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Christopher Challis

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Also Known As: Died:
Born: March 18, 1919 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: London, England, GB Profession: Cinematography ...


Cast (feature film)

Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (DO NOT USE) (2011)
Oscar-winning cinematographer Jack Cardiff had a career that spanned nine decades of moving pictures, providing a number of timeless classics such as "The African Queen" and "The Red Shoes". Through his pioneering use of Technicolor photography, his work behind the camera altered the look of films p

Cinematography (feature film)

Steaming (1985) as Director Of Photography
Riddle of the Sands, The (1984) as Director Of Photography
In the early years of the 20th Century, two British yachtsmen (Michael York and Simon MacCorkindale) stumble upon a German plot to invade the east coast of England in a flotilla of specially designed barges. They set out to thwart this terrible scheme, but must outwit not only the cream of the German Navy, but the feared Kaiser Wilhelm himself.
Top Secret! (1984) as Director Of Photography
An Elvis-like singer falls for a French resistance fighter during World War II.
Evil Under The Sun (1982) as Director Of Photography
A detective trying to solve a case finds himself on an exclusive island frequented by the rich and famous.
Secrets (1982) as Director Of Photography
Mirror Crack'd, The (1980) as Director Of Photography
Why Not Stay For Breakfast? (1979) as Cinematographer
S.O.S. Titanic (1979) as Director Of Photography
A story about the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.
Force Ten From Navarone (1978) as Director Of Photography
The survivors of Navarone have been given a new, and even more difficult assignment - they must destroy a huge bridge located deep in the Balkans. However, there is a traitor in their midst.
White Rock (1977) as Cinematographer
The Deep (1977) as Director Of Photography
A vacationing couple runs afoul of modern pirates.
Incredible Sarah, The (1976) as Director Of Photography
Mr. Quilp (1975) as Director Of Photography
Little Prince, The (1974) as Director Of Photography
Based on the story by Antoine deSaint-Exupery, this magical musical fable begins as a pilot (Richard Kiley) makes a forced landing on the barren Sahara Desert. He is befriended by a "little" prince from the planet Asteroid B-612. In the days that follow, the pilot learns of the small boy's history and planet-hopping journeys in which he met a King, a businessman, an historian, and a general. It isn't until he comes to Earth that the Little Prince learns the secrets of the importance of life from a Fox (Gene Wilder), a Snake (Bob Fosse), and the pilot.
The Public Eye (1972) as Director of Photography
Catch Me a Spy (1971) as Director Of Photography
Villain (1971) as Director of Photography
A paranoid British gangster thinks everybody is a potential stoolie.
Mary, Queen of Scots (1971) as Director of Photography
In this historical drama, Mary must battle Queen Elizabeth I, her brother James, the Scottish Lords, the Scottish protestants, her husband and herself to secure the crown for her son and heir, the future James I of England.
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) as Director of Photography
The legendary sleuth becomes involved with a mysterious French woman while investigating the Loch Ness monster.
Staircase (1969) as Director of Photography
Homosexual lovers face age and society's disapproval together.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) as Director of Photography
An eccentric inventor uses his flying car to free a kingdom of children from oppression.
A Dandy in Aspic (1968) as Director of Photography
A double agent has to take out an enemy spy who''''s really himself.
Two for the Road (1967) as Director of Photography
A married couple''s relationship rises and falls during a series of European trips.
Kaleidoscope (1966) as Director of Photography
A pretty girl lures a luckless gambler into a dangerous poker game.
Arabesque (1966) as Director of Photography
A university professor gets mixed up with international spies and a two-timing woman.
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines; or How I Flew From London to Paris in 25 Hours and 11 Minutes (1965) as Director of Photography
An international air race is threatened by sabotage.
Return From the Ashes (1965) as Director of Photography
A gigolo marries a wealthy widow, seduces her stepdaughter and plots to kill them both.
An Evening With The Royal Ballet (1965) as Photog for "Les Sylphides"
The Americanization of Emily (1964) as Addl photog
A British war widow falls for an opportunistic American sailor during World War II.
The Long Ships (1964) as Director of Photography
Viking seamen battle a Moorish prince for possession of a golden bell.
A Shot in the Dark (1964) as Director of Photography
Inspector Clouseau tries to clear a beautiful woman accused of shooting her husband.
The Victors (1963) as Director of Photography
Intercutting dramatic vignettes with newsreel footage, the story follows the characters from an infantry squad as they make their way from Sicily to Germany during the end of World War II.
Never Let Go (1962) as Director of Photography
A cosmetic salesman sets out to prove to himself and his wife that he is not a failure.
Flame in the Streets (1962) as Director of Photography
A union leader fights to win equal rights for West Indian immigrants.
Damn the Defiant! (1962) as Director of Photography
The crew of a British sailing ship threatens mutiny during the Napoleonic wars.
The Grass Is Greener (1961) as Director of Photography
Impoverished aristocrats consider splitting up to pursue wealthy spouses.
Five Golden Hours (1961) as Director of Photography
A con artist who fleeces wealthy widows falls for his latest mark.
