster
Three models pool their resources to rent a posh penthouse in hopes of snaring rich husbands.
The Stars Are Singing (1953) as McDougall
Fifteen-year-old Katri Walenska (Amma Maria Alberghetti) jumps a Polish ship, swims ashore and enters New York illegally. The United States Immigration officials are alerted---the USA still had a functioning immigration policy and department when this was filmed---and the search is on. Katri's only possessions are a ten-dollar bill and a letter to her parents' old friend, Jan Poldi (Lauritz Melchior), a former Metropolitan Opera star. She finds him in a shabby Greenwich Village apartment. His neighbors in the apartment house are three Broadway hopefuls; pop singer Terry Brennan (Rosemary Clooney), hoofer Buddy Fraser (Tom Morton) and Homer Tirdell (Bob Williams) and his talented dog Red Dust. (Pardon me, make that four Broadway hopefuls counting the dog.) When Terry hears Katri's magnificent singing voice, she scurries around New York to get her an audition and succeeds in getting her a spot on Don Wilson's televised amatuer hour. She wins the contest but unwittingly reveals her true identity as an illegal alien, which causes the arrest of Poldi, Wilson and Dave (John Archer), Terry's lawyer boyfriend. Katri faces deportation.
Dreamboat (1952) as Sam Levitt
A college professor faces embarrassment when his past as a silent screen heartthrob is revealed.
3 for Bedroom C (1952) as Johnny Pizer
Meet Me After the Show (1951) as Timothy Wayne
The star of a Broadway show suspects her husband may be having an affair with the show''''s backer.
The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) as Moose Moran
A bookie has the Christmas holidays to raise the money he owes a gangster.
A Place in the Sun (1951) as Bellows
An ambitious young man wins an heiress' heart but has to cope with his former girlfriend's pregnancy.
Hollywood Story (1951) as Sam Collyer
Hollywood 1950: The successful producer Larry O'Brian arrives in Los Angeles to found a motion picture company. He buys an old studio which was unused since the days of silent movies. He's shown the office where the famous director Franklin Farrara was shot. The case hasn't been solved until now, although there were many suspects. O'Brian becomes fascinated by the subject and wants to shoot a movie about it. He investigates himself and soon gets into danger himself.
The Eagle and the Hawk (1950) as Basil Danzeeger
Sunset Blvd. (1950) as Sheldrake
A failed screenwriter falls into a mercenary romance with a faded silent-film star.
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone (1950) as Tim Marino
A lawyer and a widow encounter murder on a train ride.
The Jackpot (1950) as Mr. Woodruff
Bill Lawrence wins a slew of prizes on a radio quiz program. His happiness is short-lived when he discovers he'll have to sell the prizes in order to pay the taxes on them.
White Heat (1949) as The Trader
A government agent infiltrates a gang run by a mother-fixated psychotic.
The Younger Brothers (1949) as Ryckman
Three law-breaking brothers try to go straight, only to be hounded by a vengeful detective.
Flamingo Road (1949) as Doc Waterson
A stranded carnival dancer takes on a corrupt political boss when she marries into small-town society.
Alias Nick Beal (1949) as Frankie Faulkner
A crusading district attorney sells his soul to the devil to fight corruption.
The Lady Takes a Sailor (1949) as Victor Sangell
A woman is saved from drowning by a mysterious submarine, but nobody believes her.
Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1948) as Basil
A middle-aged man accidentally catches a mermaid and falls in love.
Fury at Furnace Creek (1948) as Bird
Hazard (1948) as Lonnie Burns
Cry of the City (1948) as Lt. Jim Collins
Petty crook and cop-killer Martin Rome, in bad shape from wounds in the hospital prison ward, still refuses to help slimy lawyer Niles clear his client by confessing to another crime. Police Lt. Candella must check Niles' allegation; a friend of the Rome family, he walks a tightrope between sentiment and cynicism. When Martin fears Candella will implicate his girlfriend Teena, he'll do anything to protect her. How many others will he drag down to disaster with him?
Two Guys from Texas (1948) as Dr. Straeger
Two vaudevillians on the run from crooks try to pass themselves off as cowboys.
Ride the Pink Horse (1947) as [Frank] Hugo
A con man tries to blackmail a Mexican gangster.
The Unsuspected (1947) as Richard Donovan
The producer of a radio crime series commits the perfect crime, then has to put the case on the air.

Cast (special)

Eddie (1971) as Chief Pike; Eddie'S Superior
The dealings of Eddie Skinner, a private patrolman in a posh residential area who manipulates both men and machines for his own profit.
Who's Afraid of Mother Goose? (1967) as William H Berry
When William H. Berry, the head of the board of education, decides to ban Mother Goose as a bad influence on children, he is visited by the storybook lady and transformed into a young boy. The story relates Mother Goose's attempts to prove him wrong by taking him on a trip through her domain.
My Darling Judge (1961) as Judge Cyrus Dunn
The misadventures of Cyrus Dunn, a Beverly Hills judge. The pilot episode relates Dunn's efforts to get an early start on a long-delayed fishing trip.

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