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Fred Coffin

Fred Coffin


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Also Known As: Died: July 31, 2003
Born: January 16, 1943 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Identity (2003) as Detective Varole
Ten strangers with secrets are brought together in a savage rainstorm: A limo driver, an '80s TV star, a cop who is transporting a killer, a call girl, a pair of newlyweds and a family in crisis, all take shelter at a desolate motel run by a nervous night manager. Relief in finding shelter is quickl
Diagnosis Murder: Town Without Pity (2002) as Campbell
Television movie featuring the character Dr. Mark Sloan of the CBS series "Diagnosis Murder." While traveling to Los Angeles from her home in Las Vegas with her husband, a panicked Carol Sloan, Mark's daughter, places a phone call to her father from Los Rios asking for help. Mark makes the most pain
A Streetcar Named Desire (1995) as Steve
Telefilm version of Tennessee Williams' play, "A Streetcar Named Desire." A fragile, vulnerable woman comes to live with her sister and brutish brother-in-law after losing the sisters' home in the South.
Secret Sins of the Father (1994) as L J Thielman
A sheriff in a small Nebraska town realizes that his father may be responsible for his mother's death.
Dragstrip Girl (1994) as Mr Bickford
A high school girl falls in love with a drag racing car thief from the other side of the tracks.
There Goes My Baby (1994) as Mr Maran
Told from the point of view of the class valedictorian, Mary Beth, the story follows a group of high school seniors during the 1965 Watts riots.
Wayne's World (1992) as Officer Koharski
Wayne and Garth's public access show goes national as Wayne falls in love with a budding rock musician.
V.I. Warshawski (1991) as Horton
A female detective teams up with a teenage girl to solve the mystery behind her father''s murder, and uncovers intrigue within a wealthy Chicago family.
If Looks Could Kill (1991) as Lieutenant Colonel Larabee
In a case of mistaken identity, a high school student from Detroit becomes involved in European espionage, romance and adventure.
Hard to Kill (1990) as Kevin O'Malley
A man awakens from a seven year coma and seeks revenge on the men who left him for dead and murdered his family.
Crash: The Mystery of Flight 1501 (1990) as Wes Goddard
A pilot's wife attempts to clear her husband's name of the charge of "pilot error." She reconstructs the events leading up to the fatal crash of a commercial jetliner.
Settle the Score (1989) as Tucker
A Chicago policewoman is tortured by the nightmare of a vicious rape she suffered as a teenager twenty years earliers. When she returns to her home town to track down her attacker, she discovers that similar assaults are still being committed.
Out Cold (1989) as Sergeant Haroldson
When Ernie, a butcher, turns up dead inside the refrigerator at his shop, Dave, his partner, thinks that it was an accident for which he's responsible. Little does he know that Ernie was, in fact, murdered by his wife Sunny.
Time of Destiny, A (1988) as Ed
When Jorge Larrenata, patriarch of an immigrant family in San Diego, learns that his daughter Josie has eloped with a GI named Jack, he tracks her down. While attempting to bring her back, Jorge accidentally skids off the road and dies while being pursued by Jack. Martin, Jorge's irresponsible son
Shoot To Kill (1988) as Ralph
A city cop enlists a mountain guide to track a criminal in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.
Bedroom Window, The (1987) as Detective Jessup
An innocent man offers to abibi for his boss'' sexy wife, who witnessed an assault from his bedroom window. This apparently simple gesture snowballs into a web of crime and duplicity in this attractive and suspenseful Hitchcock.
Fine Mess, A (1986) as Traffic Cop
Manhunt For Claude Dallas (1986) as Frank Weston
Dallas, a self-styled mountain man who, in 1981, gunned down two Idaho Fish and Game officers, was tracked down and arrested after a long manhunt, was tried and convicted, sentenced and imprisoned, then escaped from the Idaho State Correctional Institution in Boise on Easter Sunday, 1986. A folk her
Scandal Sheet (1985)
Burt Lancaster's unscrupulous publisher of a slick, supermarket checkout-counter tabloid bent on exploiting a glamorous movieland couple was seen in many quarters as what had become of his corrupt J.J. Hunsecker character of "Sweet Smell of Success" nearly twenty years earlier. Henry Winkler, "The F
Amos (1985) as Roland
Amos, a former minor league baseball player and coach, is confined to a nursing home after an automobile accident which took the life of his domineering wife. Head nurse Daisy Daws is in constant conflict with the rebellious and strong-willed Amos. The tenure of the inhabitants of the nursing home i
Invasion of Privacy, An (1983) as Alvin Bird
Valerie Harper is a divorcee who moves to a small island community off the Maine coast, becomes involved with the local police chief and then faces ostracism by her formerly sympathetic neighbors when she brings rape charges against a local handyman. Filmed mainly on Shelter Island, a vacation spot
Without A Trace (1983) as Officer Coffin
Muggable Mary: Street Cop (1982) as Used Car Salesman
Karen Valentine is real-life New York City policewoman, Mary Glatzle, a jobless divorcee whose young son's congenital medical problem caused her to join the force and tough it out at the police academy before being allowed to prove herself as an undercover cop.
Dead Ringer (1982) as Richard Monier
A docudrama about the singer Meat Loaf combining concert footage and dramatic scenes.
Alone in the Dark (1982) as Jim Gable
Four escaped lunatics invade a doctor's home.
King Of The Gypsies (1978) as Basketball Coach
On his deathbed, the head of a New York tribe of gypsies passes the mantle to his grandson, Dave. Angry at being passed over for control of the tribe, Dave''s father Groffo begins plotting his son''s death.
Dragonfly (1975) as Walter Craigle
A man newly released from a mental hospital sets out to find his nutty family. Along the way, he meets a girl and falls in love. His new found love exorcies the psychological demons that have plagued him for years.

