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Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin



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  • Genious

    • Joan Garrison
    • 2015-06-28

    I am a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin. He truly was a genious. I don't know how one man could write, produce, direct, star in, and compose such BEAUTIFUL music for his movies. I really wish I could have known him. I also have great compassion for the life he had to endure growing up. It just breaks my heart. You can see the sadness in his eyes that he carried with him all his life. He is more than worth watching---he is amazing---

  • huge fan

    • karen
    • 2014-06-11

    I have been a Charlie Chaplin fan since middle school. a teacher I had in school used to have us kids in the gym watching Charlie Chaplin films for the holidays and for just a treat to us kids. I remember watching Gold Rush and the immigrant as the first ones I saw. I became more of a fan in my later years. I have read several books on his life and had several picture books on mr Chaplin as well. I had all his movies and interviews with him and his family on DVDS. Love everything Charlie Chaplin did in the entertainment world! A complete super talent in comedy, directing, producing, writing and acting! Great talented gifted perfromer!


    • 2014-03-01

    After watching "The Great Dictator", I am joining the many people who look upon Charlie Chaplin as a genius! He wrote that movie , he directed that movie, and he starred in that movie, and he excelled in all three fields! I had previously seen him in some silent movies, and "Monsieur Verdoux" and "Limelight", in which I very much liked him, but "The Great Dictator" definitely made up my mind that Charlie Chaplin himself was great!

  • A Man With a Big Heart

    • Jen.John
    • 2011-11-13

    Charles Chaplin, two words that made this world drop to its knees and cry for more; almost a hundred years ago. As a young 24 year old, he made his first appearance on an unknown media called film. It almost seems ironic when you think about it. Charles and the film industry where both trying to figure themselves out. It took both of them to come together to create what we known today as the film industry. And that is in no small feat either. Basically Chaplin created a world of an everyday person, aka the Tramp, with a camera. There was no "big budget" special effects or dialog or multiple camera shots. Very simple and beautiful all the same. Chaplin had a gift for this media. There is no question of that, but I would like to say Thank you Charles for expressing it!!! You will be a source of discovery, awe ... I leave this part open to anyone that would like to complete this statement. There are too many word that I would like to use but I think that others may have better ones. :) PS Chaplin has my admiration for his life work.

  • Chaplin Is The Voice Of Humanity

    • Taylor
    • 2011-10-02

    Charlie Chaplin touches every soul with his work. He was a true master to silent films. He displayed every human emotion and made his audience do the same. He made us laugh and cry. He was and still is the voice of all mankind. Words cannot express his impact to the world.

  • The Greatest

    • Sara
    • 2011-09-17

    Charlie Chaplin... Oh he is simply wonderful! Yes he was definitely, without question, a comedian- no one was or will ever be funnier, but he also had such beauty in everything he did. His work was artistic, funny, beautiful and touching. In short, he was the greatest the world will ever know.

  • The Tramp

    • Kyle Rhoads
    • 2011-07-11

    No one in the history of film has one person contributed so much to one genre. He is film comedy and one of the greatest actors and visionaries to ever hit the silver screen. He's proof the you can laugh without sound.

  • I dont see him acting

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-11-27

    I saw "Limelight" for the first time today. I couldn't help but laugh. Strangely though I didn't see him acting. Everything seemed natural to me. Truly a fine actor.

  • Giant Amongst Us!

    • Jordan Elizabeth Franklin
    • 2009-06-06

    Charles Chaplin is probably the king of comedy! Every move he makes is beautiful and the way he works the camera is fantastic. His comedy routine with Buster Keaton in "Limelight" was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. Mr. Chaplin revolutionized cinema and comedy and will always be remebered as a genius artist who was larger than life!!! He truly is the spark that started the comedy/cinema powder keg!!!

  • Admiration of Charlie Chaplin

    • Dennis Cerney
    • 2009-04-20

    Truly one of a kind----------innovator and pioneer in his craft of the first order. An icon and a legend!! The influence of his work will last forever. What more can I say??!!

  • He's the best silent film male actor.

    • Max
    • 2009-03-15

    He's hilarious you can just tell how good he is by looking at him!


    • victoria
    • 2009-03-10

    i already posted a comment but i just got to say you watch this guy and you are immediately obsessed with him, well at least that's what happened to me!! I know everything there is to know about him, too bad i wasn't able to meat him, i was born just a tad too late!! don't try and beat the best you amateur actors because if you did Charlie and I will get mad!!


    • Victoria
    • 2009-02-28

    I'm pretty darn sure that most of you agree with me that acting in a silent movie is hard, well It's safe to say none of you have done it and i can't say I have but it's also safe to assume that lip-syncing is tough when you do it with words. He was the greatest actor and the best man evr to contribute to movies.