Sink the Bismarck! (1960) as Director of Photography
Chronicles the breakout of the Bismark during the early days of World War Two. Seen both from the point of view of the many naval vessels on both sides and from the central headquarters of the British where the search for the super battleship was controlled.
Surprise Package (1960) as Director of Photography
A deported gangster sends back to the U.S. for money, but his corrupt associates send him a beautiful woman instead.
Chance Meeting (1959) as Director Of Photography
Dutch painter Jan-Van Rooyer (Hardy Kruger)hurries to keep a rendezvous with Jacquleine Cousteau (Micheline Presle), an elegant, sophisticated Frenchwoman, slightly his elder, whose relationship with him had turned from art student into one of love trysts. He arrives and is confronted by Detective Police Inspector Morgan (Stanley Baker)who accuses him of having murdered Jacqueline. Morgan listens sceptically to the dazed denials of Van-Rooyen as he tells the story of his relationship with the murdered woman. Morgan, after hearing the story, realizes that the mystery has deepened and it becomes more complicated when the Assistant Commissioner, Sir Brian Lewis (Robert Flemyng), explains that Jacqueline was not married but was being kept by Sir Howard Fenton , a high-ranking diplomat whose names must be kept out of the case.
Rooney (1958) as Cinematographer
John Gregson, Muriel Pavlow, Barry Fitzgerald, June Thorburn, Noel Purcell, Liam Redmond, Jack MacGowran. Unexpected things happen when an Irish garbageman moves in with a bedridden man who is being hounded by his grasping relatives
Night Ambush (1958) as Director Of Photography
Two British soldiers are assigned to kidnap a key Nazi commander.
WINDOM'S WAY (1958) as Director Of Photography
A doctor in Malaya fights disease, rebels and an ex-wife.
Floods of Fear (1958) as Director Of Photography
Two escaped convicts are trapped in a remote farmhouse during a flood.
Miracle In Soho (1957)
In London's colourful but seedy Soho Michael Morgan is working mending the road. he is unhappy, with little hope of finding happiness. Then he meets Julia Gozzi, a barmaid, and "The Miracle" happens ...
Pursuit of the Graf Spee (1957) as Director Of Photography
The British navy fights to trap a deadly German battleship during World War II.
The Spanish Gardener (1956) as Director Of Photography
The British consul in Spain resents his son's friendship with a gardener.
Raising a Riot (1955) as Director Of Photography
Oh... Rosalinda! (1955) as Director Of Photography
"Die Fledermaus" (The Bat) is the pseudonym adopted by Dr Falke. Floating on the buoyant waltzes of Strauss, this Viennese romp is sure to please. Disguises, tricks and every kind of deception combine to reveal a would-be cheat in hot pursuit of his own wife, much to his chagrin. Silly, charming, always entertaining, always fun. This is a film version of "Die Fledermaus" set in post-war Vienna with the main protagonists of Dr Falke represented by the 3 occupying powers. This is NOT just a film of a staged production but a truly filmic version of the operetta.
Footsteps in the Fog (1955) as Director of Photography
An ambitious housemaid learns her employer murdered his wife.
Quentin Durward (1955) as Director of Photography
A gallant Scots knight falls in love with his uncle's future wife.
The Fighting Pimpernel (1954) as Photography
Genevieve (1954) as Director Of Photography
Two young couples race from London to Brighton in a vintage car rally.
Saadia (1954) as Director of Photography
A young doctor in the Sahara clashes with the local witch doctor.
Fire over Africa (1954) as Director of Photography
A lady spy infiltrates smugglers in Tangier.
Flame and the Flesh (1954) as Director of Photography
American Madeline (Lana Turner), a no-better-than-she-has-to-be (and then only when pushed)traveler arrives in Naples. She has an eye for men and a penchant for getting by on her wits---a 1954 term for body---and soon has a well-meaning (dumb) young composer, Ciccio (Bonar Colleano)providing her with room and board. But she has a male counterpart in Ciccio's friend, cafe-singer Nino (Carlos Thompson), who recognizes her for what she is and he decides to intercede on behalf of his friend. Black Widow Madeline welcomes him into her parlor, in a manner of speaking to get past the censors, and the next thing Nino knows, he has abandoned his wedding plans with sweet-young-thing Lisa (Pier Angeli), and runs off with Madeline. Lisa and Ciccio are left with wringing hands, and Madeline and Nino become an American/Italian version of the "Battling Bickersons" or "The Honeymooners", with none of the fun.
Story of Gilbert and Sullivan, The (1953) as Cinematographer
Affair in Monte Carlo (1953) as Director of Photography
The Tales of Hoffmann (1951) as Cinematographer
A famous writer broods over his three lost loves.
Gone to Earth (1950)
Hazel Woodus is a beautiful but innocent country girl who loves all the creatures around her, especially her pet fox cub. She is given a rough time by her father but can escape to run barefoot through the woods when her harsh life gets too much for her. It is there that she is found by the local squire, Jack Reddin, finds her and is struck by her beauty. The obvious conflict develops when the squire leads the local hunt and tries to kill Hazel's pet fox. The title "Gone to Earth" is taken from the huntsmans cry when the target is no longer obtainable.
Hour of Glory (1949) as Cinematographer
Hour of Glory (1949)
During World War II, a bomb disposal officer fights his addictions to alcohol and pain pills.
The Red Shoes (1948) as Camera Operator
A young ballerina is torn between her art and her romance with a young composer.

Cinematography (short)

Sorcerer's Apprentice, The (1955) as Director Of Photography

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