Cast (special)

Jazz Night (1999) as John Mcping
Two neurotic singles in Los Angeles accidentally meet at a museum show.
Macaulay Culkin: A Child's Rise/Family's Fall: The E! True Hollywood Story, A (1997) as Voice
Special focuses on child actor, Macaulay Culkin. The documentary looks at his family life before and after his success, and his current career status while his parents wage a highly publicized custody battle over him and his siblings. Includes a look at court documents from the custody battle.
Wyatts, The (1994) as Mr Wyatt
After a 19-year-old and his girlfriend discover they're expecting a baby, they get married and move in with his family.
Fair Game (1989) as Rick Winchester
A former policeman and his overzealous partner who become bounty hunters. They try to capture a bail-jumping ex-convict and best-selling author.
Chameleon (1986) as Lucas Hanlon
A comedy pilot about Violet Kingsley who, determined to expose a weight clinic scam that is bilking her widowed mother out of a fortune, decides to go undercover as an honorary fatso. Her masquerade so impresses a TV station owner, that he hires her to be the star investigative reporter for the stat
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan (1986) as Beckerman
The career of Detective Michael Ryan becomes complicated by the penchant of his well-to-do socialite wife to meddle in police matters. Ashley Ryan witnesses a murder, and with the aid of the family butler, she tracks down the body to a gallery, only to find that the corpse has disappeared. Detective
Concealed Enemies (1984) as Thomas Murphy
A dramatization of the Alger Hiss/Whittaker Chambers spy case of the late '40s as it was carried out in hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee. The case against Hiss later went to a criminal court where he was convicted -- some contend unjustly -- of espionage and treason agaist his

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (2000) as District Attorney Bill Wise
Miniseries based on Lawrence Schiller's book about the struggle between John and Patsy Ramsey and law enforcement in Boulder, Colorado, after the murder of their young daughter, JonBenet, on Christmas night 1996. The fact-based story, which draws on recorded interviews with investigators, prosecutor
Rocket's Red Glare (2000) as Mitch
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999) as Parker Wyndham
Base, The (1999) as General Albert Becker
Andersonville (1996) as Collins
Miniseries about the Confederate prisoner-of-war camp known for its inhumane treatment of Union soldiers during the Civil War.
Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy (1996) as Doug Wilkes
Miniseries about the 11-day siege and shootout at the Ruby Ridge, Idaho, home of white separatist Randy Weaver, which left his wife and son dead and the FBI seriously discredited amidst charges of a coverup.
James A. Michener's Texas (1995) as Zave Campbell
It's 1821, and Mexican-ruled Texas is up for grabs. Led by Stephen Austin and Sam Houston, a rugged few will fight for the independence of a country and take one final stand at a small mission called the Alamo.
Lonesome Dove (1989) as Big Swey
A four-part miniseries adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about two former Texas Rangers who, after the Civil War, drive their cattle from Lonesome Dove, Texas, to the wide-open spaces of the Montana territory, hoping to establishing a ranch there.
Deliberate Stranger, The (1986) as Jerry Thompson
A two-part miniseries about Ted Bundy, a law student who was convicted and sentenced to death for three murders in Florida and who is suspected of killing over twenty-five women in at least six states. After escaping from prison while on trial for murder in Colorado, he becomes the focus of a nation

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