  • Marie Dressler and Charlie Chaplin wow

    • Jehanne
    • 2008-08-04

    "Tillie's Fractured Romance" Marie Dressler is fabulous in her debut movie with Charlie pre tramp in this flick. What a team they made. Charlie was darker in this movie but still Charlie, just not his famous "Tramp." No one could match the genuis of this man. His life is the life of a man who always had his mother's dementia and father's desertion chasing his baggy coat tails all of his life. No one has ever touched him. Studied, copied, imitated, adored, emulated, Charlie was finally declared the one and only at the end of his life. I only hope that he will never be gone from memory for generations to come.

  • just splendid.

    • charmaineann
    • 2008-05-28

    he's the greatest. "words are cheap the biggest thing you can say is elephant."

  • Check it!

    • chicana1418
    • 2008-03-03

    Check it! Dis vato is dope yo! I wish i cud see all of his movies hes done. the last 1's i've seen is da s**t, dis holms is loco, its tweekin me out!!!! Hope 2 see all of dem sum day.

  • How I love this man!

    • Noel
    • 2008-01-01

    I cannot silence my laughter when watching him! It hasn't taken me long to be an ardent fan of Charlie Chaplin. The first film of his I ever saw was "The Circus". I was staying up late one night in a fit of insomnia and watching TCM. Matt Groening was on the show as a guest programmer, and he had chosen "The Circus" as one of his movies. I watched it, and before I knew it, I couldn't get enouph of Chaplin. Whenever I feel depressed or upset, I watch a Chaplin film. It's so remarkable the laughter he can evoke from you! Almost in an instant, I feel more light-hearted after watching him on screen. I enjoy all of his films - even his shorts. And what's more, he was more than just funny. He was amazingly talented and versitle. He was the writer, director, and producer as well as the star of most his films. He even composed the music for the best of them. He could do it all - singing and dancing. Just name it. So, in short. I adore Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin - for to many reasons to name them all.

  • Funniest Man Ever!!!

    • Dokkenfan1984
    • 2007-11-03

    Charlie makes me laugh like no other modern day comdiean. My favorite of Charlies movies is Monsieur Verdoux. I mean what a hilrouis movie. I love the part where he's about to get married to a new women and one of his other wives ends upcoming to the wedding . I also love the way he counts the money in the movie. I mean really and truly I like Charlie better when he didn't play The Tramp. Still Charlie is in my top 3 of Actors.

  • Cheers for Charlie

    • Jeff
    • 2007-09-22

    I've just finished watching "The Great Dictator" and although I enjoy films of all kinds I've never really appreciated the great talent of Charlie Chaplin. He was truly a remarkable man and the film community owes him a debt of gratitude for his contributions to the industry.

  • The Little Tramp Lives On!

    • Brad
    • 2007-07-14

    A tremendously talented individual, Charlie wrote, directed, starred, and composed the score for some of his best pictures! His influence can be seen all over the place. To loosely quote Charlie: "I don't think the public knows what it wants. That's what I've learned in my career." However, the public still knows they want Charlie when they see his hilarious movies!


    • claudia
    • 2007-05-01

    I love Charlie.He is the best artist the world have ever known and will know. He's inmortal!

  • Charlie..

    • Jennifer
    • 2007-01-01

    One of the most talented person to ever live would have to be Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin's speech in The Dictator is one the most touching and amazing speeches ever. He was not only a great actor but a great director and composer as well. Of all his films my favorite is LimeLight which shows not only his funny side but his emotional side as well that we don't get to see as often. RIP Charlie Chaplin you will be missed!

  • >:D

    • rachel
    • 2006-10-30

    i love charlie chaplin!!! hes soo cute!! ^_^!!

  • Charlie Chaplin

    • Debbie Keyes
    • 2006-03-31

    Charlie Chaplin was the greatest comedic actor in history, including today's actors. My favorite Chapling movie is City Lights. He was so romantic. It is romantic to me when a man or woman tries so hard to work to earn enough money so that someone else might be able to have an operation that is very much needed. My favorite picture of Charlie is at the end of City Lights, when he is smiling while holding a rose and looking at the lady whose sight he helped to restore.

  • The Lovable Little Tramp

    • Eddie
    • 2006-01-27

    Charles Chaplin is the only reason Hollywood is still here today. Not only was Chaplin a great Comedian, great director, great writer, and a good songwriter, but he paved the way for how movies are made. Chaplin will never be forgotten because of his great works such as The Kid, The Gold Rush, The Circus, City Lights, Modern Times, The Great Dictator, and many more from 1914 to 1963. Chaplin’s films should be seen by anyone who needs a good laugh. Even though Charlie has been gone for many years, he can still make us end up on our backs laughing with his unique touch to film making.

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